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All of Subaru's vehicles, including my model the Forester, has the highest ratings for safety and they are all all wheel drive allowing drivers to travel just about anywhere despite the weather/road conditions without having to mess with switching from 4 wheel drive to 2 wheel drive. All wheel drive makes it a breeze to drive and is more efficient.

I love how my vehicle is all wheel drive and allows me to travel on just about any road despite the conditions. I also love how roomy it is as I can fit 3 kids in the back with one in a car seat and another in a booster seat. I also love the fact that my vehicle is one of the safest vehicles made. That is very important. Any complaints I have would be that you need to buy snow tires for newer versions of the Forester to get up gravel roads covered in ice. My dad has a older Forester and he can travel on icy roads without a problem. Subaru changed the engine of the Forester and now it doesn't have as much power as the older ones did. That is my only complaint about my vehicle.

- Elizabeth M

Great car, interesting quirks.

Handles great in rain and snow. The symmetrical all-wheel drive makes for great handling all the time! I drive mine pretty high miles, and you can tell in the idling sounds when it is in need of an oil change. Be mindful of this! Leg room in 2 of the 3 back seats is great, however there is a hump in the floor in the middle, leaving the person in the middle seat having to decide whether to put both legs on one side with another passenger, or put one foot on either side. . . One with each other passenger. Great storage room in the back, and the seats lay flat for more hauling space, or even catching a nap back there if you needed!

- Megan W

We absolutely love the AWD and that we don't have to worry about getting stuck!

We love the AWD of the car - we don't have to worry about getting stuck in the snow we have regularly in Utah. I dislike that in my personal vehicle the rear windows are jammed and do not roll down. We tried to get it fixed during the warranty time, but of course "we didn't have any issues so we can't fix something we couldn't see ourselves." I'm hoping the rear seats will be big enough to fit three carseats in since we have twins coming in December and I would be so sad if we couldn't fit them and had to get a different car!

- Tristen B

2011 Forester is still a worthy vehicle to own and drive 7 years later.

Many safety features included, which makes a parent driver feel more secure. Great visibility in the windshield and rear window. Engine is very reliable and just keeps going. Car does not take long to warm up even on chilly mornings. Even though it is bigger than a sedan, it is not hard to park. Some comfort features (ex. Heated seats and sunroof) only included in the premium package for our model, but that is okay for now. Extremely satisfied. Could get a little better gas mileage.

- Jacqueline S

The Subaru Forester is a great small SUV.

I love my Subaru Forester. I have never had any mechanical problems with it. I believe it had one recall and that was for a back seat belt. It uses synthetic oil and so oil changes are only every 5000 to 7000 miles. It gets great gas mileage, in my opinion. When traveling highway I always get 27 to 30 mpg. It is easy to drive and stay in control. It is comfortable and since it is all wheel drive, it does great in the snow.

- Ann B

The Subaru forester is all wheel drive with safety and great technology.

I have had my Subaru forester for 7 years and I have not experience one problem. It is performance is outstanding, it drives smooth and it is a very safe car to drive. The interior and color is amazing and the technology it has is great. I have recently paid off my forester and it is a great relief that I used my money for something with such great quality and I will consider buying another Subaru in the future.

- Jayden S

Why my forester makes Alaska driving better.

The visibility from all sides is what sold me first, then the head room. Also the mileage is fantastic, and it handles very well on our winter roads here in interior Alaska. Maintenance is easy - my husband can change the oil and check things in less than an hour. The only thing that is sometimes an issue is noise - I have noticed other cars are quieter than my forester. Wouldn't change it for the world, though!

- Joyce M

Overall happy, some major problems though.

My vehicle had a major problem with the engine leaking oil a couple of years after I purchased it. This was a costly repair that I wish I had known about at the time of purchase. However, the car dives very smoothly and I really like it overall. The seats fold flat in the back to make lots of room for moving big items. The all wheel drive is a great feature during snowy winter conditions.

- Alice W

My Subaru is my most trusted friend.

My car is so reliable. I can go off-roading or drive on busy city street and I always know that my Subaru will have my back. There is great visibility and it is an excellent car for road trips or even helping a friend move. It gets pretty good gas mileage also. I would highly recommend this car to young and old people, whether you want to fill your car with camping gear or your kids.

- Annalise C

Subaru is a great midsize all wheel drive vehicle. Great for the whole family.

I absolutely love my Subaru Forester. It is comfortable and has lots of room. Drives great in all weather conditions. Comes with all of the amenities including a large moon roof that opens up all the way into the back seat. Great for road trips and long drives in the country. I would recommend a Subaru to anyone who likes all wheel drive vehicles.

- Monica F

Safe and dependable - good for grandchildren.

Dependable, convenient. Not the best gas mileage. I bought it when my grandson was born since it has a good safety rating. Very good when it rain or snow. I like seats. I value safety a lot and this is why I am rather happy with this vehicle. My wife prefers something smaller, I hope Subaru would make something like Toyota matrix.

- Simon F

The Subaru Forester is an excellent all weather family vehicle.

It rides smoothly and is great in winter weather. My family feels very safe riding in it year round. It handles well driving in the mountains as well. It is easy to get in and out of. It has plenty of room people and excellent trunk space. The seat warmers are a nice added feature that we use in cold weather too.

- Tj H

The speakers are super loud. Out of 3 cars this is my absolute favorite.

Sometimes my Subaru starts flashing random warnings with no explanation at the dealership. It is very comfortable, roomy & works well. I've had this car for 3 years and haven't had any major problems. Gas is wonderful for it. If you keep your oil changes and normal routine checks it will last you a lifetime.

- Haley J

Subaru is the typical seattle car.

It is very reliable. It is the primary car in the house as we go for travel, camping or shopping. It can get up to 24 miles per gallon. It has all the features I need. The improvement I would like to see is noise reduction. But for the price and the performance, there is no other car I can think of.

- Lionel W

Awesome AWD system that works automatically when needed.

My Subaru forester has handled well in all conditions including snow and ice, has great lighting with extra large sunroof, great safety features, good gas mileage, tons of cargo room. Overall a great value of a car for anyone who needs reliable AWD and wants plenty of room for the family or cargo.

- Craig W

Good family car for road trips.

This is a great car, incredibly reliable, comfortable and roomy. We have taken it on a number of long road trips with kids and they are happy and comfortable. Decent gas mileage. It does burn through oil, which I read was a problem with this make and model after having owned it for over a year.

- J B

My favorite detail is the heated seats which are such a nice feature in winter.

A very reliable comfortable ride with all wheel drive for added traction and security in winter driving. Have had only routine service done on the vehicle thus far. Enjoy the smooth ride and interior features such as Bluetooth and heated seats, also the roof rack has come in handy a few times.

- Laurie L

The back seat has a fold down section for use as cup holders for the passengers.

Love the car. Some issues though. I do not like the driver’s side seatbelt. The seat will not adjust the way I need it to so that the seatbelt does not feel like it is going across my neck. The seat belt adjuster will not go low enough. Moving the seat back means I cannot reach the pedals.

- Shannon C

It is a lot of car for the money. It is comfortable, fun to drive and very well built

I like that it has all wheel drive which makes it easy to handle in winter driving conditions. The seats are comfortable and it is easy to get in and out of. There is plenty of cargo space in the back making this car ideal for road trips. It is very good quality and has been trouble free.

- Shel B

I love my reliable Subaru!

I absolutely love my Subaru! One of the main reasons why I wanted a Subaru was that it has all wheel drive and I heard it was good in winter weather. It is! I rarely slip or slide on snowy icy winter roads. I also love the way it looks, how easily it drives, and how reliable it is.

- Melissa P

Forester a great family car.

Very reliable. Very safe. Not many extra comfort features (like heated seats or a sunroof), but can live without that. Car starts right up, even on colder days. Not much repair needed. Basically put gas in and go. Very satisfied. Would purchase this type of vehicle again in future.

- Jayden S

Subaru forester turbo review.

Subaru forester is a great car. The turbo adds the perfect extra kick. It has never broken down or needed serious repairs. Handles great in the snow or rain. Interior is comfortable and very spacious. The truck has enough room for any project or equipment you need to haul around.

- Karim T

Subaru 2011 forester great overall, but burns oil.

This model burns oil very quickly. I guess there's a class action suit for all subaru models 2011-1016. This car is excellent in the snow, especially since I live in ny. I love the Bluetooth hands-free features as well. This car is very roomy and very convenient for long trips.

- Penelope W

Great, reliable vehicle for the entire family.

I have had no real problems with the Subaru. Dealership corrected a recall and found another I was not aware of. Corrected that one too. Worst problem was new tires & brakes after 65000. Miles. Very satisfied with the comfort and ease of driving. Very reliable vehicle.

- Lynn T

Subaru taking you to places you would not usually go, country living..

No issues, bought it used, runs great, recall on airbag but dealership took care of it, not real big on the material on the seats and floor of hatch, not to bad as far as being comfortable. All wheel drive is excellent, great in the snow. Drives great, handles great.

- Suzanne S

It is very reliable, comfortable. It has plenty of storage space for day to day trips or extended family trips.

I love my car in general. The adjustable driver's seat that goes up high enough so it doesn't bother my knees to get in and out of the car. I love my heated seats and large sunroof. It could drive quieter than it does. I remind myself that it is considered a truck.

- Susan A

It is a very low maintenance car. I have only had to do typical maintenance work on the car and never had any malfunctions.

I love the size and height of the seats because the seats are not low to the ground and I can just get in the driver's seat without having to climb up on a running board. The hatchback has plenty of storage space for luggage. The gas mileage is great for a mini SUV.

- Julie O

Great car for all kinds of terrain and weather.

I like how it handles the road - hills curves gravel uphill - gas mileage is good - good space & room in back seat and cargo - cargo space is good especially when put down middle seat. Dislike - gas mileage could be better. Model is a bit too bulked up, too beefy.

- Elizabeth S

The 2011 model year had major engine issues where it would leak/burn oil.

I like most things about this vehicle. However, there are some problems. The engine had to be rebuilt and still leaks oil. The paint flakes easily. The metal is very thin so if there is a hailstorm, you take major damage. I would not buy this vehicle again.

- Michael E

With its all wheel drive, the Subaru Forester handles nicely in winter driving conditions.

I like that it is easy to get in and out of, has great visibility and sits up higher than my previous car. The all wheel drive makes winter driving much safer. The only thing I do not like it the switch for the seat heater is hard to reach when driving.

- Shel B

Great car - horrible door locks.

Great car but had to replace shift cable at 70,000 miles as it would no longer start in park. Cannot stand the door locks. When I push the unlock button, I want all locks to unlock at the same time on first push. Very annoying. Otherwise I love this car.

- Jerry R

Great in the snow and a very comfortable car to ride in.

It was a great car, got me to work and back in the snow, down our long winding hill, we took lots of day trips. We could put large furniture in the back and it helped move our kids to college, until the engine failure. Now it is being driven till it dies.

- Maggie S

It has great safety ratings.

It seats 4 passengers well, three children fit comfortably in the back seat. It has great storage capacity, especially when the rear seats are folded down. It's good in all weather, no problems in the snow. I only wish it were higher up off the ground.

- Heath X

Silver 2011 Subaru Forester.

My car is great. It is comfortable, great seat warmers. The visibility is fairly great. It would be cool if there was a third row of seats though. The performance is amazing, and it feels super reliable. I have had zero problems that are worth noting.

- Hannah H

It is available with a manual transmission.

My vehicle suits me well. I like it is visibility out of all directions and it is tight turning radius. It gets fair gas mileage and is easy to maintain. It has a manual transmission which is why I bought it. I wish it accelerated better.

- Jake K

I love my car because I am able to take my dogs with me anywhere I want to.

1. I like to be able to stand and just sit and not squat into my seat. 2. I like that the car is not too low to the ground and I can see around other vehicles. 3. I hate that my passenger airbag light comes on when I sit my purse on it.

- Stephanie R

People should know that my car keeps you safe in any weather.

I feel very safe in my vehicle. I can feel safe driving in any weather, even if the roads are icy. I like the features in my vehicles such as heated seats. I also like the size of my vehicle because it's not too big or too small.

- Sydney B

It is reliable and being all wheel drive handles well in wet or snowy conditions.

I like the roominess of the car. Also I wish there was more room in the back seat since I keep my driver's seat pushed back. I wish there was a backup camera installed. The center console should be padded for better comfort.

- John W

It is great in all weather types.

I like that the car can go in all types of weather, especially snow. I also like that it has enough space for my kids, strollers, and groceries. I dislike that there are no air vents in the back as it gets hot in the back seat.

- Elizabeth R

That it handles very nicely in all weather.

I like the way it drives and it is reliability. I wish the base model had more luxuries on the inside. I have driven base models in other makes in newer years that had more updated interior features (i.e.: radio, clock, etc.).

- Megan W

Handles well in snow without getting stuck.

I like how it drives especially on snow. The seat is comfortable to sit in with enough adjustment to make me comfortable. I don't like the rear view mirror. It isn't tight and hard to get it to stay in the right position.

- Doris B

It's meant to be used. I'm not too picky about it getting dirty, or having pets and food in it.

It meets all of my requirements. Space for friends and dogs, meets any all terrain challenge, and is very comfortable! My only complaint about it is that the seat warmer button is in an inconvenient location.

- Beckie K

Despite all the dislikes, I enjoy driving this car.

My subaru is reliable (my second one) and good on gas. There really nothing I do not like about my subaru. Although I have had some minor difficulties with my subaru, have no significant complaints about her.

- Victoria C

I think it's important to know that this model does not accelerate super fast.

I like that it's very open and has great sightlines, and it's a really good size for me with lots of room to transport things. I wish it accelerated a little bit quicker but that is a very small dislike.

- Jordan N

It is a great vehicle and has very high ratings overall for this vehicle.

I love the way it drives. I like the fact that it is an all wheel drive vehicle. I don't like the fact that if one tire needs to be replaced, then I also have to replace the other three as well.

- Donna C

My car is the best for what I need to do. It is an enjoyable safe option for point to point and has enough room for whatever I need.

I love my Subaru. It is reliable in all weather. I drive in the city often and it is wonderful for getting around and nimble enough to handle the turns and parking. Also love it on the Highway.

- George P

The auto gate is nice when shopping.

I like that the car can go in all types of weather and it can hold much more than I thought. I also like that it is pretty easy to maintain. I dislike that it does not have 3 row seating.

- Elizabeth S

2011 Subaru Forester Used.

I have had this car for two years now, and even though I bought it used it has worked fine. I had to get the axel changed on the front driver's side tire, but other than that no problems.

- Christopher M

2011 Subaru Forester 2.5x

I love the safety features and the AWD system of Subaru. Just pay attention to what year vehicle you are buying because there have been some oil consumption issues with years 2009-2013.

- Brittany P

I feel safe in it and it is economical to drive. It is also very comfortable.

It has been the best vehicle I have ever had. It only needs regular maintenance and not expensive surprises. I feel safe in it and it is fun to drive. I have no trouble in the winter.

- Jackie B

Best price SUV with quality.

I have brought it back to where I bought it 3 times in the last 4 months and I have only had it for 4 months. It's better than my last vehicle. I hear they are good in the snow.

- Alicia B

Keeping up with the maintenance will keep it running smoothly.

I have had little maintenance issues. It has suited my needs. My year doesn't have Bluetooth which is inconvenient sometimes. The gas mileage is acceptable at around 25 mpg.

- Heather H

My car is very reliable and I feel safe in the car.

I like the safety features and rating on the subaru, I also like the shape and how well it drives. I do not like the low gas mileage. Especially because of how much I drive.

- Jessica J

Reliable. Comfortable. Just roomy enough.

No complaints. I like the size and how comfortable it is to drive and that it is slightly higher than a car. I dislike that the doors don't automatically lock when driving.

- Kara S

For the money, my Subaru is an all around value that is dependable and fun to drive.

My Subaru is dependable. It goes great through the snow. For the money, it hauls better than most small SUVs. The only dislike is the back seat belts tighten all the time.

- Todd F

All wheel drive, minimum maintenance, no Bluetooth connectivity.

Subaru forester has been reliable for my daily two hour long commute. I particularly appreciate the peace of mind the all-wheel drive provides in the winter weather.

- Diana S

It's AWD, good for bad weather and mountain driving.

It's an Ok car. I like it because it's AWD and reliable. I wish it could be more heavy duty. A lot of it's parts are plastic which make it feels a little bit cheap.


It is the best value you'll get from any vehicle for your money, highly recommend to anyone.

Its comfortable and well thought out. It was designed for practical use for the average family and not for status. I feel safe driving in rough weather conditions.

- Sarah T

It is a good all round SUV.

It is an all wheel drive with great ground clearance. It gets great gas mileage. It has a great view in all directions when driving. It daft record is outstanding.

- Ken S

Don't buy anything older than 2012 if it's a Subaru Forester.

The engine blew up after 6 months of buying it. But, it is great on space. It is fantastic in the snow. It actually uses oil like it uses gas which is bad.

- Tracy G

Roomy vehicle that is reliable with good fuel economy

Like the visibility with so many windows; limits blind spots Cargo area holds larger size items. Only had 4 cylinders so sometimes not a lot of horsepower

- Kathy K

Subaru Forester is a highly reliable, user friendly SUV

It is reliable. It is comfortable without being overly fancy. It has 125000 miles on it and no major problems to date. Best of all it is paid for!

- Jennifer C

my car is dependable and holds up well through the years

Our car is a front wheel drive and performs well in the snow. We have had very little issues other than maintenance. We have had a couple of recalls.

- jane w

It can go anywhere - from the freeway to the beach.

My Subaru requires too much oil. I hear this is common with Foresters. I like that it's an SUV but not too big. I also like my manual transmission.

- Meg B

Susan the Subaru: getting all the bang for your buck

I love my Forester. It gets great gas mileage, handles very well in all kinds of weather (rain, sleet, snow, ice), and has plenty of cargo space.

- Michael B

Will continue to buy Subaru's.

It handles great. Its safe for my family. Handles great in rain and snow. Enough room to travel. And enough space for luggage. Great gas mileage.

- Diana H

I love that my Subaru has retained its value compared to other cars.

I love my Forrester! It's a great car and handles great! No real issues yet and I've beat it up pretty good in the past two years I've had it.

- Joshua A

It has good pick up, which makes getting through traffic easier.

I mostly drive as an A to B person. The car does have good pick up. I do not like it being a gas powered vehicle. I would prefer electric.

- John F

It's the perfect balance between interior space but not a massive car.

I think it's great. There isn't anything I would change about it. I plan on buying another one when this one dies many years down the road.

- Meghan K

I think Subaru's are a reliable car and made well. I don't hear about major problems with them.

The car is reliable. Not any mechanical problems. I love the large sunroof . It is comfortable for long drives. It is a little noisy.

- Gloria L

Will buy again. Love the Subaru.

Runs great, great service, wonderful in bad weather. Easy to handle, great turning radius. Will buy another one when purchasing new car.

- Marcie D

It is dependable and Subaru have great service.

I love the ride, dependability and gas mileage. I dislike the seat comfort, the lack of dual sun visors and difficult to read dipsticks.

- Carolyn M

Safety record for this vehicle is one of the best on the road.

No complaints. It drives beautiful, It's really good looking vehicle. One of the safest records on the road. Has a great storage space.

- Leonette H

It dependable and safe and rides great.

Very dependable. Third Subaru I have owned. It's roomy perfect size for family. Great gas mileage easy to work on if problems arise.

- Lynn M

It is reliable and has always run well.

Love the reliability of my Subaru. The features are great. I have had no problems with it. Only have had routine maintenance on it.

- Dawn W

All wheel drive great family car

I love this car. Plenty of room in the back for storage. The back seat is a bit cramped, but works fine for kids. Good gas mileage.

- Barbara L

It a good car to have in the snow.

It is great in the snow. Great reliable car last through a lot. Definitely want Subaru from now on. Might get next car as Subaru.

- Joshua J

Great in the snow if you live where it snows. The engine is loud.

The car handles will in the snow. It's small and easy to navigate. The engine is a bit loud and I would like better cup holders.

- Cindy B

4-wheel drive SUV kind of like a wagon

Burned excessive oil and butt gets very good gas mileage Subaru's Factory was very easy to deal with fixing all the recalls

- Brendan W

Subaru forester is a good family car.

It provides a peace of mind for me in the winter weather. Very reliable. Low maintenance. Good after sale customer service.

- Danny S

I love my forester Subaru it is good on gas, drives well and is very comfortable.

I like the comfort. I am upset because I cannot hook my new android cell phone up to it and my old flip phone worked fine

- Deborah l

That it is good on gas and economy.

My Subaru is a comfortable, reliable vehicle. It is fun to drive. There is nothing that I do not like about the vehicle.

- Lynne T

It's affordable and comfortable. Nice car for a small family.

the accessories are cheap and broken easily, but overall it's easy to drive, to make a turn. The interior is spacious.

- winnie d

The car was not expensive and has been dependable.

Dislike that it does not have the blind spot indicator.. Love that it is fun to drive and environmentally friendly.

- Sue Ellen B

Reliable and dependable with no problems. Gets good gas mileage for a van.

My car is great in snow. It is always reliable. It is really comfortable and easy to drive. I recommend Subarus!.

- Melissa P

Since the car is a 2011 model, it is likely to have some problems.

I love my car. It is old and has needed some work done, but I think it still has another couple years left to go.

- Reb J

Best cars on the market love it

Have no problems. Just keeps running the best car I have owned. I have 85,000 miles plus get 20 miles per gallon

- James E

overall it is a very good vehicle with regular maintenance it run fine. Handles all type of terrain fine

The vehicles is all wheel drive is great. I live in the northeast and the vehicle handles very well in the snow

- mark z

My Subaru is a very reliable and safe car. I trust that the car will keep me safe if ever in an accident.

It's fun, easy to drive, reliable and trustworthy. It is safe . It's a good car for individuals and families

- Sig E

The AWD is reliably safe for winter driving.

I feel safe driving an AWD vehicle in the winter. It is comfortable for long distance driving. It is reliable.

- Susan C

Awesome vehicle with dependability

Car performs extremely well in the hazardous, winter months. Will always purchase Subaru's from here on out.

- Heidi C

Kept me safe during a bad accident.

Very spacious feeling, like the windows. Had some mechanical problems recently though that are annoying me.

- Melissa B

Great Car to travel anywhere with and is a lot of fun

Great car. Have been using it for a long time. Very reliable and is really fun to drive. Would Recommend

- Josh D

It has all wheel drive and good traction when the tires are new.

I like that it has 4 wheel drive. I wish it came with more features. Love the color (seafoam green).

- Meredith M

It is very reliable and gets good gas mileage.

It rides great, looks great very comfortable, lots of cargo space and has a five star safety rating.

- Doug P

It is very good on gas mileage and is good in snow.

Good gas mileage. It is very roomy. Like the fact I can see all around--lot of window space.

- Mary S

I have a grey 2011 subaru forester. It's a very reliable car that I swear is bubble wrap on wheels. Great car for beginner drivers.

Its pedals are not very sensitive. Sometimes you really have to press on them to speed up.

- Sheldon R

It's a beautiful and reliable vehicle and a joy to drive.

Comfortable, reliable and dependable. It has a good reputation and I enjoy driving it.

- Vicki V

I like that it is stylish and practical. I trust the brand. Features are easy to use. It is not too fancy, but still works well for my family.

It is basic, as in it does not have a lot of bells and whistles, but it is reliable.

- Monica S

It's really safe and reliable.

I love It's safety. It's also a beautiful orange color. It's roomy for my children.

- Mere r

They should know it's a Cool car. It has everything and safe.

I like Safety feature, good design. I do not like it is not a good acceleration.

- Alli S

Good gas mileage very reliable.

very reliable and very safe car. Rated top of the the line in consumer reports.

- ken i

It has been very reliable. But I am not a fan of the low gas mileage. And it doesn't have much power climbing in the mountains.

Great if you want a car you can rely on, but don't expect it to be sporty.

- Kim R

It's well made. I would recommend it.,

It's and economical, fun to drive SUV. It's good on gas. It's stylish.,

- joe T

Her name is Freedom and I love her. She's one of the family.

Love the look of my Subaru and how well it handles. Good gas mileage.

- Virginia M

IT WILL NOT LEAVE YOU STRANDED GOOD RELIABLE CAR.Kelley Blue Book named Subaru as the Best Overall Brand, Most Trusted Brand and Best Performance Brand in 2016



Good easy drive at a reasonable price

Smooth drive. Good engine. Affordable price. No complaints at all

- Jean L

Drives great Holds a lot of things Clear view out of windows while driving and parking

Comfortable to ride in as driver and passenger. Heated seats

- Kerry Z

It is dependable. I've had very little trouble with it since I purchased it new. A few things I dislike include: it burns through headlight bulbs a few times per year; it doesn't get excellent gas mileage; the bluetooth is finicky.

Subaru makes cares that are reliable, safe, and fun to drive.

- Emily r

This Forester Is a fantastic family car

it is a great family car and safe.It is just a little noisey

- Jen G

Runs great and fun to drive Safe and heavy duty. Great on gas too.

My car has stood the test of time. Has never let me down

- Patricia P

it is a family car, and a safe car

it is safe and reliable. It is a little noisey

- Jen D

highest IIHS rating of all cars

A/C is not that great at cooling. rest i

- Sherri z

Why I like the 2011 Subaru forester.

- Jane S