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The sporty scion tc with the double sunroof.

I personally have no issues with this vehicle. Simply for the fact it is great on gas. I go to the gas station put $10 dollars in and the car is at half a tank. $20 dollars usually fills her up and I can travel about 2 in half hours before I have to refuel my car. The performance is amazing. The scion is great on mileage and the inside has great features as well. This would include the speakers and seating. The seating is so sporty with its bucket seats and they are really comfy as well. Plus it has a few extra inside perks that I personally cannot get enough of. Such as: my double sunroof and my radio. What makes my sunroof so awesome is that it is tented. So you can see the outside world without the sun blasting in your face. Also it is a double sunroof which not only allows the driver to feel the breeze but the back seat passengers as well. My radio is pretty awesome too. It has this protective slide that glides over it to hide it from thieves. It is really nice to feel like I have extra protection from the inside. All in all it's a great car!

- Mal R

I love my manual transmission 2016 scion tic.

The scion tic performs great overall. With regular upkeep, there have been no issues so far. The car drives how I expect, manual transmission has the power I love. The vehicle is a five seater, though it comfortably seats four adults. There is limited trunk space, but with a hatchback, it is expected. Nice car for being a basic model. At first I didn't care for the touch screen, and no having a CD player but the Bluetooth feature has proven itself. Car also has a USB port.

- Christina B

It is a small 2 door with a hatchback.

I haven't had any issues with my Scion to date. Although, admittedly, I am an infrequent driver and have not caused much wear of the vehicle. It serves my needs well (which is why I bought it). It is only really used for driving to and from campus and running errands. Because it is small it is easy to drive and park on campus.

- Sean W

Very fast, uses a lot of gas.

I like the sound system, style, and speed that this cars provides. When choosing a car, these features drew me in. After having it for 3 years, I now hate the car. The gas mileage is terrible and the interior is cheap. There are a couple functions that I have been told cannot be fixed.

- Savanna M

Scion tc 2016 the color is amazing it's a grey mixed in

My scion TC 2016 is a great car and affordable with comfortable space. Also has great looks and I put a spoiler and new audio on it so it really good. Super affordable on gas fills up with about 40-45 dollars.It's a 4 cylinder and also has a sports mode with a little kick to it.

- George M

Love my Scion drives well cute comfortable.

Toyotas are great never problems drives well lasts forever easy to drive great stereo system love it good on gas 2 door but spacious backseat Toyota doesn't make Scions anymore very sad don't know what I am going to get lease is almost up have to figure that out.

- Kris M

Pearl White paint color! Shines in the sun so beautiful!

I love how fast and the sound the engine makes when I want to drive faster. The color and the exterior of my car is beautiful. The interior, is super comfortable although it is a 2 door car. I have had it for three years and it has never broken down on me.

- Ivana R

I love the tint and the pinstripe that came standard with the car

it makes a lot of noise and doesn't go very fast but it's very reliable and comfortable. It's small but it does have a lot of room and a lot of space, and I love that you can put the back seats down for more room. I also love the sunroof and moonroof.

- Tory G

Scion is made by Toyota... therefore it is a GREAT vehicle that will last forever!

Great car for the price! Sad to see scion no longer making cars. The only thing I would change about my car is the fact that it's automatic. A manual 6 speed would be WAY more fun in my honest opinion.

- Erick D

It's a cheap and kinda fun car.

The car is very reliable, and was good value when I bought it. However, it is slow, and the performance is very lackluster, especially when compared with other competitors.

- Victor T

It's fun to drive and has a sunroof. It has stiff tires too.

I love the look of my car. It is cute and blue. I like the two door look and how small it is, but it feels larger once you're inside.

- Angela M

There is nothing else to say.

Good on gas. Good pick up, nice looking, change oil every 10, 000 miles good performance. There is nothing else to say.

- Betty H

The most important thing I would tell others is that it takes a lot of gas.

Dislike how fast it goes through gas. Love the style and drive of the car. It makes nice purring noises as well.

- Shai M