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Is a scion tc for you?? Read and find out!

Have had a few problems with this car but so far it's been a reliable car! No engine problems so that's always good! I really love the way it drives. It sounds and is fast like a sports car but looks like a modern town car, if that makes any sense. So if you want a car with sports car like features but looks like a in disguised sports car/town car mixed, this is the one for you! I also really love the inside of this car! Its a two door car and it's actually pretty spacey in the back surprisingly! My favorite part of this car is the two moon roofs it has in it! Two! Its amazing lol one thing though that I don't enjoy is that it has bad blind spots on the sides! Sometimes you really have to stretch to look around them! But besides that I haven't really had any major problems with this car! I really enjoy it and hope this helps help someone else decide on a car they want as well!!:).

- Amelia B

Scion TC '07 uses oil quickly compared to other vehicles.

It seems decent on gas. It has held up well from a hit from a deer. I dislike that sometimes it eats oil. If my fiance and I do not keep an eye on it every week or two, it could mess up the engine. It happened to my fiance's brother. He had the same exact model and ended up on the interstate because of the oil. Her mother has one as well and loves it. I personally like how it is a hatchback and we can lay down the seats to make room for things to haul, but I do dislike how we have to make a choice between hauling items or passengers sometimes. We went on a trip with another couple in our vehicle and it was a bit tight. My fiance and I both dislike how low profile the vehicle is because it makes it harder to find tires sometimes, as well as having to be more character about where the car can and cannot go.

- Alex K

Scion TC- Reliable, Cute, Comfortable

The Scion TC is a very reliable car. I have had it for over 7 years, and put over 100,000 miles on the car and have had no serious issues as I have steadily kept up on the maintenance. I would recommend this car to anyone who needs a reliable car as it gets great gas mileage and would be ideal for the commuter. The back seat has plenty of room for passengers. I also have neon lights that are installed down by the driver and passengers feet which came stock. I believe this is a great feature and has been a fun addition in my night driving. Overall a great vehicle!

- Larissa D

Scion is really just Toyota.

I like how it was affordable and has a lot of features that I use daily and some features that they thought out well. I wish it had automatic bluetooth connection, but I can add that if I really wanted it. It doesn't have any ridiculous additional features that will make it outdated in a couple of years like newer cars have. It also lets me be in control at all times. It's a fun car to drive and doesn't take away a lot of that capability from the driver. It has a lot of space, but is still a small car that is fun to drive and handles well.

- Jayme R

Amazing sunroof with all of the glass on the roof.

It is a coup car, great for 2 people. If you plan on having 4 people in the car it's fine, but not graceful getting in or out if the back seats. Performance & reliability is great. The only problem is the sunroof needs to be maintained or will not shut is you have it open, make sure you have it closed when it's raining. Front seat a really comfortable, back seats are okay. Love me stereo.

- Nikki H

Fun and reliable vehicle, great on gas!

My scion is now over 11 yrs old and still looks and runs awesome. When I first got it, lots of people asked who makes this car...I even have a twin in my area! It's the perfect size and gets great mileage. The only thing I would ask to change is the rubber latch for hatchback as it melted so when u go to on, your hand gets that melted rubber on and it's not easy to clean hands.

- Nell M

It is discontinued. Scion as a whole is no longer in production.

I love that it has been very very dependable. I've owned it for about 8 years now, and only until the 7th year did it start acting up for maintenance. Great gas mileage. I don't like how the trunk space is non existent. Whenever hauling stuff, I can only fit 1 other person in the back if I put a backseat down, and literally no one but the passenger when both seats are down.

- chris B

The most important thing that you should know is that the car is reliable.

The car is great and super reliable. There are not major problems with the car just regular service, and maintenance. The cars performance is great, its overall a really fun car to drive in my opinion. It is a really great first car. The seats are comfortable but they do not have many different seat motions. The seats and the interior is pretty basic.

- Amanda D

Reliability with folding seats.

So far no real issues have come up with my automobile. Through heat, rain, and sleet it has stood the test of time. Only kinds of issues that have come up were that a blinker stopped working for a little bit. Outside of performance, the car has foldable seats which make up for the lack of trunk space. All in all, I am quite satisfied with my vehicle.

- Howard Z

My car has never had any major problems with it!

I love this car because I have had it over two years & it is a very reliable car, if you take care of your car! They only problem I had was the battery (it was old) I just need up getting a new one which I had no problem doing. Other than that I have never had any problems with this car. From inside to outside this car is spectacular!

- Courtney A

It is nothing spectacular, just another car they no longer make.

Problems - it's running poorly for some odd reason. It has over 150,000 miles, shakes when stopped. Prior to that performance is great, gets decent gas mileage. It is reliable at the moment. All seats are comfortable. Not a bumpy ride at all. Basic features, but I love the sun roof because there's one that opens and one does not.

- Marie O

Small 2 door sedan with sunroof and great sound. 5 speed manual.

This is an adorable small car that is great for a seasoned driver or a teenager. I will say that I would not trust my teenagers to drive it as it gets to speed quickly and handles curves very well. The engine is made to last. I have replaced the radio to have Bluetooth but otherwise no complaints in the entertainment area.

- Pamela P

Great reliable small family car.

Haven't had any issues with it. Drive it from Arizona to California multiple times a year with no issues but normal wear and tear. Decent on gas. Runs smoothly and is quiet. Ac is good. Sunroof is awesome. Easy maintenance if you are a car junky, if not still easy for mechanics to not overcharge for difficult jobs.

- Laura A

Cruising in my 2007 scion tc.

The scion tc is a fun, reliable vehicle that requires little to no maintenance. We've been able to comfortably drive more than 130,000 miles. I recommend the manual model because it is fun and easy to maneuver. The only bad thing about the vehicle is the tail on the back that almost immediately came unhinged.

- Casey O

The car is very reliable and a gas saver. It takes $45.

Vehicle is in good condition for the most part. I am not the original owner. It currently has 161, 475 miles. I have had it for about a little over a year. I have had some minor accidents with it and still works good. I am just tired or the interior it is old fashion g and need to upgrade mine soon.

- Bella Z

Sleek, sexy, and reliable all in one.

My vehicle has good gas mileage, a sporty look and feel, excellent torque and a surprising amount of storage space despite its compact frame. It was also excellently priced even with the additional features I selected. It handles well and has been a great car both new and as the years have gone on.

- Tracy J

Burns gas but is a great drive.

This make and model has a consistent problem with burning oil and it always has to be checked. It is a common issue with this car but scion dealerships would never take care of the problem. The car is great in speed and has an amazing turning radius. The only issue is the steady slow burn of gas.

- Nora S

I think the most important thing to know about my car is that while it looks sporty and fast, it really has no power behind it!

I like how it gets okay gas mileage and has been reliable, however I don't like how small it is (I did when I first bought it, but my needs have changed). I don't like that it only has 2 doors. But I have spent next to nothing on maintenance besides oil changes and the regular scheduled stuff.

- Bryan E

Scion is dependable - heart issues need to get to my appointments in city.

I don't really have the extra money to put into my car now that I am widowed & on a diminished income. I always do the minimum of getting inspections & oil changes. Two years ago I had to put I $2k for tires & repairs. This summer I paid $200 to replace my fan motor for my air conditioning.

- Mary Z

It more spacious than it looks.

The car that I drive is a coupe and seems small at first appearance but sitting inside there is a lot of space to not feel smothered by a passenger. The automobile is also speedy off the jump so I get to where I am going efficiently. Gas is not outrageous for the car being so zippy.

- Rachael M

It has a great radio and comfortable seats. Lots of legroom in the front.

It is very reliable and it drives well. Very comfortable as well, but not a lot of room when you have kids. I have not had many problems with the car at all. In the 6 years that I have had the car I have only had to replace the brakes and Calipers a couple of times and the tires.

- Ashley C

Fun drive, quick car, pleasure to drive.

It is a quick car, fun to drive. Easy steering. Had usually been about 11 gallons to fill tank. It is only a two door but it can be surprisingly spacious inside. The back seats are not super spacious but for it only being a two door, you'd be surprised how much space you have.

- Mario A

Relevant. Reliable. Runs spectacularly.

I have had not had any major problems with my vehicle. All parts are still original and it runs well. I enjoy driving my vehicle and it is still reliable. There was a cosmetic issue with the trunk hatch but the manufacturer recalled the part and fixed it at no cost to owners.

- Kay W

Please help you guys need a better security system.

Good its slow but it takes off like I like it a lot but I want a new car but I won't get a scion I want a truck my car has been broken into to many times I think it is because it's an asian car but I will have to deal with it for now I wish it had a better security system.

- Larry A

2007 Scion tc - it is a nice car.

It drives well. I made it all the way to la and back in it. It's easy to take apart and put back together. The sound system is solid. Mine was lowered by the previous owner so I do hit pot-holes harder. The blind spots are probably the worst thing about this car.

- Clara J

I personally love the look of the car as well. It has a timeless look.

I feel like there is a reliability is good. I don't have any problems with the car. I wish the car wouldn't overheat that much. I think that the newer model will run smoother than the one I own. I don't like the radio that much but that is a personal preference.

- Angel M

2007 scion tc: performance and maintenance review.

The only problem I have had with this car is that it burns oil. After a new oil change I am finding myself refilling the oil around every two weeks. Other than that I enjoy the car, it is a little load due to it being a sports car but I can look past that.

- Austin G

Small things seem to break frequently.

Car is comfortable but on the smaller side, should be a trunk release inside the car, wing on trunk is partially obstructive to visual field. Color combo of exterior and interior is pleasant, passengers in back seat say there is adequate legroom.

- Kelly H

The car is cheaply made. Many parts are prone to break.

The gas mileage is low for today's standards in new cars. Also there was an issue with the handle in the back to lift the trunk open. It is prone to just ripping off. With that said the trunk has hydraulics that will give out over time.

- Mark O

A great sporty coupe with a lot of pickup speed in it.

It is small and sporty. It has its downfalls (2-door makes it hard for my dog to watch out the window in the backseat and it uses at least 1 quart of oil every 2 weeks), but, overall, it is a great car with a lot of power.

- Linda F

It is very spacious on the inside with room to haul items.

I like that it is fuel efficient and roomy in the back. The trunk lifts fully and the seats go down for better space when hauling large items. I don't like the shape of the seats for long trips as they make my hips ache.

- Rae P

It doesn't require a great deal of maintenance. It's very reliable.

It's been a very reliable vehicle over the years. I take it in for the normal servicing and it hasn't required much beyond that. It's fun and reliable; currently it meets our needs of a safe and low fuel option.

- Elizabeth W

It is good with long distance trips.

The scion has great gas mileage and it does not take much to fill it up. It has a good get up and go when you press on the gas. And the interior of the car is very well set up and roomy for a small car.

- Julien A

That it's taken me to and from UCLA the years I had to commute over an hour each way.

My car is my first new car - I love the design and how it still looks like a good car 11 years later. It's scion so it's made by Toyota, which means it's a reliable car. Never had any major problems.

- Mm M

Overall my vehicle is awesome and I wouldn't trade it for anything.

My vehicle is two doors, very comfortable, very fast, reliable. I love my car, the only issue I have is that it burns oil very fast. It's very good on gas and the parts are very cheap to replace.

- Steven A

Great ride and comfortable. The maintenance is very low.

This has been the most reliable running car. Economical for repairs and upkeep. Very sporty look and feel without the costly expense of a sport car. This is a very roomy 2 door.

- Leslie P

Scion tc amazing car, would recommend to everyone.

The performance is perfect all around good car I love it! The gas mileage is perfect it takes 35$ to fill up and it lasts forever. I would definitely recommend this car to anyone.

- Brittany D

It's a young girls dream car!

I absolutely love my car. It's very attractive. It does great on gas and it can get up and go. I've been driving it for the last 8 years and it hasn't given me any major issues!

- Meredith P

Runs great and does not use up a lot of gas.

It is extremely reliable and inexpensive to fix whenever something does need repairs also just the right size not to big and bulky or way to small perfect for a small family.

- Mari A

It feels like I am driving a sports car with more safety features than others.

It has good gas mileage as well as being compact and a great beater car. The bad thing is that it is not 4wd so it is rough in the snow and the gas tank is also pretty small.

- Michael D

Great car and engine. Reliable.

It has great pick up speed, very reliable. Great engine. Problems are with cosmetic things. The trim fell off on the hatchback and the scion plate on the trunk fell off.

- Kristin S

It is quick and agile while still being fuel efficient and easy on the wallet in all ways

The car has been great, a bit of oil burn the last 20k miles, but after hitting 150k its be expected. I enjoy the powerful 4 cylinder engine and the look of the car.

- Carl E

A full tank of gas could last a week or week and a half.

My car is very reliable. Maintenance does hurt make my wallet cry. The car is very comfortable. This car is good on gas and the prices at the pump are fairly low.

- Austin A

It has a lot of miles on it but still runs really strong.

I love the style of it. I also the sunroof and moonroof which is really nice. It also has a lot of miles on it but still runs strong. But I hate that it is small.

- Patricia R

It runs well and hasn't had any major repairs ever.

It is 10 years old but it runs well. It has a few dents and scrapes but overall looks good. It's black, only one window works, and the license plate is bent.

- Megan G

People should know that it is comfortable.

The vehicle is nice and comfortable. I kind of do not like how there's only 2 doors. Then again, that is how it is designed. All in all the car is very good.

- Jesus C

The maintenance costs are low and it's still in great shape relative to its age and miles.

I like that it's almost at 200,000 miles and it is still running great with minimum maintenance. I don't like the placement of the button to open the trunk.

- Jessica S

That the car is salvaged.

I dislike it because ether color is fading. I like the car because it is fast and it is a two door vehicle but I dislike it because it has a salvage title.

- Juan T

Honda is the best when it comes to cars that last.

Compact car with great gas mileage. With a trusted company (Toyota) their partner at the time. The price was spot on. All this and not sacrificing style.

- Kayla D

It has good gas mileage for long trips.

The vehicle is small. It has good gas mileage. It can fit in small spaces. It's a four cylinder. It has a good ride. It's an attractive sports car.

- Melanie S

Gas Saver, Reliable, handles well, love the dual sunroofs for the kids.

Love my care but I may get in trouble with it due to speed. Seats could be more comfortable and I had to replace the radio but otherwise love it.

- Pamela P

Scion tC 2007 two door coupe

So far my Scion tC has not given me any problems it's my first car and I've had it for 3 years now and it's possible the best car I've ever has

- Niurka T

Runs perfect, stars up every time.

Oil consumption issue, paint is flaking, tires wear out too fast, spoiler is sun faded, battery lasted only 2 years, wipers wore out.

- Paul A

It is four cylinders and has good gas mileage.

I do not like that it is small. It is good that it is small so it can fit in compact parking spots though. It has good fuel economy.

- Melanie S

It's an overall good car for anyone

It's a comfortable car that has great handling. Not too big but it's roomy. The trunk is a bit small but I don't use it that much.

- Tyler b

It's great & runs very well.

I like that it runs well and is comfortable to drive. I also like that the gas mileage is great. I dislike that I have no room.

- Ashley C

Scion tC is a good vehicle for commuting to work.

The vehicle has been very reliable. It's fun to drive and gets great fuel mileage. It's a great vehicle for commuting for work.

- John B

It is reliable, does not give really any problems. Easy to drive.

Dislike that it is two door. Love that it has lasted so long, it works, comfortable. Dislike that the paint looks old now.

- Amanda S

Oil type, and when to do the oil change.

I like most things about my car one of the things I dislike is the hatchback door as it is a bit heavy to open at times.

- Joaquin B

Check fluids and tire pressure at least once a month .

Drives really well . Able to hug the road on tight turns . Good gas mileage . Needs to add 1 quart of oil every month .

- Raynaldo E

Comfortable car with a nice punch

My Scion tc is an awesome car! It is small and zippy. I love the hatchback, I can fit large items in my small car.

- Amanda M

It is safe and reliable. It fits my needs and I like the way it looks.

I like that it lasts a long time and is efficient and a good car overall it's also good on gas and runs smoothly.

- Tiffany K

That it's good on gas and its an overall good car that will last you a very long time with little maintenance work.

My vehicle is fun and good and its great on gas. It has lasted a long time and I expect it to last for many more.

- tiffany k

Very safe. No blind spots. Over 150,000 miles and still runs great.

It is great on gas. Small and easy to parallel park. Very comfortable to commute in. Big trunk for a small car.

- Michelle A

The back seat recline. Roomy.

Good on gas mileage. Get you from point A to point B. Dislike it is a two doors not good when you have kids.

- Kim Q

The car used with very low mileage. Problems occurred within the first year.

Leaking air conditioning, front wheel drive is a nightmare, paint is peeling off sides of doors and mirrors.

- Kelly A

Really good miles per gallon

Great mpg, runs well in cold weather, durable in snow and poor weather. Doesn't require a lot of maintenance

- Sarah B

I love my scion TC! It is a perfect fit for me as I am just under 5 ft tall. This is perfect for young students. I drive nonstop and only need to fuel up once every 2 weeks. It's sporty yet not considered as a sports car so insurance is super reasonable. I got the black cherry color, have received many compliments on it!

my Scion has been super reliable has never given me any breakdowns, it's very easy to keep maintenance on.

- Nelda M

2007 Scion tC - solid car

I haven't had any major issues with my car, and I have had it for 7 years. I would recommend it to others.

- Tiffany D

It's the most reliable car I've owned so far. I would buy a newer version when able to.

I haven't had any real troubles out of it. It always starts up and runs even if it's sat out for awhile.

- Benjamin M

That my car is stick shift and it has an alarm. The windows of my car are tinted.

I love my car because is stick shift is fast. Is a two door car and is grey which is my favorite color.

- Alex Q

The brand itself is reliable.

It is just an older vehicle that is not as equipped as newer vehicles and it has begun to run behind.

- Heather H

Bad gas mileage is about all. And the fact that is it very small.

I like that it is small and compact. It has bad gas mileage. It is small, but people cannot see you.

- Hannah H

Good on gas and powerful. Small and compact. Has a sunroof and is sporty.

I like it because it is good on gas and has power. I don't like how hard it is to get in and out of.

- Sharon D

Our TC runs great, but it does run out of gas very quickly.

Not great on gas. The TC looks great. It's been a very reliable car. Also bad, it's a two door.

- Rouben J

It isn't very practical for someone with small children

I dislike the gas mileage i get but for being a 2 door car with a small child it is roomy

- Sarah W

All the oils that are needed to keep the car in good shape

The alternator seems to be a constant problem. maintenance is costly overtime

- Cindy c

I like the overall design and that even though it is over ten years old, it still looks like a new design. I do not like the two doors as it can be very inconvenient.

It has a great value and is very dependable. It is also fun to drive

- Meg M

I don't like that the steering on it kind of locks up and that the whole car shakes when going at high speeds. It's decently sized though and not terrible on gas.

It shakes when driving at high speeds, and I was told it was normal

- Amelia R

It's sporty reliable gas efficient transportation manual transmission. 5 speaker premium stereo with CD player and.aux in. Power windows and locks power sunroof it's a nice late model car

Reliability and good gas mileage very road capable has good power.

- Daniel S

It's been a long lasting car. I just wish i got a bigger vehicle because I started going on road trips. I really like it tho.

It's fast. Handles well on the roads. Easy to maintain.

- Holly C