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AWD - a feature you want in Denver.

I first leased my Subaru Impreza in December 2016 and I love it so far. Living in Denver, the all-wheel-drive is amazing to have. Icy, snowy hills have nothing on AWD. It gets you where you need to go in any conditions without being a huge SUV in the city. The heated seats, heated windshield wipers and heated rear-view mirrors are also awesome in the snow. I love the Bluetooth capability and the fact that it has an AUX jack for all my music. The touch screen display is awesome. Subaru's on-road service has also been awesome to have. I love that the boxer engine allows me to go a bit longer between oil changes as well.

- Eryn J

This 4 door sedan has All Wheel Drive, which is not always seen with other basic model of cars! Overall wonderful car that runs smooth, has great gas mileage, and is something I can feel safe driving with my family.

This is our second Subaru purchase. We absolutely loved our first Impreza and like the 2nd Impreza just as much. I never thought I'd say this, but we actually had a pleasant experience with the dealership and salesman! Absolutely love the price of these vehicles, the fact that the Imprezas are AWD (and have done wonderful in our Wisconsin winters!), and the lifetime warranty opportunity. These vehicles also have great safety reviews. We initially had two tech issues with our second Impreza and they were fixed promptly and at no charge. I truly have nothing negative to say about our Subaru purchases.

- Ashley N

Subaru Forester, safety, comfort, reliability.

I love the reliability of my Subaru Forester. My average mpg is 26. 4, but I do not take long car rides very often. When I am on long highway trips, I get around 30-31 mpg. This car is extremely comfortable and love my leather, heated seats. Heated steering wheels are offered in the Forester touring, which is great for anyone living in cooler climates. Driving my car in the snow is wonderful. I have hit black ice before and felt like I have had great control of the car. I always feel safe in my Subaru Forester!

- Nicole C

The Subaru Impreza has everything your small family needs.

The 2016 Subaru Impreza is an incredible vehicle. It is all wheel drive, making it reliable in most every road condition. The interior is warm and comfortable. It is great for short trips through the city or long treks through the country. The gas mileage is hard to beat for a vehicle with so many other wonderful features. The hatchback allows so much space for loading and moving many small, medium, and some large items. It is a great vehicle, and I recommend it to anyone searching for a new ride.

- Bree B

Subaru in Minnesota - love!

I love my Subaru! I really enjoy the hatchback feature of mine. Fuel efficiency and all-wheel drive were key selling points for me as well. It fit the bill! I do wish I had a higher wheel clearance though and my next vehicle will be more of a crossover. I live in MN where we get a lot of snow and driving through unplowed roads caused my front grill to be pushed in and snow/ice to clog up some of my suspension. Beyond that, I am incredibly happy with it and hope to have it for many years!

- Nikki A

Good comfortable car, slow gear shift.

It is a nice, comfortable car with a lot of space in the hatchback. I do like it, but it does not have much get-up-and-go when you need to accelerate, and there is a momentary delay when shifting into drive. It is sometimes frustratingly slow to shift gears. That being said, I love the comfy interior that feels roomier than most cars its size, that the headlights automatically turn off with the car, and it has not had any real issues so far.

- Liz E

The 2016 Subaru Impreza is a total step up from my previous 2009 Subaru Impreza.

This is my fourth, and definitely not my last, Subaru and I love absolutely every feature about this car. I had previously been driving a 2009 Subaru Impreza and I can really see the difference and improvements added to the 2016 model. My favorite additions to the 2016 versus the 2009 Impreza are the heated front seats (with both high and low options), Bluetooth audio connection (as well as hands free), extra space, and the backup camera.

- Rowan C

Subaru impreza hatchback . Great car for outdoor adventure.

Overall it is a great car. Good to pack for a road trip. I can throw my bike in the back with the hatchback. It is good in winter. I get 26.4 mpg driving in the suburbs where I live. When I bought the car it had issues with the air conditioner. I had to bring it in numerous times to get it fixed. The air conditioner still is not particularly strong. The heat works very well.

- Rachel D

Affordable 4 wheel drive car.

The price is good. Also with the price, I can afford a brand new car. I can schedule maintenance with them every half year and during the first two year, everything is free. Which is super nice for me since I do not know anything about the car except driving. Also, its a 4WD, which makes it more convenient to drive under bad weather conditions such as snowing and icy road.

- Cindy F

I love my smooth sailing Subaru.

I love my Subaru Impreza because it has been a very reliable car. The gas mileage is good, I have had no major problems with it, and it has the seating my family needs. It also has a great sound system. The only issue I have noticed with it is one tire has gotten several holes that needed to be repaired. Other than that, it's a smooth riding vehicle and fun to drive.

- Rebekah S

This car is excellent in the snow. It is also very fun to drive in the snow.

I have really enjoyed driving this car however there was a recall on the brake lights just recently but I personally haven't noticed anything malfunctioning. Very comfortable ride for long trips. I have been to Etta, Mississippi from Richmond, Virginia and back and I go to the beach all the time. Perfect family car and I'd say it is very reliable.

- Kenneth D

I love my little Subaru Impreza.

I really love my Subaru Impreza. It has been reliable, it suits the needs of me and my family, it gets good gas mileage, it drives smoothly, and it is a pretty car to look at. The only issue I have had with it is a couple of tires have had holes in them, and the rim on the drivers side is a little bent. Other than that, it has been a great car!

- Rebekah S

Great AWD, too low to ground, not enough trunk space.

Love the AWD. Reactive handling. Love the eyesight feature in my car that helps prove to accidents and automatically adjusts cruise. Hate that it is so low to the ground. Tends to bottom out a lot more than my last car. Very small cargo space in trunk. I have to keep my seats folded for the space. I will be trading this is for a crosstrek.

- Melissa H

Best all wheel drive for the price.

I bought this car because it was the least expensive all wheel drive I could find, and it is turned out to be a good car. It drives in the snow really well. It handles well. The only thing is that it does not have much initial power, but that is all Subarus. That's just how their engines are made. Once it gets going, it is fast though.

- Courtney V

It's reliable and will get you from A to B without causing headaches. But also know that it's an affordable car and that means sacrificing some of the luxuries of a higher end car.

I like it because it it's affordable, gets good gas mileage and is reliable. I don't have to put a lot of money into repairs or dealership service. I dislike it because it's a bit bare bones and doesn't feel like a luxury vehicle. I also dislike that some interior components like the speakers and the manual shifter feel lower quality.

- Greg E

The Subaru Impreza is reliable, comfortable and stylish

My car is very reliable, I don't get stuck in the snow during the winter. It is comfortable and I can easily see out. I have the basic version so no real fancy systems, but the Bluetooth calling is great. Using voice commands could be better though, it can take a few tries to get the system to understand the request/number.

- Chris G

It is a reliable vehicle with modern features for a reasonable price.

I like that I get good gas mileage, especially on the highway (over 35 mpg). I haven't owned my vehicle long enough to be certain, but the consensus is that Subarus hold together well so I do not anticipate any major repairs. I like that my vehicle has modern features like a backup camera, bluetooth audio, and seat warmers.

- Jason A

My dream car with no worries!!

My car is good on gas, great for vacations, plenty of room for lots of luggage, roomy inside, for five people. I get compliments on the outside looks, has luggage racks on top, or for bikes, rides great on highway, with cruise control, has Bluetooth, has a backup camera, heated seat great at winter time..Heated side mirror,

- kathy M

With Subaru's safety my daughter walked away from a head-on.

The only problem which is good is that the tire pressure light is very sensitive! I have taken the car on several long trips (450-650 miles) and it is comfortable to ride in. The main thing I like about it is the safety features, my daughter was in a head-on with our 2002 forester and walked away, bruised & sore but alive.

- Peggy M

To include power seats when there is a equipment package that includes extras.

The only problem I have is that with the package that I got with the vehicle (Bluetooth, navigation etc.) that it didn't have the electric power seat for the driver. Which I had for my 2009 forester. While I realize that the Impreza is an entry level vehicle it would have been nice to have that with all the other extras!

- Margaret M

Sporty, fun, safe, reliable.

Very reliable. Love AWD and provides comfort of short trips as well as long highway drives. No issues during the 3 years it has been in my possession. I am looking to purchase a new Impreza within the next 6 months. I currently lease - I love this car so much I am contemplating buying it out at the end of my lease!

- William S

You will not die in an accident.

I have the limited trim. I love the eyesight in it to help prevent crashes. I also love that I can subscribe to star link that will call 911 if I get into an accident for me and help me recover my car if it is stolen. The built in navigation is also nice. I could live without the sunroof. It drives very well.

- Megan J

Great small vehicle with amazing all wheel drive!

All wheel drive is great for all types of weather! I feel safe driving in bad weather! Great for long road trips and very durable vehicle. I love how the exterior and interior looks. It has many options for accessories and amenities, you can customize a Subaru to your liking, the opportunities are endless!

- Amy M

It's reliable , spacious and durable. I haven't had any trouble on tough terrain , I can fit my two huskies and it's safe .

I really enjoy my Subaru Impreza hatchback. My car is very reliable , I have taken it on multiple road trips and have felt safe every time. I also love how durable the Impreza is I have taken it on unsteady dirt roads and I didn't have to worry . I can go on and on about how much I enjoy my Subaru.

- Danielle P

The Subaru Impreza is a great All-weather vehicle!

My subaru has been very reliable in all weather conditions. It has been totally worth the investment. I will continue to work with Subaru in the future. I have had the car for 3 years. I have only had 1 issue which was fixed immediately by the dealership. Very satisfied with the car and the staff.

- Brianna S

It is a great compact car with fantastic gas mileage.

I like that it is compact, all wheel drive, and has good gas mileage. I also appreciate the hatchback of my car, as it is easier to store and move things around. I dislike the fact that the car lets in outside noise quite a bit, when I am driving (especially without the radio on) it is quite loud.

- Rachel S

Everything but the computer software is great!

The car is very comfortable and aesthetically pleasing to me, good storage space. The backup camera works great, but the whole computer software that Subaru has in this model is not very user friendly and does occasionally not work correctly. The gas mileage is great and AWD is good in the snow.

- Suzanne G

2016 Subaru Impreza premium is a great family vehicle.

Very reliable vehicle and very comfortable. The only issue I have it about 8 months after purchasing, the drivers side window stops working frequently. It goes away for a while but always seems to come back. Subaru could not find an issue with it. The car is great other than that one issue.

- Kayla E

Good car, bad standard tires.

My car has been pretty good, but wow I cannot say enough bad things about how crappy the tires are that come standard with the car. At 20k, two of them had 3 patches and the entire set had to be replaced. Other than that, the car has put up back a lot of miles, and it is been good to me.

- Laura G

Great value, reliable car.

Very comfortable driving. It handles really well in rain, snow and ice conditions. This is the second Impreza I have owned and I have never had a problem with the vehicle. My only complaint is that it is a bit noisy on the highway, which means you have to turn the music up pretty high.

- Beth F

Snow weather and my Subaru.

A little low to the ground to drive when we got 3 feet of snow this winter. A Subaru is good in the snow, but if the vehicle is too low, you cannot make it on the rural roads where I live as they do not get plowed. The wiper settings are hard to get right when it is intermittent rain.

- Lisa H

I love my Subaru Impreza. Best car ever!

The only thing that I do not like about the car is the lights. They're just not bright enough. I love everything else about my car, especially the size. I also feel that my car is sturdy and that I am safe on the road. My car is extremely reliable and I would 100% buy a Subaru again.

- Joe A

Subaru Impreza is not a reliable car at all.

My Subaru Impreza has a electrical issue that has not been able to be fixed. Because of this problem sometimes the ac does not work, to the widows will not go up or down. Also on top of that, the car is very space limited, and the seats are not very comfortable, they are very stiff.

- Maria C

It has a surprising amount of storage.

My car is great for all weather. It is wonderful to drive. It has all wheel drive which is super useful in inclement weather. It is also really fun to drive a stick shift everyday. I like that I have a roof rack. Cruise control, great gas mileage and safety is wonderful in this car.

- Joe S

it gets totally great gas mileage, so it is better for the environment than a lot of cars

i love that it is all wheel drive, it gets great gas mileage, even better than the sticker says. has a hatchback, so It's nice for putting things in the back. I feel comfortable driving it also, every 3 weeks I have to drive 190 mile round trip to the doctor and I get over 40mpg.

- diane p

General overviews of beloved car.

Low to the ground but great in the snow. Most reliable car I have had. Love the beautiful design with a comfortable interior. Love my seat warmers I do not know if I could ever go back. Great stereo with easy controls. Love the silver it comes in it hides the New England salt well.

- Melissa J

It's an efficient, smart option for parents who care about safety and the environment.

I'm really grateful for my small, efficient hatchback. It has a really high safety rating, which is important to me as a parent. It has a really efficient engine, so I don't spend a lot of money on gas. And there are a couple times per year I really appreciate the all-wheel-drive.

- farah f

All wheel drive was most desired feature.

All wheel drive was key in the decision to purchase this vehicle. Heated seats are very nice in the winter. Car rides very nice and back seat is very roomy. The trunk holds quite a bit and then the option with the split fold down back seats more than doubles the hauling capacity.

- Nancy U

2016 Subaru Impreza, drives well but there are better cars out there.

Outside is all plastic so it seems cheap - radio connectivity to my phone most times does not work - already had to replace the battery once and the car was only a year old - it runs fairly well but I do not think I will buy another Subaru, they are not worth what they cost.

- Nicole P

The Impreza has great gas mileage.

The Subaru Impreza is truly one of the best cars I have owned. Not only does the car have great gas mileage, but it has super comfy seats that include seat warmers, Bluetooth phone availability, and has never given me a single issue since buying it. I would highly recommend.

- Lindsey J

The one most important thing about my car is that it has all wheel drive.

I have a 2016 Subaru Impreza Hatchback. I love that the front windshield has a wide viewing range, and how responsive the car is with acceleration and braking. There isn't anything about this car that I dislike, or can complain about. I like that it has all wheel drive.

- Melani S

The most important thing to know about the Subaru Impreza is that it is extremely safe, and will stick to the road in most weather conditions.

I really like the safety ratings that Subaru has as a whole, and the car has all wheel drive, which is great for the weather where I live. I do not like the lack of power. I like that it is a hatchback, and there's plenty of room for things our regular 4-door can't hold.

- Carolynn M

Reliable car, handles well.

The car is reliable, handles well on slippery roads and in snow. The wipers are designed to clear the maximum area. Heat and cooling are a little slow to reach their peak, but. It nearly as slow as with older models. I am not impressed with the paint, which chips easily.

- Eileen Q

Great get up and go quality but still great gas mileage.

I love it and it's fun to drive, good gas mileage, great car overall. It has great get up and go which makes it feel like a sports car. The inside is comfortable and maintainable. On top of this it holds its value very well for several years which is great for resale.

- Zack F

White Subaru Impreza hatchback with roof racks.

So far I have only had one issue with the windshield making a weird crackling noise but I have since took it back to the dealership and they corrected the problem for free which was still covered under warranty. I love Subaru and will probably never buy another brand.

- Sam M

Nothing better than a Subaru! The best cars I ever owned. Reliable and safe.

I always had an outback when I purchased the Impreza I loved it smaller easy on gas. It feels so safe in winter months. I haven't had any issues with it so far. Subaru are very reliable. I did try a Nissan rogue but didn't keep it long went right back to a Subaru.

- Lisa M

Drive a Subaru and you'll never look at another vehicle again.

It just feels right great to drive. Heavy car well made makes you feel safe. Colors on a Subaru are unique not a copycat car. Very comfortable. I would not get cloth seats again that is the only con they are hard to keep clean do not vacuum easy either.

- Joan M

Subarus are extremely reliable vehicles and they last for many years.

They are rumored to last for over 10 years. I like the built-in navigation system. I think it has too many features. I feel like there are a lot of features that I will never use or need. It is too complicated for me to set my favorite radio stations.

- Priscilla C

I love the all wheel drive. It's the only type in its class that has AWD. If you want a smallish car with AWD then this is the one.

I wish it had a better engine and more than 150 horsepower. sometimes I wish it were more similar to the WRX or WRX STI. I love the hatchback though! I didn't really necessarily want an SUV but I love being able to actually carry stuff in my trunk.

- Brandon H

It is economical to own & operate, & is very reliable!

It is comfortable, although a bit small for my 6' 300lb. frame. It is good on gas, but the A/C makes a big dent in mileage. It is great in snow, & I appreciate the Blue Tooth & rear view camera among the options. It is also very reasonably priced.

- James T

It's what makes a Subaru a Subaru

I have a Subaru Impreza 4 door hatchback and I love the car. The gas mileage is great for my long drives from LA to San Diego. Which I can easily get there and back on less than half a tanks worth of gas. Great look and comfortable interior.

- Robert G

It's sporty, practical, and reliable

It's sporty and practical; the hatchback makes it capable of carrying more things (and of different sizes & shapes) than a sedan of the same size. It gets good gas mileage despite accelerating well. It performs well in the ice and snow.

- Charles S

It's an all-wheel drive Subaru, even though it looks like a compact car.

I bought the hatchback version of the Subaru Impreza and absolutely love it. Even though it's a compact car, there is so much space inside. And the ride is so smooth, even with all-wheel drive. It's a fantastic car! No complaints at all.

- Lisa G

The back up camera makes it so easy for people who struggle with backing up or parallel parking.

I love the way my impreza looks and feels, but the mileage is lower than I hoped. Spotify does not work with the stereo system either so you cannot see what song is currently playing. Other than that, I really love how stylish it feels.

- victoria P

I am getting mid to upper 30 MPG in this all-wheel drive car.

I like the all-wheel drive. This Impreza has better gas mileage than previous Subarus I have owned. I also liked the price in comparison to other cars I was considering buying. This is my 5th Subaru so my complaints are very minimal.

- dave l

That is is safe, comfortable, and a good quality car.

I like that my car has all wheel drive and is top rated for safety. On top of that there are very few blind spots. It's a comfortable ride and gets pretty good fuel efficiency. I dislike that it does not have good pick-up speed.

- Kelsey M

Hits the sweet spot in terms of gas mileage and drive-ability for an AWD car

It's a little low to the ground, I've scraped the bottom a few times. Missing a lumbar support, and the Bluetooth is hit-or-miss. But overall, I love the car. Great gas mileage for an AWD car, drives nice, and I drive it a LOT

- Paul I

It is the only car that has all wheel drive. Usually only SUVs have this feature.

I like that it is small and easy to park. I love that it has a back up camera to help guide me. I like that it is all wheel drive so I can drive better in the snow. There's not really anything I actually dislike.

- Andrea D

The most important thing about my car is its reliability.

I car has a very smooth ride and is comfortable. t seems to be a safe car. I like the all-wheel drive feature as well as the ability to connect to my phone/electronics. I wish it were a little higher off the ground

- Debbie R

It is safe and reliable in tricky weather conditions.

Incredible reliability and performance especially in the winter. Durable body. My Impreza gets great gas mileage. Very low maintenance. And all around just fun and easy to drive. Never had a problem with the car.

- Tristan L

It gets good mileage and is safe to drive in bad weather.

This is the seventh Subaru that I have leased. They are of high quality in parts, get good gas mileage, and have sleek , stylish look. The Imprezza is a comfortable car to drive. There is good storage room also.

- Joseph G

Amazing car, great gas mileage. good in snow.

best car ever. no problems. amazing in snow. only issue is sometimes random lights like the airbag light come on and you have to go to dealer to turn them off. also my sound system broke in first year.

- Meri S

Cvt's not so great, but good car overall

I wish I got the manual. The cvt engine shifts really goofy and while I've gotten used to it I don't like it nearly as much ad a normal engine. Plus it would be a lot cooler of a car as a manual.

- Amanda S

This car is a good size and the trunk is perfect for a trip if needed.

My car runs very well. It is clean and I have never had a problem. They have roadside assistance and the people who work for the company are very nice. The car is a very comfortable size as well.

- Emily D

Best little car on the market.

The Subaru Impreza is a very smooth and dependable ride. Surprisingly it has great front seat leg and head room and good leg room in the back. Love the all wheel drive. Wish it had swat warmers.

- Bonnie U

All wheel drive is absolutely amazing in rain and snow.

I love how my car handles. It is a stick shift and has anti-roll technology which rocks. I actually hate where the center cup holders are, you smack your drinks with your elbows while shifting

- Kaitlyn R

Fun Subaru hatchback for adventure

Great gas efficient vehicle. I take it off road for fun often. Some of the plastic inside has broken and it's not a fast car but it is very reliable so far and serves its Basic purpose well.

- James H

It has a lot of space in the back and the seats fold for more space.

The Subaru Impreza is a great car. It is super roomy and provides a great amount of space for camping needs, moving needs, and travel needs. It feels comfortable and of great quality as well.

- Gi R

Worth the money in function and reliability.

Very comfortable and functional. So far very reliable. Not super flashy. Useful backup camera. Sometimes the iPod connection does not work correctly. Love my windshield wiper speed options.

- Heather S

My car is always super reliable and the Subaru dealership is always accommodating.

I love my vehicle because it is all wheel drive and does great in the winter. I have never had any problems with it. I will be getting a Subaru when it is time to purchase a new vehicle.

- Marissa C

It has all wheel drive and does great in the snow

It has all wheel drive and it is great on gas mileage. I dislike that it has such low clearance but it does the job getting me from point A to point B. I also like the back up camera.

- Darla b

It is small and easy to drive and still offers the security and safety of all wheel drive.

My Impreza has all-wheel drive, which is a huge help during the winter. It is fun and safe to drive, and my iphone connects easily to the in-car computer. The sound system is decent.

- Kat l

My car is safe and reliable

Great gas mileage and more environmentally friendly vehicle. It rides smooth, handles well on turns, and has been good in bad weather. Wish acceleration speed was a little quicker.

- Jackie B

The steering wheel is very responsive.

Performance is great, very reliable as well. I would say comfort is a bit low since it is not tall person friendly. My only problem is all the uncontrollable bad luck it attracts.

- Tara S

It is a reasonable price for a decent, safe, gas-efficient car.

It has good visibility in all directions. It also gets good gas mileage and has a solid safety rating. It is comfortable for a smaller car, despite me being over six feet tall.

- Robert C

Great MPG for AWD vehicle

This car is very reliable, gets great gas mileage for an AWD vehicle, and is comfortable to ride in. Maintenance has been minimal. Overall, we are very happy with our car.

- Rebecca C

Silver Subaru Impreza review

My husband and I really enjoy this vehicle. It has such great gas mileage and is very reliable. It doesn't have cruise control thought but has Bluetooth which is annoying.

- Lauren W

Great gas mileage and very comfortable and very good price

I love my car it is just the right size has heated seats and sunroof. Everything I want d brand new at a great price! The gas mileage is great as well as traveling in it!

- Amanda M

Great for an active family; smaller and more fuel-efficient than an SUV.

I like everything except acceleration. The cargo capacity is good. Seating is comfortable and we like the hands-free capability. Wish we had gone with darker upholstery.

- Susan H

That I will avoid damage to my car at all costs! I hate getting scratches or dents.

I like that it is great in snow. I dislike that the transmission is slow changing from reverse to drive. That is the thing that I dislike the most. No other complaints.

- Emily D

It is a great car to take camping and fold down all the seats to sleep in.

I love how roomy it is. I love the control I have during bad weather. I also love the heated seats. I do not like that sometimes I have trouble connecting to Bluetooth.

- Jessie B

It has 4 wheel drive, which is important for us because of snow.

It could have better pick up and more discs in the CD player (our older car has a 6 disc changer, this only allows 1 disc at a time). I like the color and heated seats.

- Cindy D

It's safe and handles most weather conditions well.

I like that it's got a lot of safety features. I like that it seems to handle most weather types well. He only thing i don't like is that it makes noise when turning.

- Katrina B

My car is great it does not fold up if ever in an accident.

I love how well it handles inclement weather, especially snow. I like the gas mileage. I do not love the blind spots and the fact that the paint seems to easily chip.

- Kate M

The all wheel drive is great in the snow and still handles very well for being a wagon.

I love the seat warmer. I really like having all wheel drive in snow. I wish some of the switches were of higher quality. We enjoy all the room our subaru has inside.

- George G

It is the best car to drive in the snow.

I like the look and feel of my car when driving and I like the gas mileage. I dislike the water that drips in the window when raining and the window is cracked open.

- Pamela B

It is the perfect car for commuting, especially since it is small and has great mileage

I like the small and compact size of the car, which makes it very convenient to park and maneuver. It also has great mileage, and was a very reasonable price.

- Isa J

I feel safe driving it anywhere and everywhere. especially during the winter

I love that it is 4 wheel drive, and the green color. It's been dependable and easy to drive. The transmission is a little weird but overall excellent car.

- Chris A

It's very reliable if you keep up the maintenance.

I like the gas mileage and reliability. I like how it handles on the road in different weather conditions. It's not quite roomy enough for taller people.

- Doris H

This is a reliable and comfortable car. It's comparable to the Honda Civic.

I like the design and handling of the car. It's comfortable and reliable. However, I'm not always crazy about the touchscreen. I miss the radio buttons.

- Susan G

They should know that it is safe.

I like that it is safe an unpretentious. I do not like that it fogs up easily, the brakes feel weird. It also does not accelerate as fast as I'd like.

- Katharine C

I love my Subaru, it is great in the snow and in the dry weather. It is quick and reliable. I would recommend it to anyone.

That it is all wheel drive making it easy to drive in the snow. Also oil changes only have to be done every 6 months versus 3 months for most cars.

- Nicole G

The Subaru Impreza picks up speed when you need it to.

I love the car's handling. The way you can feel how it hugs the curbs. I also love the way it picks up speed when I want to change lanes quickly.

- Elizabeth H

Subaru Imprezas are durable, they are able to withstand any severe weather condition.

My Subaru is my favorite car I have ever driven. It is reliable, tough, and fun and comfortable to drive in. My car meets all of my needs so far.

- Ali J

Safety ratings are incredible! Our salesman did a great job of sharing statistics that really make the price worth it!

I love the all wheel drive and safety I get with a subaru. New England winters are rough and I never worry about leaving the house in my subaru.

- Justine F

The gas mileage is amazing

I love the had mileage and how cute and peppy it is. The only thing that i would change is the ground clearance and lumbar support in the chairs

- G e

Its safety record. Subarus are famous for being safe vehicles.

My car has a lot of room inside, despite being a compact car. It's great on gas and I haven't had any maintenance issues. It's very comfortable.

- Karen D

It's very fuel efficient. It gets better mileage than some hybrids that aren't much bigger than it!

I dislike that it's loud, but I like that it's dependable and has four-wheel drive. I like that it's small but I wish it had a hitch on it.

- Ellie L

Great car, especially for driving in winter weather snow areas.

I like the 4 wheel drive and great gas mileage. The only thing I do not like is the environmentally friendly paint. Does not hold up well.

- Janet N

That is it reliable and that I can depend on it.

The car is super reliable and it is also very pretty. It has all of the features that I depend on and I have no complaints about the car.

- Daniel H

This car has a smooth ride and great gas mileage but a small backseat!

I love the gas mileage and the safety ratings! I wish it had a bit more space! As my family is growing I am in need of a bigger vehicle!

- Meredith J

Others should know it had a back up camera and it has all wheel drive.

I like that my car is small. I like that it has a backup camera. I also like that it has all wheel drive. I don't have any complaints.

- Suzanne T

This car is safe and reliable in inclement weather such as rain and snow.

Reliable vehicle that gets decent mileage and handles well in inclement weather (rain and snow). Exterior paint seems to chip easily.

- Kate M

It is great in snow and on rugged roads, but the clearance is a bit low.

I love my Subaru! It is comfortable, the fold down back seats make it super handy and I cannot say enough about the seat warmers.

- Shelly G

It's a very safe car because of the way it's made and the time

I love the eye sight on it. I love the gas mileage. I love how it's all wheel drive in the snow. I wish it was a little taller.

- krista J

It's great with gas and it's a super easy car to drive. I love driving it everyday.

I like that it is a manual transmission. I like that it is good with gas milage. I wish I would have gotten a different color.

- Lexi K

Other should know that subaru's are known to be reliable vehicles.

I like my vehicle because it is reliable and safe. It has never broken down or had any issues. It is also really good on gas.

- Jami S

This vehicle is best at handling all types of weather with great dependability.

Like the handling and safety of the All wheel drive.Very economical on gas and maintenance.Dependable and practical vehicles.

- Richard M

Has great traction in the snow! Out handles many other models. It is totally trustworthy, I have no worries whatsoever!

It is just a pretty basic car. It does not have any get up and go. I do like how it handles in the snow. It is affordable.

- Dara C

My car has been extremely reliable. I love it. This is my 5th Subaru that I have owned and I will continue to purchase Subaru for years to come. They are awesome cars.

The only thing I do not like is the small size. I love the look, the features, the price, the color, and I love Subarus!

- Sarah K

I get good mpg for a vehicle that has the traction of an awd.

I like the mpg. I like the awd. I like the size. I do not like the defroster, it do not get all of the drivers window.

- robert l

The safety aspect is the most appealing to anyone with a family.

It is very safe for my family. It gets great gas mileage. It is also 4 wheel drive so that helps in the winter months.

- Ethan H

It is reliable and well built.

It rides smooth. It is comfortable and safe. It has a lot of alarms and safety devices. It provides interior comfort.

- Diane H

It has a smooth ride and good gas mileage. Great for long drives.

I love the bluetooth connectivity. The backup camera saves me everyday and gas mileage is great! I loooove this car

- Kayla S

Eyesight is such a great feature. Makes me feel safer!

Love the looks of my car and all the features it offers. Drives smooth. Has great gas mileage and is fun to drive.

- Alex C

Very reliable all wheel drive.

Dislike there is no sunroof. Like that it is offered in manual transmission. Like that it has hands free feature.

- Jessica M

The Impreza goes well in all weather, despite being a small vehicle.

I like that it is small but versatile. I like that it holds what I need. I do wish it had more ground clearance.

- Kathryn K

The most important thing is how reliable it is.

I love all wheel drive. I find it very reliable. I do wish it was a little bigger though, especially the trunk.

- Andrew P

The most important thing that others should know about my car is that it is great

I love the heated seats. The car starter is great. It is a great vehicle for my family with the safety features

- Chris D

That it is quicker than it looks.

Sporty and comfortable for me, runs like a top!.. Interior is beautiful.. Great line of vision... No dislikes.

- Linda V

Safe fun and reliable. Great driving experience with this car.

Fun very enjoyable vehicle to drive. Sporty yet comfortable. Reliable and safe. Subaru’s are awesome cars.

- Tim G

The Subaru is great in the snow, and is easy to handle. It also has state of the art technology.

I like my Subaru because it is roomy, yet not too big. It gives a smooth ride and it is great in the snow..

- Mary S

It is a good car to drive with minimal maintenance and issues

The car is easy to drive and you can see easily in it. The air condition doesn't work well. The radio is ok

- Jessica S

Excellent for driving in the winter with the all wheel drive

I like the car a lot. The heated seats are a lifesaver in winter and it handles very well in ice and snow.

- Kaitlyn R

It is a very accident safe car. It drives smoothly.

I like how technologically savvy it is. It rides very smoothly. I have zero complaints about this vehicle.

- Tara C

Lots of space for cargo and groceries

I love that I can fit a lot of cargo in the back. It gets good gas mileage. It's a comfortable ride.

- Meghan L

It's reliable! Be prepared to spend money to take care of it but it will last forever!

I love the all wheel drive and the back up camera. It's a smooth ride and an all around awesome car!

- Sasha C

Four wheel drive is essential Bought it new and it is expensive to upkeep

It has 4 wheel drive to get up my f=driveway. that is most important. it looks fairly nice still

- annette r

IT goes in bad weather including snow.

It is low compared to the other cars I have owned. I have to back to to avoid hitting my head.

- William A

Excellent vehicle for travel and just around town.

The car looks good, drives easily, and is a Subaru! I can't think of one complaint about it.

- Dee W

Great car, but not if you care about the looks of it

its sleek, reliable, and gets the job done. it could be bigger though, and the look is weird

- Kevin H

The safety that comes along with owning a Subaru, I do not worry as much as to if I were to be in an accident.

Love the safety of the vehicle. Love the sleek look. Love the comfort in riding in it.

- Tara K

The great gas mileage and backup camera. The reliability of Subaru

I love the gas mileage. I love the back-up camera. I love the compactness of the car.

- Tricia T

I feel very safe in this car and trust it to get me where I need to go

It is a good size and reliable. I get good gas mileage and do not have repairs often.

- Amber H

It gets great gas mileage and is great is bad weather.

Love the gas mileage and affordability. Wish is was a little fancier. More luxury

- Lisa N



- Matt F

It's all wheel drive. Great gas mileage. Equipped with starlink.

All wheel drive. Mileage. Only complaint no assist to see and no navigation

- Diane B

The car is great on gas, city and highway miles. It is a comfy ride on long rides.

Very good on gas. lots of legroom. Seats could be a little more comfortable.

- tammy k

It is roomy and spacious without feeling overly huge and bulky.

I love my car. It runs well, i feel safe in it and it is totally reliable.

- Sara P

It is all wheel drive. It has great gas mileage. It is fun to drive.

It has great gas mileage. It is easy to park. It is too low to the ground.

- Nan M

Very practical economical car.

Love the size of the Impreza. Good gas mileage. Easy to drive & park.

- Inna B

It have very low clearance

Light and maneuverable, but not sturdy and needs lots of maintenance

- Laura R

I like my car it has the perfect amount of space for a family of four. If you are a family of five or more I don't think this will work for you.

It is kinda small for some people their isn't a lot of trunk space.

- Erin F

It is the only car (not SUB) with all wheel drive.

I like that it is all wheel drive. I don't have any complaints.

- Ed H

This vehicle has a lot if room.

Has a lot of room on the inside. I like the heated mirrors.

- Jeff M

reliable vehicle and good mileage

good vehicle for mileage, size for driver to work, & has awd

- robert P

Subaru's are rated extremely highly for safety. They have a built in safety system

I love my car. I feel very safe when I'm driving in it

- Erica L

I really like the all wheel drive for driving in the snow. I like the backup camera. I really like the fuel efficiency and partial zero emissions

It's a very safe, reliable vehicle with great features

- Valerie O

secure and safe, good visibility

easy to drive, good vision, security; no complaints

- Stephen C