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Don't get this car if you struggle getting in and out of any car that's low.

For what I paid for, it has been a great investment for me after having it for 8 years. Definitely comfortable seating, and I can see easily over the dashboard due to my short height. The size of the car is perfect between a simple transportation to and from work/school when I was attending, and for road trips, especially when my husband and I did a road trip from Northern California to home for 5 days. Gas mileage is really good, especially for the time I purchased it. Easy to maintain and parts are not expensive. I use the hell out of the bluetooth system so I can talk on the phone hands free. Great also for when I use my Google Maps.

- Arlyne D

My review for scion 2010.

Its making a sound no matter how much they tune up my car. Loose parts here and there. Sometimes the car doesn't go on park. Other than that I am really happy with my vehicle ever since I got it(brand new) I have never encountered any major problems except the fact that I think there are loose parts. Its making a rattling sound everywhere. Plus the latch where the airbag is on the back passenger seat always comes loose.

- Hannah B

The scion is a pretty cool car.

The pioneer head unit/touch screen is quite out of date and slow to process. I love how comfy the seats are and how much room the car's box shape provides. Because it's older it doesn't drive as smooth as it used to but everything functions great with the occasional tune up. I enjoy the personal touches you can add to the model like the TV screens in the back headsets and the lights in the front interior.

- Sage F

The space inside the back seat. It�s only a two door but very spacious

So reliable. Very easy to get in and out of. It's performance is great. I really enjoy that when it does need new parts the parts aren't so expensive I cannot fix the car. Also, the car is very easy to do labor on yourself. I love my car. It's fast enough, but also doesn't get up and go for a young driver. Even though it is two door it is very spacious in the back seat.

- Cj S

Want a sleek nice, compact vehicle?

It's comfortable for someone with no children. It runs smooth, good price. There's an aux cord, space in the back, and a very nice and sleek interior. The trunk is also very big as well. It doesn't require much maintenance either. I would say if you need a reliable car at a good price, this car is the way to go for sure.

- Mia H

Nice sporty car good fuel mileage fun to drive looks great.

This vehicle is great and very reliable would recommend to anyone have had brand new for 8 years nothing but brakes tires and oil changes. Anything from Toyota Lexus scion is great product strongly recommend local dealer Olathe Toyota as well for any possible repairs needed have been servicing veh's there for years now.

- Adam W

I love the sunroof and a moonroof.

This is a great car for a single person with a lot to do. It gets great gas mileage it has a great sound system and I have had very little problems with it. The seats are comfortable end it actually looks really nice. The only issues are things that just come with regular upkeep. No problems really.

- Zenobia O

It has a very good stereo system.

It is a faster car for me. It is my first car, and it is very nice. Easy to drive. I love the stereo system, it is good on gas. It is smaller, but has a good trunk space. It is cute and was affordable. No issues with my car at all, and it runs well. I love it, and definitely recommend it.

- Julie S

Economical and reliable in overall features.

Scion tic is a reliable good car. It's not too fancy but it serves its our pose. Its economical with gas. Handling is good though power its only 4 cylinder but it's fine for me. I wish this car would be a little bit higher like a SUV type but I learned to adapt on its overall feature.

- Teddy G

Scion tc is a great starter car for young adults.

Overall a great car, never had any major problems. The grill is always loose, and the car is very cheap on the outside damages easily. Performance is great lasts a long time. Has a sun and moon roof. Has a lot of room for a 2 door car. Doors are very light and the slam very easily.

- Jodi A

Moon roof and sporty style.

My car is a two door and a hatchback which makes it hard getting into the back seats and loading things in the trunk. Golf clubs do not fit vertically in the trunk, rather you have to put the back seats down, to get clubs in. I love the moonroof and the sporty feel the car gives.

- Courtney T

Scion by Toyota is a great car would recommend.

Good safety features, good gas mileage handles great fun to drive and no repairs to this date purchased new in 2010 very good price and great brand. Not sure what else to say about this care would and have recommend to friends and family and even strangers.

- Sue B

White scion tc that has great steering wheel control.

My car has great gas mileage and has never given me a problem in the past 7 years I have owned it. I does dent easily, but other than that it has been a great car to me and has driven a lot of long trips with no problems at all.

- Bailey W

Car review: great quality, good safety features and good value.

I like my car is looks good and runs great. I purchased in 2010 and had no problems. It is good quality good safety features. And the price was very good. There are others cars I like better but they were out of my budget.

- Sue B

My car is really small, so it is good for a single woman like myself.

It shakes a lot when it is in idle. It also has been paling apart lately and the gas mileage has gotten worse and worse. And my check engine light is always on and I have had everything checked and cleared multiple times.

- Grace D

I love that there is a window on the ceiling in the back seat.

I really like this car and I probably will buy another one again. There was a default in how you open the hatchback. The handle is only connected with a tiny piece of plastic. So, when you open the trunk use 2 hands.

- Tanya B

It has been in my family for about 7 years.

I like that it always starts and is reliable. It picks up speed well, and has had no mechanical problems. I dislike that it rattles a little. Also, it has poor visibility out of the rear and side-rear windows.

- Stephanie A

It is a smaller compact hatchback.

I love my scion! It is the most reliable car I have ever driven. It needs minimal maintenance and is completely dependable. Other than being very stylish and comfortable, this car is exactly what I wanted.

- Tyler H

Fun to drive, good commuter vehicle. Wish gas mileage was better

My car is very reliable. I like that it is small and easy to handle. But it also has plenty of cargo space. It's extremely comfortable for the driver. I wish it was more comfortable in the passenger seat.

- Rhonda C

Fun Commuter Good mileage and sporty

Excellent commuter car that is fun to drive. Good mileage and engine has enough power to make it fun. Would not be a good car for long commutes due to the sporty Suspension

- Steve K

Small 2-door car with great mileage and longevity.

My vehicle is great! Has not given me major issues. The one part of the car that I would say is faulty would be their brakes. Nothing bad but they seem to get low fast.

- brenda Q

This was my first car that I ever purchase.

Giving that it is a hatchback it's extremely roomie. Helps a lot when I am moving from states to states. One thing I dislike is they discontinued it.

- Anita W

Reliability is the most important. Pretty good gas mileage on it too.

I love that it has not given me any trouble for the 5 years I've had it. Very reliable, no complaints whatsoever. Sporty and nice looking too.

- Hector O

It comes with plug ins for usb and auxiliary inside the center console.

For being a sporty style coupe it has a lot of space in general for passengers and hatchback storage. I dislike the gas mileage it gets.

- Rosalie R

Cool looking and comfortable

The scion is larger than what people would imagine on the inside, comfortable, the back seat is smaller but enough room. Car is quick

- Brian B

I am disabled and ease of getting in and out is essential for me.

The car is smaller, easier to drive. It is also fun to drive. I love the sunroof as it feels good on a nice sunny day.

- Karen L

It falls apart but has great gas mileage. Pretty fast. East to drive.

Pro: great gas mileage. Con: falls apart. Pro: fast and easy to drive. Con: lots of cosmetic and technical problems.

- Cameron A

It's clean and grey. It still looks new . It has low mileage and I never had any major problem since I bought it 7 years ago

It's been good and relatable. Gas economical. It has been my everyday do to vehicle

- Teodoro S

It's Toyota engine in it makes it very reliable and gas affordability

I love it runs well and very economical on gas great car

- Joel D