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Perfect car! With a low price tag!

I love that it's a compact. Looks tiny from the outside but has lots of room on the inside. Has a touch screen control panel, Bluetooth, hands free calling, back up camera. Controls on the steering wheel for music and calls. Odometer is digital. All gauges are more centered in dashboard rather than behind the steering wheel. Dislike that interior lighting is orange, would be better blue and that the standard paint job isn't great. Paint chips easily. Haven't had any mechanical problems. Did have 2 recalls and Toyota was great and got them taken care of.

- Britney S

It's so roomy for such a small car.

The scion xm is a very comfortable car for people with arthritis. It sits lower to the ground for easy access and exit. The rear seats lay down to make extra room for the hatch door for more room for hauling things. It is a 4 door which makes it comfortable for the passengers. There are several cup holders for easy to reach drinks. It also has the back up camera, along with the signal lights on the mirrors on the outside doors. I am very pleased with the purchase of this vehicle as I am now disabled and it us easy peasy to do my own errands,

- Diane E

The long forgotten Scion xb!

I love the affordability of my scion xb. It gets great gas mileage, and I enjoy taking it on road trips (mountains, California) the handling is great, and it has a great safety rating! the sound system wasn't that good, so I hate to install one myself... other than that I love my scion xb. it's too bad Toyota discontinued the scion xb. Really wish they would reconsider on bringing it back! it's a great vehicle for someone on S budget, who can't fork out 25,000 plus for a vehicle

- kris H

Scion xb is perfect for a family of 5 and very comfortable!

My vehicle is perfect for my little family. It is not too big or too small just the right size. I have a family of 5 and it rides smooth and very good on gas which is very important. A very reliable car, the trunk has the perfect size. You can also fold all the back seats down if your planning to move or have extra laundry in your car it is very easy to make space.

- Sally H

The Most Underrated, but over performing car I have ever owned.

Large interior, very comfortable, grips the road like a compact car, you are a good distance from the windshield so it feels really roomy inside. The seats in the rear also have a lot of room and even with the seat pushed back the passengers don't feel squished, the performance is there if you need it, I have never felt like I couldn't get enough speed if needed.

- Cory R

Great spacious, dependable vehicle

I enjoy my car. Even though it looks small from the outside, it is very spacious inside. This was a big plus for me because I didn't want to feel crowded while driving. I drive far for work, and have never had to worry about my car making it anywhere. The headlights were extremely dull when I purchased the car and just replaced them.

- Jasmin L

Scion XB is a sporty but roomy and affordable car!

It has great pickup and drives smoothly. The navigation and stereo system are great. An adult can fit comfortably in the backseat. Good amount of trunk space, the seats fold down to fit bigger items. Only complaint is that the car seat in the back only fits if the front seat is pushed way up, limiting the leg room for taller people.

- Amanda S

Scion XB with easy to read digital speedometer

My Scion XB, is reliable and has low maintenance. It has several little cubbies inside for personal items, like mints, garage door remote, cell phone, etc. The speedometer is digital and in the middle of the dash. It makes it very easy to know my exact speed and helps keep my eyes on the road.

- Kimberly M

I just put gas in the car, turn the key and go!! Most reliable car ever.

I really have no problems with this vehicle. It runs great, has lots of power and is great on gas. It does not cost much to fill up the tank either. It is very comfortable for long drives and the sound system is awesome!! I literally just get in turn the key and go.

- Tyrone C

The car looks odd, but it drives very well and will last a long time if taken care of.

I love the purple color, but sometimes get tired of the odd box shape. It drives well though and is more spacious on the inside than previously thought. The dashboard is also quite large, which can be good for safety but annoying when driving.

- Nasir A

It can last up to 350,000 miles. With good maintenance and care the car will last multi generations

I like the ability to have good decent gas mileage. That the car was of an affordable price and that it can last for a long time. Doesn't have as much space for a growing family as I wanted

- Loree L

It is a gas saving car, you get great mileage. You can also put the back seats.

It is a gas saver! It is also very roomy. I like that it is low and the body is short. It makes parking so easy. Nonetheless the best part of my car is that it never fails on me.

- Monica L

Is Toyota, wich means that is going to last for a very long time.

The Performance of the vehicle is extraordinary, the mileage range is just up to 320 miles maximum. One of the special features about this car is how specious in on the inside.

- Emmanuel M

Comfortable and Reliable Car

It has been a reliable car so far. No major problems. The shocks are a bit stiff and so road bumps can be rough. Otherwise the ride is smooth. Comfortable seats. Nice interior.

- James B

It's like a small SUV without having all wheel or 4 wheel drive.

I wish it got better gas mileage, but like the rom in the back hatch. It also rides nice. Only problem is that there will be no more new ones sold in the US

- Diana P

It's similar to a Camry, just looks different.

I love the way it drives, the open feel and windows so you can see most of the road with few blind spots. It is also very spacious. I hate that it is ugly.

- Nicole C

It needs to be taken in for maintenance quite often.

I appreciate the spacious interior and the ability to hold multiple passengers. Not a fan of the small gas tank, as I have to refuel quite often

- Connor Y

It is very spacious and kid friendly. The best thing about it is that it has good gas mileage.

No problems! I love my car and wouldn't trade it for any other vehicle. I am very satisfied and it has been very dependable.

- Cathy R

That is not a very tall car, so for high street is not very good

It's very comfortable and affordable in gas, also if something it's wrong it will be cheap and easy to find a change

- Luciana S

Reliable and Toyota scion has good warranty.

Very good on gas, big trunk and navigation. Has miles until empty, all gauges work. Have not had any problems.

- Brittany M

More space than you think!

We enjoy the car; it runs well and have had no complaints at all. It's got more space than you might think!

- Nate W

Easy control and maneuvering. Great on gas. It does not block out the sounds.

Great size, great gas mileage, but hate how bumpy the ride is. Also does not keep the road noise out.

- Renee B

Awesome car for everyone, I think it's made for younger generation. Compare to other Toyota cars it's a little noisy if you're on the road, but it's very comfortable and the engine is power despite it's a small looking car.

You would love it, but always remember the seats are fabric and you need to clean more often.

- Kayo T

It is a compact suv but fits enough cargo and had plenty of leg room

I like the size and the gas mileage. It has some style. I wish it had gps

- Kenna L

No complaints, its compact but roomy on the inside. Not too close to the ground. It's really good on gas if you're driving short distances.

Compact car, great on gas and even better for day to day life.

- Kyla F

stylish, fun to drive, comfortable and easy to navigate in the cities

small and roomy inside - great gas mileage. not enough power

- natalia k