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It is an awesome family car. With lots of space and safety features.

I really love my scion, xb. I have a family of four and it has been perfect for two little ones, who both need car seats. The trunk has tons of room for strollers, groceries, and anything else that our busy family needs it for. I have had only minor problems. Such as normal maintenance. I have had to have new brake pads for front and back. They seem to squeak more than other cars I've had in the past. I do love how a light comes on when it is time for an oil change. It helps to keep me up to date with that. I've had a recall for the passenger side air bag. I haven't had that looked at just yet, but I am in the process of getting it taken care of. Everything will be free of charge which is awesome. My car has kept me and my family safe for over two years now. I am very happy with our purchase of the scion, xb.

- Reena B

Compact while feeling spacious.

The scion xb is really reliable. I have never had any problems. The only work that has been done is oil changes and new batteries which is normal. The back seat is very comfortable and spacious which is nice for carpooling, storage, and housing pets during a long trip. I especially love the trunk because it is accessible and at a comfortable height for lifting things in and out such as groceries. I drive this vehicle to and from work and running errands. Since I do not have children yet, this is the perfect compact vehicle that still feels spacious. I will most likely upgrade to a larger vehicle once I start a family though.

- Sarah H

This is a reliable, enjoyable, low cost car to own and use.

This scion has an old Camry engine before they 'upgraded' it, and has always run well. Repairs are few and inexpensive. Great gas mileage, and I can carry things most hatchbacks cannot. I bought brand new, and she is still going strong, although I have had some costs in the past year. The air conditioner is a weak spot, but with regular care she has had relatively few issues. I recently had the catalytic converter replaced, but the car has 150 miles on it. I am looking for a good low mileage xb to replace her in the next year.

- Sharon P

2009 Scion XB: The Car That is Quite Overlooked.

I have had zero problems with this vehicle. Keeping maintenance on the vehicle is simple and easy. Gas Mileage is good considering it's half of an SUV. Room in the front and back is spacious and not stuffy like other makes and models. The seats are comfortable and easy to adjust, so no problems there. I highly recommend this vehicle for a musician (like myself who travels often out of state), a mom looking for something to transport a family of 3 or 4, or just a college student commuting to and from school or work.

- Zachary M

The vehicle is very uncomfortable for long drives.

This vehicle is not built for comfort on long drives. The seats are narrow and the console very confining. The armrest on the driver's seat isn't worth the material it's made from. It is too low to be of any use. Initially we had a problem with the breaks. They wore out very quickly, much faster than they should considering the vehicle has a manual transmission. The dealer service department was no help when this was reported. I'll never buy another Toyota product.

- Jimbob J

The best car Scion has ever made it's a family car.

Never had a problem with it acts like a truck that's how much storage it has great on gas gets great miles to the gallon has never let me down never had any major problems only had to do oil change and the basics stuff besides getting new tires I feel very safe in this car. Has a lot of legroom for tall people will carry 5 people just fine not a problem this car is my 5 car I have owned and its the best one I have ever had and that's why I still have it just like new.

- Della S

It is incredibly spacious and a great ride.

I have never had any mechanical issues with the vehicle and I have over 100k miles on it. It is, highly reliable and spacious. The only two complaints I have are that the vehicle does suffer from aggressive oil consumption. However of you are changing your oil when the vehicle tells you to, it is not a problem. The other issue is that for a four cyl engine it only get about 28 miles to the gallon which is fairly poor when compared to newer 4 cyl vehicles.

- Franklin R

The Scion db. is a smooth, spacious ride!

It's a great car, really! It is small so it takes sharp turns without issue, but it is extremely spacious inside, more so than a lot of SUVs I have been in. It is got great acceleration, probably due to the Toyota engine in it (as Toyota's are known for being long-lasting). It's a comfortable, nice ride. My only issues are with my radio, as it is older and a speaker needs to be replaced. Other than that, the car is great!

- Haley H

208k Miles and Still Going Strong!

I have had my car since 2008 when I bought a new, 2009 model. It currently has 208k miles on it and still going strong. I do take care of my car though. A couple downfalls are it burns oil quickly and the other is the gas mileage. I now work 56 miles from work 1 way and I now have to refill my gas tank at least 3 times a week. The car is roomie, can fit quite a bit in it, and is all around a good car.

- Jami H

The seats fold for a easy clean would be great for moms or teens.

The 2009 scion xb looks small but has a lot of room inside. It also is great on gas. This is my first car and I don't see myself going with anything other than a scion. This car air conditioning cools quick and heat heats well. In my opinion the car is well worth the value. There is not a lot of management to it. My only complaint is the speaker's. They are ok but nothing to write home about.

- Jessica N

A good car for beginners or smaller families!

I have had the car for awhile and it still has no major issues then again I somewhat spoil my cars. It is compact, however, it is extremely comfortable inside. It holds up to 5 people comfortably and I say it is decent for a family of 4. Driving it is perfect as well as the pedals are not extremely sensitive but are reliable. It was the first car I started driving with as well.

- Monica R

It performs much better than expected, especially for a car that is 9yrs old.

I really enjoy owning my Scion XB. There are only a few issues with my Scion that I wish were better. #1. It uses oil, A LOT! #2. Road Noise #3. Umm I can't think of anything! LOL!! We've taken several long distance trips in this Scion & it has always performed very well!! This is the first Scion I've owned & would definitely consider buying another in the future.

- gloria B

Toyota Motor Compact car yet spacious Extra oil in between oil changes

My scion XB has been an amazing first car. Super durable and amazing motor have never had problems with it. Even though it's completely minor, these cars do need about half of a quart oil in between oil changes. Quite a small hiccup for something that has gotten me through all of high school and so far through all of college. I would highly recommend!

- kylie M

Great leg room all around the car. The truck is also great for storage.

It has a lot of legroom in front and in back. The back seats go down so it makes it a great car to go camping to store items. The feel for when I drive it is great! The brakes work well and the air conditioning and heating is also awesome! I do not like how the previous owner changed the radio system to a later model but it is not a big deal overall.

- Aurora C

It has so much window space that we call it the fish bowl because there are very few blind spots

I like how open the view is from my vehicle (lots of windows) and I like that it is small enough to get in and out of spaces easily. Great gas mileage and very quick. My dislikes are it is not in any way plush in the interior, it only has one back up light which is weird and interior has so many small crevices it's impossible to keep clean

- Meagan M

Great buy for longevity�do it

It's not the smoothest ride but I like the space and the leather has held up. No major issues and it's 10 years old at this point. I have had issues with the tires but very minor. The Toyota dealership has been great to work with also and I've moved a few times so that's good. All in all I would definitely recommend getting one

- Jena D

2009 scion xb. Not a bad car for a starter family or single person.

The vehicle is a little small for my liking. It is fuel efficient and overall has been relatively reliable. The cars air conditioning has gone out recently but has 198000 miles on it all done by our family. The tires always seem to wear unevenly even if you have the tires rotated and balanced on a regular basis.

- Mark F

The Inside is great and spacious but you�ll be low to the ground for sure.

It's really low to the ground which can be tricky with bumps and other problems on the ground. And it's not a quite rude. But I do love the space in the car and that it's different from other cars 'a box.' Unfortunately most xb are stick and I didn't get the exact one I wanted because I don't drive stick.

- Vanessa G

Lots of room for a family.

I absolutely love my car it gets great gas mileage and it is so roomy for being a small car. The look is super clean and you can customize your car the way you want it. The only bad part is I had to get a new transmission at 150,000 miles. But these cars are so great that they will go for miles and miles.

- Jennifer S

It is great in the snow and ice.

I like the fact that it is a Toyota and well made. We haven't had any major problems with the car and there are 104,000 miles on it. I do not like the design (I did not choose the car - it was a gift) as it is too boxy for my liking but I am grateful for it! I also like that it has decent gas mileage.

- Lisa P

Very reliable. Maintenance free.

My car has been extremely reliable. We have had it for 7 years and had very few problems. It is roomy for a sedan. It has a pretty smooth ride. We have only had to do normal maintenance that you would expect from a car as old as it is. It is currently at 175, 000 miles and counting! We've loved it!

- Ashley S

Fast, roomy. Fun car. Great on gas!

My make of car burns a lot of oil. . that's the only thing bad I have to say about it. . Rides wonderful and is roomy💕 I have a family of five and we fit comfortably. . Great on gas! Great travel car. . Lots of space but small. I have had it many years bought it from the owner and is paid off.

- Dana W

My vehicle is named cloud nine and is very nice when it is dark.

My vehicle is very spacious and comfortable. I have a brand new engine, but the only problem is the lights on that is actually a recall. The recalls is very serious because it is about the airbag. I love the rims on my car and it is very good on gas. I have never broke down out of nowhere.

- Des K

Gas saver!! Saves me so much money on gas.

I love this car because it is very roomy. And everyone is always saying how the like the space in the back. It drives very smooth and saves lots of money on gas. Takes 12 gallons to the tank and takes 25 miles to the gallon. I love this car for long trips to the beach or even road trips.

- A K

Nice car to ride in smooth and comfy

Love my scion it's a comfy car to ride in great on gas!! Runs great! I would get another one! It's roomy . It's great first car for anyone. I love it. Nice interior ! This car runs nice! So if anyone is looking for nice car this would be it! So I would recommend anyone to a scion

- Sarah V

The very smooth ride feels like you are floating on air.

I haven't had any problems with this car. It is very good on gas and very reliable. The only thing I do not like is how low to the ground, this car is. The legroom is great for tall people, even when riding in the backseat. It has plenty of space for bags or whatever in the trunk.

- Rochelle W

2010 scion "toaster" great little sporty car.

This little toaster as us scion db. owners call them is the best little car I have owned it is small compact and actually has plenty of room. Great for everything seats lay down for extra room in the back has some get up and go great gas mileage. Definitely worth the money.

- Misty M

Scion xb, the best fitting wagon for all your needs.

Vehicle has tall headroom, bucket seats sit high for ease of getting in and out, while chassis is set low to the ground. Steering is tight and smooth; color and paint job is beautiful; wagon hatch lifts and closes easily; sound system is excellent; design is eye-catching.

- Marie M

It�s a good car as long as you live in a town area.

I really love all the seating, and I have plenty of trunk space. Unfortunately though it's very low to the ground and drags it bottom everywhere.The gas mileage is ok as long as it's not a curved road. The system in the front is digital which is absolutely great.

- Megan H

Awesome car for any age group.

5 Door hatchback, roomy, good on gas, 4 speed, led fog lamp, 3 back lights, signal light on mirrors, mp3, CD, anti- lock brakes, front, rear, side air bag, small LCD, less boxy in shape, six speakers, 20 inch wheels, good tires, DVD player, spare tire under car.

- Kay G

Dependable automobile for first time buyers.

It does not give mileage but it is very dependable. Has lots of room for a small car. No major car repairs. If you keep up the basic maintenance this car will last. I would probably buy it again. And I do recommend it for first time drivers, young to seniors.

- Rey A

The amazing xb is a wonder car.

The scion xb looks small, but it is extremely roomy inside. It is a very comfortable ride, even for larger people. My 6 foot 300 pound brother test drove the car before purchase and was amazed. The fold down seats make for lots of space for hauling things.

- Leah D

It gets the job done for simple commutes and local trips.

I like the compact size for fitting in any parking space. I like the extra dashboard space to place pens, small stuffed toys, glasses, etc. For long roadtrips I would need a bigger car for storage and trunk space.

- Chloe S

Reliable and comfortable.

The best car ever! Great for traveling. Plenty of legroom and cargo room. Good mileage, considered a green car. Great engine power for highway driving. It did have an airbag recall but the dealer took care of it.

- Stephanie L

You can fit some small things in the bottom of the back side passengers.

You would think it is tiny well from the look of it but it is really comfortable inside. Plenty of room for a small family. It is a gas saver since I have bought it I have had no problems with it at all.

- Joshua M

It has amazing gas mileage! Scions are very reliable!

I don't have any complaints about my car! I love it! The gas mileage is amazing! The seating is comfortable. The technology is up to date! I love this car and hope it stays with me for a long time.

- Alexys S

That I love it both the size and the color and the fact that it is a standard shift.

I like the fact that even though the vehicle doesn't look like there is a lot of room inside, there is. I like that it is easy to get in. I like the gas mileage that I get using this vehicle.

- Sherry G

It is a great little car, but no too small.

It is reliable, fast, comfortable, economical, fun to drive, roomy, hatchback! Dependable, easy maintenance, cold air conditioner, flip seats for storage, cargo. I can fit two bicycle in it!

- Mim B

My car has only one round light on the bumper. L do not know why it is there.

No major mechanical problems and I have 160k miles so far. Very comfortable and more room than it looks to have. Back seats fold forward for flat area for lots of loading space.

- Shelley C

Reliable, dependable, affordable, cute.

It's a reliable vehicle. I have had it for about 6 years. It's perfect for a small family as it doesn't have a lot of room. I have to keep on top of oil changes. I love my car.

- Jessica S

It is just a big box I like the color and that it is tiny but spacious inside.

Air bags are deactivated along with the fact that my speakers play better on the left side rather than the right and my router's didn't last very long on the vehicle.

- Tanner B

It is very uncomfortable on long drives of three hours or more.

It is small and uncomfortable on long trips. The controls are laid out in an unusual manner. The arm rest on the driver's seat is mounted too low to be useful.

- Billy-Ben S

Good gas mileage and comfortable

Has been great until recently, Starting to need repairs. Very comfortable for a small car. Has been fuel efficient. Just and adjustment from a Chrysler 300m

- Linda c

It has large blind spots and the tires wear fast in front.

I like the spacious interior, the outside appearance and shape, and the sound system. The tires wear easily in the front and I have had issues with them.

- Haley U

It gets me to work and back.

I love that it is big enough to hold my family and luggage when traveling to see family. I hate that it is outdated. I wish it had better gas mileage.

- Taylor L

A newer model might more reliable.

My car uses too much oil and fuel, which I dislike. I also wish it had more technology, like a backup camera. I like the amount of storage.

- Lauren K

It's not very fuel efficient, but it is safe and comfortable.

It's a comfortable car. But it's getting old, and starting to develop problems. I like it, but I wish it was a lot more fuel efficient.

- Kay M

Tire are cheaper than most other cars since you have to get smaller ones.

I like that it's bigger than a regular car but smaller than an SUV. Biggest complaint is that these cars aren't being made anymore.

- Angela M

IT gets great gas mileage and very reliable. I have very little mechanical problems with the car since I owned it.

Our car gets great gas mileage and the hatchback is large enough for me to load/unload my wife's electric scooter int to the back.

- Ken B

The most important thing about my car is the performance.

It is reliable, in that it rarely needs repairs. It is efficient, though not as much as I would like. And it has plenty of room.

- Jennifer P

It's a trusty dependable car that is more spacious on the inside than it looks compact.

It is a square/ box shaped car. Very compact but fairly spacious on the inside. It drives smoothly and is a dependable car.

- Katia S

208,000 miles and still going!

Other than burning oil and an okay gas mileage, the car runs great. I am at 208k miles and the car is still going strong.

- Jami H

Good on gas that it turns on and nothing is broken on it

It's a good car very comfortable roomy great on gas very nice looking car nice color white and like this car a lot

- Michelle F

There's a lot of room in the car. Easy to handle and reliable. I take it everywhere and had no major problems.

It's a reliable car, as long as you keep it maintained. Never had major problems. Has a lot of leg and space room.

- Reynaldo A

Dislike how low it is to the road. Like the storage space. Dislike the cheap plastic exterior.

Keep an eye on the fuses and make sure you use the Toyota long life antifreeze(red) not normal antifreeze(blue).

- Jared F

It is a dependable and low maintenance and a large 4 cylinder engine

I love the way it drives. It is a dependable car. The thing I dislike is that it is uncomfortable on long trips

- April M

I feel safe when driving it.

I love the head room. It has wonderful safety features. It's very stylish. I wish they were still making them.

- Minta P

It runs smoothly and does not take to much gas during trips

I have no complaint of the vehicle it saves a lot of gas. It runs great and doesn't has any problem. Great car

- Armando Q

They hold up in case of an accident.

I like how reliable the car is. It has good gas mileage. It was also pretty inexpensive to buy as well.

- Kevin C

The toaster is a super cute ride!

It's very roomy on the inside! I love the look of it and the pick up of it. It gets great gas mileage.

- Jennifer O

reliable and dependable car/

very reliable and no issues whatsoever. If I had to purchase my car all over again, I totally would.

- jen p

Outstanding appearance, it looks like a box truck crossover SUV

This is a affordable car. It is roomy and comfortable. But the engine is not quite enough.

- Stephen L

Reliable, dependable,gas efficient,roomy, lovable. Just enough room for me & my 3 year old grandson. Hatch allows me the perfect room for packages, groceries,etc. Brakes need to be checked but this is the only time I have had any

Reliable,great gas mileage,safe,cute. Perfect size for a retired person.

- Sheryl D

Safe, reliable, good storage space. Small, easy to drive

Small but lots of storage space. Good gas mileage. Safe, reliable

- Rod G

It is roomier than you would think and good on gas mileage

I like the way it drives a FPS the roominess.

- Rachel J