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Spacious, great mileage, never breaks down.

My wife and I don't really have too many problems with this car. It is a great family car. It is not too big and not too small so it is great for going to the grocery store or camping. The back seats come forward and if you need extra space they even fold down. If I had to say something bad about it is that it does not have child locks or if it does I do not know how to use it and now that we have a kid it would be nice to have. It is not decked out with all kinds of tech that cars nowadays have but that is fine for my wife and I.

- Brian S

An interesting thing about my car is how small it is.

So far, no major problems I had with the car. It is very reliable since it can last longer in long car rides than any car I had before. However, it is not as comfortable as a Camry or Civic since the seats are not easy to sleep on. Another disadvantage is the a/c since it is only limited to the driver and passenger seats. There is no a/c output for the other passengers in the back seat. Even more, I would not recommend this car for a family of four since the space runs a bit tight.

- Janice P

My car is a beautiful little machine which gets me to and from where I need to go

I love my Scion XD. It is a quick small reliable car with great gas mileage. It has made plenty of road trips including bringing us to Rhode Island where I'm from, but has also brought us to Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, through Connecticut, New York, and some parts of Virginia it has great sound system for me because I like music and it has maximum comfort for me and my family.

- Justin M

More roomy inside than you would expect. Great gas mileage.

I have had this car for almost 10 years and it has had very minimal problems. Keep up on the regular routine with your mechanic because I did have a problem with my coolant leaking and one of my belts coming loose. The inside is not that comfortable. It does not have an armrest in the middle between driver and passenger, which gets uncomfortable after driving for a long period of time.

- Sarah C

Scion xd not good for car seats.

I have had issues with the size of the scion xd. It has been a terrible car for car seats. Installing and taking out car seats - there is not enough room with kids to sit safely in their car seats. Even with my back row back as far as it goes and my seat up their little feet still have barely enough room between the car seat and the driver's seat.

- Brit B

The perfect compact car for city life.

My scion xd is truly the perfect vehicle. It is compact which is perfect for city driving as well as parking. The fuel economy is wonderful and it only costs about $25 a week in gas. There's just enough room for my friends and I. It is stylish, and customizable. I can practically have this as my primary vehicle for the next 10 years.

- Laura F

Smaller is sometimes better in certain situations.

After I bought the vehicle, a tube came loose and the engine overheated. After it was replaced, the car never had as much "oomph" as it did before. Also, the car feels a little too small sometimes. However, the car usually runs pretty well, steers pretty well, gives good visibility, and tends to fit well in some tighter spaces.

- Jamie W

It is efficient, both with petrol and space. It does the job basically. It doesn't have a lot of bells and whistles, but it gets me from point A to point B. It's a car, and it works that way.

I like that is small. I used to live in San Francisco, and small cars are great for cities. And you can put down the back seat if you need more room to move junk. However, the car has a relatively low profile, to the ground, and it can be difficult for someone of my size to get into it easily.

- JD A

The scion xd and what's so great about it.

I really like how pettit it is. It makes it easy for me to weave in and out of traffic and for me to park in tight spaces. However, it takes awhile to accelerate but once it does, it can go pretty fast. Although it looks really small on the outside, it is actually pretty roomy inside.

- Melinda H

The gas mileage is incredible. My car can go double the distance of some others on a tank of gas, and it only costs $20-$25 to fill it up.

I love my Scion XD. I have driven many cars, and this one is my absolute favorite. It gets incredible gas mileage which saves me money. It's also the ideal size, being small enough to fit in tight spaces, but the hatchback trunk offers plenty of storage room since I move frequently.

- Caroline D

Scion xd is dependable & gas efficient.

I really enjoy the scion. It is dependable & gas efficient. The only issue I have with it is the numerous blind spots. In some situations it has been difficult to navigate reversing from parking spots & to view oncoming traffic when changing lanes. Otherwise it is a great car.

- Hannah E

Compact but roomy and safe for new(ish) drivers

I love that my scion is a standard transmission; these are so hard to find anymore! We've had great luck with it's safety and durability as well, with only one or two "major" part problems during the 105k+ lifespan of my car. A good first car for me and has lasted us a decade!

- Brittany R

Great on gas. Handles well on dry pavement not very well on wet surfaces.

Very dependable, I have left my headlights on several times because there is no ding. Also I do not like the way that the gas gage reads.. The blinking light when close to empty creates stress because I do not know an exact amount or miles I have left to get to a gas station.

- Paula S

My favorite things are the gas mileage and the space in the back hatch.

The space in the hatch back with the seats down is great. The vehicle gets great gas mileage. The ad handles very well in all road conditions even being a lighter car. One of the complaints I have with the scion ad is the road noise is a bit louder than most other cars.

- Richard M

It's small, reliable, has good gas mileage, and was affordable to purchase.

My car is small and can fit in tight parking spaces easily. I can fit a lot of groceries and other things in the trunk. I have never had any major mechanical issues. My only complaint is it's not a very "grown-up" car - it looks like something a teenager would own.

- Janet K

Tiny but very efficient!!

I love my tiny car! There are 4 of us in my family, recently had a baby, so we are thinking about getting a bigger vehicle. We would really like to stick with a scion. The cost to fill up my tank never disappoints. It's easy to keep clean and maintain.

- Ashley T

That it is very convenient and affordable in gas.

I love my car because it small car. I could park the car anywhere especially place that it is difficult to find parking. The back seats fold when I need more space to put things in the back. Although it is small there’s enough space for everyone.

- Ambar R

Takes very specific tires, so they must be specially ordered or overpaid for.

I like that it is compact but lots of interior space. I also like that required maintenance has been minimal. I do not like the jumpiness of the acceleration. I also do not like the height of the vehicle, other car's headlights feel more annoying.

- Rebecca T

It sits very low to the ground. Watch out for bumps in the road that you don't drag the bumper.

I love that I can park most anywhere. I don't like that it is so low to the ground because it's easy to drag the bumper if I'm not careful. To be as small as it is, it doesn't get as great gas mileage as I would have guessed.

- Denise H

The size is great for getting around in a busy city while still having enough space for cargo and/or passengers.

I love that it's small and easy to navigate in the city. I also love how roomy it is on the inside, especially for tall passengers. I wish it had some additional extra features, such as automatic up for the windows.

- Brit E

Rides like a dream and is affordable.

I like that it is roomy for a smaller car. I like the design. I do not like that it is getting older and not working as well as it is to. I do not like that there is no backup camera or any technology in it.

- Melissa H

Love My Scion - Great Ride

I bought my Scion xD used and I adore it. It has over 170K miles on it and I haven't had a single problem with it. The only complaint I have is that parts to repair it are hard to come by/more expensive.

- Claire D

The car is good on gas and inexpensive to fill up.

My car is good on gas and great for a single person. It has served me well for years. However it is too small for a family with kids and trying to fit everything needed into it for family trips, etc.

- Tiffany J

It is very reliable however I do not believe it should be used for long distances

The vehicle has not given me any electrical or mechanical issue in the past 3 years that I have had it. I did get into an accident but i repaired it and it's been working good ever since.

- Annaliet M

It is reliable! I have not had to take it in very often, so upkeep is low.

I like that I have good gas mileage. I think it looks appealing. I dislike that it is a little too small for comfort. I also wish there was a center console instead of just a cupholder.

- Trevor R

It gets great gas mileage.

I love the size of it. I wish I could carry more in the trunk but I do not have a problem with day to day errands. I enjoy the stance of the vehicle and also how easy it is to drive.

- Michele j

It's bigger on the inside. My car can seat 4 people comfortably with leg and arm room.

I like that it is compact. I also like that it is not expensive to maintain. I dislike that the engine isn't powerful enough to go up slopes without slowing down significantly.

- Dan P

The Scion xd may be small but its strong!

its a limited edition version with a body kit. Great on mileage and for parking in small spots. Lots of leg rooms for everyone though the trunk space is small.

- Diana S

My car still drives great for being 10 years old and having over 140,000 miles.

My scion xd is a very reliable car that I've had for 10 years. I haven't had any major issues with my car besides the normal upkeep and wear and tear.

- Daralyn G

It's incredibly safe! Plenty of air bags and it is a very safe drive.

It is a small vehicle but fairly roomy in size. It runs well and without issue. It was my dream car! It is still in great shape even after 10 years.

- Rebecca H

Great family car. Great gas mileage. Handles wonderfully.

Only problem, low to the ground. Runs very well. Handles wonderfully in snow. Roomy. Love this car. Very good on gas. All around great family car.

- Katheryn G

This car is very reliable, maintenance is simple, and the gas mileage is great.

I like the small size of the vehicle. It also gets great gas mileage. The acceleration is a little slower, but it is an older car.

- Mel M

Longevity. Will the car last longer than your payment plan?!.

It has high mileage and is worth less than what I owe on it. But it is great gas mileage and has more room than you'd expect.

- Laura J

It is economical and fun to drive.

The is economical and fun to drive and has a good gas mileage but it feels every bump and is a bit noisy and not smooth.

- Erica P

It was affordable and is quoted to be reliable but as the owner of this car I am not sure I agree

I like that I can see out of it easily because I am short. I dislike that the quality of the plastic stuff breaks off.

- Ashley H

Reliable and easy on gas. We love the way it handles also.

I love everything about my car. It's great on gas as well. Gets me there and back. We never have any issues with it.

- Barbara H

The most important thing is that it is very small.

What I dislike is it wastes a lot of gas. I like how small it is. I like how it is small but people can still fit.

- Beth G

The car is very small and not ideal for taller people. You will however save money with fuel at the cost of leg room.

The car has excellent fuel efficiency. The car has low maintenance. It is great for driving in the city.

- Colin P

The mpg is amazing. I get up to 38 mpg with this car.

Dependable and comfortable. It gets awesome gas mileage. I have over 200,000 miles on it and it is great!

- Julie P

Versatile, fuel efficient.

I like that It's fuel efficient and can carry a lot. I would prefer a bit more room for vacations.

- Earl B

That it does well with gas mileage

I like the speed and the quality of the car. I guess I don't like that it is a bit small

- Jessica Z

It has a very strong motor

Is very small. Air conditioner no confiable. the body is damaged very fast

- monserrate W

good on gas good gas mileage

no arm rest or console for driver, no thermometer to tell weather temp

- paula e