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Scion xb review - it is lasted a lifetime!

My husband and I have had this car since 2007. We've really racked on the mileage over the years and haven't had any huge issues with the engine like you might think (it's about 325, 000 miles and still kicking). Original transmission. We just keep the oil changes up to date (sometimes sooner than needed) and do not push the car (driving excessively fast or recklessly). This car has been extremely reliable! I especially love all the interior space this body style provides (the back seats fold down flat). We've used this as a pick-up truck because it has so much space! The only thing I do not like as a passenger, is that I have to put my feet up on the dash, seat, or sit criss cross, otherwise when my legs are down, my hamstrings are being pulled and it strains my back muscles.

- Dana H

This is a wonderful car with great space and gas mileage.

This is a great car. I purchased it in 2004 and have not had any major problems. Gas mileage is good l am able to fill up for about thirty dollars and drive for the week. It just the right size to fit family and groceries. I was initially taken by the design, the boxy was a throwback to the delivery trucks that use the drop off bread. The sun roof at one time flew off but I took it to the dealership and they replaced it. This is a great dependable automobile.

- Jamal H

Scion wish you were still available.

Low maintenance, roomy and economical. Great gasoline mileage, no major repairs. Paint finish is not very good. Overall I have received my money's worth. I would recommend this brand for an economical and reliable vehicle. Would like to replace this vehicle with a similar model if available.

- Rusty R

Great Gas mileage. Has Control Board issues that must be taken care of.

Comfortable. Drives great. Good Gas Mileage. I dislike the fact everything is controlled by a hard to get to Controller board that gets damaged quickly so I no longer have Warning Sounds for lights and I can no longer use my auxiliary plug to plug my phone into the radio.

- Brett D

The car is a low cost vehicle to use and maintain due to great gas mileage and low insurance.

My car has great gas mileage and low maintenance costs. The insurance is low on it and I have had it paid off for years so it is extremely affordable to drive. My car is also very comfortable to drive in as it has high ceilings and feels like a minivan on the inside.

- Rachel C

My car is an affordable, economical choice.

My car is so dependable. I bought it in 2003. Have performed normal maintenance and it has been good to me. Such a roomy comfortable vehicle for a small family. The trunk space is a little small. So not too much storage space. I have always loved it is unique design.

- Elizabeth M

All gears, land such work very well. Very nice car.

There's very minor problems. The defrost spinner button is broken just need to buy a new one. Gets extremely good gas mileage. Drives smooth. Very reliable and sturdy. The wheels are kind of small. Has a nice sounding engine. Very loud. Overall nice car.

- Kaitlyn R

Great car that is easy to drive.

Great gas mileage, easy to drive, people are always commenting about it. Size, length and width, is great for parking. Easy to get in and out of. Great cargo area. Inexpensive to operate. Color is perfect. Good legroom and good head room. Very reliable.

- Susan H

It's a good little starter car. Good on gas. Simple and basic.

It's spacious and easy to drive. Parking is easy as it's a small car. I don't like the look too much and I don't like that the air vents are rigid. And there's very little trunk space.

- Judy s

Great. Economic .reliable.car

Recommend this car it is an economic and reliable transportation.handling very good .great for parking .also good for moving things .back seat folds down and it's like a little van.

- Joseph B

My great little economic car. ??.

It is reliable very good on gas and great for parking on my street which is very tight also good for moving things around the back seat folds down and it is like a small van.

- Joseph B

Cute, unique and reliable

The Scion xB is the cutest little square of a car you have ever seen. I love the shape and I love that it is one of a kind, even it's gray color is called "thunder cloud"

- Martha R

Scion xb is compact but still fast and sturdy!

I bought my used scion xb. I love it. I love that it is shaped like a box and it is very roomy! The only thing is the back of the action handle...it's poorly made.

- Vina S

It gas mileage is great for a local driver, the box shape does add a little drag though.

It's great on gas and the performance is fine as long as you keep it local. It does have a small defect for opening the trunk that I'd like to fix.

- Tiffany B

One of the most important things to know about the car is that it is a manual transmission.

The engine squeaks when it is first started after a while of not driving it. There is a ticking sound in the engine. The gears grind when shifting.

- Thomas K

it is very slow to take off. its kinda scary and dangerous getting on the freeway. the doors are very weak and will damage easily in a crash

It has a lot of room while also being very small and sleek. I like everything about it except the engine power. only about 97 horsepower

- kaisen j

Don't buy if you have more than three kids. You won't have enough room for them and their stuff. It's a very comfortable car.

I love that it's spacious. Would like for there to be more room in the trunk. I like that it's compact almost but with plenty of room.

- Leslie C

They don't make it anymore. If they did buy a brand new one (hybrid please).

It's been a really great car. I have over 100k miles on it with no major issues (knock on wood). Roomy, comfortable, great for trips.

- Jessica B

It seems to drive better at night and the air wis terrible.

Always took good care of my cars and this thing is a trooper. It's cost effective, great mileage, and really cheap to maintain.

- Chris B

The gas mileage is incredible.

I love how roomy my vehicle is! I love that it is so compact! I dislike the gas mileage it gets wish it would get better.

- Christine P

That it has a lot of room inside for a small car.

Just it is not great on gas. I like the room inside that the car itself is not huge that for the most part it runs good.

- Naomi C

It is a very reliable car.

Very economic and reliable. Has a lot of cargo space. If it ever breaks down, it is cheap to replace.

- Harold H

Great mileage is the most important feature either on highway or in city.

We love its looks. We love that it's a standard transmission. It gets at least 30 MPG.

- Melanie D