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I love the color of my car.

I really love my car, I am pretty small and I can't imagine someone who is overweight being comfortable in my car. I do wish they would add a sunroof option or moon roof that would be amazing or even some kind of convertible. I also think that the cupholders are an awkward length from the steering wheel. Since my legs are short I have to scoot up closer and the cup holder I almost have to reach back for.

- Madison M

I must say the performance meets my expectation.

I purchased my car last 2014. It is now 5 years already and the performance of my car has not change that much as if it is still new. Changing oil is never been difficult on my part. The advance feature of the car makes my life more easier. When I arrived and go I can easily click the button to open my garage.

- Camila B

It has 3 charging outlets, you can even customize your screen.

I love it, it is just not made for the snow and I live in Colorado so it is fun in the summer manly. It is great for someone who does not have kids and has another car for bigger things. It is a city car. But it is fun, it is semi fast and pretty. It is definitely a car you can work on to make it faster.

- Nancy M

Great Coupe with good gas mileage

The car is a great size. I wish there was more backseat room. The trunk is a great size for it being a smaller car. The gas mileage is amazing. A big downfall is that the car requires premium gas which is pricier. The car is really comfortable in the front seats.

- Jennifer S

Very fun but lacks the power of other sports cars.

Great little sports car! Currently have around 73k miles on it and it still runs great. Minor electrical problems have occurred (driver seat warmer stopped working) but nothing major. Very fun and reliable car.

- Carson F

The handling is so nimble and precise.

Great car! Mine is a 6 speed manual. Very fun car to drive around. Average MPG is 27. I have coilovers for lower suspension and an exhaust. Definitely consider this fun 2 door!

- Misael R