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Performs well, lacks luxury.

My Subaru is extremely reliable and good in all weather. It definitely gets me from point A to point B and never has cost too much to maintain. It is comfortable enough, but definitely lacks any "luxury" feeling if that is what you are looking for. My biggest complaint with my car is that the Bluetooth constantly connects and disconnects. It is very unreliable. I have taken it in for service and I am told this is just how it is. It is annoying as I have a long commute and use Bluetooth for navigation, music, and talking on the phone. If you need a reliable, mostly comfortable, practical vehicle, this is it. If you are looking for high-tech features and luxury, look elsewhere.

- Rachel D

German shepherd approved!

I have found my Forester to be a reliable, safe, fun vehicle to drive. I keep the back seats folded down so my dog has her own area in the car and has room to lie down, stretch out or sit up and look out the windows. Subaru is truly dog tested and approved. I love my AWD, no worries about getting stuck in the snow. I have the remote start feature which is a blessing when weather is both hot and cold. Very disappointed when I got a new phone and it would not hook up to the radio for hands free use.

- Judy F

Quality of construction is excellent.

Quality of construction is excellent, as is indication of self-maintenance items and locations. Cargo hauling capacity and ease of folding rear seats is well designed. Panorama sunroof is excellent, also access to controls for havoc and sound system. The winter driving accessories (heated mirrors, wipers, rear window) all work well. Negatives would be fuel mileage for what is supposed to be an efficient vehicle. Also the sound quality of the stereo is not quite as good as many similar vehicles.

- David P

My Subaru forester replaced my truck!

My Subaru forester is the perfect car for me and where I live in northern MN. My Subaru forester is great in the snow and rain conditions. I have not had any major repairs to my Subaru, it has been a very reliable car, very dependable car. I love the sunroof and the heated seats as well. My Subaru has plenty of room for traveling or hauling large items there is room in the back and with the seat folded down it can haul a lot of cargo.

- Sherry S

Why Subaru? There's snow better choice!

We purchased our Subaru Forester after owning two other Subaru's. They are super-dependable and just do not have the kinds of problems that other cars seem to have. In the five years since we bought the Forester we've had no problems, as expected. We live in the Midwest, where ice and snow are a constant challenge. For my money, there's no better car on the market for these weather conditions.

- Steve D

Love my Forester! You will love yours too!

I live my car. I bought it from a car lot after it was traded in from being leased. I do regular maintenance on the vehicle. I have not had any major problems. Normal replacing the brake pads, oil changes. It is very comfortable to drive in. Seats can be adjusted to a position of your liking. The seats are heated, big plus since I live in Maine. I would definitely recommend this vehicle.

- Alice G

My Subaru Forester is sturdy, big without being bulky, and is a safe ride.

I have had no problems with my Forester. The utility element of the car does not affect the smoothness of the ride. Mostly, I feel safe in my car, especially because there are very few blind spots. I love being able to adjust the seats and throw anything in my Subaru - there's no shortage of space. I have moved across the country with it and always felt like it was keeping up with me.

- Marissa F

Six years later, still on top of it is class.

Never had a problem. Narrow enough to fit in small parking lots, big enough to fill up on a hardware store run. Plus, 4 wheel drive is a huge bonus. The biggest thing I noticed was there are practically no blind spots in this car! The only downside (and I stress only) is the gas mileage. At the time, it wasn't bad. It is still not horrible, but newer models have better mileage.

- Liz P

Great car today and tomorrow.

The Subaru Forester makes me feel very safe. It is not too big. Great visibility. All wheel drive. These are all pros for the car. The cons all 4 tires need to be the same at all times. If you get a flat tire, the same tire has to be purchased. The car is not quiet. It sometimes makes some noises when starting up. This is my second Subaru and would buy Subaru’s again.

- Molly N

It is one of the most dependable cars I have ever had.

My car has all wheel drive, which makes it really nice in the winter time. One thing that is inconvenient is that when I need to replace one tire, I have to replace all tires because of it being all wheel drive. The forester is also higher off of the ground and more spacious than my ford, which is nice since we have two medium sized dogs and go on road trips often.

- Brittany L

Subaru does not stand behind their product.

The noise level in the cabin is noisy and having problem with the paint that they will not cover. Interior is cheaply made. It does go through snow and ice very well. Low upkeep. 48k miles and now needs brakes. Due to the problem with paint, I will not be buying another Subaru. I tried working with Subaru and they refused to do anything about the problem.

- Roberta M

Subaru forester..5 speed!

My forester is a great vehicle. Comfy, reliable, good looking. Great paint, good interior color. One of the very few with a 5 speed transmission, because I only like to drive a stick shift. Aerodynamic for an SUV. No problems as of yet. Only thing is that the light bulbs go out frequently in the headlights and taillights. Easy to replace. Great vehicle!

- Liz G

Love is what makes a Subaru a Subaru.

I love the heated seats. I do not like that the cup holders are square. Cups rattle in them. I get between 20-23 mpg and I think that could be a little better. The sunroof works well and I live the extra light from it, because I do not like the tinted windows. The controls for the sound system on the steering wheel are helpful.

- Betsy S

I love my Subaru. So does my dog.

I am a rock hound so I drive my SUV up nasty hills and on creek beds, etc.. It does a super job. It drives beautifully on interstates as well. And my dog loves this car as well. The only negative is the interior material. It is fabric easily stains and the threads are ripping. I would get leather seats on my next car.

- Susan S

Nice ride but have needed to put a lot of work in to it.

Good ride and is very reliable. The air conditioning has had a few Problems but when it works it works well. The tires have had to be worked on a number of times the wheel bearings have been loose. It's been an easy fix but expensive. I would recommend a newer edition the 2013 is getting very outdated.

- Lindsay V

Would not re-buy another forester in the future.

Burns/consumes excessive oil. Extremely noisy when its started before it warms up. Terrible in windy conditions. Interior is not "classy", simple and plain. All wheel drive, good for all season driving. Plenty of room for groceries, family, dog. Simple interior - not a lot of buttons to learn to use.

- Ashley M

2013 Subaru Forester review.

There are little to no problems with the vehicle. The performance is good; drives well, good gas mileage, all of that. It is very reliable. I can count on it to get me where I need to be safely. It is pretty comfortable overall, pretty average. And the features are also good and average for the year.

- Jenny M

Dependable and reliable, will definitely last for years with regular maintenance

I love my Subaru. It's so roomy I can fit 5 people easy. I am a nanny and I typically have two or three car seats in the back and I can easily fit groceries and bicycles and toys for the kids in the back. The gas mileage is great. The one thing I don't like is I wish had a roof rack which I don't.

- Carolyn V

Black on black sporty suburb.

Smooth riding locally (to work, etc. ) And road trips (on highway). Comfortable seating (leather). No major problems since owning it. Love the way it looks too (black in and exterior). Added bigger/nicer wheels and bike rack for sportier look. Would recommend and own another suburb in the future.

- Heather D

Subaru forester issues I wish that could be improved.

No problem, just the tires gauge light comes on with temperature changes and you have to keep checking tire pressure to get it to turn off and the gas mileage is not that great I wish the gas mileage was better, when my brakes went out it was expensive to get them replaced at the dealership.

- Bonnie S

Subaru is reliable and a good family vehicle.

No real problems, but expensive to maintain in south Florida at a dealership. It now seems dated when compared to the whistles and bells of newer cars, even in the Subaru family of vehicles, and the car is only 5 years old. It gets good gas mileage, and is easy to drive and not too big.

- Sheila C

Has been a peace of mind that is also dependable.

I have not had any problems. It has been trustworthy, goes well in the snow. Heated leather seats and remote start. I have navigation and sirius radio with Bluetooth phone connection for hands free for driving. It has a sunroof . Also has turbo engine has the speed when you need it.

- Trish H

Love my Subaru! It is an enjoyable vehicle to drive.

Have had no problems. Very reliable. A lot of legroom, front and back. My granddaughters are six feet tall and they ride comfortably in the back. I did buy the basic model. Still has Bluetooth and cruise control. The windows are large so the view is fantastic. No blind slots.

- Aurora N

Reliable, engine and tranny is good.

The problem: it accelerates too fast or too slow. No in between. You have to push it at a certain medium to get the best performance. The pros: very good performance, ac, steering. The cons: the drive is a bit rough but still a decent ride. The pros: it feels tough and safe.

- Alexander S

Subaru Forester oil consumption.

Excellent vehicle reliability wise. Mine is 5 years old and if keep up on regular maintenance it runs well. And good in all weather, family friendly, oil consumption problem that Subaru had class action lawsuit for but has not rectified so I will not purchase another Subaru.

- Karen A

Subaru Forester highs and lows.

This auto is easy on gas and performs well in the snow and ice conditions. It is moderately priced. The interior is a bit less that what I like, with poor carpeting. The interiors size is also a bit smaller inside than I like. If something falls I will not easily find it.

- Karen E

Love my Subaru forester.I'll definitely get another one.

My Subaru forester is very comfortable to drive. Windows are large, seats are adjustable for a short person like me, and I like the heated seats. The back storage space is just big enough for my use. I have not had any problems in the six years I have owned my vehicle.

- Diane W

Perfect sized vehicle for someone looking for something larger than a car.

I have had my vehicle for a short period of time but have loved the time I have had with it. I have had no problems with it and I know that my vehicle is a reliable car in all sorts of weather conditions. The Bluetooth speaker is a plus and a nice feature to have.

- Taylor K

It has very high safety ratings in all areas tested.

My vehicle is generally comfortable and reliable. It has had some strange glitches such as the oil light turning on and off randomly when the oil is fine. Also my check engine light turns on and off randomly and the dealership is unable to determine what is wrong.

- Sarah M

Subaru Forester, 2013. Bought in mass. By senior citizen.

Only complaint I have is the choice of cloth seats. Also, dealer charges way high for maintenance. Gas mileage is great. Driving comfort is wonderful. I love the color and I love the amount of space. I would like it better if there were a GPS built into dashboard.

- Mary C

2013 Subaru Forester, reliable car and excellent in the snow.

When I first purchased it in 2014 used, I had no problems and it was extremely reliable, excellent in snow! Now, recently, these last couple months I have had multiple incidents where I have needed to take it in to get fixed. . . Not too happy about that.

- Caroline G

Amazing car. Will last forever. Travels nice plenty of room.

Love the gas mileage. Love the hands free phone. Love the Bluetooth radio. Easy to park. Large trunk. Easy to keep clean. All wheel drive is amazing. Wish it had roof racks. The only thing I don't like is the buzzing sound if you don't wear your seatbelt.

- Sharon E

In case of an accident, you and your family will most likely survive.

Safety is priority and Subaru is consistently rated high. The vehicle is has plenty of room for all riders. The windows are large and therefore does not block your view which is another safety factor. It is still compact, easy to drive, and easy to park.

- Julia S

We'll get it fixed and keep it.

I had a short engine block recall replacement due to oil consumption. I recently had issues covered under warranty related to the repair and now I have a slight fluid leak in my transmission. My extended warranty ended in 2016 and I am at 72, 000 miles.

- Cynthia S

The interior and exterior is sleek black but my favorite part is the sunroof.

Reliable vehicle for the amount of mileage I have put on it in the past 2 and a half years. Routine maintenance is key to keep the car in good condition. Comfortable driving it and I have been in a couple of accidents and have felt very safe.

- Ana N

It's an excellent family car! So great for so many occasions

Love the multiple uses! Great daily driver, great for road trips. Great with passengers and luggage. We added a cargo carrier on top and it's fantastic and easy to get into. Wish the front seats had a little more back support.

- bethany r

The Subaru Forester is safe AND FUN TO DRIVE!!

This is one of the safest vehicles to buy. It has excellent visibility and handles well. It is a little noisy and has had some engine issues. I would consider going a little bigger next time, but still in the Subaru line.

- Daniel P

I use synthetic oil to help improve mileage.

My vehicle is 2013 base Forester. It is white with a black interior. I purchased this vehicle primarily to deal with the snowy days common in my area during the winter. The vehicle works very well for Its intended purpose.

- Harry B

It gets good gas mileage and has great accessory features.

I like that my Subaru has Bluetooth capabilities, gets decent gas mileage, and handles well on the road. I dislike that it does not have a sunroof or heated seats. I would like it even more if it had these things.

- Amy S

The miles per gallon rate is terrific.

Excellent mileage, handles well, very safe vehicle with nice safety features. Looks are boring though. Runs quiet. Looks dull. Nothing thrilling about the appearance. Comfortable interior. to blah in appearance.

- Mel C

It is not too big or too small.

Love the height of the SUV, as I have a bad back and it allows me to enter the car comfortably. . . The ride is wonderful. I do not have all the bells and whistles, but I do not feel like I am missing anything.

- Barbara G

That it is great for all seasons. Great for traveling and rated top for safety.

I love my Subaru Forester because it's compact and easy to park, yet roomy. The maintenance can be expensive but the car lasts a long time and with regular maintenance you can get up to 300k miles on it.

- Lyndy P

2013 Subaru Forester with good gas mileage

I have now had two subarus that have had issues with the electrics in the vehicle. I love the gas mileage and all the trunk space. My car also needs a new airbag as the old one has been recalled.

- Samantha H

This car is a great value. I plan on driving it for many more years!

My vehicle has everything I need to meet my needs. I live where it gets bitter cold and snows a lot. I have heated seats and my vehicle goes great in snow. My last Subaru had over 300,000 miles!

- Liddia B

The AWD makes the Subaru Forester a great option for driving on snowy roads.

I really like the AWD in the winters. The car is a great size for our family, and has been great on camping trips. My only complaint is the color. Black shows every little speck of dirt.

- Courtney B

Love my Subaru! I highly recommend a subaru

Great car, holds up well. I love it! Only downside-the Bluetooth is terrible and doesn't work at all. After numerous visits to the garage, there seems to be no solution for this issue.

- Katie K

It's reliable. It does exactly what it needs to, with good gas mileage and few repairs.

Subarus are known to be reliable, and I haven't had issues beyond the typical wear a car go through after years of going back and forth to work. I've been quite satisfied with my car.

- Charlie M

It's been reliable so far.

I like that it has a smooth drive and was affordable and also has all wheel drive. What I dislike about my vehicle is it doesn't have all the bells and whistles that newer cars have.

- Jane B

I like it, it works, and it holds its own.

The subaru is rugged, durable, and reliable. It holds its own in all sorts of weather. It'd be nice if it got better gas mileage but it still doesn't do too bad there either

- sam T

Gas mileage is lower than manufacturer claims.

I like the size and how it handles. I don't like the gas mileage (lower than claimed at purchase) and expensive repairs that occurred both before and after warranty expired.

- Donald G

The car goes anywhere, in any kind of weather, no matter the distance.

I love the all wheel drive. The car gets fabulous gas mileage. Unfortunately, the roof rack is inadequate for my purposes and I cannot install a hitch on it to haul things.

- Crystal P

It is practical and reliable. I can depend on it to satisfy my transportation needs.

My vehicle is suits my purposes well. It provides safe, reliable transportation with comfort. The cost of ownership is reasonable. Overall I am very happy with it.

- Harry M

Great in snow - especially if you live in the northeast

My car has had issues with the battery and bluetooth in just the first two years of owning. Subaru cars are great but their customer service is generally awful.

- Molly M

My car has all wheel drive so I am less likely to have problems in the winter.

I appreciate having all wheel drive. It's the first vehicle that I have owned that has the ability to haul things.I like being a bit higher up on the road .

- Josh R

That they should not purchase this vehicle.

It is very safe, handles beautifully. I never get stuck in mud or snow. It is the perfect size for my lifestyle. Cannot think of anything I do not like.

- Katherine D

The company makes good cars.

I like it for providing safety. I like the arrangements of the controls. I like the height for my wife. I don't like the miles per gallon it gets.

- dave s

It is very convenient you can haul a lot of things with it.

The vehicle is good and not too bad on gas. It is comfortable and not too big for a SUV. It has a good reputation... Gas mileage could be improved..

- Sheila E

Amazing all wheel drive vehicle

Love the style of the vehicle. Also love that is all wheel drive and I don't get stuck in the snow. Vehicle will go anywhere I need it to.

- Tasha L

I have been very impressed with the performance and quality of this car.

I love this vehicle. It has lots of cargo room without being a giant, gas guzzling monster. Great performance, lovely handling, well made.

- Lily L

Zippy Manual With Room for Gear

Perfectly sporty for me. It's a little loud on the road and I always have to top off the oil between oil changes because it burns oil.

- Lorissa Nelson N

Reliability. The hatchback is perfect for taking my dogs and loading groceries.

My 2013 Subaru I purchased used 3 years ago with 30k miles. I drive it daily and have really liked Its reliability and convenience.

- Diana J

The love of Subaru forester

I absolutely love my subaru. I feel the most safe thant I have ever felt in my subaru. It drives smooth and is very comfortable.

- Liz H

It goods in the snow and bad weather.

I like that it has all wheel drive. I like that it has large trunk space lots of room. I dislike that it does not have a sunroof.

- Sarah S

A Subaru is a wonderful car whether you are hauling stuff or friends.

I will always drive a Subaru. I am one of the lucky people that was able to walk away from an accident that totaled my forester.

- Marie S

It holds Its value well and is easy on gas mileage

I like that it handles well in the winter weather. I like the mpgs. I don't like the interior carpet and I don't like size

- Karen E

Very high rated in safety ratings

Like the lack of blind spots in my view. I have plenty of room to transport things. I do wish it got better gas mileage.

- Marie C

Very safe and reliable. Will last a long time if you take care of it.

No complaints, I love it. Rides nice has lots of room. It is very safe and versatile. Definitely will get another subaru.

- Lisa A

It handles extremely well in rain, shine, or snow.

I have very few complaints. It handles extremely well and us very comfortable. I wish i had a bit better gas mileage.

- Max C

Dependable and perfect size for two kids.

Love the size and style inside and out. I wish it had a little more power, but I'm getting used to my "mom mobile".

- Karissa L

That my car is one that is long lasting.

My forster is cute, easy to drive and gets very good gas mileage. The interior is comfortable and it is reliable.

- Jill M

It is a very safe car that many people would like.

I like the safety of the vehicle. It has good gas mileage, and is a good size. I do not really dislike anything.

- Jen S

It is a reliable and sturdy vehicle.

It is higher than sedans. The rear door and the height make it convenient for loading and loading the vehicle.

- Sue K

The great gas mileage I receive and the reliability of performance

My Forester gets great gas mileage. It drives well in the snow. Subaru is very customer friendly and helpful.

- Bee P

It gets good gas mileage.

I like the gas mileage. I like the clearance. I like the moon roof. I like the amount of space inside the cab.

- Hannah S

Great maneuverability, great midsize car.

Height from road, good response on wet surface, good performance power when accelerating, I feel safe in it.

- Lila W

Very great handling especially on snow. It has great grip on the snow. It also has a powerful engine.

It is very reliable and has great handling. It is very economic as well as very comfortable for my family.

- Hrutvik B

Built safely. Smooth ride.

4 wheel drive. The front end seems shorter than it is. It is a very smooth city drive. Excellent mileage.

- Guy C

It's a car - what more do you need?

I have no idea what to say. It's a car. It gets me from one place to another. That's all I ask of it.

- Suzanne P

Keeping it clean and fresh with clean oil. Always have good Tires on hand as well.

I like how comfortable it is. I Don't do the driving but my brother does. It does well on gas.


It's in good condition and has good gas mileage for my trips

I like that It's a blue Subaru Forester. It's very roomy for my family. Has good gas mileage

- Jill W

They last forever if taken care of. My other subaru is over 20 years old. Good power and they are all all wheel drive

Very high on the safety ratings. Roomy for my family of 4. Good view with nice large windows.

- Shawna R

The most important thing about my car is the safety records it's known for

I like the back up camera. The gas mileage could be better. I like the heated seats

- Nicole K

It is AWD. This allows me to safely travel in any weather and not worry about traction.

I like the smooth ride but I don't like how uncomfortable the seat adjustment is

- Cheryl d

It makes for a good family car for a group of four people or less.

I like the height. The space for loading items is ideal. Gets good gas mileage.

- Liz K

I think the comfort features, gas mileage and safety features are all important.

I like it for everything. Comfort, gas mileage and safety. No complaints.

- Leonard A

Really good safety ratings make me feel secure at all times

Great field of view. Great safety ratings. Square cup holders are stupid

- shawn n

The safety feature is the best. It runs quietly. I love it

The gas mileage could be better. Will look for a bigger suv next time

- Janet S

It's a good car and I feel that you get a lot of bang for your buck

I like that it has been reliable and has a lot of room for storage.

- john Z

It's a Subaru Forester. A reliable,safe vehicle that has easy access for older people and is top rated by consumers reports.

Safe, easy to access. Gets good gas mileage. It's all wheel drive.

- Donald H

Likes- dependable, safety, comfortable Dislike- Not modern enough, needs more speed

Should know that it is a dependable car that will last you years.

- Kelly B

I love the safety and reliability of my vehicle. I also like how it drives and it gets decent mileage to the gallon.

It is a reliable vehicle and it has performed well over time.

- Denise L

It's safe and reliable. We love it.

I like everything about it. No dislikes and no complaints

- Keith m

has a great reputation retains it value

great car easy to drive fits my style good gas mileage

- deb c