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Consistent, and will purchase again.

The vehicle has had above standard performance in my view. The only recalls have been with software updates. Apple carplay connects on a consistent basis. I feel safe while driving the car, and the back up camera helps ensure that. The turn radius, acceleration, and brakes are exceptional as well. The breaks have kept me safe from other drivers performing unexpectedly, as well as allowing me to stop in the snow. The only problem I have experienced, is that it is sometimes hard for others to hear me while on the cars speaker phone system. Everything sounds fine on my end, but the person on the other end of the phone conversation can hear the road noise pretty clearly. This occurs when windows are up. The car was very reliable this past winter, with schools closing for several snow days and several cold days. I believe I lost traction once in the snow, but never felt truly out of control. In the negative 44 Fahrenheit days, I never had trouble starting my car right away. The seats are very comfortable, and my 6'2' husband and his 6'3' brother can fit comfortably in the back seat together. Trunk storage is not as big as some others, but isn't a huge issue. The back seats come down easily. Overall, I really enjoy the car. I do not plan on getting a new car any time soon, but I do plan on purchasing a Subaru again when I decide to replace this car.

- Cassandra E

Eyesight has been the best thing ever.

There is not one thing I dislike about my Subaru Impreza. I have 3 children and we all fit comfortably. The eye sight is amazing and should be a feature on all vehicles. I have a long commute to get kids from school and the back warmers always help my back from aching. I am able to text without being distracted and looking down at my phone. For being a hatchback there is plenty of room for grocery shopping with ease. Gas mileage is great. I get almost thirty miles per gallon. And to fill up my tank is less than 40 bucks. All of the features of the car are great and Subaru is the number one safest car.

- Stephanie L

Pretty good, a few bugs to be worked out.

Pros: so far the car has been very reliable, decent mileage. Comfortable on road trips. The headlights are bright, something I didn't appreciate until I drove a newer make vehicle that has terrible headlight brightness. . Cons: the infotainment system can be glitchy and often when I turn the car on the radio is turned up even if I had previously left it off. I just got a letter saying to bring the car by the dealership because they were going to give a free update to work out some of the kinks in the infotainment system so hopefully that works out some of the issues.

- Amy C

I love that Subarus are able to hold their speed going downhill.

This is a great little car! Has enough power to get moving quickly, yet still gets 26 mpg city. My only complaints would be lack of cargo room. Back compartment is pretty tiny, and it is fairly difficult to change certain settings like the time. Other Subaru models I have had in recent years updated time changes via satellite. This one, for some reason, does not. The clock setting process involves navigating several temperamental menus, and takes more time and effort than it should. All things considered, though, it is a great little car!

- Jennifer K

My Sweet Subaru Impreza took me all of 10 minutes to select on the lot.

I purchased my Subaru after thoughtful research. It has met all of my expectations. Safe, reliable, comfortable, enough engine power to navigate the freeway and rural terrains, and keeps my car insurance at a manageable rate. Steering is tight. Fuel mileage is accurately rated. Because I am getting older I may opt for a Forester with my next purchase so I am slightly higher on the road. Otherwise I'd get another in a heartbeat. In the meantime I will drive this one until it's time for another. I love it!

- Chris N

2017 Subaru Impreza - excellent safety features, short on storage space.

This car does not have as much storage as I would like. In addition, I had a remote start installed when I purchased it, and it has never worked properly. I have had it repaired 3 times - an issue with the hood switch. The third time was just this last week, and they replaced, rather than adjusted the switch. So far, it appears to be working. Other than this, I think the car is good looking, has some outstanding safety features and gets decent gas mileage.

- Julie C

The review I should have listened to when told me in the first place.

Very stiff steering to get used to for all wheel drive compared to other all wheel drive vehicles. Horrible 4 cyclones engine with ZERO acceleration power, and even worse when just filling up gas tank as you can feel the weight difference. Their brand new 7 passenger SUV with turbo feels like you're driving a little peppy car and the Impreza feels like you're driving a tank. The all wheel drive is great though and all the safety eyesight features.

- Kelly S

Nana�s sharp little sports car

I like the Impreza base model because it does not have a bunch of electronic gadgetry that I don't really need. It does have all the standard comforts. It has power steering and brakes and windows. Has air conditioning and am FM radio and a jack that I can plug my iPod into. Speakers are great. All-wheel drive is great. I won't ever be without that again. The price is good and the car is very sharp looking.

- Nancy L

This is the perfect car for me!

I love my car! The only thing I would change is the trim level. The radio options as well as console displays could be better if I had chosen a better trim level. I would also prefer to have buttons to adjust the seats, but that would have been achieved from a higher trim level as well. It gets great gas mileage, is quiet and has more than enough space for me while also not being a large car.

- Thomas H

Great car but beware of wind.

I have had the car since February 2017 and haven't had any mechanical problems with it at all, it drives smoothly and gets about 25 mpg on roads and around 30 on highways. Only issue I have ever had with it is it is noticeably pushed by the wind at high speeds, whereas my old 2001 forester would not have been impacted at all. You have to adjust to the wind or it can push you out of the lane.

- Eve H

Packed with power and features you'll love

I own a 2017 Subaru Impreza premium hatchback. Its performance is just amazing and I would totally recommend it to other people. I love that for its price and size, it is already AWD and packed with so much power while you drive. I love its auto headlight feature as well as the Apple Carplay that seamlessly plays my music and starts up the navi system. It also has heated seats in the front.

- Joice O

Amazing vehicle best model yet.

I have owned the past model lines of the Impreza. This one is the most spacious, and best riding of all of them. The ride is very smooth and quiet. It also has the most technology options available compared to prior model years. Apple CarPlay, is a huge feature gain. Also the eyesight camera is very helpful for safety for emergency braking and lane departure/blind spot monitoring.

- Kevin C

Love the fact that I can have an AWD vehicle with the gas mileage of a car.

I love this car! It is small but roomy enough for my family of 4. It gets great gas mileage. It is AWD so it goes nicely in all weather conditions and makes me have a sense of security. I have the sport model so even though I am a mom, it does not feel like a mom car. It has a moon roof and rear spoiler to make it look sporty. Heated seats are another amazing perk of this car.

- Crystal W

Handles great, not a lot of power.

The 2017 Impreza handles great, has a good turning radius, performs well in the snow and heavy rain. The features are complicated to use, changing settings is more difficult than it should be, and I have had three recalls for software updates since purchasing the vehicle. Although it gets decent gas mileage it does not have a lot of guts, and can be slow to accelerate.

- Jessica R

Subaru Impreza really impresses me!

This car is the best I have had. There are so many premium features, like the rear view camera and the harman audio. It also has nice red trim cloth that gives it a sporty feel. Its runs really smooth since its all wheel drive. The only problem I've had so far, was a bent rim that was expensive to replace. But overall it has not let me down. It's really good on gaston.

- Sarah M

It is incredibly reliable.

I like the interior of the subaru. It has a touch screen that connects with my apple carplay and picks up my Bluetooth automatically when I get in the car. The tinted windows add an extra bonus because they truly keep the inside temperature of the vehicle much lower. There is not a single thing that I dislike about my vehicle. It is the perfect size for me.

- Anita P

My car review for the Subaru Impreza

The 2017 Subaru Impreza has all of the good things about older car models, while still having the benefits of modern technology. The doors can be manually locked as opposed to not having any external lock systems, and the ignition is turn-key as opposed to push-button. However, the car still has features such as Carplay that make it modern and comfortable.

- Morgan B

It can detect if there is a moving car too close to you.

The car has good mileage and has many alarm and safety features for those of you who are for safety. The car however gets hot easily, so if you left it out in the sun for work it would get extremely hot because of its black interior. I find its performance really good for its cost, and the seating is of good quality, though it could be better.

- Joseph R

The best family car around.

I really love my car it is sturdy, reliable and has all wheel drive which is very useful for the icy roads in winter. Plus lots of room for luggage and other items since it is a hatchback. Runs great and has tremendous acceleration. Besides does not eat much gasoline. Gives me like 30 mpg. It is perfect for a family since it has lots of room.

- Sau F

Subaru Impreza 2017 super reliable car.

No issues with the car. Bought brand new off a Subaru dealer's lot. Had no previous owner and had a lot of like 10 miles on the car due to people testing driving the car. This car was bought with most of the packages offered by the dealer to keep the car safe for the next couple of years. Super reliable car that has good gas mileage.

- Nicole P

The car has many warning systems and alert features to keep you safe.

There are only minimal problems with my car. There is not any air conditioning units in the back, and because the interior is mostly black, the car heats up easily when not in use. But the black theme also makes it look unique. The seats are okay; not that uncomfortable, but I have seen better. The performance is good, and I like it.

- Joseph R

Add on features that are worth it.

I like the add on features, such as drivers seat controls, heated seats, GPS and other features on the touch screen, the driving assist features (notifications that you are out of your lane, for instance), cruise control and related control features (such as the one that moves you back in the lane), back up camera and side signals.

- Eileen M

Sport model highs and lows.

The Subaru Impreza sport is comfortable, reliable and has great features on the sport model. I love the apple carplay, heated seats and remote start. The tires are a problem. I needed to replace two of them after driving through normal city conditions (potholes) after only 6 months and they are expensive! Gas mileage is not great.

- Lindsay M

Do not buy it. Too much trouble. Worse than expected.

I thought it would be better. It drives fine but I just wonder. I had an accident where I left the vehicle and it was off yet it drifted into Another car. And then the darn radio always turns on.each time I start the car and this is annoying. And it order to set the clock, you have to, one to to your phone. It is just too much.

- Jude S

Fun ride with some technical difficulties.

Some of the tech on the screen can be troublesome. Android auto only connects part of the time and the volume cannot be reduced while in reverse, which is frustrating the mileage is not as good as originally thought but it is not too bad for an all wheel car. Perfect for getting around locally and comfortable for a long drive too.

- Rebecca A

The safety features make this a reliable and safe car to drive.

I really love the safety features my car has. The all wheel drive makes me feel safe in the winter. The insight features make driving safer all the time. From blind spot detection to automatic breaking, I feel much more confident on the road. The car is also quite fast, has good gas mileage and is fun to drive.

- Erin F

A very good family car that we love!

The electronics are very glitchy specifically the radio and odometer. They have tried multiple updates but nothing has worked to solve the problem. We really enjoy driving it a lot and it handles very well. The interior is very nice and clean. The back has plenty of room for just about anything you need to haul.

- Carl D

Great car and multi-faceted comfort.

I love my Subaru. It hugs the road, accelerates and decelerates at a comfortable pace, and the steering is easy. The interior is spacious and comfortable, and I am at ease knowing how safe my vehicle is. I have always wanted a Subaru and I have not been disappointed! I would certainly buy a Subaru in the future.

- Caitlin M

I Love My 2017 Subaru Impreza

After having my Impreza for over 2 years, it hasn't had any sort of performance issue. It gets excellent gas mileage, and I know I'm safe in any Subaru I drive. It is pretty great at reducing road noise, and is able to connect to your phone via Bluetooth, so you can play music or make phone calls with ease.

- David Y

Buy this sporty spacious car

I love my car , it's super cute and very reliable. I love all the little details, the speakers are amazing . It's very sporty looking but very safe and reliable. It's very spacious and has carbon fiber detail in the interior. I Highly recommend to anyone that is looking to buy or lease a new vehicle.

- chelsea P

Apple CarPlay and the touchscreen console are super convenient!

There is over 50,000 miles on my Impreza and it still runs as great as the day I purchased it. The stock parts are durable, and last. Unfortunately, OE parts can get to be pricey and I have found that decent aftermarket parts can be hard to find - specifically windshield wiper blades and brake pads.

- Erin D

New 2017 Subaru sedan review.

Great car, slow acceleration, very comfortable, great in all weather. Very dependable and no engine problems like other brands of cars. Very modern with USB and touch screen radio and star connection with Bluetooth. Carbon fiber inlay on the inside of the trim. Looks great and easily customizable.

- Joshua L

My car is amazing and it was one of the best things I have ever bought.

I love the AWD and all the safety features. I have the sport model so it's fully loaded and such a smooth ride. I am so glad I decided to buy it. There isn't anything I don't like about the car. It got me home safely in some pretty bad snowstorms and I don't think I'll ever drive another brand.

- Stacey C

2017 Subaru Impreza sport definitely worth it!

The only thing I have a complaint about is the ac, it does not seem to really cool the car that well. The car performance is great, gas mileage is less than advertised but still better than many other vehicles. The interior of the sport model really made my decision easy in choosing this car.

- Yas A

A Safe and a reliable vehicle

I love my Subaru because it has good gas mileages for commuting. There are a lot of safety features as well including lane assist and collision prevention. There is also a rear view camera which is helpful for parallel parking. I enjoy the modern features such as Bluetooth and Apple Carplay.

- Abby E

The Impreza is functional, economical, and trustworthy.

I have had Imprezas now for almost 7 years. I love that not only is it classy and fashionable, but it's highly functional. The gas mileage is incredible and it holds up even in winter snow. It drives smoothly without making too much noise. My one complaint would be the lack of seat warmers.

- Rowena K

Small trunk space but safe to drive in bad weather

It is all-wheel drive, so it drives well in bad weather. It is Bluetooth compatible making it easy to talk hands free on my phone. It's four doors making it easy to travel with more people comfortably. I don't like that the trunk space is on the smaller side, not much space to store things.

- Diana T

Subaru Impreza is both stylish and comfortable for drivers and passengers alike.

I have a 2017 Subaru Impreza. Vehicle runs smoothly on turns and swerve highways but it is slow to pick up unless you have the sport or most expensive model. Exterior and interior are comfortable and stylish. Car has been very comfortable for moving my possessions when I relocated cities.

- Karla S

Subaru Impreza hatchback is the way to go!

I love this car because it is extremely spacious. The trunk is very big and the back seat sits two grown adults very well. The eyesight is also super helpful. The seats can be a little uncomfortable after many hours but overall I love this car. I would recommend this car to everyone!

- Tanner K

Comfort transmission and gas mileage.

Sometimes it has problems shifting from first gear to second in automatic. Car is very comfortable and smooth. The Audio system works great. At times it has difficulty recognizing my iPhone when it is plugged into the car. Gas mileage could be better but overall a good and safe car.

- Travis C

2017 Subaru Impreza with full Bluetooth ability and immaculate condition.

I like the color and I like the Bluetooth and stereo along with the smooth drive and the cruise control probably all equally. I especially love the gas mileage probably the most! It is great for road trips and it holds up on a very few fills the gas tank. It is serves every purpose!

- Michael L

Great car! Buy one today, you will love it.

Great car. No problems, runs well, great looking. Roomy, really like it as much as first day I bought it... Reliable, all the safety bells and whistles, cameras all over, all wheel drive, comfortable, heated seats, back up camera, connects to phone, no problems at all with it yet.

- Joan L

Highly reliable Subaru with blind spot detection.

My Subaru Impreza is very reliable. It has blind spot detection, lane keep assist, a rear view camera, and obstacle detection. I have no problem with comfort when going on a 4+ hour road trip. There's plenty of space in the car individual or two person travel as well as groceries.

- Jade B

Cannot beat gas mileage and AWD!

I love having all wheel drive and do not think I could ever go back. My next car will also likely be another Subaru. It gets great gas mileage, especially on the highway. The safety of AWD if probably the biggest selling point for me. You really feel like you are hugging the road.

- Kimberly W

Comfortable, reliable vehicle.

We've only had our Subaru for a few weeks, so I am not too familiar with all its features. However it is a comfortable interior, brakes are controlled and sound. We cannot find the aux cord opening through which is kind of annoying. I overall like the style and drive of this car.

- Jane B

It has many safety features and is on top of developing technology.

Compared to other cars I have been in, the Impreza is pretty slow at accelerating. Though in my opinion the Impreza really strikes a balance between ride and handling. It has a screen in the front of the car where you can see many things about the car, and many safety features.

- Joseph R

The screen is touch and sound can be placed in certain areas.

I have had a few issues with the radio system resetting but got it fixed with a simple update. Engine is a bit loud when warming up but can be fixed with foam under the hood will muffle the sound. Get up is slow but it is a base model so that is expected 0-60 in 9 seconds.

- Jessica G

Safe, reliable, spacious, and technology.

I absolutely love my car from the heated seats, to the extra space the hatchback provides. I love the Bluetooth and backup camera as well as how comfortable it feels to drive the car. I have never had a problem with the vehicle itself and I always feel safe when I drive.

- Cassandra F

the ride quality is wonderful

The back up camera is top notch. The ride quality is wonderful and very smooth. Engine has enough pick up despite the CVT transmission. Radio is the only downside. It has improved with the software updates. Heated seats are wonderful. Plenty of legroom for a tall person

- Jason P

Reliable, great car for all.

This car is very reliable and is very trustworthy. It works great in the snow. I also love the car play and if you have an iPhone you can get your navigation right on the screen as you are driving. I would recommend this car for families or anyone who values reliability.

- Sandra G

One of the Safest Cars Out There!

My 2017 Subaru Impreza is my first car and I honestly recommend it to new drivers for numerous reasons. The first being the safety features, the emergency brakes and back up camera have saved me multiple times. It is an incredibly affordable car for the quality you get.

- Grace M

How my car differs from other cars like the Prius.

Well, if you think about it, what car does not have issues? My car is great, however, it has its issues. For example, my car is what you would call louder than usual. Maybe because it is compared to a Prius? Other than that, my car is basically amazing and so superb.

- Mina K

Don't ever buy one. Expensive to upkeep and a ton of little annoying issues from day one! Dealer never even called to see how we liked our new $25000 vehicle. I wonder why??

Size and appearance it fits all my needs. Don't love it at all. A fortune for an oil change. Goes through a lot of oil and coolant and you can only use their expensive stuff. Would NEVER buy another Subaru. First car I have even bought in my life that I regretted!

- fern d

The joys of owning a Subaru is economy and reliability in bad weather.

Subaru's all wheel drives are very good in snowy weather and we get a lot of snow in Colorado. Extremely reliable, have had no problems with it the mechanics of it at all. It gets good gas mileage which makes it economical to drive with the current gas prices.

- Flo R

Everything I could want in a car.

Love everything about my Impreza. It gets good gas mileage, it looks amazing. It handles well in rain, snow, and dirt roads. It is very spacious in the front and back. The hatch back is great for groceries as well as transporting our two dogs around in the bac.

- John L

I love the car overall. The gas mileage is great and it drives well.

The touch screen and radio system has issues and glitches more often than it doesn't. The sound goes out and I've never appreciated that the Bluetooth system doesn't work as well as other cars I've owned so I have to plug it in with USB, which in inconvenient.

- Hannah M

The Subaru Impreza is a solid car that will do well in the snow

The car drives very well and takes corners well. The only trouble I had so far was one of the LCD displays died and had to get it replaced. Besides that and some software updates to the computer system, all is working well. Drives very good they the snow

- Timothy S

Subaru car is great for all weather conditions.

It is a great car for all weather conditions. I would recommend Subarus to anyone who drives in rain and snow often. The center console works well with my cell phone. The only thing I do not like about it, is that the ride is not as smooth as it could be.

- Jess D

Blue, fat, and beautiful.

Well to start off, The car that I own is extremely Hard to clean, yet the performance of it is okay, especially in the summer, although the car is not that well at good use in the winter. My car is extremely comfortable. And it also has adjustable seats.

- Angela M

Media malfunction is not impressive on the Subaru Impreza.

First off. The car is suppose to be the luxury version of the model I have and I think there was no thought that went into it. The information screen does not update fast enough. Media takes too long to upload. And I feel that it's not driver friendly.

- Joseph H

It�s a smaller car which is what I want. Four doors.

My car is really nice. It's a great car especially with me wanting to have a safe car for my daughter. The gas mileage is good for me. I work close to home so I don't have to gas up as my car as much. I say test out a Subaru. It is definitely worth it.

- Jessica M

We just love our Subaru Impreza hatchback.

I really like this car. It gets good mileage and is roomy inside. Also, we have the hatchback and the seats go down flat for transporting large items. It also has enough get up and go. We also got the eyesight package which is a great safety feature.

- Dot M

I purchased the vehicle from enterprise car sales. It serves its purpose well.

The car functions properly and has never given me any real trouble getting from A to B. However, it is a very basic car and lacks many of the accoutrements that would make the car fun to drive or enjoyable beyond its serving its basic purpose.

- Daniel H

It has all wheel drive and it rides like a dream.

Dislike- the touch screen freezes sometimes and does not allow my Bluetooth to connect and the presets get deleted. Likes- I love how it rides, the look of it and all the features I got. I love that it has all wheel drive. I love my Subaru!

- Lauren L

Confidence, comfort and peace of mind

Occasionally the audio system freezes. I have no radio, no CD player, no GPS. This happened a number of times while the car was under warranty. The dealer said it was a known problem, and they replaced the software module that controls it.

- Michael S

Subaru’s cars are great and reliable!

The Subaru has been a super reliable vehicle, gets great gas mileage, quiet, sharp looking. We have driven it long distance and have put on about 20000 miles in 2 years. Besides from normal oil changes we have not had any work done on it.

- Chris R

Subaru drives and handles excellent, snow, rain, mud it will get you where you need to go.

My vehicle is very comfortable, stylish, reliable, and fun to drive. It has the extra safety features which are a big plus. As for performance, it's excellent, I have never had a problem. I've owned Subarus most of my life, They are A+

- Mabel S

Subaru WRX fun yet reliable

The car has been very reliable. In addition, it's very quick, and I receive a lot of compliments on it. A downside is, due to it being a performance vehicle, it takes 91 Octane gas. This is my second WRX because of how much I enjoy it.

- Gregory F

very smart car thanks to the eyesight technology, active crash avoidance is very much worth having

love the handling, it's fun to drive. my car has eyesight which is great in traffic. the car can see other cars beside, behind, and in front of you and has active crash avoidance. good gas mileage, size of the car is just right

- wendy S

Nothing you drive will ever compare to all-wheel drive.

I love the way it grips the road and handles turns and curves. I love the hatchback option, which makes life so much easier. I just wish there were a couple more inches in the backseat so there was more legroom for passengers.

- Elle L

Most important is that it is all wheel drive

I love the AWD for the winters in NY. I love the interior and the design of the console. I like the look of the outside of the car a lot. I dislike how easily the paint is scratched. I have scratches from just normal driving.

- Christie E

It is a very safe and reliable vehicle.

It is all wheel drive which is great for Colorado. Still gets over 30 MPG. Has a lot of safety features and very good ratings for safety. It is a bit underpowered. Would like more HP or Turbo, but that would hurt the MPG.

- Tony A

It has the latest safety features.

It is a very reliable vehicle with great resale value. It has many of the latest safety features. It has plenty of trunk space for carrying groceries and other large products from warehouse stores where we generally shop.

- Lauren C

Bluetooth does not sync well with android phones. No cd player combined with above makes listening to music difficult !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Handles well in snow. No CD player!!!!!! Bluetooth does not sync well with android phones. Subaru Play voice commands do not work making listening to music very difficult!!! Low clearance makes curbs dangerous.

- Lar P

It will last a very long time if you take care of it, and it is one of the safest and most dependable vehicles available.

I love the durability of my Subaru Impreza. It is a great car to drive in the winter with four wheel drive. I'm not crazy about the gas mileage, as it doesn't get nearly as good of mileage as my Honda Civic did.

- Jason L

Safety and handling in all weather conditions.

Extremely reliable, handles well in all weather conditions, stops on a dime and is extremely safe. Have been into major accidents with this car, little damage done to my car and no injuries to anyone involved.

- Melissa N

Great fuel efficiency while being more sporty.

Eyesight system provides safety. Adaptive cruise control in super nice in traffic. Ipod and other entertainment connections are great. Wish there were more exterior color options with a black interior.

- Erin W

they should know about how well it handles in the snow and the gas mileage that goes along with it. It has a great safety rating as well

I like the all wheel drive. the gas mileage and how much room is in it for such a small car. I don't like the seemingly cheap plastic that scratches with a fingernail. It's not very convenient to clean.

- David S

It's the best small car out there!

I love my Subaru Impreza because it has cloth seats but they are heated. It also has bluetooth connectability even in a small car. I also love that it is 4 wheel drive. The best small car out there!

- Nicki K

This car can drive comfortably in most weather conditions and still retain a good MPG

The Subaru Impreza is a very great car and I have been happy with its performance. It gets solid miles to the gallon and performs well in the snow. The AC isn't too great for the summer however

- Peter S

It is so much fun to drive. It rides like a dream and makes driving around actually fun.

So far I have no complaints about the car. It is AWD which can be a little frustrating when it comes to the cost of gas, but is very helpful in a state like Colorado so I have no complaints.

- Jennifer H

It's basically the best of all worlds when it comes to cars.

I absolutely love the Impreza. It's compact enough that it gets fantastic MPG but also is surprisingly roomy inside, has a very punchy throttle, and has had zero reliability issues so far.

- Hunky B

One most important thing others should know about the care is It's excellent resale price when I trade it in for a newer model Subaru.

I like the ride of the Subaru and the advanced enhancements such as the eyesight option. I wish it had a bit more room in the back for my dog, but he seems comfortable when he's in the car.

- Willie V

It is the same size as the Subaru Crosstrek, just lower to the ground.

I like that it has nice storage space and come with EyeSight, which helps me feel safer while driving. Sometimes when I drive there are little stutters, but that is the only complaint.

- Juliya K

Safety, comfort and all wheel drive for a reasonable cost.

I am a Subaru loyalist. I live in the Northeast so the All Wheel Drive is my favorite feature. They are safe, run well, and seem to last forever. I believe this is my 6th Subaru.

- Elizabeth C

You can start it with a button it's amazing.

Love how my car handles, breaking ability and roominess. What I do not like is it is lack of a smooth ride. It needs better shock absorbency. It also sits too close to the ground.

- Laura M

Safety ratings compared to other vehicles in the same group.

Like the helpful aids, like rear view mirror, and lights flashing when cars pass by. Like the smaller steering wheel, comfortable seating, vision also being extremely important.

- Rosa R

The most important thing to know is safety and control.

Overall I really like it. There are a few quirks I don't love, like the ease of hooking up my iphone to the display, and lack of cup holders in the rear except on the doors.

- k l

4 wheel drive car that I always rely on in all weather conditions.

I really like it but I feel and hear a lot of engine noise while driving. Other than that it is pretty good car. Especially if you have snowy winters that would be your car.

- Susan O

The Subaru Impreza is one great reliable family car

I like how spacious it is from the inside. I like the size of the screen, it's easy to see and use. I love everything about it. I don't have any complaints at this time.

- Karen V

How smooth it drives and how spacious it is

This is my first Subaru and I was very impressed with how much I liked it. It's the perfect size for a family with lots of truck and car seat space. It drives so smooth.

- Kayla J

My car is very safe and Subaru has a history of being long lasting.

I like that my car is AWD and is able to fit most of things right in the trunk. It is spacious and easy to maintain. I do not like how much gas is used when driving.

- Carolyn T

Safety first but fun second!

I love the safety features on my Subaru. Being able to pair it with my phone for navigation also is a wonderful asset. Great experience shopping and great ride!

- Amber H

This car is a great value that is fun to drive and gets great gas mileage

The car is a great value for the features you get. The gas mileage is wonderful and it is fun to drive. The sport model is a bit sluggish to be considered a sport

- Casey C

Do not buy it you will be disappointed. It is unreliable

It is a car I hate that it is too Complicated Arecibo. Radio turns on as soon as you start even if it was off, have to have Bluetooth to change time in display

- J S

Love Driving My Subaru through the countryside!

The interior design is awesome. Lots of room for carrying groceries and lawn care items in back with seats down. Love the safety features and back up camera.

- Ronn F

It's pretty cool looking.

It is a hatchback which I really like. We got it because it is very safe and will fit car seats which is a big plus. The one thing I hate is the stereo system.

- Meghan A

That the gas mileage is great city and highway.

This car gets great mileage around town and also on the highway. What I do not like is the locking system we do not have children but the car must think we do.

- Dot J

First Car: Subaru Impreza 2017 with Hatchback!

I love my car; it has great technological features inside, gorgeous exterior color, great interior, great speakers, great in the snow, and very comfortable.

- Sarah R

It is dependable . Resale value is very high. I have never been disabled when traveling

Subaru is a very dependable car. I love everything about it especially the 4 wheel drive. I have no complaints at all I have had a Subaru since the 1990's

- chris k

There's a reason everyone recommends a Subaru!

My Subaru Impreza is my favorite car to date. It has amazing features including heated seats, cruise control, a sunroof, and a great electronic interface.

- Mary G

Safe in all weather! It makes me feel safe.

I love the color and exterior design is sleek, the interior is roomy and easy to see blind spots, the all wheel drive in any weather makes me feel safe.

- Crystal O

Great car for long road trips. Car averages around 48 to 50 mpg.

Great car for long distance, it's great on fuel big enough for adults in the back plenty of room for gear. Just a great car for the outdoor enthusiast.

- Michael C

It's beautiful, works hard, and handles anything you throw at it. Like a single mom.

I love my 2017 Subaru Impreza Hatchback!!! It sits at the perfect height for me, it's a safe vehicle for a single mother with a child. The AWD is ace.

- Cazaria W

It is a great car that can take me anywhere any time.

I bought this vehicle Certified Pre Owned with not a lot of miles on it. It was practically brand new. I love my heated seats and Bluetooth speakers.

- Reiko K

4wd on the impresa is incredible. Got caught in an awful snow storm that was like nothing, no slips, no slides, nothing.

Performance is excellent, gas mileage is great, things like radio leave much to be desired, there seems to be some delay in it that gets aggravating.

- Ana M

Super safe, fun to drive, lots of features included. Subaru for the win

I love my car. It drives amazing, it holds a ton of stuff, the features are great. It gets good gas mileage. It's fun to drive. Highly recommend

- Desiree C

It is all wheel drive and does well on steep roads and driveways

Have had no problems with the vehicle. It is a bit small, but has plenty of power. Gas tank is too small. Digital speedometer would be nice

- jerry j

That it has quite a good bit of room in the seats aND cargo.

I have a subaru impreza hatchback. It is a small car so is good on gas, but has a big feel aND spacious cargo room because it is a hatchback.

- Sue P

very safe. many airbags, lane assist mode, love the smart cruise control.

dislike the electronics. Audio system and eyesight do not work consistently. Love the mileage, well constructed vehicle. Roomy for the size.

- Michael W

A great compact car by Subaru.

Small, but roomy inside. Easy and fun to drive. Mine is a base model. The only additional thing I would suggest is a better sound system.

- John G

Cutting edge technology makes the Impreza great

Excellent car with a compact size and great gas mileage. State of the art entertainment system makes integration with my phone seamless.

- Caitlin W

Subaru Dependable Stylish Luxury

I love my Subaru it is dependable and great on gas mileage comfortable stylish and affordable The interior is very nice and cleans well

- shannon s

Quality Comfort Affordable Luxurious always fun to drive!

Comfortable and stylish! this car is dependable and easy to clean plenty of room in the front and back seats for even really long legs

- jennifer P

It is a safe and reliable vehicle.

I have the hatch version and I love it. It is a nice car that drives well. However I have been having some electrical issues with it.

- Rachel S

That is it reliable and should last a very long time.

It is very nice and reliable. The car is not terribly fast but it serves the purpose. I bought the car for the reputation of subaru

- Robin H

It is a very trusted automobile.All its main parts are made in Japan. It is very attractive and runs very smoothly.

It is technologically upgraded with a lot of bells and whistles that help the driver drive. So far I have no complaints about it

- sisinio f

This car is rated very high for safety. My insurance rates are lower now than when I insured a 1998 Chevy.

This car is fun to drive. The car gets good gas mileage. The Subaru has many safety features. Very comfortable for the size.

- Steve K

It is classify as a station wagon, it has plenty of room in the interior.

Enjoy driving it in the snow. Handles well in city traffic. No negative comments about the vehicle. Excellent sound system.

- Dennis Z

This car gets great mileage. It is also very spacious.

Great features, such as Eyesight option backup camera, lane/object detector. Handles well in inclement weather conditions.

- Erin L

It is a very safe, all-terrain car.

I like the size of the car. I like the room in the cabin. I dislike how slow it is. I dislike the touchscreen functionality.

- Carolyn M

the standard transmission models come with a no roll back feature making them much easier to handle when stopping on hills.

the naturally occurring blind spot, over the shoulder, is even harder to see making it difficult to adjust to lane changes.

- don m

With the all wheel drive feature it handles well in snow and heavy rain. I do not get nervous driving in a heavy rain storm. It has a lot of room in the front, but not as much in the back seats. It is hard to get car seats in the back.

It drives great in the snow. Gets good gas mileage . Handles well in the rain. I wish the cargo area was a little bigger.

- Tammy R

Safety. Great in bad weather.

My only issue is that the headlights do not come on automatically. It also smelled weird for about the first three months.

- Beverly N

It is important to know that It's important to care of it to keep it in good condition.

I love my car because it drives really smooth and feels safe. I love the design and the interior is really nice and roomy.

- Paola D

Very safe and reliable. Great history of Subaru's being safe and reliable vehicles.

Great gas mileage for an all wheel drive vehicle. Up to date with current technology. Wish it had a little more power.

- Anthony L

My family and I love going on road trips in our vehicle. It saves so much gas compared to our gas guzzler.

My vehicle is very reliable. I have driven it up and down California and it still runs like the first time I drove it.

- Wendy M

Highest safety ranking in its class.

Very safe, handles well, and good fuel economy. Has GPS, backup camera and eyesight. The car is also all wheel drive.

- Christi C

Very reliable and comfortable.

Very comfortable seats, comfortable ride, easy steering, great speakers. There is nothing that I hate about this car.

- Elizabeth R

Safe fun car for the whole family.

I love the great gas mileage and also all of the safety features. It has a sporty look but is also all wheel drive.

- Melissa F

It has AWD which we need here in the northeast.

It is very good on gas mileage and I love AWD. It is just a little too small, but for the most part, it is fine.

- Elizabeth C

Subaru is a great car brand. The cars run well and don't have many problems.

I love my car! The backup camera is a great feature and aids a lot in parking, etc. I highly recommend Subaru.

- Kristen M

It is amazing in the snow when paired with snow tires.

Love the speed, power and all wheel drive. All around style as well. Hate the sound system. Cost of repairs.

- Samuel P

Safe and spacious Subaru!

The Impress is a very safe car. It is reliable. The interior is very spacious. The gas mileage is very good

- Jessica A

It holds the road good with awd. The system makes rainy weather a breeze to drive in.

Like the safety features. Service is second to none. They take care of problems without having to push them.

- Kendall L

All wheel drive is great.

Love the all wheel drive. Love the looks. Don't like the Starlink system--doesn't work properly, never has.

- Kerry M

Subaru review. Not the best brakes.

The brakes are definitely not the best but the car is only 20k so I cannot complain. It is worth the price.

- Mari P

It runs very smoothly and does not have any performance issues.

The car is very reliable. It is comfortable and drives smoothly. I have not had any problems with the car.

- Brittany H

It is a great family car. Very dependable.

I love that it is small, brightly colored, and modern. I dislike that it does not get better gas mileage.

- Erica L

My car is very dependable

I love the seats and I like the way it rides. I like the sporty look I wish is had built in navigation

- cora b

Subaru is a great company that takes care of their customers and provides safe and reliable vehicles.

It is a safe and reliable. I love the apple carplay feature. It has the perfect amount of space for me

- Nicolette S

Comfortable and safe ride

Very comfortable. Lots of safety features. I love the eyesight feature, it is a must for any new car!

- Ben S

It is pretty gas efficient. I do not waste too much money on gas.

It fits everything - I have the hatchback version. I drives well on Vt roads. (even the dirt roads).

- Monica L

It's extremely stylish with a sleek design.

It has good enough safety features and I still have control of the vehicle. It is very stylish too.

- Emiliy I

It's really smoother and reliable and everything says It's the Safest

I like how it looks and how it rides. I dislike that the 4 wheel drive could be better in the snow

- Ryan b

It is dependable and drives very nicely.

it has great pick up for a 4 cylinder. it drives very smoothly. it is just the right size for me.

- kathy I

It is Safe to drive. I love driving a Subaru. Service is good.

I like that it has a high safety rating. It has a sport look to it. I am proud to own a Subaru.

- Rebecca k

The many safety features.it has.

Likes-Easy to drive,great viewing angels, & low to the ground. Dislikes- Road noise

- Kevin T

It handles well and is quite safe.

It handles very well. It gets reasonably good gas mileage. It can't carry a lot.

- maria F

It is fuel efficient and drive great in the snow and rain

My car is color and is all wheel drive. It drives great in the winter time!

- Chelsey D

The Subaru is a good quality vehicle that has always been a staple of my family. Since my childhood, my mother has owned around 3 or 4 Subarus which have been reliable vehicles.

It has great all wheel drive and is excellent to use in the winter time.

- Jacqueline A

My Impreza is a great little car. It's very peppy. Comfortable. Love the blindspot alerts and the rear camera. A few sporadic issues with the on screen computer doing funky things, but nothing major. Sometimes it doesn't open my car door when I tap the handle. Doesn't always see my key, I guess. Gas mileage is great on the highway, sometimes I get 38 MPG but I do mostly local driving and that's awful averaging less than 20 MPGs most times. I am overall happy with it though.

My Subaru Impreza is peppy car and great fun to drive, easy to handle.

- Stephanie B

I like how safe my car is for me and my family. I enjoy how well it handles.

I like the way it drives and handles. I also like how safe my car is.

- Cara C

It doesn't need frequent repairs, reliable, holds value

Our Subaru is very good in the snow, great gas mileage, comfortable

- Bonnie S

Great gas mileage, dependable car, safe, lots of room in the trunk--love the way it drives

It is a great car for traveling--comfy seats and is so good on gas!

- Rachel L

It's the safest car out there and it is super spacious

It's comfortable, safe, modern, child-friendly, versatile and fun

- rachael d

I love how roomy the small car feels inside. It is a very practical car. I find that the carplay feature doesn't always work correctly which is frustrating.

How well it drives in all conditions and how practical the car is

- Nathan T

it is good in the snow. i like the safety ratings of the car

i thought the gas mileage would be a lot better than what it is.

- sal p

Love the safety features, all wheel drive, cargo capacity, and fuel economy. No dislikes or complaints

It is spacious, comfortable, and reliable. A perfect small car

- Justin E

safe car for all ages to drive

excellent in snow,good fuel mileage,dealer's service is pricy

- alan J

Great gas mileage does better than advertise

I like the ride. The size. The fuel mileage. Is a little low

- Michael K

great safety system and build

I love the style, safety & security. I don't like the seat.

- Marci D

My car has been very reliable every since I drove it off the lot

It has been very dependable. No dislikes or complaints

- Amy B

It's economical. It's great in the snow.

Great gas mileage. All wheel drive. Comfort

- Jay S