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2015 scion tic 6-speed manual transmission.

It is a 2 door hatchback with cargo area which is actually quite roomy. The bank seats also fold down for added space. Has a 6 speed manual transmission, with good power, and easy handling. I do not like that the two rear side windows are difficult to see out of when backing up. It also has a sunroof in the front and a moonroof in the back seats, added to the hatchback window there is plenty of light let in. It gets a combined average of 26 to 28 miles per gallon on gas. I consider this pretty reasonable considering it is kind of a sporty car. Airbag system includes front driver and passenger impact airbags, knee, driver and passenger side air bags, overhead airbags as well in 1st and 2nd row. Comes standard equipped with 4 wheel disc brakes, traction control (which comes in handy on gravel, water, snow, etc. ) 4 wheel abs system, brake assist, immobilizer, remote keyless entry, panic button, 18" wheels, front anti-roll bar, steel spare wheel, turn signal indicator mirrors which also fold in, front and rear cupholders, full floor console, 12v dc power adapters, touch screen radio/cd player with Bluetooth and auxiliary, lock glove box. Many more great features.

- Jennifer C

I have a grey Scion tc 2015

Has a lot of space, especially since it's a hatchback and you can put the seats down in the back to put more stuff in the truck. Also have great fuel economy, I average about 23 mpg. It's basically a Toyota corolla but with a sportier look to it. I would definitely recommend as a FIRST car, but I wouldn't get it as a second, third car unless money is a big issue. It doesn't have any spectacular features but you could get it with a rear view camera in some packages. The speakers are ok, but not the best, especially if you enjoy blasting music while you drive. However it's a very comfortable car which makes up for the lack of features.

- Cris M

Fun and sporty little car to own!

My tC is very fun to drive! It has plenty of maneuverability and great handling in dry or wet weather. The interior is snug and with the sporty seats it makes it feel like you are driving more of a sports car. I have had a little work done on mine since I bought it, which was fairly inexpensive and easy to install parts for do it yourself out there. Lighting kits and air intake were the two modifications done to mine. It does sit very low in the front if you have the ground effects kit on yours so beware of those parking bumps and steep dips in driveways!

- Angel S

Compact and curiously spacious

I love my car! Smooth drive, amazing sound system and the back seat folds down for loading bulky items. The one downside is that it only has two GIANT doors. I have to be mindful of wear and how I park to comfortably open the doors. Other than the slight inconvenience of making sure the driver side door has clearance, I think the is the best vehicle I have ever owned.

- Jennifer G

Honest review about a great car.

Very comfortable and reliable car. Has a lot more room than you might think and with the fold down seats, it is perfect for large objects. Handles very well on long trips and the on wheel controls for the entertainment system help a lot. The only downside is the trunk is see through because of the panoramic roof, so I wouldn't keep any valuables in the trunk.

- Andres F

More Roomy Than You Would Think!

I really haven't had any issues with the car with the exception of big mechanical purchases at one time (I.e. new tires and brakes). It has otherwise been very consistent and reliable. It's a comfortable car. It's a little bit smaller than I like but the car has more than enough room for a small family to sit comfortably.

- Amanda A

My car is white, it is a manual, it accelerates quickly and it is fun to drive.

I haven't had any issues and it is extremely comfortable! The headlights could be brighter, but I could probably just replace the bulbs. I do not have any complaints. I love driving a manual, and this car makes it even more fun. I think more people should look into owning a scion. I wish they didn't stop making the tcs.

- Madison P

Economical and comfortable

I like my vehicle because it is small and great for commuting. I dislike that it has blind spots and that the temperature gauge is part of the mileage counter screen and you have to click the odometer button multiple times to see the temp. I love the color of my car and how it drives. I'm happy that it has bluetooth.

- Caitlin K

the body shape is an aggressive body style, nice looking car

goes through tires quick. My ac had shut off the other day then kicked back on once I went to leave to head somewhere else. Kinda hard to see at night with headlights from other cars shining in. could def use some better tint factory, other than that I like the vertical overall. Comfortable nice sound system

- Ryan F

The car is a nice grey cosmo color that is reflective in sunlight.

Not comfortable for long trips. It drives nice. We installed a bigger stereo. But stock stereo is still good. Performs well. The seats are too hard and become uncomfortable after about an hour. Do not know how to fix it. We looking for a new car for comfort but would keep this one for gas mileage.

- Morgan F

Great car, very reliable and very sporty

Great car very reliable have only had to replace tires and I got the car in 2014, Very fast and sporty but the only thing is rides a little rough. When I go over bumps it feels like the suspension is not very good. Other than that it is a great car to drive and never worry about repairs

- deborah T

Small car, but very roomy!

I haven't had any problems with the car, it is everything I expected. It runs great and is a very cute car. It is compact, but has a ton of storage space, especially when you put the back seats down. It is only a 2 door, but even when I have 5 people in the car everyone has enough room.

- Julie H

Great affordable car. Roomy and gas efficient

The car is really good on gas. The interior and the exterior is really clean but has a lot of plastic. Space with the hatchback is very roomy and could fit a television up to 60 inches. The speaker system is great and loud with a good base level. Overall car is clean and compact

- Bryan L

It has blind spots on the side rear window when backing up or merging into traffic from a side angle

I like how it accelerates and gets great gas mileage. It maintains it's speed on inclines. About the only complaint I have is it has a major blind spot between the backseat side window and the rear window, which makes it hard to see when backing up, or merging into traffic.

- Robert E

The look is the highlight! It is black on orange, with orange trim on the inside.

I like my car it is sporty, especially since it is a release series. The downfall is the scion went out of business in the u.S. So it is impossible to find parts. I had an encounter with a raccoon resulting with a busted front end, now I cannot get the replacement for it.

- Nadine B

That is has great gas mileage, a smooth ride and very sleek.

I like my vehicle because it has good gas mileage, a stick shift, fully automatic sunroof and when I purchased the car it only had one mile on it. I also like the fact of the fast pick up speed. What I don't like is that it does not come with a back windshield wiper.

- Bernadette A

My car could go fast and it's like sports car.

I don't love it or hate it it's an 50/50. it's comfortable and smooth to drive. I have been having alot of trouble with the breaks even though they are brand new and my dad changed them. You could put the car in sports mode to drive really nicely on the highway.

- Amanda S

Orange & black release series!

I love the release series cartel style of this tc. The first sunroof, push start engine, 6 speed manual shifter and the sleep orange and black interior and stitching. Also has review cam for reverse and sock wheels with a decent air intake factory installed.

- Melissa R

Beautiful car with a smooth ride, roomy back seats and smooth sound

loud interior, smooth ride, comfortable bucket seats, no big issues under the hood, loud speakers for phone calls with minimal background noise on the other end. Many ways to upgrade the car on your own. Perfect as it comes. Roomy seating in back, roomy trunk.

- Amanda A

Scion tC is a fun all around car

I have not experienced any problems with my car. It drives smooth, gets fantastic gas mileage, and is fun to drive. I wanted a stick but the automatic transmission in this car makes for a smooth ride. I would recommend this car to anyone who enjoys driving.

- Mitchell B

To keep it maintained and serviced often, prevention is key with this car.

I like that it does well in bad weather, it has great traction in the rain. It runs smooth on the highway and in town. The dash panel is up to date and efficient, very helpful. The only complaint I may have is it could get better gas mileage.

- Tiffany F

It's very fun to drive and nice to control and steer.

Great car which is somewhat fuel efficient. It has a nice aggressive front and sporty look. I love coupes so the two doors is very nice. However sometimes driving my friends can be a pain and cramped. Looking to possibly upgrade to a jeep.

- William L

It sits low to the ground so take drop offs slow.

Stylish sporty look with enough power to get you where you want to be but not to win races. The sunroof makes for a perfect breeze while listening to the radio or your own music via Bluetooth or AUX cable.

- Cara M

It has A lot of room for a small car that is unexpected

Great medium size car not too small and not too big. It's drives great with two door and the seats in the back go down for extra space added to the trunk

- Sonia G

Great performance and sporty feel

It is a great car that gets me where I need to go without problems, and I love that it has a sports car feel. I drive long distances and have no issues

- brittany t

It's just amazing. The color is beautiful.

It's a very good car. And it looks amazing and really fast. It feels good driving it. All the ladies love it. My family love driving the car too.

- Jae B

It is a very dependable car.

Dislike: not a "quiet" ride, needs soundproofing. When headlights are on, video (radio) dims so you cannot read it.. Like: sporty chassis..

- Winnie A

It is very sleek and fast.

I love the shape and style to my car. I love the gas mileage. I love how easy it is to park. I do not like how poorly it drives in snow.

- Chelsea B

Great performance, braking, and handling, The six speed transmission works very well.

It provides great acceleration and handling. It has had no mechanical breakdowns. Plastic body parts are flimsy and prone to damage.

- Larry S

Very dependable, does good on gas.

No complaints, love it all, the way it looks, the way it drives, the color, the sunroofs, it is small and just the right size.

- Karen Q

Great bang for your buck.

It is great on gas! I love how it handles, I can zip in and out of places with ease. It is comfortable with plenty of legroom.

- Donna L

2015 Scion tC Reliable family vehicle

Vehicle had been reliable. Comfortable interior and ride. Decent gas mileage. Good family vehicle despite being a 2 door coupe

- Brandon S

It gets great gas mileage!

Drives great, I have had no problems so far. Very comfortable and surprisingly it has tons of space for a 2 door sports car.

- Julianne H

It is a really reliable car.

I like how it is a safe and light car to drive around town. I dislike that is does not have much power to it.

- Jade T

The most important thing is that it is definitely worth the money.

I like its design and speed. I dislike how you have to add modifications. It does not come with a spoiler.

- Tara M

I like that my vehicle is reliable and that my brother can always work on it. I don't really like the color of my vehicle or that it isn't very fast.

It can only really fit two people comfortably. So don't ask me to drive a bunch of people anywhere.


It has a lot of blind spots and the potential for being hurt in an accident is high

I don't feel safe driving the car. The back windows are hard to see out of and it is an odd shape

- madelyn b

My car has very good gas mileage. It also has good anti theft features.

I don't like how small it is. I like my sunroof, the stock rims, and the radio system.

- Wendi C