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Spacious scion tc with double moonroof.

This was my first vehicle purchase and it was reasonably priced. It was a brand new car at the time and it did not disappoint for a 24 year old. Love the double sunroof and all the space that is has. The seats fold down and you can fit larger items easily. It is been pretty much maintenance free besides the usual oil change. I have a manual transmission and have never had any issues. It is been a reliable vehicle for me for over 13 years. Even though it is only a two door vehicle, I have had no issues with putting a car seat in it.

- Jackie L

Toyota reliability with enough trunk space to carry anything you may need.

The car has a very reliable engine, however the body work is less sturdy and often has to be repaired or replaced. The CD player that is factory standard is flawed and will short out and quit working, this usually occurs when at full capacity. The car rides comfortably if a bit low to the ground and gets good gas mileage. The styling is not bad, and the hatchback allows for a lot of room in the back when the seats are down, despite the small size of the car.

- Josh P

Excellent buy for the $. No major problems at 220, 000 miles.

This has been one of the best vehicles I have ever owned. The only thing I have had to have done or it is have new tires a few times and regular oil changes. It is absolutely amazing how well it has held up. I have drove it in the Midwest during the winter no problems I have drove it in Florida in searing heat and no problems. It is really been a great vehicle all around. I am still amazed at how well it has held up see it has 220, 000 miles on it.

- Mr Warren M

This is a good and affordable car!

The person who owned this car before me didn't take care of it too well, so I had to change many rusted parts. Other than that the car is great! It runs so beautifully. It is really reliable. I love that is has two doors but it can be really low to the ground for some people. I love that it has a sunroof, it is so great during the summer. Although, sometimes it sticks and will not shut!

- Cassandra B

Scion tc: fun, but not too much fun.

It has lasted my family since buying it new in 2005. We have had little to no problems with it, other than the usual maintenance and the wear and tear of being driven for 13 years. It's a fun car, enough power but not too much to cause issues. Its comfortable for passenger and driver, but adults do not fit too comfortably in the back. Nice stereo, a sunroof, and a nice look overall.

- Alexis T

Two door beautiful sky blue coupe.

My car is over 10 years, old and I have no major problems with it. Over 100, 000 miles and still very reliable transportation. It is really inexpensive to fill the gas tank. Not great on the highway and it is a standard car so it is not for everyone. In a metropolitan area may not be the most suitable choice for a vehicle due to the heavy traffic.

- Danielle L

Good ole dependable manual.

My 2006 scion tc is not much in luxury but it is really dependable. I do not have many issues besides your normal wear and tear from daily commutes! I have had this car for 3 years now and the only thing I have needed to change is the alternator. It goes to show that when you have a dependable car and you maintain it well it can last a long time.

- Jose F

Sporty comfort, economical and fun to drive.

At fourteen years old, I it's the most reliable vehicle I have ever had. It is a comfortable drive and easy to care for. Gas mileage is great. The only problems I have with my vehicle is the paint and moonroof. The clear coat on the hood has flaked off leaving it unsightly. The moon roof has a plastic piece that has broken and left if unusable.

- Shelly H

Fun, sporty, get up and go tc. It likes to be driven like it was stolen.

The way the body of the car is the driver's seat is uncomfortable to get set up. Especially when it is a manual transmission. I am short/average height. The seatbelt is hard to turn around and get. It is a great car but for a younger person of course I did just purchase this car and haven't driven a newer year. I would definitely recommend it.

- Amy C

It's a tiny car but it's great for road trips because the gas mileage is pretty good.

I love that the gas mileage is good, the seats are comfy, the AC works super well. I don't love that I'll have to get a new car soon just due to the fact that it's not big enough to move from one apartment to the other. It also tends to really wear down the tires, but i'm not sure if it's the car's fault. The trunk is also insanely heavy.

- Katie T

An awesome little car to own, save money on gas and be cute.

I would say my scion tc is great. It is reliable and gas efficient. I love the hatchback trunk door. Make grocery shopping super easy. I also save a ton of money every year on gas because it is a 4 cylinder engine. Awesome stereo system with quality sound speakers. Do not forget the great little sunroof. An added bonus!

- Kim A

The Scion Tc has been very reliable

Overall the Scion Tc is a very reliable car and has had no major issues except an engine replacement. The engine replacement was not costly and general maintenance is fairly cheap. If the scion is well maintained it should have no issues. My Scion has nearly 300,000 miles on it and it is still running strong.

- Joseph M

I would recommend Toyota.

My Scion has been very reliable. I bought it at the end of 2004. The only work I've had done is the oil and tires changed. It has almost 150,000 miles on it and so far I've never had a major problem. Only minor issues I have is the air doesn't work anymore which can be fixed. I would purchase Toyota again

- Tracy K

Don't buy a car off of Craigslist

I got the car from Craigslist back in 2016 and it has given me nothing but problems and has costed me money. The car itself is nice but it needs a lot of repairs. For example, my trunk button is hanging off and apparently it's costs $400 to fix it because they have to replace the whole thing.

- Anastasia C

Great on gas and very sporty. Great wheels.

Very sporty looking. Absolutely great on gas, great mileage. Parts are easy to find. Love the sunroof since I am not crazy for air conditioning. Opening the hatch back allows for lots or room. Unfortunately they have discontinued the scion product accept they very expensive sports model.

- Erica S

2005 Scion tC, trunk handle breaks off easily

The trunk latch is held on by plastic clips. Eventually, the pressure (from opening), will break the clips. The trunk handle completely breaks off, and hangs on by the light cord. You'll notice many of these cars have taped the trunk handle on. This is the biggest issue with this car.

- Jane H

Old but hearty, overall nice car.

Breaks have had to be changed multiple times, ac does not work. Transmission issues. It does not drive super smoothly. For its age (13 years) it is in very good shape. However, it cannot go long distances. It is a two door car, which can be inconvenient. Otherwise, it is a lovely car.

- Sara C

This car has great gas mileage!

Very reliable. High performance. Very comfortable. Double moon roof. Great radio. Hatchback. Good a/c and heat. Powered windows. Low profile tires. Glides and takes corners nice and smoothly. Has great headlights and bright. Has great gas mileage. Not good for 3 or more kids.

- A H

Good car but has it is flaws.

The front bumper is easy to break and the trunk latch breaks very easily. The car drives very nicely and is fun to drive. I wish the back seats were a little bigger and easier to get into. The seat belts could be a little more comfortable. But all in all it is a good car.

- Courtney L

Fast, sporty, reliable car.

My scion tc is a fast sporty reliable car. I have owned it for over 10 years with little to no major problems. Has good to excellent gas mileage. Love the sun/moonroof. Continue to change the oil do tune ups and continue normal maintenance it should last. Long time.

- Cindy K

Scion TC is a great car for the price.

The 2005 Scion TC is an excellent vehicle at its price point. The body is sleek and classy and the interior includes all the necessary amenities one needs for a vehicle of this type. I have had my vehicle for 13 years and it still looks and drives brand new.

- John B

Scion TC Quick and Fun to Drive

My Scion TC is easy to drive, accelerates quickly, and does well on road trips. It is a stick shift. It has a roomy trunk area. The one thing I don't like is the 2-door style makes it awkward for opening the door in a tight parking space.

- Virginia D

Smooth, sleek, and oh so comfy

We love this car. Only issues we had were when some critters moved in under the hood and chewed the wiring, rendering the car undriveable until we could fix it at the dealership. Have had the car several years. Drives like a dream.

- Kristen R

I think everyone should know how many miles are on my car.

I think my car is in good condition for how old it is, it does have a lot of miles but it runs perfectly fine. I do want a newer model car though, one a bluetooth radio and an aux cord. Also want a car with 4 doors.

- Evangelina V

It is a very nice little car!

The performance is great, is fast, zooms around, love the way it takes corners and glides. It is 100% reliable! It is so comfortable and compact! I love its double moon roof and its radio is loud, the way I like it!

- Autumn H

That I bought it brand new and have taken care of it to the present day.

My vehicle is so old and is on Its last legs as the acceleration has gone down dramatically and the engine is sluggish, slow, and makes a lot of noise. I definitely do not enjoy driving it as much as before.


It is a very reliable car, I haven't had to do anything other than regular maintenance to keep it running

It is a small vehicle, but surprisingly roomy. I have had it for over 10 years and it has been very reliable with very few issues. I like It's reliability. I don't really have any complaints about it.

- Albert S

Is that it's a good car and great on gas.

I like my vehicle because it is cheaper in gas unlike my other car. It is easier to wash and keep clean inside unlike my other car. I love how cheap it is to insure through my car insurance.

- Olivia C

It is very affordable to maintain and gets great gas mileage!

I love my scion because it has been my daily driver for 4 years now, I have never had a single issue with my car, and it is very affordable to maintain. I would recommend a scion to anyone.

- Shannon B

It is well made and fun to drive.

I love that it is fun to drive. I absolutely love the hatchback and the sunroof. I do not like how you can feel every bump in the road. Gas mileage could be better. I like the looks of it.

- Natalie F

Good first car I ever had.

I enjoy having my scion. Its fuel efficient and performs great. It's not too comfortable and the interior is cheap. The great feature I love is the bluetooth and the sports mode.

- Sabrina L

It's very fun to drive and gets great gas mileage.

It's a small car so it can be a but noisy and you feel all the bumps on the road. I like that it is fast and gets me easily from place to place. Has is affordable as well.

- Jennifer K

Very stylish and durable.

I love the Dark Cherry color that I chose. I really like the zippiness that my car still has. I'm thankful to Toyota for building a long lasting vehicle.

- Crystal D

That it drives well and gets excellent gas mileage on the interstate.

The car drives well and gets good gas mileage, which I like a lot. I dislike the plastic on the trunk. This broke, so it is a pain to open my trunk.

- Jeff H

Perfect for the young driver.

Not good on gas, low maintenance, inexpensive to maintain. Performance: pick up is good. Ac is only issue I have had to fix with trial and error.

- Brandy P

Last Forever and little maintenance needed.

300K miles and still runs great. I've never had a car running this long without any problems. My next car with almost certainly be a Scion.

- Terry E

great design and great to drive with style all over long distance and short drive

great design and comfortable to drive, the sound system is good, the MPG is good and the motor runs great I have no issues with the car

- jordi c

Manual - take off from a stopped position is different than automatic.

The size, the fuel efficiency, the color-likes.... Road noise, it would also be much better if it was a 6-speed instead of a 5-speed.

- Danielle S

The TC is a dependable car.

It is dependable. I've had no major issues. There is nothing I do not like. If I would buy a newer car I would consider another one.

- Debra C

Quick, cheap, reliable, comfortable

Runs great really recommend, 5 speed manual, 2 door hatch, panoramic roof, runs good on gas, rides smooth and is quick for a thrill

- Nolan G

Very good gas mileage. Looks things are the only thing to worry about.

I love the color. I love the reliability. And I love the gas mileage. I also love that it is small but fits a good amount of space.

- Victoria K

Its reliable and easy to fix.

I like how it looks it's such a beautiful car and it's so easy to fix and its very relievable. It also is very fast.

- Donald A

I like that the car has good gas mileage and runs very smoothly. I do not like that it is extremely low to the ground, is a two-door vehicle, and has little legroom for the driver and passengers.

The most important thing that people should know about my car is that it is reliable and runs well despite its age.

- Amanda H

My car has run very well for the past thirteen years.

My car has run very well ever since I got it. I have had minimal issues. I wish the gas mileage was better though.

- Andrew S

it's fantastic reliability, no major issues other than routine maintenance.

I cannot be happier with my car. it's been reliable for 13 years, no major problems just routine maintenance.


The handling is wonderful. It drives with ease. Hugs curves grest

Comfortable,great on gas, the time I've had the car only problem is I have had to do brakes twice in a year

- Karli M

It's silver small and cute

I love my car it has some brake problems right now but I love it! I wish it had a better stereo system

- Whitney G

Love the standard panoramic moonroof.

blind spots in rear are bad. Only one way to access trunk/hatchback area and that part breaks easily.

- Summer B

The one most important thing others should know about my car is that it is a good car to start off with and can be used for commuting.

I like this vehicle because it has good gas mileage, decent acceleration, and durable. I dislike

- F L

It's durable and you can count on it to last a while.

It has lasted a long time with minimal maintenance and survived many accidents.

- Janel B

They will not be making that model or brand any longer in the future.

I like everything about my vehicle. No complaints at this time.

- Becky S

It's a great car for driving in any place. Very customisable and affordable.

I love the speed the drive being smooth. The sunroof.

- Haley D