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A big car in a small body.

I absolutely love my scion xd. While it is a small car, it is amazingly roomy. The storage area can carry an unbelievable amount, and with the back seats down, that area is even larger. I have even hauled furniture on several occasions. The gas mileage is great, at around 28 town and 32 plus open road. The scion is the fastest car I have ever driven. Visibility is very good, with little to no blind spots. It is a very dependable car with a smooth ride. Other than routine maintenance, it never needs any type of repair, and it has 125,000 miles on the odometer. The only drawback is there is not a lot of legroom in the back seat for a person taller than average height. I would highly recommend this car to anyone who wants a small efficient dependable car.

- Teresa M

Blind spots in the mirrors are easily corrected by looking through the windows.

I love the feel of the car, it fits the size of my dream car. The car moves just how I want it to. I wish the radio system was more advanced but it is alright. The driver's seat is really nice. The back seats can slide forward and backward and also fold in a 180 degree way. The blind spots from the mirrors are very tiny and easily correctable by turning your head to look through the windows. The car is pretty low to the ground and this may make it hard to drive on bumpy roads and get up steep drive eats because you risk the chance of scraping the frame on the ground (usually the front bumper). The gas mileage is pretty good, I only need to fill it up once every 3 weeks and it only has 10 gallons in it (I drive about 50 miles a week on average).

- Alex D

This is a stylish car, and easy to handle. It handles well in many types of weather conditions.

I like the hatchback trunk, I can fold down the back seats and fit a lot of things and even some medium size furniture items in the back. I like the easy to use radio and displays. I dislike that the hood is so short, makes it harder for a lot of mechanics to work on the car. I like that it's been a reliable car for the most part.

- alyssa C

Scion xd, small and great to drive.

Great performance small hatchback with lots of room! Easy to drive automatic with good mileage in town and long distances. I like the looks of the Scion and it is unique shape. I would recommend this car for it is easy maintenance and sporty look. I would buy this car again.

- Kay P

Accelerates quickly which is helpful in merging into traffic.

It has the rear fold down seat that is very roomy, we fit a full size kitchen stove in it! The seats are very comfortable and it has generous leg room. The car has great power to get up and go that we named it Zippy.

- Kerri A

It's a reliable, well built car, that gets great gas mileage and is comfortable to drive.

Love the size, seats are comfortable, has a good pick up and steering is great. It's an older car, so I wish it has some of the newer features, like GPS and rear or side cameras. It gets good gas mileage, too.

- Debbie C

It is so easy to drive, back up, park.

I love my car- it is compact, easy to drive and quick to accelerate. It gets great gas mileage and is perfect for trips. The only thing I do not like are the seat designs and the lowness to the ground.

- Sarah P

Safety is top notch in this car. Has great airbags and braking.

I love the fact that it is an economical car, gets great gas mileage and is surprisingly roomy. It isn't slow, looks great, and is rather comfortable. Not big enough for a growing family though.

- Sergey L

It's a brand made by Toyota, which is impressive and also made me feel secure about buying the car.

I have LOVED my vehicle. It has been a very good fit for my needs. With the back seats being able to flatten, I can haul large items when needed. I'm also very happy with the mpg I get with it.

- Rita W

It is a lot more convenient than it first looks to be. Compact and decent gas mileage, fits in smaller spaces but still has enough space inside.

I like that it is a small and compact car. For a slightly older vehicle, it still runs well and hasn't had many major problems. I would look into getting another similar car after this one.

- David D

It's roomier than most small cars.

I like that it's small and can fit into tight places, and at the same time is roomy and as a hatchback can transport large items. I also like that it has higher seats than most small cars.

- Roz G

The best thing about this car is its versatility.

I love how the car handles, as it has never let me down. I love having a hatchback with the ability to push down the backseats for more room. I hate the fact that they quit making the car.

- Andrea H

My car is almost 10 years old and I have had to put very little work into it. This is one of the many reasons why I love it. It is very reliable, great on gas, and safe.

It has a Toyota engine (all Scions do), which means it is likely to run for a very long time. I have had it for 9 1/2 years and have over 100,000 miles on it and it runs great.

- Maria H

It is both reliable and fun.

I like it for fuel economy and reliability. It is a fun, small compact and perfect for city use. It was also great that it had a fixed price and did not require negotiation.

- Josephine R

it excellerates pretty fast. when it is raining, its a lightweight car so you need to be slow

I love it, and i need it to last me a long time. so far i have over 100,00 miles and it's always reliable. It has a lot more space for storage that it looks.

- Rachel S

Great for the money if you are on a limited budget.

Good gas mileage, lots of storage area. Really zips. Do not have any complaints. Hate when there's a min to fill out as I am pretty succinct.

- Su Ellen S

Speed is great and comfort

It can whip, but not the nicest looking car. Looks like a box, kinda. Comfort wise, it is very comfortable most of the time.

- Cameron S

The gas mileage is very good on this car highway and street.

Like that it is a compact car very good on gas. Don't like the seats there not very comfortable on long trips.

- Donna S

This car is durable, reliable, comfortable as well as fuel efficient

Great gas mileage in a comfortable design. Has a spunky engine that gets and goes. It is durable.

- Don L

All the sensors broke so the car is mechanically fine but all the sensors say everything is broken. AC and heat are broken. Horrible blind spots.

I have no means of knowing if it's actually broken unless it won't start or starts smoking.

- Ann W

the car is easy to maintain. I have no complaints.

It is a cute car. Perfect for a starter. My daughter loves it. Easy to maintain.

- soha m

Its cheap to maintain and insure. It is small but has lots of storage

It is cheap to operate. It is fuel efficient. I do not like that it lacks power

- peter u

It has tons of interior space

I love it's size. Very fuel efficient. Fast acceleration. It's great!

- Dina S

It's good on gas and reliable. There are many features the car offers.

The car is good on gas however it's too small for a family.

- Johanna R

It's small, fits everywhere and gets great gas mileage. As a Toyota, it is very reliable and easy to find parts for. Plus it's way more stylish than a similarly sized Corolla or Civic.

Small, comfortable and efficient reliable daily driver.

- Nick L

Great car. Don't like the black interior. The trunk space is best feature.

That it has lots of trunk space and the seats go down.

- Tamara H

it gets the job done, no frills

I like the storage space and the fuel economy is good.

- shane k