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The Subaru Impreza is an affordable, reliable car that fits in anyone's lifestyle.

My Subaru Impreza has been a very reliable vehicle, I've only had to replace the battery in it and that wasn't until after owning it for 6 years which is normal for any vehicle. I live in an area that gets pretty severe weather in the winter, I've never had any trouble getting anywhere despite the snow and ice we get here. The heated seats and windshield are a godsend during our rough winters! So is the super fast cooling air conditioning during the summer! It has great trunk space and a roomy backseat yet it's the size of an average car and very easy to parallel park and park in parking garages.

- Sarah K

An all-around great car for traveling and snow.

The car is very reliable and functional. Four wheel drive is a great feature, it is great to have the safety in the snow. It is very comfortable, but I wish I had bought a model with seat heaters. It also does not have an aux input which is a bummer, but I bought an FM transmitter that works pretty well. The speakers are nice. It sits low to the ground so it is easy to get into and out of. The seats fold down and I can fit a ton of stuff in it at once. I also appreciate the safety features.

- Grace H

Life saver but getting old and worn.

I like my car for the safety if offers me. But after owning it now for 7 years it is starting to show signs of wear and tear. What I love most is the manual transmission something that is very hard to come by these days. The body is outdated in terms of style. But overall this car has been very faithful to me and saved my life during a very bad accident. I actually should love it more than I do for that reason alone:).

- Jen S

The car for the all terrain commuter.

This car is pretty good on gas. I have all of the trunk space that I need! (I am constantly on the go, so I keep a lot of gear in my car). There's also plenty of leg room for myself and passengers. (Front and back). Subaru's are excellent in the snow. I work on a mountain in Vermont and never have issues getting to and from the mountain. 10 Out of 10- definitely recommend any Subaru!

- Jay G

My first Subaru, a gift from my family.

It is a very efficient and reliable vehicle, dependable in all driving conditions. In terms of comfort and features, it is a bit low to the ground (about five inches clearance) and I would prefer a larger model with more undercarriage clearance. I’d also prefer a faster acting heating system, and better quality interior parts (too much thin plastic parts on the interior).

- Eileen P

I love my 2011 Subaru Impreza (that is how you spell Impreza!).

I love my 2011 2. 5i Subaru Impreza. It has an extremely high safety rating, handles very well and is also really fun to drive with it is 5 speed manual transmission. It has a 2. 5 liter boxer engine which is easy to work on and extremely reliable. It usually gets about 27 mpg on the highway and around 25 mpg in town, which is great for an all wheel drive vehicle.

- Butts M

The oil leaks; check the oil level regularly to ensure you are not low.

My vehicle is a manual transmission, all wheel drive. It is a fantastic vehicle for the winter and drives really well in the snow. It has air conditioning, heat, and heated seats. I love that Subaru's are very reliable cars. I have not had many issues with the mechanics. One problem is that it does leak oil, so I have to closely monitor my oil level.

- Melissa S

Very smooth and comfortable for teens, families.

Never had any mechanical problems with the vehicle! Just change timing belt, battery, oil. Car runs smoothly on highways and on any kinds of road. During the winter, my Subaru can undergo any types of weather. My car is awesome in the winter with the type of tires I have which is seasonal. The interior is nice and comfortable, with many benefits.

- Delaney O

It is an all-wheel-drive hatchback

I have a red 2011 Subaru Outback Sport. I like it it has a rear windshield wiper and is all wheel drive. I've always driven a Subaru in this one doesn't fail their standards. I do not like GPS /radio user setting. I have used other ones like the Ford Sync and this one doesn't compare to any of this. It could be vastly improved

- M T

The Subaru Impreza is an all wheel drive sedan with all of the luxuries of a larger vehicle.

I love that Subarus are all wheel drive. I picked out my car in particular for the sunroof and heated cloth seats. I also really enjoy that my car has the bluetooth connection to my phone to be able to make/answer phone calls and also play music. I have had it for 6 years and it has needed minimal service.

- Andrea C

Subaru Impreza is a reliable and safe vehicle.

I have not experienced any performance issues with my vehicle despite driving at least 500 miles per month. This makes the car extremely reliable to me. Also, the seats in the back fold down to allow more storage space which is helpful when I have bought furniture and especially when I move residences.

- Melissa H

Long lasting Subaru, recommend!

It is a really great car. No performance issues, and appreciate that it can handle bad weather. I like the color, storage capacity, stick shift, and interior. We share the car and haven't had any issues. It is a really great vehicle, I would recommend to anyone looking to buy a car or who needs a car.

- Kirsty S

Great car, but I had to replace the engine. Good thing it was under warranty.

I had to put an new engine in at 100, 000 miles for consuming too much oil. The heat shields on the exhaust all needed repaired. Other than that is been a decent car. However, all wheel drive and the handing is good. It drives great in the rain and snow. I hope this car last to 200, 000 miles.

- Devin L

Has lasted for many road trips, vacations. Great amount of space for a sedan.

Serious issues recently with the oil, head gaskets, camshafts. While it is a 2011, I feel like we are constantly putting money into it to keep it running for 2 weeks at a time. Other than that, it is been a great car. Safe, great in the rain and snow, and great on gas mileage.

- Devin H

It has two tone grey paint. That makes it unique.

My car has had no major repairs only tire and the battery changed it is very reliable and comfortable for me to drive it is a hatchback and I have bought many big items and carried them in the back the seats fold down to make a lot of space also has hands free Bluetooth phone.

- Donna J

My lovely car. Overall experience on the car I have now is just loving it.

. There is no much problem I encountered. Just basic the headlights changing. Changing tires. Just tight the breaks. It is really good car that fit to me. Not much problem I can say. I go sometimes to change oil and recondition it. I feel comfortable using it. Easy to drive.

- Angel R

Stick shift, 7 years old, requires weekly oil addition, comfortable.

Mine is a stick shift so the clutch needs replacing every once in a while. It has cloth seats, can sit 5 people, very comfortable. Back seats can be put down so I can travel with my large dogs. It is a great car! It does however need me to add oil to it every 3 days or so.

- Lily Y

It is a small compact car that can surprisingly fit a lot of stuff!

My vehicle is reliable, comfortable, and safe. I have driven it hundreds of miles at a time without any issue and makes me feel safe. There is one issue that occurs when it is humid outside and does not allow me to get gas, probably a sensor issue.

- Amy B

The Subaru Impreza is a very reliable and sturdy car.

It's a very reliable car. My family does a lot of traveling and driving on dirt roads, the all wheel drive is extraordinarily helpful when we're on icy roads. I would recommend this car time and time again, as it's very reliable and sturdy.

- Gabriel S

Others should know about my car is that it is all wheel drive.

I love that it is all wheel drive. Driving in snow is a challenge is an all wheel drive vehicle is very helpful. It is a very nice looking car. I enjoy driving a manual transmission. I think the gas mileage could be better.

- Christine D

High crash safety ratings. Need to drive defensively especially in smaller cars.

It is a hatchback so can haul large items. The ingress/egress from trunk is flush so no lifting to get things out. AWD so can go from beach to mountains. High ratings for crash safety. Gas mileage could be a bit better.

- Carol E

Neither a car or an SUV, something in between.

The height of the vehicle took a bit of time to get used to since it felt like neither a car nor an SUV. After that though, the vehicle is very smooth and responsive to drive. The rear view mirror camera is a huge plus.

- Greg E

My car is reliable and has never broken down. My car also gets fairly decent gas mileage.

I appreciate that my vehicle is all wheel drive, however, I dislike that it is so compact. I also dislike that it has rough suspension that contributes to driver fatigue after extended trips.

- Faith D

Love that four wheel drive

I love the four wheel drive because it gives me confidence in all types of weather. The car is quite efficient and very reliable. Even though it sits low it is easy to get in and out.

- Josh M

The quality of the vehicle- from the construction to the special features

I love the style and design of the car. It has good gas mileage and I've had very few maintenance issues with it. It's comfortable for long trips and great in the snow.

- Hannah R

It is a 6 speed manual that uses symmetrical all wheel drive

I drive a 2011 Subaru STi, I really do enjoy it and love driving but I do have some complaints. The gas mileage is very low so I'm constantly having to refill the gas.

- Chris C

Superb handling and power for a very affordable price, especially useful on snowy days.

Very responsive, very powerful and relatively maintenance free. The all-wheel drive is a lifesaver in snowy conditions. It handles snow like a much larger car.

- Craig J

Greatest car I've ever had

I love my Subaru. It is the second one I've owned. It is great on gas, reliable and looks great. It doesn't need much maintenance. I plan on buying a new one.

- Joan D

I like my Subaru Impreza.

The Subaru Impreza is a well made car that is reliable and tough. It has served my family with dignity and class and I would buy another Subaru in the future.

- Michael S

It sits 5 people comfortably or fits nearly a full sized bed in the back with the seats down.

I love my car, it gets great gas mileage but has plenty of space and I have used it to move a couple times. It is incredibly reliable in any situation.

- Jaime H

Stable Subaru lasts forever!

Everything about our Subaru is great. It has been taking good care of us for years now. Work on it and take good care of it and it will last forever.

- Joe C

You should Buy a Subaru Impreza

The Impreza is fantastic. Drives awesome and I always feel safe on the road. There is some road noise in the interior but that is the only drawback.

- Kelly A

The most important thing about my car is that it is very reliable.

My 2011 Subaru Impreza has been a very reliable and comfortable vehicle. It runs great and has made many long distance road trips with no issues.

- Brooke E

Great in all categories and runs really nice. I love this car.

Great reliability. Great handling. Very good gas mileage. Lights shut off automatically. Dashboard controls are comfortable and easy to use.

- Robert B

It has Great traction in the snow. And will correct if sliding occurs.

I do like that it is an all wheel drive vehicle. What I do not like is that I need to replace all four if there is problem with only one .

- Carole M

That it drives great in the snow and off paved roads

I really like the suspension of my car. I also really like the color. I wish it had leather seats. I wish it had better gas mileage.

- Cory K

I drive a 6 speed manual.

I love the smooth transmission. I do not like the interior rattling. I do love the Subaru blue. I do not like the radio controls.

- Nick H

Great affordable car, for first starting out. I love the all wheel drive.

I have yet to have problem with the car, it gets great gas mileage. I just wish that there was more space in the backseat.

- Allie A

It is extremely safe and handles like a dream.

I like that it is fast, has all wheel drive, and looks sporty. I dislike that it does not have very high ground clearance.

- Christopher V

It is easy to drive but still feels stable.

I love the way my car drives. The handling is very smooth. The leather seats are very comfortable but do not get too hot.

- Emma R

The car is quiet and has a comfortable ride and plenty of room.

Very satisfied with the car's performance. The car is very comfortable and reliable. Performs well in inclement weather

- Maryann K

Its excellent in snow and it takes a beating well.

Its very reliable never given me any problems. The only thing I do not like is the check engine light keeps coming on.

- Sarah J

The safety feature on the car is super nice.

Vehicle has heated seats, Bluetooth radio, and is a safe reliable car. However the clothed seats are hard to clean.

- Faith L

Wanted the car for its excellent reputation.

Best car I ever owned. Excellent in snow. Good gas mileage. Rides great. Has plenty of legroom in front and back.

- Pat W

I love my car. I wish I had gotten one with more bells and whistles, but next time. The size of the car is just right for me.

I plan on keeping my car longer than any of the other cars I've owned due to the good track record Subaru has.

- Jessica W

It handles great and rides real nice and it's very comfortable

I love how my car handles. I love how safe my car is. My only complaint would be the radio is not the best.

- Susan K

It is fun to drive. And looks great too.

Like that it drives nice, and is dependable transportation.. Dislike gas mileage is not good. Nothing else..

- Char S

It is great in the snow,. Perfect for crazy northeast weather.

The only dislike I have about my car is that I wish it was newer. My car is great in the sun, snow or rain.

- Alicia W

Subaru's are reliable but if you buy used check the car facts.

Have had multiple problems since purchase. Has been decently reliable but have spent a lot of money on it.

- Casey L

It's one of the safest cars out on the market. Though I've not been in an accident with it., I know it would hold up.

I could own a fancier car but it has been serviceable and dependable. I haven't needed much work to it.

- Jen S

It is a little small inside. It is AWD!

I like that it is awd, it is dependable. This one is a little small and not as comfortable as others.

- Cindy C

The car is gas efficient, drives amazing in the snow.

Heated seats, Bluetooth radio, heated mirrors, sunroof, roof rack, plenty of legroom and trunk space.

- Jordan G

It is very reliable and great in gas.

My car is gets great gas mileage. It does great in the snow. My car is very comfortable and reliable.

- Misty L

Awd is a must in this area. Nice it is available in a car

Like AWD. Dislike color, how easily it chips and inability to get it serviced other than at dealer

- Jaime B

It is a small car but it is all wheel drive so it great for the winter.

Perfect sized wagon for our family of four and all wheel drive. Great on gas. No complaints.

- Rozina V

AWD is standard. It is good on gas mileage considering that.

It is a really good car to haul things. I like the AWD. Nothing really to complain about.

- Jonathan C

The Subaru Impreza is very reliable. I feel quite safe in it. I love the all wheel drive as this also makes me feel safe. However, it doesn't have as much get up and go as I would like. I feel that others sometimes easily pass me on hills.

It's a very safe vehicle. With all wheel drive the safety factor goes up even more.

- Sam N

It is a reliable car and have not had any problems with it

It is a very reliable car and I like it and I will ho9ld onto it for the time being

- matt r

That it is all wheel drive. It makes it nice in our area with all the snow.

I like that it is dependable and that it is safe. I love the all wheel drive.

- Cindy S