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Nothing fancy, just your basic car.

Before people get into my car they always assume it's going to be cramped. However, once inside, they realize how spacious it is! I bought this car in 2012 and it's been very reliable. Very easy to drive and fits in all compact parking spots. The only cons about this car is how thin the bumpers are. You can sit on it and it will dent. Also, when you want to merge into your right lane there is a huge blind spot in the back. I've almost gotten into quite a few accidents because of this. Lastly, the gas tank is very small and I feel I fill up more than necessary for such a small car. In the end, it's a reliable car that isn't too expensive and is easy to take care of.

- Kate S

The Car, The Myth, The Legend: Scion

Overall, my scion is a great car. It is very spacious for a compact car. There is not much to make it special or anything extraordinary. Maybe in the newer models, but I own a 2008, so everything is pretty basic. The car is very fuel efficient. I have taken many long six hour road trips in it and usually only need to stop for gas once. There have been no problems performance wise. The car is very comfortable. The interior is a comfortable fabric that does not get too hot which is great in the Texas summer. The car is very reliable. It has been over ten years since we bought the car new, and it still runs fantastically

- Presley D

Scion xb great car to drive with plenty of room.

I love my car, although I have had some mechanical problems with it I still love to drive it and I would not know what car I would like if I had to buy a new one. I would have picked a different color though. Other than that I love the scion cars. My mechanical problems seem ongoing after having the car for 11 years which is not bad I guess. The big problem was thankfully covered by warranty if it wasn't I wouldn't have kept this car. I still would not know what car I would pick if I had to. I love the boxy kind of car that is not an SUV or minivan.

- Yolanda D

The scion db. is a smaller looking vehicle, but the interior does not disappoint.

I purchased my car used, but it was in very good shape. The only constant issue I have had so far is the car is leaking oil, which can be fixed. It is reliable and comfortable for long car rides, for its size I only wish it had a bit better of gas mileage. There are a few things that worry me when it comes to the lay out of my car and if I were to get into an accident. The shape of the front seat under the wheel comes very close the my knees. I worry that if I were to get into a car accident my legs would be crushed.

- Cameron W

Scion XB: Spacious with a few Console Flares

I overall enjoy my car. Something I have experienced (that I've read others experiencing also) is a problem with many of the lights flashing on the console. Randomly the ABS, Tire Pressure and Check Engine light will all turn on at the same time. I've taken it to the mechanic and nothing is wrong so they just reset the buttons. I've heard others have had this issue also. What I do love about the car is the size. It isn't too large but it can hold a lot of stuff!

- Devon M

Great space, smooth ride, awesome mileage

I love the folding seats. It holds quite a bit. Great gas mileage, recently goes through oil pretty quickly, otherwise very reliable. It is comfortable and holds up to 5 people. Quite a bit of road noise, but the ride is pretty smooth. I live in the south and the air conditioner works well. One drawback is the low clearance. I have to go really slow over certain driveways to avoid bumping the bottom and front of the vehicle.

- Anne M

Great hauling capability and roomy interior!

I really like that it is roomy inside with enough headspace for my over 6ft tall boyfriend. It is also compact with great storage space. I like that the back seats fold down really flat. . I do not like that I feel that I cannot see very well behind and in my blind spots. I may have an internal leak that would be expensive to fix. I can get an oil change more often instead but that is annoying.

- Lora E

Spacious toaster: great for carpooling and easy to spot.

We call our xb the "toaster" we love that it has a unique design and so do our friends. I often hear someone say "I drove past you the other day" because they know we are the ones driving around in the "toaster. " When someone gets inside for the first time they either remark on how big and open it is on the inside or how cool the light-up display is on the radio/cd player.

- Laura K

Great car, great comfort and excellent driving experience!

The room you have in this car is amazing weather is the front or the back seat. It is very comfortable. The gas mileage could be better for such a smaller vehicle. It has very good get up and go at least for my five speed. I always disliked this vehicle but after sitting and driving in a friend's I had to get one of my own. I suggest this vehicle to everyone now!

- Shawn D

2008 Scion xb hatchback compact car. It has the feel of a SUV.

I like my car because it is good on gas. The car is a nice mix between a SUV and a compact car. Most people are very surprised when they get in my car how much room it actually has. It is very cute. It is made on the same frame as a Toyota Corolla so you know it is going to be a great car. In all the years I have had my car I have had very little issues with it.

- Terry H

Great little car with lots of storage space.

This is a great little car. Small on the outside, but lots of room inside. Plenty of headroom for my 6'2" husband. It is difficult for me to see the road behind me when backing up. And it is a great color - eggplant. I have driven it alone from SW Florida to Connecticut on several occasions. I feel safe and secure in this vehicle.

- Vicki M

Great boxy car, spacious with great ac but very bad gas mileage.

Gas mileage is not so good but other than that I love the ac its very cold on 1 is enough for a hot Florida day. It is very spacious my boyfriend is very tall and he fits perfect. The trunk is also very spacious. The interior is very different but very nice the color of lighting inside is also different it's an overall great car.

- Teresa R

Reliable carrier of everything with small faults.

I am not sure why there is only one backup light. The space capacity is great though. It has been very reliable and I haven't been the best at keeping up with maintenance. The shocks are going a bit, but it has 120k miles on the odometer. The auxiliary port also has broken which makes it much more difficult to listen to music.

- Nathaniel P

Small on outside. Plenty of room on inside.

It runs great looks small on the outside but has loads of room on the inside. The car is kind of expensive to fix but most newer cars are. I love the room it has enough to fit 3 car seats in s row. Also plenty of all the grands. Would like to have better lighting system because they seem to point to the ground.

- Cynthia M

it a very good vehicle wish they did discontinue them

I like the scion series. It's just too bad Toyota decided to end it. These were great vehicles designed by Maserati, these were great cars and a lot of fun to drive. They were long lasting and well made. It had a moon roof but no leather seats, the seats were made from polyester and they wear and tear easily

- joe C

Beautiful, elegant, looks nice.

It is a good car, very comfort, I love it, it is spent, my job is very far, and my car its perfect for me, the Scion db. 2008 it's nice model, the trunk is comfortable, I am driving this car 4 years ago, and still looks like new, I do not change nothing, just the maintenance because every car need it.

- J V

Useful people and cargo carrying ability in an economical package.

I just have to do routine maintenance on the things that typically wear out. The armrest on the right side of the driver's seat is not really useful to me. I have had a brake job, and I am told the gasket on the valve cover needs to be replaced at some point. Tires. Other than those, no major repairs.

- Stephen L

Nice, comfortable ride, non- claustrophobic!

What I like best about my xb is the height of the roof. It feels good to have space above your head. The xb would be perfect if it were up a little higher off the road. It is so hard to see with all the huge SUVs, trucks and vans. I wish they hadn't discontinued this model. I would purchase it again.

- Donna D

Great gas mileage and Toyota compatible

This vehicle is a lot more roomy than it leads on to be and I absolutely love it. I can fit my entire family in it without being crammed and I can go camping in it too. We take trips to the beach and pack a cooler and umbrella and have room for it all and the kids. And the gas mileage is wonderful.

- Jasmine P

Reliable car: foot for all types of people.

The oil tends to leak out but it is impossible to find where the leak is - apparently a common thing with these cars. . I like that it has a lot of legroom in the back and the trunk space is very large. Also good on gas. Maintenance is easy as well, only needs an oil change every 6000 miles.

- Hanna L

Bought my scion used and have owned it for 7 years. Has not failed me!

Love the size of the car. It is compact yet has a very spacious interior. I have moved boxes, furniture and bikes in the car and it has all fit. Lots of head and leg room as well. Only flaw is that it blows easily in the wind because it is boxy. Makes it uncomfortable to drive on windy days.

- Christina D

Great family car and fun to drive

The car looks small from the outside but very roomy inside. The seats are cozy the seats fold for easy access transporting things. The only downfall is the car burns a lot of oil. It had a recall but my car wasn't able to be fixed. Due to warranty issues. I would highly recommend this car.

- Bernice F

Great economical vehicle.

Been a great run around city car. No mechanical issues just normal oil and tire changes. At the time of purchase their wasn't anything comparable to its size and price ratio for the money it's been a great car. I would buy another one in a heartbeat if the Scion brand was still around.

- Casey E

My spacious little toaster car.

This vehicle is perfect. Although it looks very small it is incredibly roomy inside and allows for spacious cargo transportation. It also is a smaller car so great for big city travel with small parking spaces. Fabulous on gas as well and I only have to fill up my tank once a week.

- Lindsey S

Fix my car Toyota! It burns too much oil

I bought it used, it ran fine at first, now it really burns a lot of oil, I have to put in a quart of oil every week and constantly have to check the oil. Acceleration is extremely slow, on entering the freeway I have almost crashed because I was not able to accelerate fast enough

- Monica A

Vehicle is small, compact but has good engine power for getting on the freeway.

Clear coat is chipping off after 10 years of direct sunlight. The interior is comfortable. Can be driven for long of periods of time without much discomfort. I have had not issues with engine or engine parts. Small gas tank is the only complaint I have, but is good on gas mileage.

- Jonathan G

My Scion is the best car I have ever owned.

Extremely reliable. I have never had an issue and I put 60, 000 miles on it in a year. Drove from Oregon to Texas and it was really comfortable. I get compliments on it all the time. I would buy another one if I could. I highly recommend this vehicle to anyone and everyone.

- Kristina E

Detail would be maybe 3 row seats.

I bought it used last year. Put in a new motor and love it. Very comfortable and easy to drive. Plenty of room. Cute car. Lots of compliments on it. Its black but very easy to keep clean. All of the dials are big and very easy for me to see. Kudos on the maker of this car.

- Tricia M

Although my xb I appears small, there is plenty of head space and cargo space.

My only complaint with the xb is that the front is lower than the back making backing up difficult. I cannot see the road or driveway behind me. Also, because the xb is small, it is sometimes difficult to see where I parked it because it is so much smaller than other cars.

- Vicki M

Oil piston is bad. Engine is bad.

2008 is a lemon. This car has mechanical issues from factory. The oil piston is bad for these years. It was poorly made but the 2010 models were made with different pistons. The car gives about 500 miles to the gallon if that. This is the worst purchase I have ever made.

- Debbie H

Spacious and sturdy. Easy to clean. Comfortable seating.

It has a lot of space on the inside. Very comfortable. The radio works really well. The air conditioning gets nice and cool pretty quickly. The heat does the same. I have had issues with the power steering and the auxiliary cable input, both are annoying to deal with.

- Stephanie R

This car is sporty looking, roomy, good on gas and fun to drive.

I love my Scion XB. It is small but roomy. The back seats fold down to allow for larger items. It was recalled for a faulty airbag. This was corrected by Toyota at no cost to me. Otherwise I have had absolutely no problems with this car. I really enjoy driving it!

- Gail W

Would own forever, very reliable and great/comfortable drive.

Very comfortable and easy to drive. Low highway noise, has high miles but still in good condition. Never have had any issues with it, is very reliable. Very quick off the line has a lot of legroom. It is a great and spacious family car and fits us comfortably.

- Jo M

Amazing car, the best investment I have made.

My car is amazing, it has not given me any problems at all. The engine is amazing. The car gets me to where I need to go. The car is easy to use and works efficiently. The gas mileage is really fantastic. I have not had a single issue with it since I got it.

- Alexandra T

If the engine and transmission is working properly

When we started looking for a car we wanted a car with decent mileage (have you seen the gas prices) and either a Toyota, Honda or a Nissan. This is the first hatchback we have ever owned and I feel like it gives us more room than your standard economy car.

- Cathleen R

Fast, long lasting, durable.

My car goes fast. I love the manual transmission and wish it would come back. I also love how roomy the backseat is for a car with storage space in the back. My car has taken me everywhere and I would go back and buy it again if afforded the opportunity.

- Alexis S

It's a great little vehicle. Attractive and efficient, with lots of storage room.

It's higher off the ground than a standard car, giving me the visual perspective I prefer, yet it's small enough to fit in compact car parking spots. The steering handles really well. It has a fabulous turning radius and can pull tight U-turns.

- Rhiannon A

It is a very comfortable vehicle and gets excellent gas mileage.

We love it, because it is very easy to get in or out of. The cabin has more head and leg room than any vehicle we have ever owned. The rear storage compartment has enough space to handle several pieces of luggage.

- John B

Sleek body lines , that's one of the things I love about this car plus the roominess

What can I say I love my Scion XB ! It's great on gas mileage it's basically a Toyota Camry and it holds a lot of stuff, lots of equipment what's up everything is been nothing but a great car what can I say.

- Billy L

Scion xB, 2008 review and opinion

I have been very happy with my vehicle. It has a very decent fuel range, excellent safety reviews, performance reviews and is the top for reliability in its class. Very spacious too for a compact vehicle

- Christopher M

Great reliable family vehicle.

The only issue I've had with this car is the airbag recall. This recall affected of variety and wide range of manufacturers so this manufacture is not to blame. I would highly recommend this vehicle.

- Joe F

Scion is for the function, fit and is fabulous!

No problems. The benefit of the car is that it is a lot bigger than what it looks like. It is very good on gas. If you cannot or do not want an SUV, this little hatchback is perfect.

- Terry T

Comfortable, safe and reliable with good gas mileage.

I love my car. It is compact, easy to park and good on mileage. I do a lot of driving and only have to fill it once and it lasts the entire week. It is comfortable and runs smoothly.

- Jaime S

Square and shiny, very comfy but has blind spots.

Too square and huge blind spot on edges of window. Other than that it is a reliable car and gets me where I need to go on time. More roomy than expected. Seats are nice and comfy.

- Samantha C

It's a reliable little car that's really fun to drive.

I like how quick my car is. It has great pick up and it's fun to drive. Even though it is a small car, there is so much room to transport cargo. I have no complaints about my car!

- Patricia S

It's much more spacious on the inside than the outside may make it seem.

The vehicle is very simple and easy to handle. It is a nice compact car that's great for parking and mobility. I have no complaints, I love that is fulfills my basic needs.

- Daniel C

A/C will not blow out cold air

When we first got the car back in 2009 it ran wonderful. The a/c was the best thing about it. For the past 2-3 months, the a/c won't blow out cold. No clue why either.

- Erikal L

It is long lasting with regular maintenance.

It is reliable and comfortable. Lots of room on the inside. Not so big trunk. Performance is alright. But with consistent maintenance, there are very few problems.

- Kate N

Don't just judge the vehicle by its looks. The vehicle has the room equal too many smaller SUVs but still drives like a compact car

Very roomy inside for a small vehicle. The vehicle is incredibly reliable. The vehicle is very good on gas. The vehicle has proven to be in expensive to maintain.

- Allen C

It is a very dependable vehicle.

I dislike it only has one reverse light. Also I dislike that it only has three windshield wiper settings. I like that it drives easy. It gets good gas mileage.

- Victoria W

It's a good vehicle for rougher use and hauling stuff.

It is body is well made, sturdy. I think it could take a hit. Unusual repairs have been needed. Parts have fallen off. I do not like that it is really noisy.

- Beverly R

It is really spacious even though it does not look like it from the outside.

I really do not like it is square shape but I do like that I can see out of it really well. It also has a great amount of space inside for being a small car.

- Samantha P

It's nice and quiet plus looks good.

It doesn't have great gas mileage. It is easy for me to get in. It has a lot of room for a small vehicle, which was surprising. I just really like it a lot.


Great car for the money, fantastic gas mileage.

Lots of space, great on gas, very comfortable to ride in, stylish, great little family car, very reliable car, wouldn't be afraid to drive cross country.

- Heather G

It is a very reliable car that is good for a family.

I like my car because it is roomy. The car gets good gas mileage. My one complaint is that it is made out of very thin material that dents very easily.

- Lindsey H

It is good on gas and Toyotas a very good car my family always buys Toyotas.

It's good on gas, I have a lot of room for all my shopping goods and I love to drive it has good seating I could 5 passengers and Toyota is a good car.

- Lisa G

I love the fact that my car has back seats that fold down. Making the back compartment more square, it is easier to haul things

I have never had any issues with my 2008 Scion xB. There is currently a recall for an airbag malfunction, but other that that I absolutely love it.

- Ashley S

It was an affordable purchase. Looks good.

Likes: takes off well. Good gas mileage. Looks nice with a good color. Dislikes: lacks storage space. Low to the ground so it has dragged on dirt.

- Gabriel C

It has a Toyota engine in it.

It has great fuel economy for its year. Handles smooth on most driving surfaces. I do not like how low it sits, I find myself bottoming out often.

- Isaac S

Very good on gas and very economical.

A very good car. Very good on gas.. It looks small but it really roomy on the inside. Has great control. Comes with all the technical gadgets.

- Michael M

Great commuter car for a great price

My scion xb has been a great car for the last 10 years. It has quite a bit if room for being a compact car. I have had no real issues with it.

- Scott K

Lunch box on wheels has great cargo space

The car runs well and is comfortable. The amount of usable cargo space in great. Having the seats fold down is a great benefit for my job.b

- Kalie L

It's a reliable car, with little maintenance. Fits a lot of stuff including furniture in the back with the seats down.

Like that it has not cost me much money at all in repairs and is good on gas. Really no complaints that I can think of at the moment.

- Joy H

Saves a lot of gas and can travel long distance.

I have no complain. It is a great vehicle have no problem with it. Saves a lot of gas. It is the best size for me and runs smoothly.

- John J

It good on gas it is cheap to have long as you keep it up

Have no major problem with my car I love this car.they are not making it no long I hate that I wish they would make this model again

- Wesley S

compact car with lots of room.gets great gas mileage

I absolutely love my car. it has so much room and gets great mileage. the only thing I dislike is that they discontinued this make.

- jen s

Its reliable and affordable.

I have never had a problem with it, no major repairs. I have well over 100 thousand miles on it and it still runs like a champ.

- Maggie M

At the moment my car is currently under recall due to an airbag recall. This is will be repaired free of cost.

I live my car color. The only dislike and complaint is that this car is larger than my previous on the bright side it's newer.

- Karen D

It is great on gas mileage.

I absolutely love it! It is roomy yet not too big to drive. Great on gas mileage, handles well and haven't had any issues yet.

- Patricia G

It has a badass turn radius. The gas mileage is really great.

I like the color and compactness of my car. I also like that repair parts are abundant and a little cheaper than other cars.

- Elizabeth Y

It is a good ride and dependable and very comfortable plus easy to get in and out and has a lot of storage room.

I actually like the vehicle a lot and I am completely shocked by that. It was bought because the company is very dependable.


It is a very fun car to drive.

It is a comfortable ride with lots of space for its size. It is easy to get in and out of. It gets pretty good gas mileage.

- Lynn M

Great design with good acoustics. Bigger than it seems on the outside.

Purchased in 2008. Handles well and roomy interior. No issues. Warranty fixed things easily. Love the sound in the vehicle.

- Adrian R

It may look small on the outside but the inside is very spacious

It is very comfortable, easy to maneuver. Just the right size. Only thing I dislike is that the lights aren't automatic.

- Phillippa C

It has excellent gas mileage because it's a 4 cylinder and it doesn't break the bank when you have to work on it.

My car is very roomy despite its compact size. There are 3 of us in my small family so it is the perfect size for us.

- Hailey S

I think they have quit making it. I don't know why, because it's a nice car.

It has been through a lot with us, including hitting a deer in the first month. Needs an armrest for the right side.

- Kathy L

My car is fuel efficient and does not require a lot of gas.

I like the road handling and miles per gallon. It's also got a good seating space. I dislike how it's a square car.

- Mia W

It's very good on gas and has a long life span.

Very great performance and reliability spacious and up to date radio power windows locks and fabric cushioned sets.

- Tipton K

It has a lot of space inside, it is like a small truck.

It is a very comfortable car, it has a lot of space and is easy to drive/park. Mile/gas awesome. No complains.

- Christina G

Good for basic transportation in city, but not a good car on highways

We use this car as a handicapped vehicle for our son. Very high head room. It doesn't get good gas mileage.

- Skip T

Small SUV. More sporty than the earlier "box" years.

2008 Scion XB has 4 doors, hatchback. It's a small SUV. Serves my purpose. Hauling much is not an option.

- Lynn G

It was hit by an air boat driving down the wrong way on a one way. No repairs.

Issues with tires. Recall on airbags. Decent gas mileage. 220000 miles. Runs great. No major repairs needed.

- Tiffany D

It looks small but like the TARDIS on doctor who it's bigger on the inside.

No problems with my car. I love it. Great on gas. Comfortable to drive. Plenty of room for a smaller car.

- Neil B

The size of the engine, it is big and I like that.

Love the space. But do not like the exterior looks. It has a lot of room. But the look is too original.

- Derek G

Used car need love reliable over 200,000 miles but still run good

It's a nice car run really well reliable CD player auto windows and locks need new tires ac works good

- Jaramine W

It's easy to park. It has great air and heat.

I love how it drives and handles. It has 110k miles and is still like new. Its very low maintenance.

- Deborah W

The most important thing about the car is that it is a smooth ride.

I like that it is Dependable and has Good gas mileage. I don't like that it is Not sporty looking.

- Sean D

It's a economic car. It . Very reliable if you keep maintenance up to date

I love how great it is. Especially with the kids. It's a very good size car for my family

- Liz L

It's not made for the snow. It is a very light car.

It's very spacious. Though it is a bit loud with cutting the doors and the hollowness.

- Heather L

Everybody finds the car extremely comfortable. I don't have to worry about passengers getting in and out of the car

Easy to get in and out of. Even my 98 year grandmother had no problem! Runs smoothly

- Cj J

It's reliability, how good of a car it has been for the price.

Never had to fix anything. It has been very reliable. It is a good riding car.

- David R

It's a very reliable car.

I love my car. It never gave me any issue it rides like a charm and it's cute

- Jennifer M

My car is very spacious and comfortable. It is also very reliable. I have had it for more than 10 years and only had 1 major repair of replacing the alternator. The steering is also excellent.

The most important aspects of my car are that it is reliable and spacious.

- Raquel T

That's great on gas, very comfortable, and is the perfect size for a small family.

Very reliable vehicle. Great on gas mileage. No complaints. Love my car.

- Michelle A

The trunk space is small and everything falls out.

My little car gets great gas mileage.it gets 30 miles to the gallon.

- Marcy B

I Like my car and it gets me where I need to go. It doesn't look great but it runs fine.

Like size and price. Miss some of the modern features.

- Aaron W