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Great comfort and reliability!

One of the main reasons we bought a Forester was the height off the road. It's tall enough that I don't have problems getting in and out (I have bad knees, and low cars are difficult for me), and not so tall that I need assistance to get in. Subaru is a very safe car, and that was important also. We got leather seats, which I find to be extremely comfortable, far superior to cloth seats. I love how it drives, hugs the road ... we don't get much snow and ice here, but when we get a little, we can drive through it without special tires or chains. We've had our vehicle for over five years now, and it's only been in for routine maintenance. The only problem we've ever had with it was the indicator that lets you know when your tires are low on air. For a time, it would alert when there wasn't a problem, but the mechanic finally got the switch fixed for us. As problems go, that was pretty minor. I'd highly recommend a Subaru Forester. We most likely will replace this one with another (new model).

- Nancy T

Subaru Forester is great all-around vehicle for both average use and fun trips!

We have really enjoyed our Subaru Forester because of the all wheel drive, sunroof, and trunk space. It is a comfortable car to drive long-distance and the seat heaters are great. I wish there were more technology features, like automatic headlights and auto-locking the doors when the car is in drive. We have had some issues with the electrical features of the car acting up, but this may have been due to a battery issue. We recently moved to a mountainous state and wish that the car was 6-cylinder rather than 4 because it does not handle gradual inclines well at higher speeds (highway driving in Colorado). We are pleased with the resell value and longevity of this vehicle, but it because the vehicle uses synthetic oil, we have to stay on top of regular oil changes and maintenance in order to ensure the longevity of the engine. Overall, we have been very pleased with this vehicle and would consider purchasing a Subaru again in the future.

- Allison N

Travel partner and family guardian.

This car has lasted us for over 100,000 miles of adventures. Between North Carolina and Florida, Tennessee and Virginia. It's been extremely reliable and has been a fantastic car for our family of three and two dogs. It's great in the snow and sand, off roading or highway trips. Comfortable on long journeys and just about big enough to pack up a whole household and move a couple of states away. We use it for hauling everything from ovens to lumber to hundreds of pounds of sand for our sons sandbox. This subie is definitely part of the family, and brings a whole new meaning to subie life. We had our first date taking this car in for an oil change, and brought our son home from the hospital in it. Moved our lives thousands of miles and back, and then back again for new ventures. I absolutely love our Subaru.

- Lauren N

A SUV that truly does handle like a smaller car.

The Forester handles beautifully, I've never had any issues taking it up into the mountains when hiking although I've never taken it fully off road. I've had some minor issues with sensors going out (power window buttons have stopped working multiple times and we've had some issues with indicator lights on the dashboard flickering only to find out at the mechanic that it was a dying sensor instead) but otherwise there have been no major issues with the car with regular maintenance. It's comfortable, my husband and I take regular road trips from Nevada to the Oregon coast and even doing the trip in a day and half we never get uncomfortable in the Forester.

- Alicia L

2012 Subaru Forester Premium

My Forester runs great and works great. It also looks amazing for being 7 years old. The bucket seats are very comfortable and the car is very spacious. The moonroof is huge and makes the car feel even more open. It gets great gas mileage for an SUV. I love the heated leather seats and the roof rack is great for extra storage. It's drives very well and handles curves/bumps easily. It also has lots of safety features, making it one of the safest vehicles on the market. The all wheel drive makes it the perfect mountain car. The sound is great too and the Bluetooth works very well.

- Erin W

I really like the visibility in this car which is very important in staying safe on the road.

I wish it got better gas mileage!!! I love the large back window but I don't like how snow collects on the front windshield. The wipers don't adequately clear it. It needs a little extra oil now that it's older but overall it's a very reliable car. It has a lot of storage and is very easy to pack. The seat warmers have been great in the long New England winters. The radio reception is not very good but I just plug my phone into the aux outlet and listen through an app. I don't need a lot of bells and whistles. It is just enough for me. I love my Subaru.

- Tracy D

Very liable and comfortable vehicle to own.

For driving long distance it is a very comfortable ride, it has good features, like the heat in the seats, an option for, that will be good for someone that has lower back pain, low or high, back up camera helps to see what is behind you before you end up hitting something, a target zone to show you how close you are to the object you are aiming at, it performs exactly like it should, very good in winter also, good on gas, you would have to keep an eye on the oil, need to keep up with service,

- Dawn B

A really good and intelligent purchase

My husband bought a Forester for me and our new baby cause he knows Subaru is a very trustworthy make, comfortable, safe and have no engine factory problems. It suspension respond well in difficult roads as and the city. And price isn't so expensive for your family safety. The leather interiors are so nice and easy to clean but very hot if you lives in desert, the AC works fine in 101'temperature. And my husband loves the screen board and all the options it have. We like it so much.

- Cindy B

Subaru forester--functional, reliable.

I like my Subaru forester. It is a basic model, not a lot of frills, power everything, sunroof etc. But it is a basic functional, reliable vehicle. One thing I especially like is that the seats are actually comfortable. I have had Toyotas in the past--one of my major quibbles is they can be downright uncomfortable--especially on longer trips. The motor has some guts, it kicks in and gets me up steep hills nicely. Mine is a 2012 and I would recommend this SUV if it suits your needs.

- Eric P

Why I love my Subaru forester.

This car has been very reliable. I feel very safe driving this car. I love that it has side airbags. It is also nice that it has many phone charging plugs. I do wish that the drink holders in the front where round rather than square. The car rides pretty well, although it is slightly noisy. The storage space works for us. It is nice that the rear seats fold down all the way so larger items are able to fit. We also have the net and the cover for the back, which I use all the time.

- Donna F

Had to have some repairs done, but works well now

The car starts up and runs when I need it to. There was a recall on it. Subaru did not contact me, but I got in touch with the dealer when the car was using a lot of oil. They replaced the motor, and then the car stopped using oil. I just recently had new spark plugs and some other maintenance services performed, which were costly. and I had to have the clutch replaced. Now the car should be in good shape and hopefully I will not need to put any more money into it.

- Judy S

Common problem but good car.

The car is really good. It is great in snow and rain. My biggest problem with it is the heat and air conditioner does not seem to be directed well. Also a major problem is that the lights on the dash, the abs steering, the cruise and check engine light come on and the garage said they need to take the whole engine out to fix an oil leak but it is not an oil leak since we're not losing oil. I have read up on it and a lot of Forester owners have the same problem.

- Beth V

My Subaru Forester is Very Reliable

I bought the car new and was my first SUV. I was encouraged to purchase by a friend that had an Outback. My Forrester has over 70,000 miles now and I have not had any problems. I maintain it as I am supposed to but other than standard maintenance such as tires and brakes I had not had any problems. I have never owned a car for more than 60,000 miles and plan to keep this car for another 20,000 and when it comes time for my next new car it will be a Forester

- Barry S

Fabulous maintenance rare performances of my Subarus

My Subaru Forester has provided superb service for more than seven years. The only repair required was an air conditioning leak. I consider this a superb performance record for the 82300 miles driven. The first Subaru I bought in 1988. It lasted for 206,000 miles without the engine or the air conditioning system ever having been worked on. Hopefully my current Subaru will provide similar service.

- George V

Best car/SUV, reliable and good looking.

Very few problems. Has 4 wheel drive, gas economy, just large enough, has cargo space, easy to maneuver. Good performance and years of good performance records. No real problems. Can expect to get over 100, 000 miles before having problems. Have had 4 and they last for years. Very reliable. The 2012 model I have does not allow adjustment of steering wheel, which is sometimes a little awkward.

- Annette N

The Subaru little but mighty.

The Subaru is really good in the snow. It rides good, it has room for most anything you would want to carry. The seats go down fairly easy, the back hatch goes up very well. The remote start is great in the winter but anytime really, just push the button and it starts. Has plenty of power, step on the gas and she goes. The gas mileage is fair. Over all I would recommend this vehicle.

- Ann S

The Subaru is an awesome ride and it is perfect for families.

The Subaru is a great ride. I can really get the kids in the car and everything else including, strollers, bikes, groceries. It is a really great buy for someone that needs the space but doesn't want to get a mom van. I think that it is really great on gas. The thing that I love most about it is that I look very nice when driving around and it really has all the space that I need.

- Amelia J

The Subaru Forester is a great SUV/Crossover!

We love this car. The handling is great, clean and crisp, quick and lively. It has good bottom clearance, but without being so high that it causes difficult entry. It has plenty of storage space without feeling like you're driving a big tank down the road. It has been very reliable, and is quite roomy (I'm 6'5" and usually feel cramped in a SUV/Crossover type vehicle).

- Stan W

My Subaru gets me where I need to go in any kind of weather!!

I love my Subaru forester. It is a basic model. I like that it's all wheel drive. It gets me to work in all kinds of weather. It is roomy and very comfortable. It is very reliable and drives smoothly. The back seats fold down in case you have a large item that you need to load in. The only issue I have had is that mine burns quite a bit of oil so I check it weekly.

- Donna S

You owe it to yourself to consider a Subaru.

This is my first Subaru and I would absolutely consider buying another. I bought my Forester new in 2012. I have had no mechanical issues. My only complaint would be that the paint is put on so lightly that scratches show up very easily. I have been rear ended twice in the vehicle and received little to no damage while the other vehicles showed moderate damage.

- Maureen S

Beautiful and very functional.

The Foresters are reliable needing few repairs and getting good mileage. For myself I have had broken hips and these cars are easy to get in and out of meaning that a person can sit and then swing legs into the car. My dogs fit well and enjoy riding in the car. It is easy to load groceries and unload because I do not have to bend over to pick up the load.

- Betty H

Subaru Forester positive review

My vehicle does not have any problems although I sometimes struggle with the intensity of the lights at night. Sometimes I don't feel like it's high enough but I don't want to use the higher beams because it is not allowed on the highway. The seats are very comfortable and it is easy to adjust depending on one's needs. It has a great performance overall

- Nadia C

Best turn radius I've experienced in a vehicle

I love the visibility from the driver's seat and the turn radius. The engine allows me to accelerate quickly when needed. It is a great height for loading and unloading groceries, children, and all of their belongings. The only issue that I've had is a fan that went out and prevented the air conditioner from blowing cold air when in idle.

- Kelly K

Great vehicle if you drive in bad weather snow. The AWD system is pretty superior to what else is on the road.

Great AWD vehicle for the mountains. I have never experienced any issues going skiing (in the rocky mountains). The maintenance has been pretty low, but I do expect that to increase as the age increases. I anticipate the car lasting for years and years to come. It's easy to get in and out of, great clearance, and a few 'extras'.

- Lauren B

Solid family car, great in all terrains.

There is a oil consumption issue other than that I love the car. The car is solid and is safe in many terrains. Recently I was rear ended but did not even get a scratch on the car. I like the durability of the car. Subaru's usually hold their value well too so I appreciate that as well. Overall it is comfortable and efficient.

- Tammy R

4 cylinder turbo engine. 4 wheels drive.spacious

My 2012 Subaru Forester is fantastic. Drives through snow with ease. Turbo installed in the vehicle. Takes $40 to fill the tank and last for at least 5 days. Only issue maybe from an airbag recall. Air cooling system is fast and effective. The traction and of the vehicle is powerful and the style of the car itself is simple.

- Justin R

Great car with decent mileage.

It is a great car but not the best on gas. Also it burns oil a bit fast. Other than that it is comfortable, spacious and has a relatively smooth ride. The all wheel drive works really well in the snow and in the rain as well, and we have a family or four and we do frequent trips to the north and it works really well.

- Ryan B

Subaru is a great car and a great value.

Dislikes: when you replace one tire, you have to replace all 4. Service is fairly expensive. Good things: services center is great, do not need services very often. Car is very dependable and I like driving my Subaru. It is very good on gas and I feel it will last a very long time. I would highly recommend this car.

- Anne H

Why driving a Subaru is the best.

My Subaru Forester was my first and only car I have had since I got my license. I live in eastern Washington where the car does amazing in the snow. It is comfortable and easy to drive and park with it is great turning radius! Also the sunroof is huge! My family loves the safety and comfortability of my Forester!

- Julieanne Y

My Subaru, it's pretty neat.

We have no problems with the car mechanically, it's been awesome. For a 4 cylinder it has some decent pick up and go. It's not very comfortable. I will never buy a car with cloth seats ever again. It has a sunroof which can be fun, but we don't use it that most often. It is fun to drive. I love it to pieces.

- Mindy H

Great car for winter conditions.

Our Subaru forester is a great choice for us. We live in northern Utah where it snows a lot in the winter and our car handles very well in these conditions. We pass other cars struggling to make it up the hill to our home in the foothills. It is a hard working car with ample room for passengers and cargo.

- Josie W

Great value, beautiful car.

It is great. Gas mileage is iffy, but the drivetrain of the vehicle is great and I love the technology it possesses inside. As long as I get regular oil changes and appropriately keep up with the maintenance, it runs beautifully. I also feel good about the fact that it is a partial zero emission vehicle.

- Kate L

I feel safe while driving my vehicle in all types of weather.

My car is extremely reliable. Over the past 7 years the I have experienced trouble with the engine do to a recall on a part. Other than that, I have experienced no other problems. The seats are comfortable and the interior is spacious. I live in and commute in the city and I receive 26 mpg on average.

- Kelsey D

Love the auto, all the time lights on the vehicle.

I love my Forrester! It rides smooth, very reliable, comfortable seats and great reasonable pricing. Downsides: it's a little tight with a car seat in the back, I hate that it doesn't have a way as driving for me to turn on a light in the back seat, and the Bluetooth leaves something to be desired.

- Brittany M

Forester is alright by me.

My Forester has been a terrific car. Handles well in all weather, has enough space to accommodate a lot of different uses. I did end up having an issue with my engine but the warranty covered the cost of fixing it. Only issue I have with the Forester is it does not look as cool as the Outback.

- Dave A

The four wheel drive is my favorite aspect of the car. I never feel unsafe driving it in the rain or snow.

My car is a great long lasting car. I plan on never selling this car before it is completely broken down. I had trouble with the breaks around 76,000 miles. I am very confident that I will get at least another 100,000 miles out of it. It isn't very beautiful but it works like a car should.

- heather s

Subaru life or fondly known as a cream puff

So far it has been a great car and have to do basic maintenance. The timing was done around 100k but since hitting 130, the air conditioner compressor has gone bad. The exhaust also has suffered from rust and noise. The car handles well in rain or snow and has been a reliable vehicle

- Katrina B

2012 Subaru Forester Basics

It performs well and I find it very comfortable. Because it is old, I don't know if it reliable but any issues I've had with it were easy and quick to fix. The features of the car and simple and average. It doesn't have any fancy features but has all the basics and are easy to use.

- Michelle H

2012 Subaru forester with heated seats and sunroof.

It handles well. It does well in rain and snow. I like the size but wish it was a bit bigger. It is 4 door with hatch in back. Large area in back with seats that fold down. I like the heated seats and love the sunroof. It does have decent pick up when going in traffic. Brakes well.

- Megan R

Comfortable and safe Subaru Forester.

I love this car. It is comfortable and reliable. I have heated cloth seats and a sun roof. I get approximately 25-26 miles per gallon. It is all wheel drive, I feel safe driving it around in the snow winters that I experience. Both front seats, back seats, and truck are spacious.

- Elizabeth M

I named it sparkier, because it is red & sometimes I get a little shock when.

It uses a lot of gas. Sometimes it has a hard time starting. Otherwise I love my Subaru. I like the feel of the car, the great turning radius and being up a little higher than I would be in a sedan. It also has lots of space to transport things, whether groceries or furniture.

- Jane D

Great family car for a family on the move

I love the car. Plenty of room for a family of three. We use this car as our family vehicle since it is very reliable. Have not had any issues with the car since buying it. The only complaint would be the sound system is the car. It feels underpowered and is not very clear.

- Corey K

Comfortable ride, but burns oil too quickly.

Burns oil very quickly. It goes down a couple quarts in 2 weeks. Other than that, is great in the snow, very reliable and a comfortable drive. I always know that I getting my money’s worth with this vehicle. It is also good on gas. I would highly recommend this car.

- Penelope W

Great starter car. Definitely going to get a newer model soon.

Had to replace the rotors and a/c compressor right after buying. Idk if that was the reason or not but it didn't do to great in the mountains... Just going in to Trinidad I wasn't rock climbing or something. It does get good gas mileage and I love the storage space.

- Brittany R

Hidden cargo to store things you do not want seen.

It is great no problems. It is loaded. I think it is easy to drive and not bad on gas. I would highly recommend this vehicle. It is very dependable. I have only had to replace a headlight bulb. It was a little expensive but that is the only problem I have ever had.

- Mae C

The super extraordinary Subaru forester

This has been a fantastic little car. It has a great ride with unbelievable gas mileage and the four wheel drive system keeps me going in snow, rain, or mud. It handles very well given its weight. The interior is very open and spacious. All in all I love it

- Eleanor B

Decent car for first time driver

a few issues from deterioration but sturdy, have a rattle from the exhaust pipe but easily fixed. Comfortable and spacious, pretty average sized good for first time drivers. Decent gas mileage but nothing to flaunt about, you won't drop $70 to fill up you tank

- Alex L

Love Subaru but and think they're perfect for teen drivers.

When my family first bought the car, it ran great and was perfect overall. Then I got in an accident where I hit a curb and ever since then it has had so many problems with the wheels and engine and we keep having to put into it and it does not seem worth it.

- Naomi G

That it drives very well and can store more than you would think.

I like that it is a safe vehicle. I like the SUV body style. I like the driver's seat adjustments. The only dislike is the passenger seat is uncomfortable. When my daughter offers to drive on our road trips I can only take her up on it for a couple of hours.

- Catherine M

The most important thing people should know is that is a very durable car.

I like that we have had it almost 7 years and have never had any mechanical problems. The one thing that I do not like is there is no AC in the back. I wish I had gotten something a little bigger but that is because our family has grown since we bought it.

- Liz G

it gets great gas mileage, it is very reliable, it has a really good life span, and they are trendy

i don't like how i have to go to a dealer to get certain things because of how expensive it can get. it doesn't leave much room in the back with you have to put two carseats in, and the buckles end up being covered up. it needs a bit more space width wise

- April B

It takes premium gas which can get pricey with gas hikes at times.

Our Subaru runs smoothly and has a turbo engine. Great cargo space, spare tire and compartments where the trunk is. I feel safe when we travel, especially in the winter months. The only thing I don't like is that it takes Premium gas, which is pricey.

- Kim H

Subaru Forester is a reliable all year vehicle with plenty of room

I've had nothing but a good experience with my 2012 Subaru Forester. It always starts and runs good. The all wheel drive works great all year round. Plenty of room inside. I've put the back seats down and had enough room to haul 8 pallets in the back.

- Dallas C

Reliable, not too expensive family car for bad weather environments.

I like the all time all wheel drive, it makes me feel safe in bad weather. The inside is basic, which is good on one hand but does not feel luxury. It doesn't have a ton of cargo space, which is why we are going to get a bigger SUV for our next car.

- Rox Q

Vehicle for practical people.

If you live in a part of the country that gets a lot of snow, nothing beats a Subaru. If you want a car that will last 15-20 years, it is another good pick. If you want to impress people by how much money you just wasted on a vehicle, get a jaguar.

- Kris T

This car is big enough that I can, at 6' 5", fit comfortably in the driver's seat.

My Forester gets me where I want to go and carries a lot of gear with me. I like to raft and can carry the entire boat, frame and equipment that I need. I have had issues with the back seat latches rattling, but no impact to driving or safety.

- chuck S

The most important things others should know about my vehicle is that it is a very comfortable ride.

What I like about my vehicle is that is sits low enough to the ground for me to get in. Also, the doors open wide enough for someone to help me to get into the vehicle. My biggest complaint is that the vehicle is black and it gets quite hot.

- Elizabetj Z

It holds its value very well, and is extremely durable, and not expensive to run.

It handles well, and great in snow and bad weather. It's reasonably good on fuel, especially on highway. It rides well, and I feel secure driving it. When we camped, it carried all our gear and towed a 10' popup without any difficulty.

- maria k

Light, compact SUV that packs a punch

Everything you would expect from an SUV: plenty of space for travelling, ability to drive smoothly on unpaved roads, and so on. The doors are light and hollow; they get dents easily. The fuel economy feels average for small SUVs.

- Mingye W

Great car for the money and very comfortable

We love our subaru and have never had any major problems with it. It is comfortable and big enough to carry our kayaks and crabbing gear. We like it so much we are thinking about purchasing another one

- Nancy M

It handles very well in the snow and other adverse conditions.

The Subaru Forester was affordable. It's comfortable. It handles everything we want to haul. It also supports our active lifestyle. Everything we want or need from a vehicle, we get from the Forester.

- Jim B

It is easy to drive. And it has all wheel drive. It has power windows.

I like it is all wheel drive. It has working AC. It drives great and turns easily. I wish it had more room in the trunk. I like it has lights that come on when you turn the car on.

- Heather D

Versatility is the major strong point and also the low cost of owning it.

I like the ride,the gas mileage,the comfort and the ability to haul pretty much everything.I also love the fact that the maintenance is low and have had few if any problems with it.

- john c

It is dependable for all driving conditions except for ice, but no vehicle can handle ice.

I love my Subaru. It is sturdy and dependable. While I still fear driving in the winter - that is because I'm the driver, not because of the vehicle. I feel more confident driving.

- Debbie M

The forester has great maneuverability and all wheel drive

My Subaru Forester is compact and very easy to drive. There is plenty of cargo room which is important to me. Mileage is 21-24 mpg which is reasonable and it holds its value.

- Zita M

All wheel drive ,with great safety features that make it safe for my family

The versatility of my Subaru. It can park anywhere and that I love. It's also very safe and has all wheel drive. And the gas mileage although not fantastic is quite acceptable.

- Maggie D

I feel very safe in our Subaru.

I really like the Subaru. We have had Subaru's for the last 12 yrs. and I feel very safe in the cars It is roomy and comfortable. I have nothing to dislike about our Subaru.

- Nancy s

Great on gas and fantastic in the snow.

Great on gas.. Seems to have belt issue and ongoing rear brake issue.. It does have plenty of space and many nice features to it.. The back up sensor is quite bothersome.

- Becky C

It's very dependable and nice riding.

I love the way it drives. I like all wheel drive vehicle. I like the color. I like the air and the heater, they work really well. I also love it is a dependable vehicle.

- Lisa C

Reliable Family toy hauler!

My 2012 Subaru Forester has been a reliable vehicle with hardly any mechanical issues. It's great for driving in snowy conditions and hauling around kayaks and bicycles.

- Melissa B

You should know how reliable this car is. I feel totally safe in it

I love this car. I love the size as I can fit a lot into it. It's reliable, runs well and I feel safe in the rain and snow and fog. My passengers feel good in it too

- emma c

It's good for a mom on the run.

I like the roominess of it. I don't like that there isn't pockets behind both seats in the back. I like the center console and the ability to hook up my smartphone.

- Gina P

its safe and reliable. its a 4 wheel drive. i plan to have this car for at least 10 years

I like that its reliable. Gas mileage is really good, I've never had a recall on any parts. I also like that its a 4 wheel drive especially during winter weather

- Kristen W

Great price and gas and great overall cost.

Great handling, check engine light sucks, comes on for no reason, or gives wrong code when it does. Same with my last Subaru forester, be nice if they fixed that.

- Dave H

I think people should know that it is a good family car.

It is a blue subaru forester. I wish there was air conditioning for the back seat because my boys are always hot in the summer. That would be my only complaint.

- Liz G

The Forester is extremely reliable. It has good visibility and gets good mileage.

I like how it handles and its level of responsiveness. I love the cargo space. The only thing I don't like about it is the ease with which the paint scratches.

- Adam D

It is very reliable.it does not require constant servicing and the style makes it always look current. Can not even tell the year.

Reliability is good. Not expensive to maintain. Looks current. Good workmanship. Fit and finish is of high quality. Easy to drive with good handling.

- William R

The Subaru car is a dependable and reliable car that is known for its safety standards.

My car is fun to drive. It's a stick shift and I like driving a standard. Subarus are known for their dependability so I trust that I will be safe.

- Jackie B

It has a he ability to drive in snowy conditions even without winter tires. It is all wheel drive.

I like that it is a suv, but smaller. I like it's abilities to drive in all seasons and conditions. I love my moon roof and the heated seats.

- Jammie M

Very roomy. Family orientated.

Features is that it is very roomy. Comfortable to drive. Very good in snow and all terrain. Disadvantage it burns to much oil within a week.

- Diane M

Lots of storage room, but lacking in back seat space

Comfortable and makes me feel safe. There is not room for three in the back seat if you have any children's car seats. Large spacious trunk

- theresa m

I really like my vehicle, but sometimes it is kind of loud on the highway, and the air conditioning could be better. Other than that I have no complaints.

It's very versatile. You can haul a wide variety of things without needing a bigger vehicle & it's still small enough to feel like a car.

- Ashleigh R

Best car ever. Will run it to the ground before replacing it.

Best car I ever owned. Almost 7 years old, 97, 000+ miles, and not one mechanical problem. Only repairs were wear and tear replacements.

- Jeanne R

You need a Safe Subaru in your life

I love my car. We have not had any problems with it whatsoever. It gets great gas mileage. It is has a lot of room. It is very safe!

- Michele P

It's very safe and Subaru is an excellent company when it comes to customer service.

I like that it has a very good safety rating, and good handling. I dislike that it is somewhat lacking in newer technological features.

- Stan y

Very little maintenance is needed. If you keep the oil changed you will get a long life out of your car. We have now reached 100,000 miles and it is doing great.

Love the overall safety features. Dislike the side mirror placement - I have to look out of the windshield to make a safe left turn.

- Francine G

It is good in the snow and that makes me feel safe.

It does not ride as smoothly as I would like, otherwise I like it. It is my third Subaru. I think it is a good buy for the money.

- Sandra E

Has third row seats and they fold down for extra storage.

Tough, reliable, practical, able to see easily in all directions, decent gas mileage, all wheel drive, many good safety features.

- Michael M

It's a dependable car. Subaru's are good, long lasting cars.

I like the hatchback, the seats are comfortable, it's roomy. I don't like that it doesn't have heated seats or split air/heat.

- Cherie T

It is very dependable and has very few maintenance issues.

I like the all-wheel drive of the subaru. I enjoy the ease of parking in the subaru. And the price was also very reasonable.

- Margie S

A great value for a crossover SUV.

My Forester is very easy to maneuver, has roomy, comfortable seats and I get great mileage. It has been very reliable.

- Barbara S

It's reliability and ease of handling are great. The heated seats are fabul1.

I like that it handles well in snow and rain. It's low maintenance and reliability and good gas mileage are also good.

- Bobbi G

The most important thing about my car is that is gets great gas mileage.

The back seat could be bigger. And the stereo menu is not accessible while driving. The sun roof is way too large.

- Breanna D

Subaru is generally reliable

My Subaru is very reliable and has made it all the way across the country. I utilize it for all of my road trips.

- Panny s

It is a safe vehicle that I really enjoy. I have had no problems with it mechanically.

The Forester is good on gas. If it gets scratched it shows quickly because it is paper thin. I really enjoy it.

- Lauren B

The road-handling is excellent, in rain, snow or sunny weather.

Love the steering & road-handling. Dislike that the passenger seat needs better springs in it, from the start.

- Rustey M

I can haul a lot of things. I love the heated seats. Gets great gas mileage.

Subaru is made for rugged use.It can be used for driving the mountains or rough terrain. Great for hard work.

- Dawn P

It is easy to park and drive around town. It is a great snow car.

It has a high vantage point and great visibility. The ground clearance is 8.7 inches. It has all wheel drive.

- Edward Y

It is a great size for a family and for transporting people and objects.

I feel very safe in my car. It does great on the road in different weather conditions and is very reactive.

- Jacqui B

It rides really well and is easy to maintain and have minimum maintenance issues

I love the safety features. I have never had any maintenance issues. I love the way it rides on trips

- Kat B

Subarus are well worth the cost.

I love Subarus. They're dependable to drive, and they rarely need fixed. Just general maintenance.

- Whit H

Safety rating is very high..

It has been so good and safety wise it's one of the best vehicles out there.. No complaints at all

- San D

roomy, comfortable, great for long trips, fits a lot

Great size and visibility. Very comfortable. Dislike is that it is not very efficient on gas.

- Anne W

A reliable car that rides well and gets good mileage.

It rides well. It gets good gas mileage. It is an attractive car. Nothing I dislike.

- rosalie s

It's safe, reliable and all wheel drive.

I feel very safe in my car. It works well in snow and icy weather. It's a good value.

- Pam F

It's reliable and easy to handle,the gas mileage good and affordable to buy.

it is a comfortable car to drive. subaru is affordable car. there are mo complaints.

- mary w

The way it handles on the road. It corners like no other car I have ever had. And of course we all know what great gas mileage these cares have.

It is a dream to drive. Very smooth, very good on gas mileage, and comfortable.

- Lisa T




I like that it is simple reliable transportation. Repairs are minor and cost of ownership is low. I sometimes wish it had more luxury features though.

Solid transportation for growing families. Reliable and efficient, a Best buy!

- Timothy W

All wheel drive sport utility vehicle is very stable and smooth

I love the all wheel drive. Is very stable in rain and snow. Is a smooth ride.

- Cindy C

The engine size may be a little small for the size of the car, needs a little extra push once in a while

No complaints whatsoever, good on gas mileage, durable, comfortable, spacious

- Alison K

If you don't mind road noise on long trips this is the car for you.

I like dependability. Also very low maintenance. No issues to complain about.

- Sandi M

good value, very safe,handles well,good mileage,lasts long time

handles well,good mileage,cool looking,comfortable. check engine light sucks

- david H

Great in the snow and in the rain.

I like the functionality. I love the AWD. I don't like the fuel economy.

- Mek L

It is very safe and has a lot of room. It's a great car if you travel or have a family.

It is very safe. I have been rear ended twice and I was safe both times.

- lily d

I love the way it drives. It is a smooth ride with plenty of space, and it sits up high enough that I have great visibility. However, I have had some maintenance issues, and am only at 90000 miles.

It's an affordable car with plenty of space to haul what you need.

- Kimberly K

It is AWD, handles well, and is roomy

I like that it sits up high off the ground. It is AWD. Very roomy.

- Rebecca B

it will have a great resale value

i love the room; the technology; don't like the gas mileage

- kathy K

It's a reliable, family vehicle that surpasses safety

Reliable vehicle with enough room for camping and stylish

- Kristina W

that it is a great car, especially if you live in a hilly back roads area.

like it all. no complaints. no issues. will buy again

- Sally S