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Family fun vehicle. Great SUV that can go from sandy beaches to snowy mountains.

My subaru is great. It gets good gas mileage especially on long drives. It is easy to drive and has added safety features like warning when you are too close to someone or leaving your lane. The subaru has plenty of leg room and room for luggage. The subaru drives great in both snow and rain and does not need chains as it is all wheel drive. They could upgrade the carpet and seat covers. The only other problem is when you get a flat you have to change all 4 tires because of the all wheel drive. The subaru handles well on all types of road conditions such as curves and turns. You can easily haul a. Kayak on the roof if you have the rails. . The back middle seat belt is difficult to get to and not very comfortable for adults. You could fit 3 narrow carseats but it is a little tight. Overall I love my subaru and enjoy driving it. My son also enjoys driving it. We have taken long trips without any problems. This is my 3rd forester. I do wish they were not so expensive.

- Denise T

Title of review Subaru forester - the only SUV to purchase.

The Subaru forester has never had any 'vehicle problems'. Driving the car is a fulfilled dream. The ride is very smooth due to the great suspension. Seats are exceptionally comfortable- unlike other SUVs. The only problem we have ever had as far as down time was when I picked up a nail on the road and the tire went flat. The car is equipped with a backup camera which helps you to avoid hitting anything due to the elimination of blind spots. Equipped with a CD, radio and speakers, listening to music is so pleasant and desirable. For carrying and moving items it is wonderful because of the matted cargo area. I cannot think of a better SUV to purchase. It also has all wheel drive and is great during inclement weather. The car stays on the road. Most Subaru are retired at 250000 miles. This is the third Subaru forester we have purchased and we would only replace it with another Subaru. Do not miss out - buy one.

- Linda A S

I love my Subaru Forester because.

I love the size and relative fuel efficiency; I love the large back windows as well as those in front/back of vehicle. I love that it does not have too many items in the console; the simplicity is pleasing. For my height, I love opening the door and just sliding into the seat which is comfortable. Which reminds me, the legroom in front is fantastic. The heated seats are amazing, one of the best features!! However I realize other car/models have those. The back is roomy as well, behind the back seats. I appreciate the parallel bars on the hood. The sound system is nice. Perhaps the one negative is the relative noise in the car when driving, especially on the highway. Finally, I really appreciate Subaru's commitment to caring for the earth, and for the other charitable works. And the commercials are priceless!!

- Sally B

2015 Subaru Forester-almost perfect.

I love my Subaru Forester and have been extremely happy with its performance thus far. The only issue I have had has been regarding electrical. The sensor for the system dynamics (downhill assist, brake assist, and traction control) kept coming on and occasionally I wouldn't be able to get the car out of park and into drive. The diagnosis was a faulty sensor but the even after the fix the issue returned shortly after. Again a sensor issue, nothing was actually wrong with the car. I will say though that even with this issue I find this car to be by and far the most reliable and safe feeling car I have purchased and I am definitely happy with my choice.

- Ashley A

Reliable, yay! But be ready for the beeps.

The forester is extremely reliable and easy to service. Everything you need to check your oil, fill up your windshield washer, and so on, is readily accessible and obvious. No digging around required. I have a pretty basic forester. There are only two downsides: the cloth seats stain very easily and the engine is not very powerful. Passing is a little scary because it does not respond quickly. The safety features are nice. On the downside, the vehicle beeps quite a bit. For example, it beeps if you veer out of a lane, but sometimes just a lengthy spot in the road will cause the beep to go off.

- Stacy W

The 2015 Subaru Forester is a fantastic vehicle that is above most other cars.

This car is incredibly reliable and performs very well in all weathers, environments, and degrees of stress (i.e. Braking, accelerating, etc.). The radio, while not as nice as the 2013 Outback radio, is quite nice and has numerous ways to adjust the way you listen to create a pleasant experience for you while you drive. The cabin interior can be a little bit noisy while you drive on a highway, but it is barely noticeable when the radio is going even at a low volume. The seats are comfortable and adjustable to several position combinations to best fit your needs and desired comfort level.

- Erin L

Subaru forester: a decent choice for an upgrade!

I upgraded to this car late last year. I enjoy the Bluetooth functionality that my previous car did not have. The forester drives smoothly and has a reverse camera which helps me a lot as someone who is not great at reversing. My particular vehicle takes a little too long/doesn't seem to easily start up when first turning on the car, and inexplicably does not have dividers in the cup holder, which means my drinks spill all over the place. I assume this is not standard, but that is how it was when I bought it and I didn't think anything of it. No issues on snow or ice thus far.

- Ryan B

Reliable vehicle, only minor complaints

Really enjoy the vehicle. It drives very smoothly and is very comfortable. The back seat has plenty of legroom, but the seat belt buckle is a bit too close, depending on the size of the passenger. The stereo is lacking, and when connected to bluetooth or aux, it is surprisingly quiet. There have been no significant performance problems. I love the heated seats. The front cup holder could be better. The divider does not do a great job of keeping the cups still, and we have had several occasions where the cup will tip over when the car accelerates or brakes.

- Olivia F

I will never buy anything other than a Subaru again.

I have never felt more confident driving than I do in my Subaru. I used to be terrified to drive in the rain, but after experiencing how the Forester handles on wet roads, I can say that I no longer have those fears. It is very comfortable for long trips, as well. I have used it for many long drives and will continue using it until it falls apart. I opted to get a manual transmission and I love the way it runs. I have not had any mechanical issues. With regular scheduled maintenance, I anticipate it will continue to run reliably for many years to come.

- Lora R

It is safety profile; it is fuel efficiency and 'cleaner' air emissions.

I wish it was quieter inside when driving with all windows up. . . I thing they've improved on this in newer models. Has performed very well, very reliable. . . Seats for me a least are comfortable. Love the large back/side windows which look smaller on other comparable SUVs. Stereo system is nice. Adequate cup holders for myself and one other. With non-leather seats, it is easy to clean seats. I like the Subaru company due to their efforts to keep our air clean, parks used, adorable golden retriever ads!, what they stand for; I. E. The 'outdoorsman'.

- Sally B

Subaru forester 2015 review.

This vehicle is the best car ever in snow and ice even though it is all wheel drive. It made it up icy hills that a 4 wheel drive struggled to do. It is very spacious inside, allowing a lot of legroom for front seat and back seat passengers. It is got front seat warmers which work great on those cold winter days when you are waiting for the car to warm up. It has nice big mirrors. The only downsides are that the blind spots by the front windshield are big due to the frame. Also, the dashboard makes a rattling noise sometimes when driving.

- Kelly C

No blind spots, good sight lines

I only purchased this car because of the driver's seat and visibility. The new safety measures in 2008 introduced more blind spots in most cars. This vehicles has the best site lines of any car on the road. Additionally seats are over sized to accommodate larger Americans. The Subaru Forester driver's seat is reasonably sized. However, I would have preferred a vehicle that handles better in the rain and snow. I also miss the 4WD and clearance of my Jeep. If I could have purchased a "new" car manufactured before 2008, I would have.

- Jenn U

The seat warmers are a wonderful bonus on cold days or when your back is aching!

The vehicle handles wonderfully and it's safe! I know that I'm safe in this vehicle. It's my second of the same make/model/year. The first was totaled when an oncoming vehicle ran a red light and hit it. A bruised shin was the only physical damage to the driver of my vehicle...from the leg airbag, The front end was destroyed in the accident, the cabin was pristine save for the airbag deployment. This vehicle is SOLID and safe!! After the accident claim check arrived, we purchased a replacement of the same kind.

- Helen C

Has a high reliability and safety rating.

The Subaru is very reliable and comfortable. It is very comfortable getting in and out of which is a very important component when one has sore knees and/or hips. The seat is very adjustable making driving easy and much less stressful. The backup camera is very nice but the screen could be a bit bigger. The sunroof is very nice and very large. The air dynamics when it is open could be improved as it tends to be a bit noisy. It is a dream to drive, sits up high and gives a great view. Love the Subaru!

- Carol N

2015 Subaru Forester is durable, comfortable.

I have had my 2015 Subaru Forester for three years and it has been a very reliable vehicle. No problems with it so far. Great for road trips, very comfortable. The driver's side seat is adjustable and has lumbar support. Safe - comes with many airbags. The ride itself is very smooth and it does a great job of off-roading. The display screen can be toggled between many different options, including gas mileage, radio info, and vehicle traction. I would highly recommend this vehicle.

- Marie D

It is a reliable, fun safe and affordable car.

I love the Subaru forester. It is great on gas mileage and has a lot of room to have friends and family to go places as well as store stuff inside. It is a car that is very capable of going fast but not too much power or muscle as to where you cannot control it. I feel as if it is a safe car and if I were to get into a bad accident I would be safe and everyone in my car would not be harmed. It is also a stylish and edgy car that gets many compliments from people who see it.

- Dom S

Very comfortable and excellent performance and keeps you safe!

Seats are really comfortable. The performance has been excellent. Problem is with license plate light, it flickers on and off. Subaru mechanics so called fixed it but it is still flickering! It is a pretty basic car. Very reliable performance though. I always feel safe. So for the reliability of car I feel it is a very reliable functional car. Only problem has been that dang light flickering and one recall on it that I have yet to bring in so they can fix it.

- Shelly W

Family car. Safety is paramount!

I am short and the seat is automatic and moves up easily. It also raised the seat so I can see out the window better. The radio is very good and the heated seats are a blessing. I can also get my three grandchildren in the back seat using 3 boosters. I like the way it drives. My only complaint is that I seem to hear the wind inside the car when I am on the freeway but the radio masks the noise. The only maintenance I have done on the car is oil changes.

- Kathleen W

Forester a comfortable, reliable workhorse.

We love this vehicle. It has all wheel drive, heated seats, and truly comfortable seats and amenities. We drive each year to Florida, which is about a 12 hour drive and could not ask for a more comfortable ride. In the 3 years we have owned the Forester it has had no problems. We have only had to purchase new tires and replace the rear brake pads. Of course we have had the routine oil changes, but not one problem mechanically with the vehicle.

- Alvin C

I really love driving my safe Subaru.

I love my Subaru. It has 65900 on it currently and I haven't had to do any repairs so far. I get free oil changes and state inspections for life from the Subaru dealership which is also a plus but not sure if that is a dealer thing or a Subaru thing. It has a navigation system which is great for road trips. I purchased for the high safety rating. When the wheels fall off of this one and it just will not go anymore, I am purchasing another Subaru.

- Jasmine C

Our vehicle is great for adventure, and it gets amazing gas mileage.

So far, there has only been one problem with our car and it was a broken switch that made it so we couldn't start our car. It is common with this year and model, as it is a push-to-start vehicle. However, other than that, this car has been amazing. We drove it across country, and it didn't have any issues whatsoever. It is safe, looks nice, has a lot of space on the inside, and is perfect for all of our weekend adventures!

- Lisa W

Cargo room for the size of the car.

Great driving car, rides high good visibility of the road. Controls are easy to manage. Drivers seat has multiple setting. Gets great mileage I average 30 mpg overall. Electronic tailgate is easy to use, can be changed to lower setting for ease of closing. Uses regular unleaded fuel. Rear seats can be layer back for comfort. Large cargo area, wide cargo will accommodate golf clubs across the width of the cargo area.

- David P

2015 Subaru Forester features.

I love my 2015 Subaru Forester. I have had it since November 2015 and it has not given me any problems! Only thing I have done is got new tires about a year ago. Very comfortable and roomy. The driver's seat has many adjustable features including lumbar support which is a lifesaver on long drives. The Bluetooth capability is a great feature and easy to use. Also enjoy the moonroof and heated seats. Good gas mileage.

- Marie G

A trustworthy car for everyday use and in inclement weather.

I love this car. I bought it new five years ago before I moved to Cincinnati from Atlanta. The car itself has been reliable and sturdy. I have had issues with increased oil consumption which seems to be a common issue with this make and model, but with more frequent oil changes, I haven't had the low engine oil light come on in many months. It handles well in snow and on ice, and I trust this car with my life.

- Giggle G

It is dependable and fun to drive - i don't feel like i drive a family vehicle, i feel i drive my vehicle.

I love my Subaru because it is very efficient and fun to drive. I've had it for 4 years and have driven it to Texas, Florida, Connecticut and although it is showing it's miles a bit, it is still very dependable and i don't worry about it breaking down. The only problem i have with the vehicle is that it does seem that a lot of outside noise gets into the vehicle - it's not a very quiet drive.

- Melanie B

Manual Subaru forester plagued with problems.

I really wanted to like my Subaru but it has been plagued with problems. The Bluetooth in radio failed in 1st year. Car was eating through oil, they said it was fine, but ultimately failed 2nd oil consumption test, had to have part of engine replaced. Air conditioner started leaking, needed new compressor. Wheel bearings had to be replaced. Clutch had to be replaced. All in less than 4 years.

- Patty C

If this vehicle handled better and high wind situations I would love it!

My 2015 Subaru forester provides a very comfortable ride. The features included in the premium vehicle are all that I could ask for. The only downfall is this vehicle is hard to handle in high wind situations. Especially on the interstate or open highways. I am not sure if the wheelbase for the height of the vehicle is an issue or maybe even the new were models may have resolved this problem.

- Tammy G

Number 1 vehicle for comfort and safety

I love it that it sits up off the road and is not low to the ground. I have had no problems with it at all. It is great on all terrains...I love it on snow as it handles so well. It is roomy inside with space enough for comfortable traveling. I feel 100% safe in it as it has extra airbags from the sides as well as dash. If something happened to my Subaru I would definitely buy another one.

- Debbie D

Loving my Subaru forester.

The Subaru forester has been a reliable, safe vehicle for my family. We have been overly satisfied with the comfort and quality of the vehicle. We use it for short drives, long drives, taking paddle boards and bikes. We have only had to perform routine maintenance. We were rear-ended in it and my son in the back in his car seat didn't even notice! I highly recommend the Subaru forester.

- Lauren J

That my vehicle will outlast almost all others, that I can rely on it every day.

Vehicle is made well. I can rely on my Subaru without it breaking down like other vehicles do. I like that the service I receive from the dealership is top notch. My Forester is quality all the way around. It looks great and runs great. I only wish they had more color options for the exterior, but am glad they spend more time making a vehicle that lasts rather then fancy colors.

- Edgar G

The great build quality of Subaru, from the body, to the interior, down to the engine. I have not had any problems with the 2 years I've had it.

It's just been the perfect vehicle for me and my family of 4. I can comfortably fit everyone in there and have plenty of backspace for groceries or bags for the whole family. The only dislike I have now is I wish I had gotten the more top of the line one rather than the middle range one. Other than that it's the perfect car for a family with great gas mileage and styling.

- James J

Subaru - giving back to the community and a great vehicle.

Very comfortable ride, fantastic gas mileage even around town, have had no problems in the three and a half years of owning the car - no recalls and no major repairs. Routine maintenance is done - oil changes, tire rotation, windshield wiper replacement. I did replace the tires once. Subaru is a great company that gives back to the community and is very customer friendly.

- Mary R

Safety features and well built, wish it more features.

Forester is comfortable well built and I have had no major repairs since purchase in 2015. Would recommend to friends. Con cost however the low maintenance makes up the price paid up front. At the dealership they are very pleasant and courteous. I always feel safe while driving due to the safety feature s lets you know stray from lane and hazard notice on dash and beeps.

- Marcia H

My Subaru forester is very durable, as it has worked well for over 4 years.

Sometimes when we go uphill, our wheels get unaligned and it makes the car shake a little bit. Other than that, the car has been really reliable and has carried me and my family for 4 years. The seats are very comfortable. Sometimes, we wish the car was slightly bigger or had another row of seats because sometimes it gets a little bit cramped for my three children.

- Amande M

Subaru Forester is awesome!

The Subaru Forester is roomy, and provides a smooth comfortable ride. I love how much I can fit into the back of the vehicle, and the seats fold down to make for even more space. It also gets great gas mileage and the safety features cannot be beat. With the 'eyesight' feature I can drive with extra security for the awesome crash prevention features.

- Julie S

Subaru Forester 2015 is reliable and consistent.

Very reliable except for recent problems that were easily fixed by the Subaru employees when I took it in. It gets very good gas mileage and is easy to control. It has a large front windshield which is great for safety and overall visibility. It has a great backup camera that allows me to know when I am getting too close to other objects or vehicles.

- Laura D

Subaru Forester--boring but dependable.

I love the Subaru brand, but the Forester is a bit dull and looks like every other SUV on the market. However, it is dependable in icy weather and on hills, and in snow, which is why everyone around here has one. We've had minor problems with breaks and the lining on the front window; otherwise, it drives like a dream and gets decent gas mileage.

- Danielle P

Reliable and solid performance in bad weather.

This has been a very reliable vehicle so far. It has AWD standard and has proven to be great in the snow and other poor weather. I have had no major mechanical issues since the purchase. However, this vehicle is very basic, and you do not get any "luxury" feel. The instruments are very basic and it rides loud. The large sunroof is great though!

- Jon B

Love the forester and would buy it again.

I love the car. It is good in the snow and rain, . Drives well and has good gas mileage. I like the raised seat on the drivers side, but have light colored cloth seats and wish I could get a seat cover that didn't interfere with the airbags. Also, I just had a problem with a broken spring in the left rear wheel which cost me almost $400.00.

- Nancy C

Satisfaction and surprise

I love how versatile this car is. It drives like a car, but hauls like a truck. I use it for transporting kids, hauling work, road trips, everything. If I had the money I would buy another one. I was a little disappointed when things started going wrong with it recently (sensor, axle, a/c) but everything was still covered by the warranty.

- Kimberly S

First Subaru and loving it!

Large windshield with excellent visibility, center of gravity, excellent handling. Comfortable seats, stylish models, 4x4 handling in snow is excellent. Seating for backseat passengers is very spacious and with plenty of cargo room in the back. When seats are folded down, the cargo capacity is more than enough for quick camping trip.

- Rene R

Compact yet large enough to even get a ladder in it, terrific on gas.

Driver's seat adjustable to my comfort, heated seats, backup camera an eye sight is such a plus, great on gas, taking bumps, good speakers, radio, CD player, sunroof, easy to fold down back seats to make more space in back, good head rests, can connect your phone, and of course Audio in the middle console, nice mats for entire car.

- Linda F

Subaru Foresters are very reliable and get you where you need to go

I love the build, features, performance and efficiency of my Forester. It's perfect for my driving style and the climate. My two criticisms are the stereo system asks sound proofing. The head unit is glitchy and unreliable even though it's not very sophisticated. The car could use more sound deadening to hear this pathetic radio.

- Becky C

I love my Subaru it is everything I could ever want in an SUV, it is reliable.

I love my Subaru it has been dependable, easy to drive and has every extra I could possibly want.It is very comfortable it has plenty of room for everything I need to haul in it, I love the push button back door it makes it very easy to load things, I also like the Bluetooth capability although the GPS system could use an update.

- Robin L

Great car, no problems so far.

It is a great vehicle, very reliable and haven't experienced any problems so far. It has more space than you originally think it when you see it and gets excellent gas mileage in my opinion. It has an SUV style without the feeling that your taking up 2 lanes on the road. I would recommend this car for any first time car owners.

- Ray M

Feeling safe in the most beautiful Subaru with all the space!

The car is roomy in the back. I would have liked to have more features like a sunroof but it cost too much. It drives like a dream and the gas mileage is great. It makes road trips easy. We can fit a lot in there which is nice for camping and I am excited for the trailer we plan on getting for more space. It is a great car.

- Jenny F

It is very versatile, comfortable, technologically advanced and safe to drive.

My vehicle is safe, comfortable and versatile. It gets good gas mileage in city or highway which means my travel produces less carbon emissions. My vehicle maintains its value better than any other in its class. I wish that for the price I paid that it came standard with more of the features of the top of the line vehicle.

- Jeffrey M

Best car I have ever owned!

It is a solid and safe vehicle. Eyesight is a wonderful feature that I really rely on. The gas mileage is excellent even though I drive mainly in town with lots of traffic. This has been a very reliable car with no problems or issues. It handles beautifully in snow and ice. I would definitely purchase another Subaru!

- Kris B

Solid car that has adaptive cruise control

It's a really good car. I love the adaptive cruise control in the car as I use it all the time on the highway. Really the only negative I have is the bluetooth. It's inferior to other cars. It doesn't download your numbers so you have to manually create names and numbers so when I call out I just manually call.

- James C

Great for road trips and camping.

The vehicle drives great and is comfortable in all seats. Some of the issues I continually have is the push button that allows the back hatch to go down automatically. The button keeps getting pushed in no matter how many times it is repaired. This makes it difficult when my hands are full of groceries and babies.

- Courtney W

Subaru Forester - a car you can rely on.

I enjoy my Subaru Forester xt, it is a turbo with plenty of power and four wheel drive for the Wisconsin winters. It has lots of cargo space, with seats that fold down easily. It is a pleasant driving experience, great back-up camera, and comfortable interior. I wanted a car I could rely on, and this is it!

- Denise V

Other than oil consumption, Subaru forester is headache-free and built to last.

The biggest concern was the brand new car engine burning oil 2000 miles after each oil change, and the check oil light came on after the first 2500 miles. The air conditioning unit started making noise after 55,000 miles. Performance otherwise is superb. Only good things to say about reliability and comfort.

- Kevin V

I absolutely love my red Subaru Forester.

It is reliable, comfortable, roomy, dependable, always starts, gets me where I am going, great on gas, nice looking. It is safe, the mirrors are easy to use. I get compliments on my car. It is safe, locks are easy to operate. The heat and air conditioner are easy to work and always at the right temperature.

- Charlotte B

SUV safe, easy to drive, big back seat, comfortable.

Very comfortable, easy to get on and out. Music radio and Ipod plug in. Good steering quiet engine. Seat warmers work great. I have not had any service problems. Would have liked a trailer hitch. Love the color and the leather seating. Doors open wide in back to make it easier to put kids in the back seat.

- Valerie G

2015 Subaru Forester: black.

I really love my car. It works well for my constant road trips. I bought it used but it was in great condition considering there was 75, 000 miles on it already. It is been the perfect size for me to fit my entire life in and the gas mileage has worked well for me especially with all my road trips.

- Amanda G

It has all wheel drive and handles really well in bad weather.

We love our Forester! I spent a lot of time researching what vehicle we should buy when we were getting ready to start our family and we decided on a Forester. We loved that AWD comes standard and that it rated so highly on crash tests. We also like that it doesn't have a lot of technology in it.

- Emily O

Absolute satisfaction, and more!

This vehicle gives one of the smoothest and easiest drives. It feels like a luxury vehicle that will still handle a rough mountain road. I have not experienced any performance or reliability issues so far. It has all the basic features, plus every other feature you imagined you would never need.

- Alexis S

Love the seat warmers especially in the winter.

I feel comfortable driving anywhere, it's comfortable and very reliable. Haven't had any issues with it so far. It's also a great family car, enough room and seats are comfortable as well. Love the turbo on it and the heated seats. We would recommend this card to anyone looking for a small SUV.

- Jessica O

Fantastic forester. Feel the safety behind the wheel.

No problems so far. We cannot wait to see how it handles on long trips. It is great in the snow with the 4 wheel drive. We have heated seats and I'd never get another car without heated seats. The height of the seats makes it easier to get out of the car, something that was a problem for me.

- Marianne S

Adaptive Cruise control is great but bluetooth needs work

My biggest complaint of the car is the bluetooth setup. It doesn't download the names from your phone you have to literally enter all names you want and if you have similar names forget about it as it won't let you do it. My brakes also wore down at a much faster past then I'm use to.

- Michele O

Eyesight Subaru is a terrific vehicle!

My Subaru forester is a wonderful car. It is comfortable, well-designed, has the extremely helpful ‘eyesight’ feature and is also fun to drive. I do wish that the miles per gallon were a little bit higher, but I am so happy with this car that I don't mind paying a bit more for gas.

- Tina B

Subaru forester efficiency.

I love my Subaru forester. It is efficient on gas and has not had a problem yet. It comes with lots of room, and I did not have to pay for a backup camera nor sunroof separately. My only complaint is that I wish I had bought leather seats. Other than that, I highly recommend my vehicle.

- Tamara B

Compact and useful. Great gas mileage.

No problems. It is not as fast as my Audi but does a good job. I used mostly in the winter month. Handle well in snow and rain. Cargo area is big enough to put 4 small pieces of luggage. Good for trips to the stores like home depot. God mileage per gallon. The back seat are comfortable.

- Lydia R

Seems to be a really safe and reliable small crossover vehicle

Just bought this vehicle three months ago. I like the feel of driving it. It does great on gas. I'm still getting used to it, but really like it . I'm glad it's all wheel drive for winter. It came with a remote starter. Don't like the car payment but that would be with any car.

- Julie P

It is spacious, life long, and durable.

It is a great car because it is very open and I am able to see clearly on all my blind spots. It also is very durable and able to go in the backcountry and off-roading. It also is very clean and helps with the environment. It is also very spacious as well and can fit a twin mattress.

- Kaila O

It has a good safety rating. It is priced very reasonable.

It's roomy and I sit higher than my last vehicle. Handles well. Good mileage. What I don't like is that I cannot open the trunk with the key fob. Also, the seat belt cuts into my throat because I am short. However, this happened with every car I owned, not specific to this one.

- Anna B

The most important thing about the Forester is the safety rating is superb.

This car has been awesome. If you baby the throttle you can achieve 35 mpg. The AWD is awesome in the snow, dirt, and rain. My only issues are that it consumes 1 quart of oil per 5k miles and the AC vents above the radio can condensate and drip inside the radio causing it to short.

- Nathan J

I love my Subaru forester.

I live in the northeast and have complete confidence that my Subaru will get me around in the bad weather and snow. I have had it for more than 4 years now and it has never let me down. It is a comfortable vehicle and I don't know that I will ever own another make besides Subaru.

- Jennifer S

Windshield is expensive to replace, because it it is "special".

I am a short woman, so when I had an impala I had to get pedal extender put in so I could reach them. In my forester I am at a comfortable distance from the wheel. I have also fallen in love with the color. I hate that there is not a place to put my purse without it falling over.

- Breanna S

It is comfortable, even in the back seat.

I love the storage capacity. I can fit lots of dogs into it for adventures. I like the gas mileage and ground clearance. It is very comfortable to drive. I like that it requires very little maintenance. I also like that it has great safety ratings. There is nothing I do not like.

- Meredith C

They should know that the car runs very smoothly and the gas mileage is amazing.

My biggest complaint is when I switch from reverse to drive, there is a second or two where the car does not move. I believe it is going into neutral temporarily, but it always startles me. I like that the car has amazing gas mileage. I can go places with 32+ miles to the gallon.

- Kyle S

Yeah for Subaru. . . Love the ride. . . Reliability. . . Safety.

Best car I have ever had. Really responsive and fun to drive. Safety features are great. Comfortable for 5. I wish it had a little more cargo room but I would definitely buy another. Very reliable. I wish all of my family had Subaru’s so I could feel they were in safe vehicles.

- Kim C

Love it like I do and enjoy the ride.

I like my vehicle because it is a very spacious SUV and has a lot of room in the back for groceries. A dislike that I have about the car is that the fuel pump does not read correctly after a certain about of time and it is something that they do not tell you about the forester.

- Tabatha L

That it is very reliable and durable.

I love the panoramic moon roof, the seating capacity and the platinum leather seats. It is very comfortable for me to drive for long distances. The built in navigation console is very accurate and easy to use. It has saved me from situations where I didn't have cell service.

- Sera K

You gotta love it. It is a wonderful car and a pleasure to drive.

What are the cars comfortable to ride in it is large on the inside when you are older like I am it is easy to get in and out of performs well on the highway gets decent gas mileage both highway and in town lots of room and more electronics in it than I know what to do with.

- Steve J

The gas mileage is fantastic for an all wheel drive vehicle

I love the gas mileage and the way the car handles in the snow. It also has a great turning radius making it very easy to maneuver in tight spaces. I ABSOLUTELY HATE the pint job. It is so fragile - scratching every time you hit it with a fingernail. The radio sucks too.

- Mike G

Its safety features are excellent.

I feel safe when i am driving my Subaru, it is a comfortable ride (even in the back seat) and its gas mileage is good. I do not like the fact that it does not let me download contacts from my phone, but i have to enter each contact manually. Other than that, no complaints.

- Susan H

Safe for your entire family

I love the way the vehicle drives. It's comfortable, yet feels safe. It has many safety features that make me feel secure using it for my whole family. It's dependable and, aside from maintenance, I've not had any issues with it. I hope to drive it for a long time to come.

- Melissa d

Fantastic Forester, sound timing chain, two screens.

My vehicle is fantastic! The engine is loud when I first turn it on, but I believe that is the timing chain (not a belt). There are two screens in my car, one for the back up camera and one for the audio, I think these are integrated into one screen on more recent models.

- Patricia V

Great car. Would buy another as long as the two issues mentioned are corrected.

The backup screen is to small and the blind spot is really bad. Otherwise a wonderful car. It has really large passenger door and is low to the ground which makes it easy to get into. A second mirror on the outside rear view mirrors would really help with the blind spot.

- Susan G

It can drive in the snow like a champ, it feels completely safe during the snowy days.

I love that it has enough room to pack up kids and go on an adventure. It is the only car I feel comfortable driving in the snow in. My specific car has a button for the back hatch that I can open as I'm approaching the car and I love that especially when hands get full.

- Lisa C

Great vehicle and excellent safety features!

The visibility in this vehicle is amazing and the safety features such as Eyesite have put my mind at ease during rush hour commutes. I did experience some difficulties within the first year of owning the vehicle around the air conditioner producing a chemical smell.

- Hannah B

It is very reliable and very safe in bad weather conditions.

It feels rugged, holds the road well, good in bad weather, great turn ration. Wish it had more back seat room, 3 car seats are quite a tight fit. Would buy another Subaru, maybe try the new 7 seater for more passenger space. Love Subaru durability and reliability.

- Louise t

Eye sight the 1st of its kind in the automobile industry.

Very comfortable, good get up and go, eyesight is so helpful, heated seats, good speakers, good gas mileage, sunroof, nice looking mid size crossover, a ton of trunk room when you put down the back seats, back seats are extremely easy to put down and bring back up,

- Linda F

I wouldn't say there is anything specific that I think others should know about my car.

I like that my Subaru is easy to drive and the perfect size for me and my family. I like the back up camera, navigation system, and Bluetooth capabilities. Would be nice if the back up camera was on the larger navigation screen instead of a smaller screen above it.

- Lisa M

It only has small incidental issues - I do love my Subaru.

I enjoy driving my Forester. When cold it chugs a bit. The display on the dash is not easy to reset. The paring for the phone some time turns off and has to be reset. There could be more space in the rear. Seats are easy to fold up. This is a solid, dependable car.

- Terri B

The all wheel drive when needed. The vehicles handles out steep driveway with no hesitation.

Our Subaru is one of the best vehicles we have ever owned. It gets great gas mileage, is comfortable, easy to handle and has plenty of interior room. We have pulled a small trailer with it with no problems. Would not hesitate to get another one in the future.

- Lynn B

Amazing SUV with awesome technology and safety.

So comfortable and safe. I. Love the way it handles. Has a lot of technology. Gas is very efficient. Has enough room for all of the groceries. I need and for my dog. It is very stylish and sleek. It is high up enough so I can drive at night and not be blinded.

- Noel L

It's Spacious and drives very well. I feel secure while driving it.

I love the security while driving it. I also love the large windshield and the ample amount of space in it. The moon roof is also a nice plus. I wish it had a few more modern features like a touch screen radio and an easier phone navigation through the car.

- Lindsey W

Reliability and the AWD in Michigan is awesome.

I like the quality and reliability of my Subaru. I have taken it on very long road trips and never had a problem. The dealer where I bought and take my vehicle for service is the best experience in car service I have ever had. Only complaint is cabin noise.

- Teresa L

Great everyday car that can handle most things you throw at it .

In general it is an excellent vehicle for its price. I have owned the car for about 3 years, and there have been no mechanical issues to speak of. Comfort and features depend on the package you select, but I would say that there is something for everyone.

- Yves L

Small SUV good for family of 4 at the most very small back seat with 2 car seats.

Overall it drives nice. The seats are not really comfortable and it's too small for me with just 2 kids. It gets good gas mileage. It's not super fancy looking on the inside but mine does have heated seats and mirrors and I also have an automatic started.

- Sarah B

I really love my Subaru forester.

My Subaru forester was bought in 2015 and it is very reliable, I have only had one flat tire, no mechanical issues. I continually get it serviced on a regular basis, it is comfortable and has many different features to help me like this vehicle even more.

- sarah E

I love my Subaru Forester.

I have had my Subaru Forester for a few years and I have never had any problems with it. I love the way it drives and Subaru also has really great community service. These cars are also super comfortable and the giant sunroof and windows are a big bonus.

- Callie K

Seems to be becoming more popular, see more on the road than I used to.

Good mpg for a SUV. Good handling in bad weather, , very good lumbar support for driver. Safety system goes out sometimes. Synthetic oil changes can be expensive compared to regular. . Never use sunroof, but its huge and hasn't broken yet so far so good.

- Ken B

I love the color and ease of parking.

I would prefer leather interior, seating is getting worn. Driving on freeway is a bit rough. Gas mileage okay and haven't had any reliability problems. Stock tires have needed repair twice. Driver seat upholstery is tearing even though have seat cover.

- Lynne D

My car is very safe. I feel safe driving myself and others in my Subaru Forester.

I love my Forester. It is a very comfortable car with a lot of room. It handles very well on the road. I love the navigation system and the large sunroof and heated seats that it has. I have no complaints about my car. It is exactly what I wanted.

- Becky M

Great gas mileage, which is the primary reason I bought it

I love the gas mileage and high clearance. It has great inside room. Of all the comparable vehicles this one had the most room and highest visibility. However, it is not perfect. Checking the blind spot on the drivers side is still difficult.

- Lynda N

The car jerks when it goes from one gear to the other.

Like that the car handles well in the snow. It has decent gas mileage. I dislike the way the transmission jerks particularly when i first start the car from a standing still position. The Bluetooth is not dependable. Sometimes it just drops calls.

- Shirley G

Very safe car, handles great in bad weather

I like the all wheel drive the handling is very smooth especially in the rain. Gas mileage is good too for an suv. Wish it did have some more updated features like option for air conditioning for the back. Seems to get hot back there for my kids.

- Joni K

It's got all-wheel drive!

I have only good things to say about my Subaru. This is the 4th Subaru I have owned and the Forester is my favorite, mostly because I am short and I sit higher in the vehicle. I have never had a problem with any of my Subarus, starting in 1983.

- Elizabeth V

New England Winters Are for Subarus

I really love the Subaru forester especially in the winter. New England winters can be brutal but I never have to worry about not being able to get around or getting in a snow related accident because my Subaru always works great in the snow!

- Erin J

Reliability is the hallmark of my baby!

Love my car! Good visibility from all windows. I feel safe and secure in it, but most importantly , it is reliable!! No issues at all so far other than oil changes and tire rotations! No complaints about my Subaru, will probably buy another

- Cindy E

It gets better gas mileage than what is on the sticker.

I like that it is small enough to drive around town, but can also carry a lot of cargo and go off-road. I really like the fact that it gets great gas mileage. I am not totally sold on the Eyesight system. It goes off a lot when it shouldn't.

- Susan L

The Subaru Forester is My Only Choice

This is my third Subaru Forester. It handles great, has great safety ratings, and is comfortable to drive. It is a reliable car, and I would buy another one. My only complaint is that I feel the screen for the back camera should be bigger.

- Steph S

Overall safety of the car especially the airbag

The car is a very good safe car. However I am concerned that the passenger airbag constantly says that it is off even though a person 100 lbs or more is sitting there. Everyone says how safe the car is but I hope I never have to find out.

- Christine T

It is dependable in any type of weather.

This car is a great size and drives really well. As a person over 6 foot the cars legroom is great and fits the entire family. The sound system is nice because it has an AUX and USB input, but there are no sound settings other than volume.

- John M

It's a great deal and reliable. However, the front passenger seat is not the most comfortable.

I Lloyd the pearl white color and smooth ride. The roomy interior and cargo space is great for trips and moving 3 young adults to college and their new homes. I dislike the seats because they are not comfortable for long distance travel.

- Anita R

It is powerful enough yet still gets great gas mileage.

I love it. I bought it for my many trips out of town to see doctors. I have some serious health problems. It is all wheel drive so I can go in good weather or bad.It drives good and has enough power and is easy and comfortable to drive.

- James B

It is very reliable- I have had no problems in 4 years of driving it.

It is the perfect size after downsizing from a minivan. It is fun to drive, comfortably fits my family now that less kids live at home and has been 100% reliable. I love it and plan to drive it until it dies. Then I will get another!

- Mary K

It gets better mpg than advertised.

I really like my Forester, especially the panoramic sunroof, power seats, and heated seats. There are some features I wish my car had, like a larger screen to view the backup camera, and a multi-view camera instead of just one view.

- Hope K

It is very fun to drive and it drives well in many different scenarios, including bad weather.

I've had my Forester for 3 years and I love it. It hasn't had any problems, it drives great, and it has wonderful safety ratings which is important to me with two kids. The Forester is very roomy, and it still gets good gas mileage.

- emily w

Our vehicle has Eye Sight, although it is not as advanced as the newer vehicle but for its day and still today I feel it is a lifesaver along with the navigation, headlights, it has a lot of safety features.

We purchased our Subaru as what I like to refer to it as our New Used SUV, while test driving it the miles flipped over to 6500. Someone else broke everything in and paid most of the depreciation. We are thrilled with our Forester.

- Leslee H

It has a very high safety rating.

I love my Subaru for all the safety features and crash test ratings. It also has a great field of view and the all wheel drive is a plus. I used to have a Honda CRV which had a lot more "cubbie storage" and the A/C worked better.

- Shawn K

The Subaru Forester has high quality durability.

I love the heated seats and how ventilated the car is. I have had the car for 3 years and have been in 2 accidents, it is very durable. The Bluetooth could be better because if I switch out of YouTube it will not play the audio.

- Gabrielle B

That the Subaru Forester is extremely reliable.

I like the fact that the vehicle has many safety awards. The Subaru Forester has had no mechanical problems. It also has 4 wheel drive and decent gas mileage. I don't have any real complaints, just tough to sync up the phones.

- James G

It is a comfortable car to drive and very reliable.

This is our 4th Forester and each model is better than the last. They are dependable vehicles and, for the most part, low maintenance. Our son now has our last Forester, which has many miles on it and is still going strong.

- Lisa R

The AWD and high vehicle height put you in a great driving position to handle all weather and terrain conditions.

Decent value for Its size, and it gets good gas mileage. It is a relatively no-frills vehicle, especially in terms of Its interior. It has a great, roomy interior. It's height and AWD make for good driving and poor weather.

- John S

The most important thing is that it's very reliable and smooth to drive. It's definitely a car I would purchase again.

There is a lot I like about our car. It has a sleek design, lots of space on the inside, and it gets around pretty well. We've had this car for 4 years and is really reliable. I'd highly recommend it to anyone and everyone.

- Rachel F

Smooth drive with minimal issues

I like that it sits higher up off the ground but is a small SUV. The backseat is small, with 2 car seats there isn't room for anyone else. The trunk has ample space, however, it is too small for an xlarge sized dog crate

- Lauren A

Love this car go buy a Subaru.

I really love this car. We have never had any issues at all and all of the Subaru locations are friendly and assist with anything we need. In addition the place gives us free oil changes which saves a ton of money a year.

- Jared S

When purchasing tires, always purchase the same brand and model as was originally installed on the car. Changing brands negatively affects gas mileage.

I like my Forester. It is easy and fun to drive, gets reasonable fuel economy and can do all of the things I need it to do. My only complaint is that the data for the built-in Nav system is not updated frequently enough.

- James K

A safe car with decent gas mileage. Great family car.

I love that it gets decent gas mileage. I also love that is a safe car for my kids and has a decent amount of space for our family. I just wish Subaru would come out with a minivan or something with equivalent space.

- Mary P

That it is a very safe car.

I love my Subaru. It is the perfect car for where I live. I feel confident that it can handle any kind of weather and it is very safe. I'm not overly concerned about style, but I like it enough to be proud of it.

- Glo K

Forester XT fast fun and reliable .

forester xt 2.0 turbo I love it fast, fun and reliable. The only thing I do not like about it is there was no 5 spd option. Only available with a cvt transmission. awd was a must and helped me pick this small suv.

- John S

Subaru is a reliable brand and their vehicles are all-wheel drive so as long as you drive responsibly, they are safe to drive in any weather.

I love that my car has great gas mileage. I can get over 400 miles out of a tank. My car is all wheel drive so I feel pretty safe driving it. I like the size of my car. It's roomy but not too large for my liking.

- Cindy F

It is highly rated as a safe vehicle. It is very stylish. It has 4 wheel drive and good gas mileage.

I like the comfortable seats which are roomy, good gas mileage, lots of safety features. It has a Nav system and easily connects to cell phone. I wish it had a softer armrest and more steering wheel adjustments.

- rod s

Others should know a subaru is a very safe car.

My favorite thing about my subaru forester is all the safety features. I feel very secure in my car. I especially like the automatic breaks. I dislike the interior, which is a light color and gets messy easily.

- Abigail D

Very comfortable to drive and great gas mileage.

My Subaru Forester is very dependable and very enjoyable to drive. It has heated cloth seats, a GPS, Sirius radio, eyesight feature, power steering and windows and moonroof. It is very comfortable to drive.

- Cathy M

Love the automatic liftgate button but the liftgate is slow and takes a while to open

Drives great, visibility is excellent (big windows, small blind spot), drives well in snow, great safety features (Eyesight technology). However, shifting gear from reverse to drive takes a while to shift.

- jasmine j

There is great visibility because of the windows, but the backup camera display is not the best.

I like the great visibility and relatively good gas mileage I get. I really enjoy having heated seats and a backup camera. However, I wish the back seats were heated too and the backup display was bigger.

- Craig D

The windows give me the best all-around visibility from the front, sides and rear.

I like the size, color and room inside. It has great windows and visibility. I like the sunroof too. The all-wheel drive is another great feature. I dislike the difficulty in syncing phones to Bluetooth.

- Jill M

The Forester has high safety features and is fun to drive.

The car rides great but the hands free equipment is awful. After years I have still been unable to get it to understand names or upload the phone book all at once. All contacts must go in one at a time.

- Marianne C

Safety features are the primary reason I bought the car.

I have had no problems with my forester. It is a comfortable ride, and there is ample space for all kinds of cargo. I recently moved, and was able to move many loads of more fragile items in my vehicle.

- Kate B

It is a safe reliable small SUV.

It is a very safe and dependable vehicle. It works well for my lifestyle. It has plenty of cargo space. It gets great gas mileage. The only drawback is that I wish the seats were more comfortable.

- Sue L

I really like our vehicle it's very comfortable very good on gas just the right size for us however I do not like that it doesn't have air conditioning in the back or no plug-in for your phone

it's very good on gas we recently went on vacation and got very good gas mileage sitting in the front seat however if I would have had to sit in the back there's no air no place to plug in your phone

- Brenda S

It is 4 wheel drive and it goes thru snow and ice without any problems.

I love my Subaru Forester. We live in Pa. and the winters are very snowy and icy and our Subaru goes thru the snow and ice without any trouble. This is my 4th Subaru--no complaints on any of them.

- penny r

It has all wheel drive and is very stable and won't roll over

It has all wheel drive and that makes it really safe. I wish the speedometer had breakdowns of 5 miles per hour instead of increments of 2 and 10. It's hard to know when you are going 55 or 65 mph

- Jenni M

top safety rating and trouble free vehicle, i would highly recommend it

I have owned this since 2014. Now has 54,000 miles and have had NO problems. The gas mileage over my previous car from 19 MPG to 31 MPG , ive ever owned.is a top rated for safety, best auto i have

- Ron s

It gets good gas mileage. Roughly 25 mpg on highway.

Like the ride, features, fuel efficiency and overall safety ratings; dislikes include lowered towing capability should have gotten an outback with greater towing capability and towing features.

- Sharon H

Handles like a car with the size/space of an SUV.

Our vehicle is a compact SUV and I love It's size and handling. It's incredibly comfortable to drive, feels safe, but handles like a smaller car and is easy to park. The trunk is a great size.

- Kori N

That it really is a great car to drive and that I feel safe in it.

I like that it has a great safety record and that it's dependable. I also like the way it looks. I do wish that things wouldn't slide off the seats so easily when I have to brake suddenly.

- Kristin M

It has ranked high on the safety scale and I feel safe using it on a daily basis.

I love the storage space in the car. Lots of room to do things and bring lots of stuff with us. It's dependable. Great on gas. Fits a good amount of people. And love the rear backup camera.

- Pam A

It is a very safe vehicle that is also comfortable.

My Forester is a pleasure to drive and I feel very safe in it. The visibility is great and all the controls are responsive. The gas mileage is excellent and the carrying capacity is great.

- Connie L

Back up camera is very handy.

I like the backup camera. It has plenty of interior space. I do wish it came with GPS capability but it did not. I bought it because of it long life and great ratings and safety standards.

- Jeff W

It is a safe, dependable car that requires minimal maintenance and gets good gas mileage.

My Forester is a versatile car that fits my lifestyle well. It is a very safe, dependable car. It has good cargo space. The only drawback is that I wish the seats were more comfortable.

- Sue S

It has all wheel drive and handles well.

I like the space, headroom and wide sweep of the lights. I don't like that you have to manually lock the doors and the CD player only holds one CD at a time. I also like how it handles.

- Ina M

love this car, most owners do

good gas mileage; due to all wheel drive...car handles well in all road conditions...including rain and snow; great visibility; eyesight safety feature protects driver in most situations

- jjr r

Subaru Handles Great In All Kinds Of Weather and Terrain!

I Ike the height of the vehicle, the mileage and how it handles in the snow. I also enjoy the sun roof, the heated seats and the storage space. The ride is a little bumpy on rough roads.

- Randy S

Love my Subaru and I'm not gay!

I wish it had more get up and go, but I love everything else about it. I wish it had a heated steering wheel and sidelights if there was a car next to you. I really like the eye site.

- Beth K

It's a nice comfortable car and one that I would recommend to others if you like a mid-size suv.

I like the color of the vehicle. It's also very comfortable and I like that it has bluetooth in it. I've had some maintenance issues with the car however and that is a major dislike.

- Sarah B

This car gets great gas mileage. Large enough and great on gas.

This is the perfect car for all weather. I has a good size interior. It is higher of the ground which I like. We drive long distance and it is a comfortable ride with lots of legroom.

- Julie B

This vehicle is very safe and dependable!! It rides well in bad weather conditions

My only complaint is the poor quality of the blue tooth and ability to listen to "commands". Everything else is great...ability to drive in inclement weather, comfort, reliability etc

- Robert L

Top class safety ratings and personally tested by local drivers - we're okay!

It is incredibly safe. There is tons of room for the kids and any luggage for trips. The only complaint I have is that the interior only came in light gray - it show so many stains!

- Jessica C

It is very safe. It has one of the best safety ratings among other vehicles of its size.

My car has a beautiful ride to it and has a wonderful safety rating. I also enjoy the fact that I can transport quite a bit of cargo in the back of my car with the seat flipped down.

- Stacey K

Safety is a priority for Subaru and they build in many features to enhance it.

My Forester's driver's seat is relatively high off the road so it gives me better visibility. The rear window is wide and also enhances visibility. The ride is very comfortable.

- Marie K

I feel safe and comfortable driving my Subaru.

I love the way the subaru drives. It is a safe and fun vehicle to drive on our family trips. Great gas mileage and room for everything we need. It's a good fit for our family.

- Karalyn J

The car is great in all four seasons!

Forester is a great car! I love it because it gets me to where i need to go on good gas mileage and a lot of space in it really helps when I want to take my friends around town!

- Daniel S

Very reliable. Great on gas. The 2. 5 liter has plenty of power.

No problems at all. Very reliable comfortable and great gas mileage. It is also great to drive in the winter having all wheel drive and traction control. Great family vehicle.

- Alex M

Safe and Reliable - provides a definite comfort.

Love the smooth ride. Reliable, comfortable, safe. Wish the power window button worked for a little while after engine turned off, have to restart if I forget to roll it up.

- Kera B

Very reliable and has great gas mileage. nice creature comforts like heated seats.

The vehicle is very comfortable roomy and has what seems to me no blind spots. The vehicle has plenty of acceleration and has great gas mileage for an all wheel drive vehicle.

- Alessandro M

Reliable in all weather. Good storage area

Good handling & very good visibility. Subaru is a very reliable car & the all wheel drive makes it even better. The ride can be a little rough, but that is the only complaint

- Dorothy B

trouble free dependable driving

I like the safety rating, We have owned it going on four years and have had no issues with performance. It has been free of any problems. I can find nothing wrong with it .

- Ronald S

It is one of the highest rated car for safety in its category.

The only thing I dislike is that it does not have the newest technology. The car is fun to drive and reliable. Large windows in all directions and it gets great gas mileage.

- Debbie L

The cruise control is a bit disorienting; it is sensitive when re-engaging and might increase speed setting.

Comfortable and fun to drive, my vehicle serves my needs and wants well. It is easy for my disabled spouse to enter and leave. It has all wheel drive for help in the snow.

- Lou P

Subaru Forester is the best car on the market

Very reliable. The only qualm that I have with the vehicle is that the acceleration is rather slow. The available trunk space and AWD capabilities more than make up for it.

- Rudy G

It's reliable and allows for adventuring with four wheel drive.

I love that I can take it on adventures with the dog. I love that it has good gas mileage for a larger vehicle. It has a lot of storage space but still feels not too large.

- Julia D

Great visibility. The windows are tall and wide, so you can actually see to the sides and behind you.

Turning on the navigation system is just a little annoying, as a disclaimer or something pops up first. The voice command thing is a nightmare. Everything else is alright.

- Stephania F

Trusty, safe and efficient for a car you can take off-road.

I love the visibility from all angles that my car offers. Its super safe and reliable. It also gets great gas mileage. Never have had a problem with this trusty vehicle.

- Chelsea C

I get great gas mileage and the car has less emissions.

I love my Subaru. It handles well,gets good gas mileage and is comfortable to drive and ride in. My vehicle also includes Eyesight which helps me feel somewhat dafer.

- Kathie S

Great value for Consumer usage

Subaru Forester has Low maintenance & high mileage with a Very smooth ride. The car's seating could be more adaptable with the choice of an extra adjustable back seat

- Mark M

Longevity of the make, build to last.

Track record of service, will run and not rust for years. Low maintenance yearly oil changes brakes and tires about every three years. The hauling ability and storage.

- Shirley M

The one most important thing is that it is excellent in the snow!

I love my Subaru! It is very easy to drive and has plenty of room. I especially like how good it is driving in the snow covered roads of Vermont. No complaints at all!

- Gayle F

It is environmentally friendly in the gas usage.

I love that it has so much room in the cargo area and that it is good in snow storms. No complaints but I would like a bigger back up camera and a gps system built in.

- Li R

It is dependable and the only thing I have done is maintain it and buy a new battery.

I like all wheel drive because it will go in any kind of weather. I like the good gas mileage. It has enough power to satisfy me. It is easy to drive and comfortable.

- James K

It doesn't have a smooth start when you step on the gas from a stop.

The ride feels more like a car than an SUV.I don't like the jump that you feel when you step on the gas when the car is stopped.I don't think I would buy another one.

- cathy G

All and all good car. I think most would like it.

Love the car! But there does seem to be some issues with the vehicle shifting, maybe a transmission problem, but the dealership says they do not notice anything.

- Jaime C

My Subaru Forester is great, here is why.

My car drives great. Keeps me safe. Gets great gas mileage for an suv. As my first Subaru I'm very impressed and will continue to buying Subaru's in the future.

- Samantha H

Subaru Forester: Best Value in today's car market

Without question, the best vehicle we have ever owned! The Forester is solid, tight, comfortable, roomy and fuel efficient. Extremely easy to enter and exit.


If you want a safe, reliable vehicle, a Subaru will always work.

Very Reliable on all Terrain Types. Easy to Handle and maneuver, especially in tight terrain. Only dislike about the vehicle is the lack of features and price.

- Mitsuhiro K

It is a good vehicle for a family.

I like the safety rating, the clearance, the trunk space. It has a lot of room inside and is comfortable. I do not like that it didn't come with leather seats.

- Christine S

The Forester is a great family car- from safety, spacious seating and reliability.

I love how safe and reliable my Forester is. It is spacious in the backseat to fit 2 carseats and a lot of extra space in the trunk for storage. No complaints!


I can always count on this vehicle to get me places. Have not had a single issue to date.

It's easy to drive with amazing visibility. It's fairly fuel efficient. I feel safe under all road conditions. I love the simple displays. No complaints.

- Ann B

The visibility is unmatched. It's like driving a fishbowl.

I love the visibility. I also love that I know where all my edges are. I wish it accelerated a little faster and that more color options had been available.

- Alison P

It has great resale value and its safety features are highly ranked.

No problems. Performance and reliability are top notch. Driver has adjustable seats allowing to sit high or lower. The backing-up monitor features is great.

- Mildred T

It has a proven track record of being one of the safest cars out on the road

I love it for its safety features especially it sensing an obstacle and braking for me, being able to set it for 55 mph and be able to get good gas mileage

- Jean L

Drive one of the most dependable and reliable cars in the industry!

The Subaru Forester is a great dependable and reliable car. It drives great in inclement weather and I feel very safe while driving in such conditions.

- Jay L

It's safe. While many cars get smaller, they also compromise safety. Between the frame and traction, this is very safe.

Safety - it's been in a crash and protected us. Gas mileage - has stayed above average for mid size vehicles. 4wheel drive - a necessity in New England

- Kathleen C

Eyesight is AMAZING. It practically drives for you. It manages the distance you follow someone and can detect if you're not braking fast enough.

Great gas mileage. Handles well in winter. Eyesight is my favorite feature. Very roomy. The technology inside could be update. Especially a nav system.

- Laura J

Nothing is important for others to know, it is just a car to get us around.

I love the interior roominess, the compact turning radius, and the huge sunroof.. I wish there was a comfortable way to rest your arms while driving..

- Helen L

It's a great value for the money.

I like the size and roominess of the car. It has a nice smooth ride. What i don't like is the reflection of the sun off of the radio, heat/ac knobs.

- Susan d

Great family car. Size is perfect. The backseat goes down so you fit large item.

It is very sleek and luxurious looking. Very reliable. I love it. The panoramic sunroof is awesome. The SUV is the perfect size for me and my family.

- Gabrielle K

Handles great in bad weather. Plenty of inside room.

Plenty of room. Handles very well in heavy rain, snow. I have 3 large dogs and I love the fact that the back seat is very easy to put up and down. .

- Debi P

It provides a solid smooth ride.

I feel very safe, this car has great comfort. When driving it has a sight package.. No dislikes. I would like it better if it did not cost so much..

- Martha K

Safety features are a plus! The one thing I would tell others about the car.

Great safety features. Reliable, clean, and nice looking. Has Bluetooth and charging dock. Very safe and reliable vehicle! Only dislike, not luxury.

- Katie M

That it is a very safe car and that it is a great value.

I love the safety features and it makes me feel more secure when driving. I love the color of my car. I also love the roominess and overall design.

- Amanda C

it's great for traveling and outdoor activities, including offroading

it's a great vehicle, it's great for traveling and outdoor adventures because it has ample room for all my stuff, all week and 4 wheel drive high,

- chris h

It is a comfortable drive for long distances.

I like the visibility through the windows. I like the sun roof. I dislike that with two car seats in the back, there is no room for anything else.

- Heather C

Reliability. And has a smooth ride.

My forester is very reliable. Its comfortable and great to drive. It has a lot of legroom. The trunk is very spacious especially when traveling.

- Denise S

Economical family car with decent gas mileage and room for all your stuff.

Love the room in the cargo area. Great ride, drives well in city and highway. Dislike the setup with Bluetooth on my phone. Long and complicated

- Sara G

It is very reliable - I've had mine for four years and it has never broken down.

I like it overall. I wish I could partially open the moonroof like I could with my Passat. I also wish it had more/better storage in the back.

- Heather B

Great in snow performance.

The electronic features are not always accurate like the time functions or abs notice but the drive is smooth and is a safe and reliable ride.

- April A

Amazing vehicle and reliable

It is very comfortable to ride in and has a lot of space. No issues with the vehicle. But I do take good care of it with regular oil changes.

- Laura S

Great car for outdoor activities! I love my Subaru!

It is attractive, and very comfortable. It has just the right amount of cargo space for me. I feel very safe driving it on wet and icy roads.

- Susan R

The quality and the fuel economy.

The mileage and handling of the car, I also like the quality for the price I paid. The fuel economy is very good with a good size fuel tank.

- Michael B

The safety features are the most important factor regarding the Subaru's.

I love the safety features including the eyesight system. I like the comfort and space. I do not like the speedometer nor the low gas gauge.

- christy l

My car is a very safe car.

My car has plenty of interior room. It gets decent gas mileage, . The car is full of safety features. It is rate highly in crash situations.

- Tony S

It is a great car and a great car company! They take care of things that they should take care of and the car handles well and hasn't had any problems.

I like that it is easy and comfortable to drive. It has never had any problems and is easy to maintain. I Just wish it was a little bigger.

- melanie w

The car is dependable and not expensive to operate.

The car has good mileage. It is comfortable and meets all my needs. It goes well in snow and wet environments. Transmission is very good. .

- Michael M

My car is reliant and safe and can comfortably move bigger objects around.

How comfortable the vehicle is and spacious is nice. There is a slight blind spot due to the vehicle in the back. Wish there was a sunroof.

- Kylie B

Safety and continued performance despite vehicle use.

I love the height, performance, and security I feel driving my Subaru. It performs better than any other vehicle I have driven in the past.

- Lauren V

safe to drive easy to steer very comfortable roomy

very comfortable, easy to drive, no blind spots, feel secure. Minor issue with tire wear - seems to go out of alignment easily. love it.

- gary o

Versatile for the City and the mountains! Great gas mileage!

No complaints at all! I love my forester. It's great to drive to and from school/work and still get me into the mountains on the weekends

- Ryan O

You will go through gas very quickly with this car.

I like that I feel very safe in my car. I live in a very snowy area. My car drives very well in snow and rain. I do not have complaints.

- Chris A

My Subaru is a tough and durable car suitable for all driving conditions.

I like my Subaru because it is great in all weather conditions. It fits everything I need to go on all my adventures. It's a great car.

- lor e

Built well good gas mileage.

Very nice car handles well doors are big enough that it is easy to get in and out of decent gas mileage seems to be together very well.

- Steve R

it is a luxurious car from a reputed and well-known brand

great SUV , great technology features , great capacity for cargo and great fuel efficiency. Great exterior and interior look and feel.

- Sharad B

Own one, you will never go back to the "other guys"

Love the great gas mileage and safety features. Perfect car for both town and road trips. Plenty of room for pets, kids and groceries.

- Kathleen M

This is a great car for ;older people.

I love how easy it is to get in and out of my car. I feel safe driving it. I don't dislike anything or have any complaints about it.

- Rose K

It's reliable in any weather condition and it gives me peace of mind.

I like that it's sturdy and drives easily. I wish that it was a little more fuel efficient and that the back seats had more leg room.

- hazel l

A dependable and safe car for a family. Drives extremely well in all types of roads, the all wheel drive is very reliable.

I love that it's the safest vehicle for my family and myself. A reliable engine under the hood. And comfortable for long road trips.

- Mayra U

Great on gas and good on the road in inclement to weather.

Great in rough weather. It is not good that there is - no ac in back. My son often gets very sweaty because of the poor circulation.

- Sarah S

Others should know how safe Subarus are to drive.

I do feel like the ride is not as smooth as it could be on rougher terrain. I really like how it runs on gas and live the moon roof.

- Ashley O

It is a very versatile car and has a lot of storage space in the back

I like the size of my car. My only complaint is that it doesn't have a third row. I wish there was more room for extra car seats.

- jj l

It gets me where I'm going in style, and I can sleep in it!

I like my SUV for the most part. There are a few things I'd change. like have a larger screen for rear camera and other functions.

- Nina D

That it works for nearly everything in your life!! It is safe and practical and also looks great!

Love my car! It is perfect for me and my lifestyle! I haul stuff, I shop, and we use it for fun times out. No complaints at all!!!

- Carla F

A joy to drive. I expect that my now twelve year old will learn to drive in this car, and that makes me very happy. And him very happy.

No complaints. Drives great, even in snow. I enjoy driving it on the highway. Compared to my old car - Honda CRV - it's awesome

- Steven S

That it is 1 of the safest cars you can drive.

I really like the way it drives. The visibility is good and it is a sturdy vehicle. The Subaru is the perfect size for my family.

- Hilary B

All of the safety features and reliability.

It is a very sturdy and reliable vehicle. I love all of the safety features. There is so much room in the back to move anything.

- Brooke P

It is affordable and very safe. It has nice pickup and is fun to drive.

I like that it is the safest car on the road. I like that it was reasonably priced. I don't like that the A/C doesn't work well.

- Jeannine A

Subaru is durable. Great and comfortable for short and long trips


- Courtney J

Very reliable and good mpg.

Seats are a little uncomfortable. AWD is great, dependable car. Sticks to the road in all weather, never had any major issues.

- Olivia O

the gas mileage is great!!

I really like how the car drives. I wish it had a better infotainment center. But it handles well and gets great gas mileage.

- Ben W

My car is known for day m safety.

I like that my car is a family car. Safety ratings are great. It has all wheel drive, works great in snow. No complaints yet.

- Erica b

It is one of safest cars on the market.

There is nothing I dislike. I love the fact it is easy to get in and out of and has plenty of room to haul whatever I need.

- Patsy M

I like that my car gets good mileage. I like the space I have and that I can use it to car camp.

The longevity of the car is great. If I want I can drive this car for years and years. The gas mileage is great for an suv

- Amber S

Review of the 2015 Subaru Forester.

No problems at all except maintenance. It drives well and can get out of difficult weather driving with the 4 wheel drive.

- Mike B

You get a very reliable car with good value and fuel economy

Practical, good value, good fuel economy, comfortable interior and spacey. Radio connectivity not up to modern standards.

- Lee L

It is very reliable. I've never had any major issues.

I love the size ( not too big or too small). It's the only car I've had that hasn't had any problem in the first 3 years.

- Jennifer W

Subaru's are the safest car around! They get great mileage too.

Has a high quality performance. Have had for 3 years now and no problems whatsoever. Very safe and great safety features.

- Alexa Q

Gas mileage is awesome! I drive 26 miles to work and get 32 mpg.

I love the gas mileage and overall comfort of this vehicle. I am having a problem with oil consumption but I love my SUV.

- William P

Great awd truck that isn't a truck.

Great car, handles great in the snow. Interior is nice and comfortable. Not as touchy as some cars but gets the job done.

- Kurt R

It has a great safety rating and 35 mpg. Cargo space is incomparable.

I like the miles per gallon. The cargo space is outstanding! But, most of all the space to carry my family is the best.

- Avery G

It is mine and no one can take it away from me and no one drives it except me!.

Very dependable, great gas mileage and a nice ride. Very reasonably priced. Good safety record. Car is very attractive.

- Candice B

Great gas mileage and very dependable.

I love the sunroof. I thought I would hate the back-up window but love it. Wish it had better gas mileage and pick-up.

- Lori O

No ac or heat vents to back seat makes it less comfortable for passengers

Like handling in winter. Wish it had heat/ac vents in back. And android auto would be nice too. I like the gas mileage

- Jen T

I think the most important thing is that I feel safe driving and riding in the vehicle.

I love the smooth ride and the instrument panel. I love the amount of space in the trunk area. I love the gas mileage.

- Eric S

It needs very little maintenance and is reliable. Also, it responds well

actually I don't drive, but my husband does, and he likes the way it handles in various weather conditions and traffic

- Janet C

It is safe and fit so two car seats!

It is safe, reliable, and reasonably sized. The mileage is less than great and I do not like how small the trunk is.

- Brittany S

All wheel drive and a nice leather interior.

All wheel drive. It drives smoothly and is comfortable. The vehicle is nice to look at and has a good stereo system.

- Tim R

It feels like it hugs the road and that makes me feel safe.

I love everything about my car except the Bluetooth and the stereo system. I plan on keeping my forester forever.

- Greg M

It is well maintained, and fully insured.

It is very reliable and it is easy to operate. My family and I feel very safe while driving and or riding in it.

- Clayton A

It handles well in severe weather conditions. Rain and snow is not a problem

I love the way it handles in the snow. It gets really good gas mileage. It has really high rates safety features

- Stacy S

It's reliable and affordable, and has plenty of space for the family

Blue Subaru Forester. Love it because it's reliable and has plenty of space for the family. Great road trip car.

- Sam N

No complaints. I like that it is all wheel drive because we get a lot of snow here. It is big enough to hold skies and other sports equipment. The mileage is decent.

I am happy with my choice of car. If I ever buy another new car I would not hesitate to choose another Subaru.

- Janny M

Beautiful inside and out!

Love the look and the way it drives! Perfect for when I'm babysitting my nieces and nephews too. So much space!

- Lindsey D

It is very comfortable even on long trips.

Very reliable and easy to maintain. Cost of vehicle was within my price range. Maintenance cost is reasonable.

- Kimberly F

A Subaru Forester is a chain up free vehicle

The best part of owning a Subaru is not having to install chains on the highway in a snow or ice covered road.

- Larry M

It is gas efficient and has a good load capacity

I love how it handles in the snow and the all wheel drive is great. I do not need snow chains to go up skiing.

- Dan M

Great looking car with really awesome safety features

I love the color. I love the way it drives. I love the safety features. The gas pedal is a tad touchy though.

- Kristy B

All wheel drive great in the winter.

My vehicle has no problems the wonderful car drives good great gas mileage handles cannot complain wonderful.

- Richard D

safe and reliable vehcile

it drives great it has great gas mileage it is the best vehicle i ever bought. I would buy another one again.

- kim T

Cool car for sure. I do not know what else to say.

Great vehicle to drive for sure I love it. Nothing else I would like to ad. This is it. I have said to much.

- Art D

This is a great family vehicle!

Super reliable, roomy enough for multiple car seats and all of your baby gear and handles great in the snow!

- Nicole M

Subaru, a good buy for a usual family.

It works well with routine maintenance. Starts well in winter and summer. Has not had a significant failure.

- Michael M

It gets great gas mileage

There is nothing that I do not like. No complaints. I love the comfort of the seats and the ease of driving

- Sharon B

affordable reliable car that will work well as long as its maintained

i like the all wheel drive and the cargo space. sometimes i wish it had more setting for when i have guests

- li m

Heated seats, backup camera, and huge sunroof

Love the comfort, ease of use and size. I like that it has a back up camera but wish it had driver memory.

- Lisa B

It gets great gas mileage.

It is overall reliability. The gas mileage is phenomenal. The interior is sporty but not too over the top.

- Carrie H

It has the best safety rating.

It is safe. Fun to drive. Well made handles roads well. Great mileage low maintenance. . Zero complaints.

- Barbara U

It is a safe reliable car. It's good for all terrain and easy to drive

I like that it's all wheel drive. Its roomy. It's an SUV. I can take it to the snow. Gas mileage is okay.

- Sky K

It is safe and reliable and perfect for Colorado weather.

This vehicle is owned by my daughter. It was her purchase and I only use it occasionally as I am retired.

- Edward S

The great way it handles in the snow and on rough roads.

I like the size. I like the fuel economy. I like the way it handles in the snow. I like the huge sunroof.

- Dorothy F

Engine is very quiet. Functionality is durable.

The backing camera needs to be hidden, so it won't be blurry when it's raining. Seats need to be heated.

- Kevin D

that it drives great in any weather

I love my forester. It drives great in any weather, esp in the snow and ice. I do not dislike anything.

- sue O

The safety features made me choose this vehicle. It stops me if I'm about to hit something, warns when I leave a lane, alerts me if the car ahead of me moves forward, and has a back-up camera.

I like the look of the car. It meets my size requirements. It has the best safety features I could find.

- Henry S

It's a very well built car that I could pass on to my child to drive.

I love how much cargo my car holds. It's roomy and is very comfy for passengers. It drives like a dream.

- Marie L

safety and reliability are what make subarus the top of their line

i like that it is new. it has all wheel drive. i like the size. I like the heated seats and sunroof.

- teresa r

There's No Terrain Too Tough for a Forester

Has one of the best with constant AWD, but most features are upgrades not included in base price models

- glendalys s

It's on a top safety list. It's very very good on gas.

It's comfortable to drive. Good on gas. Safest vehicle. Wish it had expiration date a bigger trunk area

- Shari F

It has more issues than toyota. If I had to buy again, I wouldn't choose subaru

It was recommended for snow mobility. However, I found there are more issues than my prior car toyota.

- Victor L

Great all round car big trunk, good gas, nice color.

Very nice good tires nice color round tires gas, big trunk lots of room red brown yellow bird cat dog.

- Doris K

It's good in the snow and has a lot of room and gets pretty good gas mileage.

It's good in the snow, but I've had a few minor issues such as a window getting stuck and burning oil.

- Kim S

One of the safest cars on the road.

Like low maintenance, easy to drive. Do not like that there's no automatic window for front passenger.

- Howard L

How it drives in the snow.

Drives like a tank in the snow. Good gas mileage. Dislike all the crevices that dirt and dust get in.

- Kathy L

It is a long-lasting, family-friendly car.

This car is safe and reliable. Gas mileage is fair, and our tires have lasted quite a few adventures.

- madalyn C

It's not built to be a luxury vehicle. It's for safety and it's tough.

I love the sturdiness of it. I love the all wheel drive and how long the car is anticipated to last.

- Gabby H

The fuel efficiency is really great. And it is very dependable.

I like the size and fuel efficiency. It also feel very safe and sturdy. I wish it was quite so tall.

- Clare R

Reliable suv for family with good safety rating

I love it for it's 4 wheel drive trunk space but the Bluetooth isn't that good. It goes in and out

- Jae L

It's safety crash rating.The Forrester has a good crash rating for front seat passengers.

I like it's safety rating.I like the price I don't like that it doesn't have automatic door locks.

- Bonnie W

It's reliable in the snow and has a lot of power when pulling off the ramp to the highway

I wish it wasn't so expensive! It is hard on tires so I have to replace them sooner than I'd like.

- karen H

the safety features and reliability of s Subaru are wonderful

I love the reliability of a Subaru and the service of my dealer. I wish it had a more sporty look.

- jamie m

Great safety features and gas mileage. The car is made to last.

Great gas mileage. It seems to go through washer fluid quickly and I don't like the black carpet.

- Marissa M

Powerful, yet stylish, the Forester is a joy to drive!

it is sporty and have great pick-up. it is wonderful in ice and snow. it gets great gas mileage!

- Diana C

That is a reliable car to own and drive. Safety is a big concern.

It's a safe car to drive, riding the car is smooth. Sometimes the key ignition locks the wheel.

- Luis S

Comfy. great gas mileage, has the safety feature eyesite

I love my car, I feel very safe and it's very dependable. There is nothing I dislike about it.


It's a good midsize SUV for the cost. It is reliable and good in the snow.

It is fuel efficient for an SUV. It is reliable. The ride could be more smooth and less noisy.

- Lindsey B

Nothing in particular. It had 4 wheel drive and that's important because I live in Michigan.

I love my vehicles big hatchback. I hate the gas mileage. I love the cupholders and the color.

- Grace S

It is reliable, comfortable and economical.

It is reliable transportation. It is comfortable. It is economical. It is low maintenance.

- Robert s

Driving a cvt does take some getting use to but once you are used to it it is hard to go back.

I love the Cvt but have had some small things break early which worries me for the long run.

- Amy M