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The small car but seems spacious.

It is extremely good on gas. It looks like a small car but it actually feels a lot more spacious than it looks. It also doesn't feel like you are super close to the ground either. And you don't feel like you have to crawl out of it like a lot of cars do. The only thing is if you have kids it's not very big in the back seat for car seats.

- Kate S

THE BUILD QUALITY IS VERY GOOD I've never had to repair it in 5 years.

I love that my car is small and fits in small places. The bluetooth talk and audio/stereo is great feature. I dislike the gas efficiency around 31 mpg because the vehicle is so small i feel i should get closer to 40 like 38 mpg or higher. Sometimes it accelerates slow.

- James T

That we can go two weeks between filling our gas tank up.

This is the best car I have ever had. It handles very well, has great acceleration. It gets great mileage too. It has some neat accessories also. Like a port to charge my cell phone. It also has a great radio set up. I just love everything about this wonderful car.

- Karen B

Excellent fuel economy for a low price

It's efficient, lightweight, navigable, and adorable. Simultaneously, it has very good storage capacity and passenger capability. Could stand to be better in the winter but snow tires would fix that.

- Cody P

It has really good gas mileage.

I like that my car has good gas mileage. I like the way my car looks and I like the radio and that I can connect my phone with Bluetooth. I don't like how small it is and the interior material.

- Davig P

Extremely affordable, reliable, dependable and fun to drive. Maintenance on it has been very affordable and I would definitely buy another Scion again in the future. I would recommend this car to anyone searching for a dependable, affordable car.

I love that it's small enough to maneuver in big city driving. Yet, when I fold the seats down in back. It's large enough for me to transport all my garage sale finds home.

- Ray L

Not a family car. Young singles car

Not a family car. More for a single young adult. No real trunk space. Not a lot of room in the back seat. But good mileage for the most part but has a small gas tank

- Kelly B

It is a lot larger in space than what it looks like on the outside.

I love the box shape without being too abnormal. I wish there was more trunk space. I wish it was a little higher off the ground. I can use compact parking spaces.

- Mae J

Handles well on the road.

I really like how the back seats folds down and the slide back and forth. I also like how the front seats folds back to make them flat for sleeping.

- Cathy W

The tires are unreasonably expensive and it only takes synthetic oil.

I like it because it is a great utility vehicle. Also I LOVE the stereo system. Unfortunately, it is small and it does not have great gas mileage.

- Daarina W

My car has great visibility and seems like a big car on the inside, but is actually small from the outside.

I like the size and maneuverability. It has good inside size and great room for transporting items. It also gets good gas mileage.

- Debra B

No arm rests, didn't even notice for a few months.

Good little car. Good pick up, not great going up large hills. Not a lot of space but fits standard size car seats.

- Stacie T

Safety and reliability of the car brand (Scion being owned by Toyota)

I like my compact, functional car. It is very easy to drive. My only complaints would be limited interior space

- Amanda H

It saves on gas and it fits in tight spaces.

It is small.. Cute and fun to drive.. I dislike it has a lot of repair to do and not enough space in the back.

- Chichi A

Good gas mileage and good storage.

Small, cramped, good at hauling things. Great gas mileage, easy care, zippy, able to convert well. Great car.

- Rebecca L

pretty comfortable on trips

like the gas mileage has get and go power dislike it on a hill

- steve M