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Reliable, dependable and stylish!

I am the 3rd owner of my vehicle. I bought it used at a certified dealership. At the time the car already had over 100k miles on it but because it is a Toyota brand I didn't think twice. I've owned Toyota’s and will continue to purchase them for life. My car has been through over 115k miles I have put on it myself and has been so reliable and has great gas mileage. I drive over 30 miles for work (60 miles round trip) and it is never let me down.

- Tara F

That it has never been not cared for inside and out. It has few issues.

It has to be the most trouble free, reliable auto, that I have ever owned. Still great appearance, trim, and low mileage. Have the 2nd vehicle for the 4drs and excellent riding comfort. Really do not want to sell nor trade the tc. , but do have several interested in purchasing it in the near future. The tc drives excellent and is very comfortable. Ride smoothness is not great but not bad. Has an almost timeless style that still turns heads.

- Michael B

That it's a reliable car and runs very well even after many years

I really like the sport style and the back lights. I like that it has a sunroof and the seats are very comfortable. I dislike the way of adjusting the seat positions. My only complaint would be the trunk door because the handle with sensor broke off very early on and I had to pay to get it fixed. I've come across several cars same model with the same issue so I know it's not something I've done to cause it

- Maria L

Be gentle when opening the trunk; parts are very flimsy and it will easily break.

The trunk is the biggest issue with the Scion tic. You have to manually open the trunk (no button or lever in the car). If you use any type of force, you can rip the lever/light panel right off. There was a recall on the trunk but somehow, my vehicle was not included. My trunk has been broken for over 10 years now. The car is pretty nice and drives well, but the trunk was very poorly made.

- Isaac G

13 year old car still going strong.

This car has been in three accidents, and although it now at 13 years old has some front end plastic damage being held together with duct tape, the car still runs beautifully. The small size makes it ideal for my short commute- I need to get gas about every two weeks. Great sound system. With regular maintenance I expect to still be driving this car even 3 years from now.

- Karen K

A smooth ride and a fresh, crisp look.

My scion tc is the best car I have bought so far. Beautiful and comfortable interior, awesome sun/moon roofs, decent trunk space for a coupe, amazing control when driving, great acceleration. Only issue I have is mine has wheel bearing that's need to be replaced frequently and the cause is unknown, that would be its only downfall so far.

- Ashlee L

It has never let me down.

It's an older version and you can hear it starting to slowly die. It makes noises if raining or too cold out. It is very good on gas and has been reliable for the past 6 years. I enjoy the hatchback aspect and the trunk is huge. When I bought it there was an accident that already occurred and there are some cigarettes holes in the seat.

- Page M

My review of my scion tc 2006.

Sometimes it is hard to turn the key. The check engine light came on recently. However, I really like it so far. It drives real smooth. The car is a little to low to the ground for my taste, but still easy to drive. There are five people in my family, and the car fits us all well. The back seats fold down for more trunk space if needed.

- Angela S

A few issues with the hatchback.

I really like the look of the car. I live the 2nd sunroof in the backseat. There is a faulty latch for the hatchback. It is only connected with a piece of plastic. So, use 2 hands when you open the hatchback. Also, lately the hatchback has not stayed up. I have to put a yard stick in there so it doesn't fall on my head when I use it.

- Tanya B

It's a car that would suit perfectly to first time drivers.

The main problem with my car its the 2 door design it's really uncomfortable to get in and out, the heights also a major factor in my dislike. I like that its spacious enough to be comfortable for a road trip. The only feature I like it's the window in the ceiling. I think they could have done a better job with this car.

- Navi S

I would say my car is up to about 130 thousand miles, I would say the headline is this car and these car not only look nice but they are also reliable. I've had no trouble with my car so far.

I don't really have any complaints about my car, I like It's stylish body. If there is one thing I don't like about it ; It's the size It's a compact car with two doors. So in the future I would want a larger car with four doors and lots of room for passengers. That way I can use my car for lyft or uber and transport.

- rafiq S

The trunk is very poorly made. Must open with minimum force

The Scion tC is a nice vehicle but the trunk is very poorly made. You have to manually open the trunk, there is not lever or button inside the vehicle. There was a recall on the trunk but my vehicle was not included for some reason. My trunk has been broken for over 10 years. Must open VERY gently when using.

- Issak G

This car can easily fit 5 people in it and it wouldn't be cramped at all.

Even though the car itself is small on the outside, it is quite roomy. I am 5'10" and I have no problem with space in this coupe. The trunk is big enough for all my things. This clearly is not a family car or anything like that, but for a casual car to get around in, I'd say it is perfect.

- Jacob S

The scion tc is a great buy for its reliability but road noise can be heard.

The scion tc is reliable, sporty looking, fun to drive vehicle with good gas mileage. Some disadvantages are the road noises I can hear while driving. I had a problem with the hatchback, a piece needed to be replaced and the fog light bulbs are not easy to find replacements.

- Julie B

18 inch wheels 15 inch speakers 5% tint so you cannot see up in my windows.

My car is great only problem I have had is with front wheel bearings going bad. Other than that great gas mileage, fun fast little car to drive around. I'd recommend anyone without kids or that are between the ages 16-30 years of age to buy one to drive they will love it!

- Justen H

This car is absolutely fantastic and would recommend it to anyone.

Great performance, great sound system, and great on gas. I love this car because it gets me to where I need to go, it is great for my music and I save a lot of money on gas. I would recommend this vehicle to any one of my friends and/or family. This is a fantastic car.

- Joe D

Very roomy yet compact and sleek.

The hatch back is extremely roomy when the seats fold down. I love how its slick and compact still. Good on gas mileage and not too many problems besides wiring when reinstalling deck, easy fix. The latch for the hatch can rip off, had to nail it down. Common problem.

- Maggie M

It will run forever because it was built by a company known for long-lasting cars.

My car still runs well even after 12 years and I expect it will continue to run well for many years to come. It is sporty and has cool features like different colored lights on the radio console. It came with all of the safety features I needed and is a beautiful blue

- K B

Sammy's baby scion tc machine.

Good pickup speed, has a pure android head unit in it, good on gas, nice tight steering, I put slotted and drilled brake rotors and ceramic brake pads on all 4 corners it stops like now the rear seats fold down and it has a back up camera and a lifting rear hatch.

- Phil G

It is not for people with back pain. (bucket seats).

I like the pickup speed and the fact that it is reliable. I dislike the blind spot caused by the body design, the wide swing of opening the doors, and the lack of access to the back seat. I also dislike the small tires – they do not handle potholes well.

- Lisa B

Black scion tc with sunroof.

The scion tc is a good car. However it is made of plastic and breaks easily. In a car accident your scion will likely be completely destroyed. The airbag didn't deploy when I wrecked mine. I feel that Toyota did not do a good job with safety inspections.

- Wesley C

That is was reasonable to purchase. Since then it had run great.

As a sturdy car its great. I've had it over 10 years and haven't had too many problems. It's still running great and I think it will be for a while. I would like a car with some newer technology though, and I'll also getting some rust on the side

- colleen l

It has known issues unfortunately for being such a great car otherwise.

I love the hatch and the size. I also love that it is a stick shift and it is really cute. I do not love that the engine has known problems and it burns oil. It is also very loud on the freeway due to being a cheap car.

- Astra A

While the car is fun to drive, it is expensive to maintain as the transmission goes out sooner than it should.

I like the compact size of the car as it makes it easier to drive. I also like the colors and style. What I don't like is that it has cost thousands and thousands of dollars to maintain.

- Victoria C

It you need a back seat for people, this is not your car.

I love that my car is compact and gas efficient. It runs wonderfully, and has kept up to the Toyota reputation. I would love to get a nicer car next time, but it was perfect for now.

- Elizabeth M

It is very spacious ideal for families also good on gas while cheap to fill up.

I do not have any complaints with the manufacturer the owner before this one did modifications to the car that had made it difficult for me to drive or it is very costly to repair.

- Alfredo R

It is 12 years old and still running great.

I love my vehicle because it is easy for me to drive, I have taken it on long road trips and it was always been reliable and dependable. I always feel safe driving in my vehicle.

- Lauren D

It runs and the AC works.

My used Scion TC was inexpensive. It gets me safely from home to work and back. It gets good gas mileage. My only complaint is the hydraulics lifts for the liftgate don't work.

- Tim C

It's great for the older people, and sharp and sleek enough for the younger crowd.

I experience a feeling of freedom, of coziness, and independence in my little coup hatchback. It's clean straight lines, sleek and sophisticated. Love my Scion.

- Mary S

Be careful with the sunroof.

I like its look a lot, and love its gas mileage. I dislike that i've needed a lot of work on in not a very long time. I love how long of a life the engine has.

- Andrew W

It's a scion so it's a toyota so it will last you a very long time in a sense of reliability.

No I don't have any real complaints about the car besides it having a small rear seat. But other than that the engine has lasted me a very long time.

- Herald P

The most important thing others should know is that it's one of the most reliable and fun cars to drive

Very good reliable car. Really has caused no problems for me. It is extremely noisy on the road, which I dislike. Also, no Bluetooth in the car.

- Alyssa D

above all I love this car.

This car is GREAT in most areas. I have had it for 7 years. What's not so great is: the car is noisy, the sound dampening is nonexistent.


It is very reliable good on gas.

It has never failed me it has always been reliable I have never had anything break on it the only thing I have had to replace are tires.

- Caleb F

The pros and cons of a Scion tC

Pros: Sporty, good gas mileage, reliable, fun to drive. Cons: small, sports car feel, (like every bump in the road), road noise

- James B

It fits my style, the size is just right for me, the hatch allows me to transport large items

Love the sleek style, love the panoramic sunroof, and the custom style wheels. I have absolutely no complaints about my Scion

- Mary H

Very good on gas rides and drives smooth and easy.

No complaints at all drives nice is extremely good on gas. Turn signals high up on the mirrors that is good it is not loud.

- Tiffany P

This car is great on gas. It drives smooth and is reliable

I love this vehicle. My only complaints would b that the hatch isn't easy 2 use and a piece of the back always comes off

- Aubrey L

It is an excellent first car.

It is an excellent car. It's good on gas and mileage. It runs great for a 12 year old car. Only normal minor issues.

- Ceecee M

That it is a great starter car. I got it when I was 16 and it has been perfect since.

I like that my vehicle is reliable. It also gets good gas mileage. I dislike that it is small and has only 2 doors.

- Chelsea B



- phil g

The one thing you should know is that it is very reliable.

It Drives well and I have had no major repairs.. Sporty and economical. I wish it had bluetooth.

- sheree b

that it shakes when idle at a stop light and the suspension is bad

i like that it rides like a sports car fast exhilaration. i don't like that it's a small car

- jackson h

That its dependable and has lasted for almost 200000 miles

It does not let me down. Has a Camry engine that let's it last longer than most vehicles.

- Kelly B

its reliable and sporty looking. it has low miles on it and still works great

its quick and reliable. not many complaints. if anything, it's a little small for me

- andrew m

It's comfy and compact, yet spacious! The folding back seats makes a big difference.

Nice and compact. A lot of storage space. Having only 2 doors can be obnoxious.

- Cayleigh V

Love it it's really cool and fun and silver and has 2 doors

It's cool and silver it's awesome it's fun it's a two door I like it mwah

- Ashley B

It handles very well and is in great condition

It has many blind spots. I also don't like the black interior

- Hill B

It's great on gas and extremely reliable. I like that parts are easy to find.

Save on gas but small. The car is low to the ground.

- Maria R