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A good car built to last.

My car is perfect for me, it is not too big or too small. It is designed so I can go shopping and have plenty of room to bring most purchase home with me. It is comfortable to drive, great for my dogs, grandkids and myself. Even my oldest grandson likes it as much as his truck. Best thing is its reliability, bought in 2008 the only thing I have had to replace is the battery and the tires. How good can it get for someone who hates to spend money on cars.

- Elsa W

2007 Subaru Impreza outback ??sport.

The car is a nice, little, powerful car. It is super spacious inside and I love that the seats fold all the way down. It also comes with a roof rack, which I enjoy because I like to go on adventures and be able to strap things to the roof. It also drives pretty smooth and gets great gas mileage. It is probably one of the safest cars that I have driven, that even after 12+ years and 200,000 I would have no issues driving it somewhere far.

- Sarah A

Very reliable, lasting car.

My vehicle is 11 years old and still running smoothly. There have been no significant issues. There was a recall on the airbags that was slightly inconvenient, but overall, it is a very well built vehicle. There is a lot of trunk space, which is nice. There's also plenty of room in the seats. The radio does not come with auxiliary plugs, which is fine since the car is older, and any simple radio purchase would fix.

- Mckenzie H

Fifth Subaru and Counting

This is my fifth Subaru Impreza non-turbo. The problems I have experienced are with power steering fluid leakage, air conditioning compressor failure, and rear wheel bearings. Performance is excellent, especially with a performance exhaust and cold air intake. I find it to be comfortable. The best part is how it hugs the road around turns. Symmetrical all-wheel drive allows me to go anywhere in the snow.

- Steve B

The car has a very high safety rating. Great on gas.

2007 Subaru Impreza I have over 200,000 miles on her. The car has been very reliable. The gas mileage is good. It is excellent in the snow and wet roads. The seats are not comfortable to me. I find it difficult to get in and out of the vehicle whether it is the front seat or back seat. My great dane loves riding with me in the car and she fits well for being an extra large breed dog.

- Adrienne G

Change the oil frequently most Subaru’s go through oil.

The Subaru Impreza has been a great car, honestly I haven't taken care of it much and she still drives like a brand new, I plan on forever driving a Subaru, the all wheel drive is good for all four seasons and off-roading even if something breaks down chances are you can make it a couple miles before it officially shuts down I give the Impreza 10/10 in my book.

- Zach B

Subaru, the airbag issue.

We have a kit on it and I hate how loud the exhaust is. We have a lot of issues with the tires, they lose air more than I would like. The biggest problem is the airbags! They are recalled right now for performance issues! I do not feel safe due to this issue. If they correct the problem, I will be more confident. Besides these problems, it's a great car.

- Cheyenne L

The little Impreza that can just about do anything, and go anywhere!

I love the versatility of my Subaru. I use it for many things like my daily driver, camping, going on dirt and gravel roads, and snowboarding. I do not think I'll ever own another vehicle that is not AWD. It is a amazing to drive it all types of weather conditions. I am even able to autocross it competitively which just adds to my love of the vehicle.

- Frances B

It's not brand new but it was reasonable in price and still gets alright gas mileage.

It's a great car. Reasonably fuel efficient, has not been too costly in repairs over time which is nice. However there was an airbag recall for a few years where the company did not have a solution and instead said do not use the passenger seat.. funny because the drivers airbag is the same. Felt unsafe in that regard.

- Anna J

, Impreza�s motor is probably fine but not the inside of the body.

There was a recall last year for break rust. Last month car needed new front pads and rotors. Front sway bar bushing worn. Page head gasket started to leak. To replace cost $ 2, 500. 00. Needs to replace left rear tams sensor. Inside paint parts scratch too easily, upholstery from sides on floor came off.

- Maria M

Great car with fantastic features.

As long as you keep up on maintenance this car has absolutely no issues! I have nearly 300, 000 miles on mine, clutch replaced twice, oil change every 3500 miles. Highly recommend! Comfortably fits 5 people or 2 adults and 2 car seats, drives smooth and has super easy shifting. Great acceleration as well.

- Carl H

Dependability in the snow.

My Subaru is a very reliable vehicle. I love the all wheel drive especially in the snow. It’ does not have all the latest do/dads but it gets me reliably from place to place. I am a small person and it fits me. It is comfortable and I like it and will want another Subaru when I get a new car.

- Linda J

I love my Subaru drive it for yourself and you will fall in love.

Great performance very reliability good on gas it starts up the first time you turn the key I never add any oil only for oil changes good take off power. It fits four people in with no problem it run like a dream I love my Subaru yes I would buy a Subaru again this is my third one.

- Muriel D

The Impreza is a small boxy type vehicle, makes me pray not to get in a wreck.

The Impreza is a piece, the flat 4 cylinder engine leaks oil. And the car has hardly no power. Do not pull out in front of any bicycles much less another car. It has roughly 120. 000 miles on it. And if you fix your own stuff like me, almost everything has to come from the dealer.

- Rob O

My car is a compact car but it has plenty of room.

My car will go really well in the snow. It is great on gas. I really do not have any problems with it. I have only had to do minimum maintenance on the car since I have owned it. The car is a little low as I live in the mountains and my driveway is uphill and gravel.

- Betty W

Reliable car that lasts a while.

I haven't had any major vehicle problems since I have kept the car in good shape. It is over 100,000 miles and the oil burns a lot faster like a lot of older cars. It has been a reliable vehicle and I would definitely look to purchase another Subaru in the future.

- Mary K

Nice used vehicle, would recommend for any new driving looking for a small car

The cars Gas line is very fragile and breaks easily (multiple times for me when I hit curbs). I have the sunroof model and it's the perfect size. The interior is impeccable design, the black and grey mesh stays warm in the winter and cool in the summer

- Dominick S

Small red Subaru Impreza review.

My car is small and smooth. Has a hatchback with lots of space. Great on gas and makes you feel safe while driving. You can see well out of all windows, not very large blind spots. Popular car ease of finding spare parts around town. Good headlights.

- Jess S

Subaru cars are dependable but not the most luxurious or fancy cars.

I like that the Subaru is a safe car and has 4 wheel drive for driving in snow and rain. I dislike the gas mileage I get. It is typically lower than comparable models of cars. I also dislike the amount of maintenance needed since it is getting older.

- Dan M

Smell it carefully when you take it on a test drive. Read reviews. I like Subaru, but this was not one of the better ones I've owned.

I like that it is reliable transportation on our hills in winter. I hate that the airbag recall is a pain in the butt to respond to on our island. I also hate that the molded plastic used in the interior poisoned me for a while.

- Clarity b

It is a driver's car - meaning it is fun to drive, responsive, and makes for an enjoyable driving experience.

I love how responsive it is, and it is very comfortable. It is also a pretty fast car, despite it being small. I wish it got slightly better gas mileage than it does, but it is all-wheel drive, so that is understandable.

- Ann C

That it is a Subaru and the engines are built to last many miles.

It is a sporty little wagon that is comfortable to drive and has some room in the back if I need to move something. Being a Subaru it is dependable and runs great. I like how it handles and it is pretty good on gas.

- Linda Z

It is incredibly reliable! It has been such a great drive with very few mechanical issues at all.

Outside of a slightly flimsy bumper, I love my subaru. It's been so much fun to drive and I feel like it is an incredibly safe ride for my whole family. It holds a ton of stuff even with 4 people loaded in the car.

- christy o

INDESTRUCTIBLE (or nearly so!) I'm hard on my cars; but this machine is harder

My Subaru is a remarkably reliable car. The mileage is approaching 190,000, yet there is every indication it is going strong. It's a bit cramped. That's the worst I can come up with about my redoubtable Impreza.

- Leon K

All wheel drive and very reliable, so it's a great family vehicle.

It's an all wheel drive Subaru that I bought new. It's never left me broke down or on the side of the road and it always drives well during the winter. I recently broke 100,000 miles and still going strong.

- Mel F

Great pick up and very reliable 2008 Subaru Impreza WRX.

My Subaru has been extremely reliable. It rides smooth, has good pickup and is very reliable. The only problem I have had with it is the turbo going up, but after ten years, anything can happen. Great car.

- Jonathan M

The pros and cons of the 07 Subaru Impreza 2.5i

Very good on gas, timing belt went bad at around 107k miles and blew the whole engine up, fun to drive, I love subarus because of this car, reliable besides the one time it broke down, good looking car

- Madison F

Great to drive and awesome in the snow. Reliable and doesn't break down.

Drives great in winter and is super reliable. The engine will last a very long as long as I keep up with maintenance. No complaints - I'm just missing features of newer cars, but not a deal breaker.

- Anthony P

Lasts forever in all kinds of weather

It's a good all around reliable car. I have 150,000 miles and am only now doing any kind of major repair. It's basic no frills or whistles but it takes me where I need to go in any kind of weather

- Aislinn C

I guess they are known for bad head gaskets. So of you get one replace it!

It rain great loved it than the engine went after running on a bad head gasket. Now to get a new engine will be 2, 000$ which isn't bad because I love the car completely would never get rid of it.

- Nicole M

That word in the case of my Subaru would be reliability.

I love my car, it is 10+ years old and has always kept me safe. It is reliable, always starts, never had any mechanical problems with it. There is nothing I dislike about it, except its age.

- Lynn D

Get something else or upgrade when things start going wrong.

Much of the engine needed replaced a year ago. It comes up with a new leak every 6 months on average. It's too small for a car seat (if anyone wants to sit in the front).

- Amanda B

Gas efficiency 19/26 mpg city/hwy.

No problems so far. It is a fun car to drive. It also does very well in the snow. All wheel drive. 1 touch power windows. Remote keyless power door locks.

- Raul V

The all wheel drive is a great feature that really inspires driving confidence in all conditions.

I love the all wheel drive capabilities and reliability of the vehicle. I enjoy the styling of the vehicle. I have no complaints about my Subaru at all.

- Marc T

This car is a gas saving easy maintenance little car!!

The car has been great gas mileage, a tank of gas last well over five hours of highway driving. It is also very easy to have it repaired.

- Sal B

it's very reliable and a very good car.

It's a good and very reliable vehicle. My husband and I have had our Subaru for 4 years now and have not had any major problems with it.

- Christian H

Special coolant is required to use or you can ruin your engine.

I love that it has plenty of space for our family. I like that it's an automatic. I especially like that it's an all wheel drive.

- Felicia W

Sleekness and the. Ease in driving it. The looks is very good.

Love that it is a good value built to last and all wheel drive w good gas mileage. Dislike size and no moon roof or heated seats.

- Sarah S

It doesn't have any sort of aux cord.

I love having all wheel drive on my vehicle. The car rides smoothly and have had little issues with it even with its high miles!

- Jeannie H

Subaru is a reliable brand and is very safe to drive.

It's a Subaru so it's reliable, economical, and not too flashy. It works and when it needs work, it's easy to get repaired.

- Lisa S

All wheel drive is awesome.

Not a top of the line model so less comforts - I wish I had heated seats and a moonroof. But built to last and dependable.

- No T

100,000 mile engine warranty and 60,000 overall.

I like the body style, the fact that it is all wheel drive, fast, very nice, decent family size car. No complaints.

- Chandra T

Make you due the scheduled maintenance, it's expensive but important

Very reliable, holds its value well. Pretty simple and not overly complicated. Handles like a boss in the snow.

- Michael M

It is a great car, good in gas, and love the 4-wheel drive.

I like that the car is a manual, and drives good. But I dislike the gas intake it has. It drives like a truck.

- Sara B

one of the best car for safety very dependable and all wheel drive

it goes in bad whether, good gas mileage and know major breakdowns. It sets too low only one complaint.

- Anna C

That it's not luxurious and is only functional used to get from A to Z.

I like the price and 4 wheel drive but it's noisy. Hard to hear inside. And definitely not luxury.

- Joan K

People should know that my car has lasted over 10 years without any major issues!

I like that it is low to the ground. It handles well in the snow. It gets very good gas mileage.

- Zoe D

It lasted all these years with minimal repairs costs. It is easy to handle in bad weather..

I like It's durability. I do not like the seats. It is all wheel drive which lessens MPG.

- Ann g

all wheel drive so it drives fantastic. i also enjoy all the options that it comes with

i like the way it drives but only downfall is that the subaru leak a lot of oil

- ta t

It's awesome in the snow and handles well!

There is nothing I do not like about my car. I just bought it recently, used.

- Robin m

Compact without being tiny. Great for road trips and long-distance commutes

Modern, compact, fuel efficient. It's a tough car, good shape, spacious.

- Patrick L

It is a great little car, due to the age the features are now outdated but when it was new they were current. The AWD is great in all weather conditions and has had very few problems over the years.

It has AWD and performs great in adverse weather conditions.

- Tina K

The most important thing that others should know about my car is that it is safe to drive in the snow.

I love it keeps me safe and i enjoy how fun it is to drive.

- Maggie M

It's good, I like AWD Wish it got better gas mileage Wish it was newer

AWD is great, gas mileage is poor Brakes are lacking

- Bob D

Like the reliability and how it drives. It handles very well in all weather conditions. I wish the seats were more comfy and it wasn't so loud.

It's an AWD Subaru, what more do you need to know.

- chris c