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Subaru Forester Sport for the win overall

Overall the vehicle is worth the purchase price. I do find that, even in the sport model, the performance is a bit lacking. If you are not under the perfect conditions you will not really have much power when you put your foot down. I also do not like the CVT and the way it is programmed to feel like an automatic, I think this defeats the purpose to the CVT. As far as features go the vehicle has more than I need, including some that I do not want. The Eyesight suit, while noce for safety, can be rather annoying. They constantly beep and flash warnings at you. Aside from that I think the radio is really good, though the touch screen is a bit sluggish at times. There is plenty of room in all seats, though I wouldn't try fitting three adults in the back for more than a short drive. As a tall, and larger, person the driver's seat is good, though sometimes I find myself resting my leg in an uncomfortable position because the center console is very wide and leaves little room for me. I have yet to run into any mechanical issues, even at a little over 6,000 miles.

- Patrick T

Great value, tons of features

Exceptional value. This car comes loaded with safety features that include alerts and automatic braking for front end collisions and cameras and alerts for rear objects and possible collisions. The Premium level comes standard with a moonroof and driver and passenger heated seats. The design updates make the car feel very spacious and the visibility from the driver's seat is excellent. Overall, very pleased with this car.

- Andrea H

Why I love my Subaru Forester

I have been very happy with my Subaru Forester sport. It has many safety features, it's stylish, roomy and comfortable. It handles great on the highway and gets good gas mileage. It has cameras on the windshield to activate safety features including detecting if you are getting too close to the white lines and will correct your steering. It also detects if you are too close to the vehicle in from of you.

- Sue B

10/10 would recommend for safety and for fun!

My forester is full of amazing features like driver assist, a backup camera, heated seats and apple carplay! I love that it has enough room in the back for two car seats and still offers plenty of trunk space. I also love that I always feel like my family is safe. It automatically adjusts its weight onto whatever wheel has traction, so it drives smooth even making turns in the rain.

- Kimberly S

Comfort and Safety in a Sleek Professional Vehicle

The car is amazing. Very comfortable with a clean and professional interior. The eyesight and blind spot detectors make me feel safe while I'm driving my long commute to work. The only problem I have had with the vehicle is the windshield cracked right down the center, from top to bottom, the first week I got it. The replacement was covered as it was a manufacturers defect

- Madison S

Eyesight feature has gas and brake assist.

The 2019 Subaru Forester is a 4 out of 5 for me. This is because the cars safety features are too safe! The eyesight feature is good, until there is traffic on the highway, and then the cars pre-collision feature turns on automatically. This is not good because the car slams on the brakes without warning and way too soon. This causes the brakes to wear down very fast.

- Lily H

Subaru Forester 2019-our first car review

Good performance and reliability. It has good safety features like Eyesight, which makes the car automatically stop if there is red stop light. It also has an amazing infotainment system with android auto and CarPlay which is responsive to touch. Only thing that needs to improvement is the front design of the car which needs to be revamped for the 'millennial' look.

- Ron L

Smooth drive and spacious interior. Good safety features

This vehicle has a very smooth drive. Roomy enough for what I need Only downfall so far is that the music gets loudest after phone call on speaker is ended which startles and is distracting when driving. Otherwise it is pretty comfortable drive and picks up speed quickly. Safety features are great although the obstacle detection can be startling when engaged

- Ester S

Subaru- dependable and high tech!

This is the best car! Very reliable, great on gas, and lots of room. Perfect travel car! This is my first Subaru and definitely not my last. I especially love all of the added features like lane control, signal to move up, automatic stop, and the speed up/slow down cruise control. The apple car play is awesome too! It makes navigation much easier.

- Amie N

The ultimate all in one: the forester.

This vehicle does it all- it is amazingly versatile. It does anything from taking my family and dog hiking off rocky fire roads to commuting with awesome gas mileage and is comfortable to boot. We love the eyesight and starlink systems for safety on those long stretches of dark highway and you cannot beat the stop start system to save gas.

- Kathryn W

A Subaru Forester is a Great, Safe, Stylish, Family SUV

We currently have had our Subaru Forester for 7 months and absolutely love it. It drives smooth, is quiet, has lots of trunk space (the seats fold down to make room for more stuff if needed), and it is such a safe car with all of the eye sight technology! I recommend this car for any family. Definitely room for 3 car seats too!

- Courtney A

Safe, dependable and all around comfortable!

The safest car I have ever had! Very comfortable. Very dependable. The push the start, cruise control and Apple CarPlay are amazing features to just name a few. Great to travel long distances in. Our 90 pound dog fits comfortably in the back. The app the start the car on my phone is a lifesaver for those very hot and cold days.

- Annie G

2019 Forester Improvements

Excellent looks and innovative features. Excellent safety ratings and safety equipment. Very quiet road noise, excellent pick up, very comfortable and roomy. Much larger trunk capacity than older model, better gas mileage. The new model also has rear AC vents and USB jacks not found on the previous models.

- Frank M

2019 Subaru forester battery issues.

I recently had my battery die after owning for only 5 months. It wouldn't start at all... Not even able to be jumped by a tow company. I had to have to vehicle towed to the dealership but they replaced same day without a problem. The warranty seems to cover absolutely everything including towing costs.

- Katie C

Smooth ride. Lane keep assist is super handy when rides narrow.

No problems. Reliable. Comfortable. Smooth ride. I thought the safety and fuel efficiency features would annoy me, but now I love it. The lane keep assist used to freak me out when the car would correct for me, but now it is a safety blanket especially when you get into cities where the rides narrow.

- Kristina H

Great car, great features and reliability!

Great ride, acceleration and safe driving technology. Leather seats heated steering wheel, great sound system and very roomy! Night driving lights very good and overall a wonderful dream care to drive. This is my first Subaru and all the hype of owner loyalty and reliability sure seem right on.

- rick B

The forester is a fun vehicle to drive.

So far I haven't had any problems with my forester. My last vehicle was a hybrid so I was a little leery of the gas mileage but so far it is not too bad. It handles and drives smoothly and has a great sound system. The safety features can be a bit annoying but they can be turned off if preferred.

- Becky Y

Love the 2019 Subaru forester!

The 2019 forester drives extremely smooth. There is not a lot of road noise when driving in the highway, and it gets up to speed with plenty of power. I love Apple CarPlay. I also love all of the safety features that Subaru’s have. They are extremely dependable, and they get great gas mileage.

- Abbie C

Great family care, very dependable

Very dependable, good on gas, you barely know u are driving because the ride is so smooth, arrive is great for this car. Plenty of legroom in front and back, it has a navigation app that is very helpful to use that connects to your phone ., doors are wide on car for easy access in and out of car

- Deborah D

Subaru forester best car.

Amazing vehicle, I love my new Subaru forester. Really gets the job done. I cannot imagine myself buying another car. Every single day my amazing automobile never ceases to amaze me. I recommend this vehicle for anyone looking for a long lasting SUV with all the technology you could ever need.

- Jake R

2019 Forester Sport Review

It rides smooth, is quiet on the highway, good gas mileage for an SUV. It has a lot of bells and whistles to learn, however. It takes getting used to the auto hold when stopped. I love the sport look and feel! I wish the sunroof would open a few different ways rather than just open or closed.

- Renee B

Comfortable ride for all sizes. The trunk space available was large enough.

It is a great midsize vehicle. We recently drove it across country and the family was comfortable. My husband is 6'3 and was not cramped during the drive. My daughter reclined in the backseat and was comfortable along with having her own USB ports and access to the air vents in the backseat.

- Erika T

New Mom so got the family a Subaru!

The car is roomy and very comfortable. The safety features can't be beat! I just had a baby and have peace of mind having him in the car. The car also has really cool cruise control features. You can set the cruise control to follow the car in front of you at one, two or three car lengths. A

- Ariel A

Great vehicle to have and use.

It's a very reliable vehicle. We purchased the base model. It doesn't have all the fancy features, but has worked great during the snow. Handles well, but doesn't have a whole lot of torque or power. Haven't had any complaints about the vehicle yet. Overall a great a vehicle to own and use.

- Derek R

Subaru Forester premium 2019

No vehicle problems as of yet. The car is only a month old. One thing that I wish was different is the infotainment screen. It's really small compared to my old car. It also buffers sometimes. Another feature that bothers me a little bit is that the back windows do not go all the way Down

- Camille M

Excellent purchase & tech support at Subaru

We love our Subaru Forester. It handles very well & is quite comfortable. We especially appreciated the 'tech' support we received upon picking up our vehicle. Someone actually sat in the vehicle with us & explained every feature. We have had no problems & really love it.

- Bonnie S

Amazed by my Forester Sport!

It's comfortable, yet sporty. I get compliments on it all the time! The features are amazing, especially apple carplay. It has done amazingly well in the snow and rain, I always feel safe in it. The seats are well designed, and comfortable for long car rides. I'd recommend it to anyone!

- Maddie D

Comfortable and reliable car.

The 2019 forester is comfortable, reliable, and safe. I usually hate driving, but I love driving this car. The eyesight features are cool, the GPS system is intuitive, and the design is very stylish. It is also super comfortable to ride in and gets really good gas mileage for its size.

- Georgia N

2019 Subaru Forester in Pearl White

The car is Very reliable, sturdy & has great safety features like the Eyesight which will stop the car for me if about to crash, both front or back. It also can regulate my speed when using cruise control. I also love the huge sunroof, leather seats & premium sound system.

- Nicole F

Subaru is the best cars on the market.

I believe that Subaru has one of the best reputations of all the car dealers. Very dependable reliable, and comfortable. The only thing I would change about it is the gas tank is on the passenger side and I would rather it was on the driver side. I love the very large sunroof.

- Victoria M

Style comfort safety and speed, what else can you ask for.

Comfort and style. I used drive a Camry and could not drive for too long. Since I changed cars I have been driving nonstop No pain at all. Safety features are awesome my insurance lower my premium. I enjoy cruise control and XM radio. I will definitely keep using Subaru line.

- Jeannette R

The autoplay feature is great for display map from your phone !

It's a great car. The ride is smooth. It had outstanding safety features. I do not like the auto shut off when you stop at a light. The autoplay feature is a real plus. You can use it to display map from your phone. It gets good gas mileage and is comfortable for long trips.

- Robert M

Great and comfortable drive.

Super comfortable and has a great drive. A lot of optional features to add but base is great. Mine doesn't have a push start so it's kind of the only thing I had to get adjusted to, but otherwise I love the car. Not a power junkie. Always looking for a smooth drive through.

- Sofia T

Forester is a great and reliable car

The car is great and we love it. The only thing i'd change would be to have vents in the back for my kids. Other than that is it very great and reliable and we absolutely love it. We will have that car for a very long time to come. Wouldn't change it for anything else

- Nate B

2019 Subaru forester: safety is first.

Handles well on snowy roads and on mountain roads. Nice power in driving up and over mountain passes. It is comfortable to drive in and has lots of room. Really like the eyesight and love the heated seats. Haven't had it long enough to evaluate any problems.

- Jane W

I feel safe driving it and it�s spacious.

I love my 2019 Subaru Forester. I feel very safe driving it in the snow and in the mountains. My son's car seat fits well on the side seats in the back row but the base does not fit well in the middle. This car has been my favorite car I have owned so far.

- Brooke M

The Subaru forester is a great economical purchase!

- Leah C