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Pros and cons from a pregnant women.

It is a great family vehicle. I am currently pregnant and the main reason we drive this vehicle is for that reason. It is tall enough to make it easy for me to get in and out of, the suspension is great and the ride is a smooth one, and the heated seats which I only use for short periods of time really do help. This vehicle is great in snow ( I lived in Colorado when I got this vehicle) and rain (Houston). When there is a lot of water on the road and you hydroplane the steering wheel is not pulled to one side as it would with some other vehicles that I have driven. It is spacious and the hatchback does come in handy when getting groceries. One negative is that it does not have ac vents in the back, (not a major issue in Colorado) however in Houston heat it is an inconvenience but the car does cool off very fast. Very tall people might have an issue with this vehicle just because of how high the seat is. (I am 5 ft and it is not a issue for me. ) If you are a person who rides really close to other cars do not get the model with the eyesight. My mother in law has an issue when driving on the feeder road in my crosstrek when someone is turning into a parking lot and brings the car to almost a complete stop as they turn because my eyesight assist will slow the car more if the car in front is too close to you. Upside is this feature can be turned off, but if you paid extra for it why would you? I do get a great discount on car insurance for having eyesight on my crosstrek.

- Jessica V

The Subaru Crosstrek is safe and has great features such as Apple Carplay!

I have been driving my Crosstrek for about a year now and I can honestly say that I am in love. I feel so safe and secure in it and I feel like it's the most reliable car I have ever had. It drives with the comfort of a luxury car but with the rugged durability that we have come to associate with the Subaru brand. It's honestly so smooth and pleasant to drive, unlike the 'truck-like' feeling when you drive other SUVs. It's also quite sleek and beautiful in appearance and I just find it so aesthetically pleasing. My favorite feature has got to be the addition of Apple Carplay. I love how it mirrors my phone and that I can seamlessly send voice text messages, navigate to my destination, and listen to Spotify all at once without being distracted from the road. This is also the first vehicle I've had with a backup camera and it's so accurate and helpful! The backseat is the most spacious of all of the smaller SUVs I have been in and I really appreciate the extra space. The cargo space in the trunk is also rather large and enough for a quick grocery trip or a visit to the furniture store. I definitely see myself driving this car for many years to come because it's been so durable and reliable and it's a perfect fit for my family's needs.

- Jamie S

Subaru crosstreks are their most popular and sought after car for a reason!

I chose the Crosstrek for the clearance. I knew I didn't want an SUV or something too big, as I do not have great spatial reasoning or depth perception and tend to curb my car for cutting too short. The Crosstrek has the clearance to do that without hurting your tires and alignment. I always really wanted something that could drive in the snow, or mud, or any kind of weather condition. All Subarus come with all wheel drive, so that is why I initially went with them. I got the all weather package with cloth heated seats and defrost on all windows and mirrors, as I didn't feel like I am at the point in my life where I need all the tech, like lane assist and what not. Maybe on my next one. My only complaint is that even though it's got the body of a crossover, it still just has the guts of the Impreza. They told me that when I chose it, and it didn't matter to me then, but sometimes when you are driving down the freeway you really wish it had a little more get up and go. Other than that I absolutely love it and have no issues with it at all. My 6'6' boyfriend fits in it great, it can carry all sorts of stuff when you flip the back seats down, and handles rain and snow like a champ. I love my Crosstrek!!

- Chelsea B

We love our Subaru Crosstrek!

I love my subaru crosstrek. First of all, we purchased this vehicle for its 4 wheel drive capabilities. We live on a mountain and in the winter it is great to have the peace of mind that I will make it home easily no matter the weather. . Having previously driven a Kia soul, driving the crosstrek has been a luxury experience with its easy handling, cushy comfy heated seats, and fantastic sound system! My husband used the crosstrek as a commuter vehicle and loves driving it each weekday. The crosstrek is mine on weekends and has more than enough cargo space for groceries, trips to lowes, and for hauling larger purchases home. . We have an orange crosstrek and we absolutely love this perky sporty color! The interior is just as pleasant in simple black with deep grey accents and nicely placed orange stitching. . Our gas mileage is another plus. We get 35 mpg with highway driving and 32 mpg with city driving. We are thrilled with this efficiency for such a large vehicle! The back seats fold down easily for extra storage space. . The only thing we would improve on our crosstrek would be to include a stronger engine for improved acceleration going up slope.

- Cathy S

2018 Subaru Crosstrek Pros & Cons

I like my vehicle a lot. There are two reasons why I can't actually say that I love it and they are; Firstly, it doesn't have a push start button. It really surprised me to see that Subaru still make vehicles with keys, I mean it's 2018, but then I realize different models have different features otherwise they wouldn't need so many different models. Secondly, the AC doesn't actually get to the back of the vehicle and if it is super hot I have to turn the volume of the AC all the way up so that the back can cool off a little. Otherwise, I like that it has a hands free system which is really safe. As a matter of fact it is so safe that if I try to play music on from my phone while driving, especially if I try to connect to YouTube it won't let me. I have to either connect before I start driving or when I stop. One other thing that I like is how I can use my voice to make calls and send messages once it's connected to my phone.

- Wendy S

Great vehicle with lots of defensive features and tons of fun!

I love the details of the stitching on the leather seats and steering wheel. It is great on gas. 35+ highway! It is fun and I have the sunshine orange paint so it is easy to see. I have the limited addition with all the defensive features like auto braking if I get too close to a vehicle or obstruction in front of me. It alerts me if I swerve a little out of my lane and lets me know when cars in front of me have moved. It has the blind spot alert on the wing mirrors which is very helpful when changing lanes. This car handles very well on the road. Because it is a crossover it sits just a little lower than a standard SUV which means it handles better and does not have that top heavy feeling that the full size SUVs have.

- L M

Subaru Crosstrek, so much more than meets the eye

I recently purchased my 2018 Subaru crosstrek. I read the reviews and spent many weeks researching this vehicle before I purchased it. I am beyond happy with this vehicle. The gas mileage is a lot better than I thought it would be. I decided to stick with the cloth interior with accent orange stitching. I find that with the cloth seats I enjoy the seat warmers much more than I did with my previous leather interior vehicle. I am also impressed with the Subaru eyesight. I didn't notice much from it besides the occasion beeping, however, just yesterday a car pulled out in front of me and my vehicle stopped on its own. If I didn't have the eye sight then I would have been in an accident.

- Beret M

Perfect mix of city and mountains.

I love my Subaru Crosstrek! I find it to be the perfect car for me. It is small enough that I can drive it around the city easily and park it without difficulty, but raised up enough that I feel safe driving it and I love the off-roading and outdoor features. I take it up to the mountains a lot and it never disappoints. I particularly love the x mode feature. I recently got caught in a snow storm in the mountains and the roads were not plowed. (not a good situation!) All the other cars were sliding and getting into accidents and I put my Subaru in x mode and it basically drove itself. I felt so safe, and was so relieved. Love my car!

- Nani R

Crosstrek: Dream Car for your Adventures

The Crosstrek is very reliable when it comes to performance, comfort, and its features. It drives well in the mountains, snow, desert, and off roading. It is comfortable and spacious with room to carry a large group of people, as well as room to carry a good load of stuff. Whether you are moving your house or headed on a trip or just up the mountain to snowboard, there is plenty of space to fit your belongings and all your friends. I love the CarPlay feature to connect my phone, as it makes it easy to communicate with others while driving, along with playing music and using the maps to get wherever you may be traveling to.

- Julianna D

Our dream car would definitely be the Subaru Crosstrek.

The Subaru Crosstrek is amazing! The car is so reliable and sporty chic. It comes with Apple carplay which was a big plus for me. I feel very safe driving it in any weather condition and any type of geography. My husband has used Subaru for years now and he says that they not once have changed how reliable their product is. The exterior color is gorgeous and so is the interior fabric. Everything is so well designed. The price for the Crosstrek is amazing. We lease ours and it is so affordable for us. It is so nice to think that we can have an amazing car that is so reliable can be so affordable as well.

- Katie M

Last car I will ever own!

It was a big change from a compact car. I love being up a bit higher being a big bigger, but still not so big I can't navigate easily. The handling is amazing in all weather. The seats are comfortable, and all passengers have ample leg room. There is ample cargo space for anything I need to buy. Mileage is good. I have had zero problems with this car. I bought it expecting to have it for the rest of my life, and wow I hope I do! The only issue I had was that there are some blind spots that I didn't have in a car. That took some getting used to use of mirrors, etc. And problem solved!

- Kim M

Subaru all wheel drive is best in class.

This is my second Subaru, and I have to say that I absolutely love my car. It has everything I want in a vehicle. It has plenty of room for all my needs. It is perfect for pets. Its AWD is better than any other car I have driven. Eyesight has prevented quite a few accidents. I have always been taken care of at every Subaru dealership I have been to. And the price is reasonable. The only thing I do not like about my car, is the lack of power. I just wish there was a turbo option. I will be upgrading as soon as that option is available. I am a Subaru owner for life.

- Hail F

Subaru Crosstrek. Not perfect but very loyal

The Subaru Crosstrek was an adjustment when I first leased this car. I love the reliability and the performance but the drive just feel different. The engine runs rough revving high when I first turn the car on. After about an hour the seat becomes a little uncomfortable. The features of the radio are nice. I love the Bluetooth connection I have never had a problem with that like I had with previous cars. I wish the layout and overall storage was better. I would definitely lease this car again if I had to do it over. Amazing company, and great cars.

- Emma W

Perfect for an active lifestyle and good gas mileage for wherever you take it!

We love this car! It has been perfect for our little family and has not given us any troubles! It has done really well in all types of weather and the payments have been very affordable and easy to make! It is so good to have a reliable vehicle that is trustworthy and made so good! Very roomy and spacious inside but is not a huge boat type vehicle to maneuver in the city! Gets great gas mileage on highway and up and down hills! Would definitely suggest this car to anyone, especially those with an active lifestyle!

- Josie F

The Subaru Crosstrek is a vehicle that is safe and affordable yet still stylish.

The 2018 Crosstrek is an improvement on its earlier models. This edition runs more quietly than previously, and the seats have a very attractive orange trim. The rear view camera is accurate and detailed. The car comes with amazing features such as blind spot detection, lane detection, and an advanced cruise control which automatically adjusts your speed to keep you your desired distance from other cars. The Crosstrek is extremely safe while looking stylish and is a great buy.

- Claire S

2018 Subaru Crosstrek a great family and pet car!

I recently purchased a 2018 Subaru Crosstrek and I love it. I haven't had any problems with it, but of course it is still pretty new. We have taken two long trips with our two dogs. There's plenty of room for them and our luggage in the back, as the seats fold down. The ride is really comfortable and, as a short person, I can actually see over the steering wheel. It has a number of safety features which makes me feel really good about driving in it.

- Sharon B

Great safety features. Ok infotainment.

My 2018 Subaru Crosstrek is awesome. The lane assist and blind spot detection are awesome. It has the best reverse camera I have seen in any car I have been in. The picture is always clear no matter the weather. The infotainment system is just ok. It cannot connect via Bluetooth so I always have to have my phone plugged in. I cannot select which apps are on the CarPlay home screen so I have to switch between pages which is frustrating.

- Erika R

2018 Subaru crosstrek for the win!

The car handles amazingly! I have never had a AWD vehicle, and since moving to an area that has snow, I have needed it. A lot of space included in the new 2018 models, a whole 5 feet worth. I like the simplicity of the vehicle itself, and the color schemes for the interior, the only issue I have is that the drivers air vent hits right on the steering wheel, making it almost impossible to feel the ac blowing in your face.

- Kelsey W

Environmentally friendly fun and safe adventure SUV.

Pros:. - safety features such as eyesight and blind spot are amazing - saved me from getting into at least one accident so far. - reliable. - good company. - comfortable and fun to drive. - good gas mileage. - smooth with good turning radius. Con: the only con I can think of which really is not that bad is that it does not have a lot of pick-up when you take off after being parked at like a red light.

- Erin B

Great for all conditions!

I absolutely love my car. The only thing I would change is to have more control over the lumbar setting in the driver's seat. Car does great on dirt roads and river bars and in the snow. Decent gas mileage. I can go from the Canadian border to Portland on about a half a tank of gas. Totally reliable. Only other complaint is that if one tire goes bad all have to be replaced because it's an all wheel drive car

- Sarah P

Great fuel efficiency for its nimbleness.

Its gas fuel efficiency is incredibly high compared to what I was driving before, and it has more get-up-and-go too. I like the color, and have actually gotten compliments about it. I haven't had a chance to do much snow driving, but from past Subaru experiences, I imagine it will be excellent. The only dislike I have is that it doesn't automatically lock when I shift into gear like American cars do.

- Derek C

What I like most about my car is the way it handles in the snow.

I have had my car for one year. I like it a lot. I had a Jeep wrangler before my Subaru and I can go in the snow just as good as the Jeep. I did have a problem with paint chipping on the hood. I did learn it was a problem with red and orange Crosstrek. My dealer repainted the hood. Subaru stood behind this problem. I would recommend this car to anybody. Also, I get 34 miles per gallon around town.

- Harriet B

Fabulous all-around all-weather vehicle!

Great performance on small back roads and highways and interstates. Excellent gas mileage. Very durable vehicle and safe! Holds its value very well!! Great dependability ratings:) the interior space is beautiful and plentiful, very comfortable, and of high-quality. Vehicle drives great and handles well on clear days, rainy days and weather (i.e.; snow, sleet, etc.) days! Love the all wheel drive!

- Jessica D

A safe car covered in sensors to help prevent any accidents.

The only issue I had was minor, the key had difficulty being inserted into the car. Overall it is a great car. The steering and brakes can be a little sensitive, some of this is due to the sensors on the car to prevent from merging in lanes or rear-ending others. It is a safe car, very smooth/quiet drive. The acceleration is smooth, cruise control can be slow to pick up, but is not difficult.

- Christopher L

I love the safety features.

I really love my car. I love the safety features that it includes, and I love the feeling of the seats. I got the option with the sunroof, heated seats, and the eye camera. I do not use the lane switch that much because I do not like that it ends up over correcting me. I do use a lot the option of cruise control with the eyesight. All together, I feel very safe in my car. It is a smooth ride.

- Shannon S

Effortless in any road condition or occasion.

My vehicle has been so perfect. It was great camping, in a blizzard, in the rain, and normal driving. I haven't had any issues and I am so excited to see what more this vehicle handles effortlessly. The features of this car have been so much more useful than I ever thought, including the adaptive cruise control, backup sensors, lane assist, and more. Couldn't have gotten a better value.

- Julie D

Even the base model is a great car!

I love the way the Crosstrek drives; it handles great in rain. The gas mileage in city is above average and the seats are extremely comfortable for any length of driving. Even though I own the base model, the radio has wonderful sound. One issue is the 'trunk' area is deep but not wide enough for my golf clubs so they need to go in back seat which is at times difficult to remove.

- Karen E

Wonderfully safe vehicle to carry you through the world.

I love all the safety features that his car provides. The lights on the mirror let you know when another vehicle is in your path. The cruise control feature is one of my favorites. The car drives itself- it automatically adjusts to the flow of traffic. The rear view camera has a crystal clear picture. It also gives you red, green and yellow lines to help you park with more ease.

- Molly B

The best detail to me is the fold down back seats.

My limited Subaru Crosstrek has all wheel drive, heated leather seats and a full camera radius along with blind spot detection. I absolutely love the way it drives. It has Great gas mileage and it always gets me exactly where I need to go. The color is grey khaki/a nice shade of blue that was unique and really brought me in. I've never owned a Subaru but am now hooked!

- Steph S

I love my comfortable, reliable, baby blue Subaru!

My car is extremely reliable, has fantastic gas mileage, is very comfortable to drive and is really cute in the baby blue color. I have owned two fords before this car and far prefer the Subaru. The controls are very easy to use and the apple car play is really nice. It is great to be able to control spotify and other apps from the touchscreen on the dashboard.

- Julia K

My favorite vehicle so far.

This is my first Subaru that I have bought in my lifetime. I purchased it new. I have bought other vehicle new and they were always Honda's. This is my first SUV. I like the size of it along with it being a comfortable vehicle. I find it favorable that it is an all wheel drive vehicle. I know others that own Subaru’s and they highly recommend them also.

- Lisa C

Would highly recommend to anyone!

I love just about everything about this car: the color is so fun, it drives so smoothly, and the mileage is great. My only complaints are that, while the lane assist steering is helpful, it is really jerky and reacts unnecessarily at times. Also, I wish I could figure out how to turn off the feature where the radio comes on when the car is turned on.

- Emily Z

Adjust the cruise control without you tapping the breaks.

Very reliable, lots of safety features like automatic adjusting cruise control, with which you can set the distance of cars in front of you and your cruise will adapt. Bluetooth works great, also automatic starting with the Subaru app on my smartphone. Only problem is that if you get too close to something it will slam on the breaks and that's scary.

- Maddie G

Fun to drive and great on gas for an SUV.

The car is roomy and spacious. I was in a car accident less than a month after I got the car with my toddler in the backseat, and we were both unharmed! Subaru has a great safety rating which is one of the reasons we went with one. The car is too new for me to have any problems, but I do not anticipate having any. I love the way it looks and drives.

- Jessica F

Subaru Crosstrek perfect car for new drivers!!

I love my Subaru Crosstrek because it's such a safe reliable car. It is always great in the snow and is also great for new drivers. It has a large variety of safety features such as a motion detector that will stop your car if your approaching a car or other object too fast. The Apple car play system is great for navigation, calls, texts and music.

- Isabella J

Safest car I could've got.

I absolutely love my car. I used to drive a Focus and got in a wreck in it so I wanted something super safe and reliable. And I found out about all the great safety features they all have and couldn't have picked anything better. The gas mileage is amazing. I drove it to the beach and got 33 mpg and only have to fill up only at the end of the trip.

- Shelby M

Newertech can be confusing.

I love my mid-level Crosstrek! It is a good price range and has a great turn radius. The type of engine weirded me out at first but it is fake shifting makes it seem more normal. The only issue I have found so far is when having your phone connected, it will jump between Bluetooth and the cord. The cord connection works better for phone calls.

- Kay H

Love my Subaru crosstrek!

Love my crosstrek. Super comfortable and fun to drive. Best value for the money. Top notch trim, leather, looks sporty. Small yet roomy enough to fit 4 Adirondack chairs in the hatchback. Safety features, eyesight, lane assist, drive assist, brake assist, smart cruise control, back up cam. Excellent stereo and speakers. Sirius radio, carplay.

- Michelle K

The Subaru crosstrek is the perfect car!

I don't really have any problems with my car. The car is comfortable to drive, the technology incorporated into the car is easy to use and not distracting when I am driving. If I could change one thing it would be to make the ride a little smoother. It is better than a sedan but the Forester model feels less bumpy when driving over potholes.

- Grace S

The 2018 manual transmission Subaru Crosstrek review.

Great car, love the navigation capability with Google maps. Very spacious interior, the seats are comfortable as well. If you have the manual transmission the car will not roll when engaging the first gear on a hill. The interior trim is sporty it has a carbon fiber look and feel on the trim design. Overall very pleased with the Crosstrek.

- Edward D

I Love my Subaru Crosstrek

I have had the car for over a year and there have been no problems. I think it is designed really well and I am easily able to figure out how to use all the features. The feature that helps maintain centered in the lane is amazing because it makes me feel safe and secure, but also helps me realize when I need to focus on the road more.

- Cassie B

The cool grey khaki color is absolutely gorgeous!

I love my Subaru Crosstrek. I have had 0 issues with it in the year I have been driving it. I love the light blue color, it is so comfortable, has a great amount of storage without being too big, and to top it off I have had great service from my Subaru dealership. Even whenever this lease runs out, I will be back for another Subaru.

- Grace L

Interior of the car gets damaged easily.

I do love my vehicle don't get me wrong but it always can be improved. The engine is extremely loud when starting up the car which is concerning but after few minutes when it works up it become much more quiet. I did also noticed that the interior gets damaged and scratched very easily so have to be extra careful being in the car.

- Anna V

Subaru's are great, well-rounded cars!

My car is still very new, only about 11,000 miles on it. Very easy to drive. Has nice features like back up camera, heated seats and a sun roof. I have cloth seats which are nice for any temp! The only issue I have is that it's a 4 cylinder car, which makes it a little tough when driving in the mountains/going up a steep grade.

- Amanda H

Love my car. Love the eye vision. It has enough "get - up- and - go" for. Me.

Love my car! Love eye vision too. I really don't care that it will move to standard shift. Maybe I will in the. Snow. Air conditioning takes a while to get cool. Did not have a CD player and I don't particularly like the radio and will replace this soon. Did not have more than 1 key. I had to contact Subaru to get more keys.

- Judy B

Subaru Crosstrek: good purchase

It drives super well. Very safe and has the details I wanted. Apple CarPlay is included which I love. The car is fuel efficient. The Crosstrek model looks nice as well, the interior is detailed nicely and I am very happy with the purchase. The fixes are not insanely expensive and luckily have not had to have any done yet.

- Brett P

How my Subaru works for my children, and animals.

My Crosstrek has been amazing for my family. It is very convenient to get car seats in and out, along with hauling our golden doodle. The city gas mileage is amazing! I haven't had any problems as of reliability. One thing I would change is my interior, I wanted a different color than I got. But overall, I love my car!!

- Macy S

Pros: great handling overall Cons: bluetooth connect fail

It rides and handles nice due to all wheel drive. I have had problems with bluetooth not connecting to my phone for music after starting the vehicle. Also, I have a manual, and it does not like going into 3rd gear very well. I will be servicing it momentarily to see what is wrong. The ac takes a while to cool off.

- Jennifer N

Fun to drive commuter car.

I really love this vehicle and feel extremely safe in it. I chose the Crosstrek for it is AWD capabilities and the overall value for the price. I wish it had a little more horsepower, but I am very happy with this vehicle. It is extremely maneuverable and has great gas mileage, making it an awesome commuter car.

- Amanda B

Great car for small family, individual who loves the outdoors.

power is good, safety features are awesome and I need them from here on out. Car holds value, I dislike the iPhone plug to the car is in the compartment between the seats instead of in the dash. The screen is excellent, tires look really nice, ac works well, can put a cane, kayak, etc on top. Great in the snow.

- Craig O

Smooth Cruise on the coast line

It is an absolutely wonderful vehicle. Very sleek and roomy love that the backseat folds flat down and the hatch goes up it makes for a very comfy spot to lay at the drive-ins or to get shade from the beach. It is wonderful on gas and the only recall that we have so far is an electrical recall with the radio

- Natasha B

I love my Subaru crosstrek!

Perfect car all around for my family. Sporty, rides like a sports car but with an SUV feel! Roomy, fits the 4’of us comfortably plus our Italian mastiff. The color cameo grey sparks conversations with complete strangers. By far the prettiest color of a car I have ever owned. I want to own this car forever.

- Teresa M

Good, reliable, fun vehicle.

The Crosstrek is an overall good car. It gets good mileage and seems reliable. It is fun to drive and comfortable. The only thing that makes it less than perfect is slow acceleration and unreliable Bluetooth functionality. It is difficult to pass on country roads and the connectivity issue gets annoying.

- Laurie S

Simply a fun drive all around.

It is just a fun car to drive. The acceleration is excellent even with just a 4 cylinder engine. There is a good deal of storage room in the car for the size of the car. It feels good to sit in while driving and is just fun to drive. So far I have not had an issues with the car since I purchased it.

- Shawn H

This vehicle handles well in the snow and ice. Very safe.

I love my vehicle. It runs smooth. Very safe. I love the heated seats. I love how it runs. Good on gas. Great in the snow. Nice and roomy. Fits a lot in it. Traction is so good in the snow. No sliding. We bought it for its safety record. The color is great it is a gray color. Interior is very nice to.

- Edward A

Love my Subaru! I am in the 21st century!

I love my Subaru crosstrek! It has the latest technology in it that helps me when I am driving. My favorite part definitely has to be the large screen! It makes the rear view camera large enough for me to see. I also really enjoy the adaptive cruise control. It makes driving into downtown la easier.

- Eliza M

Safe and fun to drive both in the city and on the highway.

The car if really comfortable to ride and makes you feel very safe when on the road. It has great space for other passengers to be comfortable when riding in the car. The car can also carry lots of cargo if needed chores or weekend adventures. The model good gas mileage on city roads and highways.

- Erica C

Safe car for older drivers.

I. wouldn't describe the ride as rough, but it isn't smooth either. Media console can't be turned off, also no CD drive. Steering wheel locks up too easily, and requires too much strength to overcome. Good, solid, reliable ride, I feel very safe. Ideal for a reasonably tech savvy older person.

- Kathy H

Love the blind spot lights, they have saved my life a time or two.

I love the smoothness of long distance travel. There is lots of space and the sunroof is my favorite. I like to connect my phone to the car to hear my music, problem with radio reaching the stations I want. Hit my head because I am taller on the roof when I have to sit closer to the windshield.

- Caroline G

The automatic sensor for your brights.

The only issue I have had with my Subaru is the radio/media system has made a really loud noise and wouldn't play music and I have had to turn the car off and on again. Otherwise, I love my car. The gas mileage is great, the size is great for me and I think it will be great for future use too.

- Emma B

Great commuter car, but needs more power and rear ventilation.

Not as powerful as it could be, but gets very good gas mileage and is comfortable to ride in. Only major change to the interior would be to add ventilation to the backseat. It is a nice design and works quite well for commuting and has the stellar safety record associated with the Subaru name.

- Katie C

Love my Subaru safety features.

Love my Subaru the safety features are great, and the blind spot detector is my favorite. My crosstrek rides smoothly and gets over 30 miles per gallon. I have had my car under a year with no service issues at all. The only issue I have is there’s no vents in the back for air conditioning.

- Beth M

Multi dimensional vehicle for a lady on the go.

Easy to drive. Great options. It has four doors. I love the color options for this vehicle. I was also able to get a tow hitch and top of car rack. It fits my outdoors lifestyle well and still is easy to drive in town. This vehicle drives well in the snow which is great for the northwest.

- Barbara W

sporty 6 speed fun with fun colors

Love the 6 speed manual Crosstrek, but it drives a little different than most cars, just have to learn how to drive it. Great mileage, some pep, quite a bit of room inside. Lots of legroom for both rear and front seats. Needs more lighting in the rear hatch, but easy fix to add more.

- Matthew G

Great value and great buy.

It does not have a lot of pick up and it is a little louder than I want to be. It feels very safe and the features are great. It has a good amount of cargo space and great gas mileage. It was very well priced. I also really like the leather. And the headlights that move are really cool.

- Amanda V

The crossover that has it all.

Love my heated seats, android play, the midsize crossover, the safety features, symmetrical all wheel drive, predictive back up camera, and overall the reliability it will have for me for years to come. It's not as peppy as id like and wish it was higher off the ground to see taller.

- Lauren D

Loving my blue Subaru Crosstrek!

I have had my car for about three months now and I LOVE it! The gas mileage is amazing (on average 31 mph for me), the sound quality is great and really helps me pass the time on my commute, it's a smooth and comfortable ride and I get so many compliments on the color (Cool Grey Khaki).

- Megan J

Love my cool Subaru Crosstrek.

Great mileage. 400 to 500 miles on one tank of gas. Inside is easy to keep clean - which is good since mine to black. Received cloth and heavy duty floor mats. Maneuvers nice on the highway and can fit in smaller parking spaces. Roomier than it looks. Clear vision lines. Fun to drive.

- Sue W

Great, fuel efficient car.

The crosstrek is reliable. It is comfortable. It drives well in the snow and bad weather. It gets decent gas mileage. The controls in the steering wheel make driving easier. It is comfortable for long distances. We hope it will last us a long time. And be one of the last cars we buy.

- Lynne P

Safe and comfortable vehicle

Great comfort has heated seats. Love the safety features of automatic braking if you miss something and it beeps if you are over a line and lights come on the mirrors of a car is in your blind spot. Also has a great back up camera that has like to show you exactly where you are going

- Miranda D

Sharp-looking car and fun to drive!

This car really hugs the road and you get the feeling of being in total control and safe. It is big enough without being too big to handle. I am so pleased with how versatile it is--nice looking and functional (can really pack it in). Bonuses--great sound system and safety features!

- Cynthia L

My Crosstrek seats 5, has a large hatch and rear seats go down for cargo space.

This is my second Subaru. My husband has had 4. Subarus are extremely reliable and safe cars. I have not had any problems with my cars and neither has my husband that is why we are repeat customers. We live in New Hampshire where there is snow so the all wheel drive is excellent.

- Doreen T

Love how well this car drives through different weather extremes.

This car is a very comfortable ride, has smooth driving, and efficient inside technology. It is spacious in the back and has great trunk space. Love the heated seats and moonroof. I definitely recommend it, especially for those who live in climates where the weather gets extreme.

- Kay Len Y

Great handling in off road settings.

Easy to drive. Reliable. Nice seat warmers. Keeps whatever outside temperature is for most part. Handles well in off road situations. Decent gas mileage. Looks small but has a lot of space inside. More than it looks. Only issue is it is hard to get dog hair off of the back seat.

- Jonathan S

Crosstrek, perfect for those who want a crossover SUV.

The cross trek has all the functionality of a SUV, but is half the size. I find that it has enough cargo space to fit what I need, and I can fold down the back seats. I do wish that the bluetooth connectivity worked better. I also do not understand how Pandora works in the car.

- Jordan Y

I like the size, compared to the outback. Great for city parking.

I like the Crosstrek size, easy to drive around in the city, but also strong enough to drive in the mountains, on dirt rounds, and in the snow/ice. The model I purchased has some applications, but not too many. I like the rear-view camera and the Apple-drive. It is all I need.

- Amelia G

Outstanding purchase and I would recommend this car to anyone.

There are no problems with this vehicle. I could not be happier with this car and when I get. New car I will trade this one in for a new model. This car is outstanding on gas and is much better than advertised. The heat and air works great and is quick to cool off or heat up.

- Renee L

Eyesight feature is a lifesaver.

Software update needed after 10mo which was annoying. Eyesight feature is amazing and has applied brakes automatically in heavy traffic situation which saved us from an accident. Excellent feature for new drivers as well. Love the automatic "bright" on the headlight system.

- Kimberly J

Great vehicle for the outdoor enthusiast.

I upgraded the trim package to include all weather mats, bumper and door guards, and the cross pieces for the roof rack to carry my kayak. Really pleased with that choice. The vehicle has run like a charm and transported 2 boats easily. I just renewed the satellite service.

- Karen Y

I love to drive with the sunroof open

This is a very reliable vehicle. It has safely gotten me where I was going even in the most adverse conditions. I have never had concerns that I wouldn't be able to travel even the worst roads. I find the Crosstrek very enjoyable to drive, especially with the sunroof open!

- Jennifer E

A Subaru for all road trips.

Amazing car so far. Seems very well built and it has everything that I could want in a car so far. It has done great on camping trips and a road trip to Yosemite. I wish it had a tad more storage, but that is nothing that a roof rack cannot solve. Very happy with the car.

- Evan S

Rugged performance with comfort

I am in love with my car! It's comfortable, has a good amount of storage space, and holds up against all of my crazy puppy's messes! My favorite thing is that it does amazing in the snow, which is important since I live in upstate NY and have a 35 minute commute to work.

- Kate B

The backup camera that lets you know what's behind you.

Very comfortable to drive, has a touch screen to play music or listen to the radio, backup camera, mud mats, a decent sized car-not too big and not too small, great mileage, big enough to fit 6 people, does not have heated seats, brakes are really good, has lots of room.

- Brie A

Nice sportish look and feel. Handles poor road conditions well!

Love how it drives in snow and ice! Easy to drive. Like the height- higher than a sedan but not too high for a short person to get in and out (I am tall). Would like the doors to automatically lock when I start the car. Would like keyless entry. Would like keyless start.

- Debra B

Pros and cons of a Subaru

Great with gas, and for moving large items. Small and the back seat will definitely not fit three people well. Happy with my purchase. Good GPS. Like that it connects to my cell phone. I am able to manage my GPS well. Wish there was a air conditioner in the back seat.

- Chanel S

Sporty, Sleek, Roomy, and Fun to Drive Crosstrek

It is not a quick 0-60 in a split second vehicle, but I am ok with that. It is very roomy and can comfortably fit 2 car seats in the back. Taking turns is easy and you feel absolutely no lean like in other SUVs. I will continue to get this vehicle as the years go on.

- Sam J

The Subaru crosstrek is a great road trip vehicle.

The vehicle has excellent fuel economy, is a smooth ride, and is a comfortable ride. The vehicle does not accelerate too quickly. The vehicle has a lot of room inside. My husband and I traveled from Wisconsin and back in the Subaru crosstrek, and even slept inside.

- Faith Z

Overall great value and options

Love Subaru and all the features. Heated seats. Cargo space. Color options. Gas mileage. Wheel trim. The rack bleed color when wet. Sweet interior. This model gets easily scuffed and visible dust. Great 360 visibility. Great in snow. Solid vehicle. Decent prices

- Corey P

Scratches on inside of door handle seriously?

It has eyesight very cool feature beeps and has light on mirror to warn of car too close on side. Back up camera is great. Car is roomy. Inside is sparse. Touch screen gets dusty and hard to read. White car already covered with scratches on inside of door handle

- Renee T

2018 Subaru Crosstrek very reliable and performs great.

The Subaru Crosstrek is a very reliable car, it performs very well and does great going through the snow and rain, the features in the Crosstrek are awesome and user friendly. I would say that the only thing that I would want to change is the size of the trunk.

- Ashley W

Subaru love! The commercials are true!

I. Love my Subaru Crosstrek. I have compared it to other SUV type vehicles. It handles better, has a smoother ride and gets me to places I need to be. I am still learning all the bells and whistles on the car, but it simply one of the best cars I have ever had.

- Jodi E

My beautiful orange beauty.

I love the fact it has powerful pick up and go. It is extremely reliable and the comfort is outstanding. I love the heated seats and the automatic lights. I love the sunset orange I got along with the orange accented seats. I get compliments on it all the time.

- Amy H

Standard car with sunroof

I have a standard and added a sunroof and have heated seats. I enjoy my all wheel drive car very much. It's great in the snow, and gets good gas mileage. It has a large trunk, and comfortable back seats. It's fun to drive, and has a good stereo system.

- Nikki F

Safe comfortable car and good gas mileage.

We have not had any problems with our Subaru and this is our third one. We feel it is safe and we drive up to the upper peninsula of Michigan every January we also get very good gas mileage. Down south we often run into heavy rains and it holds the road well.

- Kathryn H

The vehicle has great fuel efficiency combined with plenty of space for a family of four.

It's a fun car to drive, it has plenty of space for my family and I to take long road trips. The car gets great gas mileage and has all-wheel drive when we decide to venture off onto unpaved roads. I have no complaints or dislikes about the vehicle so far.

- Alex S

Best unique car I have ever had

It is smaller than an SUV but roomy. It gets great gas mileage. Great look. Have had it 2 years with no problems. I have an orange one so its unique. The orange trim in the interior looks awesome. Back end is a little small but perfect for me. Love my car

- Holly D

Subaru Crosstrek reliable sporty car.

The only complaints about the vehicle is storage space is limited, no remote starter, no cup holders in the back seat at the premium level and no Sirius XM. The vehicle is spacious inside and drives really smooth. I have not driven in the winter time yet.

- Vic E

The car for the modern adventurous family.

Amazing performance, drives well in all conditions, fantastic safety features. Great for road trips and day to day use. Never broken down or needed any maintenance work. The inside is very comfortable and pleasant. Will be a loyal Subaru driver for life.

- Katarina W

Pros and cons of Subaru Crosstrek:

My vehicle is great, but it does not have any extra features. It does not have heated seats, sunroof, or electronic seats. It does have apple CarPlay, which is great. However, the Bluetooth audio does not work properly and does not always connect well.

- sierra T

Vehicles made for the outdoors

Reliable, easy to use. I love the Bluetooth radio options. For the price I am extremely happy with the quality of product received. I've had the car over a year with no performance issues. The vehicle works very well for my outdoorsy lifestyle as well.

- Ben K

Fun practical good on gas car!

Good on gas.. Reliable. Only miss not having remote start. And heated steering wheel. No troubles since new though. Drives well, feels solidly made. Doors close solid etc. Good convenience features in regards to radio and cell phone use. Really happy.

- Carrie B

Extremely dependable, comfortable, economical and stylish

I leased my Crosstrek at the end of June 2018 after having my Subaru Impreza hatchback for 23 years. I love the reliability, comfort, ease of driving that comes from driving a Subaru. I haven't found anything to dislike about either Subaru I owned.

- debbe J

It's one of the safest cars on the road. It is very easy on gas.

I like that it has sensors in it the warns you of something nearby. It is supposed to be one of the safest cars on the road. It doesn't use a lot of gas. The only thing I don't like is the middle console. It sticks out and elbow sometimes hits it.

- Helen S

Subaru Crosstrek, the essence of safety.

The Subaru Crosstrek is reliable, it is the type of car that gives you peace of mind. The safety features ensure you are comfortable in any environment, from city driving to rural country roads. You and your family will feel safe and secure.

- Megan L

Great car - and the perfect size!

I love the car. It drives very smoothly and is the perfect size. It's large enough to feel safe on the highway, but small enough to maneuver into small parking spots. Have only had for a short time period, but seems reliable and no issues.

- MaCauley A

I love the Subaru crosstrek.

I love this vehicle. It is very comfortable, reliable, and perfect for having a toddler/child. I love the weather-proof mats and the leather seats, especially for pets/children and it drives perfectly. It is also great on gas mileage.

- Whitney E

It is not very fast, but it gets the job done.

I like the 4 wheel drive, manual transmission, color cool blue khaki, all weather mats, roof rack, apple CarPlay. I have trouble with the touch screen sometimes, it disconnects, also wish it was compatible with Waze navigation app.

- Ryan L

Luxury car feel without the luxury car price

The Subaru crosstrek has a luxury car feel to it without the luxury car price. The Bluetooth feature is one of my favorites and I use it every day in my car. Also, save tons on gas because it doesn't take much to fill up the tank.

- Maya c

Nothing. No one needs to know anything about my vehicle.

I like that it's new. I like that it is has a higher mileage per gallon ratio than my previous vehicle. I like that it is more off-road compatible than my previous vehicle. I do not like the dealership that I purchased it from.

- Kane E

I do still enjoy it, despite it is issues.

My Subaru drives really well. Great for the outdoors and dog friendly is a major plus because I take my dog with me everywhere. It is comfortable and spacious and the perfect size for me. It fits my active lifestyle the best!.

- Bernadette U

My Subaru Crosstrek is reliable transportation that helps me feel more secure getting to and from work.

I love my new Crosstrek - it has adaptive cruise control which lowers my stress levels on my long drive to work. It is much more reliable than the car I used to drive. I drove it on vacation and it made me appreciate it more.

- David J

3rd year in production and is ranked #1 in resale value retention AND Safety!!!

LOVE IT! Is a solid car that handles well. Lots of storage space, could even camp in it if were in a pinch. Comfortable and responsive. Dislike the amount of road noise. Luckily the sound system is good enough to cover it.

- Karen H

Eyesight Technology really is like having another set of eyes on the road, and I wouldn't buy another car without it. So appreciate the assistive tech.

I LOVE everything about my vehicle. Absolutely no complaints. Love its compact size, high clearance, fantastic fuel mileage. Love its sporty look. Love all of its safety features, especially Eyesight. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!

- Suzanne I

It is great for driving in all conditions especially the winter

It is great in the winter and on dirt roads. The gas mileage is great with my commute to work. The car is basic compared to my last vehicle which was a luxury vehicle. I wish the eye link wasn't so expensive to add on.

- Laura M

It does not pick up speed very quickly.

I like that it is an SUV and has plenty of space. I dislike that it has a v4 engine. I like the interior and the Bluetooth capabilities. I dislike that I cannot see how many miles I have left until I run out of gas.

- Gabi I

Perfect car for young adults!

I love this car. It took me a long time to decide what make/model to buy, but I am so glad I settled with the Subaru CrossTrek. Perfect combination between smaller car and larger SUV - great for all weather types.

- Kathryn E

Handles great in all weather conditions.

All wheel drive works really well very stable at all speeds. Gas mileage is really good for this size crossover. Looks great in orange color. Interior is comfortable. Space is very well designed. Could be faster.

- Bryan B

The AWD system is unbeatable. Along those same lines the ground clearance is perfect and does not negatively impact handling.

Handles great! Is the perfect size for me. I love the gas mileage and the awd system. The only thing I dislike is the power. It needs 30-40 more horsepower. That small increase shouldn't impact fuel economy.

- don k

No enough mpg, all else wonderful.

My car gets good gas mileage, I like that it is AWD, it has a good sound system, and it accelerates quickly. I do not like that the wipers seem cheap and it does not have much storage space in the console.

- Jenny W

Handling is great and size is perfect.

Great gas mileage; I average about 27 mpg, and I am not a conservative driver. Perfect size, and back seats lay completely flat, so great for car-camping. Great handling; perfect for windy mountain roads.

- Sasha S

Great, safe car, especially in snow.

I love the safety features especially, such as the eyesight technology, and it's handling in snowy conditions. In terms of problems, the touchscreen is often sluggish as compared to my previous Crosstrek.

- Greg N

Best crossover/small suv value on the road, and great peace of mind

Love the features, safety, smooth ride, and dependability. Could have a tiny bit more pep but the power is good. Only problem is the trunk is a little small, and there's no CD player or satellite radio.

- meagan p

It's the only all-wheel drive car (not suv or truck) in It's price point worth driving.

I like that it handles well in rain and snow. I don't like that the radio always turns on when you start the car, regardless of whether you were listening to the radio when you turned off the car.

- Marie B

Check out the environmental and community policies of the company. There isn't fast pickup, but a great car!

I LOVE my suv!!! Like Goldilocks, just right. Good height off the ground, roomy, but compact, great features ( especially: sirius, starlink, cruise control). So far, I do not dislike anything!

- Denise B

Perfect reliable car with personality.

2018 crosstrek amazing in all areas. Some people complain about the horsepower but it is not meant for racing. Great off-road and in city and amazing gas mileage all around. Modern tech as well.

- Melissa S

It is all-wheel drive and rides safely in all conditions.

This car handles smoothly and makes turns with ease. From the steering wheel, I can easily access displays on the dashboard. This car is a manual and has 6 gears which allows for more control.

- Amy B

It's reliable. I know I can trust the car's engine and durability when driving.

I like the technology features in the car. The touch screen and backup camera are great. I also like the gas mileage and other features like knowing the air pressure in my tires on my screen.

- Katie G

Subarus are top rated for safety in a family used vehicle

My Subaru is safe, reliable and has amazing features. I love the size and the height from the ground/curb. I LOVE the color. The heated seats and backup camera are the best features!

- Pam V

I have tried other cars but Subaru is the most reliable in the snow.

I bought a 2018 Crosstrek in the early spring. The gas mileage has been great. Extremely comfortable ride. Only complaint is the wind tunnel effect when the back windows are down

- Tami M

That it is a Subaru and that it is reliable.

It is a very good car, however I wish it had better mileage. It is also not as powerful and good when it comes to acceleration. . Overall, though, very comfortable and reliable car.

- John A

Safe, efficient, pleasant to drive.

I find my Subaru to be safe, dependable, fuel efficient and pleasant to drive. It has enough horsepower for a perfect commuter car, and it is small enough to park in crowded lots.

- Hanna S

great gas mileage for an suv

I love my car and the feature of eye sight and that cruise will follow a car and to have the radio control on steering wheel. so features could be a little better but overall good

- Scott K

Great gas mileage both highway and city.

I really enjoy the size of the vehicle. The command position of the driver side is great for visibility. The gas mileage is amazing, too. Something I dislike is the acceleration.

- Ashleigh C

It has android auto which allows on screen navigation from your phone.

Love the updated stereo system and the all wheel drive. Also the gas mileage is great. The Subaru brand car starter is not the best one I have ever had, takes a while to start.

- Victoria H

Awesome car for the price compared to similar makes from other companies.

I love the look and how it drives. It is sporty and compact. Some issues with the Bluetooth have been frustrating. I have also had to have the a/c checked for not cooling well.

- Karen J

Great on gas mileage. If you are looking for a car that doesn't drain your wallet, look no further!

No complaints. I wish it was a little bigger but that's not the cats fault, it's what we could afford! I absolutely love my car. Great on gas mileage. I can go on and on.

- D M

Always have and probably always will own a Crosstrek.

I have driven crosstrees since I turned 16 and I love all of the additional features in the 2018 model. I particularly enjoy the lane assist and adaptive cruise control.

- Maddie W

Safety, reliably, performance, brand and model, high ranked in crash.

I love this compact suv! I upgraded from a compact sedan. Subaru is very liable and safe. It's rated high in safety for car crashes. Love the brand and company overall!

- John S

Safe, dependable, hugs the road good, It's a SUBARU.

I have owned Subaru's for over 10 years and I love this new one. It does have a weird console that needs changed and the sun visors are too short. But I still love it.

- Trish S

I love the eyesight added option.

I love the eyesight option and the back up camera. Very comfortable to drive and ride in. Very attractive. 4wd option is great so no need to stress when it snows.

- Holly W

It is very safe and smart - the collision warning & lane change alerts are great.

I love the bold orange color and sleek design of my car. I also appreciate all the different safety features. The sunroof and heated seats are a great bonus as well.

- Rupa D

Takes a while to accelerate. It's no turbo engine.

I love the leather seats, the great gas mileage, and the all wheel drive. I love the high ground clearance, the storage space, and the large displays. No complaints.

- Michael A

A great efficient substitute for an suv, plenty of room and other great features

I absolutely love this car! It's runs very smooth, even the turn signal is quiet. Features include lane departure warning and blind spot detectors. Great gas mileage

- Nicole N

The safety features! There are many different kinds of features that help to ensure you stay in your lane and can see your blind spots.

I really love the look of my car. It looks sporty and cute! The safety features make me feel safe whenever I am driving. The interior is spacious and comfortable.

- Katelyn C

E. Eyesight feature is incredible! This car is the safest I have ever navigated.

The Subaru crosstrek has given my husband and I a new outlook on life. We take our dog on trips with us everywhere now. The cross trek encourages our adventures.

- Natalie A

The 4 wheel drive is Symmetrical. Meaning that even if the front wheels don't pull you, it's guaranteed that the rear wheels will. And vice versa.

I love the looks and feel of this vehicle. I've driven since the winter and it handles and rides very nicely. As this is my first Subaru, so far I'm impressed.

- Richard M

Great safety features. Lane assist and blind spot detection a must.

The Crosstrek handles great, breaks very quickly, and it is spacious. The car is comfortable and sporty. We both love driving it and glad we made this purchase.

- Susan J

It's very safe to drive and it's affordable.

I love the traction control this car has. The stereo system is amazing. And the car has a lot of safety features that make me feel very safe to drive around in.

- Emily B

It's fun to drive. It's very safe. It handles well in bad weather.

I love this car. I have never had any problems with it and it handles like a dream. I am sold on Subarus and will recommend them to all my friends and family.

- Michael B

My car has excellent safety features delivered to you via an easy to read video screen. It's easy to drive as well.

I am very comfortable in my car. It has great visibility when driving and good safety features. I enjoy the cargo space and find the car comfortable overall.

- Lou M

Great in bad weather. Great with bad road conditions. Very solid car.

Very dependable. Great in bad weather. Handles great in bad weather. Handles great in bad road conditions. Very roomy for transporting items. No complaints.

- Jessie S

It has great value for the cost.

Its spacious and roomy yet compact and short enough to put my kayak on top easily. It has good gas mileage for the size of vehicle and its all wheel drive.

- Sara S

It's known to be very safe. In car accident and such.

I like that my car is good on gas. I don't like the position of my cup holders. I somewhat like the style but I also feel like it looks like a Volkswagen.

- Brittany H

My crosstrek has made me a permanent Subaru convert.

This vehicle, without a doubt, the best car that I have ever owned (excluding my previous crosstrek). I am a huge fan of Subaru and their performance.

- Jess P

My car has a safety feature that will stop for you if you are going to get into an accident.

This is a great car! Very safe and easy to drive and is great in the snow. I am not scared to drive this car when there is snow or rain on the ground.

- Casie S

It's got incredibly high safety ratings and great safety features.

I love how it feels to drive. The safety features are great (blind-spot detection, lane monitors, etc.). The amount of trunk space is perfect for me.

- Madison K

Nice looking and reliable~! Love the interior. Navigation is cool too

Love the color! Very reliable brand. Pick up is a little slow but once it gets going all okay. The interior stitching on the seats is very cool!

- Mary C

Subaru vehicles are well made and reliable. You can expect many years of dependable transpiration.

My Subaru is adorable. I love the inside upholstery with orange stitching detail. The AWD is a necessity. Not as fast in low gears as I would like.

- Claudia M

My car is safe, very comfortable, and very stylish

I feel safe in my vehicle, and I know I can drive it in many different environments. My only complaint is that I wish the engine was more powerful.

- Jolene U

It is really fun to drive and is super useful on a daily basis.

I love the styling and the way the car drives. It also has a manual transmission which is really important to me because i love driving in general.

- Nick G

The safety features are outstanding.

I love the safety features. I also enjoy the fabric of the interior. I love the trunk space. I do not have any complaints about the vehicle.

- Nicole P

People should know it is reliable and a great ride.

I like handling, comfort, reliability. Gas mileage is very good. I like the relatively high position of seat.. There is nothing I dislike.

- Marian H

One of the safest cars you can own.

I like the design. The safety features of the vehicle. Safest car company I ever owned. The vehicle does sit up higher than the Impreza.

- Bonnie M

My car get great gas mileage, much better than previous models I have had in the past.

Plenty of room for cargo and supplies. Subaru's are great in the snow. Only complaint is the noise when the back windows are down.

- tam m

Is great on gas, all wheel drive, third row sitting. And very comfortable.

It is reliable and good on gas... Stylish yet not too loud... It was decently priced, and I feel as though I got my money's worth..

- Ida G

best car ever the subaru crosstrek

best car ever!!! smooth ride handles like a luxury car but it's also an suv. great on wooded trails has all the bells and whistles

- carol c

It's a fun car to drive. I feel safe in the car. So that is a plus.

I like that it's new and standard. Subaru's are safe vehicles. That's great since I have a child. It seems to hesitate sometimes.

- Renee L

Great car and super safe!

It is comfortable and it has great safety features and tech package including lane assistance and backing camera. Easy to drive.

- Tammy B

Handles very well in all weather. Great in rain, ice, and snow.

No complaints, it is what I bought it for. Good gas mileage, smooth driving, decently spaced interior for the size of the car.

- Sarah H

It's roomy without being too large.

I like it's a small compact suv. Sporty, can drive it off-road, in sand, it has roof rack n place, great pick up, smooth ride.

- Brenda A

Durable, great service, easy to drive, stylish -- it's not to big and not too small (trunk space)

I love the fuel economy and flexibility to use the car on and off-road if I need to. I can also trust Subaru for dependability

- Kat S

It has all wheel drive and doesn't need snow tires for the winter.

It is reliable and a lovely color. Drives quietly and smoothly. Doesn't need snow tires to get up a snowy hill in the winter.

- Patty R

My car is small enough that it is very easy to park.

I love my car. It is comfortable, safe, and offers me many different safety features. It drives really well and is reliable.

- Hallie B

The quality and dependability of the car make me feel safe.

Perfect size to carry anything. Easy to get in/out. Great gas mileage. Love the safety features like the backup warning.

- Jacalyn O

Everyday easy going crossover.

Vehicle is fun and zippy, a good car for cruising around town. Good gas mileage. Not a lot of get up and go or cargo space.

- Kayla J

It is safe and affordable.

I like that it is very safe and supposed to drive well in the snow. I dislike that it sounds louder than my previous car.

- Louden F

The SUV has great gas mileage.

I would like to have a panoramic moonroof because and satellite automatically added. Otherwise, very happy with the car.

- Julie L

It is great in bad weather conditions.

I like that it is comfortable to drive, there is lots of room for transporting items, and it is good in snowy weather.

- Kristen S

The best all wheel drive on the market.

Love the all wheel drive.. Great style fantastic electronics, sunroof.. Beautiful red color and wheels.. No dislikes.

- Robert L

This car has Subaru AWD which makes it an excellent choice for a vehicle to drive in bad weather--snow for example.

There are excellent safety features in this car. The size is good--enough room for what I need without being too big.

- sue M

It is the safest car in the road

I love my Subaru. It has all these great safety features and it is high quality. I really like the different options

- James B

Definitely not an offroad vehicle, despite what the TV ads show

Love the bells and whistles. Good highway ride. Nice little car. Terrible on bumpy streets. Interior lighting poor.

- Candace G

It gets great gas mileage.

I love every single thing. Gets fantastic gas mileage. And looks nice. And is comfortable. And very easy to drive.


It's very economical and it's very sporty for a great price

I love the space and handling. it has good ground clearance. It's all wheel drive. and it has great fuel economy

- trevor m

best thing is that it is durable.

it's a subaru so very reliable. also drives well and quit. it's not extremely gas efficient, which i don't like

- Teagan Y

Eyesight lowers your insurance rate.

I love eyesight. Baby friendly car. Small and easy to move. Back up camera is fantastic feature in the vehicle.

- Devon O

AWD adventure wagon with comfort and reliability of sedan.

Smooth comfortable ride. Latest technology. Android auto. Sunroof great gas mileage and safety second to none.

- Todd C

Baby blue beauty with good mileage.

Handles beautifully, good looking, I feel safe behind the wheel driving is easy brakes great large hatchback.

- Marcia S

Great value. For the money. Service is good.

Love the gas mileage and the pickup is amazing for a 4 cylinder. It is also very comfortable around town.

- Ray N

The safety features are the best.

The suspension is great. The interior is comfortable. Safety features are fabulous. Gas mileage is great.

- Virginia P

There is a warning sound and light to warn you when you drift out of your lane.

My car is a very safe vehicle. There are many features that enhance my driving. I enjoy driving my car.

- Rhonda T

It has a great safety rating.

Great ride with minimal road noise. Good handling in winter months. Bluetooth is not 5 stars but works.

- Stella c

2018 Subaru Crosstrek A great SUV

I love our Subaru Crosstrek Great gas mileage Very nice ride and handling Plenty of room in the back

- Stephen L

Off road capabilities it has

Accelerationist lacking only complaint. It is awesome though curb height is great storage cap is great.

- Patrick T

Quality, comfort, and a well thought out design, all at a fantastic price point.

There is nothing I don't like about this vehicle. It is by far the best vehicle I have ever purchased.

- Jason R

Orange Subaru Crosstrek 2018

Fun to drive, gets great mileage (38+ highway). Love the safety features with the Eyesight technology.

- Jeff T

It's great on winter road conditions.

No complaints. I have been driving subarus since 2012 and feel very safe and secure behind the wheel.

- Judy N

Great value car and great dealership. The car has so much versatility.

I love the versatility of my Crosstrek! It is easy to drive around the city and in the country.

- Claire L

it's fun to drive and is a good adventure mobile if you like to get out of the city

i like the clearance that is nice for dirt roads and camping. also it has good gas mileage

- mandi b

gas mileage is awesome and unbelievable

great gas mileage. It is good on road and odd road. durable and stylish. kind of small.

- tom T

eyesight detection

I absolutely love my Subaru crosstrek. Has several safety features such as lane assist

- Jessica J

It's a good looking car and will last me forever.It is a safe car and has good ratings

I love everything about it.It will do great in the snow.There isn't anything I dislike

- julie b

I really do enjoy our Subi except for the radio. Due to the fact that we can not get terrestrial radio on it. We are forced to pay for a Sirius Satellite subscription. It was unexpected expense and it disappoints us that the company will not fix it.

The radio is terrible. Having to pay monthly for a radio is a very big disappointment.

- Tracie C

It's probably the best car that I have ever owned and driven

I love how the car drives and how it operates. It's easy to operate. No complaints!

- Caroline P

It sits high but is small and easy to maneuver.

My crosstrek is a wonderful vehicle. It handles great. It has great gas mileage.

- Miranda S

Great vehicle for commuters

Good gas mileage. Really cute and trendy. AWD. Comfortable. Eyesight technology

- Chelsea p

My vehicle is very useful for driving in the winter.

I like how it runs. Very smooth and very reliable. Does what I need it to do.

- Jamie K

Awesome car get a Subaru. Great gas mileage, smooth ride, great car.

I love my car. It rides smoothly. It's quiet. It get very good gas mileage

- Lee R

My vehicle looks and feels great. I feel safe in my Subaru and love the safety features. The gas mileage is good.

It is a great family car. It has plenty of storage space and roomy seats.

- Brooke P

I bought it at a great price. I love the style. It doesn't depreciate like other models.

No complaints. Love the gas mileage I get. Love having All Wheel Drive.

- Linda B

safety and reliability. the design is great. car is roomy.

i love my car. it's what i dream of. but sometimes the mileage is off.

- Don L

It is reliable and will get you home safe when it is snowing.

I love the color. I love the reliability. It drives very smoothly.

- Emily K

The safety feature are very good , the eyesight is amazing

I am too short to rear the hatchback to close it, it is too high.

- Jo F

I love the size of my vehicle and the features that it includes like Apple CarPlay. It gets great gas mileage as well and I love the hatchback feature. I wish it had an automatic hatchback (fob activated) and and a more sturdy material for the seats.

You'll get great gas mileage while being in a safe vehicle.

- Courteney S

Drives well and is very comfortable on the inside.

Handles well. Very comfortable on the inside. Looks unique.

- Sam Z

They need to know that the car gets very good mileage.

I like it because it's sporty and it gets good gas mileage.

- Susan M

Safety is the most important for me to drive my car.

Eyesight is so good. It keeps safety and help me to drive.

- Nobuyuki I

Handles well in the weather

Sound system needs work. Very basic interior for the money

- Jeff M

Great value and a joy to drive.

Great gas mileage. Easy to maneuver. Outstanding service.

- john W

I love that I have heated seats, a moonroof, and all wheel drive. I love that my phone easily connects to the car. Great gas mileage. Dislike is how much I have to pay for it.

This car can take you almost anywhere you want to go.

- Lakendra G

I like the storage space an functionality / utility of such. I enjoy the off ground height and ability to travel different rough roads as well as off roading in certain areas. I love the all wheel drive.

It's a standard all wheel drive most terrain vehicle.

- Alex D

It does well both on and off road.

Good size SUV, easy to drive. Spacious. Nice color.

- Lindsey N

Very spacious without feeling too big!

- Rachel B