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2005 scion xb. Basic model

The 2005 scion xb that I currently drive is very comfortable. Seems very small and compact from the outside, but is actually very spacy on the inside. The car is a basic model therefore it does not have any special features. I love how comfortable it is to drive. Also how well it maneuvers. The car is very reliable, I've owned it for about a 8 months and so have only had to do maintenance work such as brakes and a regular oil change. The car is at 216000 miles and is still running strong. Doesn't not overheat or leak. I did have to refill the air conditioning with freon but that's about it. Over all to travel it is comfortable even though it does not have cruise control.

- Cesar L

Roomy, built to last with great mileage!

My car has a standard transmission. I ordered it with $5000 in upgrades and extras and it has paid off! It has an heavy duty clutch. I have taught both my daughters how to drive a standard transmission on it and have the original clutch and transmission. The car has 174, 500 miles on and has only one issue with a tie rod breaking. It was covered under warranty. The hatch back handle kept breaking in cold weather and I have replaced 3 times. It finally was recalled. I put in leather seats and they have held up well. The head room is great. The large windows make visibility great. Warning! This vehicle does not travel through deep snow and will get stuck. I love my xb.

- Terri G

It has over 277, 000 miles and still runs like new.

I am 29 and still driving my first car. Other than the a/c bring broken, it has over 277, 000 miles and still going strong. It has a lot of sentimental value considering I got my drivers license in that car, took it to college and so on. It has always gotten me to point A to point B. And the only thing I have ever done to the car is regular oil change. Pretty amazing little car. I am ready to move on to a bigger vehicle like a 4x4 SUV.

- Corrie W

Perfect little family car

This is the perfect little car. Tons of space inside if you have kids. I have two kids and we regularly go to the beach and pack heavy no issues. Terrific on gas. Only complaints about it would be teeny tiny tires and I feel like if we were to get hit we would be crushed. Performance is great have put 50000 miles on it in 6 months and literally haven't had a problem. Would definitely recommend.

- Stephanie F

Great gas mileage and very spacious.

The car runs great. There is plenty of space. Gas mileage is good. Easy to work on if any problems. The tires are cheap. One of the biggest things are the maintenance light stays on the dashboard. I've taken to multiple mechanics and they all say it must be a sensor. It gets annoying not knowing if there is a problem or if it is just the sensor. Overall still happy with the vehicle.

- Daniel C

It has a unique look and handles well in a variety of circumstances.

It is fun to drive and reliable. I used to drive all over Georgia and never had an issue. I ordered the basic model and didn't realize that cruise control wasn't standard so I am not happy with the aftermarket version. Buyer beware. The only other thing I can think of is that the back window washer does not spray but rather dribbles. Overall, I like my car.

- Kristin N

Scion, the little car that lasts forever.

The car get great mileage. To fill the tank only takes up to 30 to fill it. And gets about 250 miles. The AC is wonky because it only cools when in motion. If sitting for a bit, it will get stale and warm. It is a tad small, so comfort is a little rough. It does long distance well. We drove from Jacksonville to Miami with no issues. Car is sturdy.

- Candice B

A small scion xb with a dropped suspension painted all black.

My scion xb is a great car with multiple benefits, including gas intake, space, and feel. The scion xb is great on gas, while driving to and from school I can get a whole week or maybe even a week and a half with just 20 dollars. Next, the space available inside the car very impress, you can sit anywhere in the car and have more space then a Ford mustang.

- Benjamin R

Fun vehicle, but some issues

This vehicle is fun to drive and roomy. But, you definitely feel every little bump or dip in the road. Not to mention that the car is obviously far from being aerodynamic because of its square-ish shape. I can fit a lot into the car though. It is easy to maneuver and drive. I honestly love this car and wish it wasn't getting older.

- Vivian G

The car is safe and reliable. Do not get aftermarket cruise control.

I have driven my car through all kinds of weather and it is never let me down. I was disappointed that the basic model didn't include cruise control and had to get aftermarket but otherwise I was happy with the features. I love the unique look of the car. My car is equipped with a Rampvan from braun so that affects gas mileage.

- Christine N

Good car and it handles well.

We got this vehicle second hand, but it handles like new. Spacious, comfortable seating, nice windows, and quiet motor. The shape of the car is a cool boxy style. Easy to maintain. And feels pretty safe for a seasoned driver, it may be too big for a beginner though. It is big enough without being overly large.

- Katherine D

the scion xb is so good on gas mileage.

I love my scion xb. It is roomy! Good gas mileage. It's been a good car it's got me from a to b. As long as you keep your oil changed every three thousand miles you won't have issues out of this car. I'm happy with my purchase of this vehicle. Keep the maintenance up and you will be happy with this car.

- lisa B

It is roomy for two car seats and a family of four. However, the trunk is small.

The car is pretty reliable considering it is a 2005 model and rarely gives issues. However, for my family of four it is more compact than I need. Not enough room for groceries in the trunk for my size family. I don't like that it does not automatically come with a cruise option either like newer models.

- Denise C

Scion xb: the best car ever.

This car is the absolute most comfortable. There are barely no blind spots and it handles wonderfully. The car rides close to the ground but is not too jumpy. It is drives fine in the snow and rain. The only issue is that if it is windy out the car is picked up in the wind (BC it is shaped like a box).

- Erika A

She's little when she needs to be, and big when she needs to be. Handles like a dream, and has made me the best parallel Parker ever.

My Scion Xb continues to be my perfect car after all these years. She's compact, easy to drive, and still fits a surprisingly large amount of stuff inside. I've had her since 2005 and she's only broken down once, has has needed no major repairs. She's the easiest to park and best on gas.

- Roni C

Great vehicle love it absolutely.

The car runs great on gas, as long as you take good care of the car it'll run for a long time very nicely. Inside the car it is very spacious and nice, car is small and can find parking almost as easy as baking a cake. Great car if you have children or for a road trip with some friends.

- Amber C

My vehicle is purple, & has changing lights inside. The cup holders change color.

My vehicle it perfect for me, it is roomy, dependable, and great on gas. I have had it for over two years and never have had any major issues yet, I just change oil and keep up on tires. I have driven it many places near and far, and it is been great. I got it for an awesome price, too.

- Sierra C

The head space and leg room is great.

No complaints vehicle serves its purpose well. I really like the head room and leg room in the front and in the back plus excellent gas mileage. If I had to say something bad about it I would say that it is slow but it is a 4 cylinder vehicle. Overall I really like my vehicle.

- David Z

Reliable, gas saver vehicle.

I like that it's a Small, reliable car. Really good for saving gas. I use it every day to drive to work but it is also a good family car since I have a small family. I haven't had this vehicle for a long time yet but I drove it about 1700 miles in 2 days and I can't complain.

- Christian V

The most interesting thing about my vehicle, is its shaped like a box.

First this vehicle is great on gas. Fits five people easily. Lots of legroom in the back. Seats fold at 60/40 split. Folding the seats down provide lots of space for hauling items. The car is a v6 so it is on the slower side, especially going up hills. Seats are comfortable.

- Tanya S

My particular xb is a country squire edition. It's perfect for its body type

I love my xb. The only major issues I may have would be the wiring. I have flashing interior lights and the windows sometimes don't work. It's never broken down on me, it gets great mileage, and looks super cute! There is plenty of inside space for just about anything!

- Kimberly K

Family friendly, reliable vehicle!

I like the fact the it is spacious, reliable and good on gas. I wanted something that was pretty easy to maintain, (meaning affordable maintenance), and could fit a newborn and all the stuff that comes with newborns. It is also a good road trip car too. So far so good!

- Jada J

The Scion 2005 Cruising Car

This car is great on gas mileage the push button trunk handle makes it easy to open, especially when carrying something. The dash displays are easy to read because they are large enough to easily see. The Scion xB has windows all around almost eliminating blind spots.

- Tammy G

Great engine! Great room! Great ride!

This vehicle has a lot of room and has lasted a long time! Original transmission is at 320,000. We've taken the time to keep up with oil changes and general maintenance and this car has kept me on the road! We've had no major issues with the engine or in general.

- Dana H

I love that its roomy and fun.

I love this car. Original owner since 2005, and just having my first break down. The car has never given me any issues. It is extremely roomy inside, most people are very surprised by it. The gas take is great! I may need to fill my tank up once a week, for $25!

- Ashley V

Bigger on the Inside than the Outside!

I love the box style of the Scion XB. It carries a lot when needed. It gets good gas mileage and is bigger inside than it looks on the outside. The back seat passengers have a lot of legroom and it doesn't feel cramped in the back seat like most small cars.

- Ann W

I love how the Scion XB drives, feels, and has been reliable all of these years.

I really love my car. It has proven to be reliable over the years. It's great on fuel, the perfect size for my needs and I can always find parking. I like the height of the roof, it makes it feel like a big car while it drives like a small one.

- laura V

Incredibly reliable car. Consumer Reports said it was the most reliable used car.

It is incredibly reliable, and easy to work on. Good gas mileage. Only real complaint is because the windshield is so upright, I've had to replace the windshield several times, because of little rocks cracking it.

- Daniel B

It is very roomy inside for tall or large people.

I like the interior room. I like that it is Japanese quality. I don't like the obvious influences American car makers have had on Its production as far as making things like trim and interior upholstery cheap .

- Tom W

Essentially a small SUV with loads of leg room and great mileage.

This vehicle is low maintenance and has yet to give me any serious problems. I have had it since 2012 and driven it across the country. The turn radius is amazing and it has plenty of legroom!

- Emily O

The Scion XB 2005 is a keeper. The interior and engine are easily maintained.

My 2005 Scion XB has been run ragged and still performs at optimum level. It has traveled throughout Colorado, across Mexico to the Yucatan several times, and down rough ranch roads in Texas.

- Benne R

Great car that didn't cost much.

Great car, very reliable, low maintenance costs, great fuel economy, lots of space for carrying things, just not very good up hills. If i could get a new one like mine, i probably would.

- Jens O

Reliable. Change the oil and tires and it will not leave you stranded.

I like how much room there is inside. I can fit a full size adult in the back seat. Also the back seats gold down making more cargo room. I wish it had cruise control, and a sunroof.

- Heidi R

My vehicle has over 200,000 miles and is still running like a champ.

My vehicle get great gas mileage around 25-28 in the city. It's got plenty of head room and comfortable seats 4 adults. Include storage space in the trunk and maintenance is cheap.

- Vincent A

There's so much headroom so it's great for taller friends that need the space.

The car is fine, it gets me where I need to go, turns well, and has a lot of head space, but it's very low to the ground so speedbumps are risky and it doesn't go up hills well.

- Jasmine B

It looks very small from the outside but once you step inside it's super space

I like how gas efficient it is and it doesn't require every few days to get gas. I like how it's very spacious the only thing I f not like is how many problems it does come with

- Laura A

2005 red scion xd car review.

It is a great small car, very spacious and dependable. After a little wear and tear things start to go wrong all at once. Repairs can be costly but it is a very reliable car.

- Markus Q

2005 Scion Xb RS 2.0 - GREAT VEHICLE

Absolutely love this car. No problems with the drive train or performance aspect of it. I had an automatic but traded for a manual. They both were exceptional!

- Nate P

Good gas mileage because fuel economy is critical now.

I like the fact that it has good legroom and get s good gas mileage and is overall pretty dependable, however I do not think it has adequate storage space.

- Greg W

It is very compact but also very roomy.

I bought the Scion new because it was nice and roomy. It's very good on gas and has a lot of interior room. It is however not very powerful.

- Tricia B

Low maintenance reliable car

This vehicle is extremely reliable and fairly affordable to maintain. I have run into very few challenges, and it's cute and fun to drive.

- Abigail B

Amazing car. I love my car, it is great driving and comfortable.

My car is very useful, good for having friends ride with you. Great at transporting groceries, people whatever may be needed. Smooth ride.

- Donna C

2005 Scion class XB review

It's a very reliable car that is very spacious despite the looks of it. Only issue is that once one thing is wrong it all goes wrong

- Markus Q

The annual cost of maintenance and upkeep is very reasonable.

The interior is very spacious. The exterior has an awesome look as well. It gets great gas mileage and very cheap to maintain.

- Ryan Q

it's bigger than you think. you can not appreciate how roomy it is from the outside.

I like the space inside. We are a family of 5 and fit just fine. The gas mileage is wonderful. Very spacious. Very dependable


It is great on saving gas.

I like how cute it is and it is very reliable. I do not like the rear window wash and that cruise control wasn't standard.

- Kristen N

Its 15 years old and still runs perfectly.

It rattles because its older. There is much more room than it seems like. It insures as a big car and not an SUV.

- Teresa F

My 2005 Scion xb has been a reliable little workhorse of a car for many years now.

I like the fuel efficiency and the deceptive amount of space, but I do wish it had a stronger engine sometimes.

- Jaco S

The gas mileage is awesome.

My Scion has really great gas mileage. I really like the way it handles on the road. The size is perfect.

- Terry C

This model lasts a long time

Great gas mileage. It has slow pickup. It has great headroom and will carry a 65 inch tv.

- William L

has been very reliable at an affordable cost

spacious with lots of legroom. good mileage. cute, fun car. could use arm rests.

- Marilyn G

it is not powerful, but it doesn't eat gas quickly.

i like my car just because it has lots of space and smooth to drive

- Hana T

Very reliable, it doesn't have issues I have had with other cars.

I like the gas mileage, ease of use and reliability. It is ugly.

- Liz m

It can take a moment to get going but once it does, it performs great on gas.

great gas mileage. decent interior. could use cruise control.

- alexis g

It is very spacious inside and I have had no issues in 13 years.

It has been reliable. I dislike how low to the ground it is.

- Audra D

I have owned this Scion xB for the past seven years, and it has been nearly trouble free. I had to replace the water pump once.

The Scion xB gets good gas mileage, and is very reliable.

- Jake S

Excellent and reliable economy car with added cargo space.

- Ash C

2005 scion xb- not a bad car!

- Tee T