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Nothing beats a Subaru! Reliable and dependable - no matter the season.

There is nothing negative I can even think to say about my Subaru! It is the best car I have ever owned. It is a hatchback so I have plenty of room for storage, camping gear, photography, vacations, and legroom for my dog when we go on road-trips together. It is excellent in the winter, and even though it is a 2006, the last inspection my car had rated in top condition. The only problem I have had and have noticed with other makes and models is the body rust near the rear tire well on the left side. Otherwise, no other mark. Performs like new, and always reliable. Minimum service to the shop other than tire rods, oil change, etc. Super comfortable. I had thought about upgrading to a newer model but after taking one for a test drive, I think I'll keep my 2006 model for as long as possible. The newer features with all the bells and whistles and alarms seem to be more distracting than helpful.

- Shawn K

Good gas mileage, easy to get around and park in town.

The vehicle is very well built and therefore dependable. It is roomy and capable of carrying a large load both in the trunk area as well as on top. As with most vehicles repairs tend to be expensive. Since my vehicle is 12 years old at this point, most of the interior could be replaced in order for it to look as well as it runs. That would include floor carpeting, all seat covers and the area around the stick shift. I have priced out the cost of doing such and it would be cheaper to just turn the vehicle in rather than upgrade the inside. Subaru has done a good job of supporting and standing behind repairs that are done or necessary.

- Mary S


Like many Subaru owners, I find many positive attributes about the vehicle manufacturer. First, the all-wheel drive is a must. Living in Colorado, the weather changes often and an all-wheel drive vehicle provides greater safety. I also enjoy the space in the vehicle. Despite only being a hatchback, there is ample amount of room for my passengers and myself. Lastly, I'd say that the longevity of previously owned Subarus and number of them on the road is another positive. The vehicle drives forever!

- Jesse R

Great drive and amazing MPG for an everyday car. Lasts very long!

I drive a 2006 Subaru Impreza. It is a great small car that is perfect for someone who is doing a lot of driving but doesn't need a lot of passenger space. The care can hold five people total and the trunk space is average. The gas mileage is very good; I can get up to 20 mpg depending on how much I drive. It is an older car with almost 120,000miles on it but it is still running great!

- Lexi B

Used car that has signs of wear but runs great and everything works.

Vehicle runs great, it has normal wear and moderate to high mileage. Main factor is that everything works and the car gets me from point A to point B. It has some cosmetic nicks on the exterior and wasn't taken care of very much with the previous owner. I'm happy to have it because I got a great deal and am not having to make any car payments!


The 2006 Subaru Impreza in 2018:, still drives amazing.

This car is great. Never failed to start in below freezing weather in the northeast. Drove it across the country twice when it was a decade old with no problems. Light so it can accelerate quickly. Gets decent miles per gallon (around 30). Not an impressive sound system. Size allows for easy parking. Small but can fit 4-5 people.

- Rob M

It will keep you safer in treacherous weather than any other vehicle I have owned, driven, or researched over decades of driving experience.

It has better than average performance and handles extremely well in all kinds of weather conditions. The features are great when you consider its age. The seats and ability to reach all the controls is really great, very comfortable. The only issue I've ever had was that I need to check the oil and add some between oil changes.

- valerie w

My Subaru has great mileage, better than I expected.

I love my Subaru! I have never been broken down or stranded. It is one of the most reliable cars I have ever had. The only thing I have a problem with is the bucket seats and the fact my butt is too big so it is a little bit uncomfortable, but other than that everything is great. Seriously, the best car I have ever owned.

- Amanda H

The car that gets you where you need to be.

My vehicle always had a whining sound but it runs great. It has high mileage, 165, 324 miles. The radio is great and it is very roomy inside. I have never had any problems with the vehicle. The interior lights are red which is pretty cool. You can get into the trunk through the back seats which is very nice.

- Cassandra G

Subaru is the way to go no doubt.

I can not remember the last time I had any problems with my vehicle. I am tremendously pleased with the Impreza. Safe, easy to handle and a family car. I find it is built most like a brick unlike most other makes that feel tin can-ish. I would highly recommend the Subaru Impreza because it does outshine the rest.

- Kate K

Great vehicle, gets you from point a to b with ease.

I love my Subaru, it is reliable and has absolutely no problem in the winter. Would highly recommend this vehicle. It's for the most part reliable. I have over 130k on the car. It is comfortable. My only complaint is the back seats do not fold down. Making it hard to get anything that's semi big into the trunk.

- Dan C

Love the reliability of my Subaru.

I have had no issues with my Impreza in the 3 years that I have owned it. I live in the northeast and I feel comfortable driving around in the snow. It is comfortable to drive and as a single woman with no kids I find it has enough room. I have had children in the back with car seats and there was enough room.

- Kristina T

It's an amazing traveling car! And it's an amazing family car.

Love my car because it's comfy and it's my dream car. It runs smooth and is fun, especially when drifting and in the snow, great car for camping! And for going hiking in. Its way reliable and just plain out an amazing car it's a great family car. Nice and roomy nice seats and cup holders. Very comfy seats.

- Skye L

It's a great all around car that can do a little bit of everything.

We really enjoy our Subaru. It has enough space to carry any groceries we may purchase but is also sporty enough to feel like a small car on the road. It gets pretty decent gas mileage for the power that it has. The Subaru is getting older but we might get another in the next couple of years.

- Jason I

Very reliable and spacious.

I have had my car for 5 years and have never had any major issues with it. I have driven it all over the country and it has held up just fine. Very reliable, great size too! I can fit plenty in the back (which is great for the many times I have moved) but it is still considered a small car.

- Ali E

Subaru Impreza outback is great.

The Subaru Impreza outback is a great car, do not know why they call it a outback because it is really just a WRX without the turbo so it handles just as good as a WRX. The reliability for the Impreza outback is great the Boxster engine is super reliable and it has a great transmission.

- Samuel L

Nice ride, easy on gas and lots internal room.

This car is one of the more comfortable cars I have ever owned in my life. It is also fairly maintenance free with the exception of normal maintenance such as oil changes, tire changes, wipers and some hoses. I would recommend this auto to anyone and will probably purchase another one.

- Pat M

Sweet ride, can wave at people.

Pretty nice car, it runs really smooth and has had little to no problems. The oil lasts a little longer than some other cars and I've learned that it has a pretty high safety rating. I especially love the rear window wiper! It's kind of like you get to wave at the drivers behind you.

- Robert T

Great driving car that drives in all weather without a problem.

Drives great!! I love everything about my car. I have never had any problems with it as long as I keep up with the maintenance. It drives great in snow and rain. The body on the car is wonderful and stays clean. I haven't had to replace anything on it and I have had it for 2 years.

- Sam D

Comfort for all of the people in the car.

This car is very comfortable to drive. Everyone who rides in it says the same thing. There is loads of room for luggage and other stuff. This vehicle is fairly maintenance free. Everything advertised about this car is true I have not found another to compare with it.

- Patty M

All wheel drive which is great for the northwest.

Takes too much oil. Great all terrain. All wheel drive which helps for living in the northwest. Air conditioning problems. Great safety features. Reliable. Not very good on gas. Good highway mileage. Have over hundred thousand miles and still in good shape.

- Jessie C

It has good gas mileage and needs little maintenance to keep it on the road.

I like our Subaru for many reasons; it is a comfortable size for me, it has a top safety rating, it runs good, it has needed little repair other than the normal items (like tires, brake pads, air filters, etc.), and it takes little maintenance.

- Cynthia C

It runs well but may need features replaced due to the age.

The car normally runs well and I have not had any major problems. Due to its age sometimes things need to be replaced like the headlights and taillights. I like the small size of the vehicle and the fact that it still has room in the trunk.

- Olivia L

I love that it is a stick shift and that it is responsive.

It is pretty reliable but has had some features break down even though it is not driven that much. I am surprised that there has been a recall and then some things that we've had to fix even though we do not drive that far very often.

- Kay B

Subaru is a great make of vehicles and they will literally last forever! Most Subarus from 20 years ago are still on the road today!

It's a really good car overall, gets good gas mileage and for a 10+ year old car it still drives smooth. However, currently experiencing some issues with the thermostat, and also had to replace the radiator a month ago at 150k.

- Cassie J

This car has been a great car. I want to have it completely serviced and drive it for another 100k miles.

I bought this vehicle used and it was a Subaru certified used vehicle. The vehicle was leased by the service manager at the dealership, so I knew it was in good condition. It has been very dependable.

- Roger H

Reliable Subaru Impreza Will Get You Where You Need to Go

My Subaru is manual and can go about 400 miles on one tank of gas. There is a great stereo, the AC and heating works very nice and it is a small car making it great for parking in tight spaces.

- Jordyn G

Something important to know about my car is that you can depend on it for safety.

I like how safe the car feels. Subaru is known for safety and looks. I like how comfy the seats are however I hate how they start giving up over time. They are very expensive to fix.

- Evelyn V

It is a very reliable car.

The Subaru is a very reliable car. It is one of the safest cars on the road with multiple airbags. It has lots of room but is not too big and gets good gas mileage.

- Jay L

one of the best made cars on the market

it is a well made, very reliable car that is a low maintenance. It iss over 10 years old and no major problems other than normal maintenance and replacements

- martyn j

subaru impreza is an smooth ride

like all cars there are some problems that should be fixed. the steering wheel is very hard when turning. but overall it is a very smooth ride and is fast.

- alex g

That it is reliable requiring not too much upkeep.

I like that it is reliable as in maintenance has not been bad. And the Gas mileage is decent. Also it is a four door car not too small and not too big.

- henry M

It will reliably get you where you need to go, regardless of weather or any other conditions.

I love the AWD system of my car. It it great in bad weather. I also love the way that it handles. It sounds great and looks good. I have no complaints.

- Josh M

That it will last for a long time! Subaru's are hearty cars.

I love my car! It is great on gas and roomy. The only thing I dislike about it is that sometimes it feels really small now that I have a kid.

- Mallory M

It drives well in bad weather, gets reasonable gas mileage with AWD and I feel safe in it.

It drives well but it doesn't have some of the tech features I would like in more modern cars. Road noise is a bit loud. Engine is also loud.

- Rob L

It has all wheel drive so it's very good in the Winter.

I don't really have any complaints about the vehicle it's very safe very good on gas and its all wheel drive so it's good in the Winter.

- Ed B

Repairs are expensive but the car has been pretty reliable

The car has been good overall,but repairs are expensive,also you have to replace all 4 tires at the same time due to the all wheel drive

- Anthony G

Very safe and all wheel drive. Good in all weather.

We have never had a serious problem since we bought it new. The only things we have had to do was normal wear and tear and oil changes.

- Paul O

Subaru is an excellent brand of cars that last a long time and are excellent in bad weather.

I like that it's all wheel drive. It has required very few repairs in the time I've had it. It is reliable. And it is unique looking.

- Angela N

Repairs are expensive but well worth it for a great car.

The AWD system is incredible. The 2005 Impreza has a known issue with head gaskets that is an expensive repair. Reliable vehicle.

- Christian L

It requires a fair amount of maintenance to last to its full potential. Head gasket replacements are a must.

I love the size. Perfect for my small family. Love the 4wd for northern Winters. Like how long it should last work maintenance.

- Chris P

Decent Subaru for everyday driving.

Not much room for legs,but overall a very reliable vehicle. Never had any major problems. Standard maintenance as expected.

- Luke N

It is a modded subaru and there's a lot of work put into it.

It's an amazing daily. I love it. Put lots of work into it and couldn't ask for a better car. By far best car I have owned.

- Cordell Hutchins J

It is kind of a gas hog so if you want rides often I want gas money

I love the size I just wish it was a little newer but I have had it for 2 years and haven't had to put much money into it

- Jessica S

Well rounded car. Great for multiple uses: cruising around, driving in the snow, and small for agility.

I like its compact size. Sporty and fun to drive. Most importantly, it's an all wheel drive which is perfect for snow!

- Meli T

That it is a very safe and reliable vehicle to drive.

I like the car very much. It rides smooth and handles very well, especially in the winter cause of the all wheel drive.

- Tanya M

It may be a small car but it's truly the most reliable car I've ever had.

Love that it's a reliable car. Never had any true mechanic problems! One complaint would be how loud my car can be.

- Leah D

It is a very cost effective and dependable vehicle.

I like size, gas mileage, look, dependable, fun to drive. Inexpensive repairs. I would like more advance features.

- Tracy H

I know it is older but it It gets me where I need to go and that is important.

I like that it gets me where i need to go,I do not like that it on the small side and the repairs are expensive.

- bobbi c

It is safe and reliable, good in the snow.

It is reliable and good in the snow. It is aging and missing many modern conveniences. Repairs can be costly.

- Jill w

Subaru Impreza 4 lyfe dawg

Runs great has age issues that are easy fixes no bad engine problems one bad tire would recommend this car

- Greg C

It's a great rugged car that will last for a very long time.

I love how durable it is and how long a life it's given me. I don't like how little storage space it has.

- Crystal F

It has been in good condition for over 15 years, which is crazy!

Good sized car. Has been in decent condition for over 13 years. No fancy gadgets so it's easy to operate.

- Nat H

Subies are great. Can get through anything. Usually reliable.

I like the reliability. I don't like the repairs because it has a lot of miles. I like the handling.

- Eric B

Regardless of how often it goes into the workshop, the car is hanging on wall

Because my car is more than 10 years old DO, I have had many repairs and changing of parts

- Amerie C

It is all wheel drive, it is quick, and it is a stick shift.

It leaks oil without shown any signs of it which caused it to run dry and seize up engine.

- Brandon G

This car runs really well and maintenance is easy to do

It has good gas mileage, looks nice, drives pretty easy, and it's fairly easy to maintain

- Miranda H

It is good in the snow as long as you have good snow tires

I like how compact it is and how easy it is to park, and it has good gas mileage.

- Sierra S

Small enough park anywhere doesn't gas and I love my blue color

The size of my car the only thing I don't like it's getting old and it leaks oil

- Chrissy S

It is safe to drive in when its moderately bad weather.

It is safe. It takes me where I need to go. It is good in rain but not snow.

- Hannah G

It's a solid car for the price point, modern features and a smooth ride

Smooth, great features. A bit small for my liking. Nice MPG

- Patrick L

My vehicle is very reliable and has never broke down anywhere and it's awesome on gas 4 cylinder automatic great little car has beautiful interior engine runs strong

Great performance has great gas mileage beautiful interior

- Carrie D

That it isn't exactly the smoothest of rides, but it's perfectly safe.

I like my car because it gets me where I need to go.

- Greg M

My car is a complete gem. Not only is it safe, but it is small & sporty, perfect for driving around cities. I can trust it in any type of weather and feel safe inside it.

Safe & Sporty with perfect amount of speed and style

- Caroline R

it is a car for the long haul

it is dependable, reliable and low maintenance

- martyn M