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Not so good

This is our third forester, the first being in 1998 the year the forester came out. I can attest that the carpeting and material used on the seats in the base model was far better than what you get now. We had fog lights standard, no longer so. With our 2018 we lost one of the holders for sunglasses, and 3 of the directional tabs for the vents broke off before the first oil change. it also takes far longer to warm up in the winter than the 2 previous models did and the pick-up also feels reduced. The trunk is not as deep, when you put the back seats up the strip that is supposed to be snapped in and glide up behind the seats buckles and needs to be reset. the tarp above the trunk area is not at all simple with the addition of a strip between the back seats and the bar that has stretch ties that go over the headrests. not easy to quickly remove. If you are moving furniture, as we just recently had to do, it is difficult to slide anything into the back, it gets caught on the strip between the folded seats n trunk its so so very uneven that you have to pad the trunk area to level the space - ok if you're moving 1 thing - not ok if you are moving and need to pack more than 1 piece of furniture and other belongings. The seats are, amazingly, even more uncomfortable than the 2006 Forester we had making longer trips difficult. It does handle as well as the other Foresters we had, and the engine change should probably end the suicidal head gasket which both the 1998 and 2006 experienced at 79k n 100k respectively (the latter due to additives in the oil to extend the life of the gasket). unhappy with the vibration of the rear view mirror which is now attached to the windshield instead of the ceiling and moves when the radio is on. The ride is not as loud as the 2006 was, however, the 2006 increased in rattling noise as it aged. Aside from the backup screen which I do like, the touch screen radio is not so great and more of a distraction. I'm sure its going to be a wonder of electronic mishaps for the future. My 2006 had a shorting sensor for the doors which was placed behind the grill on the drivers side. It happily locked me out of the car on rainy days when I'd get out to check the mailbox, took a bit to figure out it wasn't possessed. I am pretty sure this will be our last Forester. My husband has been the driving factor in our purchase of this model based on the all wheel drive and safety features. Im sure there will be more all wheel drive choices in the future from companies other than Subaru.

- Amy J

Great buy would recommend to family and friends.

I like the Forester because it has a smooth ride, spacious interior, great visibility and good in the snow and ice. The back trunk has a lot of room for groceries. The color white is fresh and bright. The only negative I would say is that the interior is a bit noisy as you drive on the freeway. It sounds like your windows are open even when they are not open. The seats are not that comfortable. I find the monthly lease payments affordable. If you live in a region that has a lot of snow I would recommend this SUV. Many people in my area have the same car which can sometimes make it hard to find my car in public places. .

- Angela L L

My Subaru. The coating on the paint last the life of the vehicle.

Smooth ride, extremely comfortable, what I like the most is you do not hear the wind sounds it is a quiet ride. I owned a 2014 and never had 1 problem with it I only traded it because I wanted a newer SUV. Got a very large trade in value. I would highly recommend this vehicle 1st for its safety and for it is dependability. No blind spots l love that, I have not had any mechanical issues with either SUV so I can only praise the vehicle for its performance. Good looks, interior on 2014 like new, non yellowing headlights, lots of legroom front and back seats. Take it for a ride, you will love it.

- Linda M

Subaru cars are the safest, easy to drive, all wheel drive all the time and best cars you can buy.

I love Subaru cars. We have had 5 over a period of years. We have had Outbacks but have always wanted a Forester. I do not like the Forester as much as the Outback. I like the all wheel drive all the time, good gas mileage, safety features. I do not like the short wheel base of the Forester. I love the cup holders, the back up screen, the ability to answer the phone-thru the radio-while driving and NOT have to touch your phone. I would recommend a Subaru to anyone who wants a reliable car with great safety features. It's the best.

- Lin P

High safety ratings helped me decide on Subaru forester.

I love my new Subaru forester. It is reliable, roomy, and drives smoothly. It is very comfortable to drive. I recently went on a 4 hour 40 minute road trip and I did not get tired and uncomfortable like I did in my previous vehicle. I like that I sit higher and have a clear view of the road, making me feel safer, just like the commercials say! The cargo space is large which is good for me because I own a business where I travel to clients homes and need to bring materials. I am getting 27. 3 mpg on average.

- Barbara T

The car has great safety features and a comfortable ride.

I like the ride. I get a clear view of the cars in front of me and when I turn right I can see the cars that creep out that might not be caught by the side mirror. Cargo area is spacious and sufficient for carry friends with luggage to airport. I like the lane detection and backup cameras. It has power seat for the driver which makes it easier for those I might lend car to. I wish it had power seat for the front passenger side so whoever is riding with me could more easily adjust their seat.

- Ellen H

Luxury midsize SUV at affordable price.

The only complaint I have is that there is no overhead light in the rear cargo area, which makes it difficult to load and unload in the dark. Other than that, I cannot say anything negative about this vehicle! I feel confident that my children and I are safe on the road, both with the handling/driving conditions and other drivers. Subaru is really a luxury brand at an affordable price. I did tons of research before buying this car and I know it is the absolute best option for the price point!

- Alison Y

easy to drive. easy access to the controls on the dash. does well in all weather conditions..

Safety, not only airbags in the dash/steering wheels, there are side bags. Driving in snow/slush/rain, the AWD is the best. Easy access to the controls. Another great feature, there is a place on the either the front or rear bumper that you can screw in a big bolt. I kayak, when I tie off my boat, I add the front bumper bolt, and use it to stabilize the kayak. It can also be used to pull you out...I also average 32 mpg, this is my 2nd forester, and the only car for me...

- faith c

The Reliable Sporty Turbo Charged Subaru Forester.

I love MY Subaru! I have her serviced regularly, always using top grade products/parts. In return, she performs at her best. She has been very reliable, with very few minor problems along the road. She has taken us on long road trips, without any complaints from passengers. The interior is firm, yet comfortable. We opted for the top of the line model, so she has all the bells and whistles. Some of the features don't get used much, as the rear camera.

- John O

Subaru forester has surprising amount of storage!

The 2018 forester provides excellent storage, comfortable seating. It sits higher than a traditional car making getting in and out easier for those with mobility challenges. One of our main reasons for purchase included the safety features such as lane departure and navigation assistance and we have been pleasantly surprised by the support they provide. The 2018 model allows ease and comfort with the look and feel of a traditional mid-size SUV.

- Erica B

Best vehicle in its price range.

Smooth, comfortable ride. Great features and I feel really safe in it. Would definitely recommend it to other. Preferred it to the Outback. Appreciate all the extras, that make it feel superior. Very good mileage around town and long distance. Great good miles per gallon. Having the cameras to reverse and the side mirror hep is wonderful. Having the keep in lane safety assist makes driving in town and on the long road trip much more enjoyable.

- Laura G

Wonderful driving car with easy to use features, but uncomfortable upholstery.

I am not aware of any problems with this vehicle. The only issue so far is that when an iPhone is plugged in it automatically goes to Pandora. This is more of an annoyance than anything else. It is very comfortable and easy to drive. Feels good on pavement or dirt roads. I wish the upholstery had a different texture. Living in a warmer climate we often wear shorts. I do not enjoy the feeling of the upholstery imprint on the backs of my legs.

- Sara D

The safety features are the best part of the vehicle.

I absolutely love my forester. The tier I chose has leather interior. It feels like butter when you sit on it. I feel like I can drive it up a mountain and not have a struggle. It is comfortable and easy to drive. The best part is the safety features. Collision avoidance and x mode for the snow! The massive sunroof helps to see the stars before bed when camping. When you think of Subaru you should think: safe, reliable and comfortable!

- Ashley F

Family safe but still sporty.

I really like the layout and interior of the Subaru forester. The edition I have makes it feel slightly sporty while I know it's still a safe car for my family. The eyesight feature is helpful although it makes placing a toll transponder tricky. We also found the back seats to be a little narrow for a car seat. Overall it is a smooth ride with great stability in the snow and the heated seats were a real perk in the winter.

- Tiffany R

There are so many great features that I cannot call out just one.

This is the best car I have ever owned. I love all the safety features. The front camera that monitors and controls speed when there's a car in front of you. The side mirror indicator if a car is beside you. The comfort and stability of the vehicle all the time. I just feel safe anytime I am inside this vehicle. It's also roomy with the rear seats that fold flat. My favorite feature might be the heated steering wheel.

- Tammy D

All wheel drive in a crossover.

I love my Subaru. It is very easy to drive and is very roomy. I took our jumbo dog, my husband, his wheelchair and lots of luggage with no problem!! The very best thing is the all wheel drive. So perfect for the snow! The "smart" features are awesome. I am warned if I drift in my lane, have a full sized rear view mirror on the dashboard for backing up and warning lights if someone is in my blind spot.

- Katy B

Subaru forester, an enjoyable small SUV.

This car has very easy maneuverability. It has all wheel drive so it goes through snow with no problems. It gets 22 to 30 miles per gallon so saves on gasoline. However, it is not the most comfortable, especially if driving a long distance. The ride is not as smooth as I would like. It is fairly lively with good pickup. The backup camera is especially helpful when parking. Overall a great little car.

- Mary S

The Subaru Forester is the best car for the dollar. It's safe, reliable, and good with gas too!

I just got it, so I'm still learning it; however, I LOVE THIS CAR. It feels so safe to drive compared to my previous vehicle. It has little to no blind spots. The ground clearance is high enough that I can get in and out of my steep driveway without scraping the bottom of it! No dislikes nor complaints thus far, just getting used to driving a much bigger car. (My previous vehicle was a Honda Fit)

- Abbie B

I love this car- this is my second Subaru forester.

I love the big windows in the car because there are barely any blind spots and it is very bright. The seats are comfortable and the interior is beautiful. I also like the screen to help with backing up and that I am able to connect my phone with Bluetooth for phone calls and listening to music. Overall, the car is very reliable and I have no had any issues. This is my second Subaru forester!

- Amanda A

Safe & reliable Subaru. If I ever get another vehicle, it will be a Subaru.

My Subaru is a sturdy built, safe & dependable SUV. It is my first SUV & I feel very safe in it as it is more metal than most. It is pearl white & beautiful. I get over 30 mpg. I keep it well maintained. It is extremely comfortable & my heated seats keep me very warm where I do not need to turn on my heater. I looked online at the reviews on Subarus have to say they are right on the money.

- Mer H

The Subaru Forester is great vehicle with some of the best safety features on the market.

The Subaru Forester is a great choice if you are looking for a smaller SUV. It has many of the most advanced safety features including adaptive cruise control. It feels like all you have to steer when driving and the car will do the rest. The thing that bugs me about the car is that the climate control fans are very loud at higher setting but other than that the vehicle is great.

- Jeffrey H

Highly recommend the forester.

I really enjoy the panoramic sunroof and the openness of the forester. There is not a blind spot on the vehicle, the visibility of the car gives me peace of mind while driving. It also has a number a great safety features like automatic pre collision braking, lane departure alert, and distance pacing cruise control. It rides really smooth, is really roomy and a very reliable car.

- Sarah G

I love how safe it feels driving a forester even in the rain.

My car forester is exactly what I was looking for. I am leasing it for 3 years and I am loving it after one year of driving it. It is reliable and very comfortable. The interior of the car is spacious and comfortable. I feel safe driving the car in the city, on the freeway, and outdoors. I think it is a perfect car for people that like to go on road trips and enjoy the outdoors.

- Selena H

I love the four wheel all the time.

The Subaru Forester is a super reliable vehicle. The four wheel drive is on constantly so I never have to worry about knowing when to put it into four wheel. It handles great in all weather types. The backup camera is also a great feature that I use all of the time. I do not think that I am ever going to be able to have anything else but a Subaru now after buying this one.

- Sam G

The infotainment system in the 2018 Subaru Forester is indescribably horrible.

I've owned my Forester since 3/18. From the standpoint of being a car it is thoroughly outstanding. The driving experience, handling, performance, visibility and overall quality are fantastic. The infotainment system though is in reality an embarrassment. It's nothing short of wretched. Luckily for perspective 2019 buyers this has been remedied with al all new system.

- Glenn B

It drives well and is reliable with good ratings for safety.

We just leased this Subaru Forester in June 2018. So far we really like it. We were replacing another SUV of similar size and I really like that kind of vehicle. It drives nicely and is comfortable. I like the feel inside the vehicle which has good viewing of the road..and I love that they have still included a CD player along with other 2018 type of tech gadgetry!

- Anita b

Subaru, one of the safest vehicles on the road.

I love sitting up higher than in my sedan. Visibility is great. The maneuverability is incredible as is the gas mileage. It is wonderful putting the car in reverse & having a screen that shows me what is behind me. Being able to fold the backseat down is perfect for hauling large objects. I feel very safe because of all the airbags & safety features.

- Deborah G

Overall great but still room for improvement in the cabin

the car has been a great vehicle thus far. the Subaru eyesight safety features work well and add value to the vehicle. Performance is solid and gas millage is around 400 miles per tank. Some small issues would be the outdated entertainment system which has been rectified in newer models. Additionally, rear view mirror is a bit large and creates a blind spot

- eddie C

Subaru Forester 4WD, amazing, gas saver, spacious!

The Subaru Forester is an amazing car. It drives smoothly and quietly. It's very comfort and spacious making it a car for convenient for long trips and grocery runs. The Bluetooth and optional GPS is also a great for those who travel and for those who prefer to use their own GPS system on their phones. Overall, I haven't had any problems with the car.

- Anna M

I love the turbo, but miss having navigation.

Great visibility and comfort. I love the xt (turbo) because it is great for driving on the highway. Even though it is an SUV, I still feel cool driving it because it is fast and fun to drive. The premium does not have all the fancy bells and whistles that the touring has, but I do not feel like I am missing out. I do wish it had navigation thought.

- Amanda B

Love my 2018, Subaru Forester.

I love my car! I leased it 3 months ago and thus far, no problems at all. I really like the eyesight feature. I was recently in an accident and it helps me feel secure on my long commute to work. It is always reliable and extremely comfortable. I would recommend this car to anyone. And it is all-wheel-drive which is amazing in the rain and snow.

- Kelsey S

Too laborious a survey to rate a vehicle. Sorry but true.

Safe and reliable vehicle so I am confident when I have my children and family in my car, this is important because of safety factors. I also feel your requirement of the two hundred fifty characters is not fair if the reader does not need that many characters. Who are you to decide that. Also this is too laborious a survey for a mere 10 points.

- Mildred P

Nicest Subaru that I ever have driven.

I love my Subaru because it is well suited for the climate that I am in; cold weather and lots of snow. Even on the icy road, my car maintain a good traction and it provides me the sense of safety. I also love the new touch screen menu for music and radio station. Lastly, it is nice to be able to receive calls through the Bluetooth connection.

- Yoko T

It has a five-star safety rating. I will not buy any other model of vehicle.

My favorite component of my Forrester is the drive through the winter roads. I had absolutely zero problems or moments of fear with the all-wheel drive. I feel safe and comfortable driving this vehicle through any type of weather. The moonroof is a phenomenal accessory, just to bring in a little extra sun rays. Heated seats are also a plus!

- Patti S

High quality and high comfort.

This is the second Subaru Forester that I have owned and I love it. No problems whatsoever and run very well. Great gas mileage, I travel a lot and am impressed with how far I can go without having to refuel. Very comfortable and great visibility. I would 10/10 recommend this car to anyone. Great space inside for passengers and trunk space.

- Madeline C

It is a Subaru which means it has an all wheel drive!

I have a brand new Subaru Forester that I love! The styling looks like a Range Rover with lots of window space, a huge sunroof , all wheel drive, and lots of power! The seats are very comfortable, it sits higher off the ground to see over traffic, and is fun to drive. My only complaint is I wish it had a self opening and closing tailgate

- Debra M

Safety features. Great gas mileage.

Love the mileage we get with this vehicle and all the added safety features. The room that is has and the way it rides. The safety features save us on car insurance also which is a bonus. The only feature that it does not have that I would like it to have is the doors to lock when you start to move with today world that would be nice.

- Lynn B

The forester is a great car that could be better on MPG

This car is extremely well put together. I have put over 8,000 miles on it and it is still holding up well. I am still getting used to it but there have been very few complaints. The all wheel drive is different however once you are used to it then it drives great. The fuel mileage could be better but it's not made for that.

- Auston S

Safe family car with all you would need for a family of 4.

My forester is a nice comfortable vehicle that feels smooth and safe to drive. It comfortably seats 4, although it could seat a fifth without the two car seats in back. Good visibility and is larger without feeling cumbersome to drive. Fully equipped with all safety features and the Bluetooth makes it easy to listen to music.

- A J

Great family car with fantastic safety ratings and reviews

We bought our Subaru after looking at reviews and family members having a Forester, and Impreza, and an Outback. All of us have had great experiences with our Subaru's. We have taken several day trips in addition to a cross-country roadtrip and day to day use. The vehicle works great and is comfortable to drive and ride in.

- Sara P

The main thing i think people need to know about the subaru forester is that it is reliable and has good gas mileage.

I really like my car. It works very well in the snow and rain. In the snow it doesn't slide and it rights itself if there is a slick spot. I trust it. It's easy to figure out how to do certain things, for example cruise control was easy to look up how to do with simple steps. I don't have any complaints or dislikes.

- Erica E

It is fun to drive and did great in the snow last winter.

Love everything about it except that the back seats fold forward and leave a large gap between the seats and the back of the front seats. It is only a problem for me because I have my dogs with me in the car a lot, and they sometimes fall in the gap, even with the seat covers I have that create a sling/hammock there.

- Sara C

Subaru Forester a great vehicle.

The vehicle I own is a Subaru Forester. It is AWD and gets great gas mileage, I have average 30. 9 miles per gallon over 16, 000 miles of driving on interstates, city and country roads. It has great interior space for 5-6 people comfortably and plenty of storage for cargo. The safety features are fantastic as well.

- Nathan K

Feels safe, excellent rude, excellent viewing.

Love this Subaru forester. Smooth riding, the windshield is so wide which makes the viewing excellent. The rear camera is so clear and helpful. I really like the features on the dashboard lighting up. Receiving my texts and phone calls on there as well. Really a help and safety feature to be able to be hands free.

- Joan M

It's safe, reliable and four wheel drive all the time.

I like the way it handles but dislike the way the seat on the drivers side goes forward. I am short and there is a bar that moves the seat ahead. The last car we had there was a button on the side that made it much easier to adjust the seat. I like the backup screen and almost everything else about our Forester.

- Lin P

Subaru's in general, have a great rating for longevity and last a good long time.

I love the way my Forester drives, I love that it has lots of legroom not only in the front, but also in the back seats. Although I would like a larger car, like a minivan, I am happy with the space in the Forester. The price was right and the dependability was a big factor, it should last us a good long time.

- Kristie M

Fun car to drive with lots of glass to see and view and comfortable to drive.

Lots of window and space. Feels like your in a fishbowl. Easy to drive and no blind spots. I have problems with figuring the radio and phone compatibility but could be user error. Good car for the money. Window locks can be annoying. Usually after locking the driver can still operate windows. Not with this car.

- Lyn F

I love that the car will link to my smartphone super easy.

Absolutely no issues with it I love it. The monthly payments are not terrible high, insurance is cheaper than our other cars. The gas tank will last me 2 weeks it is super safe and it is perfect for my family. It is cozy, quick, and I know it is going to last for years until my kids are able to start driving.

- Jennifer N

Ranks high on safety features that are useful

I love the safety features and the way it drives. It drives smoothly and provides reminders about staying in your lane and about vehicles in your blind spot. Some of the things that I don't like as much are the small size of the passenger and cargo spaces, the look is not very sporty, and the smaller tank.

- K L

It is a very safe car, loaded with safety features.

I love my Forester! I have back & hip problems & the Forester is the Most comfortable for me. The seats are nice &a high. It is very easy to maneuver & rides great. My last car was a 2004 Forester & my late husband had a 1997 Impreza Outback. My son & his wife have both cars that are still running fine.

- Rosemary K

Great car for safety and comfort.

I think the Subaru Forester is a great car. This is my 2nd one. I feel safe and comfortable driving it. There are a lot of features that are a bit distracting when driving such as the beeping when you change lanes without a signal. The Audio system is a little confusing but I should just reading the manual!

- Sheri G

We love our Subaru Forester.

I appreciate Subaru's safety record. This is our third Subaru, first Forester. This one has all the latest technology, and the dealership made an appointment to go over all of it with the primary driver - from the backup camera, to all of the buttons and the dashboard. No problems so far - 6 months in. :).

- Jen S

Excellent small SUV with manual transmission.

Love the compact SUV, gas mileage is similar to my previous car, huge moonroof! One of very few vehicles left that are still manual transmission, which was a huge factor in my leasing it! Handles great in the New England weather in all seasons! I love how much space it has and the safety features.

- Shannon M

All around great car for winter or summer driving.

Very good performance. Love it. Very comfortable for long distance travel. Excellent service at dealership. Seat has many positions for short and or tall people. Lots of cargo space. Back seats go down easily for carrying cargo. Radio has a good sound. Has a couple of ports for multiple Chargers.

- Vicky B

2018 Subaru forester short term review.

The forester has great handling and drives great. The car has great visibility, there are very little blind spots. The back seats are just as comfortable as the front seats and give plenty of legroom. The audio system is a little quiet. It has great low end power but struggles on the upper end.

- Chris L

Amazing car with so many extra features and capabilities.

It is performance is amazing! I love the Bluetooth features and hands off capabilities. I have racks on my car which is great as well. The drive is super smooth and the acceleration is astounding. I love how my car can easily take sharp turns and I also really like the back camera feature.

- Elizabeth S

I like how the back seats fold down.

So far no problems with our forester. We like the way it handles and the ride is smooth and quiet. The on board computer can be a bit confusing but I know the basics. I love the sunroof. We have taken our pets for rides and the seats do not stain to bad, if they do they are easy to clean.

- Janet H

Subaru Forester is safe and fun to drive.

Love the maneuverability and ease of driving. Love the safety features such as backup camera, side warning lights, etc. It is fun and safe to drive. It has a better turning radius than any other car I have owned. The sets are very comfortable and I love taking long drives in this vehicle.

- Candace S

The eye sight is the best part of the vehicle.

The Subaru forester is a family friendly vehicle. With the eye sight you can be sure to trust your vehicle to alert you when there are cars around you and even people behind you before moving. The car is comfortable for your family without feeling super bulky. Has a lot of space as well.

- Biri O

2018 Subaru Forester review: lots of features at a good value.

I love my car. I have owned it 10 months and I have had zero problems. It is fun to drive, it has great visibility, I. E. No blind spots and it is really comfortable. It has a touch screen Audio and phone controls, and Subaru starlink so I can hit a button if I have some emergency, etc.

- Colleen C

The Subaru Forester is a safe, dependable vehicle that consumes a decent amount of fuel for an SUV/Crossover.

The Subaru Forester is rated as one of the safest vehicles on the market today. The vehicle gets my family from point A to B reliably and on time. The vehicle has great mileage and gas consumption and thus doesn't break the bank. We love the Subaru and wouldn't trade it in for anything.

- Leonard G

Safe driving in snow and winter weather.

Does great getting around in the snow. Easy to drive. Fuel efficient. Lots of space with backs seats in down position, can carry/ move large items. Easy to get into. Safety features such as all wheel drive and safety messages. Excellent price for a new car and maintenance is low cost.

- Linda A

The review of The Forester from the eyes of a soccer mom.

The Forester is a great SUV. It handles the snow and is very reliable. The gas mileage is very good considering it is an SUV. The interior is comfortable and has all the latest technology. The only thing I wish the warranty was 5 years 100,000 miles instead of 3 years 50,000 miles.

- Christie D

Cvt: now an extension on it is warranty- no problems & it adds miles to mpg.

No real problems-it's just that Subaru is always one of the last to add safety/technical features to their cars. Reliable=very most we've had [6] last well into the 100, 000 mile average. Comfort-we find this Forester very comfortable. Features-have been updated since the 2016.

- Leo T

Small in size but enough room inside, and amazing in the snow.

Love how it handles on the highway and off ramps, quick response on the gas pedal and very economic in gas, I just wish it was a little bit bigger, I am a big guy, I'm sure it will be perfect for fit people, it is amazing in the snow I haven't had a single problem with it so far.

- Erik L

Forester is the safest car I have ever owned.

My car is reliable and the safest car I have ever owned. I previously owned a 2017 Forester and was in a car accident. Although the car was totaled, the Forester saved my life and I will always buy a Subaru. I have the eyesight feature in my 2018 Forester and absolutely love it.

- Amy G

Well rounded vehicle for all lifestyles.

Excellent handling in all types of weather. Good gas mileage for all wheel drive. Great for long trips. Roomy hatchback for groceries. Inexpensive to maintain. Seats fold down for more room for transport of larger cargo. Very easy to learn and understand all instrument controls.

- Thomas K

Subaru Forested is rated one of the safest SUVs available.

My new Subaru Forested is rated high in safety. This makes me more comfortable. It has a smooth ride, comfortable heated seats, defrost in front and rear and also side mirrors have defrost. My only dislike is the small center console. I could use a little larger storage area.

- Bunny T

The glass in the vehicle allows the driver an unobstructed driving experience.

My car is easy to drive and very comfortable. The inside is very roomy. The stereo is sleek with an easy to use screen. The windshield and windows seem to be larger than most vehicles as if you are in a fish bowl. There does not seem to any blind spots. Good car for the money.

- Lyn M

The quality of this car is well worth the cost, and I will continue to buy from Subaru for life.

My Forester is not only comfortable, but it is easy to see all around you. It drives so smoothly and has good gas mileage. It has more space than it looks like it can hold. The size of the sunroof is awesome! Plus it has been an amazing 4WD vehicle for snow and off-roading.

- Jordyn P

Great trade in value! Subaru Foresters hold their value.

This is my second Subaru Forester, I traded a 2012 Forester in on it. I love the dependability, get great gas mileage and the interior is great. Very comfortable to drive and the all time 4 wheel drive is especially great to have in our cold snowy Northern Indiana winters.

- John H

Great vehicle. New features.

Really have none-just leased this Forester, our 3rd. Because of past experiences. Happy with the last two decided to get this one. It has some new features that we like=better rear camera; beeping rear cross traffic signal; side notification of close traffic great mileage.

- Leo T

Not sure why I got this two times in a row.

This is the same survey as I have filled out before. I am not sure why I am getting it twice. I love my Subaru Forester. I test drove 8 other smaller SUVs before I decided to purchase the one. I love the car and it is the perfect one for me. Love the car. . . Absolutely!!

- Sheri T

SUBARU builds a great, reliable, safe and good looking vehicle.

It fits me speaking about the seat adjustment. Has enough power to get up and down the mountain road ( sea level to 6K feet ) - Great turning radius - Has AWD and fog lights which is important in the mountains during inclement weather. --Good gas mileage. LOVE MY CAR!!!

- Laurel S

My car review for the 2018 forester.

Very safe, reliable car. It drives comfortable and is dependable. I like the all wheel drive feature. It is good on gas. It is roomy. I like the backup assist camera. It helps me park. I enjoy the heated seats in the lumbar area for my back. Overall it is a great car!

- Paula W

Our last 4 vehicles have been Subarus.And they've all been wonderful.

Great gas mileage, safe and fun to drive. I love that most Subarus automatically includes options that most other vehicle makes charge for. The included options are practically those of a limited edition version even though we leased what was considered a base model.

- Kathleen C

The best and safest SUV to own!

I have had my Subaru for 6 months, with virtually no issues at all. It has excellent handling, the seats and ride are comfortable and it exceeded my expectations. The convenience of an SUV that is smaller and the safety ratings are what made me decide to purchase it!

- Josephine P

The Subaru forester is comfortable and reliable.

The forester is a cute comfortable and reliable car. It is definitely a dependable care especially in cold weather conditions, but while it is safe it also is not very fast. I don't enjoy that the gas pedal has to be floored in order for the car to pick up quickly.

- Noelle A

Subaru love, safety, luxury, smart all at a good price.

Very reliable with great crash safety rating. It has amazing features such as eyesight, rear assist braking. Automatic headlights that auto high beam. Adaptive cruise control. Leather seats, navigation. Lane departure warning. Heated front seats and steering wheel.

- Tammy C

Very versatile and user-friendly vehicle - for a family or just an individual.

After years (and years!) of owning Subaru Outbacks, we got the Forrester as my husband starting having trouble getting into the Outback. I love everything about it except that it is white. As there are so many small white SUVs, it gets lost in the parking lot.

- sand s

It is extremely safe to drive.

The seats & inside is totally comfortable. It holds extremely well to the road in rain, snow and other conditions. The eyesight cameras and side alarms are fabulous. Parking is a snap with the backup & side cameras. There is nothing I do not love about this car!

- Mary L

Subaru Forester: what's not to love?

I love my Subaru Forester. It is super safe, handles well in all types of weather, gets great mileage and is comfortable to drive. I wish it had automatically locking/unlocking doors. I also wish the display screen had a GPS option. Subaru should make an SUV.

- Chelsea F

Reliable, fuel efficient, good in all weather.

The Subaru Forester is a very reliable vehicle. It has excellent safety ratings and is great in the snow. It gives me more confidence in the winter. It is known to have minimal issues and last a long time. It also has good gas mileage and is fuel efficient.

- Lauren C

Excellent overall vehicle.

I have had my 2018 Subaru forester for just over a year now and it is been great. No problems at all so far. I love how well it handles in the snow. I have a pretty basic model, but the seats are comfortable, and the display settings are very user friendly.

- Nicole R

My Subaru Forester is a wonderful, reliable car.

I love my Subaru Forester. It drives very smoothly and has performed well in the snow and inclement weather. All of the safety features have been helpful during my long commute. I really enjoy driving this car and think it provides a very comfortable ride.

- Rachel G

My Subaru forester gets great gas mileage. It is safe, roomy, and fun to drive.

My Subaru forester is roomy yet compact. I love the way it handles. It has very nice interior and great safety ratings. The open view is great, the front, the rear and side views are very clear. I love it but I am not crazy about all the digital concepts.

- Kerri T

It has a turbo engine. It is easy for me to go up and down a mountain every day.

The Forester has awesome safety features, is low maintenance, and meets my needs. It handles as well on snow as it does dirt roads. The interior is comfortable, has heated seats, and a great Audio system. The Forester takes me everywhere I need to go!

- Anya G

Fun drive with the forester.

I really like this car had it about a year with no notable problems. The only problem I had was the back wiper blade was getting stuck. The dealer fixed for no charge. Nice driving experience would highly recommend this car for anyone who is looking.

- Stephen W

Subaru, the top value brand on the market

Love the car but love the service from Subaru more. They have completed everything in a timely manner and I highly recommend any vehicle from them. As far as our Forester goes we have never been happier. The car has exceeded our expectations greatly!

- Brandon G

2018 ascent review, 8 seats.

Not much cargo space with third row utilized. I do like the option of 8 seats. Amazing handling/performance in all weather with AWD capability. Great safety features overall. I am confident I am a Subaru owner for life. My next Subaru is the ascent..

- Kim C

It's practical, safe, and handles well in inclement weather.

I think it was a good value for the money that I paid. I like driving a car with all wheel drive in Wisconsin winters. I like the smaller size SUV also. I would say my dislike is the vehicle does seem somewhat noisy compared to similar vehicles.

- Lisa P

My Subaru Forester was made to last. I expect to be driving it for the next 10 years, at least.

I bought my Subaru Forester in February. It is a 4 door small SUV with a manual transmission. I chose this car because it had the best ratings on Consumer Reports. It is blue. The last time I had a new car was in 1992. I love my new car!

- Margaret C

I love my new forester, I can drive my family in it feeling safe and confident.

I love my forester. It has been very reliable and I feel very safe driving my family in it. I love how we can take it outdoors and to the snow and feel safe on the road. I love the look and the features and how much space I have in the back.

- Jane Q

Great family car at an affordable price.

Very reliable and comfortable. Easy maintenance. Works nicely for a family of three with a car seat and baby stuff. The back area has a lot of storage room. The GPS system is easy to use. Sunroof is really big so it lets in lots of light.

- Megan B

It has very good rear cargo space with easy access.

I like the easy access to the rear storage area. It makes it easy for me to load and unload luggage. I also like the large sunroof. It gives me a clear view to the sky and more natural sunlight. There isn't anything I dislike.

- Julie P

Subaru Forester for the long commute.

We love our Forester. It has great maneuverability and dependability. We drive it on our daily community which is long. It handles well on the straight stretches and on the curves. We do wish the seats were a bit more comfortable.

- Tara J

It has great safety features, good visibility and comfort.

I love the safety features. Wanted a car that was easier to get in and out of and this fits my needs. It's comfortable and the visibility is great. Also feel more comfortable with driving it at night. Dealership was great also.

- Rosane S

It gets great gas mileage and it is safe; it is a great car for a commuting family!

I love that it handles well on any road, wet, dry, curvy, or straight. I do wish it would automatically lock the doors when I put it in drive like my Chevy did. I like that it has all wheel drive and i average well over 30mpg.

- Ashley E

I love my Subaru forester!

Such a great vehicle. Can see all around when driving. Safety features are amazing. Cargo area can hold everything so nicely. Seats are very comfortable for long drives. No problems at all with this vehicle, would buy again.

- Susan H

The gas mileage for an SUV is awesome

The safety features are tremendous. it gives a very comfortable ride. but the air is hard to manage. It gets very cold very fast. Also it will continue to blow air or heat after you shut the unit off which is annoying

- Charles L

The Subaru Forester is an all wheel drive vehicle and drives excellent in all types of weather.

I previously owned one and just updated the model. It has all of features that I wanted in a vehicle. It rides high off the ground for winter clearance. The vehicle is one of the best handling vehicles that I have owned.

- Carol w

The forester is designed inside and out for a smooth ride.

The forester is a very reliable vehicle. I have had no issues with the car, and I know that when an issue does come the dealers are specifically trained to fix my car. It is a comfortable car with lots of storage room.

- Jessica L

Reliable and very safe.Fun to drive.

All wheel drive is great. The eyesight feature is really good. Catches people walking near car before you back up. Lane assist and impact tracking safety feature is cool. Ride is a little rough but is is a small SUV.

- Thomas D

It is an overall nice ride.

I love my sunroof, the high safety ratings and the gas mileage. I hate the fact that I have a select button on my dash clustered that does nothing for the trim I have - it is for the more expensive trim package.

- Patti V

It has been getting good gas mileage even in the city.

I love the way it handles on the road. I also love how much storage space there is in the back end. The only thing I would change is a automatic back end closer. The door can be heavy when your hands are full.

- June S

It is roomy and comfortable.

I like that I do not have to worry about break downs. I like that I get approximately 32 miles to the gallon. I like the comfortable ride. I like having room in my vehicle for other people to sit comfortably.

- Jackie R

Large sunroof that extends into the back seat area.

I like the vehicle's ride but it throws stuff you have in the dashboard area all over when you stop. I do not have leather but it would be more comfortable. Like being able to haul items by collapsing seats

- Lisa K

Big car feel but rides and handles smoothly

Handles very well, visibility very good, smooth ride. Miss not having keyless entry, would have had to upgrade to top model just to get this. No nav which is turning out to be drawback. Miss my side camera.

- di t

The car is very safe to drive. Ground clearance is good and it has great visibility around the whole car.

I like the clearance off the ground. It has decent gas mileage considering It's an suv. It has great storage capacity. I dislike the glove compartment, way too small. My previous model had way more room.

- Rhonda B

It is 4 wheel drive on demand. This is a great safety feature where we live with our dirt roads and the snow we can get.

We just bought this. It is our third Forester. Our last one was 8 years old. I love the 4 wheel drive on demand. I love how it handles in the snow. It has plenty of room in the back to move things.

- kim h

I love my Subaru Forester

I've owned a Subaru before and I bought my Forrester in June...it's a nice smooth ride and I am very happy with it. it has heated seats and rear camera which I'd never had before.its roomy and stylish

- Norma M

This is a good car to choose to buy if you are looking at having a car for a long time.

This car is definitely one of the best cars I have had so far. The ride is super smooth and you barely feel any bumps in the road as you are going along. Also having bluetooth available is super nice.

- Brianna J

Safety and Functionality is Key

I've been a loyal Subaru owner since I started driving. The safety features are the primary reason why I choose this brand, but the Foerster is spacious and is a nice alternative to a full sized SUV.

- Elanna S

It has manual transmission which I like and is hard to find

overall it is good, but I wish the gas mileage was better. I also am a little disappointed that a cover on the dashboard will not stay open, there seem to be several little quality issues like that

- joe p

That it is extremely reliable.

This is our fourth Subaru forester! Absolutely love it! Amazing reliability, handling, response, comfort, style! Easily gets me through snowstorms and deep rain puddles. Decent gas mileage as well.

- Carol S

It is top rated for safety, I have The eye site on my car and really helps with driving safely.

I love that my Forester is fully equipped. As an older person the heated seats and steering wheel are a real treat. It has built in GPA, as I travel a lot it comes in handy. No complaints yet

- janet l

It is very safe and comfortable. It makes you feel secure when you are in it

I really like that my car is reliable and that I feel safe driving it. I also like that it has a lot of large windows and helps with being able to see what other cars would consider blind spots.

- Megan T

My Subaru Forester is reliable with a good reputation and resale value.

I like that it is easy to get into and can pack a lot of items in the back, I like how it drives in ice and snow, maneuvering well. I like the features of heated seats and anti glare mirrors.

- Paula H

The safety features can be distracting but are totally worth having them.

Love the gas mileage and the ground clearance. I wish I had built in navigation. I don't like when the back seats are folded down that they are not butt up against the front seats for the dogs.

- Sue M

Great all around car that holds its value for a long time.

Love the AWD and CVT. I live in an area where both come in handy especially in winter months. EyeSight is also an amazing safety feature and the adaptive cruise control is great on long trips.

- Anna B

It is extremely safe in crash tests.

Attractive exterior makes it easy to look at. The visibility from the driver’s seat is outstanding. The maneuverability is excellent. In snow and ice conditions it is very safe and stable.

- Lorraine P

The great handling in all weather conditions. It makes me feel very safe.

I like the way my Subaru handles in the snow. I wish the windows were tinted more. It is taking a lot of time to get use to the temperature controls, the have changed from my 2014 Subaru.

- Bambie W

It is roomy and good on gas.

I like the size and the way it runs. I this roomy enough for larger people. The vehicle is great on gas. It gets around 24 miles per gallon. I do not have anything negative to say about it.

- Mary ann M

Great safety features, such as good reverse vision, side mirror vision of passing cars, and automatic stopping.

I like all the safety features. I like the built-in navigation. I like the spaciousness and seat comfort. I do not like that there is no automatic windshield wiper or power passenger seat.

- Roanne N

Any questions or problems, they are available 24/7.

Turbo with great mileage. Perfect vehicle for a guy 6'4". Plenty of head and legroom. One of the great features is when you turn the motor off, it will tell you your mpg on your last trip.

- Rick K

The car is very reliable and i always feel like i can get where i need to go.

The car gets great gas mileage. It drives well in the mountains and it feels very safe. It is comfortable and can fit a lot of luggage for traveling long distances. I have no complaints.

- Hannah B

It is reliable and has a large amount of safety features.

I like the gas mileage on the suv I get almost 40 miles a gallon on the highway The moon roof is awesome its big and goes all the way to back seat. I just wish I had gotten remote start

- Jennifer D

I love this car. I feel completely safe while driving it, especially because of all the safety features. For example, the eyesight, collision safety (engine dropping below the car rather than coming into the cabin) airbag design, lane assist and more. It is a smooth ride that is comfortable for long road trips as well. There is plenty of space in the back and bluetooth system is easy to use.

It is a very safe car. We got our Forester because we need a less compact car with high safety rating because we are expecting our first child. It has not disappointed us in the least.

- Brittany L

Safety features that the car has

Love the backup cameras and the alerts when one strays from the lane. The alert one gets when the car in front moves but one has not. Interior is comfortable and love the cargo space.

- Mary P

I think gas mileage would surprise most people.

It gets great gas mileage. It has very high safety ratings. It is comfortable for a long commute. I wish I could have afforded leather seats and more options. But I love my Subaru.

- Cathy B

It's very roomy. Great for hauling the kids around.

It's very roomy. I can see well out all the windows..great visibility. Great for hauling the kids around. Don't really like the radio / phone touch screen. It's difficult to use

- eryn r

Visibility is outstanding, best in class. Much better than the over styled competition.

Solid build. Smooth ride. Great visibility and interior space for four adults. Subaru has reputation for long term satisfaction and reliability. Safety systems second to none.

- Bill B

Subaru forester limited. .

This car is extremely reliable and brings me a lot of joy. It gets me everywhere I need to go and gets me up any hill. It has an amazing interior and beautiful exterior paint.

- Taylor B

How easy it is to drive, it practically drives itself.

It has advanced technology like lane departure warning, backup camera, etc. Love the comfort of the seats and that it has lots of room. It's fun to drive and easy to handle.

- Candace W

It's very safe and it is very highly rated by Consumer Reports.

I love that I get excellent gas mileage for a small suv. I like that it has a manual transmission. I love how safe it is and how it can carry my kids and all their stuff.

- June R

It's a great family car with top safety ratings and great gas mileage for an SUV.

We love our Subaru. Purchased as a family vehicle to have more room for toting the kids around. Love the storage space and safety features. Plus it gets great gas mileage!

- Megan H

Very fuel efficient for its size.

I love my car. There really has not been anything about it that I have complaints about. I researched it for a long time before buying and am extremely happy with the car.

- Lindsay M

It has standard all wheel drive and gets really decent mileage

I kind of dislike the color (silver), and the interior leather is also too light. i really like the fact that it gets up to 40 mpg, and I also like the safety features

- Paul R

Loving my 2018 Subaru: Perfect size!

I purchased my subaru in September of 2017. I love this car. The size is perfect for my child and all the sports equipment that we carry around throughout the year.

- Jessica D

The windows and no blinds spots.

Love the Subaru Forester, it is a great smooth ride, very visible views, no blind spots & very safe car! Great on gas mileage. Absolutely would recommend this car.

- Lisa B

This car has a very high safety rating and is good for families.

I like the room for all of my stuff in the truck. I like the rear facing camera for backing up. I like the Bluetooth radio and how easy it is to connect my phone.

- Ky-shah J

Great dealership, great service and I liked the ads for the Forester. I feel safe in it.

Back up camera and lane diversion warning systems were why I bought it. I love how it drives and is easy to operate. I wish I'd gone for the leather seats though.

- Linda S

The reliability of the car--you can trust a Forester to last for a decade and retain good resale value.

The Forester is reliable, sturdy, safe, and has all the features of modern SUVs. The four wheel drive really makes a difference. It is so reliable. No repairs.

- Herbert S

The Subaru Forester: A Safe and Dependable Vehicle

I love that it is known for Its safety and dependability. I like how it sits up higher off the ground, as I'm short. I love how it handles in the winter weather.

- Sara W

Good car. Many members of my family about one of these, they are all happy.

Better than expected mileage never a problem of any kind great turning radius. Easy to park. Windshield slightly over reflective. The dealer was just wonderful.

- George R

The AWD provides superb handling and confidence driving in all conditions.

This has been an excellent vehicle. We have found the ride to be smooth, quiet, and comfortable. It has performed beyond our expectations since we purchased it.

- Lucas H

It is a great Car. It drives smoothly has good get up and go. has many safety features.

I love eyesight on my vehicle with the adaptive cruise control. I love the fuel efficiency. Wish it had automatic headlights though. love the All wheel drive.

- Amy K

Great riding auto. That it has the lights on the mirrors for security.

I like that the air condition vents can be pointed toward me to cool me off. I like the lights on the mirrors for security. The ride is very nice on my Suv.

- Lylia H

It is reliable in most weather and road conditions.

I wish it had a little more power but I like the interior space, the color and the visibility. I also like having all wheel drive and a spare tire included.

- Laurel D

This car is reliable and dependable.

My Subaru is a very comfortable and dependable vehicle. It is economical, drives well, and handles well in all weather and road conditions. Love my Subaru.

- Karen M

Great mileage for a sports car.

Just a great little SUV. Great value. Lots of technology. Fun to drive. Good in the snow. Really just getting used to the car it is only three months old.

- Laura M

Comfortable for long trips and great gas mileage.

I am 6 foot and 3 inches tall and 230 pounds. When I am sitting and reclining in the passenger seat, it is really comfortable to stretch out and snooze.


It has incredible safety features.

I love all of the technology that the vehicle comes with. It is got one of the best safety rating and has so many safety features. Have no dislikes yet.

- Chad P

Safely during and accident. Madewell.

All around vehicle to use in winter. Handles great during winter months. Comfortable to sit in and drive. Also daughter has Subaru after driving mine.

- Judy D

All wheel drive and good clearance are the most important qualities if the car.

Like the all wheel drive, the ride and handling. The car gets good gas mileage and is very comfortable for long trips. No complaints at this point.

- Bob C

I love the MPGs, the space, the speed and the pick up

It doesn't have apple play and the "Subaru app" isn't good. You have to pay for their version on on-star in order to get good maps on the display.

- Krystal H

That Subaru has so many safety features that are important for their families.

So pretty. Love the smooth ride and I feel safe. I love the large sunroof and the sound system is amazing. The leather seats are very comfortable.

- Jan Z

This vehicle is an amazing value and is well worth the money.

This car is amazing. It gets excellent gas mileage, is reliable, and looks great. It drives well, has excellent features, and awesome visibility.

- Max H

The reviews you hear about the Forester are all true!!!

First SUV I have owned - love the ride, but also being higher up in the vehicle. SUV gets good mileage, handles well, lots of safety features --

- Jan S

Subaru Forester ... Best bang for your buck!

I love the look and feel of the car. It gets great gas mileage. It is my third Subaru and I love the value it presents in upgrades and features.

- Amy s

Subaru - safe & stylish car.

It is a very reliable car. I feel very safe. I feel the newer model is less fancy than my 2011. Good mileage and I like the blind spot warnings.

- Sheri G

How great she handles on the road

At first there was to much programming and learning to the vehicle. Now that I've learned most 0f the technology I love it. and she handles well

- Becky M

I like the height of the vehicle , I like the Anti-lock brakes. It does well on gas.

I love my car. It's all wheel drive. It has anti-lock brakes. I like the height of the car. And I'm able to get up my drive in the winter time.

- Alice K

It is great at handling all kinds of weather. It has been a comfortable drive in rain and snow.

I love the spaciousness of it. I love that it feels so comfortable, even in inclement weather. I have really had no complaints about it at all.

- Asya A

Safety options. There are eight airbags and rear view camera.

Safety is number one. Price. Technology. affordable lease. Service is great. I love the Bluetooth for hands on driving. Stereo is also awesome.

- Debbie K

Subaru’s are amazing cars, have great safety ratings and great resale value.

Great gas mileage, great price for all the safety features. Wish it had more space in the backseat. I love the “eyesight” feature it has.

- Tammy C

Versatile and Safe Car for Families

Subaru is a reliable and safe vehicle. Gets me around in all weather and is good for getting out into nature and transporting a lot of cargo.

- anna l

Reliable at all times especially in bad weather conditions.

Love how it handles and will get me to work on snowy days. No complaints at all. Wrecked a previous forester, purchased another to replace.

- Kristin O

It is rated highest for safety and reliability in its class.

It is easy to drive and is very responsive. I feel safe in the vehicle with all of the standard features. It gets great gas mileage.

- Erika S

forester is a very comfortable and reliable vehicle

Love all the new safety features especially the blind spot monitoring. It has a very smooth ride and back seat has plenty of legroom.

- Marie S

Subaru is a very reliable and safe car.

Like the features. Seems a little bit louder than my previous SUV. Also the lane change feature can get irritating if not turned off.

- Lance N

Happy girl with Great mileage

I love my subaru! I often get 36.6 miles to the gallon when I am not running the ac. When the ac is one I still get a great 33.3mpg.

- Jamie F

It gets great gas mileage. It is very comfortable. It handles very well in the snow and ice.

The only thing I don't like is the light colored roof inside the car. I was hoping the black interior was at least dark on the roof.

- Steve O

Reliable & comfortable traveling.

The Subaru is a quality brand, provides reliable transportation, provides cargo space for moving items and comfort for longer trips.

- Lisa B

My car is a hatchback, small SUV, great style and color!

I like a Subaru in general for safety . I wanted a small SUV. Car is eaSy to get in and out of and high off ground. Love the color!

- Karen D

Performance especially in bad weather. Car is very reliable and good on gas as well.

Great performance, good mileage. Good in snow and rain. We've had no problems with it traveling many places. Service is good also.

- Suzanne K

comfortable seating handles well great gas mileage

the engine brake works to well. it is very comfortable to drive. the controls for the radio aren't as intuitive as they could be.

- troy c

Flawless forester: it looks great, drives, greater, and is practical as well.

The Subaru forester is easy and pleasurable to drive. It hugs the road and feels safe (because it is). Performance is number one.

- Suzanne D

Foresters Are Very Awesome

Great and reliable car, all wheel drive for bad weather and still great gas mileage. It's a lease but probably going to keep it.

- anto c

Best Vehicle Ever That I've Driven

It is reliable, fun to drive, and excellent on gas mileage! The only downside is the expense, whether you are buying or leasing.

- Krista S

I was really surprised at the safety rating that Subaru gets.

It is from a well known, trusted brand. It gets great gas mileage. It is extremely safe and handles great. Overall a great car.

- Ashley M

It's the best car for the snow.

Subaru is the best. I love my car. It rides really nice and comfortable, It's very good on gas. It's the best car for the snow.

- Earl L

it gets great gas mileage!

i like how it is high tech, but not complicated. i don't like how it beeps all the time. i like the colors that it comes in.

- haley k

Drives great in inclement weather.

It is excellent in the snow, good gas mileage,. Nice looking. It has low maintenance. This is our 3rd forester and I love it.

- Kathy B

It has great safety features.

Safety features are awesome!’. Only complaint is side mirror seems to cut off a bit of viewing of cars behind in left side.

- Louise M

My Subaru forester drives very smoothly and gets great gas mileage.

I am very happy with my Subaru forester. It is very reliable. The gas mileage is great. It has plenty of room for the family.

- Marjorie B

Subaru Forester 2018 a car that you should consider.

Excellent safety rating , ample storage in rear or with back seats folded down and the car has a magnificent turning radius.

- Michael p

Safety features are excellent. Feel safe this car.

Great vehicle. Sixth Subaru owned and have had no major issues with any of them. Love the Forester comfortable and roomy.

- Sue M

The brakes and struts need frequent repairs.

Likes: sturdy feel, AWD, drives great good steering.. Dislikes: cost, no racks included, shorter trunk than older models.

- Ellen S

This is my second Subaru. Both vehicles have been very reliable.

My Subaru is extremely reliable. My Subaru is very secure. My Subaru is very comfortable. My Subaru has good gas mileage.

- Nan W

Almost all Subarus are all wheel drive, which makes you feel safe driving in.

Leased the car when we found I was pregnant. Standard but sturdy car. Wish it had keyless start. I feel safe driving it.

- Julia K

It is safe. It Gets great gas mileage. It runs well.

It gets great mileage. It is safe. It has plenty of room. The roof rack is great for storage. The Bluetooth works great.

- Richard W

The electronics are screwy, the car beeps at me all the time. Make sure it works.

I don't like assisted driving. I have issues with the electronics. I've had it in the shop 3 times since I got the car,

- Carol L

Safety. Highly recommended for seniors.

Trunk door too heavy. Seats not comfortable...No up or down adjustment to front seats. Pretty good on gas. Good pickup.

- Roseanne G

Safety is the most important thing

It is good reliable vehicle for my entire family. It is safe yet fun to drive. Lots if innovative features and space.

- Valentina S

Highly rated and reasonably priced. Very comfortable ride.

Very happy with my new Subaru. I've only had it for a month but like the safety features as well as overall handling.

- Susan K

Perfect for two dogs. Love the look of the vehicle, quiet drive, actually enjoy driving

Perfect for transporting pets, love the features on the car, love the drive, only complaint is the white cloth seats

- Kelsey M

great safety technology eyesight system, blind spot, radar cruise control, lane assistance. very smart car

like eyesight technology, comfort for a fat old man. could be a little more user friendly inside, but not bad

- charlie s

Reliability, durability, safety-four wheel drive.

The forester is a fundamentally sound, reliable, smooth running, fuel efficient and safe SUV. You cannot go wrong.

- Herb S

It is the forester turbo charged model.

The vehicle is comfortable. It drives well and is very safe. The only complaint is that the radio needs an update.

- Hunter B

It has override power to break in case the car in front of you breaks quickly.

Love the lane departure notification. Love the adaptive cruise control. Love that the car has so much visibility.

- Elizabeth D

Safety features are excellent. Vision is good on this vehicle.

I do not like that the radio goes off when the car is turned off, not when door is opened. I like the visibility.

- Susan J

It's safe and reliable and will last a long time

the color is my favorite, like the large sunroof, has heated seats, can fit my car seats easily, drives smoothly

- A G

It's being used in Vermont and will have to get through lots of weather...

It is roomy and comfortable. sometimes it doesn't start right, which seems dumb for a new car. It looks nice.

- Kimberly W

The Subaru Forester is the safest SUV you can drive

I LOVE my new car! It has GPS and all the new safety features. It is a beautiful shade of blue. No complaints

- Stacey S

It is top rated for safety.

I love how functional my Subaru is for my family. Plenty of storage space in the back for our double stroller.

- Lindsay J

Safety is ultimate and gas mileage is excellent.

Great view; large windows. Good gas mileage. Easy to handle. Large enough to haul large items. No complaints.

- Doris V

the gas mileage both city and highway exceeds most other gas engined autos

Great in snow and ice, superior handling, slightly noisy, excellent visibility, great gas mileage, good looks

- David K

Great gas mileage, sunroof, heated seats.

Very reliable for long road trips on highways and durable on back roads. Great gas mileage and performance.

- Madison P

Good gas mileage, easy to read dashboard, seat belt reminders, storage space inside car and hatchback, size (it's not too large but has a lot of room for groceries, kids' stuff)

The most important thing about my car is that it's got a good safety record. It has several safety features

- Christa P

Love the way it handles in the winter.

Love the heated seats. Wish the sunroof opened in the back. Love the fact I can open the back with key fob.

- Linda J

The forester has wonderful gas mileage and handles smoothly.

My Subaru Forester is a reliable, comfortable crossover/suv with amazing gas mileage and a roomy interior.

- Rachel H

safe and reliable vehicle

it is a good safe vehicle. it is a reliable reliable vehicle. the dealer provides great service for it.

- ernest c

All of the amenities for a mid level car - backup camera, heated seats

It's a subaru forester. It is a smooth ride, has pickup, amenities that you can't get from an older car.

- Jessica M

It is comfortable to drive. It has a good safety rating.

I like the fuel economy. I like the radio. It is comfortable to drive. The navigation system isn't great.

- Nicholas G

It is fine. No issues with my car.

Giant crack in window and expensive lease. Car is fine other than that. Saved my life 2 years ago. Yea.

- Jenna G

This same model saved me from serious injuries from a car crash.

Safety features are outstanding. It handles well in all types of weather. Passengers like the ride too.

- Gail M

It's safe and roomy but pricey. Would not go smaller though.

I like that it is roomy and is all wheel drive. I dislike the price. I wish it got better gas mileage.

- Nora W

The car is extremely reliable.

I like that it is safe and has good mileage. I do not like that it rolls backward when I change gears.

- Jan H

Car is safe and dependable.

Vehicle is very dependable and very comfortable. Feel very safe driving it everyday to and from work.

- Jennifer K

great in snow and better in rain holds road better than any car I had before

love everything hand pick options have eyesight lane departure curse good gas mileage lots of room

- thomas t

This car is safe and reliable, especially for those who have kids.

It has plenty of cargo a space. Drives very smooth. It's decent on gas and the moon roof is great.

- Andrea F

Safety features and again it rides well and handles even better

It is the perfect size,, Great gas mileage and rides well. And the safety features are amazing

- rachel b

Safety feature is one of the best.

It is all wheel drive. It has on of the best safety features. More horsepower will be better.

- Dean H

Safe, very good fuel mileage, comfortable, very dependable

Love my small SUV, no complaints. May take additional options next time, but kept cost down

- Karin H

What the safety features are.

The ride is very smooth. I have a ton of safety features. I just love everything about it.

- Susan R

It is durable, safe, and holds its value. It is a beautiful blue color too.

I love this vehicle! The comfort, handling, and gas mileage are great. It looks good too.

- Jane T

Too new to make a coherent response. Therefore, I must regretfully decline to answer this question.

Just bought and can not say enough about the sales experience or the features of the car.

- Jim B

I was looking for a subcompact suv that would be big enough for one kid but not too big to drive around the city. Gets great gas mileage and rides great.

You can have a car big enough to transport everything but still get good gas mileage.

- Claire W

Very few mechanical problems and it has very good gas mileage

I like my suv because it's very good on gas about 32 MPG. It has a very smooth ride.

- James M

Top rated safety equipment

Built in navigation. easier to get in and out of. Good acceleration. Easy handling.

- Belinda I

The safety features are incredible. As a short person, love the visibility as well.

No air vents in back seat :( Love most everything else! Fabulous safety features.

- Peggy L

Very safe and good family car that gets very good gas mileage

I love my bigger car and the price although i wish it had more safety features.

- Nish G

comfortable and handles great

Love it. Drives smooth, quirt, and handles well. Love the extras I have on it.

- Dave b

It was made to last and to be high on the safety list

It is economical. It is a car I feel safe in. It has every feature I wanted.

- margie m

I like to try and keep it clean, and keep the gas mileage at 29 mpg

I love the amount of room it has. It is great in the snow. The technology.

- Kate A

Comes standard with a moonroof, and roof racks

We received a better value for almost the exact same vehicle as the Rav4.

- Katie M

It is very reliable & low maintenance

great handling & lots of cargo space. One of the safest cars on the road

- Edrea S

It's a great buy & a great company to purchase a car through!

It is safe and reliable. It's a good family vehicle. It's a good value.

- Kim B

I drive the Touring edition, which have beautiful chocolate brown leather seats. This vehicle is amazingly comfortable and feels and drives like an SUV. Gas mileage is also amazing.

It's a Subaru. Subarus are all wheel drive and they are built to last.

- Sherrie B

It feels like a safe ride and will keep you protected.

It is a comfortable ride. It's stylish. It handles the road with ease.

- Michael A

It has AWD and it has a lot of space. It also has a good turn radius

It has a smooth ride. It also has a lot of room. The AWD is very nice

- liz c

It is a wonderful ride. Has lots of safety features and is very comfortable

I love the Forester. It handles well and is a very safe car to drive

- Hannah F

I picked a subaru for it's awd features. it has plenty of head space. It's good on gas but not great.

it is new and has awd which is very important to have on new england

- mike p

It is a good value for quality vs money which makes it a good deal

I like the way it drives. I like the features. It should be reliable

- Lynn M




Smooth, safe, reliable vehicle.

smooth ride. great technology. roomy enough for my needs.

- Scott v

Safety & Great award winning vehicle ..great advertising as well

Great gas mileage , is a safety award winner ...enough said

- Rick Z

It is an XT so I especially love the turbo. I like how the side panels look like a cockpit. I love my bike rack.

Safe, great gas mileage, quick, looks good, excellent size

- Nina A

Safety ratings are high and resale value is very good.

Mostly for safety standards. Smooth ride and nice looking!

- Syl A

The safety features are one of the best.

It is safe and fuel economic. More power is appreciative.

- Dean E

It is really good for traveling in bad weather. Gets through snowy roads when other cars don't.

Lots of windows. Drives well. Good mileage. Reliable.

- Janis H

It's a Subaru It's reliable It's my 2 one I bought

Light in back is not bright enough poor location

- Ed B

I have only 2300 miles in 10 months. Travel plans because of health put on hold.

New. Subaru's last forever! This is my third!

- Lee J