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2009 Subaru Impreza car review.

All wheel drive is the car's best feature. It feels very safe driving in any kind of weather. Overall performance and reliability has been good. Driving feels very comfortable and I have been told that the passenger seating is comfortable, too. I wish there was higher ground clearance. Developed rust in areas I did not expect, for example, below the rear windshield wiper and the driver's side floor. There is also visible paint fading on the car door handles. Driver side visor needed replacement within a couple months after the warranty expired. The standard windshield wipers do not appear to hold up well. Had to be replaced several times and the heavy duty wipers seem to be stronger. Tire pressure gauge sensor(s) appear to be very sensitive and the indicator light routinely is on if the temperature drops below 50 degrees f. It also came on when I had an insulated food bag in the back of the car. The light went off after I removed the bag. In the manual I found one mention that this could happen if there is an interruption of the signal between the sensors.

- Amy K

Great day to day vehicle!

I bought my Subaru Impreza in November 2017 with 120, 000 miles for just below 8000 dollars. So far it has been a very reliable vehicle with very few issues. I had to change one of the tires once. I did two maintenance checks. Next time I purchase a vehicle I would go for a larger vehicle maybe like the Forester or the crosstrek since it would make traveling in Utah easier. This vehicle is reliable for day to day driving, from home to work but it lacks a bit of engine power. It is a four wheel drive which is great in the snow.

- Steven W

Subarus will last forever but getting them fixed is typically more expensive than other vehicles.

I love Subaru vehicles. I love the 35 average mph I get. The all-wheel drive makes winter driving a breeze. I have driven my car all over the country without worrying about it breaking down and in relative comfort. I have loaded with my kayak on top, bike on the back, and all of my gear in the back seat. The one complaint I do have is the low clearance. The all-wheel drive can only do so much offroading when the clearance is so low.

- Katie B

First vehicle I've had where immediately and after time no complaints arose from me

I love my car the safety features are a huge plus I feel safer in this car than any other car I've ever owned. It is streamlined inside and out and so far everything about it is functional doesn't make me think I wish this were different or why isn't this bigger or this thing over here or this part smaller. For a small car there is good head and leg room front and back and even the sound system is really nice.

- Julia M

Spartan yet safe and reliable.

The Subaru gets decent gas mileage at about 25 mpg, AWD is excellent, and it is surprisingly how much stuff can be hauled between the hatchback and roof rack. It is a little spartan for comfort though and road noise can be a pain. It has no guts or power to speak of and maintenance can be expensive compared to others in its class. Good vehicle overall, with the exception of no pep.

- Grant S

Safe and reliable small car.

My Subaru is extremely reliable and is the best car brand I have ever driven. The all wheel drive makes me feel safe and comfortable with driving during the winter months. I rarely have any problems with my Subaru, mostly just maintenance upkeep. It is a smooth ride. I enjoy driving smaller cars, and my Subaru allows me to drive a small car but still feels roomy inside.

- Andrea H

Great car for single people..

My car drives very smooth. The seats are very comfortable. Love that it has heat warmers. My car is over 100 thousand miles and I haven't had no major issues just the usual.. Like oil change and stuff like that.. Only problem I have two baby's not big enough for a family of four specially for traveling.. I would recommend single people to buy this car.

- Lisbeth T

The transmission is this car is an automatic with an option to shift manually.

The only problem with this car is the cost of repairs, however, repairs are very seldom required. Very reliable with sporty performance. A comfortable car to drive but may be a bit too 'tight' for those not wanting a brisk, sporty drive and a more comfort-focused consumer. The AWD drive is very reliable and confident in any road condition.

- Jeff Y

Reliable great in snow. Love the paint.

I love how reliable my car is in the snow. It is comfortable for driver and passenger. I have not had any major mechanical issues. I have enjoyed my subaru. Slight issue with fuel pump. Electrical short. Subaru would not fix. Thank hid my husband is a genius. This was a manufacturer defect and because I had no warranty they declined.

- Sheri M

Good at a little bit of everything.

This car is great for light off-roading. The car feels very stable and safe. Comfortable ride, but can be a little noisy from road sound or rattling in the dash. Gas mileage is fairly decent for a hatchback vehicle. Biggest issue with this car is the pick-up-and-go. When you press on the gas, it takes a while for something to happen.

- Kimberly A

My favorite traveling companion!

Perfect car for my needs. I need all wheel drive. It takes me where I need to go. Is small enough to seem like a sedan, but with the more robust ability of an SUV. Nicely appointed interior that is easy to maintain. Has needed only routine maintenance, and when there was an issue for on paint, it was taken care of by Subaru.

- Janet N

Love this vehicle for a small family!

This vehicle performs very well, even in the snow. Not much back seat room for a car seat. Love the truck space! Sometimes when it is low on oil a few lights will go off. The lights on the dashboard are the check engine, traction control and cruise control. They will all come on instead of just the check engine light.

- Stephanie Z

2009 Subaru performance and handling review.

I own a 2009 Subaru Impreza that I have driven since high school. The car handles great and gets very good gas mileage. I wish the car had a little more power behind it but it is an excellent daily driver. The throttle response lags a bit when not in sport mode and the current tire fitment has a bit of road noise.

- Cory B

It's a great car I will soon have to give her up because of rust.

It's a great car runs great in the winter with lots of snow it can start when the temp go below 10 even with rust starting on the car she's still a beauty. . . It is comfortable for driving and for me plenty of room for 5 people and can hold a lot of shopping. . . I have even drove home with two-by-fours in it.

- Yvonne S

Awesome little car, but a little small for a family

We have had this car for 8 years and love almost everything about it. I feel like it's very safe to drive, and very reliable. We haven't had problems with it, and have loved the AWD. The downside is that the backseat isn't very big, and the trunk isn't very big. Other than that, we love our Subaru!

- Tiffany W

My first car ever, and I will stick with the brand for life.

I love my Subaru. Its fast, efficient, and reliable. I never feel unsafe while driving it. It is one of those cars that will last for 15 years and a great price too. Worth the investment. This car is the first car I ever got, and it has been with me for so long. I learned how to drive in this car.

- Lindsay W

Subaru is overrated, overpriced.

Good motor/drivetrain. Body panels and fasteners are cheaply made. Sits too low to ground. Gets mediocre fuel economy. Repairs from dealer are way too expensive, dealer tries to upsell all the time. Design is poor for diy repairs, nearly nothing is easily accessible. Would not buy another Subaru.

- Marc P

The old car I am stuck with.

I have spent more money fixing to than I did to get it. If I could replace it I would, but I might as well drive it until it falls apart in the middle of the road. It gets me where I am going, and I'll drive it until I cannot anymore. Now I am just typing to meet the word requirement.

- Morgue M

Enjoy the car, just want more frills

Leasing a used car, is in good shape and only typical wear and tear maintenance so far. Only rated it 4 because the car isn't very 'fun'. No extra features or frills besides power windows and locks. Needs power everything, a USB port for connecting music players, sun/moonroof, etc

- Amanda M

Reliable and easy to drive. Good per-gallon mileage.

I wish it had some of the newer features, like a back-up camera and lane detection, but of course these features weren't always available when I bought the car. The amount of maintenance needed on a ten-year old car also is annoying, but that's what a ten-year-old car needs.

- Sid C

Subaru Impreza 2.5i. Amazing car, good in all type of weather. 25 miles per gallon ( I think).

I love my Subaru. I've always wanted one. I live in Wisconsin but I couldn't find one close enough to me so I traveled to Illinois to get one. It handles all types of weather and I haven't had any major problems with it yet and its 100k miles now so that's saying a lot.

- Eric N

2009 Subaru Issues unlike the other Subaru models

After 8 years the a subaru impreza can no longer be reliable. exhaust pipe to muffler issues expensive to replace. Battery issues can quickly go bad. hydraulic issues leakage. Handle on the road becomes weak. The subaru impreza motor oil issues as the car can dry oil

- Ahmad K

I drive a 2009 Subaru Impreza, manual with almost 200, 000 miles on it.

I love my Subaru. I cannot imagine driving another car. My entire family drives a Subaru and we all believe it is a very reliable car. The drive is smooth and getting oil changes are very cheap. My car has almost 200, 000 miles on it and its running very strong.

- Leah H

Best long term vehicle for any age person.

I have had my vehicle for almost 10 years and it has never failed me. I love the all wheel drive and handling. It can go through multiple terrains and through incline to weather. It gets excellent gas mileage and I have taken it on multiple road trips.

- Claire L

Super safe and low on miles, this car is reliable and fun to drive.

I like the gas mileage and the AWD that my Subaru has. It is has required very little maintenance and has been reliable. I feel it is safe for my children and me. It is getting a little small for our family and some of the technology is now outdated.

- Lyndi O

It has All Wheel Drive with great control in snow.

I love the fact that it has AWD- I feared driving in snow because I had an accident years ago with a front wheel drive car. This car is great in snow- I am still nervous about driving in snow but I have so much more control with a Subaru.

- Paulette R

She is my baby. I do love her and work to take care of her. She is very important.

I like that my vehicle is reliable and comfortable. I also like the cargo space. The things I dislike are the gas mileage and the damage it had on it now. My car has been a great little car and I see myself driving it for a long time.

- Joelle B

The car has symmetrical all wheel drive and drives very well in all weather conditions.

I really like how the car handles and how it does in the snow. My complaints are the fact that the head gaskets go bad at about 110000 and the auto manufacturer won't own up to the fact that they made faulty head gaskets for these cars

- Zachariah B

Gas rate consuming, and price.

I love 5-speed manual transmission because it makes me pay attention at all times. Imp is small. Imp has lots of get-up-and-go. I do not like the color black. Front fiberglass lower bumper trim falls off. Car is very low to ground.

- Deb M

I think it is a great car. It is safety.

My car is worth $19, 000. The transmission is 4-speed shiftable automatic. It has all wheel drive, with 4 flat cylinders. 5 people seating. The car has 1 single overhead cam. Rear door child safety locks and airbags for safety.

- Allison K

Safe and reliable-recommended by my father!

My vehicle is completely reliable, safe, and comfortable. It is great on gas mileage and handles well in the snow and ice. I feel safe driving my kids around in it and allowing my new teenage drivers to learn to drive with it.

- Kristin G

It is an affordable car that performs like an expensive car.

I like that my vehicle has all wheel drive and precision steering. This vehicle is rated very high in safety. This vehicle performs the way I would like a car to perform. It requires very little maintenance.


Reliability of this vehicle is very good.

My Subaru is a very reliable car. I have never had any major issues. Keeping up with general maintenance such as oil changes, brakes and tire replacement every few years. This is truly a great, dependable car.

- Donna R

I think people should know that it is a great reliable car to have.

I love that my car is a subaru and it is on the safe side & I love that it is great fitting to my personality but I hate that it is not roomie in the back. I also dislike that it sits so low to the ground.

- Allison L

It is a reliable car that can handle a variety of road conditions.

My vehicle has proven reliable in many situations. It handles terrain such as dirt roads and icy conditions well. It is relatively gas efficient. My one complaint is that it has about 200,000 miles on it.

- Wendlin B

The flexibility and gas mileage of my Subaru are very good.

I love the size and great gas mileage it gets. I love the ease of handling. However, even though it is only 10 years old and has less than 75000 miles it has required several major and costly repairs.

- Sandi A

It is reliable and can handle harsh road conditions.

My vehicle handles well in many different road conditions (ice, dirt). It is relatively gas efficient (28 mpg). It is comfortable to ride in. It has been reliable despite having many miles on it.

- Bob B

It is dependable and should last you for years

My car has good traction and is all wheel drive. It does have a blind spot behind driver on the right. It also doesn't have as good of a turn radius as other Subarus. It has average gas mileage.

- Adam V

It's a great economy car that holds Its value over time.

I like the gas mileage, but really need more space for my travel needs. The maintenance charges are higher at the dealership compared to other places. The resale value is great for a trade in.

- William J

Safety, great MPG, super responsive when driving in all types of weather. Overall a very sturdy and enjoyable drive.

My Subaru Impreza is reliable, responsive, great in all types of weather, especially snow. The all-wheel drive really makes a difference. I would buy another one after this without question.

- Kevin S

My car is perfect for driving in snow.

It is a very dependable vehicle. It gets me through rain, through snow. I have never had any issues with it. And it just feels like an all-around safe car. I have no complaints about my car.

- Jessica S

Keep up with the maintenance and it will be a good car.

I love the reliability, the all wheel drive, cruise control, sunroof, and child locks. I do not like the noise it has made since I got it. I am hopeful to drive this car for a long time.

- Michelle V

It does great in the snow!

I like that it is safe and reliable, AWD, a pretty shade of blue. I wish it were more fuel efficient. I wish it were a little larger since I have 2 kids and at one point had 2 dogs too

- Laura M

The one most important thing is how well the all wheel drive works in the Subaru vehicles, great feature if you live in a northern climate.

I definitely like the gas mileage I get, also the all wheel drive works very very good. Dislikes are how expensive parts are if something breaks/needs to be replaced on the vehicle.

- Jacob D

it needs frequent work to fix problems

i like that my car is very cute and compact but can hold a fair amount of things. i also like how safe it is on the road. what i dislike is how much work needs to be done on it.

- Olivia D

It has had a lot of work done.

The seats are hard and uncomfortable. The engine light makes everything not work. Also has air leak issues and head gasket problems. I like the power and the all wheel drive.

- Phoenix L

Dependability is the most important a car should exhibit.

I like the handling, gas mileage and safety. The all wheel drive makes driving in bad weather a breeze and living in new England gives me plenty of chances to test that.

- Kevin S

Good gas mileage for four wheel drive, good amount of space!

I like that it's easy to drive, not too expensive, and has four wheel drive. I wish it had more ground clearance, and the blinkers love to go on the fritz all the time.

- Lexi B

The most important thing others should know about is that it is gas efficient.

I was impressed with the physical appearance of my car. The color was black all black and the wheels are amazing. And when it comes to the speed, it is very speedy.

- James C

It feels very dependable. I feel safe driving it. And it is comfortable

Actually it is a 2008, but that was not in your list of years to pick from. My car runs well. The Air conditioning works good which is a major concern in Texas.

- Nancy L

All wheel drive without having a large gas guzzling SUV.

This has been a trouble free car that I expect to drive for a long time. These cars are known to go to 300, 000 routinely. It is a great all wheel drive option.

- Janet N

It is all wheel drive and gets over 20 mpg.

I love the way my car handles, especially in the snow. I do not like how hard it is to fix electrical components in the dashboard. I like the gas mileage I get.

- John S

It is small but rugged. Good fuel economy for AWD.

Like: all wheel drive. Hatchback. Maneuvering. Fuel economy. Sun roof. Dislike: seat is too low for very small people (I am 4'11" and need a pillow to sit on).

- Marisa R

You cannot have a moon roof unless you have other things.

I hate the radio. It is more distracting than my phone to operate. Also. It resets sometimes and I lose all my stations. The seats are super uncomfortable.

- Marin L

I take a lot of pride in my car, i take care of my car and really value being able to have one

Love my car, I bought it brand new and will have it till it dies. Wish it had higher ground clearance. Want to buy a newer Subaru but need to save money.

- Amanda B

Great car, will buy another one once this one finally runs out. Love the AWD and it's the most reliable car I've owned.

No problems, good gas mileage, great in the winter... but the protective screen/guard under the car becomes loose a lot. Makes a loud rattling sound.

- Caleb P

The handling is great in all conditions- rain, snow, or good weather this car has it covered

I love the AWD that subaru has. I dislike the fact that it's slow to accelerate. I like that the handling in the mountains as well as around town.

- Aimee Y

It's AWD for the best handling in the snow

I really love the AWD capabilities that it has. Makes it super easy to get up the canyons on snowy days and the Subaru lifestyle is nice as well.

- Scott G

Get one soon before they're all gone.

It has plenty of power for being a 4 cylinder engine. The all wheel drive system is great. The car handles great through the corners. Love it

- Andrew S

Great performance! Great in the snow.

There is not one thing that I do not love about my car. Living in a harsh winter, I especially appreciate the way it plows through the snow!

- Patti L

Impreza is an all around great car for an entry level all wheel drive sedan.

Like: AWD, gas mileage, comfort, good sound system, heat/ air conditioning. Dislike: boring styling, sluggish automatic transmission.

- Michael M

Subaru is a very reliable car.

I like that it is AWD, it has pretty good gas mileage, it is a sturdy vehicle because it has withstood a few fender benders and. Design.

- Tricia H

It's more durable than it looks. Despite the weak body that dents easily the internal holds its value.

I love that it's 4 wheel drive with a lot of room on the inside. I'm not a fan of how small it is because people can't see me very well.

- Lauren P

Great car if you have kids, have been able to fit 3 car seats in the backseat

Great car, runs really well and does great in the snow. Have had a few issues with the powers steering but other than that it is great.

- Jess C

Ready to go for all trips.

My Subaru Impreza outback sport is the perfect combination of a car and SUV in a hatchback that works for road trips or short hauls.

- Renee B

It will hold 5 people but more than that. Sometimes, we need 2 cars when family visits to do some outings.

I like the high mileage per gallon that I get. The car runs well through the Colorado snows. It has a great resale value on it.

- William R

Great mileage for this makes and model.

Perfect size for me. But it sits too low, also I do not care for the radio. Cannot see stations, and the buttons are too small.

- Sharon M

That asian made cars run forever but the parts are really expensive

Needs timing belt work, burns oil so I have to put a pint in every week, gets good gas mileage, manual 5 speed is fun to drive

- Max L

Subaru Impreza 2008 WRX Sedan.

The oxygen sensor needs to be replaced which keeps me from having cruise control but, other then that it purrs like a kitten.

- sean c

It is dependable and reliable. In the snow and the rain the AWD keeps you safe.

No problems with the vehicle. It is reliable, dependable, comfortable, and a joy to drive. Brakes well in the snow and rain.

- John J

That Subaru, when well maintained is one of the longest lasting cars I have ever owned.

I like that is a stable vehicle. Good gas mileage and easy to drive. I dislike that it does not have the best ventilation.

- Ian W

Safety features. Price is not bad and it is affordable.

Problem: tire light comes on all the time. Performance: awesome. It is very reliable and comfortable. Great gas mileage.

- Selene P

It's fun to drive, safe, gets great gas mileage, and I plan on keeping it forever.

Love the fuel efficiency. Also like the hatchback style. Also value the safety of Subaru since I have small children.

- Jennifer N

It is very fast and has quick pickup.

I love how quick it is. The handling is amazing. There is nothing I dislike about the car. Also, it is a great color.

- Thomas E

Subaru Impreza Outback Sport 2009 review

The Impreza has good fuel mileage, is reliable and has required minimal maintenance, and handles well on the highway.

- Paige D

It's a good vehicle for a lot of reasons.

Attractive car.. Good on mileage.. Fun to drive.. Dependable.. Safest car I've ever owned.. Will buy Subaru again.

- Carla G

4 wheel drive is critical where I live-I feel very safe in this car

love the size-big enough for everyday and great on gas mileage. wish it wasn't black; wish it had a sunroof.

- Jan C

It's a super safe vehicle and also very reliable. My car has never let me down

I love having all wheel drive. It gets good gas mileage. Only complaint is that I now need a bigger vehicle

- Angela S

Subaru Impreza is a great car for those that drive on paved snowy roads.

needed new transmission after 3 years but generally reliable. it started burning oil after about 7 years

- Jeannie B

That it is noisy and hard to hear plus that noise causes fatigued

It's noisy inside. It doesn't have the latest technology like side airbags or warnings about backing up

- Joan c

It handles great in all weather.

Love how it holds the road in all weather. Love the gas mileage. Wish it had a bit more cargo capacity.

- Karen M

The most important thing one should know is that the car is safe and all-wheel drive.

Good basic car that is reliable and comfortable. Only wish is that we had gotten the hatchback model.

- Stephanie F

The safety and reliability, along with affordability.

I like the all wheel drive and the safety Subaru offers. Customer service at the dealership is great.

- Laura K

My car is very reliable and does not require much maintenance

The car does not need much maintenance; maintenance it needs is reasonably priced; good gas mileage

- Christine P

That it is a solid reliable machine that keeps on running as long as it can

I love the design and handling of it. The overall performance is top notch as well. Well made car.

- Matr S

That it has really good speakers and seats. It goes really fast

I love how fast it goes. I dislike the color of it. I love how much gas I get per mile.

- Justin T

10 years and almost nothing needed to be fixed- just basics- brakes a sway bar and oil changes

it is reliable but the seats are uncomfortable and it doesn't get the best gas mileage

- karlie r

It is a good reliable car

My vehicle is sporty and has good pick up. It is great in snow. It is also reliable.

- Jay S

It has many safety features including multiple airbags.

It is easy to drive and good on gas. Would like it more if it was new and updated.

- Brittany J

All wheel drive car and it is a sport car. A compact size car

It is fast. The car is not big, so it is easy to park. Nothing I don't like

- Amber H

100,000 miles and under still great car over 100,000 don't buy

It's basic and boring it's base model not the fun car but practical on gas

- Sara O

I do not like how small the car is. I have already had to replace the whole motor. It does not handle the snow well.

It is not meant for heavy weather conditions. Snow is not its friend.

- Hannah T

The AWD is great on all Subarus and the ride itself is very comfortable. I do wish Subaru did a better job with gas mileage though.

Not great with gas but one of the most comfortable road trip cars.

- James D

My car is Safe. Subaru has the highest safety ratings

The car was AWD is safe and has 192K miles with minimal breakages

- Jason a

One of the most important thing, my car is a Gas Efficient.

Car is fast. The color of my car is black. It has some stickers.

- Ced C

I like that my car is great in bad weather and snow yet gets decent gas mileage. No major complaints - could have a little more trunk space but it's usually just me driving it so I can use the back seat if needed.

It's the best AWD vehicle I've driven in bad weather

- Melissa M