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Overall great performance despite a minor hiccup.

This vehicle has very good performance, though I will admit that I am not the most picky when it comes to cars. The acceleration and handling are good, and it is an overall smooth ride. There is also plenty of passenger/cargo space. However, one problem that has begun to arise is that when I try to turn the car off, the key gets stuck in the ignition. I have since found a fairly consistent solution where I simply push the key in when I make the final turn to take the key out. While the situation is for now under control, I worry about the possibility of the key becoming permanently stuck, and having to fix it. Aside from this isolated issue, I have absolutely no complaints with this.

- Max M

This car be ok. It a Subaru Impreza. It decent and runs.

Runs decently well, crank windows and ac needs fixed. Drives well. The seats are not the most comfortable but they are decent and not bad. The steering wheel gets hot easily in the sun and the sound from the radio is very light and does not travel to the back of the car well. The Subaru is not too small but it is on the smaller side. The locks on the car are weird, you have to lock it and then hold out the door handle while you close it in order for it to actually lock shut. The color of my car is a medium to dark green, someone stole the gas pump flap and it has been through some stuff but still runs good.

- Emily J

Not an amazing vehicle for the money.

I have had a lot of issues with my car, many major issues have needed to be fixed. Engine, transmission, a few other miscellaneous mechanical/electrical parts have gone bad and all needed repaired, including one of my heated seats. My radio is also currently having issues with the Bluetooth in the radio cutting in and out, as well as completely pausing if I am playing music. There have also been a few recalls as well. Overall, when everything has worked properly, I have really enjoyed the car. However, the issues I have had cannot be ignored. If I didn't want another car payment, I'd honestly get rid of it.

- Beth N

Great family car for colder climates.

My car drives really well in the snow and rain. I love that it is all wheel drive even though it means that we get less gas mileage. It is extremely safe and versatile in that we can load it up with things we need to transport and take it on long family trips. It is pretty low to the ground, so it has a tendency to scrape at times. The seat warmers in the front seats are great for our colder climate. The Bluetooth connection to my phone is also amazing and we love listening to a variety of things in the car while being able to take calls without taking our eyes off of the road.

- Emily B

That she is a Subaru and has an owner who is super loyal to the Subaru brand!

I love my Impreza so much; she has terrific handling and great acceleration for a small car with a 4 cylinder engine. Plus she's great in the snow with AWD. My first car ever was a 1993 Impreza (she was totaled in 2006); after that, I had a Corolla but was never happy again until I finally got another Impreza. The only thing I would change about her is the gas mileage; it isn't the best (low 20s) but if I have to choose between mileage and performance, I will stick with performance as my commute is a short one so it's not like I'm using a lot of gas to begin with.

- Amy D

The Subaru Impreza is a reliable car which includes the must-have AWD for anywhere with snow.

I have been very happy with my Subaru. A big portion of that attitude comes from the company. I purchased the vehicle certified, pre-owned. There have been a few issues which have arisen since then, but the dealership has taken care of them all without any fuss. The standard options on the vehicle are decent and I get good fuel economy. Most importantly, I feel safe whenever I'm driving. The standard AWD feature that all Subarus have is so nice. When it snows, I don't have to worry about traction.

- Matthew S

Sporty, spacious hatch, fun to drive,

My vehicle handles amazingly, is very reliable and I love my buckets seats. My car has seat warmers which I love for those cold mornings. The only problem I have with my car is it being to low to the ground. I live down a back road and I have to be very careful not to bottom out. I rip one muffler right of from a lot hole once. I have owned many impreza's over the years and I have loved them all but this is the first one that has just not had enough clearance.

- Lesley B

Subaru Impreza comfort, reliability, cost efficient.

I love the reliability of my Subaru and how comfortable it is on long drives. I had test drove the legacy and Impreza but ultimately liked the Impreza more because it felt more spacious and comfortable. I have the heated seats and I love them in the winter time! Only thing I really feel like I am lacking is a backup camera. Other than routine maintenance and oil changes, I haven't had many expenses, but my car is still under 100k miles.

- Jessica H

You will love the affordable, maintenance friendly Subaru Impreza.

I love my Impreza. With regular maintenance I've had no problems with it at all! I drive about 10,000 miles per year and I have bought new tires once and a new battery but that's it. No mechanical problems at all. The engine is easy to work around, filling fluids, changing the air filter and oil changes are super easy to do yourself. I leased to buy and never had to pay over $200/month, very affordable. I highly recommend the Impreza.

- Jennifer M

The subaru. I like the all around look and appearance a lot.

I like my car a lot. I haven't come across many issues throughout ownership. Any issue i've had has been easily fixed with excellent service from the dealership. The car has had minor fixtures and the usual oil changes, tire rotations, check ups etc. . The car is decently good with gas and Mileage. It's good for short and long distant travels. I like how spacious the cabin is. Handling is very good in all weather conditions.

- Michael O

Spacious yet economical vehicle.

The only problem I have had so far is the battery died on me. I have gotten routine maintenance, and the car has performed well. Although it is a smaller car, it feels spacious inside. I love the hatchback. It has ample space for groceries and other items. I am also happy with the fuel economy. Since it is all wheel drive, it has been a great car for me through the two winters that I have owned it.

- Rebecca D

Sandy, the little blue car who travels more than 30,000 miles a year.

It is a very reliable car, I am a full time student who goes back and forth 6 hours multiple times a year. It is great for traveling and has incredible gas mileage. It is very comfortable for those long drives with my seat heater on and the speaker does a great job. I also love how much room it has while still being a small car and the ability to lower the seats helps tremendously while traveling.

- Kier H

Love my Subaru, runs great.

The Impreza is a great vehicle. It came with heated seats, a great working a/c system, and a latch system in the rear seat for a car seat. The rear seats fold down to give you optimum space, although it is not necessary due to the hatchback. The only problem is the speakers going bad already. Vehicle runs smoothly, plenty of torque without the turbo that comes with the wrx, and great gas mileage.

- Savannah U

Best features for a 2012 Subaru Impreza four door sedan.

Great performance for a four cylinder car. The gas mileage for a 2012 auto could be better. Enough head room for a six foot five inch driver. Good pickup in speed when needed. Interior is well constructed and the seats are comfortable and easily adjusted for height and position. The fabric in the seating is easily cleaned and maintained. The radio is well made and is conveniently changeable.

- John N

Subaru picks up speed really well and four wheel drive.

It is a nice small car to work and home. Definitely not big enough to be a family car. A little tight hence why it is only good for work and for parking in tight spaces. Not the best on gas either. Really like that it is four wheel drive and a really good car to go fishing in. Perfect for the cold snowy days. Goes straight through snow and easily picks up speed. It is not a bad car.

- Alina O

Dependable and affordable.

I love my Subaru. The only drawback is it does use oil. I put oil in about once every 6 months. The good things are dependability. Size makes it easy parking. Enough room even though it is a small car. I do not like the fact that at night vehicles larger behind me has the headlights shining in my rearview mirror. However I am short so taller folks may not have that problem.

- Louise P

I love the way it drives in the the snow and ice!

I love the awd that is on all subaru vehicles. I live in minnesota where snow and ice are a regular occurrence and this feature is awesome and keeps me feeling more secure while driving. Our specific make, model and year of vehicle does eat more oil. However we were told a while ago that this was common and we could have our car come in , testing and repaired for free.

- KrisAnn B

Subaru Impreza- make the right decision.

I love my Impreza! Not only does it have a sleek, clean design, but performs great as well! It has amazing gas mileage, rides smoothly and has little to no mechanical problems. It has been reliable and comforting, no matter how far the trip. I drove from Oregon to Arizona to travel to college, and had absolutely no problems whatsoever. I highly recommend this car.

- Faith A

The color on the sales slip says ' dark cherry' I say it is 'merlot'.

I feel comfortable in my Subaru, I fit. I can reach the pedals and all the instruments easily, without straining or stretching. I like how easy it is to see all around with a lot of glass and no blind spots. The turning ratio has saved me from an accident more than once. I can depend on my Subaru's excellent performance, with regular check ups and oil changes.

- Gloria F

Small 5 door hatchback that gets the job done and is safe on the roads.

This is a loud car... but the engine runs well. I've had issues with the AC and oil burning too quickly. This car has not aged well in my opinion. I've had some steering issues and a few recalls. I've also had a manufacturing defect and had that replaced (electronic console). I was told that I would have to replace the AC pretty soon. Not happy at all.

- Natalie B

It can take a lot of abuse. Abuse being a lot of wear and tear and not give the owner lots of problems

The car drives smoothly and is gas efficient for the amount of driving I do on a daily basis. I also like the amount of space the car has; when going grocery shopping I can pack a lot of items. The one this I can complain about is the add on bike rack that I ordered when purchasing the car at the dealer; it is a bit difficult to load and unload.

- Thaddius Z

Reliable, fun, fuel efficient Subaru Impreza sedan.

My 2012 Subaru Impreza currently has 83, 000 miles on it and I have had it for the past 30, 000 miles. During this time, it has only required normal maintenance which includes oil changes and spark plugs. This is my first Subaru and I couldn't be happier with its reliability. It is a fun, sporty car but I still get an average of about 30 mpg.

- Tessa L

Beautiful car! I love everything about my car..The color pale blue and the size.

I love my car have only had it for 9 months. Don't drive at nite much but when I do the inside speedometer lights are a beautiful red color. Very smooth driving car.. The shape is very streamlined and runs like a top. My last car was also a Subaru forester I will always set my sights on a Subaru if anything happens to the one I have now.

- Bonnie B

My Subaru Impreza is the best vehicle I have ever owned.

I love my Impreza because it is affordable, reliable, and it looks nice. The oil changes are expensive, but that is the only drawback. It only takes synthetic oil, so without a coupon it can be around sixty to seventy dollars. I drive a lot, so these frequent oils changes rack up. Otherwise, this is the best vehicle I have ever owned.

- Heather M

Nothing but one issue after another. Worst vehicle & big money pit.

Bought brand new & had issues from the start. Ended up getting new motor. As burned oiled, new seats as weren't built right, new CD player as it scratched CDs, Bluetooth does not connect & does horrible in snow. Plus constant rattles even after taking in to get fixed. Worst car I ever owned & would never own another Subaru again.

- Kristina B

Low maintenance, great traction.

My Subaru Impreza is an amazing vehicle! Not only is maintenance easy but the car runs great. I have put about $100,000 miles in my car steady and have had no major issues come up, just the usual wear and tear like brakes and oil changes! This car handles any road conditions very well and drives especially well in the snow!

- Diana A

Subaru Impreza 2012 issues and details

Subaru worked great until the 6th year. Then the air compressor went out in the air conditioner. Very expensive to fix because of how the motor is mounted in the engine. I have had to replace the tires and that is about it for major repairs. Two recalls have happened in the past 6 months and that concerns me.

- Theresa H

Well rounded: good vehicle

It doesn't drive like it has a lot of power, but it drives well. Seems sturdy. For the size, it handles well in all kinds of weather. A good car for a single professional or a family to get around town, or road-trip in. Fits roof racks, bike racks, kayaks, car seats, dogs—versatile and loved by this family.

- michelle R

Great overall car and works well in the winter as it cuts through the snow.

Love the way it drives through the snow. It has great gas mileage and I love the heated seats in the winter. I like how you can change the oil easily as the dispenser is right in the front. I love the leather interior and the red neon lights on the dashboard. The heater and air-conditioned works like a charm.

- Gabriel A

Just moved to the mountains? Do you need a car that can handle the snow?

Let’s put it this way: I went from being strictly a Jeep/SUV gal, to a Subaru lover! It is a fast, safe, and reliable car. I love my Bluetooth speaker, even though I know that that is something that everyone has in the newer cars. The interior is easy clean, and it has a nice posh but funky look to it.

- Julia F

Great car for price point.

I have over 100k miles on the car and yet to have a major repair. I live in pa so the car handles great in the snow but its light so it can slide going around turns. The car also has GPS but somehow the screen shifted so it's tough to use the keyboard. The car has great mpg even after a number years.

- Dan C

I would say safety is the best selling point for the subaru

I like the look and the environmental benefits. Also it has a lot of safety benefits too.However the oil light, check engine, sand battery have all been problems. Also, the service centers have been great and accommodating. Ultimately I would buy another,but hopefully the kinks are worked out now.

- Nicole R

Reliability would be the one thing I would have to point out. It hasn't had any major issues and all the people I know that have Subaru's say the same thing. They withstand the test of time!

I have had my vehicle for over 4 years now and have not had any issues with it. It is a very reliable vehicle and stand by the brand. I love the Awd as I live in a state with a tough winter. It absolutely handles the snow covered roads like a champ! Not to mention it does so with great MPG.

- Brett S

A great all -season car. It gets good gas mileage and goes well in all weather.

I like the fuel efficiency and that it has AWD. I like the amount of storage it has in the trunk and the clear visibility around the entire car. I dislike the low approach clearance. I dislike that the seats are not extremely comfortable and the Bluetooth phone does not work very well.

- Kara B

Lower clearance which is an important consideration if in areas with heavy snow.

Love the gear shifting paddles on the steering wheel so that I can use the engine to show down and save on wear and tear on my brakes. I can also use the gear shifting paddles to down shift and increase power when going uphill. I have no problems with my car and love the cargo space.

- Jennifer S

It is great in the snow. I would say it handles just as well as my 4 wheel drive SUV did. It also gets good gas mileage.

I went from an SUV to a sedan and wasn't sure i was going to like it. It turns out that i LOVE my Subaru. It runs great, gets good gas mileage, is comfortable and is great in the snow. Even my nephew would rather drive my 2012 Subaru than his mother's new 2017 Chrysler charger!

- Kelly R

Heated seats and no sunroof.

There isn't much problems with my car it performs great and it is comfortable and reliable. I am glad to have bought the car I did. Not to mention it has heated seats I guess I just wish there was a sunroof. It's good on mileage and nothing's wrong with it it's in great shape.

- Cyan F

I am at 130, 000 miles and I have replaced the transmission.

I really enjoy this car. It is fairly gas efficient and has a sleek look to it. A decent amount of storage space and the seats fold down conveniently if I had to say one bad thing, it would be that the oil light comes on way too often even with regular maintenance and care.

- Katy K

AWD in a hatchback, safe and secure and travel anywhere!

Had to get a new transmission and short block, and cat converter. Unfortunately some of it was expensive but other parts were covered by warranty. It is a zippy and useful little car, love the hatchback. AWD in a small vehicle is amazing. Gets pretty decent gas mileage too.

- Jennifer B

It gets excellent gas mileage and requires very little upkeep beyond routine maintenance

My car gets excellent gas mileage and I love that I don't have to pay for premium gasoline. There are some issues with a particular part coming off easily but those can be fixed with adhesive. It is a reliable car that rarely requires anything other than routine maintenance

- Amanda T

I love my safe, reliable and fuel effect go-getter of a car.

I love my 2012 Subaru Impreza. The AWD does great in the snow and mountains. It is compacts looking but has great cargo space. It is quick and fuel efficient. Overall this car is perfect for a city commuter or someone looking for a reliable and safe all wheel drive vehicle.

- Jamie M

Fun, sporty and reliable!

My car just wants to get up and go! It is fantastic in all weather plus has that sporty look I love. I am proud to own a Subaru. In fact I will not buy anything else now. It is been a really great car! It is comfortable, reliable and has all the features I need and love!

- Jessica M

It's like an SUV but better! To me, it feels just as roomy as an SUV but it gets better mileage (although still not great) and it's very easy to drive. I'm very happy with it.

My Subaru Impreza is roomy - we can fit lots of stuff in the trunk and still have plenty of room in the rest of the car. It's a nice smooth ride - you don't feel the bumps on the road like other cars. It does use a lot of gas so that would be my only real complaint.

- Joan R

It's safe, reliable, and has very good fuel mileage.

It has heated seats, a navigation system, HD radio, and a sunroof. It is all wheel drive and had one of the best safety records and fuel mileage the year it was purchased. It has been a very reliable car. It is a smaller car, but still feels very comfortable.

- Leana D

It has heated seats, it is a manual, nice interior, sunroof.

Found out after purchasing that there was a lawsuit regarding oil consumption on this vehicle.. Uses more oil than an older model car we own. It runs fine, but I worry about engine performance in the future. I hope it can last the years I was expecting from it.

- Brittany H

Great value for sporty all weather driving.

Sporty and stylish. It is economical and has good reliability. Great in the snow/ ice. I do wish there were separate cup holders for the back seat as well as heating/ cooling elements. The hatch design does tend to squeak a bit on rocky/ bumpy terrain.

- Rachel C

It's great! I mean, it's a Subaru. They are overall great cars.

It drives well; needs minimal maintenance. Front seats are very comfortable. Backseat is a little small for anyone who is tall. Love the cargo space but wish there wasn't the lip on the trunk hatch that can prevent certain things from getting in.

- Justine G

This car can take a decent amount of wear and tear.

What I like most is the mileage the car get on one tank of gas.I also like the fact that it is a hatchback when the back seats fold down, there is a lot of trunk space. This car can take a decent amount of wear and tear. There are no complaints.

- Akimi S

That they are great cars!.

First, I love subarus, we are a subaru family, they and the impreza are reliable, and this vehicle runs well. The only thing I dislike is the nodule used to control the passenger window. I love the look of the impreza and I love how it runs.

- Stephanie D

Subaru vehicles easily run past 100,000 miles over their lifetimes.

I was disappointed in the gas mileage we get in our Subaru. I was expecting over 30. We do get over 30 on a long trip, but around town we only get about 25 MPG. Other than that, I really like Subaru vehicles. This is our 5th or 6th one.

- JoAnn H

It is easy to drive and handles well in the snow. The interior as plenty of room.

I love the size, ease of driving and all wheel drive feature. I have heated seats which are great in the winter and the car does well in the snow. I put very little mileage on the car and it's trade in value is very high.

- sara a

It is a great car for getting around in all seasons in Vermont.

I love that my car is four-wheel drive and good in the snow as I live in Vermont. I love the feel of my car and how it drives. I like how is a good size but not too big. I don't like how many miles I currently have on it.

- Lilly I

Super reliable car for road trips and everyday driving.

My car is excellent for gas mileage and long road trips. It is fast and reliable and easily fixed. We've had some problems in the past, like squeaky brakes, but that has all been fixed easily by the Subaru dealership.

- Sophie R

It's a very dependable, safe, and fuel-efficient vehicle.

It gets decent enough gas mileage and it's great for short trips. The trunk space is larger than it appears and can actually hold a lot of things. I don't like how it seems to take a while to get up to freeway speed.

- Josh W

Subaru live up to its name in being a fun reliable car that you can count on. It is comfortable and I love driving it.

I love drive the car. It handles very well and it is fun to drive. I find it roomy for my purposes and comfortable for myself and passengers even on long trips. I have had no mechanical problems and it is reliable.

- Beth M

Great mileage, all-wheel Drive.

It's low mileage and very fuel efficient, which is great. In the interest of paying less, it has almost no additional features. It's not very fun for long distances. I wish it had heated seats and cruise control.

- LC D

There's not just one! It's a Subaru so reliability, safety and good gas mileage are all important.

I love my Subaru. Great in the snow, pretty good gas mileage for all wheel drive. The Impreza is a little small for me and kiddo and a little low (profile) to the ground but makes up for it in reliability.

- Jennifer P

My car is awesome. I love everything about it.

I love my car. It has a sunroof, heated seats, and power windows. I have had my car for 2 years now and it is been reliability everyday. I just keep the normal things up to date and it runs great.

- Courtney S

That Subaru is best known for their safe, well-made cars.

I love my Subaru- it is so reliable and well made. I love the good gas mileage I get, especially on the highway. I dislike that my car does not have cruise control or an auxiliary cord plug in.

- Hilary B

A reliable, versatile workhorse

Recently it is burning or losing oil so need to take to mechanic. Good gas mileage compared to other AWD vehicles. I like That I can on demand put into manual drive when ice/snow issues.

- Diane K

Subaru Impreza review extraordinarily awesome

My Subaru Impreza is reliable, fuel efficient, and comfortable. The upkeep is slightly more expensive for oil changes and routine maintenance. Overall I would recommend to a friend

- William W

Reliable and spacious economical car

I like the All-wheel-drive. It also has great cargo capacity and decent gas mileage, and has been very reliable. It is not as comfortable as my previous cars and is rather noisy.

- Sharon M

If you live in a place with lots of snow and ice you should be driving a subaru.

I love the way my subaru handles especially off road and in the snow. It's a super reliable vehicle and fast. What I dislike about the car is I wish it was faster like the wrx.

- Bryan P

Great to drive in rain and snow. Always comfortable and feel very safe driving.

Dislike that it doesn't have that much horsepower. Love what miles I get to the gallon. Love that I drive comfortably in the snow and rain because of it. Love its size.

- sandy h

The all-wheel Drive is very useful in snow storms!

I like the gas mileage and the fact that it releases less emissions. It is a good value and maintains its value over the years. It is good craftsmanship and quality.

- Sonya C

It is very reliable, I have had no problems with my Subaru.

My Subaru is great in the snow. It is very comfortable, I can easily fit two kids in the back with plenty of legroom. I preordered the car without test driving it.

- Gina J

Outdoorsy, ready for any weather.

The year of my car was recalled due to an electrical problem so that dropped value but the car is very roomy, it is comfy, definitely a car for a beginner driver.

- Tristan B

Subaru Impreza: Reliable for Day-to-Day and Long-Distance

A great car - tremendously reliable, with four wheel drive. The car has been through six years of daily commutes and long-distance drives, and performs great.

- Ben A

That it is mine and to take care of it. If I am not here I want it taken care of.

I love that it is all wheel drive and it is very reliable. It does have a very loud engine and low clearance though. I would definitely buy another Subaru.

- Juliana H

Consumes oil quickly. Dealership did multiple consumption tests came back fine.

My car has heated seats, all wheel drive, decent sound system. It accelerates well for a 4 cylinder. The main problem I have is the oil consumption.

- Michelle C

My car has a great gas mileage and is very reliable

I love my subaru! It gets great gas mileage and is a very comfortable car. I do not like that there is an issue with the oil, maybe it burns it.

- Katie B

Subaru's are very safe and efficient. Four wheel drive makes them durable in all conditions.

My subaru is very safe and simple. I love how it is four wheel drive and has a sleek hatchback. It is very reliable and hasn't had any issues.

- Emily K

It is a good car, safe in weather.

I like that is it is all wheel drive and a dependable car. I do not like sometimes the key gets stuck in the ignition and will not turn off.

- Casey L

all wheel drive is great in the snow and winter weather

great gas mileage but has some weird acceleration and service issues. Also Subaru makes all the parts so specific its hard to replace things

- Sneha B

Subaru is a really good, reliable car. However they are not cheap to fix.

I have had to fix a lot of things on this car but it has never broken down on the street. It is fun to drive good for snow and long trips.

- Arianna P

Reliable convenient easy and good on gas.

Brakes are the only issue I have had. Love the car it is good on gas and small. Makes a good impression wouldn't have it any other way.

- Zachary K

Overall, it is reliable and safe.

I like the handling and the fact that it is all wheel drive. I also like the safety features. I do not like the head gasket issues.

- Ray S

It's a sedan but looks sporty has heated seats and is real comfortable

Love this car it is comfortable has heated seats for the winter and my bad back get good gas mileage and have had no problems at all

- Mickey P

Low gas mileage, horrible calipers

Performance is great but brake calipers need replacing frequently. Great gas mileage. To low to the ground but very roomy inside

- vera h

This car can take a decent amount of wear and tear and still be good to go

What I like most about it is that it gets good mileage per tank of gas. I also like the spacious trunk. There are no complaints.

- Akimi G

It will go in the snow and mud.

The gas mileage is amazing. I love the features, like heated seats. It handles very well, in all types of weather and terrain.

- Amy G

Best value for your money and it is safe.

Love the all wheel drive and fuel efficiency. Love how well it handles in the snow, makes me feel safe. Dislike how small it is.

- Chelsea K

it's beautiful and I love it

Handles well, reliable, does well in the snow. All wheel drive. Good on gas, CVT transmission. Nice color. Hatchback is useful.

- amber M

This car is practical and affordable and looks great too

Roomy for a small car with plenty of cargo space. Good gas mileage and easy to park. All wheel drive is great in bad weather

- Laura L

All wheel drive cars are great in bad weather and safe and secure.

Great in snow, safe, and cute. It has all wheel drive. It is built well and good on gas. The transmission recall was scary.

- Jill M

It is a wonderfully fun to drive, great looking SUV.

It's fuel efficient and has all-wheel drive which is great. I do not like the lack of features. It is a very basic package.

- Lori D

It has four wheel drive so good in the snow.

A lot of road noise which is annoying. Also not a good navigation system. It is very good in the snow and handles well.

- Susan I

A lot to love! Perfect car for retired couple!

Great vehicle. Great gas mileage, very few repair issues. Handles well, and is comfortable. It eats low beam headlights.

- Chris P

Subaru great gas mileage!

This car gets great gas mileage on the highway. The navigation and Bluetooth feature is reliable. The car drives well.

- Elyse A

All wheel drive on this car.

I love it love it love it. Would buy no other ever, will purchase Subaru again- feel safe and love to drive this car.

- Mia G

The VST and the four-wheel drive are wonderful.

It is very practical. It is great in snow. I am very short and have trouble reaching the cover over the trunk area.

- phyl g

Great in bad weather; perfect for Indiana most months of the year.

It is great. No breakdowns. Great in snow and rain. Not a fast car. It is pretty gas efficient. Very comfortable.

- Mike F

Would buy another Impreza any day!

Very reliable. Great in the snow. However does burn through oil quickly. Good gas mileage. Sometimes slightly loud.

- Aaron S

All of the safety features and the great gas mileage.

I have no complaints. I love everything about my vehicle. Especially the safety features such as curtain airbags.

- Ashlee W

I have had a lot of thermostat problems.

No complaints. Very dependable, nice look, very comfortable. Easy to drive. Good in the snow. Good gas mileage.

- Nancy J

It gets great gas mileage.

Love the look. Reliability and all wheel drive. I like the color... Do not like that it is becoming outdated.

- Eric D

It is very inexpensive to maintain which means that I save money every year.

I like that it is not a high-up vehicle but has 4-wheel drive and is a hatchback for carrying things around

- Linda W

Overall, I find me vehicle to be reliable and comfortable. My biggest complaint is that the front car lights tend to burn out often. Obviously, this is an annoyance.

One thing people should know about my car is that it is fairly good on gas, especially on the highway.

- Paula S

The safety rating is awesome.

Performance is perfect and great gas mileage. The safety rating is awesome and trustworthy. Good car.

- Sydney G

It gets excellent gas mileage. It also runs on synthetic oil.

I love my vehicle. The color is amazing. It gets great gas mileage. Perfect for a woman on the go.

- Sue S

Roomy, comfortable, quiet, affordable, nice size trunk.

I don't have any complaints or dislikes. I don't have any complaints. I don't have any dislikes.

- Heather W

It works and gets me where I need to go.

It is roomy and reliable. It is fun to driven I wish it did have more technical advances though

- Eve B

Great for safety. The all wheel drive has really saved me.

It's zippy and gas good gas mileage. I don't like that the leather seats aren't as durable.

- Brisket S

It is noisy on the inside. The navigation system does not work well. It is a little too small. Handles well and is good in snow due to all wheel drive. Gets good gas mileage.

Noisy ride and poor navigation system. It does handle well and gets excellent gas mileage

- Susan I

It is one of the lowest price all wheel drive vehicle in the market

I like it being all wheel drive. It is the best fuel efficient 4 wheel drive vehicle.

- Ben L

Loud tire noise on freeway. Great power. Good sound system.

I love the 4 wheel drive. But I hate the road noise. It is quite loud on the freeway.

- Samuel H

Very reliable vehicle, low maintenance, great mpg.

Gas mileage is great. Has all weather package. All wheel drive. Room for the family.

- Ian B

Will last forever and you'll never get tired of it.

very reliable. i wish it didn't have a delay or burn so much oil. great size.

- Alyssa P

It is very multi-functional and allows me to do a lot of things.

It is very functional. It can carry things and people. It gets good mileage.

- John B

Totally reliable, no major repairs. Easy to maintain. It is great on gas.

I love the ride. I love 4 doors. I would like a little more trunk space.

- Annette H

it's very dependable. i've never gotten stuck in the snow.

good winter car. drives a bit noisy. love the size and gas mileage

- Lorraine W

It burns oil and they would not help fix the problem.

It burns oil. It's fun to drive. It gets decent gas mileage.

- paul s

Great car for winter. Will last a long time. Subaru is a brand that I have confidence in.

Too much road noise but everything else is pretty great

- Jesse C

Good gas mileage, easy to clean, fun to drive, comfortable

Good gas mileage, comfortable ride, easy to clean, safe

- Kate S