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I wouldn't have picked it, but I do not want to trade it in now.

It was originally my mother's car. I do not think that I would have chosen this design myself-just the aesthetics are not my tastes enough to have made me look at other vehicles first. It is too boxy. I was a musician who was on the road up to 25 days out of the month 8 months a year, and I was often alone with just my 120 lb. 5 foot keyboard and 2. 5 foot cube of amplifier and the one thing that I can say in favor of this vehicle is that it would have been nice to have for the space and the relatively good gas mileage it gets. You can fold the seats down and fit a surprising amount of cargo in the back area and when you unload it, the seats flip back up easily and you are good to go. My boyfriend and I managed to pack a 3 over vintage sectional that I found online for an insanely reasonable price and I was sure that we were going to have to take two trips. But he and the seller managed to do it and I am looking at it now set up in the living room and that seems impossible. One thing that I absolutely dislike about this vehicle is the difficulty in backing up. It is not an easy car to change lanes in either. It has multiple blind spot areas and I thought it was just me. But I have let two different friends and a cousin use it for moving something and all three have started out with "it could just be me, but-" and proceeded to mention the same things. Two of them are guys, in case anyone was curious. Other than that, it is okay. Oh, the lights were left on when my dad was still alive and he jump started it and it has a feature where you have to go to the dealership if that happens or else it will not go into second gear or maybe it is their? Something weird with the transmission speed and testing. I was not living here when it happened and I cannot be sure if I have the right details.

- Pepper M

It's like the T.A.R.D.I.S.: Bigger on the inside than you would expect in a compact style car.

The car is very spacious inside, which makes for comfort driving. I have had no major mechanical problems with it thus far. One thing I like best is the size of the windows all around—it makes me feel safer when driving to have such amazing visibility. The height of the seats getting into the car are the right height—my back is much happier. One problem involves the sun visors. Because the side windows are much wider than standard, when you flip the visor to block the sun from the side it stops about six inches short of the window's far edge, which is usually where the sun seems to hit my side vision. If there were an extender built in that would be ideal. That's my only complaint thus far. Overall, I'm really pleased with this car!

- Amy E

The Scion XB: Speedy, Sporty and Storage Space for Days!

I purchased my purple Scion XB as a pre-owned car directly from the Toyota dealership and I've loved it since day one. It's faster than it looks! It takes off very quickly and stops with precision. The seats are comfortable and plentiful and when the back seats fold down the storage space rivals a minivan. It's economical to repair although I've had no major repairs thus far, just minor oil changes, and tire changes.The Scion XB handles well, gets decent gas mileage, has a sporty look and overall feels great to drive. I love this car and will drive it until it can't be fixed any more.

- Samantha L

Roomy and surprisingly powerful.

Much more power than expected. Also much roomier. The gas mileage is great and it runs beautifully. It is a very nice looking vehicle. I love that I can connect my iPhone to the sound system via Bluetooth. The sound system itself sounds great and is not difficult to use. The climate control system fulfills my needs more than adequately. I am a musician and haul my own equipment to shows. The cargo space is surprisingly more that adequate for this as well. My wife and I have taken a number of long trips in our Scion db. and it is always a comfortable ride.

- Eric B

My Scion XB, a great value.

I am a large person, almost 400 lbs, and yet I can fit in and drive my XB comfortably. It has good acceleration even though it's only 4 cylinders, has great handling, is easy and fun to drive and gets good mileage. When you pop the hatch behind the back seats it has decent storage and a luggage rack up top.In 7 years the only major part replacements, other than the usual tires brake pads wheel resurfacing and cabin, oil and air filters were the front and rear springs/struts. The only negatives would be no 4 wheel drive and limited towing capacity.


The space inside the car is better than a Honda Civic or Toyota Prius.

Very spacious. I love how small it is from the outside, but how spacious it is in the inside. It performs good for small distances. It can eat up some gas, but not as bad as a hummer. If you are really looking on saving gas, get a Prius. It rides pretty smooth, and I am really sad that they stopped making this model. There's not really any problems with the car just as long as you keep up with maintenance.

- Tatiana D

My Scion overall has excellent performance

My Scion is great. It drives smoothly most of the time and is decent on gas. It is pretty new and since I have kept up with the maintenance of the car, it runs like new at nearly 100,000 miles. However, it's only problems concern AC and alignment. In the summer, the AC does not work well. Also, the tires need an alignment because the car shakes when braking on the freeway.

- Marc S

A Great Reliable Hatchback

My vehicle is reliable and spacious for its size. Great mileage. I enjoy the low maintenance of it and how easy it is to keep the exterior clean. I wish the black interior was easier to maintain with having children, but reveals everything. The technology is not as advance as other cars in its age range, and the USB port is difficult to get access.

- Chanel H

2012 Scion Review lots of cargo space

This vehicle has been very reliable for us. I love the Bluetooth features and that the rear seats fold flat for transporting large dog crates. It has lots of headroom and the seats are more upright like an SUV than a car so your legs don't go numb on long road trips. I wish it had a navigation feature or a more updated stereo system.

- Megan E

It is basically a Camry with a different body.

Mainly size, compact but can carry large items such as dining tables and other household furniture. I made a tire change at purchase and got alloy rims with low profile tires and I dislike the ride and longevity and noise of the tires. Like the look but hate the tires, and they aren't compatible with the traction control on the car.

- Beverly T

My aubergine scion xb is awesome!

I love my scion xb. It is a manual transmission and so much fun to drive. It is low to the ground and the tires hug the road so good! It has a Bluetooth which automatically connects my phone to the car. It has Sirius capability and a pioneer sounds system. It is so comfortable and roomy and is the nicest car I have ever had.

- Rica P

Great torque. Small and quaint yet roomy and strong.

It's a fun sporty vehicle with plenty of room for tall and short people. Leg room is awesome and comfortable. Has great torque when needed. Capable of handling hills and valleys with a the ability to handle all types of weather. Would love to buy other Scion vehicles of different series to make the house complete

- Joseph R

Safe vehicle with amazing space.

Great car safe, roomy, great on gas, no problems with car, it is amazing if you have a family because it looks small but is very big on the inside. I have gotten so many compliments on how the car looks saying it looks like a “Tokyo drift car”. I have had my car for 7 years and it still drives like it is new.

- Marcell F

Comfort and low cost with lots of features.

Reliable. Low gas cost. Roomy. Radio is great and ride is smooth. Haven't had any issues yet, but so far I love it! Cost of maintenance is very low as well, as parts are easily obtainable and upkeep is low. Both of my dogs have loved riding in it as well, as the seats fold down and give them tons of room

- Joshua G

How wonderful a scion XB is.

My car is great! It is easy to get into. It has lots of room in backseat. We have not had any problems. The seats go down to put things in the back. The only back thing is the shocks. My elderly mother can get in and out. It is comfortable when riding. It is good for older persons that are in a walker

- Susan L

Compact great on gas roomy inside.

My car is very dependable it is great on gas good size allows for transporting large items the back seat has a lot of room for people to ride comfortably. Wish it had alerts on mirrors for safety when cars are next to you that you cant see there is a big blind spot on both driver and passenger size.

- Heather M

My Scion that I will not replace. Good car to have.

I had a major issue with my electrical wiring harness and it almost took about a 9-12 months of in and out of the dealership. They replaced it for free because they could not find the issue. After the replacement there was no issue. I'm the second owner from 1600 miles to 152K my current mileage.

- Gary S

Scion xb is awe and champ.

This vehicle I love because I can pack big stuff 60" had TV in. Also desk can fit in This vehicle is amazed and comforted when we get in and out of it. I am tall and over 300 lbs. It was stunned to get in and out easily because of plenty rooms. It is reliable to drive and park in any sizes.

- Julie L

Reliable Comfortable Affordable Cute

The gas mileage could have been better, also had a few recalls on the vehicle due to oil consumption and airbags. The vehicle is pretty comfortable but sometimes the ride can be a little rough. Wish the car had a little more horsepower and torque to help merge when you are at higher speeds

- Brandon N

The Scion is a great car.

I bought the car with about 12, 000 miles on it. I've put quite a few on since then. Haven't had to do anything except regular maintenance. One issue I have had is that I have a slight bounce in my right front wheel. It might just need an alignment at this point though. Overall great car.

- Jeremy B

While I am not pleased with my car, it has been reliable.

My Scion xB is a temporary vehicle for me until I can afford the car I want. While I haven't had many problems, it is very minimalistic in terms of upgrades, it shakes when you drive (probably because of the boxy shape since it catches wind easily), and it's not very pleasing to look at.

- Gret M

Possible Scion SUV issues.

I have had to replace tires - bad ones from dealership. Abrupt weather changes can activate the tire pressure sensors -easy enough to check tire pressure and reset the sensors, there are instructions in the owner's manual. I had to replace the Schrader? Valves in the ac system.

- Jean S

Comfortable car, not great in snow.

The 2012 scion xb is a great, quality car. Good gas mileage, comfortable, has a lot of space. My one complaint, living in Wisconsin, the car is very low and fwd. making it not the best car to drive in snow. Other than that, I really enjoy the car and am happy I purchased it.

- Leah D

Scion db. the real deal car.

She's been a great car, I have used her for a lot of my travel from NY to VA quite a few times and she'd wonderful on gas. I haven't had any problems at all. Just like with any other vehicle maintenance is all important. Regular oil change, tune up when it is needed etc.

- Lyn O

Spacious and roomy car for everyone!

So spacious and roomy! Great for single people or families. It's easy to cruise and handle. The brakes are a little touchy but not anything that you cannot get used to. It has good gas mileage also. This is my second car I've had and I hope it'll last me a long time!

- Hayley N

That it is incredibly reliable.

I like it because it is fuel efficient, low cost and fit my needs when I bought it. I dislike it because I've spent a lot of money fixing things on it that I've never had to spend on any of my older cars. It's too low to the ground, and has a lot of road noise.

- Alicia R

Scion is the worst vehicle ever

Handling is awful. Steering is hard. Suspension is bad. Tires blow out quick. Doesn't have enough pick up. Slow vehicle. Too close to ground. The a/c went out and it's always blown very slow air. Makes a lot of nose from hoses and vacuum and power steering

- Michael M

Probably what we find most useful is putting down the back seat for our dogs.

I like the car. So far we have only had to do regular maintenance on it. We have replaced tires, battery, and brakes. We are having an issue with the battery now, but we are not sure it is that or something more serious. We purchased this car used.

- Ronny M

Unfortunately, this brand is no longer manufactured. So, I am not sure about the maintenance parts in the future.

This compact size car is easy to drive and park for everyday use. This hatchback allows me to load lots of stuff easily. I wish the gas mileage improves a little more since my husband's car can drive double the distance of this one.

- Chie S

Extremely reliable and great on gas.

It is spacious and has more room than you would think from the outside. The interior is to the level you would expect of a $20k vehicle. Handling is great and the newer years make much more power than when the model first came out.

- Troy B

It's incredibly roomy for a small car. It feels nearly as roomy as my old Explorer.

There are only 3 things that I don't like about it. The gas mileage isn't as good as I expected, the radio keeps losing its Bluetooth connection, and it rides low and I have to be very careful going over bumps and dips in the road.

- Natalija S

My car has room and more room can be made if needed to haul anything by declining the seats.

I like my car because it is a hatchback. It is a smaller car but still gives me room for my family. My CD player broke a while back which was frustrating but overall it was well maintained and lacked many mechanical problems.

- Jody F

roomier inside than I would have guessed. It is an easy car to park.

It's a midsize car that fits easily into most parking spaces. The interior is roomy both front and back. I do not like the location of the charger....in the console in the middle at the BOTTOM. It is a very basic car.

- Mouna S

It has way more space than you would think. There is way more space and you can comfortably load five adults in the car without a problem.

Love the amount of space in a smaller vehicle. Has not had any serious issues since having it and it is over 100,000 miles. It's been a great car for everything I need and allows me to fit a lot of things in it as well.

- Kayla C

Scion: Driving a Toaster!

This is the second Scion I have owned, and most likely will not be the last. It is comfortable, spacious, quiet, and has not once ever broken down on me. It is a dependable vehicle, with great gas mileage.

- Emily M

The interior is very spacious including a very large trunk.

My XB is a small car but is very roomy on the inside including a large trunk. I like the way it drives and it gets good gas mileage. It is a practical vehicle but I also like the way it looks.

- Amy M

Very dependable and runs great, it was also within my price range

It's small but roomy, it has been very reliable and runs great. I wish that the company still made scions but at least it's a Toyota and I know that I could rely on Toyota for any new purchases

- Patricia R

It is easy to park because of the cars flat but.

The car is a bit of a gas guzzler. . . But it only takes $35 to fill. The driver's seat is very comfortable and there's plenty of space in the back of the car if you go for road trips a lot.

- Sierra S

The most important aspect of the vehicle to me is the size of the interior.

I like how roomy the interior is. I'm big and tall, and am usually cramped inside of vehicles. I like the touch screen interface for the radio, bluetooth, and usb enabled stereo system.

- Mark B

Manual Scion is the Best!

I drive a manual and I love it. The only thing that I would change about this is it being a 6 speed rather than a 5. I also love how the back seat goes down for more storage.

- Emily R

It's reliable and good on gas mileage. Also fits lots of cargo.

The inside is roomy. The drive is smooth. Comfortable on long distance trips. Lots of storage space. Love the speedometer in the center of the dashboard.

- shirley R

It drives well in snow and is overall a reliable vehicle.

I like the box shape of my car. The sport shift mode gets great gas mileage. It has a nice amount of space in the trunk. I wish it was bigger though.

- Elizabeth B

It has so much room when you fold down the seats, which fold down completely flat.

I like the room, size, and reliability of Toyota. I dislike the meh gas mileage, the side mirror blocking my view, and the lack of noise insulation.

- Valerie S

It is compact. It is small. It is fast. It is cute.

I love that the car is compact. I love that the color is stingray like grey. I don't like that Toyota took over Scion and changed the Scion logo.

- Monique G

Great family car. Perfect car for us.

Very reliable, fun to drive, good gas mileage, versatile. I think the only money we've put into it is routine maintenance, brakes, and tires.

- Ari H

Very roomy great on gas people to pick up speed enough.

It is very reliable has never let me down great on gas very roomy back seats fold down for extra room if needing to carry something larger.

- Heather M

It gets great mileage and very comfortable. Very roomy

I love the gas mileage. It's very comfortable. The only thing i don't like is it has worn very easily. The seats are tearing and fading

- Dana L

There's a lot of airbags and it's a pretty safe car

I like the amount of airbags located throughout the car. I also like the gas mileage. I don't like how the car seems so stiff and rigid.

- Michael S

Very dependable. Never any problems at all.

Good gas mileage and a lot of room for a smaller car. Has four doors and with the seats in the back down you can haul a lot of stuff.

- Robert K

Good points about my 2012 scion.

Rarely have problems with this car. First which I bought pre own in quite a while. Runs better than some cars which I bought knew.

- Joseph L

Cosmetics and misalignment

The only problems are the cosmetics, outside of the car, the bumper is off and inside the bottom of the backseat is misaligned

- Samantha G

Very roomy. Has great performance.

It is very roomy and maintenance is the only thing we have had to do to it. Has over 120, 000 miles and still going strong.

- Debra H

Fuel efficiency could use improvement, such as making hybrid models

It's a great car but could have better gas mileage. I love the roomy interior of the Scion xB, I wish they still made them

- Tommy E

Plenty of room! Handles well! You feel safe in it.

I love the Scion XB. I am 6'2" tall and it's very roomy. Lots of headroom and legroom. Drives nice, plenty of pickup.

- Leanne L

The size of the car is great and. Love the model.

Great car it is a gas saver. Love the color as it changes depending on the lighting. Small and can park almost anywhere.

- Sandra B

The one highlight of my car that I love is that the dash is in the center of the front window instead behind the steering wheel

One problem that I have with my car is only one USB port but overall love the car. It is very spacious and comfortable.

- Francesca M

Bluetooth great on gas very spacious good tires good engine get great miles.

No problems with the vehicle she runs great good on gas looks small but is very big on the inside above all great car.

- Julia S

It's the last of Its kind.

I like the engine and gas mileage. For a Scion it has smooth lines and style. I wish that it was larger.

- Tyrone J

It's no to fast. But it is pretty dependable and the mileage makes for a good road trip car

It's pretty reliable. Gas mileage is good. And. So far no major catastrophe with the vehicles function

- John J

It's an affordable car that is a step between a car and SUV.

I love the durability of the car. I love that there is enough room. The car gets good gas mileage.

- Amanda K

The most important thing is that I can use it anytime I want.

My vehicle is a scion xb. I drive it to work everyday and I have no complaints about it.

- Robb S

It Is like a car but size of a suv. not available any longer on the market though

Love the look of it. The gas mileage is good on it. It also has good throttle response.

- Danielle B

The Scion xB has good fuel economy and its very suitable for my needs.

I like that it is portable and has leather interiors and is smooth.

- Funmi A

i love how compact it is, i can zip in and out and all around town. i do not like that it sounds like a tin box.

it is made by Toyota, so it has quality behind it.

- doni c