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It is comfortable to ride in.

Love this car. Have not had a problem with it (knock on wood). My model is a manual which is so fun to drive. It also has lots of room, which surprises people since it does look small from the outside. The fold down seats with the hatchback trunk makes is so I can carry large items as well as a lot of items at once. I transported a large bookshelf from Chicago to Milwaukee comfortably. Engine performance is great. Very good car. Highly recommend.

- Jordan E

The scion tc is an awesome car love the interior design.

I have a 2014 scion tc I bought it used so far I haven't had any issues with the cars performance I do however dislike the 2 door and roomy-ness I like the cars radio and how the car drives the oil changes are kind of expensive and now that I live in a different place it does not do good up and down the gravel road I have to travel now over all it is s great car for someone who does not have a family to drive around.

- Heather L

Sporty but not luxurious.

This is a basic car with a few bells and whistles. It is supposed to look sporty, so it has a spoiler, sunroof, and bright red. The most up to date feature the car has is touch screen with no navigation (scion wanted to charge $1000 for navigation). The car has no heated seats or mirrors. The average gas mileage is 28. The back seats fold all the way down and can recline.

- Anna R

My vehicle is a silver color with a hint of blue in the right lighting.

My vehicle is reliable, and seats comfortably. I feel safe when I drive it anywhere I go. I think it has plenty of room in the backseat for a coupe car. It drives well and provides and smooth ride on the road. With most coupe cars you feel enclosed but with the Scion tc 10 series coupe you do not notice you are in a smaller car. It feels like you are riding in a sedan.

- Leah P

It's reliable- doesn't break down- and is good for travel

I have the release series. It has a specialized color called silver ignition which has a blue-Gray color to it which is very unique. The scion logo lights up blue. The miles per gallon is decent. It's better for travel in snow/rain than my previous vehicle (slides less). I like the touch screen radio with controls on the steering wheel. Love the moon roof.

- Stephanie M

Great reliable vehicle, drives great, looks great, is great.

As a first time driver of a Scion, I was a little nervous, but I love this car. It drives smoothly, it is fast, safe, and reliable. I love the features as well. I really enjoy riding with the sunroof open listening to music. The touch screen radio is a really nice feature as well. Bottom line, great reliable vehicle.

- Gillian S

2014 scion tc - great vehicle to own.

Excellent and reliable vehicle, have had this vehicle for about 5 years, and no issues, only had to change the brake pads and tires so far. Car is comfortable, and fold down seats make it great for storage / hauling items. Car is spacious even in the back seats for passengers. Great look, great car all around.

- Walter T

It reserves gas using eco mode.

I love that my vehicle is able to reserve gas, and use an eco-mode that helps when traveling a far distance. I admire the outside & inside design of the vehicle. I admire that not only it reserves gas but also that it has a sports mode to give the perception to the driver that they own a sports car.

- Israel V

The 2014 Scion tic is a practical and sporty, fun to own vehicle.

I have never had a problem with my 2014 Scion tic. It runs great all year, it is not even bad in the snow. The inside is roomy and comfortable for road trip. If you are looking for a sporty and fast car, this is the one for you. I have never owned anything as fun as this car!

- Jordan W

Get a manual so you can do performance upgrades. As a daily driver, it's amazing!

The problems I have with my vehicle is that there are just weird quirks about it. Toyota has not been very helpful in the upkeep. Its "slower" than your typical sports car but faster than a Corolla. It's super comfy as I take long road trips and it has been very reliable.

- Christina D

It's a very good first car, very reliable and reasonably priced

Very reliable gets me everywhere. Smaller tires aren't very good for rainy conditions. Cabin is loud when driven. Although has Bose sound system. Sunroof is entertaining. My nieces love my car, they want one when they are older, unfortunately they stopped making scions.

- Megan M

Great ride. Wonderful on gas. No mechanical issues. Affordable.

I love the blue color of my car. My car gets great gas mileage. It is small enough to save on gas, but sporty enough to be stylish. This is my second Scion tc so I love them a lot. I love the rev of the engine. It sounds like a race car. Toyota really made a nice car.

- Edna c

I purchased a spoiler for it to make it feel more sporty.

I absolutely have zero complaints about my vehicle. I have driven it to Florida, NC multiple times, Tennessee & many other places. It rides & drives well. The only thing I wish would be a tad better is the gas mileage, but other than that, nothing at all.

- Morgan M

It is safe and reliable if you ever get into an accident.

The only drawback about my car is how low it sits. Other than that, the car is flawless. It performs great, has no problem getting up to speed, handles great and I was in one accident and the car took the hit beautifully.

- Bethany P

Sleek design with excellent performance

An excellent car for the price level. reliable I haven't had any mechanical issues with the car and I have over 70k miles. 5 stars for comfort and design I live the bucket seats and state system. God is also a great help.

- marta z

it looks great and sporty

I love how affordable it was and how sporty it looked. I like to customize my cars so this one is easy to do. I don't like how much gas it takes up and how it doesn't have as many features as other 2014 cars

- travis g

Awesome handling and comfortable.

The scion tc is a wonderful fun vehicle to drive. I have had a few issues with the air conditioner hose coming off on this vehicle and have had some issues with the dealership handling the issues.

- Melissa B

It is not in production anymore.

The car has been reliable with little issue. It is fun to drive because it is a manual and has quick get up and go. I wish the trunk was a little bigger and that they still made the tc.

- Shannon A

My car is mostly stock at the current moment. Even with It's stock parts it still looks appealing.

Love the way it looks on the outside. Has a sporty look to it that I enjoy very much. I Don't like the fact that It's not as good with mileage compared to a Toyota Corolla.

- William P

My car is very affordable yet has many premium features and drives well.

I like the driving style of the vehicle. The interior is clean and comfortable. I like the media center as well. I would like it more if there was a coin holder or two.

- John F

My car tends to use gas up very quickly. Gas mileage is not great

I love how small it is and how fast my car is. I also love the sunroof. The dislikes would be the two door because not a lot of people like coming in and out of my car

- Melissa f

A fun car to drive, that is a very economical. Spacious with the hatchback.

It is surprisingly very spacious and handles great around corners. Seats could use improvement, as they become uncomfortable during extended drives.

- Yolanda D

A Stylish and reliable vehicle

This car is very spacious for its size and comfortable inside. It has great sound system and runs great in all weather. It's a very reliable car.

- Jeanette R

That it is safe and holds the road. Great going up hills in the snow.

I like the color of my car.. I like getting 30 miles to the gallon.. I like that I have a small car.. I dislike that there is no trunk.

- Denise G

That it is built to last and it is very reliable

It gets amazing gas mileage, it has lots of great features, I have had no maintenance issues and it's a sporty fun car to drive

- Kevin C

Scions are poorly made vehicles.

It is not fuel efficient as advertised. It has been in the shop more times than I can count. It is made of plastic.

- Rick g

Other's should know that it is safe to drive.

The car is very spacious and I like that. The car also drives pretty smoothly. Lastly the car is not very large.

- Allison S

Keep up with the car maintenance.

I like the sporty design however it is missing luxuries like navigation, heated seats that I would like to have.

- Ana R

The Roof Is All Glass, and it is a 6-speed manual.

I haven't really had any problems with the car. It performs to my expectations, I think it is comfortable.

- William M

It's a great car for the price, stylish and reliable

I like the reliability, price, maintenance and look. There's nothing that I don't like about it

- Tamara M

it is amazing. I can't say more about it

I like that my car is small but powerful. It is great on gas and is easy to care for

- ronnette m