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Most important thing you should know about a car is maintenance.

I would rate this car 8/10. Reliability is at the very top I have had no issues if you maintain the car to good standards you are set with this car mine is over 100, 000 and runs as if it was straight of if the lot. Comfort is great I am around 6’1 and I fit fine passenger seat is comfortable as well and backseats are extraordinary better than most sedans and you actually fit inside. Mine has a Bluetooth touch screen unit with had radio and I love it. Also has a sport mode which makes this car fun and enjoyable for any kind of trips. One problem I would say is stuff suspension, another would be a bit of rattle but those are easy fixes just with a few adjustments. Interior is really nice and back cabin is roomy which makes it good for whoever else you bring in your vehicle. Trunk space is good as well as it is a hatchback.

- Cesar I

If you're looking for a car that saves gas and looks fast, go with a scion Tc.

The car itself is a beauty. The interior gives you that comfort we all like as if you are when you get home after a long day, but also looks like a sports car. The mileage is amazing. With a full tank i can drive from my home town to Vegas and back with my tank almost empty. That's about a 4-5 hoot drive there and back. The one thing i love the most is how smooth it drives, i would get another scion for sure.

- Erick T

The scion tc is a great first car for new drivers.

The 2012 scion tc is a great car for new drivers. The performance from factory is really good and it is very sporty for a 2. 5l 4 cylinder. The hatchback is also a very helpful feature of the car and the gas mileage is also decent. The only bad thing is it is not as fast as it looks and some parts are made cheap, but overall it is a very great car.

- Sean P

Scion TC is a great first car

It is definitely a younger person's vehicle. I have had my parents go in and out of my car and they struggle. Performance and interior is great. The only negative opinion is the electronic side of it. People that I know that have tc's their door locks malfunction and there's a noise that comes out of the dashboard that sounds like a broken fan.

- dennise v

Scion tc, hatchback with sunroof.

It's a very nice driving car, does great in the snow, speaker system is great, I love my sunroof! The hatch back really comes in handy when needed love that the back seats fold down! Definitely a speedy little thing, when you are in a hurry she really moves, the response time in the gas pedal is very quick as well.

- Katie J

Love my spacious 2012 tC!

Very spacious for a two door car, has a lot of cargo space in the trunk, much more room if you need to fit something really big (just lay the back seats down). Runs very smoothly, seats are comfortable and front seats move all the way to the front for ease of entrance to the back. Has an awesome panoramic sunroof!

- Jacqueline S

An amazing vehicle wouldn't want another car.

I haven't had a problem with my car as long as I stay up to date with oil changes and things that it needs. I love that the car has AUX cord ability and the sound system in the car is amazing. The car gets up to speed very quickly. It is very comfortable to drive long distances it is overall an amazing vehicle.

- Haley G

2012 Scion Tc Yellow Limited Edition

I love that my car is very unique. I have a limited edition Scion, which is a big reason why i chose the car. It run perfectly and was a good fit for me after my first Scion was totaled in an accident. I love everything about this car from the color to the way that it drives.

- Alyssa R

What I like about my scion tc 2012.

2 door sports car. Sleek and modern designed. Great horsepower at the same time very economical. Easy to maintain and easily parks in urban neighborhoods. Only issue I have had is in general, two door vehicles are a bit of an annoyance when fitting more than two people.

- Leo R

Great car and very easy to use.

Very reliable, it is not a gas guzzler and it is always very easy to clean, very easy to get in, only thing I do not like is that the chairs do not stay in place when allowing people to go to the backseat. Overall a very good and sturdy car. No complaints about it.

- Erika H

2012 Smokey gray Scion tic.

I believe the Scion brand is pretty popular for the younger age drivers. Based on the lower prices, the appeal and the excellent safety ratings. I love my Scion tic because it has a lot of space for it to be a 2 door car(coupe) and also its gas efficient.

- Leslie M

Scion tC saved my life when I was in a head on collision!

Like that it is fast and sporty. It also has a moonroof, Bluetooth capability, and hatchback. I don't like that it has a blind spot that and sits so low I don't have a clear view of the surroundings.

- TJ J

Not too stylish to be completely reliable in all weather situations

Has been very reliable and gotten great gas mileage which is great when living on a tight budget but needing to travel between cities to work.

- Robyn O

My 2013 Scion tC review likes /dislikes

The car is great. Very gas efficient, has a lot of space including g trunk space. One thing I do not like about the car is the blind spots

- Heather K

My car is very clean I upgraded many thing such as exhaust and interior light and ect.

My car has a sunroof which us very useful when it's hot outside. It also came with a Bluetooth and touch screen for the music system

- German D

It's cheap but you get what you pay for

I like how it is compact. It looks very sporty and is low. However it has some maintenance issues and it doesn't have great mileage

- Ryan R

You can't go wrong with a tC! a coupe and attractive hatchback!

i love my tc!! it is a coupe and a hatchback and has plenty of room in the hatch. the seats can fold up and there's lots of space.

- emily r

It is good on miles and gas is cheap. It goes a long way on the highway in gas.

I love the color which is yellow. It has a spacious trunk and back sit. One things I don't like is that is a two door car.

- Ashley L

Easy to drive, really smooth.

Runs well, decent gas mileage. 2 door annoying for kids and dog getting in and out. Kind of small for our family of 5.

- Aly L

They should know that the car has very large blind spots.

It is very reliable. I like that it is compact and gets great gas mileage. I dislike how bad the blind spots are.

- Leah C

It is Toyota's version of a sports car.

I like the gas mileage I get. I hate how there are only two doors. I also hate the insurance rate on it is so high.

- Karen S

I would not recommend it they stopped making it for a reason.

The air conditioning only works when it feels like it, the sunroof shattered for no reason and it guzzles gas

- Catherine T

A very great choice, I love it.

Great on Gas, eco friendly ! Great stereo, and great tires. A smooth ride you'd love, great to drive!

- Nic Q

I like my compact, yet spacious vehicle. It's a sports car that does not use up too much gas. I like the design of the vehicle very modern. Only complaint is it's a two door so it may be annoying to my passengers when getting into the back seats

The most important thing others should know is that I drive a Sports car

- Leo R

Gas saver, very efficient, parts are cheap to find,

I like everything about the scion Sunroof Economical with gas

- Mary M