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Small on the outside but quite comfortable and roomy on the inside.

My Scion has caused me absolutely zero problems. I have just over 80, 000 mile on her and the only repair job were the front brakes. I am due for the rear next oil change. It gets 27 to 30 mph and gives me a little speed when I punch the accelerator. It is not the prettiest outside. My wife refers to it as the toaster. However, it is much roomier inside than it appears. My son is 6'3'' tall and I always have him sit in my cars before purchasing. Plenty of legroom. Very good lines of sight also. The back seats fold down so if I need to hall small equipment or golf clubs, no problem. I wish the rear end was extended more so I could throw more stuff in if I have 4 passengers. Roomy for 2 people and luggage in the back, 4 passengers and no luggage but not built for 4 passengers and luggage.

- Patrick M

My car is it is great on gas.

I really love my scion xb. It is great on gas, it drives great and it also has a sports gear. I have touch screen radio, which I love. It is not the most up to date digital touch screen radio but it is my first car on my own so I love it. I have loudspeakers, which I love because I love playing my music loud and awesome bass. My car is very reliable when it comes to mileage. I can have a quarter of a tank & it could get me 35 minutes away. It takes $25 to full up my car, which I lobe. I just love my car and recommend it to others.

- Lexus T

Extra roomy scion xb, the best little car around.

The Scion xb runs greats, very good gas mileage. On board computer system is very easy to use and has a Bluetooth connection. Overall it is very comfortable to drive, however if it is more than a couple of hours in one sitting you may want to stretch a bit. Has a lot more room than they look and storage is great. Lots of cup holders and a/c plug ins, plus USB adapters in the center console. Back seats fold down for extra space. Easy to clean and maintenance is a breeze.

- Erin D

Good on gas and roomy and spacious.

It is a small nice car is the backseat has lots of space and trunk space is good on gas I have a text screen TV deck I have Bluetooth connection haven't had any major problems with my vehicle only thing I have fixed on my vehicles as I had it I have had it almost 2 years is breaks when I got my car at 27, 000 miles on it so it was like a new car kind of someone with kids is the nice car to have.

- A G

Great for a buyer that wants a simple vehicle.

It is too simple on the interior. I wish it had more interior lighting and that the gear shift panel lit up at night. The front seats are not padded enough. The black cloth interior seems cheaply made and thin. It does not have much plushness. The radio is a HD radio, but the HD does not come in that well, even when I am driving in an urban area.

- Richard Z

Scion: cool and functional

My Scion is comfortable, gets great gas mileage and is easy to maneuver and park. My only complaint is that the giant windshield is a rock magnet. Everything else is amazing with the car. It is a dependable vehicle that is good for road trips. Safety and easy driving with the additional custom leather interior and rims makes for an excellent vehicle!

- Kara Y

The scion xb, it has great turn ratio.

I really like the scion xb, 2014 model. It is roomy and versatile. It has great turn ratio and I can easily get in and out of small spaces. I haven't had to replace anything on the car other than the usual maintenance items, oil, filters, etc. I wish it was better on gas but other than that I really cannot complain about the car.

- Joanne O

It is an excellent vehicle to travel as it has room to accommodate luggage.

It is extremely reliable and fuel efficient. I love driving it as it is small and compact. I feel like I have more control over as it is perfect size makes it easy to park and back in to smaller spaces that bigger vehicles cannot fit into. I’d recommend this vehicle to anyone looking for a compact but spacious vehicle.

- Edna T

It is got great space with great gas mileage.

I love that it is a stick (manual is hard to find in SoCal). It gets 20+miles to the gallon. It is super roomie in the front and the back seats. It is very easy to get in and out of (no lip at the bottom for you feet to have to get over). People who have had a stroke (or other physical issues) can easily get in & out.

- Erin I

It is aerodynamic and yields a premier in-town and utility vehicle.

I got my car when it was brand new in October 2014 - it only had six miles on it from an assortment of brief test drives. 44, 100 miles later, I have used my Scion to move in and out of my college dorm, transport children I babysit, help family members move, and just live my life in a comfortable, spacious vehicle.

- Cam F

Easy to maintain and very reliable, roomy.

Scion is roomy and has lots of room for luggage in back for travel. The seats are comfortable and the dashboard id easily viewed. I love my Bluetooth option. The controls on the steering wheel are a plus. Plenty of headroom for our tall friends. Overall we love everything about our scion!

- Kathy L

A car that meets many needs for a family.

My Scion is a perfect fit for my family. It has cargo room for my son's musical equipment and for dogs I take to adoption events. It give great gas mileage and is very comfortable to ride in. It is an excellent car for someone that has multiple needs. We love our baby school bus.

- Molly F

The good and bad with scion

Seats are very uncomfortable on a long trip. Great gas Mileage..picks up speed quickly which is great for getting on the interstate..very roomy for smaller families..great back seats and extra hidey holes are great..but again for very long trips seats are very uncomfortable

- Tammy C

A really great buy! I love it

What I love is the roominess of the vehicle. It's very good on gas. I can drive manually or automatically. It seats 5. It drives very smooth. The back seats fold down for packages and big cargo. U can put one side of the seats down in back or both...it's a great purchase

- Shawn B

Mobility Issue Friendly Car

The best available car for people with mobility issues that do not require a wheelchair. Both owners use canes, which have areas next to the seat for storage. Roof height allows easy entry, without excess height of door sill or seat. Easy to get knees in and out.

- Jeff P

Scion xB is a great vehicle

This car is extremely reliable and very easy and fun to drive. We have taken it on long road trips and used it for moving. It has great storage. It is also great for daily driving because it is good on gas. I would highly recommend this vehicle to anyone.

- Emma C

A small car with tons of room, very comfortable with room to haul stuff still.

I haven't had any problems since I got it the only thing I dislike on the car is it is lack of gages it does not have a temp gage, oil pressure gage or a volt gage. I like to know what's going on with my cars.

- Michael G

The car is very spacious.

Only problem with this model car would be Its not super gas efficient. After a few years you can tell a difference in how much gas is being used up. Other than that the car is very spacious, roomy.

- Crystal G

It doesn't hold up well. It's not going to last a long time.

I like that it has Bluetooth radio and remote features. It has enough room. I dislike the shape. It is not well put together and pieces (bumper, undercarriage) break easily.

- Heather P

It's one of 1500 it has a unique green color

I love how spacious it is in side and how it can fit everywhere. I don't like that the back up camera doesn't show the green or red of how far you are from a car

- Maria G

It is a pretty good little box car.

It is a very good car for what it is. There are a few minor things that I would have love to see done differently, put they are not game changers.

- Allen P

It's really great for travelling and carrying big items, such as appliances. And tables.

It's fun to drive, smooth, spacious and drives well on the open road. It's nicely priced and good on gas. I like the interior and exterior.

- Connie W

The shade of red is very easy on the eyes and looks very for this style of car.

Compact, comfortable, and easy to drive. I love the color and the way it handles in the winter. I wish for more miles per gallon.

- John M

It's unique. You can't help but notice it.

I love the roominess of my car but I hate that the gas mileage is poor. I went from a Toyota to a Scion and dropped 10MPG easily.

- Catherine T

Scion xb continues to be jack of all trades.

The car is extremely spacious and it is the second time I have owned a Scion because of its dependability and versatility.

- Daniel C

Overall, it is a very economical car.

The vehicle is a gas saver. It rides comfortably. There is plenty of space. As of present, I have no complaints.

- Emmett A

Reliable, dependable, Scion XB

It's a good reliable spacious car that I use for work but also on the weekends. Great gas mileage too

- Daniel C

It is dependable. It is a car that I can use my vehicle for shopping with n problem.

I do not have any things or complaints about my current vehicle.

- Kim M