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It's a great all-around vehicle that makes me feel comfortable when driving in inclement weather.

I've really enjoyed my Subaru Forester, despite a few minor problems. Within the first year of purchasing my new car, my transmission started jerking. I'm not sure exactly what was going on, but it was covered under warranty, which was great. I haven't had a problem yet. Now, I have about 100,000 miles on the car and I've had only minor issues such as replacing the air compressor to revive the AC and replacing a spark plug to prevent an overheating issue. I am currently in need of some new brakes, which I plan to invest in within the next few months. I lived in the mountains of Colorado for most of the time I owned the car, and it was great in snow, in conjunction with good snow tires. I felt very safe driving the car in snowy conditions. I'm hoping I can make the car last another 100,000 miles without major repairs. I will say that the oil is always low - a known issue with subarus is that they eat a lot of oil. I've been successful with keeping an eye on the oil level and adding oil in between changes when necessary.

- Mary T

Efficient midsize car good for tall people.

Got my 2010 Subaru forester used. The only problems I have had with it so far has been with one of the headlights. The wiring melted. I did have the middle rear segment seat belt replaced as well as the passenger side airbag both due to recalls. Otherwise this little car has been a trooper. Plenty of headroom for tall people. Decent room in the trunk space. 6 CD changer. I really like that the radio still has buttons and is not a touch screen, less distraction while driving. Very large moon roof. The handling is efficient and smooth. Does well in rain, sun and snow. One downside, the fob is the most expensive Subaru ever made, not fun. Overall it is a safe good car.

- Amanda B

The Subaru family: once you've owned one, you'll never go back!

I bought this Subaru used because I had certain specifications about how big the rear window had to be and how the seat fit my body. I love the roomy 2010 forester because I sit up high, I feel like I have some protection around me, and I do not have a horrendous blind spot like I had in my pt cruiser. My husband installed a rear camera and a great radio for me also plus I still got a CD player for my audiobooks and my musicals CDs. This Subaru is a very safe car and I enjoy getting better gas mileage and taking driving trips in it. When I am ready for a new car, I will be buying a new Subaru with all of the safety features included!

- Patty G

Safe Fun Subaru: Everything you need and everything you want.

Love ,love,love my Subaru Forester! So much so that my mom bought one then she bought one for her grand daughter. It makes me feel so safe. I have been asked to pick coworkers up for work during snow storms. I stay at work during blizzards when others can't make it in because because my Subaru gets through it all. I get my family where they need to go in hard rain. Miles per gallon are very good for an SUV. I can haul much more in my smaller SUV than the larger over priced ones. I moved a big oversized chair that my friends could not fit in their Durango or Lexus. My friends think the seats are comfortable. The ride is smooth.

- Lisa C

My Subaru forester is completely dependable.

I have owned a Subaru forester for almost 8 years and have only had problems with one tire (which I purchased after buying the car) in that time. It has several ways to adjust seating, and is comfortable for me and my husband who is 9 inches taller. We both find the car easy to handle as well. My dogs (I have 3 large dogs) easily fit in the back with plenty of room for stretching out, and never seem to mind long drives. In the back, there are actually 4 safety belts that I can hook onto the dog's car harnesses if I want extra protection for them.

- Jann L

It's great in the snow and is super reliable car. You will always feel safe in it no matter what.

I love my Forester for the most part. It's great in the snow and I always feel super safe in it no matter what! It's big enough to make it feel like an SUV for me but because I'm a smaller woman it doesn't feel too big and uncomfortable to drive. It gets good gas mileage as well which is a plus. My only compliant has been since I hit 100K a lot of stuff has gone wrong. My head gasket is about to go, they said in the next 50K or so miles. Also the heat shield rattles like crazy. Other than that, I would total purchase again!

- Tara B

2010 Subaru Forester: spacious, safe, comfortable.

So far I have had no major problems with my vehicle. I always feel saving driving it in the winter, and I like the layout. There is plenty of room in the back seat for passengers. It steers well and has a really comfortable ride. In addition, it has a very spacious hatchback and the back seats are incredibly easy to fold down with one button. I have been able to use the space in the back of the vehicle to move in and out of dorms. Having had this vehicle for three years now, I definitely intend to continue buying Subaru.

- Lisa F

My open air Subaru forester.

My favorite thing about my Subaru forester is my large sunroof. Living in Colorado I can have it open most of the year, and at least having light coming in most of the year. Although it gets decent mileage, when I replace it, second to the sunroof will be mileage over 30 mpg. It is very comfortable, both front and back seats, and the tailgate area can be opened up enough to carry quite a lot of different things. I have to cart around lots of stuff for my job, and it is really easy.

- Becky M

Subaru Forester is durable and safe.

The car is very reliable and good on gas. A comfortable car good for families that have one or two children and great trunk space. Leather is easy to keep clean and looks nice. Very dependable in bad weather and I feel safe in this car no matter what is happening around me weather wise. Brakes are great and only have had issues with some rust on rotors but an easy and not overly expensive fix. Great looking even when it gets to be an older car.

- Simone M

Great all-season, reliable car.

My Subaru Forester is a great all-season vehicle. It handles very well in city driving and highway driving. It gets great gas mileage too. I bought this vehicle especially for how well it performs in winter conditions. I am very proactive with routine maintenance and as a result, I have had very few mechanical issues with my Forester. Whenever I am ready to purchase my next vehicle, it will most likely be a Subaru Forester.

- Perri H

The quintessential college car.

My Forester has been very reliable so far! It only has a few issues: it burns more oil than I initially expected and the transmission is a little rough. The oil burning is pretty standard for the engine type and the transmission probably just needs work. The all wheel drive is useful when driving in ice and snow and the heat/ac work just fine. It is comfortable and pretty roomy. The amount of storage it has surprised me!

- Alexis G

Subaru truly a great buy and a super great value. All around a great vehicle. Will buy again

I love my Subaru. It is of course all wheel drive and it goes great in the weather. It has there radio controls on the steering wheel which I love and is super roomy. The gas mileage is very good considering it is all wheel drive. The controls are easy to use and not at all complicated. The steering is very smooth and very reactive. The seats are very comfortable not just for the drive but also all the passengers.

- Christopher l

A great ride! My car feels smooth and dependable going down the highway.

Comfortable seats. Easy to read dashboard Good mileage. Only issue is that the check engine light keeps coming on and I take it to my mechanic only to have him find nothing wrong with the emissions and he resets the warning light. And, the light on the compass stopped working so the compass is defunct and in order to have it again, I must purchase a new rear view mirror for around $200, so that's not an option.

- Elizabeth H

there's SO much space! i can comfortably seat five people, and the hatchback trunk space is deceptively large. it's really amazing how much my little car can carry!

i love my car! i've named her Helen, which is just a personal quirk, but i find her to be comfortable to drive. i have much more room to carry people and things than i have before, but the car is also small enough that parking is never an issue. i love a lot of the little extras; i have an ashtray, lots of cup holders and storage spots, a mirror on the driver's visor which you never seen anymore! i love my car.

- sara M

Subaru is a dependable, comfortable work horse of a car.

My Subaru is very reliable. It has started every single time no matter what the weather. It is very comfortable. I just drove it 15 hours straight and never felt uncomfortable. The seats adjust to the driver. The air conditioning and heater work well. The stereo is standard but has good sound. When it snows I pick up several of my coworkers and bring them to work because their cars are not safe in the snow.

- Michelle L

Buyer beware: speed sensor trouble.

While the car is a good height from the ground the seat sits low in the car. We are having continuous problems with the speed sensors going out. Had to replace the engine. I like the red interior lights. Decent gas mileage about 24 mpg. Color is unique: paprika. I like the heated seats. Wiper control is a button on the end of the stalk. Had a hard time finding that! Like the amount of drink holders.

- Rachel V

Great gas mileage with little upkeep, does sometimes smell gassy.

Very reliable and comfortable to drive. A big car but easy to navigate. Minor repairs needed annually, nothing too big to worry about. The biggest downside is this car burns gas and it smells gassy inside the car sometimes, but that can be covered with a plug-in. Gets great gas mileage, ideal for long trips across multiple states. Very comfortable seats, everything is adjustable and a lot of fun!

- Kristin P

Forester is a good family vehicle

Overall, I'm really pleased with the Forester. It is a reliable family car, and great on our unpaved roads, handles well in snow and ice. I appreciate that 3 car seats can fit across the back seat but wish there was more "leg room" in the back seat. We're unable to rear-face a car seat behind the driver's seat and accommodate both my husbands legs and the angle/depth of the car seat.

- Jane J

Subaru Forester in a nutshell.

I love the all wheel drive on my Forester. It handles great in the snow. I really appreciate the seat warmers in the winter as well. The huge sunroof is nice feature. The Forester is comfortable, easy to get in and out of and gets better gas mileage then most SUVs. I think the only thing I do not like is how easy the interior plastic seems to mar and the exterior seems to scratch.

- Meredith D

The Subaru forester has a great ride.

This is my third Subaru forester. I really like the way they drive and the style. The Subaru forester has just the right amount of storage space for me when I travel. I can put the back seat down for extra storage. The Subaru forester has good pickup when merging onto the interstate. It rides well and feels smooth. I love my Subaru forester and will highly recommend it to anyone.

- Sharon B

Good storage for the 1 size.

I love the color of my car. It is black. I also love that it is so versatile. I am able to do a lot of activities with my car. For example, there are cross bars for roof accessories, the seats lay all the way down, it has AWD capabilities, and a hatchback. The only thing that would make my car better would be better gas mileage, but I still cannot complain with the current.

- Sadie P

The safety and durability of the vehicle. It has a high safety rating for crashes and regular vehicle operation as well as the durability to handle all that new england winters can throw at it.

I like the roominess of the cabin and its ability to hold a wide selection of items from landscaping supplies and trash to a group of my closest friends and everything in between. What I do not like so much is the fuel mileage and that there needs to be a better way to make the heat shield and its clamps better as they are constantly rattling and falling off.

- Everett M

Very reliable and the all wheel drive is something I'll never go without again.

I have had no major problems so far. I did have to replace a ball joint but it was covered under warranty. Just regular maintenance other than that. It is comfortable for traveling, drives on highway well, enough space to bring 3 adults camping comfortably. I think the only thing I would say that I would change about the vehicle is faster acceleration.

- Jamie L

Absolutely in love with my Forester.

I absolutely love my car! It is extremely safe and reliable. She is dependable and hardy. My mother owned the car before me and I have now been driving it for over 4 years now and it is still as good as new. The gas mileage is incredible. The interior is sleek and comfortable. Honestly I have taken it off- reading and even then she holds up.

- Rebecca B

Subarus are very good and dependable vehicles.

My vehicle is very dependable, good on mileage, and very low maintenance. It is great on the highway with very little if any vibrations or bouncing. It suits the needs I have as far as hauling my pet dog and other materials I may need to put in it. I would recommend a Subaru to anyone who asks. They are very good dependable cars.

- Debbie B

Excellent car to own. Good on gas, 27. 6 per gallon on the highways. 23 in town.

No problems with the car. I runs like a dream. I get great gas mileage. Rides comfortably. Excellent space for groceries, seat fold down for hauling about anything. Highlights easy to change. Seats adjustable up and down, and back to front. Storage compartment in the center console. It has high and low gears for all wheel drive.

- Sharon R

Subaru forester: great for towing. Smooth ride. Top in safety.

Have not had any problems with it. Has always been reliable and fun to drive. It drives very nice and does not bounce around. I use it for everyday use such as driving to work. I also use it to pull a boat and other trailers. The vehicle virtually has no blind spots. It also has some of the best safety ratings on the market.

- Andrew G

Safe, comfortable car: great for travel.

I love my vehicle. It is extremely comfortable and offers extensive storage. It is great for moving around and for going on long trips. I really love the speakers, too. The sound quality is just amazing. This is a super reliable car. It is taken a couple hits and just keeps on going with no issues! Super safe, as well.

- Ryan L

A reliable vehicle with an awesome sunroof.

This car is quite reliable. Mine has almost 110, 000 miles on it so far and it still runs great! It also has a really great sunroof which is always fun. I have had some problems with ac, but nothing abnormal for a car its age. Overall, it does exactly what I need it to and I haven't had any major issues with it so far!

- Annie B

2010 Subaru Forester -great, reliable car.

It is mechanically sound. It is really reliable. The seats can become uncomfortable on long trips. It is the basic model, so not a lot of features but enough to make for a pleasant drive. Full time all wheel drive is a god send in Colorado winters. I will definitely be looking at Subaru for my next vehicle purchase.

- Zachary J

Safe, super, sturdy Subaru.

This is a good looking, sturdy and reliable car. I have had no work done on it except new brakes. It is a very safe car and a very reliable car. I will only buy Subaru from now on. It gets decent gas mileage and has a modern, sporty look to it. Two of my daughters have also bought Subaru's on my recommendation.

- Judy B

She keeps on going thru floods and desert, up mountains and beyond.

Love my Subaru. It is a very hard working, durable car. It has 110, 000 miles on it and has travelled all over this country-once we even crossed a flooded national wildlife preserve! We are overweight and the seats are a little broken, but our sub is our friend and we hate to trade her in for a newer model.

- Connie R

Benefits of Subaru forester: a lot to love in a mid-size SUV.

I love my Subaru forester. The AWD system is fantastic for snow and winter weather. It is very dependable and has never left me stranded. Drivers' vision is excellent due to the size and placement of the windows. Fuel efficiency is great for an SUV. There are several airbags and the car makes me feel safe.

- Kelly L

It drives well and feels safe!

There are many wonderful features to my car, including the sunroof, the seat warmers, the spacious cargo room, the roof rack, the functional interior, etc. And those are just lux aspects. I also love the way it drives, the control, the reliably and the safety. The only downfall is that it is not electric!

- Tori E

Awesome car, will buy another.

Dependable, great in all weather, good gas mileage, really great car. Dealership is super to work with, car runs well and only needs routine maintenance. Gas mileage is 24+ city, 32 highway, the forester takes regular unleaded. Will buy another, not sure when, I have 140, 000 miles and still runs great!

- Karen C

Good in bad of weather and big enough to fit a family of canines comfortably.

I live in an area that has lotta hills and Subaru Forester is terrific on hills but we also have a lot of snow and with just standard all terrain tires the Subaru forester can cut through all kinds of nasty weather also I have a rather large dog 115 pounds and with the back he fits in there comfortably.

- William H

I love my blue Subaru Forester.

I love my blue 2010 Subaru Forester, it is roomy, has cost me almost nothing in repairs, and gets decent gas mileage. My only complaint is the driver's seat is too low. I am 6'4", and find it a little difficult to keep my feet on the pedals. Despite this, should I replace it, I will get another Subaru.

- Hugh I

It is a midsize, smaller SUV. Very dependable in all conditions.

I really enjoy my Subaru. It drives very well and I feel comfortable in it. I live where there is a lot of snow and knowing that I will be safe in the snow is a very good feeling. I wish the interior had a different fabric for the seats because they stain very easily. Other than that I love the car.

- Gia F

Subarus are the best cars in the snow.

The best feature of the car is the way it performs in snow. Very reliable. It does hesitate sometimes when I give it gas, it has always done this from the first day, as it gets older it happens more. The headlights burn out often, but I have learned to install new ones myself so it is no big deal.

- Eleanor B

Maintenance issues and resale value, how many miles you can drive it.

It is a very comfortable ride. The size of the vehicle is adequate, it seats five adults and has features, such as fold down seats, which enables me to transport items easily. At 120,000 miles I have had low maintenance. The weight of the vehicle makes it easy to handle on the road no complaints.

- Patricia S

A Subaru is a very dependable vehicle.

A Subaru is a very good car and dependable. I love how it drives especially in the winter months. Seats are very comfortable and I love that they are heated. They have a life expectancy of going strong way over the 100, 000 mile mark. I would suggest buying a Subaru to all my family and friends.

- Patty A

Practical but a bit underpowered.

I love the ground clearance. The bottom never scrapes going over large bumps. It is a little underpowered. The interior is very spacious and there’s a lot of cargo capacity, especially if you fold down the rear seats. I wish the gas mileage were better. It gets 26 mpg highway and 21 mpg city.

- Kenneth B

One bad apple does not spoil the whole bunch!:).

My first Forester was amazing! It was a 2004 and it ran perfectly each and every time. Unfortunately it was totaled during the 2008 ice storm. I then bought the 2009 Forester and have had constant trouble - rebuilt engine, ac repair, brakes etc. Still love Subaru, but not this particular car.

- Kelley C

Highly safe but annoying heat shields.

I like that my Subaru has high safety ratings. It is also fairly easy to get a car seat in and out of it. I don't like that the heat shields keep coming loose and have to be secured again. Also I shouldn't have had to replace the mufflers as quick as I did because they rusted out.

- Laura C

Will buy another Forester

Love the car, have had very few issues besides basic maintenance such as oil changes, light bulb replacements and tire replacements. Obviously performs great in snow and wet roads. Only slight complaint would be gas mileage is only around 24 miles per gallon with normal driving.

- Ken F

Subaru is reliable transportation.

This Subaru has been reliable in all conditions and economical to operate. Have owned other makes before but this is the vehicle that we rely on the most, especially in bad weather or on long trips. The service that we have received from the dealership has always been topnotch.

- Sandra P

Small, smooth, and reliable.

This Subaru is amazing. It has awesome traction and stability. Three settings for drive; automatic, manual, and sport. Turning radius is small. The hatchback is very convenient as well. This is a great family vehicle. Seating for 5 makes those soccer practices real convenient.

- Dawn H

Great car with no problems in almost 9 years.

Super reliable car. Has not stranded us in almost 9 years. Minimal to almost no rust and we live in a cold city with lots of salt on the road. No engine problems as yet. Only repairs were for maintenance like oil changes or belts will definitely look into buying a newer model.

- Gina L

The Subaru is the best choice for its size to handle frequent snow and ice.

The forester is highly versatile - it handles well, has high clearance which I need for driving in the snow and on mountain roads. It has a lot of storage space. It is very responsive. The only complaint would be the gas mileage which is hard to justify driving around town.

- Kelsey B

The most reliable car I have owned.

This is the most reliable car I have ever owned. Other than oil changes and tire rotations, I have only had to replace the brakes on this vehicle. It starts right up on frigid mornings, cools down quickly in hot weather, and is the most comfortable car I have ever driven.

- Steve G

Barely any negatives, and even the negatives are perfectly acceptable.

I love that it has automatic locks for the doors and a remote to lock and unlock. I wish it had more updated features though. It handles very well and has a great turning radius. Also doesn't have horrible blind spots like a lot of cars of similar design tend to have.

- Amanda W

It is great and I recommend the brand.

I haven't had any trouble with my car. I take it in for oil changes and that is all. It is a great car and has all wheel drive. It has never stalled and I have never gotten stuck in sand. It has held up very well and I would buy another car just one the one I have.

- Linda M

Good family car with lots of features!

Great car, very reliable, very few issues. Airbag recall was fixed quickly and freely. Love the Bluetooth connectivity and the built in navigation. Also love the moon roof. Power and heated seats, lots of space with seats down, solid sound system. Would buy again.

- Lila C

Reliable safe and efficient.

I love the size of the car. The trunk space can hold so much, especially with the seats down. It's a good family car and good for the outdoors. It also really good in the snow. As it is gotten older, it is really loud and has some age issues but nothing I dislike.

- Jackie D

As I said the car has been dependable and a joy to drive

I have been very pleased with my forester. It goes good in snow and since I live about 20 miles from town this is very good. iIt is higher off the ground so it is easier for me as an older person to get in and out of.It has It has been a dependable vehicle so far

- Dorothy m

This vehicle goes wherever I want no matter where. It is a fun vehicle.

It is very reliable and very roomy. Get 25 mph on highway. You cannot go wrong with this SUV. Will need to change timing belt as recommended by the dealer. I have not had any serious problems with this car. Had to replace windshield but it was not that expensive.

- Bruce L

The four wheel drive is a lifesaver in the winter.

It is a relatively spartan vehicle without any fancy bells and whistles, but it has been more than dependable, especially in the rough Northern Indiana Winters. Maintenance is easy and it handles rough terrain well and that's about all I can ask of a vehicle now.

- Ross M

Reliable care - built to last.

It is a reliable safe car with great gas mileage for an SUV. We got in car accident and there was minimal damage to my car because of its sound construction. I have had minimal issues with it and it was built to last. I feel safe taking my kids in this vehicle.

- Rae D

Incredibly reliable sports car in SUV body!

It is incredibly smooth on the road and acceleration is a dream thanks to the turbo. I also love that it is safe and has great traction in the wet. The interior is very comfortable and spacious. We�ve never had any serious issues and are really happy with it.

- Cristina C

It is a quality car that will not let you down. Great for outdoor activities and great for families.

It is a really good car that I got for a really good price. It runs nicely even though it is older and I have never had any major problems with it as long as I remember to change the oil. I did have a brake pad go out but that is because of the age of the car.

- Megan M

Tan Subaru Forester heated seats very roomy.

Runs well, have taken long trips about 8 hrs round trip, the gas pedal is a bit touchy and rev the engine and speed easily. Seats are pretty comfortable. Very spacious, trunk is big with lots of room, able to fit clothing, furniture and passengers comfortably.

- Samantha G

It is very good in the snow.

One of the most important reasons for choosing this car is how it handles in the snow. I love the way it handles in the snow, especially for the price. Love that it is AWD (standard feature). Best value for the money and very reliable and retains its value.

- Maria L

It's all wheel drive. Which means, that when it snows, it's going to be much easier to drive in the snow than front wheel drive or rear wheel drive cars.

I love my Subaru! It's a great all around car that's large enough to carry a bunch of stuff. My only issue is that I had an electrical malfunction just yesterday and ended up on the side of the highway having to call a tow truck. It was really frustrating.

- Angela H

Silver Forester. Completely stock.

The car is not fast off the line, it does have some lag. It is not noticeable unless you had a faster car before it. Very reliable. Make sure to check the oil frequently, it does burn through oil. The sound system is amazing for it being stock equipment.

- Heather A

The one most important thing others should know about my car is its ability to do great in all terrains.

I love my Subaru Forester. A Subaru has always been my dream car. The test drive was amazing and it just felt like I had found "the one". We had one minor issue where we got a flat tire. We called Subaru Roadside Assistance and were helped immediately.

- Molly K

The 2010 Subaru Forester is a durable, reliable, and good looking vehicle

The 2010 Subaru Forester is a reliable and versatile vehicle. It is great for transporting our child, dog, camera gear, camping gear, all kinds of things. It has a great sunroof that is fantastic for seeing the views of bridges, mountains, clouds, etc.

- Amanda P

Almost the perfect vehicle.

It is the perfect car, the only problem is that it is underpowered. To speed up on the highway or in general is taxing on the system. The trunk and back seat is perfect for car camping. Another benefit is the roof rack for keeping gear out of the way.

- Alex B

It's not fancy, but is durable and reliable for the long haul.

This is my second Forester, and I love the size and practicality of it. I have been disappointed that this one does not seem to have held up as well as my last one (leaking head gasket, had to replace air conditioning compressor and ignition system).

- Karen W

Subaru Forester will be your favorite car.

I personally really love this car. It has been very reliable, with little to no problems. I have yet to run into an expensive problem with the car. I am overall extremely pleased with this purchase and I will likely buy a Subaru in the future again.

- Abby C

Easy, solid, and dependable small SUV with decent gas mileage and consistent body.

It's a solid and dependable car. I've noticed that it has been hard to maintain as it gets older (needed new tires quickly, needed new filters quickly, etc.). However, I plan on keeping it for a good long while as it still drives well and is safe.

- JoHannah T

Reliable, safe and fun to drive.

This has been a very reliable car and other than minor issues, like replacing sensors, we have had very few problems and it has over 100, 000 miles. It also handles very well in the snow. I wish they made a bigger model or even a minivan version.

- Leanne M

Makes for a good family car that is dependable to drive around town with . Can transport four people comfortably and has room in back for many groceries.

it is relatively maintenance free. except for regular oil changes and replacing tires. It has good engine performance as well as gas mileage that is acceptable. Dislike the complicated codes when a problem occurs with engine or some other issue.

- troy M

A reliable, cute, efficient, useful crossover SUV that I would gladly buy again and again.

It's sturdy, reliable, cute, decently fuel efficient for an SUV (it's a small, cross-over one), the height clearance is GREAT for Minnesota winters when the alleys don't get plowed (which is often) Smooth ride, just overall a really likeable car

- Anne W

Subaru over decades reflects changes.

I love my Subaru - this is my fourth one. My last vehicle was first made in America. Sadly a big decline in quality. Have had major repairs several times. Customer service at headquarters is helpful and I felt they listened and helped me out.

- Susan J

It is very, very safe, especially with all wheel drive and very little blind spot areas.

Very safe, quite roomy, easy to see out of when driving. Love the color - paprika! Would like better gas mileage - only 19-20 average. dealer is wonderful both for the original sale and the continuing quality care for maintenance & repair.

- Cecelia S

The All Wheel Drive system is fabulous and definitely works when needed.

I love Subaru's All Wheel Drive system. I have felt it work when needed and it makes me feel extra safe in this car. Subaru also has nice body styling of their cars. This is my second Subaru and I have nothing to complain about them.

- Kathaleen B

If you want reliability Subaru is it

I don't like that they have a history of problems with the head gaskets. I like that it is a pancake for. I like that it has a lot of power under the engine being or 2.5 liter. It also lasts a longer time than they are American cars

- Kim H

My car is very reliable in all terrain and weather.

My car is very reliable. It rides well in all weather. Maintenance on my vehicle is very low cost. My only complaint is that it is a very small vehicle for a family of four. My next vehicle will have to be a larger size SUV.

- Adrienne D

The most important thing is that is drives great in the snow.

I enjoy driving my Subaru because it is the right size for me. I love how it drives in the snow and feel it is the safest car I've driven. I do wish it was a bit larger and could use more room for sporting equipment.

- Angela Q

It is very reliable and easy to maintain.

No problems with my vehicle. Performance and reliability is great - have over 120, 000 miles on it and never had a issue. Very comfortable, no fancy features but more importantly is reliable and easy to maintain.

- Anne A

People should know that my Subaru is safe, comfortable, and reliable.

I love my Subaru Forester. It's safe, easy to drive, comfortable, and reliable. I have had a few minor issues where I've had to take my car in for repairs, but overall it's very stable and I'm happy to own it.

- Allie H

It's a reliable car that has grown with our family.

It's a comfortable ride, a perfect size for our family and reliable. It's getting older, but with regular maintenance and some upgrades it has been great. It is a 2009, I couldn't select 2009 in the dropdown.

- Pamela W

It doesn't fit 3 car seats in the back. It fits two car seats on the side but in the middle there is not enough room for a booster seat.

I really love the Subaru Forester. It is a good family car for a small family. I love the spacious trunk! Great for shopping trips or fishing days. This four door vehicle is overall a good vehicle to have.

- Kayla W

It maintains its after market value so when you're ready to trade it in for a newer model you get a decent return whereas most cars lose the vast majority of their value no matter how well they're maintained.

I love the gas mileage considering it is an SUV. It's one of the top rated safety vehicles. It's an easy car to drive, and it's comfortable. It handles any weather that gets thrown at you. No complaints.

- Shyanne V

It runs fine and does a great job. It's built tough and I think it will last me for awhile longer.

Overall my vehicle runs pretty well. With the all weather tires that it has and the all wheel drive function of the vehicle, it gets me where I need to go during the warm months and snowy winter months.

- Jax P

It's a very reliable car. I don't have to worry about taking it to get fixed constantly.

This car is very comfortable and drives really well. Being all wheel drive, it feels safer when driving in poor conditions. It also has a sunroof and a rear windshield wiper which are both nice pluses.

- Anna C

Seat 5, doors 4, transmission 5-speed manual with od drivetrain, color dark gray.

Honestly it is really not a bad car, but just like any other car everything is good till it all starts to need repairs all at once. I haven't had many cars in my lifetime but overall it is a good car.

- Dean C

Won many awards for its safety features with its many airbags and crunch zones.

I love how safe of a car it is. It has won many awards for its safety features. I like the gas mileage. I wish it sat up a bit higher from the road. The Driver's seat (back) could be more comfortable.

- Greg L

That it has all wheel drive, all the time.

This car has never had a serious problem. I have had a tire sensor go bad but that is it. The car handles great in the rain. It feels like it is glued to the road. I always feel very safe driving it.

- Harold M

It's manual transmission.

The car is not meant for a short person. I have to sit too close to the steering wheel and I don't sit high enough to have a good sense of where my bumpers are. I like that it's manual transmission.

- Amanda F

Great and Comfy for Small Family

Forester is great for a small family. Very comfy. Doesn't have a lot of fancy features so if you are into that, you might not be happy. Also, gas mileage is not great. I love driving it though.

- Deborah O

All wheel drive will be on any new care that I get in the future!

The forester has never had any problems except wear and tear on the vehicle. It has always been a very good reliable car. It is a fun car to drive with all wheel drive, handling corners quite well!

- Dee D

It is a safe comfortable easy to handle car.

It is a very comfortable, smooth ride. Feels like a big SUV but it is compact. Very roomy interior. I love the heated seats. Air conditioner works very fast. Smooth ride with 4 wheel drive.

- Sue B

It has plenty of room for gear and passengers.

Great for camping and groceries. I feel safe with it is 5 star crash test rating. It has a large sunroof. Lots of room for passengers. I wish it was quieter and the seats more comfortable.

- Dee M

That it is highly rated for safety. That's important to me. the all wheel drive feature is great during inclement weather.

There is nothing that I dislike about my Forester. It looks good, drives beautifully and is comfortable for taking long car trips. I will almost certainly buy another Subaru in the future.

- Lauraine B

The most important thing you should know is that this car is very reliable.

This car has been the most reliable vehicle I have ever had. The only repair it has ever needed is a new set of brakes. It is problem free, gets good gas mileage and is very comfortable.

- Judy G

Excellent traction and reliable AWD.

I like the durability and better traction and handling. I dislike the extra cost of custom manufacturer replacement parts. The gas mileage is okay. It's a pretty low-maintenance vehicle.

- Daniel W

The Subaru Forester is very dependable and well built.

I like the Forrester because it is reliable and always works properly. It is well-built and sturdy. It is definitely not a luxury car though. It is the perfect car for dependability.

- Michael F

It is durable. I am approaching 200k miles and have had no issues beyond wear and tear and recalls.

It does not have any of the newer tech features, even the ones that were available at the time like bluetooth. The back seat does not have enough leg room. We are a tall family.

- Janelle K

The spacious, fuel-efficient, durable Subaru Forester is absolutely amazing!

It's all wheel drive, which is great for winter. And it's spacious enough to support a family. The motor is a larger 4 cylinder, so gas mileage is excellent for this crossover.

- Frank M

It's terrific. There is tons of room for whatever you need to transport be it kids, furniture, antiques, sports equipment and more. It's comfortable and comes with lots of options.

I love my car. In fact, I haven't bought the newer model because I like mine better. My only complaint is a design flaw that causes the heat shield underneath to be very noisy.

- Jennifer M

It is a great car, nice color.

Easy to drive, compact but roomy, very safe. Wish it were newer with Bluetooth. Love the AWD. Does not feel like such an old car. Never had a problem with it (knock on wood!).

- Kristen N

It is a very dependable car that is very family oriented

I like the versatility of the vehicle along with the fact it is all wheel drive. I can easily fit me whole family in the car and and safely drive on the back roads i live on.

- Julie A

The quality and reliability. I know many tacoma owners, all say the same thing.

AWD, comfortable, good sight lines, carries what I need, reasonable mileage. I carry items for work, food, and the dog easily and can carry 5 passengers with space to spare.

- Scott S

It has all wheel drive and handles extremely well in the snow.

My car has all wheel drive which is really great to have in Colorado where we can get a lot of snow. It handles well in all conditions, but it really does very well in snow.

- Debbie O

Reliability and good gas mileage.

My Subaru is very reliable and comfortable. It gets good mileage. Subaru holds it is value. The only problem has been the wheel studs. They wear out and have to be replaced.

- Cathy O

AWD lets me go in snow and mud

Did you fall off the earth between 2007 and 2010? Because my car is a 2008 model, and you didn't offer that choice. Seems like you should find a new business you can handle.

- Larry H

It has the highest safety rating

Love the safety rating, the dependability, quality & the handling. I dislike the fact that the restrictor plate constantly comes loose to create an incessant rattling sound

- Mark B

It drives very well in snowy/icy weather.

The car drives very well in bad weather. It is extremely safe. I am under 5 feet tall and the car is extremely comfortable to drive. There is a lot of room in this vehicle.

- Dawn W

Reliable with high safety ratings.

I like that it is reliable and gets good gas mileage. It has good safety ratings to protect my family. I dislike that it is a base model and is not set up for xm radio.

- Cassidy B

Subaru Forester is not a comfortable drive for short people.

It is not meant for a short person. It's very uncomfortable to drive. The pick-up when you are on the highway is less than desirable. I do appreciate the hill assist.

- Mandy F

It doesn't have Bluetooth.

I love how much window space there is for checking my blind spot and rear view. Any other car I drive, by comparison, has terrible viewing. It's roomy and drives well.

- Christine B

It's a very safe car. It's easy to drive and also very comfortable

I like the Forester because you can see out all the windows easily when making turns and lane changes. The seats fold down easily as well when transporting big items.

- Sue R

The most important thing others should know about my car is that it is versatile and awesome.

I love that I can drive anywhere I want and my dogs fit and can come with me. I also like the gas mileage and practicality. I don't like that it looks like a mom car.

- T F

This such a great family car! I recommend highly!

Uses a lot of oil. Great in the snow. Awesome safety ratings. Seats are fairly comfortable. Easy to drive. Take good care of it and you will have a car that lasts.

- Jaime S

The perfect car for the mom who does it all.

I love how reliable it is. It's also incredibly comfortable and handles really well. It also is fairly good on gas. There isn't anything I dislike about my Subaru.

- Chelsea W

It's got a great safety record.

My car has never left me one time. Its reliable in any kind of weather and gets me everywhere I need to go. It's got great gas mileage too. I have zero complaints.

- Heather F

It's a 4 wheel drive so it handles well in bad weather and snow.

I love that the car handles well on the turns. I like that there is a big trunk space where I can put stuff. There is good room in the back seat for 2 car seats.

- Olga K

Driver controls the radio.

The 4 wheel drive makes me feel the car is really gripping the road. I do not like the fact that all 4 tires had to be changed, when only one was needing repair.

- Rebecca J

It is a very safe car, but will need constant repairs.

I like that it has very responsive brakes. However, it does also have a very responsive gas pedal. Overall I wish it would not have as many problems popping up.

- Callie K

The vehicle is safe and dependable, while roomy with a sporty feel.

Love the way it handles in all types of weather. Love the visibility and heated seats. Dislike location of front cup holders. Not happy with the gas mileage.

- Penny O

This vehicle is reliable, efficient, and made to last a long time.

It is good on gas mileage. We haven't had any troubles with the car. Simple regular maintenance has kept it in great condition. It is reliable and well-built.

- Noel L

I feel very safe when I am in this car.

I feel very safe when I am driving this Subaru. It performs an excellent job when driving in winter conditions. The only thing I don't like is the heater/ac

- Margaret H

Love the comfort of car. Good size...it's just right for me

Very reliable, comfortable, OK on gas mileage, feel safer in winter with all wheel drive. Maintenance can be a bit expensive since it needs service regularly

- Amy K

It has been very reliable since we first bought it in 2010.

The forester is safe, and it's been a great car for us. It has been very reliable ever since we bought it new. I do wish there was more room for our family.

- Christine C

Once upon a time, there was a vehicle that was both reliable and useful.

Not the most comfortable ride, Subaru offers great mileage, good handling and a spacious interior. Rarely needing service, this has been a reliable vehicle.

- ela k

It's extremely dependable.

My vehicle was bought in '11. It has been extremely reliable and the issues I've needed taken care of have been covered by warranty. I have no complaints.

- Nancy C

It has All WHeel Drive! It will get you through snowy winter weather.

We love the all wheel drive. Living in New England, it gets us through snowy winters safely. And the butt warmers on the front seats keep us toasty warm.

- Caroline H

Safety features. Well built and dependable. Keep up with the maintenance and you will not be disappointed.

I love the dependability of this vehicle. It is safe and has extra safety features. It was a good value for the money. I have no dislikes or complaints.

- Edward A

My car is a reliable safe car to drive.

I love how smoothly my car drives, and how easy it is to use. I dislike that my car breaks down occasionally but overall it's very sturdy and reliable.

- Allison H

Subaru has been very reliable and has great safety ratings.

Subaru has great safety ratings, comfortable even for bigger partner and good in winter for getting to work. Also, has required limited maintenance.

- Lori P

the safety ratings are one of the best in the industry

like the high clearance distance , I like the safety ratings and I like the fact can flip down back seats for extra storage room

- frank d

Best car to have in any type of weather.

Besides having to fix parts from wear and tear, there really is not much I dislike about my car. It is a great year round vehicle for any weather.

- Gabriel O

The most important thing is that it should have a long working life.

I like the vehicle because it has good fuel mileage for being an SUV. The interior is comfortable. I also like the fact that it has a smooth ride.

- Jason M

A Subaru with seat warmers.

I love my Subaru, I have no complaints. It handles snow and rain very well. I got the model with seat warmers it keeps me toasty all winter long.

- Jessica J

This vehicle is overpriced.

Dependable in inclement weather. This vehicle is not sound proofed so there is a lot of road noise. There is not enough technology accessories.

- Kevin D

Perfect vehicle for any weather or road conditions

Great reliable car. Perfect for any conditions. Easy on gas. Lots of room. I use mine in the mountains in the winter and it handles snow great.

- Deek R

Its rock solid, its dependable, easy to handle and perfect for anything.

I love the room and ride, i love how comfortable it is most importantly i love that no matter the weather its unstoppable, i hate fuel mileage.

- Bob H

Not the best gas mileage, but super reliable vehicle.

Love that it is an SUV and has tons of safety features. Dislike that it is fairly expensive to maintain and the brakes wear out super quickly.

- Erin D

Safe and reliable car for anyone

one factor I love about my forester is its ability to withstand all weather thrown its way. It gets great mileage and has a spacious interior.

- Mikayla W

It is reliable. A solid car.

Like the dependability, sturdiness, cargo room.. Air conditioning is not working as well as it once did. I wish the gas mileage was better..

- Laura G

It is very reliable, gets great gas mileage and is comfortable to drive.

I like the storage space and size, how it handles, most things about it. I dislike that it seems to keep breaking down after 147,000 miles.

- Sara B

Very reliable, fun to drive.

Very reliable vehicle. Does great in all weather. Gas mileage could be better. I really do like this car. Very little bad to say about it.

- Amanda W

All wheel drives, anti lock brakes.

Great in the rain/snow, reliable, all wheel drive, easy to maintain, spacey, enough room for different gear and to transport large items.

- Mary S

Very dependable. It is sturdy.

Best low priced car in the market. Takes you to your destination in any kind of weather. The ride is pleasant. Fewer needs for repairs.

- Perumunda D

Forester will not leave you stuck in winter! It tackles snow and ice with no problem.

I love my Forester. I never have to worry about getting stuck in the snow. It is such a dependable vehicle! I have no complaints.

- Kelly B

It feels very safe in this car because it has the get up and go needed in a emergency situation.

Love this car. Seats are not the most comfortable but otherwise no complaints. It can giddy-up when you need it. I feel safe in it.

- LeAnn S

It is a good size for people with kids and it's all wheel drive.

It sits too low to the ground for my comfort. It does not get good gas mileage compared to newer models but it is all wheel drive.

- Amb G

it's expensive to upkeep it

i like that it is a Subaru, which is a great car brand, my only concerns are that when one tire goes, you have to change them all

- david S

It can have engine problems at about 100,000 miles.

I love my Subaru Forester because it can get through anything, especially living in Minnesota. Great performance and very roomy.

- Tony M

The all wheel drive means it handles ice/snow conditions really well

like the all wheel drive to get to where I live, good interior space and trunk capacity, dislike the slow accelerator response

- heather r

It's dependable and a gas hog. And. It has rust on it

I like the sunroof . It needs an exhaust right now so I'm a little disgusted about that. It's an average car , nothing great

- Catherine G

The excessive oil consumption.

I like the gas mileage. I like the size. Its safe. I don't like the excessive oil consumption. I don't like the front seats.

- Mary C

RELIABILITY!! This is truly a remarkable car, great in snow and rain and just plain FUN!

I've been driving for 45 years and this is THE best and most reliable car I have ever owned. I wouldn't own any other car!

- Ruth O

Reliable crossover sport utility vehicle

Had an airbag issue, but it was fixed for free with a recall. Came with navigation, moonroof, leather seats, power steering

- Lilah C

Very reliable car but not the cheapest to repair. They hold their value well.

This is my second Forester. It's a very reliable car, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them. The AWD is great in the snow.

- Joshua F

If you want to get the most for your money this car is your answer

super comfortable vehicle with great gas mileage. Very reliable and spacious. Smooth ride. Great for all types of terrain

- Lia V

That it is a spacious car.

I like how spacious the car is. Also I like how dependable the car is. I also like the four wheel drive and the color.

- Sandra G

Forester review, best insurance rates I have ever gotten

It runs perfectly, not one problem since I keep it maintained regularly. Good on gas for its size. Great insurance rates

- Jaclyn B

It's AWD and very safe. Reliable and made by a trusted brand.

I like the look and style. The feel of driving it, but would like a car that is a bit bigger with more modern features.

- Andrew A

The most important thing others should know about my car is that

It is a very safe and reliable car. It has four-wheel drive and lots of storage space. Works perfectly 10 years later.

- Emy M

it drives great in all weather conditions

i like how it drives in all weather conditions. I do not like how it is not as technologically advanced as other cars

- Nick A

It is totally reliable and safe!

I love my vehicle because it is easy to drive. I've never had a maintenance problem. It's just the right size for me.

- nancy k

It is a roomy AWD crossover SUV car.

The engine is great, great in the snow.... The inside is not so good and some pieces on the outside have fall off..

- Carol K

That it ranks high on safety inspections.

I love that it has four wheel drive and is dependable. It is also very safe. I dislike how expensive it is however

- Erin S

It is a great car, has good gas mileage, great ride and i love it

I like the spacious feeling inside, i like the gas mileage, I do not like the size of it, wish it was a bit larger

- Mike J

That it is an SUV, reliable.

It is an SUV which is good, but the gas mileage could be better, it has a higher towing capacity than other cars.

- Rebecca U

It is a reliable vehicle.

My forester has been very reliable. It gets great gas mileage and is fun to drive. My next car will be a Subaru.

- Paula S

The gas and brake pedals are very sensitive so use them carefully

Has good amount of room, but not too big. It's really good for long drives and doesn't need a lot of maintenance

- Olivia P

Drives like a dream, and a great gas saver, very comfortable.

Great on gas Drives smoothly Has a loud squeaking noise every time I back up the car. Very comfortable sitting

- Catina L

It has great visibility for me as I am short and maneuverability is excellent

Love the car because the visibility is great. It has adequate trunk space. Its maneuverability is excellent.

- Louise C

Make sure you keep an eye on the Engine Oil; if you use the car for travel purposes the car will eat oil!

I love the Subaru that I have. It drives wonderfully, the breaks are superb, and it has never failed on me.

- Demetra B

Great in the snow. I like that AWD is a standard feature.

Very dependable, great in the snow, smooth ride and reliable. Excellent value for the money and well built.

- Maria L

Parts are very expensive and gas mileage is not particularly great.

I love my Subaru. My only complaints are that gas mileage could be better. Parts are also very expensive.

- Wendy R

It's super safe to dive. I trust it would keep my kids safe in an accident.

I love my car. I feel safe in it. It's very comfortable to drive long distances. It's good looking too.

- Kim M

Very spacious, has good gas mileage, rarely have mechanical issues.

My Subaru goes on forever, I never have problems with it, and it is the perfect adventure & road trip car.

- Lily S

Most dependable & economical car I have ever owned.

Dependable, low maintenance costs, quality construction, good gas mileage. First, but not my last Subaru!

- Lori C

It's great on gas. Trust me.

I have no complaints. I enjoy the 2010 subaru forester. We have 2 and will probably buy another one soon.

- Deb G

It's all wheel drive which is really nice in winter weather

I love the size of it. It does sit to low to the ground though. Gas mileage isn't that great in it either

- Am G

The gas mileage is poor. There has been no improvement for twenty years

I like the height of this car. That makes for ease of getting in. Large windows give easy visibility.

- Jeanne J

It is really safe, has lots of room, and my daughter loves it.

I love that my vehicle is safe. I love the way it drives. It is great for kids. I can put a lot in it.

- Mary Ann P

It's considered one of the safest kinds of car you can buy.

This car is great for the most park except for the couple of recalls on it and it eats up oil quickly.

- Paris G

Subaru has a great safety rating. And handles all road conditions.

My vehicle runs great. It's the perfect size for my needs. I have great customer service. I love it.

- Anna D

how to take care of it so it lasts a long time

I like the way it drives , and I like that it has a lot of safety stuff, and I love the gas mileage

- Michael S

Great vehicle that will last a long time.

I love the awd on my car. I love how reliable it is. I like how subaru builds vehicles that last.

- amy V

It has four wheels independent drive and is very dependable, good for driving on snow

I like it because It is dependable, has 4 wheels independent drive, good for snow i have no dislike

- ellen c

That it's durable. It has lasted for more than five years and hasn't required any major repairs.

It runs smoothly. It has lasted quite awhile and haven't needed any major repairs. No complaints.

- Jason W

The most important thing is that it has been rated one of the safest.

I like that my vehicle is compact, yet spacious. I also like how the turn radius is of the wheel.

- Ian C

It is very safe and dependable, and there is a lot of headroom and cargo space.

It does okay on gas mileage. I like the way it handles because it has a large turning radius.

- Chris S

T way the engine is positioned in the vehicle, it make it handle very good

It's comfortable, handles well in the rain, has enough room for my family, and looks stylish.

- James K

It goes places went I need it to

It works well in all weather conditions and has enough room for camping equipment or luggage

- Alice P

I have the XT model so it takes a lot of gas

I love the power and space it has. Makes going to the store easy. My kids love the sunroof

- Cara B

Great CAR - no complaints at all!

I love the vehicle. It is large and spacious. It gets good gas mileage. No complaints!!!

- Sarah B

It is a very attractive car.

The Forester is very good in snow. It also is good to be relatively high on the road.

- fred S

Handles great in the snow. Roomy. Could be better gas-wise.

I think that everyone should know that Subaru Forester handle great in all weather.

- Rose S

4 wheel drive! Easy to maintain! Family friendly and good for adventures

It is reliable, good for the environment, family friendly, and easy to Maintain.

- Rich H

It's practical and handy. It does what we need with comfort.

It's a great car. It has lots of room and space. Plus it gets great mileage.

- Derek H

so low maintenance, 175,000 miles with no repairs!

Great in the snow, low maintenance, ton of miles and still runs excellent.

- Tammy M

Has a good track record for maintenance. I haven't had any problems with it

It's just the right size. Easy to drive and park and has plenty of room.

- Linda H

It's super safe! It's also very comfortable and seats 2 kids

It's the perfect size for me. I wish it got better gas mileage though.

- Christina R

It handles well in winter and summer.

I like it for the gas mileage I don't like it for the seat in the car

- Ray M

One of the safest on the road

Fantastic car with a very high safety rating and a high resale value

- Tom L

It's a reliable car that lasts a long time and will be good for most people.

It's great in all kinds of weather, handles well and is good on gas.

- Lou Z

it is made in a USA factory and driven by a USA citizen

made in USA and is comfortable to drive, have had it for six years

- Robert D

It is a very dependable car in all types of weather.

it is a small SUV, good gas mileage, good ride, and no complaints.




- Adrienne B

Love the Subaru Forester, have had it for 4 years now and have barely had any issues with it, still runs smooth, no complaints

The airbags are getting recalled! Subaru has some recall sometimes

- Christopher C

The Subaru Forester is a reliable vehicle.

It is relatively fuel efficient. It is reliable. It handles well.

- Martin D

It gets good gas mileage. It holds its value. It handles well on slippery roads in the winter.

It holds it's value longer than many other makes of small SUVs.

- Alex P

safety for the whole family and the dog.good visibility

it has the best safety ratings.good on gas and all wheel drive

- brett D

drives great good on gas. plenty of room looks good great seats

i love my car only one i would own. great in snow good mileage

- jane d

It is comfortable and reliable

Nice looking Very Roomy Very Comfortable. Very smooth riding


How roomy it is. I am able to have many passengers or store many items.

It is roomy. It handles nicely. Gas mileage is not so good.

- Mike G

How good a product it is, it is a really great car!

It is dependable. It is fun to drive. It is low maintenance.

- Anette R

That it's reliable in the snow and is very safe to drive

I like that it's reliable all wheel drive and is good on gas

- Adam S

I like having all wheel drive but still having really good gas mileage. I like sitting up higher than a compact car, but again, it's not a huge SUV.

It's a great all wheel drive car for all kinds of weather!

- Anna K

Good in snow. A lot of room for hauling stuff. No major problems with 82,000 miles on it.

Like it for hauling stuff. Also is good in the snow.

- Laurie B

Good size, all-wheel drive, easy to drive. It doesn't have a CVT, it isn't as gas efficient as I would like. Maintenance costs are higher than I'd like.

Subarus are a sexy vehicle that everyone should try.

- Jack C

Like the way it looks. Like the all wheel drive. Feels like a sturdy see. Dislike the poor gas mileage and slow acceleration.

My car is reliable,no matter the weather or terrain.

- Lydia P

my subaru has over 100,000 miles on it and it is still running smoothly. The subarus are fantastic in the winter.

Subarus are great in the winter season on the roads

- patricia a

Reliable full-time all wheel drive

Could have more cargo space. Otherwise, nothing.

- John B

safety at the time to drive

safety and 4 wheel drive in the winter time

- armando L

Perfect size and road height for safe driving. Adequate power for smooth merges. Full time all-wheel drive for excellent handling in all conditions.

Very reliable transportation.

- Tim P