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Subaru Forester good over all.

The Subaru Forester is a great car. It has plenty of legroom in front and back. Four people fit very comfortably, but five is a very tight squeeze, even when 2 are kids. It drives well. I have driven both in town for commuting as well as multi-day road trips. Driving, turning and parking are a breeze. The back-up camera is great. I often parallel park and know exactly how much space I have to maneuver. It saves me much time. The only thing I do not like is the Bluetooth connection in the sound system. It works it is great, however it drops a Bluetooth connection on a regular basis. Just listen to one song, sometimes it will start on the car stereo then drop off and go to my phone and then go back on the car radio. It is super annoying and unreliable.

- Annette P

Subaru, it is what you love.

It is a smooth and quiet ride. The interior has an automatic adjustable seat for the driver and front heated seats. A large sunroof and decent trunk space. Keyless start. Mirrors fold in and there is a rear backup camera. It is great on gas averages 24 mpg. It has hill descent control. It is fully automatic with power windows and steering. It is all wheel drive with 18 inch wheels and an 8. 7 inch lift. It has a 2 liter boxer turbocharged engine which is only available in the xt. It is a great SUV with tons of off-road capabilities and smooth enough to drive everyday and in any weather condition. It has one of the highest safety ratings and more than 90% of Subaru cars are still on the road today which were purchased over a decade ago.

- Era R

Great family and adventuring vehicle.

We bought our Subaru forester as a family vehicle since we were expecting our first child. We loved the level of safety the Subaru forester offers. We will definitely be sticking with Subaru for our next vehicle, we will eventually trade in for a bigger Subaru once we have our second child because we will want more space by then, for now it works perfect for us. We also love how much Subaru retains their value as long as you take care of your vehicle, overall it is a great investment. We will use this vehicle for beach trips, traveling, family use, and camping, in my opinion you cannot go wrong with this vehicle, it is been one of my favorite vehicles I have owned.

- Irene C

It's a safe and handy vehicle.

I like the roominess inside, the height of ceiling, the wide front windshield that allows good view when driving. I love the all-wheel drive, the lights on the floor at door that turn on when you enter or exit the car. I like the cargo area, but would have liked it to have been just a little bigger. Don't t like that the rear gate when opened is easy to hit my head on if I am not careful. Wish that when it rains and you need to roll the window down, the rain easily gets inside, I know you can buy window guards but it seems like there could be better design on the standard model.

- Theresa B

I named my Subaru Toni with an I.

I purchased this vehicle used after trading in a Ford edge that was having problems after a wreck. Both vehicles are a 2016 but I felt the Ford was nicer. It had a nicer interior, had a more luxurious feel and had a few more technological features than my Forester. I do like my Subaru and intend to keep it for years but miss the ford. The air vents are positioned so they blow right into your eyes which is seriously annoying especially when you live somewhere that it can get to 120 degrees. Other than the few minor downgrades all in all I do really like it.

- Rachel A

2016 Subaru Forester: the affordable dream car.

I have had my vehicle for a little over 2 years and have never had any issues. It has features that allow me to drive in inclement weather with ease. I can start my car without being in it which is extremely convenient during the winter time-- I can defrost my car while still getting ready for work. I am able to sync my iPod to my vehicle and listen to my music. It automatically adjusts my speed when set on cruise control, alerts me when I drive over the lines in the road, and has automatic breaks. I cannot say enough good things about my car, I love it!

- Hannah H

It is easy to drive and also has a little "get up and go" power when needs.

I have never had a Subaru before but I don't think I would switch ever! The performance is great and, because it is a crossover, it can handle long road trips as well as commuting to and from work. The gas mileage is pretty decent for the model, I end you getting approximately 24 mpg. It is very easy to handle and has a few bells and whistles that I like. The Bluetooth is very handy to have for answering calls and listening to music, very conducive to distraction free driving. I speak very highly of Subaru and the forester!

- Shannon R

THE SAFETY FEATURES ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT THING. Lane departure alerts, blind spot lights on the side view mirrors, and tech that lets you know when things are too close to your car.

The Forrester is a great car!! The dashboard is uncomplicated and uncluttered. The all-wheel drive is great for weekend trips to go hiking. It makes me feel safe to drive the car, not just because it's big but because the car has so many safety features that make it easier on me as a driver. I don't feel like I constantly have to be in fear of missing something in a blindspot anymore. I'm still careful when driving, but having a car with so many great safety features helps me be a less stressed driver.

- Sara e

Subaru forester is a safe and reliable car.

The Subaru forester rides well and is comfortable. The leather seats are comfortable and can be moved to your liking with the push of a single button. The safety features are of a great value. These include notification of oncoming vehicles or persons when in reverse or when there is a vehicle in the next lane and you wish to move into that lane. A notification will also come up if the road is icy or slippery. Everything in the dashboard can be read easily. There is a compass and a thermometer.

- Fran R

It's easy to drive and has great visibility thanks to the large windows

I bought it primarily for its excellent visibility: large windows, small posts. As I get older, I like having safety features of that nature along with the cameras in the eyesight package. I only have 2 complaints and both are minor. The cargo area is a little smaller than I'd like and the technology is sometimes a bit overwhelming. My previous vehicle was a 2003 Honda CRV which I also liked. It's lack of technology made things simpler but it it was worth the trade off for the safety features.

- Bruce T

Love the mileage and space of my Subaru, a little iffy on the comfort.

I love my Subaru! I road trip a lot and the great gas mileage definitely helps with that. I haven't had any issues with it in the couple years that I have had it. I love the secret storage in the trunk so I can put all my little stuff out of the way of all my camping gear! The only thing I would say is, my lower back definitely starts to get sore after an hour or so of driving. I am not sure if it is just me or the way the seat is shaped. I just know in my previous car, I never had an issue.

- Tori C

Winter handling and drivers features quality.

Very comfortable for long and short trips with easy to reach controls. The seats are supportive for the lower back with ample ability to adjust. The AWD feature added to the power allow for great handling in snow and heavy rain. There is limited need for snow tires with the factory installed all season radials that come standard. Living in a hilly section of the country which receives over 200 inches annually of snow, I speak from experience.

- Louis W

Subaru's are one of the safest cars on the road. I have been looking at the Forester for about two years until I finally found the perfect car for me.

I just got my car 4 months ago and absolutely love everything about it. I love the fact that it has heated seats which will be great when the weather gets cold and it has a sunroof which is great during the warm weather seasons. The best thing about my car is it's All Wheel Drive. My last car was not very good to drive in the snow. I know that I will feel more comfortable and feel safer if I have to drive in the snow this Winter.

- Lorie S

I recently had both hips replaced. I had a Subaru Impreza which became too low down for me to comfortably get in. I bought my forester because of the comfort level I now needed but more so because of the all wheel drive, dependability and safety features. I love that it alerts me if I am swinging out of my lane and other aspects. I love the heated seats and the Bluetooth adaptable phone setting. I love everything about this car.

- Patricia A

Turbo forester xt fun to drive.

My 2016 Subaru forester xt is quick and fun to drive. The turbocharged engine gives the vehicle the get up and go it needs to merge into traffic while still getting decent gas mileage of about 27 mpg. The interior is well appointed with heated leather seats, a fully adjustable power drivers seat, backup camera, navigation, surround sound. The two things I wish it had are heated steering wheel and heat/cooling vents in the back.

- Michelle S

The most important thing a about my Subaru Forester is that it is one of the most safest SUV you can buy today.

I like that it is all wheel drive. I like that it sits up high and has a very large front windshield. I like the roominess in the cab and the cargo area is really and easy to load in groceries and etc. I don't have window guards and I don't like when it rains how much rain gets inside the vehicle. Also I seem to catch my foot when getting into front drivers seat maybe the way the door frame is on bottom causes me to catch it.

- Theresa D

The car makes you want to be outdoors while taking care not to get stuck there.

The car is fun to drive but often has electrical issues. It uses a lot of electronics but has a small battery. For this reason, I try not to leave the car or any electronics on while the car is not started- which can be costly in gas. . I love that car is so sporty. Although it is a mid-size SUV it handles like a car. The windows are huge at every angle of the car, so it is perfect for road trips and the great outdoors.

- Charisma V

Love my forester! Very safe and secure with just enough gadgets.

This car is really great. What I love most is how safe I feel in it. It is only the limited so it does not have all the bells and whistles but it has enough for me like a moonroof, Bluetooth and auto adjustments to the driver's seat. The most annoying thing about my car is it has no lights on the mirrors, I am not sure what that is about and I wish I had noticed before purchasing because it is pretty weird.

- Lauren P

The Forester is a safe and comfortable vehicle for growing families.

I love that this vehicle is very highly rated for safety. I had a bad accident in a 2015 Forester and I walked away only feeling a bit sore for a few weeks. The Forester is very functional for my life because of the cargo space in the back. I have some upgrade packages to my Forester, like heated seats and auto-dimming mirrors, that make this vehicle perfect for me. There is nothing I dislike about it.

- Heather g

It is sleek and beautiful.

It is white and at least a year old. It has two rows of seats and a large trunk. The windows are large but I do not know the exact size. I have had it for a little over a year and I would say that it is of good quality right now. The amount of gas that I use every few miles to keep the car going is satisfactory. I would say that overall my beautiful Subaru Forester is the reason that I live.

- Amiri H

My Subaru is reliable and economical.

So far, it has been quite reliable; the only breakdown was due to an animal chewing on some wires. The ride is surprisingly comfortable, and I am very happy with the gas mileage (26-28 mpg in town; 33+ on the highway. The continuously variable transmission takes some getting used to, but I have no complaints about it. I do wish that the vehicle had an interior light in the rear cargo area.

- Stephen K

A top reviewed mid size SUV with excellent mileage per gallon.

Simple, clean uncluttered design of dashboard for easily recognized features . Emergency light button is obvious, color coded and centrally located on the dash. Very high mileage per gallon 31.5 typically highway driving. Plenty of trunk space with wide opening and strong rubber mats to protect the trunk and floor. Absolutely reliable performance and it is perfectly comfortable.

- Susan C

2016 Subaru Forester review.

This is a fast small SUV that really gives good value, for the price. Good handling, good braking. Nice quality on the interior leather. The navigation is not at all intuitive-I'm still figuring it out after 18 months. The I feature slows you down when on cruise- actually makes it impossible to hit someone from behind. Audio system has a good sound. All said, it's a nice SUV.

- Ed G

My vehicle is great for road trips.

I have a cloth interior and the seats are starting to fray and separate near the edges of the seat. I believe that the vehicle is extremely reliable, but I have noticed that it does not handle well in the northern Michigan winters. I will be driving and it will be fine, then suddenly slide off the road. Neither of my two other cars does this, and it makes me nervous.

- Angela M

My family Subaru, perfect for road trips.

Very smooth ride, great suspension and feels safe with my toddler in the back seats. I like when I got over big bumps, I do not feel much. My cell phone can sync through the Bluetooth and I can listen to all my podcasts. One quirk - the drivers seat will not move up if I am sitting on it. I also wish it was more fuel efficient. Very roomy for long road trips!

- Kim S

It's a very comfortable car that is nice to drive and ride in.

I like how comfortable the car is to sit and ride in, I like that it has all-wheel drive which is good for driving in bad weather, and I like how easy it is to load a lot of stuff in. It has a Bluetooth to connect my phone which I like for listening to media while driving. I don't like the fuel economy though and wish it were better/more fuel efficient.

- Renee P

Subaru forester is roomy, comfortable, and safe.

My Subaru forester has had no problems at all. I feel safe in it and drive my child daily. I like that it beeps at me if I drift out of my lane and will literally stop the car if I get too close to something. These are not features that I use often but it is nice to know they're there. My husband is tall and says it is roomy and comfortable.

- Jamie N

The Subaru Forester a car that is safe, reliable and gives a smooth comfortable drive to my family.

I like my Subaru Forester because it gets great mileage, comfortable and make transporting large loads in the vehicle easier. I dislike my Subaru Forester because the controls on the steering wheel are reversed (volume control that is), the tailgate could open further and when shifting from reverse into drive there is a 1-2 second delay.

- craig s

Greatest car I have ever had! The mileage is great and I love how safe it is.

The Subaru Forester is great car. It is durable and reliable. I feel safe at all times in the car. It gets 30 mpg and keeps track of how many miles are left until you need to fill up. There is a lot of room for passengers and extra storage space. It has heated seats and the heat comes on right away. The ac also cools down the car quickly.

- Heather C

It is one of the safest cars you can buy to protect yourself and your family.

I like my Subaru very much. It runs well and feels good to drive. I love all the safety features that make me feel safe when driving. The Subaru is a perfect size for me and my family's needs. My only complaint is it is difficult to get the car to cool down with the air conditioner meaning I have some really hot rides or I eat up my gas.

- Anthony C

Smooth and safe ride at a fair price.

I have not experienced any problems with the vehicle which has less than 30k miles. The ride is smooth and I feel very safe. The vehicle is fully equipped to provide me and passengers with total comfort and safety. I fully recommend this vehicle. My lease is up soon and I will most likely either purchase or lease another Subaru Forester.

- Nancy M

Not as dependable as expected.

Ac had to be replaced while still under warranty. Six months later battery had to be replaced. Vehicle wouldn't start and had to be jumped twice, once during snow storm and another time at funeral. Now seatbelt keeps buzzing when it us buckled. Seats get uncomfortable on trips. Apps on radio only work with certain phones. Love sunroof.

- Linda H

It feels like you are driving a golf cart and it is a very bumpy ride.

The car has no shock absorbance. You feel every bump on the road. Steering wheel is unstable and very loose. Car lights don't automatically turn on when dark. Radio features our outdated. Safety features for notifying lane changes are annoying and cannot be turned off permanently. I have to turn them off every time you turn on car.

- Jennifer W

I love the automatic trunk opener.

I love my Subaru forester! It drives great on the beach and is the perfect family vehicle. It gets good gas mileage, and is very safe. Safety and comfort were priority. The trunk is big enough for a stroller and some shopping or groceries. The back can fit a car seat in the middle with enough room for passengers on either side.

- Courtney V

Great winter SUV that handles well in the snow.

It is a great winter SUV. It handles well in the ice and snow. It is even better with snow tires. I love the Bluetooth capability as well. I can talk on the phone without taking my hands off the wheel. It is also very spacious. My husband is a wedding DJ and is able to use it to transport all of his equipment to gigs as needed.

- Sierra Z

Everything. Everyone should read their handbook so that they will know everything they can about their car. And before trading you should do some research as well on whatever you are looking for.

I have always wanted a Forester. I drove one of the earlier ones but I didn't like the ride. But when we decided to trade our Corolla we checked out the Forester again and was impressed with the ride and changes they made. My husband has an easier time getting in and out and it rides and drives so good. We just love it!

- Mary C

The all wheel drive is great all year round for us in the north east.

I like our Forester for its versatility. I have 3 kids so we need the space. But the back seats fold down and with the hatchback I can fit larger items in. I use these features to transport my mountain bike. The only thing I wish we did was get the 6 cylinder . The 4 cylinder runs good but a little more pep would be nice.

- Ronn N

Handles great in the snow.

It is a great all season SUV. It handles great in the snow and has loads of room in the back for people and/or storage. My husband is a DJ and it holds and transports all his gear. I also love the seat warmers. They are great! It is wonderful in the winter. The a/c also works great in the summertime. Nice all around car.

- Sierra Z

This car will save your life when you need it.

This car is great. I bought this car with eyesight and that has helped me stay in my lane and keep me safe. This car will also stop for me which is something that could save me in the long run. Overall I would recommend this car to anyone that is looking for a safe and reliable car that can last for years to come.

- Bob N

Heated seats, eyesight feature, ability to fold the seats down, big moon roof.

I absolutely love my car. It is comfortable, easy to drive, and I have had minimal issues with it. I like the peace of mind knowing how safe it is and I can take it on all sorts of outdoor adventures. I have driven it all over the country from Oregon to Cali to Pennsylvania to Wyoming and it is done amazing.

- Jenny P

Great gas mileage--I love having an SUV that gets the gas mileage of a sedan.

I love my Forester. It is big enough we can fit a lot of stuff inside, but it still gets great gas mileage. So far I haven't had any real problems with it--the only thing for me that is a little uncomfortable is the driver's seat. It hits my back a bit wrong but I just use a back pillow and that solves is.

- Camille N

It is a car you can really see out of well.

I wish the hatchback space were a bit bigger and that the front seat area felt more open. After driving the 2019 model I noticed that the redesign in the front feels so much more spacious even though it is the same sized vehicle. Width is a bit tight in the backseat with certain car seats side by side.

- Megan P

It is solid like a rock, strong as an ox and rides likes a dream!

The safety was a big deal when we bought it, and I'm still happy with how solid it is. It runs pretty well and is good gaswise overall. I wish it was bigger, but that isn't anything terrible. I would only really complain that the plastic used in the interior isn't as strong as I would have expected.

- Joshua P

The user-friendly Subaru Forester.

The Forester is good looking, comfortable, and well built. The safety features help keep your Focus on your driving and the car on the road. The car is easy to operate and gets great gas mileage. The touch screen is located in a easy to reach and use location. The instructions are clear easy to use.

- John T

Trunk space is not as large as one would expect for an SUV.

The Forester is a great vehicle for a small active family in a city or suburban setting. The call wheel drive makes it a great vehicle for the PNW for traveling across mountain passes etc. The vehicle feels roomy inside due to the high roof; however the trunk space is not as big as one would expect.

- Phil N

Best small SUV ever created! I love my Forester!

Overall Subaru Forester is a very reliable car. It is the kind of car you can keep forever. The looks are classic. We had a large problem at about 13000 miles. The computers had to be replaced and the car was out of service for about 30 days. No problems since at all. I love my Subaru Forester.

- Pam W

Great things about owning a forester.

It is a great vehicle. There is plenty of roominess for the passengers. There is also plenty of cargo space in the trunk area, both with the rear seat up or down. The pick up speed is excellent when merging into traffic on a highway. It gets excellent gas mileage for an all wheel drive vehicle.

- Martin S

The car is spacious. More spacious than I would have thought.

This car is one of the best cars on the market. It is insanely comfortable, stylish and safe. The metal on the car is a little thin so any little bump shows, but it is such a smooth ride. It can take potholes and speed bumps like a pro. My friends are always surprised that it handles so well.

- Kiley H

The forester is a great car for the mountains of Colorado or for the city of la.

My car is amazing! It is a great size, very comfortable, great for winter and wet weather, the only thing I do not like is that it is difficult to control the inside air temperature. The thermostat works fine, it just is not set to certain temperatures so it is hard to find a happy medium.

- Alex H

Great family vehicle - good grocery obtaining vehicle.

We've had some intermittent problems with the airbag sensor in the passenger seat. Otherwise, it is been a great family truckster. It is very comfortable but somewhat spartan, true to the Subaru tradition. It is super safe. We fell very secure during our tough winters driving this vehicle.

- Michael L

Gas mileage is great. Sits family of 4 comfortable. Handles great in the snow.

The gas mileage is wonderful it holds a family of 4 very comfortable. The car is very dependable you can change your oil every 5, 000 miles. The rear back has a lot of room for storage. The car sits high enough off of the road where snow doesn't bother and it handles great in the snow.

- Vc C

Only complaint is the front seat. Tailbone hurts after a few hours of driving.

This is the first Subaru I have owned. It is nice and roomy. The trunk has a nice amount of space. The leg room is great but not for short people. I am 5'2 and had to buy a back cushion to sit more comfortably. It does not exactly feel like an SUV but it rides well. Worth the price.

- J F

Highly recommend Subaru Forester.

Love it is performance, especially in the snow - would recommend it. Before I decided to purchase it, I spoke with various women, they all loved theirs. I took time before deciding purchase it very happy with it, its' performance. Love the roominess inside & it is safety features.

- Christina S

Great family car. Especially for snow.

Great for driving in the snow. Great family car, lots of room. Perfect for people with large dog. Not very good in mileage but does it is job for an SUV car. Seats are comfy but would be perfect if it is leather. Can also add a built in GPS. Overall a great car for everyday use.

- Chris C

A reliable and safe vehicle with lots of room for passengers and storage.

Sometimes it does not have enough pickup when pulling out on the highway. It is a reliable car. It does not have many features compared to other similar makes from other manufacturers. It has good visibility and large windows. The large windows minimize any possible blind spots.

- Liz F

Good leg room great site lines.

Reliable, great gas mileage, reverse camera while backing up, great vision lines, all wheel drive off-road, warning device, great warranty, seat warmer, great for winter, automatic starter rear window and mirror defrost, lay down back seats for moving items, sleek body design.

- Susan O

Super car for disabled person who has trouble sitting or standing.

Car is very reliable, and comfortable, I am chronic pain and sometimes getting in and out is a problem. The car is high enough that I can just drop in and twist around. Standing up takes little or no effort where a lower car is like climbing out of a well when I am in pain.

- Lorena B

The one most important thing about my car is the gas mileage.

Service with Subaru is great and I have had no problems with the car since purchased. I like the size for both carrying passengers and for loading many and large purchases. Car drives smoothly and handles well. Dashboard is easing to read and has very useful information.

- Shirley J

My Subaru has been the perfect fit for my high school and college years.

My Subaru has been the most amazing car ever. The safety features have stopped me from wrecking and the gas mileage is amazing. I have never had a problem with my Subaru and I recommend my car to any and everyone that mentions they're thinking about getting a new one.

- Bailey T

The purchase of the car was well worth the time and money.

I would prefer gas mileage closer to 35 mpg but that may be too much to expect. I have had no problems with any aspects of the car. I didn't even have any odd things to fix when I picked up the car. The peripherals, main engine and safety items all worked as expected.

- Lorena B

Love my Subaru and all its wonderful features.

Love my Subaru. It is awesome in the winter, has an amazing braking system, and is comfortable to drive. It is got an awesome sunroof that goes all the way to the back and automatic seat adjustment. The trunk opens with the push of a button and it drives so smoothly.

- Sarah B

The Subaru has an amazing sunroof, it is huge!

My Subaru forester has incredible power, it handles really well and it is comfortable, I am able to fit suitcases and golf clubs in the back and 5 people very comfortably. The only problem I can see is the heat is. Or very good and I live in a very cold winter state.

- Barb L

I love the windshield perspective from the driver's seat.

Performance and reliability are great. I am not a fan of the eyesight technology. I have found it unreliable and impractical thus far. I turn it off for the most part when driving. We love our Subaru's for the 4 wheel drive aspect. They are excellent in the winter.

- Brandon P

Good on gas. The gas mileage is excellent,

We have had no problems with our car. We love the gas mileage. It is not as plush as cars I have previously owned. It is higher off the ground which helps me to get in and out. I have knee replacement. I do like I can use my cell phone hands free. I like the color.

- Elaine G

Car tears through snow, no problem!

My Forester performs well in all weather situations. 14 inches of snow on the highway has been no problem! I feel totally safe in this car. It is comfortable, and the rear view camera is great for backing up and parking. I have had no problems at all with this car.

- Mary Y

Great reliable car for winter time.

Seems louder than it should be for a 2.5 year old car but performs well in snow and ice. I like the heated seats but would want heated steering wheel on next car. It is an SUV so rides high which I like. Has always performed well. I thinks its a very reliable car.

- Jen B

Safe reliable family vehicle.

I love my Subaru. It is reliable and I feel very safe driving my kids around in it. It is a good size- not to big or small. I can park it easily. It also handles really well in the winter. Our snowy weather really puts it to the test! I love the backup camera too.

- Rebecca H

My Subaru forester is one of the hardest working vehicles in the neighborhood.

Performance and reliability are amazing, which I recently experienced during a snowstorm that left most vehicles stranded. The one problems I have run into are the recalls and mandatory sensor check ups. They are expensive for one and tedious for the other.

- Mara C

Headlights: they have automatic control.

Great gas mileage, comfy ride and dependable. I have only one issue. I haul my dogs and wish that the rear automatic door opened more quickly so that my dogs cannot jump out before I have control of them. The back seats let down to nicely accommodate them.

- Deb S

Great all-wheel drive car!

We love our Forrester! We live in the mountains where snow and ice can be an issue in the winter. The all-wheel drive is fantastic, getting us where we need to go safely. It's a comfy car with enough room in the back for the stroller and groceries as well.

- Michelle N

Best car I have ever owned!

Other than the fuel filter, I've had no issues my car. It's all wheel drive, plenty of room. High mileage for the vehicle year, but still runs like a champ. Oil changes kept up, brakes changed once so far. Would never want to drive another make of vehicle.

- Cheyenne S

Fast, functional, and fun.

Love the powerful engine on it, especially the pull from 40 to 60, as well as the visibility and light in the cabin (huge sunroof). Versatile and functional. Different CVT engine modes (s drive) is a nice function to have to adjust based on driving style.

- Ralph F

Subarus: built for fun; built to last.

Well-equipped, safe, comfortable car. Drives smoothly, low-maintenance and built to last. I also like its versatility and ample cargo space. Seats are comfortable. Subarus hold their value, which is s good indication that the cars have a solid reputation.

- Randle C

Best car for New England.

One of the best car for New England states so far. I am so exciting about my car. I wood recommend this car for everyone who drive during the winter time. This car very save and has a good view from car. Little expensive for services but good for driving.

- Viktor K

tis great all wheel drive fun to drive

small suv w good mpg that avg's 26; all wheel is great for our weather; little noisy when full acceleration; quiet, dependable, dog approved; good vision out front windows; only complaint refers to 70 deg setting vs 71-- feels way more than 1 degree diff

- kil n

The Subaru forester is an excellent family car.

The car is great. I feel safe and comfortable, except on long car rides. The seats can become uncomfortable after hours in the car. The car is spacious and fits a family of four quite well. The Subaru forester is a safe car and drives excellent in snow.

- Benjamin R

No back seat air vents and great for family road trips!

It's really nice for families and for going on trips. I would say I dislike that the back seats do not have air vents, it gets very stuffy and hard to regulate the temperature with front seat passengers. But other than that, I really enjoy this vehicle!

- Valerie B

My forester is perfect for me!

This vehicle is the right size for me. It offers everything I want except for an automatic closing cargo door. I wish I had gotten that feature. It handles well and seems safe. I have had no problems so far and have had to replace nothing except tires.

- Janet G

It is an extremely reliable make and model.

Like the look, feel, and power. Runs well and good gas mileage for an SUV. The only problem is that sometimes the bluetooth connection has to be reset, which is annoying (especially has to be reset sometimes when switching from Amazon to Pandora).

- Doug S

The miles-per-gallon is actually really good for an SUV.

I haven't had any problem with my vehicle since purchasing it. For an SUV it has really good mile-per-gallon, I drive 80+ miles every day, and I get about 4 days per fill. It is comfortable. The backup camera is a plus. It is pretty comfortable.

- Shannon F

My forester has a good safety rating and handles well especially in the rain

I like how it handles in traffic. It's comfortable to sit in. It is the perfect size for when I travel to competitions with my dogs; it holds their crates and all of their equipment. I love all of the options I was able to get for a fair price.

- Cynthia B

It is a compact SUV that gets a surprisingly good gas mileage. It also has a top safety rating and does killer in the snow.

My husband and I initially were looking for a car with high safety rating and this car blows other brands away. But, now that we have had it for a winter, it also does incredible in the snow. I feel safe and know this car will take care of us.

- Kelly H

It is a car you can get in and drive away with very little learning curve.

This is my 2nd Subaru Forester. Love the way it handles, it is mostly comfortable a little tight in back but fine overall. Trunk space is great and I have had very little maintenance issues. The weather package is a great add on in my opinion.

- Maureen J

The most important thing to know is that it has a high safety rating and is rated high if not first by Consumer Reports.

This is my third Forester. It is a comfortable drive and can carry a large payload. The safety rating is high, which I credit for saving my life several years ago when I was in an accident with my first Forester. It is a great vehicle!

- Deb A

The start of smart cars. Adaptive cruise control saves me again

I love the adaptive cruise control. It makes long distance driving much more pleasant. I like the reliability of the car. I don't like that every dealership will tell you different things are needed for the 30,000 miles service.

- Mary S

Subaru Forester...reliable comfort.

Car performs well and we have had no mechanical problems with it at all in the almost 2 and a half years we have leased it. It is roomie and comfortable inside, it accelerates well and the extras, even on our model, are great.

- charlie j

Backing up safety and child locks I feel are amazing

I love my vehicle it is safe i can see how far I am backing up from dashboard. The heated seats are fantastic, can put back seats down if I only want one seat down I can do that, it is just the best car, no complaints at all

- Lisa Y

All Wheel Drive and great storage

The Forrester is All Wheel Drive which is a HUGE perk when you have to drive in the snow. The vehicle is comfortable for all passengers and has great storage capacity whether the back seat is being used by passengers or not.

- Rachel G

it is reliable, easy to drive. it's low maintenance and gets pretty good gas mileage

i like that it is easy to drive. it's reliable. i love that it has adaptive cruise control; that is my favorite feature. the gas mileage is pretty good. the lane departure thing bugs my sometimes, but overall i love the car

- anna b

Love the moon roof. Very large!

Safe! Reliable car drives smoothly. Display updates you if maintenance needed. My issue with this car is that there's not much room. There�s limited legroom and trunk space. Additionally there are no rear air controls.

- Amanda H

That it is a very safe car to drive.

I love my car very much. It is a safe car to drive and fun as well. The seats are very comfortable and hold up nicely. The car has great gas mileage and runs like a champ. Overall it is a great car from a good company.

- Anthony C

The 2016 Subaru Forester is spacious, affordable, and reliable.

The Subaru Forester is the perfect car. It is practical and reliable. A minor problem I experienced this year was that the air conditioning would stop functioning occasionally. Luckily this was able to be fixed.

- Elizabeth D

I love the lane departure notification and cruise control when traveling distances.

i love the ride and the storage of the forester. It has been reliable and handles well in winter. I have some paint chipping that I had not on other foresters. it is a long wait at the dealership for service.

- Mary L

The most important thing that others should know about my vehicle is that it is a very nice car for beginner drivers.

I like that my vehicle has great visibility. I also like that it has a back-up camera. I dislike that I cannot make the seat as high as needed. I also dislike that there is minimal air conditioning in the rear.

- Jessica M

It's economical: relatively inexpensive to buy and to drive.

The Forester is just the right size for us. It's got ample room for hauling stuff, and will comfortably seat 4 adults. Not too big; not too small, and affords an elevated seating position relative to sedans.

- John L

It is a vehicle with many safety features and a good repair record.

I love the way a subaru drives--smooth and solid. I can make sharp turns and easily judge parking. I love how you sit up and can see over the hood. I wouldn't waste the money on the eyesight program again.

- Brenda m

Great on gas mileage. Use for longer trips and mileage is awesome

Love the forester. Couple of things that are annoying. You can accidentally hit into low from drive on the stick. Back window does not open have to open entire gate. Back bumper faded. Good on gas mileage!

- Dawn C

It's never in the news of having a safety issue! A very high quality car that gets you safely from point A to point B.

I love my Subaru It is the best car that I have ever owned. It has great eyesight from all sides. The safety is top notch and an the security of the car is very good. I have no complaints of my SUV.

- Jennifer W

It is extremely safe and drives very smoothly, a great all-around car.

I enjoy how smooth it drives. I like the safety features. I enjoy the visual aesthetics of the car. My only dislike, and this is just being nitpicky, is the fact that the speedometer is not digital.

- Anna S

My car is an important way for me to get out and do the things I need to do, either by myself or with others as passengers.

My car is comfortable to drive in any condition. It can seat several people. It has quite a bit of room for me to put in a big amount of items. It gets good gas mileage, especially on road trips.

- Colleen B

The Subaru Forester is a great, reliable car.

My vehicle has great safety features and handles very well. My car is very reliable and was a great choice for my lifestyle. I enjoy driving my car and look forward to having it for a long time.

- C S

A lot of space is there for either moving small furniture or a lot of boxes or groceries.

It's a very reliable and comfortable car to drive in that has a great radio and speakers. I've used this vehicle to do the drive from Florida to New York and it made the ride much easier.

- Alanis A

28-29 mpg and that it is a smooth ride.

Only complaint is that there doesn't appear to be ant sound deadening insulation so the cockpit is a bit noisy. Other than that I like everything about it, especially the gas mileage..

- Gary C

It has a high safety rating and it is obvious when you climb in the car

I love the height of the seats and the way the vehicle drives. I feel safe and comfortable in this car. I wish the dash was slightly more updated but I feel as though I cannot complain.

- Jen G

It is very reliable and great in the winter.

I love the size of the vehicle. It is large enough to hold my family and items, but not too big for parking. It has good gas mileage. It has good visibility. It allows me to tow things.

- Kate H

It is one of the safest cars on the market and I love that about it.

It's just my size and I basically love it. It has plenty of room for me, but is a bit small when I have family members with me. Sometimes a little more cargo room would come in handy.

- Susan B

It has all-wheel drive and can handle any type of road conditions that it may encounter.

I don't have any complaints. It has been a great car. I like how it handles in the snow and rain. I feel very safe inside of it. It has great interior space to fit everything I need.

- Dan R

It takes very little care to keep it running well.

I truly like the visibility. I really dislike the seat comfort. I really like the looks. I like the size of this vehicle. I also really like that it is high enough off the ground..

- Esther S

Safe, dependable, spacious and luxurious. Great family car or for those that haul a lot of items.

Comfortable and safe to ride. Has great sight lines. Plenty of cargo and cabin space. I wish the door would like when you turn the car on and the mirrors on the visors had lights.

- Susan A

It is one of the top rated vehicles in his class & gas mileage is really great.

I love the gas mileage and all of the amenities such as Sirius radio and onstar. The seat could be just a little more comfortable and I would prefer a little bit more cargo area.

- Patricia L

Gets amazing gas on freeways.

I really love the room in the car I am able to fit my family as well as my dogs comfortable. The overall size of the car is amazing and the turn radius is my favorite feature.

- Candace F

Reliable in a types of weather and very comfortable to drive

Drives well in all types of weather Good mileage on highway and local roads Handles well in snow Seats are comfortable. Love the heated seats Plenty of room in the back seat

- Sharon o

My car has excellent gas mileage. Around town, I get about 28 miles to the gallon. On trips, I get around 32 miles to the gallon.

The Subaru Forester has excellent vision from the driver's seat. It has all-wheel drive and has a towing capacity of 1500 pounds. It is comfortable and gets good gas mileage.

- Charles H

My car is safe to drive. Subaru is one of the safest brands you can buy.

I love the safety features Subaru offers. It also has pretty good acceleration for a 4 cylinder. Gas mileage is also pretty good. I wish there was more space in the interior.

- Lydia M

It is a trustworthy vehicle that handles well in all weather.

I wish the doors auto locked when I began driving. This is a feature I had in previous cars and would be helpful with a young son. I like the space and the back up camera.

- Sarah W

The car got really good reviews on its safety rating.

It has everything I need and nothing that I don't. The gas mileage is great and it's got just enough room. I love that it has an SUV feel without having to climb up into it.

- Lauren B

The car is so versatile I can easily use it for every day errands or for adventures across the country

My Subaru is so versatile. It is easy to get large items around but never feels like a giant vehicle to drive. It's extremely reliable and puts up with rough conditions.

- Jillian N

It has all wheel drive that treks through the snow.

there's plenty of head room. For a suv it gets 27 mpg which is better than some cars. It has awd making it a good choice for the winter storms we have in northern ohio.

- robert J

That it is dependable and safe. The visibility is really great.

I like the visibility of car, it makes is great for travelling. It is very dependable and reliable. The ride though can be a bit truck like, which is a minor complaint.

- Linda L

It is rated high on consumer reports, and the gas mileage is really good.

I love how it's easy to get in and out off. I love the eye sight, it saved us from rear ending someone. Love how roomy it is and the great gas mileage we get with it.

- Diane F

It's a very reliable vehicle.

Love appearance, safety features and technology. It has a comfortable and attractive interior. It has great visibility. I would be happier if it was a 6 cylinder.

- Karen A

That it is extremely comfortable and it is not too large like most SUVs are.

It is been a great vehicle that is given me hardly any issues and it is great on gas! It is very spacious inside and it is a very comfortable ride for being an SUV.

- Elise C

The safety features it has.

It is comfortable, with a smooth ride. Easy to get in and out of tight spaces. I love the safety features, and back up camera. I would recommend this car to anyone.

- Dea I

The vehicle has good room and is comfortable to drive.

Comfortable and economical. Room to carry people, dogs, and gear. Compatibility to sync with phones has problems occasionally. Cost to repair is sometimes extreme.

- Peter v

It is comfortable to drive and has good safety features.

I like the safety and comfort of the Forester. It gets good gas mileage and is easy to drive. I wish it had a push button control to open and close the lift back.

- Lynne C

It is rated highly for safety. It is very good on gas.

It is very good on fuel mileage. It is a very safe car. It has plenty of storage room. Do not like that you can't unlock inside doors by pulling on door handle.

- Steve T

It's a safe, solid vehicle with many extra features that enhance your driving experience.

I love the solid feel, easy turns, comfortable ride, heated seats, moonroof, and safety of the Forrester. I would never again purchase the Isight program on it.

- Brenda c

It is a great family vehicle.

I love the design, durability, and reliability of subarus. I really do not have any complaints. This is my 2nd subaru and I cannot imagine driving anything else.

- Hannah S

It's a great family car. Its spacious and sporty but also handles the road well. It's super safe.

I love how it handles the road in bad weather. I always feel super safe driving my family in it. It's very roomy with lots of trunk space. No complaints so far.

- Michelle M

Greta in bad weather, particularly snow.

Great car: stylish, very good on gas, excellent audio system, convenient panel,good handling and responsive acceleration and best of all super in bad weather.

- James M

It is very dependable, comfortable, versatile, and goes in any kind of condition weather wise.

Have not had any problems or issues with the vehicle. It has been problem free since purchase and requires just routine maintenance. Plus I treat it well too.

- Richard H

Best cars ever for the snow.

Car is one of the best for the weather in central NY I have ever owned and driven. When we trade in the other family vehicle it will be for a Subaru product.

- Louis W

It's safe and reliable but don't plan on easily using your Bluetooth phone

I love the safety features, the reliability and the reputation of my forester. I don't like the ascetic value and the technology, namely the phone is lacking

- Jessica G

I love my car! It is such a great ride. It also feels very solid and sturdy. It has a very high safety rating.

It's great to drive and it feels like a solid car. It's not too girly and not too manly. The upholstery is great and it just feels like a high quality car.

- Allison M

Good safety record and excellent gas mileage. Great for long trips.

The Subaru has all the up to date safety features. It has good gas mileage and it looks sharp. It also has a great cargo space. There is nothing to dislike.

- Arlene B

Buy eyesight because that piece of tech will save you in the long run

I like the car because it keeps me safe and it will stop for me when I dont stop. This car is comfortable and the space is great for carrying a lot of stuff

- Thienan N

Great car for a great price!

Great car, good handling. The ride itself can be rough compared to luxury cars but I enjoy feeling the road when I drive. Automatic headlights are a plus.

- Tiffanie L

It's very good in the winter months (for those in colder weather). It's reliable and rated to be very safe. The front windshield view is awesome (very well designed to see out of).

I like the AWD and the reliability and safety ratings of the car. I'm not a big fan of the accuracy of the EyeSight technology that it comes with though.

- Brandon G

Great gas mileage and appealing design.

It's great, hard to fit a rear facing car seat though. Wish it was a tad bigger. Otherwise it rides smooth, love the back up camera and heated seats.

- Jess M

My forester drives well in all weather conditions that I have experienced.

My forester has been extremely reliable in all weather conditions I have experienced. It is roomy and spacious for my two kids and all their gear.

- Chris H

Love the details, very well made

Great gas mileage, reliable and handles well. Only problem we have had was a brake sensor went out within the first 2 years. Was fixed quickly.

- Kristi M

I feel safe driving it and I am a safe driver too.

Love the color, the quiet ride, the safety rating it is my favorite car yet. I bought it new and if I get another car it will be a Subaru also.

- Bobbie I

It drives very smooth and get great gas mileage.

It has all wheel drive which is great for inclement weather. Subaru's get great gas mileage. I dislike how hard it is to close the back hatch.

- Clint D

It is very reliable. I don't know about you but I am extremely satisfied.

I have no complaints. This is the best and most reliable vehicle I have ever owned. It is had no break down issues. Just regular maintenance.

- Dawn B

It's a beautiful but sturdy car.

It gets great gas mileage. It has the most room of any car I've ever owned. The ride is smooth. The heated sets are fantastic in the winter.

- Ray D

New Subaru Forester Lover!

I love how smooth the car drives and versatility capabilities (off road, storage). I choose this car due to the reputation of dependability.

- Jovette N

It is a safe and reliable car.

I love my vehicle. Its reliable and safe for the family. It drives smooth and the trunk is a good size for fitting everything we need in it.

- Sarah W

Safe, reliable, affordable, long-lasting, fun vehicles!

I love my subbie. It is well built, has high safety ratings, and is fun to drive. There are a few design flaws, but hey, nobody is perfect.

- Lor W

The car drives nice and gets great gas mileage... would definitely buy another.

Love my vehicle... gets great gas mileage and goes good in the snow. My car is just the right size for me... not to big and not to small.

- Carla P

Roomy back seat, comfortable to drive!

I love the room in the back seat. My son is over 6 feet tall and can ride comfortably in the back seat. I also love how smooth it rides.

- Karen C

I like the size of it and space. It drives well especially in the snow or other rugged terrain. I don't have too many complaints.

It's a good option if you live in a cold area with a lot of snow or drive on difficult terrain. Also has a decent amount of trunk room.

- Aileen N

safety features including airbags all around

like legroom space in backseat area. Like style and good gas mileage. Like visibility all around the vehicle. Like xm stereo system

- carl E

It is got a turbo engine option.

I love the engine, look, safety, AWD. Hate that there is no AC vent to the backseat. The vehicle does not cool off well in the summer.

- Brit T

The important thing to know is that it is a good all purpose vehicle.

This vehicle is great in all weather. It is comfortable, good on gas and drives well. It is not too fancy and is not too expensive.

- Karen M

Reliable, maintenance has been minimal.. Smooth ride.

Good height, comfortable, good mileage.. Bad- bar over back seat for storage cover.. Drives well - love the sunroof, handles well.

- Evelyn C

It's a Subaru The best vehicle available with the best safety features

No problems Totally reliable Fuel efficient Don't care for some of the dealerships trying to sell what they think you want/need

- Pearl S

The trunk takes a very long time to open.

It is my mother's care, I enjoy driving it. The only bad thing about it is that the trunk takes a ridiculously long time to open.

- Maria A

it is dependable and runs smooth. it is an attractive vehicle

i love how dependable it is. It always starts right up and i have no issues with how it runs. it is a nice looking vehicle also

- jenny g

Safety first, less carbon footprint, outdoor adventure.

Great safety features with eyesight, backup camera and road departure. Love the moon roof and windows all around. Great with gas.

- Stacy I

It is reliable and safe and comfortable.

It is features include Bluetooth and that is very convenient. Also has large window and is reliable. Also good for any weather.

- Sarah R

reliable, not too expensive, seems to last long, because you see the same type of the cars old still running

there are minor quality issue, and design is not optimal or best for details. other than that. it drives nice and great mileage

- teresa k

It's very safe, reliable, and holds a lot of cargo.

Totally reliable and easy to drive. Lots of cargo room and the ability to pull a small trailer. Top safety rankings. Great car.

- Joel M

The Forester is cheaper than the Outback but has most of the same functionality.

I like that the car is all-wheel drive. I dislike that the cupholders are too small to hold size large drinks from restaurants.

- Lisa M

The safety features of the car is the most important thing that others should know.

There is nothing to dislike. We like the Subaru because it's a family car. We love it's safety features and comfortable ride.

- Rye Z

It's comfortable and handles well in snow and ice.

It's easy on gas, has lots of room, handles well and is easy to get in and out of. But the paint job scratches really easily!

- peter b

How safe the car is to drive. It was rated number one in safety.

We bought this vehicle because it is safe and reliable. We love all the extra features it has. It is also energy efficient.

- Molly C

My car has four wheel drive makes me feel better driving in bad weather

I like that it is a bit higher off the ground. I feel safe in it with my children. I wish the back seat was a little wider.

- Shayna G

Safe vehicle that has great gas mileage and extra features come standard.

Nice ride. Good gas mileage. All wheel drive. Eyesight is great feature. The bluetooth cell interface needs improvement

- l m

It get the job done. No problems.

Have no problems with it so far. Just routine maintenance. Wish it had better tires and more storage and cup holders

- jenny P

That it uses a lot of gas!.

It drives well on all types of terrain. It gets good gas mileage. It has everything I need in it to take long road trips.

- Brittany C

all time four wheel drive is absolutely amazing, no need for snow tire any more

I like the fact that it's reliable and easy to maintain. The only thing I do not like is its interior - not so impressive

- sophie b

It was a pretty good deal as it was an online internet sale price. I don't really like the color, but that was part of the sale price.

I like that I can see well while driving. I like the bluetooth for talking on the phone. I dislike the poor gas mileage.

- Christina M

The badass outdoor mom. Car.

Safe, good clearance, carries all my outdoor gear and takes me all over the country with the dogs, the kid and the gear.

- Mary W

It is great in bad weather.

I love the high gas mileage and safety features. The large window makes visibility great. I dislike the color of my car.

- Sarah F

I feel very safe and comfortable in my Subaru due to the great vision and handling of the vehicle.

Comfortable and roomy in both front and back seat. Vehicle handles nicely. Do not like center console. It is too short.

- Barbara M

It is very safe to drive. I feel comfortable in my reliable car, especially on the highway.

I like the sunroof. I like the gas mileage. I like the color. I like the heated seats. I like the cloth seats too.

- simone m

Basic and practical vehicles are the best with less worry

First off it has been running smooth and I have no problems with it. For all this time that I own it, it has no recall.

- sue c

It has great safety features.

The safety features are my favorite part. i also love the storage. I can load two kayaks on it easily. No complaints.

- Amanda T

Safety features are extraordinary.

I have two kids active in sports. Plenty of room for equipment and quick stops to grocery stores. Super safe and comfy.

- Jessica E

Most important thing I can say is the quality of my vehicle is amazing I haven't had any problems at all.

I have no complaints. I absolutely love all the features and quality is the best , I haven't had a problem in 2 years.

- Janie E

I love that the top safety features come standard!

It has the carrying space of an SUV, but doesn't feel huge. Easy to drive. Great safety features, especially for snow.

- Cheryl B

It has a lot of modern features and is very safe to drive.

It's a very good ride. The voice recognition is a bit silly, and doesn't always know who I want to call. It's safe.

- Chip C

This car is built like a wagon, but is as roomy as a SUV.

I really like the room that it has. My son has friends over a lot and we need the room to pick up and drop them off.

- Oscar J

Great car for dogs, groceries, long trips, etc.

No complaints really. The in dash "infotainment" system is "clunky" and seems dated with no carplay or android auto.

- Frank H

The Subaru Forester is enjoyable to drive, both on short and long trips.

Easy to drive, brakes well, good sound system and other electronics, comfortable both in seating and climate control

- Joseph S

It's very reliable. It's also fuel efficient. Goes well in the snow.

Reliable transportation for my dogs and I. If it was stolen, crashed, etc, I'd get another one without hesitation.

- frank h

All Wheel drive is awesome, Subarus last forever. I love my car

I like that it's a subaru. it's rugged. I don't like how the car seats fit in the back. I would like more space.

- Amie T

It is the safest vehicle on the market.

Best car I have ever had. Safe, comfortable, well designed, and great gas mileage. I will never buy anything else.

- Beth S

It gets great mileage-over thirty miles per gallon.

Our car is safe & reliable. It gets good mileage & is fantastic in snow. It's safe & comfortable & roomy inside.

- sharon h

Sturdy and stylish plus family sized.

No complaints. Great protection and safe feeling when on the road.. Great snow driving.. Love the features it has.

- Robin K

Great mileage. Low maintenance. Good to drive at long distances.

Mileage is amazing. Good features. Great for long drives. Nice spacious inside. Inexpensive parts. No complaints.

- Sa C

It rates high on safety tests.

It rides high. It is easy to drive. It rates high on safety tests. It holds its value very well for trade in..

- Marie R

they last a long time, have had 5, they all lasted for over 100,000 miles

roadability, along with the four wheel drive makes it easy to drive & handle low maintenance adds to its appeal

- leo t

Large sunroof all wheel drive hatch has cover to hide merchandise

Comfortable with good gas mileage. Has all wheel drive great for winter driving.good view line through windows

- Susan A

All the bells and whistles!

This vehicle has all the bells and whistles. It is great for the high-tech nerds of the world, such as myself!

- Ness W

Been in 3 accidents, great repairs.

Love my car and its safety ratings. Very comfortable heated seats and upgrades. Fits large animals and cargo.

- Rebecca O

It's very safe and comfortable to drive. I feel very safe using it to drive my kids around in it.

It is very comfortable to sit in and drive. I wish the sound system was a little better. It is a smooth ride.

- Caitlin S

Subaru Forester great for moms.

No problems. The Subaru Forester is spacious and comfortable to drive. It is a great car for a small family.

- Shannon H

It is safe and a comfortable drive for my family. It also handles the snow well.

It is safe and reliable. I also like the features such as the backup camera. It is also pretty good on gas.

- molly r

Great safety features that keeps your kids and family safe.

Drives very smooth, comfortable leather seats that clean up easily. I love the backup camera and moonroof!.

- Elizabeth S

Subaru Forester rides smooth

Love this car. can fit anything in the back. rides smooth. high up so i can see. handles nice in the snow.

- michele d

It is safe and it has a record of being one of the best car.

I have no complains. It is my favorite make on vehicles. If I will buy again I will prefer the same brand.

- Sol A

I like the large windows and the visibility.

The pickup is not always great when trying to quickly attain speed to pull-out or merge onto the highway.

- Elizabeth F

It is one of the most safe vehicles on the road. It is a nice family car with plenty of seating and storage in the back. It sits up higher than a lot of vehicles.

It is a smooth riding vehicle. It has plenty of room. It is a very safe vehicle. The gas mileage is good.

- Steven K

Has eyesight feature that gives safe driving.

Great safety feature with eyesight. Offers spacious headroom. Radio has great sound. Lots of cargo space.

- Julie K

It is fun to drive and good on gas. The seats are very comfortable.

I really like the way the car drives . It is very comfortable. I wish it had a few more safety features.

- Pat E

It didn't take me long to start loving my Subaru forester.

I love my Subaru because it is great in all types of weather and lots of room and accessories available.

- Dan D

The safety features are the most impressive. The car drives well also.

I like the safety ratings the best. I feel like my car is safe. What I don't like is the lack of vents.

- Lisa S

Not built for someone who is short. Cup Holder is very inconveniently placed for someone needing to be closer to the steering wheel. Car is not as great on ice and snow as stated, and is actually not as good as their Subaru Legacy. Legacy is VERY roomy compared to the Forester.

This car is OK on gas and has good corner stability. Easily goes from different road conditions well.

- Barbara G

Great safety ratings and dependability.

The Subaru is great for safety and good in the snow. It also drives like a compact car but is an SUV.

- Tara K

Safety factor and feeling secure like the reputation

love the safety of the Subaru. The ride is wonderful. Love the dealership and salesman we work with

- Susan P

The safety and comfortable of this car very important.

I very safe and smooth ride. The extras are awesome like Sirius Xm and navigation system. Great car.

- Ron G

This model has a number of safety features available that are well worth the option price.

Smooth ride. Fantastic gas mileage for an AWD vehicle. Lots of cargo space. Lots of safety features.

- Scott F

That it is a perfect family car and works well in all types of weather.

I liked that it is all wheel drive for winter. There is plenty of room for my family. Very reliable.

- Brenda M

Luxury,comfort even in snow also very comfortable to drive my car

I like it's look,comfort and luxury..and mainly I loves Subaru because my first own money new car.

- Grace N

Great visibility and easy access to get in and out of. So far very reliable.

Great vehicle, Plenty of storage. Very easy to get in and out of and the visibility is outstanding

- Louis P

Gas mileage and safety are fantastic

Gas mileage and safety records are fantastic. Comfort and quality of materials inside are lacking.

- Erin N

it is a reliable vehicle!

reliable, good gas mileage, comfortable ride, roomy, control panel clean-easy to read at a glance

- megyn M

Very poor GPS but other than that not a bad ride

Great 4 wheel vehicle. Very poor electronics including the lame GPS. Rides nice and handles well.

- bob J

It's a very safe vehicle to drive and love the cruise control and back up camera features.

I like that it sits high for better vision. I like the bluetooth phone when it works correctly.

- Cheryl C

I love the visibility and practically no blind spots. It is reliable for snow days. It has the best safety rating.

It is very good safety features. It has good resale values. I definitely love the big moonroof

- Vivian Z

That the vehicle is All wheel drive.

I like a good it travels in the snow. Great gas mileage. It's a little too small for my family

- Amy m

Good visibility for short people, well off the ground.

Great visibility, easy handling, love the AWD, high clearance - just wish the MPG was better.

- Deb G

The safety features are unbeatable, but I wish it had a blind spot detector. It has a comfortable interior, with heated seats. The cargo area is suitably roomy. I do wish the back seat had more room.

The safety features make it perfect for any family (provided they only need seating for 4).

- Sarah H

It is very reliable and has many safety features.

My vehicle is fun to drive. It is reliable. I feel very safe driving my Subaru Forester.

- Patricia C

It has a very High safety rating and is a fuel efficient vehicle.

I love the fuel efficiency. All wheel drive is great! Interface with iPhone needs work.

- Meli R

I enjoy the eyesight technology. Excellent all wheel drive. Very fuel efficient.

Eyesight technology has been integrated in Subaru for a decade. Leading in their field.

- Carolyn F

Safest in a crash, good gas mileage. Overall a very good brand that is worth the reputation.

Overall like it��� Had back windows tinted too dark, hard to see when backing up.

- roxanne p

It is so very dependable. I have no qualms about driving long distances with my kids, and can't foresee any for a long time.

I love my forester. The trunk space is a little small but other than that it's perfect.

- Faith K

It is highly rated for Safety and security.

Subaru is a wonderful company. They make quality products that are safe and reliable.

- Alina R

It gets great gas mileage.

Great gas mileage. Very safe. Many features. Not enough leg room in front or back.

- James J

I have had my Subaru Forester for a little over two years and have already put 60,000 miles on it. I had a 120 mile commute every day for most of the two years. I change the oil regularly every 6,000 miles and have not had any issues with it. It's good to check the oil level every 2000 miles to be safe. Over all very safe, reliable, awesome car with some wind noise.

Very safe, reliable and awesome car which can go everywhere with decent gas mileage.

- Joey C

great and super safe. i really feel good about having my toddler in the car in case of a crash.

stereo system isn't great, and it takes a long time for heating/cooling the interior

- casey k

it is fun to drive and it has a backup camera

it is a manual which i love. it has lots of space. i don't love the cloth interior

- Jenn J

All wheel drive. Comfortable seats.

Good sized. Reasonably good gas mileage. All wheel drive. The handling is only Ok

- Bob F

Its safety features are outstanding and the car holds its value.

I like the safety features. It's good in snowy, wintry weather. No complaints.

- Mary J

Very safe. Easy to drive. Great on gasoline best car ever.

Love it. Great car. Fun to drive. Go Subaru go. So much to do with the car

- Stephanie B

subaru's eyesight function is safe, reliable, and convenient.

eyesight function is convenient. driving experience is great very reliable.

- George D

It's a great way to get around. Gets great fuel mileage

It goes anywhere. Smooth ride. Heated seats. Love to drive it. Comfortable.

- Beth K

This car is very gas efficient

It is gas efficient. Works well in winter.. I prefer a 3 row car though.

- Xiao m

It's mine!! And no one else can have it! It's a great vehicle.

I love the safety. No dislikes. I like working with Subaru as a company

- Gina D

dependable and easy on gas

good mileage, easy to drive, right amount of passenger and cargo space.

- ru R

Safety is the most important thing about my car. Safety.

Strong Structure, easy to drive, large space, very good safety design.

- Cheng C

Safe vehicle, fuel efficient

Love ride, fuel efficiency, comfort. Could improve phone connectivity

- M B

Subaru makes a field product & when they go electric they'll be even better.

It's practical. Cheap. Good on gas. Does what I want. Handles well.

- Brando D

Only two complaints:Can't get a Memory Seat and no direct heating or cooling in back seat. Everything else is great!! Low gas usage. I keep wondering if when am I going to use enough gas to need more.

Safety It's been proven that Subaru is the safest car on the toad.

- Ann P

The all wheel always on can be a lifesaver in usual circumstances.

Great usability and very versability. I like the way it handles.

- Fred J

Safety features of the car. It is an all wheel drive.

Reliable especially during snow. Spacious rear seats. Good mpg .


It holds up well in bad weather, on any kind of road surface.

Love everything! Especially how well subaru's handle bad weather.

- Hayley W

I absolutely love my car! There isn't anything about my car that I dont like :) < 3

My subaru Forester 2016 was rated one of the safest vehicles. :)

- Consuelo D

Subaru Forester is very gas efficient and spacious.

it is very gas efficient. it is spacious. I wish it was 3 rows.

- xiao s

That it's not flashy, but it gets the job done -- and done well..

I love its mileage. Also, its durability. The handling is fine.

- Josh W

have had no trips to mechanic except for oil changes

no problems with it. wish it had more storage and better tires

- jenny t

I love my vehicle because it handles well in the snow and rain. Also, it's very economical on gas. I wish it was a bit larger and I wish it had a entertainment package in it.

Subaru Foresters are economical cars with great gas mileage.

- Lorena S

best safety record in its class; best ranked among suv cars

love color, performance, gas mileage, AWD, the sunroof..lots

- julie s

It drives great! It drives really well in all weather conditions.

The brake pads wear down really quickly. They become squeaky

- Mariam K

It has eyesight. Eyesight has the ability to slow or stop the car automatically

It has good fuel economy It is fun to drive It has eyesight

- John W

Expensive to maintain oil changes are more than 80.00

Like a smaller vehicle, don't like the mirrors, hard to see

- Debbie T

I love the automatic back gate that opens and closes with the push of a button.

It's a perfect car for me. There is nothing that I dislike.

- Gail J

Safe smooth ride. Comfortable seats and nice look

Safety features and top rated safe vehicle for many years

- Ang U

I Love the x mode during snow time, feel safe during driving on slope

Easy drive, very good size, 4 wheel drive is reliable.

- Joti W

Good gas mileage especially for long distance driving

Comfortable traveling Good gas mileage Adequate space

- Lola R

Love Subarus great safety ratings and great safety features they require less maintenance than other vehicles that I have had

Subarus are Top Rated Vehicles For Safety features

- jackie G

can see everything easily

great visibility, smooth ride, powerful, economical

- diana L

that is it top in It's class for safety. not sure what else

it is fun to drive. it is still new. and I love it

- barb k

Great entry or a handicapped person

Great size. Easy entry. Great gas mileage

- Jay B

Subaru is the best choice car brand for people who love the outdoors.

- J J

Subaru forester keeps getting safer and better.

- Kathleen D

Forrest Gump is safe and reliable.

- Kris B