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It is not a wrx even if it looks and sounds like one.

I am sure at one time this was a great car, but to be fair it's trying to be something it's not: a wrx. If you want to build this into one, I am sure it could be a fun project. But as is it is a faker, that can trick nonsubi lovers into thinking you're driving a sports car when you are not. Handles great in the snow, ice, and rain. Good starter car for someone that wants to look cool but not have to learn how to drive a fast car. Good gas mileage, but that might have something to do with the manual transmission. Do not ignore your misfires, or any little bit of maintenance because it will snowball out of control quickly.

- Josie R

This car is reliable. It always starts, and it has never broken down - and it's 15 years old!

The Subaru Impreza sedan offers great gas mileage in cities. I purchased my used Impreza RS 7 years ago and have had zero mechanical issues with it. My only complaint is that the trunk leaks because the gasket is loose, and the rubber gaskets around windows/doors are loose & cracked from sun exposure. It has been the most reliable vehicle I have ever owned. Safety features are adequate (I'm a parent and feel my child is safe in this car). It handles well and with a 2.5 it offers a pretty quick 0 to 60 time. I hope to keep this car for many more years.

- Cere S

Winning Subaru. Look no further for a compact car!! This is the car for you!

Very reliable, dependable, no major problems, automatic shifting plus, I keep the oil changed. Has 81, 000 miles still running strong. Everyday running around car. Would buy another Subaru Impreza. Have not a single thing bad to say. Looking for a compact car? This is the one. Subaru repair parts department very helpful and make time for you.

- Heidi B

It handles like no other car you have most likely driven. And is not insane fast but has some get up and go

Just blew motor actually, 03 wrx in blue. But the car literally redefines how you drive in a good way. Handling , safety, fun. Reliable mine was at almost 200m we did just buy a Kia for the wife and kids but only because we could not afford the acenta or a new wrx so I'll try to wait a year to save for new motor I suppose

- Draven E

Subaru carries a big reputation in the tuner car scene.

My Subaru Impreza wrx wagon really turns a lot of heads, it is so much fun to drive anywhere, rain, snow, dirt, or tarmac. They are very reliable if you keep up with the maintenance. Easy to work on yourself. The best part of owning a Subaru is the community of enthusiasts that comes along with it.

- Rome M

Subarus the boxer engine which gives it super low profile and less rollability.

The comfortability of my Subaru as I step into drive right now is phenomenal, I really enjoy its reliability so far and the handling is obsolete it is so good and even though it is not crazy fast. I absolutely love it. I have always wanted a Subaru and now I finally have one.

- Conor Q

I hate my vehicle with a passion.

My 2003 Subaru Impreza has a lot of problems with overheating. It is been a constant battle the past 3 months. I really wish I had never got the car I bought is for $1, 300 and have put more money into it than what it is worth. It was the worst decision I have ever made.

- Sydney H

Good car, good quality, good speed.

Good performance in driving no maintenance issues. Quick pick up when merging into traffic. Compact and comfortable to drive. Not too expensive to purchase and change parts. Like that is it is an all wheel drive. Disappointed that cruise control is not standard in all cars.

- Veronica K

Impressive Impreza 14 years & counting.

Ride isn't the quietest, smoothest or most comfortable. But its reliable. Gas mileage is still good after all these tears. Earl luxury basics. Power locks, windows, keyless entry, CD player, ac, airbags, fold down rear seats. Lots of cargo space. I would buy it again.

- Er D

Subaru Impreza is an ideal car for someone with a low budget.

I have had trouble with the engine recently. My alternator went bad. Causing the energy from my battery to be lost. The starter has been a problem. Aside from these problem driving this car is fun. The handles are great and for stock the power is there.

- Jordan J

The 2003 Subaru Impreza WRX is a lot of fun to upgrade and drive.

My 2003 Subaru Impreza WRX has been a great car. Great all-wheel drive performance. It's a fantastic vehicle for people interested in upgrading and tuning, since there is a lot than can be done by DIY mechanics.

- William B

This car is great for the long haul. It is reliable and fun to drive.

This vehicle is reliable and small. It is easy to park. I rarely have to get repairs for it. I like the hatchback feature for lugging all of my stuff around. The main cup holder is too small.

- Beth B

The all wheel drive is great.

This is my third Impreza and I love the line. Great all wheel drive that handles well in all weather. Has enough pep and great on gas. Comfortable ride and interior

- Robert F

Subaru is a very dependable model

Subaru is a very dependable model. The best one I had was a wagon. It had almost 300k miles on it and only had to junk it because it the rust factor! Still ran great.

- Roxanne M

Subaru Impreza is a highly dependable vehicle.

Subaru Impreza is a highly dependable vehicle with decent gas mileage, low maintenance, and decent body work. The paint on the rear bumper chips easily.

- Tal N

Subarus are great cars, reliable, great gas mileage & dependable.

Very dependable, front wheel drive, great car, I love it. The only downfall is that I would like to be sitting a little higher off the ground.

- Cammy C

It's a reliable and easy to drive.

It's fuel efficient and feels safe to drive. The interior is a bit cramped. The seats are also not especially comfortable.

- Adam L

It takes 91 octane at the pumps.

The car gets a lot of attention and turns heads. Higher mileage, maintenance is important to stay on top of.

- Rome M

the subaru impreza is quick from start to finish

subaru runs great. rough ride. lasts forever, sturdy reliable. gas saver, aesthetics are decent, small

- alexandria r

It will run forever as long as you are willing to commit to the repair jobs.

Love my car - hates replacing the engine! Repairs to this vehicle make can be costly.

- Rebecca P

Low Price Performance Car

I love how speedy and quick it is. It handles very well. Great for snow drifting.

- Nathan H