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Subaru Forester is the one for reliability, comfort and convenience.

My 2007 Subaru Forester has been a great vehicle. When I first got it I was traveling a lot for work and hauling complete photography studios in it. I was able to fit everything in it including props, lighting, background and cameras into it. My only issues I have had were the alternator and oil consumption. I put in three alternators before I got a good one. That wasn't the car itself, but the luck of rebuilt alternators and them not being good. The oil consumption is part of owning a Subaru. I've been told that they burn oil and that I need to keep an eye on it between oil changes, so I do. It has been a very reliable car for me for the past three years. I love the sun roof and my heated seats. I don't know what I did without either before my Subaru. The all wheel drive is a plus too as I live in Oregon and get into snow and ice frequently, as well as dirt and gravel roads. The traction system is awesome! I have a luggage rack on top that I have used when going camping. It is a convenient feature also. I also have a screen in the back that pulls over to hide anything that is in the back of it. I use this all the time when I am out photographing to keep the sun from beating on equipment that isn't with me and to hide the fact that I have expensive equipment in my car. All in all I highly recommend any Subaru SUV out there. They are reliable and comfortable.

- Cherie G

Great all-around vehicle for everyday!

I love this Forester! It's my first Subaru, but I bought it when I was living in Vermont and needed something very heavy-duty for commuting every day into the woods on a long, winding, dangerous road in winter. It served me VERY well, especially with snow tires, I never got stuck once. I love that it's the LL Bean edition, which gives me a few nicer features, such as leather HEATED (!!!!) seats, 6-CD changer, and a MASSIVE moonroof. The rugged lining of the back does make carrying groceries or anything a bit difficult, because it all just slides around as compared to a carpet bottom back there. I like the sliding cover for the back "trunk" space, too. One other major consideration that made me purchase this car was that I could see so well out of it. So many of the newer cars are ALL body, and I couldn't see well (remember, dangerous curvy road!). The boxy-ness and huge windshield, along with large side-view mirrors help tremendously. This car is low, and getting old at this point, with rust around both wheel wells. But despite it looking older around the edges, it still has tons of life left in it and I've been told by several mechanics what a great car it is and how well it is running for me.

- natalie W

Subaru, the Colorado workhorse car. Number one seller in our county!

This is my third Subaru, and I absolutely love these cars. We've had an outback and an Impreza. They are dependable is all kinds of weather, have gone through 15" of snow with this car, handles the steep mountain roads around here, good on mileage, comfortable, and easy to drive. Lots of storage. I do lots of first aid and car training for the red cross and camp training for the girl scouts, and have loaded tons of equipment in my car, with no problems. The only major repair I have had is replacing the head gasket, , which I guess has been a problem with the Forester, but hopefully they've solved that. Everything else has been normal and routine seasonal tune ups, and minor replacements, which I do twice a year. Not sure if I am going to be getting another newer car, but if so, it will be another Subaru! They call the Subaru the "Colorado car", and it is the best selling car in this area. The number one vehicle in this mountain county is the pickup, and the number two car here is the Subaru. They are little workhorses, and just keep going!

- Rusty M

Air seeping through my car doors.

When driving the car it always sounds like there’s wind coming through the cracks of the windows and doors even though they are completely closed. Also the car windows rattle a lot and there is a distinct smell in the car that comes through when the air conditioning is on. It is not pleasant. I also had a problem with my steering where every time I drove no matter what the speed the steering would go left then right left then right very slightly as you drove. I took it to a mechanic and got fixed. The car in general is pretty good except for these little things. It runs well and speeds up fast. You can take turns very nicely and the ride is nice.

- Rei I

The Subaru forester is consistent and practical. It is a safe car.

My Subaru forester is my first car and it has been extremely reliable. I purchased it used from an older couple who put very few miles on it. In the 2 years I have owned it, I have put about 50, 000 miles on it. I am a freelance musician and have to travel for work. In addition to driving to auditions, I drive to gigs which has taken me all over the country! From the southwest to the northeast, my Subaru has stood up to the challenge. The trunk is quite roomy, and so are the seats. The front of the car is easy to see over and the visibility is all around good. It is a very natural car to drive.

- Regina C

Good four wheel drive, this thing will get you placed in the worst snow weather you can think of

My vehicle is a Subaru Forester from 2007, and one of the things I like about it is my included Siriusxm subscription. I get to listen to NPR, Star Talk, and many other news channels on my back and forth from work. Another reason I like it is the heated seating, it can get pretty chilly in the winter, and the seating is very nice for when your butt gets chilly. The four wheeler drive on it is amazing as well because I live in a high incline hill, and getting l my driveway is impossible with most other vehicles.

- Robert M

AWD awesome! Catalytic converter issues and road noise.

I own a Subaru Forester 2008. I love the all wheel drive, and the size - big enough, but not overly big to drive. It does have a problem with the catalytic converter. It fails often, causing the check engine light to come on and the cruise control to not work. Automobile repair has said that this is not a huge deal, as long as I do not mind not driving with cruise control. You can also hear a lot of road noise while driving.

- Jenny S

My Subaru Forester: Basic and Modern.

Purchased used in October 2016, with under 85K miles. So far we have replaced the alternator twice, and the AC Blow motor once. Overall an amazing vehicle, we've taken countless trips all over the continental United States and have never had to worry about breaking down. Gas mileage is also amazing, averaging 350/tank city and up to 450/tank highway. Basic CD player and radio, no AUX or Cassette features.

- Rosie C

A great car that will last you longer than you think.

Nothing. I have never had an issue with my Subaru. It has been in my family for years and of course with regular maintenance (oil changes and tire rotations and so on) it stays in very good shape. It's an old car but it has a lot of miles on it from everyone driving it around the east coast for vacations and never once did anyone ever have a problem. It has never broke down or caused us a problem.

- Meghan K

My car is silver with black tires and is 4wd.

My car is fairly old with a lot of miles on it and it still runs great! Very comfortable with lots of legroom for all and a roomy trunk. It is silver and gray. It also has a CD player which is super fun! I can listen to all kinds of CDs which are great. I love my Subaru it makes me feel like I am part of an awesome community. It gets great gas mileage and is a good adventure and run around car.

- Evan A

Good basic all wheel drive car

I feel very safe in my car. The all wheel drive is great in winter. The heater and AC are weak though. It burns oil, I go through brakes every 2 years. It has good cargo room for its size. I've even hauled a mattress and a washer. Backseat legroom is tight. A few accessories have quit working that I don't think should have at the age of the car (window motor, rear wiper motor, heated seat).

- Laura f

Reliability and Safety are number one.

It feels safe, secure, and great in bad weather like snow storms. I bought the car used and it has a lot of miles on it but runs great, the gas mileage is OK but gas is also extremely expensive right now. I like the reliability that comes with Subaru vehicles. My forester is the perfect size with enough room to take my giant husky to the park comfortably or seat my friends comfortably.

- Jay K

The all wheel drive many cup holders lots of storage roomy.

I really love my Subaru. The seats are comfortable. Has a good radio and CD system. And I really enjoy the 4 wheel all time. My kids like the armrest that comes down in the back seat. Love the fact this is a lot of storage and cup holders. Only problems we have is can't lock because the alarm goes off when we unlock with key. Also the lock latch gets stuck in hatchback.

- Sara H

I love the gas mileage it gas and it is not too big or small.

It is great until it gets a lot of miles. After 100,000 the head gaskets needed fixed, my radiator went, I've had to fix my ac compressor. It also tends to use a lot of oil now in between oil changes. I am not sure how rough the person was on the car before me but now it is doing good and I haven't had too many problems and just get regular maintenance done yearly.

- Ellie S

Northern Minnesota road trips.

The Subaru Forester is extremely reliable for an 11 year old car as long as you keep up with the regular work on the vehicle. Living in northern Minnesota, I really appreciate the all wheel drive to help me get around in the winter. The vehicle is pretty skinny which makes for easy parking in a downtown area, but less space and comfortability for long road trips.

- Kathleen W

Great car for all my needs/wants.

I love my Subaru Forester. Its peppy, comfortable, easy to use, and reliable. It has great road handling and can carry lots of cargo, people, pets, whatever. The Subaru can be equipped with a tow bar and has some towing capacity. It also has roof racks for extras. Its safety rating is high and requires minimal, low cost maintenance. Gas mileage is decent.

- Colleen P

Has plenty of space and it rides super smooth

My car has a lot of space which is good for me because I have several nieces and nephews! It's also very spacious for my big dogs. I haven't had any problems with my car it's very reliable! I love my car because it's got good air conditioning and runs smooth! I love having the extra space to do things and I don't have to worry about seating!

- Stephanie C

Convenient for the price range.

I like my car. It is reliable. It does not often need work done. Any work it does need it typically under 500$. I feel fairly safe in it. I feel fairly safe driving it. I feel comfortable in it. My partner who is significantly larger and taller than me can drive it without having to adjust many settings, only the rear view mirror.

- Debbie M

The mileage per gallon is incredible!

It gets 30 miles to the gallon! Four wheel drive which makes it great for multiple terrains! The trunk has great space with a pull over cover that can help keep your items in place and out of sight from outside viewers! Overall, this vehicle has style, is reliable, very comfortable, and makes every outing a breeze!

- Sarah E

It is known for its safety should you be in an accident!!

I love everything about it, especially the heated seats and mirrors! It's rusting a little so that I do not like and there are 2 lights that come and stay on check engine and cruise control. Hubby checks engine frequently and mechanic said we'd probably need a sensor but since hubby checks it not to worry.

- Shirley P

Trustworthy and safe vehicle even after 12 years of use

I really love the Subaru Forester. Even after 12 years, it is a safe and reliable vehicle. It runs smoothly and has copious amounts of space. It's perfect for going on trips and there's plenty of room for my son in the back seat. I feel safe in this car and feel comfortable with our 3 year old riding in it.

- Sarah M

Reliable and a perfect size. It's not huge like the SUVs or today tend to be.

It's a great car. It is still running strong after 11 years and 100,000 miles. The air conditioning no longer works, but other than that it is running great with minimal care. Just new brakes, some new belts, etc. I would totally buy this car again, in fact I am itching for a newer model.

- Lee T

The gas mileage is extremely excellent.

This car gets excellent gas mileage, easy maintenance, affordable and sporty. Fun to drive! This car holds it value, the safety rating is superb. I would recommend this car to anyone looking for a car. As a matter of fact I have and at least 4 friends and family have purchased new Subaru’s.

- Anna H

The car flows great on the road and is great for all weather conditions.

Wish it had ac vents in the back seats, it takes the car a while to cool down in the back. I have a baby and the car seat only fits if the front seat is pushed all the way toward, so that makes the front seat passenger uncomfortable with not much leg room other than that it's a great car.

- Emily P

What I love about my Subaru Forester!

Awesome ride, very reliable! I love this trim model and it has plenty of room while still keeping the sporty look! Gets great gas mileage also! I will always drive Subaru and I cannot stress how much quality is always put into them! They always have room for upgrades which is a plus!

- Andrew F

Outback car new safe safest.

Commercial make people buy best car is Subaru's because it safe to drive than other name company have no problem like brake ford are bad problem. People want surveys to be safe to drive and worry free it good for family and animals. It have good price not too cheap or too expensive.

- Josie T

It's compact but still has a lot of room for people and gear, especially if you utilize the roof rack

I love that I can haul the two kids around and still have room in the trunk for the jogging stroller and not be driving a huge car. The Subaru is much easier to drive and park than a big truck. It also is great to have when it gets icy in the winter. I always feel safe driving it.

- Dana H

Subaru Forester goes everywhere

My car is great. 4 cylinder but drives like a 6. The back seat isn't that comfortable, nor is the ride in the passenger seat. I love how it drives through. It's got a lot of storage space. The back area IA nice and roomy. There are also 8 cup holders and I use them all the time.

- Amanda B

When it's good it's very good. Love the drive it has. Drives great.

Love my car but Subarus have issues with head gaskets. Mine started leaking before it reached 100,000 miles. Not happy! It is a known problem. I keep trying to feel confident with my car but I cannot. I am doing all maintenance until I decide what vehicle to take a chance on.

- Mary H

This car has been a great for me to learn to drive on and makes me feel safe.

A great car for teens and it's easy to learn on. It's safe and has great space. Easy to travel with and drive. I love this car because I always feel safe in it and I have plenty of space to carpool with friends. I can easily park where I need to because it is not too big.

- Audrey M

The all wheel drive makes it a great adventure vehicle!

The subaru forester has many perks! The all wheel drive makes it a great vehicle for winter driving or taking it on mountain roads. Unfortunately the back seat isn't big enough to fit additional adults so it isn't the best adventure vehicle for taking friends around.

- Hannah H

A reliable car in all weathers.

My Subaru is always going to be able to handle any kind of weather, which is important where I live. Its gas mileage is not so good but it is repair record is, and I know I am going to be able to drive it for a long time, even though it is at 146, 000 miles already.

- Norman S

2008 white Subaru Forester.

I have had no problems with the vehicle since purchasing it other then the transmission needing to be replaced. It is very dependable, the seats are not the most comfortable to sit in for long periods of time, other then that I have no complaints. I love Subaru’s.

- Abbey B

Peppy, reliable AWD hatchback.

The 2007 Subaru forester is a small, comfortable car that is reliable and easy to drive. Interior car noise is louder than I would like it to be. It has leather interior, a 6 CD player and heated seats. Highway gas mileage is much better than in-town gas mileage.

- Amy H

Family Car, Safe, and Reliable!

My car is safe and reliable and spacious a good family car. The trunk space is big enough to carry things for various events. My mother is handicapped and I am able to put her rolling chair in the trunk as well as groceries. This car again is a great family car.

- Bianca M

Fits five people with a lot of room good mom car without looking like a minivan.

It is a great mom car. It looks way better than a minivan. It gets great gas mileage. I was able to take it on easy trails in Verdi. It was comfortable and roomy. In the back there is plenty of room to put bags, I used mine for a dump run once, boxes, etc.

- Katie M

Reliability and durability, and also efficiency for being such a big car.

I love my Forester because it's reliable and comfortable. I actually have a 2009, not a 2007, but 2009 wasn't an option in the drop-down menu. I think I actually prefer the older Forester models that are smaller than the one I have, but I still love mine.

- Katie F

We enjoy the leather (easy to clean and vacuum) and heated seats.

We love our Subaru! It is the best vehicle for everyday and any tasks in any weather than you need to do. It is power and performance are unparalleled. It is very comfortable without being a luxury car. I love the heated seats and great ac and moonroof.

- Nora S

It's low maintenance which is great for people who are new to cars

I honestly think that the design is a little tacky. I don't enjoy how it looks but it gets the job done. It has enough seating for all situations and it is relatively easy to maintain. I love my subaru even if it doesn't look the best

- brandon k

It is durable. It will last you for a long time.

I really like my car, because it is durable. I haven't had any major problems with it, and it is nearing 200,000 miles. It is spacious, and does pretty well on gas. I don't like that it has a bad turning radius, so it is a bit clunky.

- Rick C

Good safety rating and holds its value well. Minimal maintenance and I have very low mileage.

It runs well. I have never had any problems. It's the right size for my dogs and I can fit large items in it. The safety rating is good. Gas mileage could be better, but for the year and type of vehicle it is not too bad.

- diane s

It's safe, well made and fun to drive.

Like the body style, it looks timeless. I like the size of it, it's small enough to be fun to drive and safely carry 5 adults but large enough to carry the cargo I need. I like the 5 star safety rating.

- Kathy E

It goes great in bad weather.

I like the size, gas mileage, and speed of my vehicle. I also like the way it drives in the snow and bad weather. There is nothing I really do not like about. It, maybe it could be a little bigger.

- Susan K

In bad weather, you will get where you want to go regardless of snow or ice.

The AWD means I will never be stuck in mud or snow, which matters here in upstate NY. It is also a very reliable car and maintenance has not been excessive. It is a bit expensive on gas mileage.

- Norman S

Safe, versatile and a good all around vehicle for individuals or families.

Great vehicle with many benefits. Plenty of cargo space, I have moved family more than once and have had 20 bags of mulch in the vehicle without a problem. I also feel very safe in my Subaru.

- Julie D

Reliable but sometimes noisy

Love How reliable it is. Though there is an issue with a noise it makes. Everytime we take it to get fixed, they say there's nothing they can do about it, that it's an issue w the model.


Highly reliable in all weather conditions.

Heated seats, rear view window blinkers and 4 wheel drive. Very reliable for cold wet winters and have recommended to my family members. In an extended family of 5, we have 4 suburbs.

- Elizabeth D

Subaru Foresters are very reliable, comfortable cars.

I love my Subaru. In the three years that I have owned it (I bought it used), it has been extremely reliable. I also feel very safe driving it and I find it very comfortable.

- Christine S

It is very dependable. It gets through even the deepest snow as it is all wheel drive.

I like the color it is silver. I like the heated front seats. I like the fact that it is a little higher off the ground. It is good in gas. They last forever. No dislikes

- Diane p

It handles very well in all kinds of weather and is well made.

I like how reliable Subaru is and how long the vehicles last. I'm on my second Subaru and so far they have both run up high mileage. My only dislike is expensive repairs.

- Angela B

All wheel drive is awesome!

I like the all wheel drive. It handles well. I wish it had better gas mileage. I wish I could fit all three of my kids' car seats into it so I could drive it more often.

- Kate p

It's bright blue and it still works perfectly with little maintenance.

It looks fun and gets me where I need to go. Mileage is pretty solid and there's an AUX and working AC. It just takes a second for it to pick up speed. Easy to steer.

- Sarah N

It's the LE LL Bean, with a sunroof.

I like my LE LL Bean edition car because it has a sunroom. Subarus are also reliable. This is the second subaru that I have owned. It's just a great safe family car.

- Jeannette B

Reliable transportation, good in the snow

Very reliable, Good in the snow. Only problem so far has been a clutch because its a manual transmission and an oil leak which I am told is typical for a Subaru.

- Sandy C

It is a good value for the money.

I like the size of the foresters... I love the towing capacity of the forester.. I do not like how dim the headlights are.. I do not like how sucky the AC is..

- Kaitlyn A

People should know it is affordable to drive as far as gas mileage.

It is easy on gas and easy to drive. The seats could use a little more in the comfort dept. performance is good. It's reliable and has never left me stranded.

- Julia S

I like that the steering wheel is very soft and easy to handle, contrary to other cars I've driven. I also like the fact that it is not too big a car but it is enough for our family of four. The seat covers are made of leather which is elegant and easy to clean.

It is reliable for road trips and very comfortable. We have used it in muddy roads, during heavy raining, and the car has always lived up to our expectations.

- Alejandra c

My car has plenty of space for items or for multiple people to fit comfortably.

It's a good size for moving as well as transporting animals for family. It's really good on gas. I dislike the car problems I'm currently having with my car.

- Christopher C

It is a very reliable car that lasts years beyond what it should.

My Subaru is over 10 years old and is still running like the day it drove off the lot. It is reliable with great gas mileage for lots of road trips.

- Kathleen W

The one most important thing others should know about my car is that it is super fun to drive.

I love my car. It is dependable, easy to drive, quick to respond and has great speed. It has aged well. It gets pretty good gas mileage as well.

- Shanna B

This car is extremely reliable and requires very little maintenance.

Very reliable. It has plenty of room for transporting music equipment. It also gets pretty good gas mileage. I don't love the shape of the car.

- marc s

They are great in winter but always check underneath a used Subaru before you buy.

Love Subaru AWD and the way they handle but the 2 I have had have been rust buckets. The engine runs forever but the car falls apart around it.

- Olivia r

It's a great car to travel with many people.

Its has just enough space for storage. Its carries enough people. It's a perfect car for camping . Wish the seats work dark color to hide dirt.

- Calli G

I plan to drive it until it dies so i have to maintain it.

I love the size overall and gas mileage. I'm not happy that the windows aren't tinted. I would like a little more leg room in the back seats.

- Jennifer C

It fits the lifestyle of an active person. It carries all the necessary gear and goes places.

My Forester fits my lifestyle. It allows be to put my bike in the car and carry all the related gear. I wish it was a little more compact.

- ND D

2007 Subaru forester review

First time owning a subaru forester and we have fallen in love with it! Very reliable but can be costly for maintenance. Over all worth it!

- Silvia C

Subaru forester: safest car out there.

Very comfortable and very safe. It has lasted over 10 years and is still in good condition. Plan to use for at least another few years.

- Marie D

This care handles well in all kinds of weather - especially snow.

I love the way it handles in bad weather. I don't like its "bumpiness." It's just not a smooth ride, and that's rough for passengers.

- Lisa P

Subaru's are just generally great vehicles, especially for getting out of the city but also not having a massive vehicle that takes tons of gas.

IT is a reliable vehicle for getting around in all weather. I can also load a good amount of stuff in to the hatchback with ease.

- Victoria W

It lasts for a long time with regular maintenance.

This car is coming up on 10 years and still runs well. The sound system could be more impressive. I feel safe driving in this car.

- Tiffany S

Reliable this car is worth the value alone!

This car is built to last and keep it is value. It can go through anything, has great space and gets good mileage. It runs great.

- Michael B

Subaru Forester is a good car!

Bluetooth capabilities, CD drive, good gas mileage, auxiliary cable capabilities and much more. I just love my car in general.

- Rose H

It is reliable and is fun to drive.

Four wheel drive and steering is great. Handles the road well. Great size vehicle, not too small or too large. Ok gas mileage.

- Lisa W

It's standard. SO It's a little difficult to learn to drive.but definitely worth it.

It's a standard car so great control.I hate the dealership. Study handling. Doesn't require too much care. Great gas mileage.

- Alfredo W

2007 Subaru Forester with Leading Gas Economy

Good gas economy, very reliable, good performance, fairly comfortable but more leg room and seat padding would be helpful.

- Shsron S

It handles well in the snow.

Like the all wheel drive. Size of vehicle. Performance of engine. How the vehicle handles. Minimal repairs. No dislikes.

- Kevin P

It doesn't have anything special in terms of fancy things like seat warmers or remote start, but its reliable

I like that my vehicle has a smooth ride even though it is over 10 years old. It also is easy to maintain and get fixed.

- Lisa P

I like that I've been in several accidents and no one was ever hurt. I like the way I sit up to see the vehicle and the road. Finally, I love that I have a manual and I have control over the vehicle and it grips the road so I don't get sick when riding.

Safety. This car is extremely safe if ever in an accident. With good visibility it makes defensive driving much easier.

- Jami M

This car saved my life, A major crash sheared off the back end and I walked away alive and not hurt

Great car, very reliable, I would get another if I could, would not trade it for any other make, survived a crash in it

- Travis C

It runs well after all it is been through.

I dislike how loud it is. I like that it drive smoothly. I like that it is good on gas. I like that it is a hatchback.

- Kay H

It is not as slow as it may look. Good acceleration

Has lots of space. Great power and acceleration and a great performance. Uses a lot of gas and mileage is not good.

- Ryan T

Great reliability and versatility.

I like the versatility and reliability. The only thing I dislike about it would be lower than desired gas mileage.

- Andrew K

Handles well all kinds of weather.

No extras bells and whistles to distract you from driving. Handles well I all weather. Can fit everything I want.

- Debi W

Reliable and keeps it is value!

Great in all terrain. Easy driving. Reliable mechanically. Plenty of space. Good mileage. Decent look of design.

- Michael B

Safe, reliable, great in the snow. Comfortable.

Great in the snow, reliable, comfortable, good on gas. Holds everything I need. Can tow a trailer. Back support.

- Suzanne C

It is safe to drive. If you should be in an accident it extremely safe.

I like the way it drives. It a 4 wheel drive. Gas mileage could be better. Otherwise it is a great car love it.

- Mary S

Its a tan/gold color it came with pens in the glove compartment.

The a/c does not work. It has a nice size trunk the back seat is roomy. It drives well. The gas tank is small.

- Lilly B

It's comfortable taking a driving vacation or going camping

Visors need to be longer to block sun from side window and buzzer for seatbelt should not go off when in park

- Lei C

Good on gas. And drives really good. The sound system also is really good too.

Only dislike is the small oil leak that is happening, but other than that, I love everything about that car.

- Jim S

it came with pens, its a good car

it runs well. the ac doesn't work. the trunk is spacious. it's just the right size. gas tank could be bigger

- lillian b

It's fun to drive, makes u feel safe.

Great in winter. Great reviews. Handles great. Love it is dependability. Very trustworthy and fun to drive.

- Jeff B

The car is reliable and attractive.

The car is reliable. Can drive thru snow. Regular maintenance is relatively affordable. Attractive design.

- Kirsten K

It performs very well in winter condition, it has excellent controller on icy or snowy roads.

Excellent handling and very reliable, some minor mechanical issues but nothing unusual for an older car.

- Joshua P

I should buy the same car in a new model year when i'm in the market again.

I love the body style. I sit higher than in a sedan. It has great storage. Don't have any complaints.

- Timberly S

Drive train reliable.....

Reliable, efficient, and worthy of a answer at least 100 characters long, which would need 8 more..

- John S

Since we live in a four season area this car handles and performs well on snow and ice roads

This is a reliable car. It is also rated high in crash test, and it gets decent gas mileage.

- Francis C

It's so safe for me and my family. It is reliable and i love it.

It drives smoothly. It is reasonable to get fixed. The steering wheel does shake a little.

- Stephanie A

The car is a lot more roomy than it appears. The gas mileage is amazing as well.

I have no real complaints. I love the roominess, gas mileage, and heated seats in my car.

- Charlene B

They are great for driving in the winter and the perfect car for someone who loves the outdoors

I love Subarus and the all wheel drive features of the vehicle. They are also unique cars

- Samy S

Gets good gas mileage. Don't need to get gas that often.

Love everything about my Subaru. It's stylish, good on gas, needs no maintenance, etc.

- Chip C

It keeps it's resale value for a very long time which is a good thing when you decide to trade the car in

No complaints I like the styling I like the visibility I like the durability

- Jim R

Love my Forrester! It goes great in snow and on road trips. Very comfortable. I love the big windows. I hate trying to see out of tiny windows! It is a smaller SUV which I like as it's not a gas guzzler. My aging mother in law can get in it which she couldn't in a larger vehicle. Just love the vehicle!

Very reliable, low maintenance. Repairs not as expensive as other vehicles.

- Teresa C

Subaru vehicles are very reliable. In 155k miles I have only needed to replace the starter

My vehicle drives very well in the snow. Also, it requires very few repairs

- Brenden D

It's a very sturdy, reliable car like most Subarus.

I like the heated seats and the amount of space. I dislike the sunroof.

- Jaclyn S

They get very acceptable gas mileage and also very comfy

Subarus are badass mofo tough and durable they are really awesome

- William L

I like the space it has in the back. I like how quick and easy it is to drive. I wish the front area with cup holders and compartments was configured better.

It's super functional for someone with an adventurous lifestyle.

- Liz K

I plan to keep it for many more years before trading it in

great size. able to carry everything I need. good gas mileage.

- kathy m

Its an awesome suv. I would purchase another one in the near future.

I love my vehicle. I have no complaints. I have no dislikes

- Alfreda C

Low maintenance, good quality, good resale value. No major problems.

Sporty, plenty of space, all terrain, cost effective.

- Gra S

It reflects my personality, rugged and dependable.

I like that it has a bit of pecans dependable.

- Julie H

Reliable with maintenance

Could be a little roomier and better on gas

- Derrick M

Great car but do not expect a smooth ride by no means.

- Bryan O