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2011 scion tc. I'll never get another car!

I absolutely love my vehicle and everything about it. The bucket seats help me with my lower back issues. I love my stereo system that came with the car. The huge moon roof is a huge plus, spanning all the way to the back of the vehicle for passengers. It drives real nice on the roads, especially for driving around curves. Even though my car is older I haven't had to do much work to the car which is nice. It is definitely been built to last. I have gotten new wheels since buying it as well as some maintenance like brakes/rotors/calipers but that is to be expected. I still get compliments all the time on my car because it still looks like brand new. I have updated the windshield due to some cracks from the lovely salt on the roads during winter months in NY. Other than getting some paint work done to the car I really have no huge maintenance issues and just get the car regularly maintenance for oil changes/tire rotations. You will not be sorry with this car. I plan on keeping it for as long as possible.

- Ashton B

Surprising space inside with a small car.

I love the size of my car for my husband and I. It is small and easy to drive, but it also has enough room for the both of us and our two big dogs. It is very easy to modify the vehicle as well. I am a mechanic and I can say this vehicle is very easy to work on and does not usually cost too much if you need anything done. I am happy with the interior setup as well. The radio is very easy to navigate without taking your eyes off the road. The manual transmission has been great; it is fun to drive and it has not given me any problems at all. The gas mileage is great too. I think the pricing of the vehicle when I bought it was a great price and fit everything that it has to offer.

- Otto B

2011 Scion TC 4 cylinder engine with the power of a 6 cylinder engine

Well Toyota makes Scion! And i know from previous experience with Toyota's vehicles that they run forever.My Scion is a manual transmission 6 speed, and I've got to say Toyota really impressed me with this vehicle...it's a 4 cylinder engine that drives like it's a 6 cylinder engine....Lots of power and even feels as if there's a power boost at around 4500 rpms..very impressive for a 4 cylinder engine...just WOW. I love this car its a sedan/sports car and for its size...surprisingly very comfortable as well. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who want to get around 35 miles per gallon and who also want's a vehicle with a small engine with BIG output.

- John W

Scion tic very dependable and roomy for a 2 door car.

The Scion tic is a very dependable car. I have driven it for 8 years and I have never had any issues with it. The car gets 25-28 miles per a gallon. The seats are cloth and very comfortable, they are formed to fit and support body posture. The backseat is also roomy and comfortable. There is a gap between the backseat and the truck which is a nice feature. The trunk is very roomy. I can lay the seats down and the entire trunk and backseat are enough space to move large furniture or dogs. The car is great.

- Megan M

Love my Scion. Great looking and sporty, great on gas, sunroof, huge trunk.

Had a 2005 Scion tc and fell in love with. I gave that to my daughter as I bought a 2011 Scion tc. Very sporty looking car and great on gas. When you open the hatch there is so much room, put the back seat down and it is huge. I love the fact the sun roof was on the car, didn't have to pay extra for it. Compared to other cars maintenance on the car is reasonable. I see so many on the road and since it is a Toyota product I knew I couldn't go wrong.

- Barbara S

I think the most surprising detail of the scion tc is the size of the trunk.

I love my scion tc, I have had it since I was in senior year of high school and it has literally never let me down. I have drove it across country and back this summer and it performed like a champ. With proper maintenance this car will last a very long time. It has great handling and pickup and also surprisingly has a ton of room in the back. I have moved a lot of things from new apartments and houses over the years just using my scion.

- Kevin F

Very sporty with a clean edge as if almost made to be in the luxury.

It is a midnight blue manual 7 speed. I have not had it long and it do not seem like it is going to give me a. Problem. The exterior is in great condition. The interior is also in good. The motor and transmission are in good shape. Wheels are new and the cars suspension rides very smooth with not to much tightness. There's a sportiness to the car that keeps you interested.

- Bryan B

2011 Toyota Scion tC review

The Scion tC is a perfect first car for young adults. I was 19 when I bought mine and I absolutely loved it. The seats are very comfortable, they hug you. The sunroof is great in the summertime. As I got older the only thing I don't really like is that it only has 2 doors. I use my car to transport kids and it is a pain to get the kids in and out of the car.

- Krystal Lee Y

Scion tc is reliable and low maintenance.

The scion tc is a fun zippy budget car that is pretty reliable to drive around at long distances. I have gone cross country with it and it never fails me. It has a decent radio and seats are not the most comfortable for long drives. I feel the interior console and cup holders could have been designed more efficiently. Overall the car is very trusty.

- Ingrid G

2011 scion tc hatchback automatic.

No problems love this car it's made by Toyota so it's a good quality car. Good gas mileage decent car payment. Car insurance is a little higher than most Toyotas but over all the quality of this car lasts for years. Reliability in this brand is a given never been disappointed.

- Brittany C

Scion tc, the perfect daily driver.

Car is smaller, yet the hatchback is useful. Easily carry boxed furniture, or luggage. Great on gas, comfortable on the inside. Power has never been an issue. Reliability is top notch, have never had a problem in over 4 years of ownership. Great first car/daily driver.

- Joe P

It has a sunroof and a moonroof.

I love my scion, gets very reasonable gas mileage for being a 2 Door more sport style car. The only negative thing I have to say is that I have to change the tires more frequently than normal.

- Brittanie S

The sunroof does not close when you open it.

What I like about my vehicle is it is very reliable, fun to drive, has good speakers and good on gas. What I dislike about it is that it has a dent at the moment and my window is cracked.

- Ethan C

It looks really sporty, but is great for a family too.

I like the sporty look of my limited release car. The gas mileage is wonderful for a sports car. It takes me to school and work safely. I do not have any complaints about the car.

- Lynn T

It's sporty, especially with the sports mode semi-automatic transmission, but at a good price point.

I like how sporty it is, but the interior is cheaply made for the price. I wish that the stereo was touchscreen by default. I also wish that fog lights were a standard option.

- Jason K

Very good value for money but still underwhelming

It's a decent car. Pretty reliable and I like the way it looks. The acceleration is a little disappointing but I mean it's basically a toyota and it's a relatively cheap car.

- Alejandro G

It is a manual transmission and has quite a bit of kick for being 4 cylinder.

I like that is kinda sporty with a little bit of umph. It is a stick shift so that gives it a fun feel. Nice part about manual transmission is it is less likely to be stolen

- Michael W

Great gas mileage. The gas it consumes and amount to fill it up is reasonable.

It is a reliable car. Not many maintenance issues as long as taken care of properly. Interior seems to fade quickly but nothing but a little tlc cannot take care of.

- Jasmine M

Its reliable and if driven properly fairly economical.

I like its size. I really love that its a manual transmission. It is comfortable to drive. I do not care for the gas mileage and I don't like that base model radio.

- Theresa Z

Few blind spots, which make it hard to see people beside you on the road.

The car is ok, not for me, more for a person who is getting a car for the first time, gets decent gas mileage, the seats are the most comfortable.

- Austin R

It has a manual transmission.

Love the manual transmission. Love the sunroof and moonroof combo. Love the stock stereo system. Only thing I dislike is that it is a 2 door.

- Rocky R

Good Gas mileage-reliable

Great gas mileage and pretty good wear and tear for a car with over 150,000 miles, only negative is it drives badly in snow and rain.

- Indre V

Sporty Scion is fun to drive

This car is fun to drive but there are a lot of blind spots that make me nervous driving. I wish it had GPS and a backup camera too.

- Jessica P

Is pretty fun to drive and the music sounds great with cold ac.

My paint is fading and the plastic interior getting old, but I like the mechanic functions, the sporty look and the sound system.

- Andrea C

Its a 6 speed manual transmission.

I like that the car gets, good gas mileage and has good trunk space. I do not like that the ac condensate leaks on the floor.

- Steve W

Electronics would be the biggest problem.

I love that it is a gas saver. Body looks like sporty model. Complaints would be alternator goes out or lasts only 3 years.

- Christine G

Lots of legroom, gets decent gas mileage, better for first car

Nice car, more for young adults, not the most comfortable, it is reliable, has lots of truck space, lots of legroom

- Austin R

The maintenance on the car is very inexpensive compared to other cars.

It is a very reliable car. The part's to fix it are cheap parts. Durable car. Does not break down frequently.

- Jordan V

It is reliable and gas efficient. easy to fix and family friendly.

I like my vehicle because it is class efficient, dependable, and family friendly

- Sonya C

It is great on gas and the best. Back seat is spacage

I have had no problems with my car since I have received it.

- ken m

It is efficient and fast and comfortable for long drives.

I like that it small and easy to drive. No complaints

- Amanda R