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Reliable, low on gas, AWD vehicle.

Extremely reliable car. AWD works great in the snow up north. It is a relatively smooth, comfortable drive. It is great on gas mileage. It has a spacious trunk for a hatchback vehicle. There is enough space in back for a large car seat to fit comfortably. One constant issue I have had since purchase was the GPS. It constantly freezes, loses satellite, or gives incorrect directions/constantly recalculates. I also wish the front had electric seat adjustments rather than manual. When I first bought the car, every little pot hole would set off the “low tire” light, but I have since had it fixed.

- Nicole H

A straightforward mostly reliable commuter.

Reliability has been pretty good, mild issues with stereo, and heavy freeway driving creates an above average oil burning, had a small recall notice on the brake lights(mine was working fine when I replaced it). Performance is a tad lacking, it's a tad gutless, especially when the A/C is running, with middle of the road MPG. The base model 2013 lacks cruise control--and this is completely personal, but I do wish I went for an automatic transmission over a manual. That said it's a fine car that I've had very little issues with it and am satisfied with my purchase.

- Jeremy R

Pretty decent car for the price

The vehicle is a good small sized sedan. It gets pretty good gas mileage (around 25-30 mpg) It drives well in the snow with awd. The initial tires wore out really fast but replacing with new and different tires has worked well. Brakes needed to be replaced about 4 years in. New battery was needed at 5 years. Maintenance is generally not too expensive. Is having difficulty starting sometimes at just over 5 years old and replacing the battery has not completely fixed the problem. Overall reliable and I would recommend to others though.

- Jessica Z

Good small family vehicle.

It is a very comfortable car for a small family. Parts for the vehicle are very expensive and hard to find. It has no electrical issues but very bad sensors. The sensors will not detect that you are sitting and the airbags will not be on. Very dangerous if you get into an accident and airbags will not deploy. Cheaply made on the outside, any minor bump or scrape can mess up a big portion of the car. Very good on gas, gives you 420 miles at full tank. Great for cross country traveling. Is a 4 wheel drive so you are able to drive in snow.

- Maria R

I love my Subaru Impreza and the great gas mileage I get driving it.

I love my Subaru Impreza hatchback. Literally my only complaint is that it does not have cruise control and that is my own fault for not doing my homework on the model I purchased. I feel like the interior is just as roomy as the smaller SUVs out there and it is much more affordable. I get great gas mileage - around 32 mpg. I spend a lot of time driving out to see my boyfriend who is 45 minutes away, so that is very important to me. I would definitely purchase this car again, just maybe in a newer and upgraded model.

- Melissa T

Goes good in the winter and is great on gas.

Just got a recall on the valve springs and the Subaru dealer has 15 others ahead of me so my car will probably not be fixed until the end of march. And I just saw another recall on the brake lights causing engine failure somehow. They did agree to pay for a rental car while they work on mine. Overall I love my car of course stuff breaks I have to fix my trunk button because I haven't been able to open my hatch for a week unless I crawl through the back seat to manually open it. I wish it wasn't keyless entry.

- Samantha G

It is one of the safest cars out there.

Safety is the number one factor. Impreza is small, but safe. . . So I don't have to drive more car than I want. It is responsive and fun to drive. There is tons of cargo space (5-door) especially if I put down the back seat. With the seat up there is a nice "trunk" with a pull-out cover to hide whatever you have in there. . . Just like a real trunk. Amazing gas mileage, and the dash display tells me how many miles I have left in a tank of gas, and the mileage I am getting a any given time.

- Mona K

Best affordable and fun car.

Honestly one of the best and most affordable cars out there. I have had it for 6 years now and it is still so reliable. I have had a couple of accidents and never had any injuries, just needed the car to be fixed and it was always easy to fix. The drive is smooth, the maintenance is very affordable and easy. I recently had 2 recalls which Subaru covered completely. It has been the best car for me in all aspects.

- Miriam K

Great in the snow - great on the highway - great around town.

I love my subaru! I love the all-wheel drive (I live in a snowy town!), the pep and energy it has. I like the styling and the features (ie. heated seats, sunroof etc.) The ONLY thing I don't like is how low to the ground it is. As I get older, it is more difficult to get in and out, but the biggest problem is seeing around all the huge SUVs in parking lots. My next Subaru will sit higher.

- Betty D

2013 Impreza is a well rounded car.

The 2013 Impreza sport limited I own is very comfortable, reliable, and responsive. I have not had any real problems with the car and it has 108000 miles on it. One concern right now is that the cut transmission is whining a little bit but I also have not changed the transmission oil in quite a while. But the car is perfect for me, it has plenty of space for me and is a fun little car.

- Christopher M

Subaru for the whole family.

My 2013 Subaru Impreza is the best purchase I have ever made. I love how smooth it rides, I never have any issues with it. Doing maintenance on it is a breeze. It is roomy for the whole family, plenty of room in the trunk for groceries, traveling and more. The hatch back is a great feature, along with power windows, locks, heated seats, nice leather interior, and sunroof.

- Wendy H

It gets good gas mileage despite being a 4 wheel drive vehicle.

I love our Impreza! We bought a Subaru Outback at the same time we bought the Impreza and the outback was primarily my vehicle while my husband drive the Impreza. I liked the extra room of the outback but absolutely loved driving the Impreza. It's a fun little car to drive, it's safe, has 4wd and gets good gas mileage. It's one of my favorite cars I've driven.

- Melanie Z

Subaru's really deliver on everything. They are family/commuter cars but can also take you on adventures on the weekends.

The only thing that I dislike is that it doesn't have a lot of power so going up hills and things like that I feel like it really has to push to get up. I like everything else about it, the gas mileage is amazing and I love subarus in general. They are comfy, they drive well, I haven't had any big maintenance issues since I've had it and it's been 4 years.

- Jaklyn M

Subarus, cars for the long run.

The impreza is a very reliable car, it has a simple interior but I've never had my car break down in the five years I've had the car. It has a great feel when you press down on the gas pedal and it goes when you want it to. I've been able to drive myself out of a snowy ditch in the winter time before and take this car on long trips with no issues.

- Gloria L

It is excellent in the snow.

My car has 77, 000 miles and the only. Problems is that is smells like oil and my drivers seat has unnecessary wear. I love the heated windshield and mirrors. It drives well, smooth, is quiet and reliable. I plan on driving this car into the ground. It does have a poor air conditioning system but that is not a problem in the climate I live in.

- Jennifer A

It surprisingly fits a lot of stuff.

I wish there was an armrest. I wish I chose a white or tan interior. Great car otherwise. The car starts a little funny sometimes. It's really random and no one has been able to figure out why. It just has a delayed start time sometimes. But it happens about once a week and other than that it runs great. The gas mileage is pretty good too.

- Samantha K

I am a loyal Subaru driver.

I don't have any problems with my Subaru Impreza. I have driven this car for 5 years. It has amazing pick up with cvt transmission. The interior is very spacious. I have also been a passenger in the backseat and there is ample leg room. This car also has a hands free Bluetooth installed so you can dial and talk on your phone hands free.

- Kristin P

2013 Subaru Impreza 5-door.

My Subaru Impreza is very reliable. I have never had a problem with it and the expected maintenance has been easy. I live in an area that has very harsh winters and I like how it handles on the snow and ice during the winter. The fuel efficiency in town is pretty good. I like the hatchback because it gives me more room when I need it.

- Kayla C

Impreza's are amazing and you want me to correct my spelling!

My Impreza gives me everything I need - it has a lot of space, drives well and handles different situations well. We've taken it into the mountains, through snow, on many thousand mile road trips. We've taken two children and a dog on vacations, go grocery shopping, and the only problems we have had is an occasional flat tire.

- Nick J

It drives like a dream! I have never had so much fun driving a car, especially in the snow.

I love the all wheel drive and the traction control. It makes winters in New Hampshire a lot easier. I also love the power that the car has. It feels solid and safe. The only dislike I have about my car is the paint if starting to flake off in the front. I never bumped or scraped it so I don't know why it is flaking.

- Rebecca R

It is a very safe and comfortable car. I recently had an accident when there was some debris on the highway and there was very little damage.

I love my Subaru Impreza! It's a small car which is perfect for me, and the seats are super comfortable. It also gets great mileage and I love the bluetooth feature since it can pair with my phone. The only drawback is that is doesn't have a compass or GPS which I sometimes miss if I'm in a new area or lost.

- Jane S

I am a taller women and need space to move around. All the Subaru’s have space.

This vehicle is fairly new to me. We just purchased it used with 40, 000 miles on it. My Subaru’s outback 2004 has 200, 000 miles on it and still. Kicking. I know these cars are very reliable and will last a lifetime. My outback will push through any snow or dirt or rocks. The Impreza is very sturdy car.

- Meghan B

Very great on gas and very great car!

I have had my car for almost five years and I never have had any major issues with it. Keeping up with oil changes and tire rotations really has helped my vehicle. It is really good on gas. The biggest change I ever had to do is getting my brakes replaced a couple of times which is normal wear and tear.

- Melissa M

I like the USB outlet inside my center console.

For the most part my car is great. It is amazing in the snow and very minimal work needs to be done. I do not like that it has a cvt transmission because I feel like my car lacks a lot of its potential power from it. I would definitely want to go back to having a normal automatic instead of the cvt.

- Sara M

Reliable, sporty, and all the bells and whistles.

Super reliable. Never had any problems. It is very low to the ground so hitting bumps and potholes is like falling it a ditch. I have a sunroof, Bluetooth, heated seats, all the gadgets! The oil level light is super sensitive so it will tell you to add oil when there is still a decent amount left.

- Jane J

Recent problem with Subaru Impreza.

I had some weird problem recently where my car stranded me- it would start but not allow me to put the car into drive or reverse. All the dashboard lights came on. But the dealership was able to fix it after two trips there. Other than that, it has been a reliable car. Good gas mileage.

- Mandy T

I love my reliable Subaru.

It is a very comfortable car, reliable engine, has a good pickup and handling. I have not had any issues with this car even after having been purchased from a certified dealer 2 years ago. I think this brand of car demonstrates good performance, is reliable and comfortable to drive.

- Veronica K

Great Subaru for the price.

Few lights come one and they cannot figure out why other then that it is a great care runs and drives fine easy to fix and not to expensive when things do break. The car has a great radio and speakers it is a very reliable car always gets me to and from and has great gas mileage.

- Dana K

It beeps funny and gas mileage is so-so.

It is a little slow on the acceleration. It used to have amazing gas mileage but I have noticed a decline in performance since purchasing. The heated seats are nice. The beep it makes when locking or unlocking takes some getting used to. The horn is rather dinky sounding as well.

- Cassie H

Great car. Reliable. Feeling of safety.

Excellent performance. Great in snow. Never had a big problem. Recently needed brakes, brake pads all wheel drive. Likes the way it looks, not to. Big or small. High quality of the interior. Manufacturer high ranked in consumer report. Romney interior, rides nice, quiet ride.

- Gun-britt K

Reliable vehicle, good fit for anyone.

It is pretty small, so sometimes people do not notice you and cut you off. AWD is standard. Has a hatchback, so the interior feels large for the car's size. Great in all types of weather. No problems with the vehicle. If I had to do it over again, I'd buy this same car again.

- Jeff J

Safest car ever! Love my Subaru.

I love my car because of its safety features. I am not the best driver and am comforted by the stability and easyrecovery my vehicle provides. It brakes well, turns slowly, and stays on tricky terrain well. I never feel like I am having a difficult time maneuvering my car.

- Heather M

I recommend a Subaru to all.

Two cons. The car does not have much power and it is not a quiet ride. Otherwise, the car is fantastic. The all wheel drive in the winter is great. It is even drives decent in ice/snow mix. The seat heaters could be better. And mechanically I have never had any problems.

- Kelly T

Subaru Impreza hatchback, the perfect mini-minivan.

I like the size and zippyness of the Impreza although it can be a little noisy at times. The size is great for easily parking and driving, the size of the cabin feels much bigger than the forester and the cargo area spacious as well. The gas mileage is great as well.

- Cheryl C

Subaru Impreza is a great car!

The Subaru Impreza is a wonderful car. Very reliable, plenty of room, good gas mileage, and it has a nice look to it. The only major repairs I have had in 5 years are a brake replacement and an exhaust replacement. The stereo is nice and has options for AUX and sub.

- Tony M

Subaru safe and reliable for all!

No issues with the reliability. It has comfortable features for commuting.. Great gas mileage! One problem is the space for a car seat in the back. It requires the front seat to be pulled forward very close to the dashboard. I would recommend it to anyone.

- Colleen L

Its acceleration is fast and works well

My impreza is very functional. It is easy to clean, care for and drive. It has decent space for me, my dog and husband. I can fold the seats down for more space when moving objects or shopping. It can be driven as a manual which is helpful in snowy conditions

- Ariel T

It's very reliable. It does everything it's supposed to do and I love driving it.

It's the perfect size for me and I love the design and style of the car, both interior and exterior. I like that it doesn't have a lot of technical gadgets and buttons to press. I dislike that the brakes wear out very quickly and are expensive to replace

- Erin V

Reliable and Affordable Every Day Car for All Seasons

Overall, my Subaru is extremely reliable. I never have problem except for the usual maintenance-- tires, oil change, etc. It is a small and comfortable vehicle and given that it is a 4wd it is extremely useful during the winter months in the Northeast.

- Cindy N

Subaru Impreza 2013 Sport Limited

I have the sport version, so the suspension is a little tight and the car rides low. It is very fast though, and the flappy paddle shifters make it fun to pretend I'm a racing driver. Biggest downside is the bumpy ride, but the speed makes it worth it.

- Matthew A

Always on All-wheel drive to make driving in any weather or terrain easy.

Subaru has a solid all wheel drive system that's always on on still maintains above-average fuel mileage. It also has a sporty look while maintaining good durability and functionality. Finally, the service provided by Subaru dealerships is outstanding.

- Kegan R

That's it's not as good in the winter as everyone expects.

It's not as good in the winter as I was expecting from an all wheel drive Subaru. It fishtails around corners when there's the smallest amount of snow on the ground. Like the size of it. Like the smoothness to the ride (unless there's snow)

- Shannon S

Great vehicle all around!

The Impreza is excellent on fuel economy on the highway you can get up to 37 miles a gallon and in the city 25 miles a gallon. Subaru is an amazing company with great vehicles. Subaru is the only vehicle my family/ extended family drives.

- Payton M

The most important thing about my car is that you don't need to spend a fortune to have a safe, dependable car that gives you everything you need.

This is my fourth Subaru and I love it. It does not have all the expensive, frivolous features that pricier cars have. It does have everything I need though. Most important to me is the AWD, heated seats, fog lights and roomy hatchback.

- Roxi P

That it is the best car in the world! It has very good safety ratings and is great for traveling in inclement weather.

I love the gas mileage that my car gets. I like that it has all-wheel drive, which has been extremely helpful for driving on icy roads. I also love how much space it has for a small car. And I love the seat warmers in the front seat.

- Elizabeth B

One important thing others should know is that you can easily bump the gear shifter into manual by accident sometimes.

I love the space inside my vehicle, and the fact that it is easy to use. It's a good size to park in many places yet still fits enough when I travel. The only complaint is the AC has to be on full blast to get cold air on hot days.

- Christine S

It's small, but powerful in poor weather and a good car for any place that will have snow or icy roads.

It's small and easy to maneuver, which makes it good for city driving. The manual transmission cost less than automatic when I bought it. However, it does not save me as much gas as hoped, and the clutch occasionally gets stuck.

- Maureen R

it gets decent gas mileage and is fun to drive

i like the simplicity of the gadgets and controls. it's not fancy but just nice enough for me. my only complaint would be how low to the ground it is. i'm tall and old and it gets difficult at times to get in or out of the car

- vonna s

Compact, great gas mileage

This vehicle is a tire eater, I have had the car tested and everything is "great" but it wears tires on the inside rim in under 10,000 miles (with proper rotation). Other than that, great to get around and great on gas mileage.

- Amanda H

It is very safe and dependable.

My car is very dependable. Gets great gas mileage, and has all of the features I wanted- sunroof, navigation system, great stereo, safe vehicle, etc. The only complaint I have is that the driver's seat is not automatic.

- marisa o

Great car for the money!!

My car gets great gas mileage. It also has great acceleration to it too. The ride is very comfortable, and it handles well in the snow. I absolutely love it and would buy another Impreza when this one wears out.

- Jessica R

A vehicle you can trust and enjoy driving.

My Impreza has been a great, reliable car. Both front and back seats are very comfortable and there is plenty of storage in the trunk. The performance on the car has been great and I actually enjoy driving it.

- Julia C

Love my Subaru. I will continue to drive Subaru's throughout my life.

I love my Subaru. It is reliable, comfortable, safe, and easy to drive. Performing regular maintenance on the car keeps it running great. No major repairs have been necessary in the 5 years I have owned it.

- Wendy M

The Impreza one of the best cars out there!

My car has been great. This is the second Impreza I have owned. It is very reliable and starts when it is cold when I have seen other similar vehicles not start. It is comfortable and everything is great.

- John F

Probably the best all wheel drive vehicle.

I love my car so much! It is so functionally, good gas, fast, comfortable. 2 things I do not love is that it takes a lot of oil and it is loud on the freeway. Sounds like we're in a plane.

- Stacie A

Great in all weather! Fun to drive! Good customer support.

I like the way it drives/handles. I like the all wheel drive feature. I like that I have leather seats. I don't like the cover to the trunk. I don't like that it has little scratches.

- Jennifer T

It drives well in the snow, which is so important for many people.

I love my vehicle. It is a very nice size an dries nicely on the freeway. I have needed a very few repairs. My only complaint is that there are not as many upgrades as newer vehicles.

- Lauren S

It is a very safe drive, with good handling, especially in inclement weather conditions.

I like it's handling in inclement weather. I like it's fuel economy, especially for an all-wheel drive vehicle. I do not like how it is a little noisy in the cabin while on a highway.

- Timothy B

Little blue subaru needs no maintenance

I like that my car never really seems to have any mechanical problems. I'm a young women and not really into cars so problems would be a big issue. I do wish it had bluetooth though.

- Katie L

It's value. It's very reliable and well built car.

I like the AWD and MPG. It has been a very dependable vehicle and I've never had any issues. I wish I had gotten a vehicle with more ground clearance because I live in a snowy area.

- Alex H

Functional but there are better options out there.

I like the car in general. However, I recently purchased this current vehicle and it has been mostly a headache with engine problems and dealing with the local Subaru dealership.

- Haley M

I am very tall and this car has amazing leg room!

The only issue I have ever had is the switch for my lights were loose and I had to tighten them! Also the car seems to eat through oil so an oil change is due every 5000 miles.

- Nicholas W

Excellent handling in snowy climates despite low clearance.

I love the trunk space and all-wheel drive. Great gas mileage for how much I can't transport. There is a lot of road noise in the car and it does not keep tire pressure well.

- Kathleen R

The car is more spacious and has more cargo room than you realize.

I purchased a used version of the base model manual transmission. Runs great. Wish the gas mileage as slightly better. Fantastic amount of space I use it for work regularly!

- Nicolas L

Navigation and back camera.

Never had any problems with the car. It is very reliable. It has navigation which I like it very much. And yes it is a comfortable car. I would recommend this car.

- Sadhana D

Beautiful ocean pearl blue Subaru!

Reliable, great mpg. I love the all wheel drive feature in the snow. Feels like I can safely go anywhere I want. I think I will be loyalty buying Subaru for life.

- Ryan P

Light bulbs burn out quick.

Everything runs perfectly except that the radian only allows one phone to connect to the Bluetooth at a time and to connect a new phone you must delete the other.

- Nicholas M

Subaru's are great vehicles for first time buyers. I feel like I won't have to buy another for another 5 years.

I like that my car requires little maintenance for as hard as it gets driven. I also like that it makes me feel adventurous. It takes me more than from A to B.

- Hrmn F

You have to change your oil frequently, even if the levels look good.

Sits too low and sometimes the bottom scrapes the road as a result. Exterior does not seem to hold up well. It is AWD and easy to drive through hilly areas.

- Sam M

Subaru! They last forever! Most trustworthy vehicles on the market!

I love my Subaru, it is stylish and reliable. The cost to purchase and maintain it has been very affordable. I feel that this car will last for my teen son.

- Cristina T

It's small but the acceleration is pretty good, and it handles better than you'd think in the snow.

No complaints. It's all wheel drive, great safety rating, great price, was brand new when I got it. Will have it until I can afford an electric car.

- Jeff J

It is very safe, easy to drive, and dependable. You can't go wrong with a Subaru car, and the impresa a great choice.

It is dependable, number one. It was also reasonably priced and I was able to pay it off in 5 years. It runs great and still has a new car smell.

- sandra l

I really enjoy the hands free bluetooth calling feature built into the vehicle.

It's a reliable and comfortable vehicle. The Subaru Impreza 2013 that I own has the bare essentials, which is honestly what I look for in a car.

- Lauren R

Fun to drive b cause it packs some heat.

It is fast and very convenient except for the fact the pressure tire light is faulty. All the pressures in the tire are up to par but stays on.

- Justin K

It's all wheel drive. So it can handle most all road conditions with ease

All wheel drive. Can take it anywhere I need to go. Fuel economy is great. Keeping it affordable. Low end model, so wish I had cruise control.

- Trevor M

Great road handling in all types of weather.

I love the cargo space. I love the gas mileage. I don't like the color I picked. I love how it drives. I do have a serious blind spot though

- Tracy R

Reliable. I have never had any problems with it. There are no issues.

Power is lacking at times, for example going up hills in the mountains. I think we need more space so an outback would better fit our family.

- Christy P

Subarus really are great in all weather conditions.

I've had some complications with the vehicle though it could be from it being certified pre owned. I like that it goes very well in the snow.

- Danielle D

I drive my car because it is safe, reliable, and easy.

I like that it is reliable and durable. It gets great gas mileage, I only really need to buy gas 2-3 times a month. I wish it looked cooler.

- Hannah M

Heating & air quality and control.

I enjoy the heated seats and the next of the car - it makes me feel steady and safe. I also enjoy the ease of the heating and air controls.

- Sharon Z

It is fast bro. That is all you gotta know.

I like that it is small.. I like the interior and the comfortable seats.. I dislike that it does not have a backup camera or a compass..

- Jane S

It is an all wheel drive vehicle.

I like the pick up when I enter the highway.... I do not like that it is so low to the ground, wish it was a bit higher off the ground,.

- Adele G

It is great in the snow, but not good for acceleration.

It is great in the snow, but slow on acceleration. It is comfortable, but has required multiple tire changes, and has had an oil leak.

- Alejandra B

Subaru Impreza - An All-Round Good Car

My Subaru has been very reliable. It gets good gas mileage and I love having all wheel drive especially in the winter when it snows.

- Megan T

It has a great DVD player for kids in back seat.

I like that it has all-wheel drive. I like that it gets good gas mileage. I like the safety ratings. I do not like the color of it.

- Nick C

Good serviceable vehicle. Good for going back and forth to work

I enjoy the hatch back and it good in the snow. The car has a lot of room in side. The only problem with it. Is the car sits to low

- Raymond S

I love my car is the first car I have always running good take me everywhere.

I love the subaru community. I enjoy the fact that subarus last for a long time. I do not like how expensive a brand new subaru is.

- Clair E

It doesn't go up hill very fast in the mountains! Wish the engine had more power

It's a very nice zippy little commuter and has great storage space and features. It looks cute and cool and gets great gas mileage

- maddi e

This is a great vehicle. The fuel efficiency matched with four wheel drive is unbeatable.

I have been very pleased by the performance of my vehicle in snow and icy conditions. The all time four wheel drive is awesome.

- Dennis P

It handles great in the snow and the seats are very comfortable

I like the size. I like the handling of the vehicle and the windows. I like that its four wheel drive. I have no complaints.

- Min H

It has great performance.

I love the style, performance, and. Reliability. I also live the service I receive from my local Subaru dealer. No dislikes.

- Rosalie R

It goes great in the snow for a cat rather than an SUV.

It goes great in the snow. It has great safety features. The gas mileage could be a little better but it is not the worst.

- Kelsie G

It saves a lot of gas and it is affordable for people to buy.

I like that it drives smooth. Few things I don't like is the size. It looks pretty small but its spacious from the inside.

- Jessica B

It is paid for and I love it.

I do not like the size of the vehicle. I should have bought a bigger car. Other than the size, I like everything about it.

- Linda D

It is a good size and easy to drive.

I like the size and 4 wheel drive. I dislike the fact that I've had to get it serviced many times and it is not that old.

- Hell N

Very good in snow. Very reliable. No issues at all.

No complaints. Is what I expected for the price. Like the AWD. No problems at all in 5 plus years. Would. Purchase again.

- Gene R

It is all wheel drive and is very fuel efficient. It does well in the winters of Western PA.

My Subaru Impreza has been extremely reliable, and has not required many repairs in the over five years I have owned it.

- Lorie F

It is an all wheel drive vehicle so you must be sure to replace all 4 tires in the event of a blow out.

This is an amazing car for the price, it handles excellent in the snow. It gets great gas mileage, and holds Its value.

- Ashley B

It is extremely reliable, affordable, and dependable.

It is not a preference of vehicle style, I would rather have an SUV. It is very reliable but still small for my style.

- christina b

Fantastic all wheel drive.

My car is sporty and reliable. I can get through any terrains necessary. Sometimes I'd like something a little bigger.

- Heidi w

It is surprisingly fun to drive.

The car is very fun to drive and I think it is well made, reliable, and durable. I have no complaints about the car.

- Richard B

Super Subaru Impreza fits the bill

Handy, versatile, easy to drive, economical, responsive, attractive and comfortable. I would buy this model again.

- Burton C

It is a great car, good gas mileage, good in snow.

I like the way it handles in the snow. I like the gas mileage. I do not have cruise control. No other comments.

- Robin S

Versatile...the seats in the back can recline for more storage capability.

It's a four door hatchback, dark gray in color. It has not had any problems and has been a very reliable car.

- Tina G

Safe. Easy to drive. Good gas mileage. Basic model needs more upgrades

Comfortable and easy to drive. Body is too low to the ground constantly scraping on low curbs and high pavement

- Jen X

it is dependable and runs well. it is comfortable and safe.

I like space inside and I like that it is 4 wheel drive. sometimes when the gas tank is full it feels sluggish

- Lauren S

It will get you there in any weather

The perfect car for snow & skiing. The clearance is a little low, hits my driveway curb. Low maintenance cost

- Lowell S

Nice car to drive around town but do not buy if you live in the mountains.

Gets great gas mileage. Has plenty of storage space and seating. No pep whatsoever. Hard to drive with ac on.

- Will D

It is a very reliable car.

Small but roomy, very sporty and comfortable, really love everything about it but would like a backup camera.

- Hana W

That Subaru that everyone has but nobody really likes

The seats are really uncomfortable after a few years and I definitely don't get the MPG that was advertised.

- Grace D

Gets good gas mileage. No issues thus far 2013.

Its a standard. I like the color. Good on gas. But I want something nicer soon like a BMW or Lamborghini .

- Joe T

It's a good compact car, but it is a bit of a bumpy ride and is not that fuel efficient.

I like the 4 wheel drive. I wish it was more fuel efficient.. e.g. hybrid. I wish it was a mid size car.

- Judy F

It is a good price and has good utility. You can fold down the back seat and get lots of stuff from Home Depot

I like the hatchback and 4 doors. I don't like the ac is slow to kick in. I don't like all the rattles

- Ju G

2013 Red Subaru AWD Impreza

Recently CVT transmission issues and unusual wear and year at only 60k miles which is low for a subaru

- Bridget P

this car is amazing in snow. you don't even realize that you're driving in it.

it's an amazing car. fantastic in the snow and bad weather, rides smoothly and isn't horrible on gas.

- Annemarie B

Subaru Impreza - Great on gas, weather and reliability!

I love my Subaru. It's great on gas, fantastic performance in inclement weather and rides very smooth

- Jeff N

It has a smooth ride and holds the road well on curves.

It is economical. It is easy to drive. It is reliable and has sufficient space. I have no complaints.

- Joyce L

It handles well in all weather and doesn't guzzle gas.

I love the all wheel drive and great fuel economy. I wish there was a little more trunk space.

- Deanna L

best handling on snow than any other car

I love the all wheel drive. It handles very well on snowy roads. I also like the small size.

- Donna m

I love my subaru it's always reliable and good on mileage. One of the best things about Subaru is their safety features there's nothing better than feeling safe in your car

They one most important thing people should know about Subaru is their safety features

- Justine L

It's as big as anyone needs. I can fit into parking spots, it's peppy

I like the size, fun to drive. I like that it has a hatchback and the seats fold down

- Cher H

Very trouble free. Gets great gas mileage. This car has very roomy space for people and more than adequate trunk space.

There is nothing I do not like about this vehicle. It is roomy and gets great MPG.

- Ray N

Ground clearance sucks and

Gas mileage is very good. The ground clearance sucks and everything breaks easily

- Maggie F

Great four wheel drive! It's a sturdy car with good trunk space too.

I wish they had better standard features like a backup camera and cruise control.

- Michelle P

safety features are good. commercial for the company is "they lived"

safe. easy to drive. wish it had bigger trunk space but good that seats go down

- jean k

very reliable and good gas mileage

i like the vehicle. i do not like the dealer. the dealer is hudson subaru.

- tom R

My Impreza is a solid car which can hold a lot, drive a lot, and drive nearly anywhere. Pretty solid gas mileage too.

Get a roof rack on your Impreza, it expands the car's potential so much.

- Nikhil J

The most important thing is the safety in snowy conditions

I like the all wheel drive. I like the mileage. I like the safety

- Anna B

Is fast and reliable, powerful and fun to drive. Gas mileage is pretty good

I love the power and it is fun to drive. Love the all wheel drive

- Eison L

I love the all wheel drive, compact design, and reliability of my subaru impreza.

If you take care of your car, it will last a really long time.

- Lauren G

The all-wheel drive is so important in the snow that we get here.

Gets great mileage. AWD, so great handling in winter

- Donna B

It's nice and drives good!

it has 4 wheel drive and i like that for the winter

- t S

it is great and fuel efficient

it is great. it is reliable. It is fuel efficient

- na M

2013 Subaru Impreza with sustainability that you do not have to worry about.

- Lilly G

Great car, super comfortable to drive. Good car for families.

- Janet R