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2013 Toyota Scion A great smaller vehicle with big accomplishments

We have no problems at all with this vehicle. It is very reliable and the performance is great. It is easy to drive and very comfortable. We took it on a five thousand mile trip around the United States and was away from home for five weeks and had no problems the whole time. I would definitely recommend this vehicle to everyone. It is compact but by putting the back seats down you can get a lot into the vehicle. When we were on our vacation we packed a lot of things in the back and bought a lot and still had room. Mileage is great. We can get 25-26 miles on the highway and 23-24 in the city. It has a 14 gallon capacity so it doesn't cost an arm and a leg to fill the tank. It needs very little maintenance. It is a pretty sharp looking vehicle also. We have put some fancy wheels on it and it is a gorgeous shiny navy blue color. We have absolutely no problems with it and we have had it for five years. When we take it in for maintenance we are treated with utmost courtesy. We do not feel like the dealership is telling us that we need to fix things on the vehicle that is not necessary. We have not had any major problems with our Toyota Scion vehicle. The only time we have taken the vehicle to the dealership is for oil changes, rotating tires, etc. This vehicle is extremely reliable and we would definitely purchase another one in the future. The leg room in the back seat is huge for a smaller vehicle.

- Gwen R

Riding In this car feels like you're riding in a spaceship.

This vehicle was originally bought for dependency and space due to our growing family. It is a limited series, 1 of 2100 that were made. We bought it December of 2013 brand new. This has been such a reliable vehicle. We have maintained the services and kept very good care of the vehicle so we have not had any issues with the car. It is very spacious, two children later and we never feel that we are on top of each other. We are considering trying for a third, unfortunately there is not enough space in the back for 2 car seats and a booster or 2 boosters and a car seat. We refuse to trade this car in, instead we will keep for back up vehicle. We have become big fans of Toyota and scion since purchasing.

- Danielle M

I have never had a car with a Bluetooth in it.

It has a lot of room in the front and a lot of legroom in the back seat, more than most cars. It is very comfortable and nice riding care. I have never had any problems with it. I have had it for 2 years. It had everything in it I need like a Bluetooth, radio, a/c, cup holders and more. It had power windows. The driver's seat is also power up and down. Over all it is a very nice and inexpensive car to drive and easy to take care of.

- Mona P

Very spacious and reliable

I really like my car because it is very reliable and gets great gas mileage. I have had this vehicle for 5 years and have not had very many problems with it. I had another Scion xB prior to this one and really liked it too. It's a very spacious vehicle and fits a lot of stuff in it when I was moving. It's also great room for my 3 large dogs I have. I would definitely recommend it to anyone and would get another one in the future.

- William W

The Scion XB has a compact shape great design

The Scion xB is the most reliable car I have ever owned, I am a frequent driver and have gotten excellent gas mileage for over 6 years with no mechanical issues whatsoever. The car required no oil change until after the first 10k Miles which is obviously a bonus. Even requiring a synthetic blend oil, it is still very affordable upkeep. All around a affordable, reliable, and stylish car

- Rachel H

Good gas mileage with a very reliable car

My Scion gets excellent gas mileage, has a minimalistic interior and exterior, and needs little maintenance. I am a loyal Toyota consumer and have for the past 30 years have bought Toyota products. I could use more trunk space for when I travel with my granddaughter. Otherwise this is near perfect for my needs. It is too bad they will not be making Scions in the future.

- Mia K

I think this car would be perfect for families and single people who like to travel often. This is the perfect car for any type of occasion.

I like how from the outside, it looks like a midsize vehicle but when you sit inside, you can see a full view of the front and it is very spacious. I also like how the height of the car is not too high or low so it is easy to sit. If I were to complain about one thing, the back seems to be sticking out too much that I get cars bumping in to my back bumper often.

- nanette t

Lighter weight car with low maintenance.

The scion xb has been a good vehicle. We have had not major issues with it other than a recall for an airbag. It is easy to maintain and drives well. It is driven mainly for errands around our town and not much on the expressways. It is a lighter weight vehicle than our newest vehicle but we didn't realize it until getting the jeep.

- Karen B

Great city car for the family

The sion has great driving control. Because of its box shape it has plenty of room for the driver and up to 4 adults. The back seats lay down and make great storage room for shopping or travel. It makes great gas mileage and stays nice and cool during the hot summer. Also the sound and Bluetooth capability make great driving music.

- Linda M

Scion the silver color with black alloy rims.

I tried to drive small car. But I want to go back to Chevy suburban. It is my favorite. Driving a Scion car is very good in snow. But the storage in the back of Scion is too small. The gas is ok. It is like average. The spaces in car is pretty tight. We have 3 teenagers in back seats making them uncomfortable.

- Angela J

Size, comfort, style, simple.

I enjoy this car because it only has the basic items needed to drive safely. It is easy to see all of the road and can park just about anywhere. The seating is perfect and easy to get in and out of the care since it has four doors. There is plenty of legroom in the back seat to sit comfortably.

- Cassandra L

Peppy and great gas mileage.

Super reliable. Peppy and responsive. Great gas mileage. Lots of head room. Lots of space in trunk area especially when you lay the seats down. You can fit four comfortably but five will Fit with a smaller person in the back middle spot. We have never had any problems with it at all.

- Jennifer G

Silver Scion the most interesting thing is the emblems on my xb light up.

I love my Scion xb. It is comfortable, roomy and I love the stereo and my Bluetooth. I wouldn't replace it. I keep up the maintenance and I have had no problems with it. I also like to travel in my xb. I have been to Georgia back to Kansas. I would buy another one in the future.

- Susan S

Great car very reliable and gets up and goes!

It seems like a small car, but it is so roomy especially in the back. I like how it gets up and goes. Have had it 5 years and has not broken down. I like when it tells me my tires are low on pressure. Easy to get into small parking spaces. Able to pack a lot to go on vacation.

- Quinn H

It is small but spacious. Having a small frame is a perk when driving and parking in the city. But the interior of the vehicle still provides plenty of leg room and head room. Wonderful balance.

I love the unique style of the body. I like the fact that it sits higher than a regular car which was a huge reason why we bought it. The things I don't like about the car is that it can be loud in the car from external road noise and it should get better gas mileage.

- Jessica E

Top Reason Why your next car should be a Scion Xb

Scion is comfortable, reliable, fits everywhere, great gas mileage. The Scion lasts a long time and the value stays for awhile. Great Car highly recommended for all ages. Perfect for college students. Comfortable for families has a decent storage space.

- Brenda P

Highly recommend owning a Scion

I love my xB. It's a comfortable mid sized car. It has a great amount of storage and runs without any problems. I'm saddened that Scion will no longer be making cars. This is the second Scion I've owned and they are awesome cars at affordable prices.

- Sara M

It's shape is unique! It's a square shape which is unusual to most people.

I really love that it seems to be the perfect size for me when I drive my two girls around. It's got two luxury features (Bluetooth and auto start). I don't think I could live without either feature now. I don't have any complaints.

- DeeAnna M

It is roomy and fits a lot.

My car is very spacious and boxy. Lots of room and head space. Large windows, you san are everything. It has the same make up of a Camry and is great on gas, but it is ugly. It is a toaster car.

- Nicole C

Scion XB is an efficient and reliable car to own

Reliable roomy vehicle. Gets great gas mileage, comfortable to drive and ride in as a passenger. Has a good sized engine so it moves quickly but doesn't use too much power.

- Yuki M

Extremely reliable and easy to maintain and I don't care to drive anything else but Scion.

I love this car. Our family only drives Scions. We currently own 2 B's and 1 xD. We previously owned an iQ as well. They are incredibly reliable and super fun to drive.

- Eileen N

It is a reliable car. Smooth driving.

My scion is just the right size for me. It is also a very simple vehicle to drive. I do not need anything fancy or with all the latest gadgets. Also good on gas mileage.

- Marie B

It is a reliable car that runs well. There's enough space for a small family and travel.

It's a good car and offers a fair amount of room. It's a little low to the ground and you feel every bump on the road, but overall it's a good care and seems reliable.

- Leann M

Tons of room and good gas mileage.

There is so much leg and head room. Or body room. Very roomy for the whole family and trunk area is large too. Fits all 3 of our extra large dogs.

- Tammy T

It's so nice to drive and fun.

I love my car because its economic. I always wanted a scion. It's a small car but it has enough space inside. I love it and so do my kids.

- Karla U

Unfortunately scion is gone and no new ones are being made.

It has a lot of power. It's roomy interior. Good handling and turning radius for bigger vehicle. Fairly good gas mileage for a bigger car.

- Edgar B

That even though it's a little smaller, it has a powerful engine and does great on gas.

I like that it has really great gas mileage. I take kids to and from school all day everyday and it's the perfect size for our family.

- Katie D

Gas mileage is admirable. Does well in any weather. Enough room for family. Lots of room for luggage

I like the room inside. The seats are comfortable. The steering is accurate. Gas mileage nice. Does well in snow. No accidents

- Bradley A

Make sure you keep up on the maintenance, oil changes, battery checks, all of that.

Battery life is pretty bad. Gas mileage is pretty bad as well. Good speakers though. And the ABS brake system has saved my life.

- victoria a

It is fun, Steady and most of all safe. It gets great mileage. Super cute to drive.

It is perfect for our family. We have a dog and a kid. Travel to and from CA from AZ. It gets great mileage and is very roomy.

- Tanya R

Very economical to maintain and drive.

Pretty roomy for passengers and I like the seats fold down for more cargo if needed. Dislikes some blind spots when driving.

- Rae C

It's a smart choice for space and gas mileage

I like how much space it has for how compact of a vehicle it is. I also like my stereo system. It has decent gas mileage.

- Jacob N

Practicality of this vehicle is amazing. Great things come in small packages.

I love the gas mileage and how economical the car is. Even though it is small it is actually very roomy and it is lovely.

- Arlynn G

It is got good storage space even for its small size.

Easy to maneuver, good storage space, decent visibility, does not have a center console, gas mileage could be better.

- Jessica B

All in all, scions are fantastic cars and require very little maintenance .

it's a great car and very well on gas. it's very spacious. the radio sounds great. the air flow in the car is amazing

- raven n

It has a lot of miles on it.

The size to haul things, good gas mileage.. The doors sound tinny when you close them, there's no back up camera..

- Marsha B

It is sporty, looks like a crossover utility vehicle.

It is gas friendly, has lots of room inside, lumbar support seats and great to drive. Love the color too.

- Evan B

Gas mileage on the open road and in town.

It gets great gas mileage and has lots of room inside. It has a smooth ride and lots of get up and go.

- Marsha B

That it's mine and it gets me to where I need to go.

It is a gas guzzler. It hasn't let me down, though. The air conditioner is kind of weak.

- Ricky S

Performs well and has good gas mileage

It's a car that takes me where I need to go. It works fine> not what I want though

- Theresa W

The Scion is a very solid vehicle. Decent gas mileage and general performance. Gets me from place to place, not a lot of frills.

The body construction on the Scion is a little bit flimsy in some ways

- Zach M