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Subaru: reliable and economic.

I have a 1997 Subaru Impreza. I got it totaled from an online app for $300. My boyfriend negotiated with the seller. I could not believe my boyfriend got such a great deal! My boyfriend put a lot of work into it. However, it didn't take him long to get the car up and running. He took a couple months because he had to replace the radiator, water pump, tires, timing belt, axels, windshield and other car parts that I cannot remember. Even though the car is as old as me, it is such a great first car! Once the Subaru was fixed up, it is reliable. I drove it everyday to work and back home. The only times it was stuck on the side of the road was because the car tires were worn out and needed to be changed. The car drives smooth despite its age. If I were to ever buy another car, it would most likely be a Subaru because of how reliable and economic it is. The car only has 160k miles on it and it runs good. $20-$30 bucks on gas can last a week and a half or 2 weeks depending on how much you drive it. For me I drive an hour a day to work and home for 5-6 days. It will last me 1 week. I love the red color because I feel like it fits my personality. Drivers cannot say they didn't see my car coming because it is a bright red color. Unless their car sits high up. The ac and radio works. The car hood is scrunched up but it was smoothed out the best it can and I like the pins holding it closed. My older sister and grandmother has a Subaru also so my opinion may be biased.

- Davy T

Subaru is a reliable vehicle.

My boyfriend absolutely loves Subaru's. It is definitely the go to car for us. Never really had any issues other than the normal wear and tear maintenance. It is definitely a good car a few years ago our other Subaru was totaled in an accident both my boyfriend and our 2 little girls were in the car and despite the person going at such a high rate of speed my family came out unharmed and when no issues. The car was ruined but it kept my family safe.

- Missy N

My beautiful blue Subaru, always trustworthy through and through.

This was my first Subaru and I have loved it so far! She is old and used but even with her few problems she has never broken down on me. The car has brake problems and the windows can be a bit touchy at times but all around it has always been very reliable. These are the types of cars that push through even if you are doubting that they can.

- Autumn R

It runs really great, and gets traction year-round. Even on icy roads.

My car is reliable, and it was very affordable because I bought it off of my sister. When she first sold it to me I had to take it to the mechanic a few times in a week. But our mechanic is great and he took care of me. And since then I have had no issues with it, and I would say I still have a few years of life in my car.

- Julie T

Fun to drive. Handles well in every type of weather.

My vehicle is awesome. It is dependable and has never left me stranded. Maintenance is easy and affordable. I enjoy the way it handles and have a lot of fun driving it. The only thing i would change is better more luxurious interior with better technological features,

- Marisa E

It's all wheel drive, reliable, and fuel efficient.

It gets good gas mileage and it's reliable. I have always lived in cold climates so the awd is very nice. It's becoming to small for my hobbies and I may have to upgrade to a truck or SUV soon.

- Joseph S

It it is small, zippy, and fairly economical.

I like that it is a AWD. I like that it is easier to haul things in this car than my last car. It is a 2000 and is a bit old. I would prefer a vehicle that is not a hatchback.

- Karen l

The most important thing about my car is its old.

Car is old. Lots of problems. 155k miles. Still runs well but makes some noises while driving. Older car. Putting a lot of money into it for no reason.

- Casey K