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2010 Scion XB: Kept us super safe in an accident! Never had a mechanical issue!

I have had zero mechanical issues with my car and have owned it since 2010 brand new off the lot. It is incredibly roomy; the leg room in the back seat row is better than any SUV or Sedan plus plenty of trunk space as well. It is stylish looking and runs smoothly. I have driven cross country in this vehicle 2 times and taken many a family vacation in it comfortably. Also I give it 5 stars in safety- once I was driving down a busy highway and construction was going on the side of the road. One of the heavy equipment knocked a tall concrete lamp post that lines the highway and it fell right on top of my scion as I was driving 55 miles an hour down the road! It bounced twice on my roof. I screamed thinking it was going to cave in and hurt my baby in the back. We were OK! It made two large dents but you couldn't even tell from the inside. The build on this car is great and I feel so safe in it after that accident and seeing how safe it kept us.

- Tiffany A

Smooth ride with get up and go!

So far I've not had many problems with the vehicle. I don't like you can't extend the sun visor. I would also have liked it to have been AWD or 4WD. I like it has a tire pressure light, air conditioning, cruise, volume/changing stations button on the steering wheel, and that it is stick shift. All in all, it's been a great vehicle so far.

- Julie F

2010 scion. One of the best cars out there!

I have had my car for about 5 years now and it has just under 100 thousand miles on it. Absolutely no problems at all. The best car I have ever had and it is the 4th car I have owned. Initially, I purchased the car as a car to use just to and from work, but if I had the chance to buy this car new I would jump on the opportunity.

- Austin B

Need a car for camping? Try the scion.

The scion is spacious and roomy. Gets great mileage, and is a very reliable vehicle. This is my 2nd scion, after trading the first one in. I love them as cars, and will likely get another when this one is done. We use it for camping as well, if you lay the seats down, it holds a queen air mattress in the back.

- Kim P

Great and reliable vehicle

I haven't had any issues in terms of performance. The vehicle handles well. Aside from getting a few alignments, due to living in the mountains and driving on rough terrain, no real issues. The only complaint would be how low the car is to the ground, but it hasn't led to any problems.

- Anthony M

My car is amazing and so much room.

For just a small car it has great deal of leg room for the tall people, uneven great headroom for the top people also. Great gas mileage. Fun to drive, plenty of room for all my stuff. It easy to find parking with my little car. Great get up and go power. Comfortable in the backseat.

- Cindi S

Great, very well built, never experienced major problems

I love the Scion xB handling and driving. It seems small on the outside but roomy on the inside. Low maintenance vehicles very well built. I have had the older model too. And always is reliable. Just routine maintenance and has always been a good running car.

- Sarah F

Scion standard model -stereo upgrade.

There have been recalls-window switch, airbag switch. It does get very good mileage 29-20 highway-standard transmission, lots of room, back seats fold down, great alpine stereo, jacks for iPod, mp3 players, cruise control is very reliable, comfortable seats.

- Rod Q

I feel since it�s manual, I get great speed.

It's manual and good on gas. I've never had any major issues. I'm going on 195,000 miles and have no engine issues. The car is roomy and Can actually fit 2 twin size mattresses in it. The speakers sound clear and the bass gives the music something special.

- Rebecca M

Check On Your Car Regularly

I have nothing to say it just a regular low gas miles car. I make sure that the transmission fluid is always at a good level and is changed periodically to make sure your car can shift smoothly and keep you in control of the car at all times

- Arel H

My Scion xB has great get up and go. It has some great storage throughout the car

I like the head room that is available in my car. I do wish that it had more storage room in the back. I also wish that the side panels in the back were glass instead of metal. The panels are right where I need to see when backing out

- Alicia K

It is a great family car with an abundance of space.

I love how the controls are set-up on the dashboard and steering wheel. I would like a bigger center console to hold items. I also like the combination of cloth and leather on the seats. The cloth makes it warmer in the winter.

- Erin D

It's extremely dependable

There's nothing in dislike about my car. I bought this car used but hardly any miles and it's never let me down.....even driven it across the country. I keep it up but rarely do I need to have it serviced.

- Gina M

Does not get the best gas mileage.

Love the interior color. Love how spacious the interior is and love that it is compact and small enough to park into tighter parking areas. Do not like that i cannot tow or have 4 wheel drive.

- Elizabeth M

Oil burning, but love my scion

Love this car. It burns through a lot of oil which is an extra added expense. It is fuel efficient and takes turns and holds at high speeds really well. Just enough room for a family of 4

- Kristina K

It is reliable and good on gas.

This car is extremely reliable, great on gas, and as long as you maintain your vehicle it will not cause many problems. My car is extremely comfortable and I feel very safe driving it.

- Jen F

It is small and fas efficient but has a lot of interior room when the back seats are folded

I have not any issues with my vehicle so far. I bought it used about a year ago and driven it approx 10000 miles since. It now has almost 95000 miles and still going strong.

- Jeff P

They skimped on some simple things, but it's an overall good car.

It's a fairly cheap car, but it has a lot of space. It's missing simple things like intermittent wipers and a second backup light. Overall though, is reliable and roomy.

- Mike m

The gas mileage is not the best.

I like the size of the vehicle, it is small and compact. What I do not like are the headlights because they're manual. I also like the control of the steering.

- Daniel C

It is extremely reliable.

I like that it is comfortable. I like that it is easy to drive. Dislike that it not high enough to avoid heavy rain puddles. But overall, I love the car.

- Maria M

Roomy and good gas mileage.

Love the gas mileage, love the amount of legroom, love dependability. Not good in the snow, not enough room in the far back (trunk).

- Shannon R

The height of the inside gives driver and passenger rooming feeling. It's a small car but can take 5 passengers not feel crowded.

I like the box looking shape. It has lots of room and cargo space for a small car. The car is dependable and reliable.

- ellen r

Scion XB 2010: A Reliable Car

I love the Scion XB 2010. It is reliable and I have had it for nearly 7 years. It has never had any major issues.

- Sophia G

It is a very smooth ride which I appreciate.

Love that it's good on gas, its practical for my family.. Hate that the brakes are not good for a long time.

- Teresa K

It is comfortable and provides a lot of space for both passengers and driver.

Rides well, has a lot of room, the AC and Pioneer sound system are amazing, could be better on gas mileage.

- Michael M

Decent room for size, looks different than other cars on road.

Dislike age of vehicle/not latest technology like Bluetooth and backup camera. Like room and fuel economy.

- Diane Z

It is fuel efficient and economical, yet large enough to transport lots of stuff.

The car is small, but spacious. It is a limited edition color. It is easy to find in a parking lot.

- Janet M

That it's made just right for me and I can get around the Portland area with ease in it.

I love that it's purple. I love that it's manual. I love that it's gas efficient. No big complaints.

- Elizabeth D

Super reliable! And looks good too

I really love my car! If they were still being made I would for sure by another just like it.

- Michelle M

That a Scion has a lot of Toyota parts

Easy to park in the city. Starting to need a lot of upkeep which I don't like.

- Aaron R

How comfortable it is. It also holds the road well.

I love my Xb. It is roomy, I can haul things. So far, no mechanical problems.

- Jennifer H