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Couldn't ask for a better car

My Crosstrek is the perfect vehicle for my lifestyle. I own dogs and having the Crosstrek makes it easy to take them wherever we go. It will also be the perfect car for my family to grow into. I love the features in my premium model. My favorite feature is the apple car play. I use the apple car play the most for navigation, and since we travel a lot it's perfect. The car also gets great gas mileage. On average I get around 27 miles per gallon. The Crosstrek has also proven to be reliable in the snow. My first car had front wheel drive and I usually did pretty well. Now that I have all wheel drive though, I feel extremely confident while driving in any kind of weather. The premium model does not have the leather seats, but the seats are so comfortable and I really like the pop of orange color that comes from the stitching. My Crosstrek is the cool gray khaki which I'm totally in love with. I used to say that I never wanted a car with a lot of color. This exterior color is just too good to be true though. When I saw it in person I just fell in love. I get so many compliments about the color. I was also fortunate enough to get a premium model with a sunroof and I got heated seats. These are features that I consider to be a necessity. The sunroof makes the car feel even roomier than it is. The heated seats are great for the winter or for when my back is sore. I couldn't ask for a better car.

- Summer M

Want to feel completely safe while driving? Buy a Subaru.

I absolutely love my car. If I could do it all over again, I wouldn't do anything different. It was worth it to purchase the subscription to the app because I can start my car from anywhere and control the climate settings as well. The total 7 airbags makes me feel very safe especially when so many drivers today are distracted. I feel so comfortable in the seats. I feel like my car is hugging me every time I get in it. The apple carplay feature awesome! I basically have Siri access to my entire phone hands free! I'm able to search addresses using maps, play music from Apple Music simply by asking Siri. The app also give you a monthly health check of your vehicle and even shows you how much tire pressure you have. I love tech and this car has it. The ONLY thing I don't like and wish they would change is that I cannot remotely open my hatch back/trunk. It's a little inconvenient to have to use the key fob to unlock my vehicle and trunk and then have to have a hand free to actually open the trunk. And even then it takes a minute to find the trunk release button. Now with that being said, I would still purchase this vehicle over and over again. I will always own a Subaru from here on out.

- Devon K

Cool grey khaki is the new black!

I love my new Subaru Crosstrek! The vehicle came with rubber floor mats that are a must have for my family- 3 dogs and a kid! There are a ton of features that make this car awesome- Bluetooth connectivity, apple carplay, excellent safety rating, sunroof, unique colors, excellent gas mileage, etc. The car is comfortable and roomy as to be expected from a midsize car. I have had zero mechanical (or otherwise) issues! It is super fun and easy to drive/ maneuver/ handle whether in bad weather or winding roads on a sunny day. I love that it sits a bit higher than an average sedan but not quite as high as a truck. One of the extra features that comes with all Subarus is the Subaru community; it is a blast to be a part of. These people love there vehicles and for good reason!

- Ashley O

Six speed all wheel drive is always king!

It's a great car. It handles very well. It's comfortable and fuel efficient. It is also very reliable and the all-wheel-drive system is superior to other vehicles on the road which makes it a great car for New England winters. The car also came with a 6-speed manual transmission which was an important variable when I was shopping for a new car. I do not like automatic transmissions and I have always been a fan of Subaru products. The car has not caused any problems for me. I am very impressed with the amount of cargo space in the back. For example, I carried a 8 foot by 10 foot rug in the back of the car without any issues. It has been a great companion and I wouldn't trade it for another vehicle (for daily use, that is).

- Jennifer B

Exceeds My Expectations By A Lot

My vehicle is wonderful. For a 2019, I expect the best, safest, and most tech advanced, and that's what I got. Subaru exceeds my expectations of safety, functionality, and even luxury. The Crosstrek is a sporty car, but for all intents and purposes it feels luxurious and wonderful to me. It has a navigation screen that connects to the maps on my cell phone, it has seat warmers, all wheel drive, fully functional and capable safety features, and awesome sound system (particularly the bass). Overall wonderful vehicle to have purchased. I would recommend to anyone of any age, family or no family. I also travel with my dog in the vehicle and it is very comfortable for her.

- Angela M

New 2019 Subaru crosstrek with two toned leather interior.

The 2019 Subaru crosstrek is the perfect vehicle for a single driver or family. I love the comfort of the interior and the sporty look of the exterior. The crosstrek is featured with eyesight and collision warning, which were a huge plus coming from a small sedan. The limited crosstrek in pearly white comes with a two toned grey and white leather interior, sun and moonroof, and rubber floor mats. I love the hideaway feature for the trunk so that I can secure important items in my trunk area. This is the best automobile I have had the pleasure of driving.

- Karen B

The best Subaru that you can buy!

I really enjoy driving my Subaru Crosstrek. What I love most about it is how smoothly it drives and how safe I feel in it. The heated seats are a nice touch and the interior is extremely functional and comfortable. I love how there are extra cup holders on the doors and how there are buttons to change the volume and the song on the steering wheel. This makes driving much more safe in my opinion since I do not have to even look at the radio to adjust it. I highly recommend this vehicle.

- Lindsay W

The Subaru Crosstrek is a very unique and versatile car with minimal issues.

I have driven my Crosstrek for about a year and a half and there are only 2 minor issues I have. Because of the type of transmission it has if you start the car and put it in gear it will not respond immediately you have to wait until the car in ready and if your foot is on the gas the car will shoot in whatever direction. 2nd if you are in reverse you CANNOT change the volume which can be very frustrating if the car resumes whatever song at whatever volume you had it at last.

- Gabby F

The Crosstrek is great for both city and outdoor driving

Highly reliable vehicle, really great and fun to drive. A bit underpowered, but much more easy to take control of with the manual transmission compared to CVT. Base trim features are modest at best. Should really look into premium/limited trim options. Infotainment system is rather standard and Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are nice additions. Overall a very fun and convenient car to drive both around town and in the mountains.

- Kevin N

Why I love my Subaru? I love music and it has the best stereo.

I love my car. I enjoy driving it. I feel very safe and when my family is with me to. Its very roomy and I love the stereo system. It also has a moonroof and navigation. The navigation is the best that I've had in any vehicle. I love the color its white metallic and stays very clean. I love the headlights very bright and they follow the road when you turn. The rims are very sporty. This is the second Cross Trek I owned.

- Mary ann I

My vehicle is a pearl white 4WD Subaru limited with heated seats.

I have had no problems with my Subaru, it performs very nicely. I needed a reliable car to get me to school. I live where we get 3-4 feet of snow at a time sometimes and the 4 wheel drive is amazing. The inside is very comfortable I have taken it in a few trips. I really like the way you sit inside, I'm shorter and it fits me nicely for being a bigger car. I also really like the apple carplay and heated seats for the winter.

- Stephanie P

The Subaru Crosstrek is a great reliable car with great features.

I don't really have any problems with this car it is very fun to drive. The performance of the 2019 Crosstrek is great and it is also a very reliable car as well. The comfort of the car is wonderful. The cars tech features are incredible as well with all of the detectors around the car. I think that the best feature of all is the cruise control keeping you at a safe distance from the car in front of you.

- Ira L

Subaru Crosstrek- Investment of a lifetime

This vehicle has a very easy to clean interior, great sound system, a smooth drive (feels like you're gliding on the road), very spacious..enough to fit luggage, dogs, kids etc! This vehicle also can drive through pretty much any terrain. I have taken it off roading with no issues. Another great bonus is I only fill up on gas twice a month and I am constantly driving it. Great investment all around.

- Reagan W

Great all around vehicle!

The best feature is the original eyesight/safety package- the car basically drives itself! I get phenomenal mileage (better than 33 mpg combined) on a regular basis. The windows are huge and make the cabin feel very spacious. I adore the color/feel of the car, and it connects fully with my android phone. The steering wheel controls are intuitive. No complaints yet.

- Michelle L

I love how safe this car is! Many safety features that are helpful!

One thing that I do not like about my car is in the back seats, the space where the seat belts is big and things could fall easily into that space and if it is food, attract bugs. Another thing is that I wish that there was an armrest in the middle of the back seat. I think that would be more comfortable for my son. Other than that, I love my car.

- Vanessa T

Why everyone should drive a Subaru!

The crosstrek is spacious, comfortable, reliable, great gas mileage, great in all weather, and stylish. Comes in a variety of colors and the safety rating is top notch. Eyesight safety feature is a must. It let's me know if I am going out of the lanes, to close to the car in front of me or if the car in front of me has moved forward at a light.

- Michelle C

The color is a nice cool grey khaki color with black trim.

My vehicle is reliable with smooth and easy handling. Very comfortable heated seating and all wheel drive. Nice trunk space with seats that go down fully. Safe and gives me a sense of security. Y only complaint is the air conditioner does not blow as hard or cool as I would like but overall I would definitely recommend my vehicle to others.

- Kay Y

The Subaru Crosstrek is amazing.

I absolutely love my Crosstrek. It is comfortable, easy on gas, sleek and pleasing to the eye, has a lot of safety features, and much more. I love the eyesight technology. It helps to lower insurance, keep you in check while driving, and helps with brake assist and auto cruise control. This was the best car I've ever had.

- Victoria B

Compact, but roomy enough for all.

The Subaru Crosstrek is roomy, efficient in design, just big enough to carry all of my outdoor gear. There are two of us that travel in it most often, but the back seat is very comfortable for adults. The gas mileage is decent, and it is small enough that it can be parked anywhere. I really love the all wheel drive too.

- Nicole R

Subaru vehicles are in a class by themselves.

A smooth riding vehicle with exceptional turning ability, interior comfort is outstanding, gauge placement and visibility excellent, rear view backup camera a great assistance in visibility, The warning lights on the mirrors are a great assistance in passing on the highway. We would lease similar vehicle again.

- Peter B

This is a great new vehicle

We have had this vehicle for 7 months. It has been great. We haven't had any problems. It's comfortable and travels well. It's got nice clearance for the snow In our area without being too big. The gas mileage is great as well. We aren't having to fill up as often as we did with our previous vehicle.

- Christy W

You will not drive a better vehicle.

This car is the best car I've ever driven. The seats are so comfortable and they feel like they hug you. The entertainment features are great. It is easy to use and most of it can be done hands free. The car handles so well in any time of situation. It glides right over puddles like they aren't there.

- Noel G

Subaru Crosstrek: make it your next car!

I have not had any problems with my Subaru since I bought it in December 2018. It is very reliable and makes me feel safe, especially driving in snowy conditions. The adaptive cruise control is awesome! I also love having the backup camera, but I do wish it beeped when I got close to something.

- Kelly S

Amazing vehicle all around

I love my subaru crosstrek it's got amazing features. The eyesight is good. It helps to tell you if you go over your lane into another. The cruise control is great also, it helps you keep with the flow of traffic without having to hit your brakes when a car is getting close it slows for you.

- Janice W

Subaru�s are great cars to have

Subaru's are reliable and maintain their value well. They have all wheel drive and get wonderful gas mileage. The interior features are great and you have several options. All of their vehicle options help fit your needs as a driver. The all wheel drive in all Subaru's is great.

- Pete M

The safety of the Subaru.

I love my car and all the features it comes with. There are a ton of safety features that keep me from making mistakes. The only thing I wish, was that the engine had a little more horsepower. Not for pulling power, but for city driving when you need to get up to speed fast.

- Mckenzie L

Subaru Crosstrek the vehicle of tomorrow

I have had no issues with my vehicle as for performance its great, reliability is wonderful, very comfortable and I love the automatic cruise control so I never have to worry about the speed of the car in front of me. If I was to ever buy a car again I would buy a Subaru.

- Joshua W

Best car on the road Subaru Crosstrek hands down

Love this car. Runs smooth in the snow rain and even mudd. Basically drives itself. Great safety features. Even the style of the car is amazing. I got the white Subaru. With grey seats and orange trim. Even the ac works great. Plan to keep this car many years.

- Carol A

The best car ever, my Subaru.

I love the Subaru Crosstrek. I wanted a small SUV and this fit the bill. It has all the comfort of a sedan but the utility of an SUV. I love the features of this car. The ride is smooth and comfortable and it handles great. It also gets good gas mileage.

- Will G

The car is comfortable and has many great electronic features that make a long car ride fun.

It is very comfortable and runs really smooth. The blind spot monitoring and backup camera are great. It is an awesome family car.

- Elizabeth W

The apple carplay is really helpful, as well as the specific color of my car which is grey khaki blue

It is amazing, super smooth, comfortable seats, great technology, only thing I wish it had would be more interior color options

- Taylor D

Not your typical SUV! Focus on safety and comfort.

No complaints. Love the safety features. Happy with how it handles on the freeway and off-road. Interior trim is Snazzy!

- Brian M

Not your typical SUV! Focus on safety and comfort.

No complaints. Love the safety features. Happy with how it handles on the freeway and off-road. Interior trim is Snazzy!

- Brian M

THE improved technology is making driving fun...................

wonderful technology.....handles well has all wheel drive stops by itself... can sit and drive in total comfort

- maryann J

Has eye sight, good on gas

Good on gas . Safe vehicle to drive for a family. Drives smooth and has eye sight. Love the color of the car.

- Karie D

It is amazing and drives fantastically.

It runs great, has amazing features for everything you could ever need, it is super safe and reliable.

- Makayla A

This car is one of the safest brands on the roads today. It'll save your life.

This car is exactly what I wanted. It's roomy and it runs well. It has a backup camera.

- Brittany P

It has eyesight technology - making for a safer vehicle.

Just got it saturday. Have no complaints. love the color - orange.

- cindy f

comfy features (especially seats)

It is an exceptionally slick car with great pickup

- Nick P


I love everything about this car so far

- Ryan H