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Why I love my scion xb, because it is the SUV of compact cars!

I love my scion xb, it has so much space. The seats fold down and it is like an SUV. It was great not to have to compromise size for space. Living downtown I need the compact car to park, but I need space to go to Costco or travel with my dogs. I have had great performance, always keeping up with my normal maintenance it has been very easy to take care of the scion. The only problem for me has been when I am dealing with rough terrain, the scion is not an off road vehicle. Be careful of deep pothole because it is low to the ground.

- Sherry C

Spacious and comfortable for a smaller sized car.

It has been extremely reliable car for the years I have owned it. Spacious interior, good sound system and comfortable seats. The gas mileage is great. From my experience if you bump the exterior (front or back bumper) even if not hard at all it will make a sizeable dent because the bumpers are a plastic rather than metal, but fairly cheap to fix as well so my complaints are few.

- Sophia T

I would purchase another scion if they were still manufactured.

This vehicle is quite reliable. I have made several trips driving it and no complaints at all. The gas mileage is very good and the ride is not 'luxury car' smooth but it takes bumps well. I like the spacious room area even though on the outside it is deceiving. I also like having turn signals on the side mirrors in addition to the head and tail light areas.

- Mary M

The scion XB is a sporty, compact car with great mileage.

The Scion XB is a great car. It is excellent on gas mileage. There was a recall on one part, but I never had a problem with that part. It was handled quickly. The car has never broken down. It drives smoothly. The style of the car is sporty and compact. The back windshield wipers are a great feature to help with when it is raining.

- Melissa W

There is not a lot of storage space in the back. Not very deep.

It drives well, and is a very comfortable ride. Plenty of legroom in the front and the back seats. My complaint is that I am short and the seat does not raise up high enough for me. And because they have made the doors taller to accommodate airbags, I have large blind spots on each side, for the mirror is where my eyes are.

- Diane B

Very Spacious for a Small Car

I love my Scion xB. It is very spacious inside for a crossover car. It has great speed and handling. The cost was very reasonable. The things that could be improved are the gas mileage and the suspension. The gas mileage is low for a small car and the suspension is rough. Other than that I highly recommend this car.

- Sarah W

My scion: the goat for a little cheese.

I love my scion xb. I am going to buy a new one in two years. It works better in the snow with good tires. The steering is excellent and the reliability of the vehicle. I would like to see more power and control of the engine. I would like to see more colors and more enhanced features of a DVD and Blu-ray player.

- Sara K

The box on wheels- the scion.

Blind spots and viewing.Otherwise it is very reliable and gets good gas mileage. It has good interior space and storage for a compact. Fold-down rear seat has space to carry large items. But. I hate the styling. . I've been told that it will have good resale value because the engine type is no longer produced.

- Linda M

Our Scion. This car is extremely roomy and very comfortable.

Haven't really had any problems with this car. It is very roomy and quite comfy. We had this car in storage for a year and it started right up. It has been a very reliable car. It gets good gas mileage. There really is no negative things I can say about this car. It is sad that they no longer make this car.

- Sharon T

Scion db. 2011 - our primary vehicle.

It is comfortable (we have a 4 door model) and easy to drive (we drive a standard but it comes as an automatic too). There's lots of storage in the back. Great gas mileage (~25 mpg). The only thing i'd warn about is that it rides a bit low and you have to be careful with curbs and parking.

- Bubbles L

Smooth ride for an easy drive.

It drives really well; a smooth ride. It is very spacious for a 5 passenger car. The gas mileage is decent-usually 25-30 mpg. It does not drive well in the snow though. The car is very low so getting through snow on roads is a challenge. Other than that, I have enjoyed this car very much.

- Victoria W

Great car. Burns oil quickly

Great car, I have 271k miles and still runs fine. Comfortable and spacious. Only bad thing is Burns oil quickly. There was a recall but Toyota wouldn't fix it because I allegedly went over the miles allowed for the recall. I wish they would do something about it but they won't

- Juan M

There are only 2000 cars in the release series 8. 0.

Could use better gas mileage, as it gets what an SUV would get, maybe a little better. Overall, I think the design is great and the car is trustworthy, but with it being a special shape, replacement parts are extremely expensive in comparison with other vehicles.

- Tye W

It is shaped like the brave little toaster!

No problems, I love this car! It has never given me an issue and I have had it for almost six years. I keep up on the routine maintenance, bought it certified used. The only thing I wish it had was hands free talking. Unfortunately it only has an AUX cord.

- Felicia H

Has a lot more room than it looks.

I like the digital speedometer, I like the amount of space inside the car, I like the large trunk, I like the stereo system, I do not like that the front end is so low, I do not like how cheaply some of the parts are made.

- Audrey S

Blind spot can be elusive.

The body kit takes some damage, and the car is top heavy. Gas mileage/size of gas tank could be better on such a small car, but it is not terrible. Overall, pretty good car for the price. Very nice on the inside.

- Tyler W

It is very reliable and easy to drive. I think it is a wonderful value. I have never had any real problems with it other than maintenance.

I love how much head room I have in the car. It handles really well in the snow. I have a really good sound system also for it being the stock one. This is the first I have kept longer than 2 or 3 years.

- Tarrah S

Very comfortable to ride in.

I like interior size of the car, the trunk is a good size, great with gas. I do not like the cloth interior wish I had leather, wish the car sat higher up off the ground, wish I had a sunroof.

- Alexandria C

This car is portable, fun, has a lot of space to move things with.

I have no had any issues with my car since I purchased it brand new in 2012 except for a recall on the airbag that was paid for by the car company. It extremely reliable, cost effective.

- Amanda B

For being a small car it really handles well on the highway.

I love roomy it is on the inside, but is not a huge car overall. I wish it had better gas mileage or was a hybrid. Owned the car for 6 years and have no issues with it.

- Christina M

It offers a comfortable ride and has more space than it seems at first glance.

It is very comfortable to drive and ride in. Plenty of space for both legs so you can sit with both feet flat on the floor and let the rest open naturally.

- Tasha L

It has an automatic transmission with overdrive.

I dislike that my vehicle does not have Bluetooth capabilities, but I love the size of my vehicle. I enjoy the way it drives and the way it handles.

- Jessica D

Cute Blue Scion Toyota Amazing

I really love my blue toyota scion produce more revenue and to help fund my business partner and I new business Idea for a non-profit organization.

- Taylor L

It is made by Toyota and is very reliable. They are much bigger on the inside.

I love the cargo space and I use it for work. I also like the size and the way it drives. It gets good gas mileage. This is my third Scion.

- Daniel A

The car has comfortable drive and great gas mileage.

The scion xb is a reliable car has good gas mileage. I love this because the car has so much room and has a comfortable drive.

- Joy A

It is really great for long trips because of the comfortable seats.

I like how much keg room there is, but the trunk space is limited. There is not enough trunk space for a lot of stuff..

- Lisa T

It is pretty good on gas mileage and it is got loads of room.

I have not really had any issues with this vehicle other than regular maintenance or as a result of a collision.

- Jennifer M

Reliable, inexpensive, and decent mileage.

Easy access and decent acceleration. Sufficient legroom for rear seats. Rear seats fold down for good storage.

- Wp T

It's roomier than it looks.

It's a great, reliable vehicle. It has served me well and kept me safe in several rear-end accidents.

- Sam A

My lovely car is very very roomy!!!

I love my car because it's big and roomy. I get great gas mileage on it. I love the color silver

- Julie K

it's convenient for shopping or using it for outdoor activities

it's a very reliable vehicle with little maintenance requires. I have no complaints.

- michael c

room for 4 people, good mileage

small, maneuverable, good mileage can be cramped, not as much storage as we need

- Jo Ann G

Gas mileage can be a factor. You get about 280 miles per tank.

Like the way it drives. Space is limited for seating but it does what we need

- Heather S

3 recalls one which is not advertised for a leak in the engine

Big enough for kids, comfortable and sporty

- Sue W