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The all-wheel drive is nice, but the rest of the car has not been worth it.

I am not at all pleased with this vehicle, for a lot of reasons. Honestly, a good deal of my dissatisfaction comes from the fact that I purchased it in poor repair from a used car dealership. 10, 000 dollars in repairs later, the car is still in shoddy condition. The transmission is the biggest pain on a day-to-day level. If I accelerate too rapidly, the car stalls and then jolts. It is also very sad about climbing any level of incline. The cabin feels very small, and my 6'3'' partner is barely able to fit into the front passenger seat-- after it is pushed as far back as it will go!

- Leah B

Way more fun with the manual transmission than the auto.

So far no issues, but need to keep an eye on the oil level. It has a manual transmission, much more fun than the automatic. It is very comfortable on long trips, however, above 65mph there is quite a bit of wind noise from the windows because they're frameless. My guess is because the rubber seals have worn over 18 years. Overall, solid car, bought it really cheap, single owner, and incredibly functional. Since it is a wagon, there's plenty of space to carry tools, part, etc. whatever I need.

- Tim I

Amazing car, good as long as you take care of them.

It is a great car, mine sat for 5 years in a garage and still does wonderfully. There was only a couple of small things that needed to be fixed on top of regular maintenance, there was a clog in the windshield wiper fluid line and the ac needed to be recharged but that was it. It is a very hardy vehicle as long as to take good care of it it'll last a long time. Mine is a 1998 and it is done great, the speakers are awesome and it is easy to adjust the bass for them when needed.

- Charlie G

Built to last reliable and dependable.

I have driven Subarus for years I find them to be one of the most reliable dependable cars on the market. I have taken it to the mountains the desert and the ocean and it has never let me down. Considering it is age I have regularly maintained it with no major work yet. Subarus have a reputation of tough well made cars that can go well over 100,00 miles if taken care.

- Elizabeth F

The black beauty: a synopsis of love.

Very reliable. No engine problems and no other mechanical issues. The parts wear out over time but those are easily replaceable. The transmission and engine have never had an issue. It even had a salvage on it due to a crash. The timing belt is the only issue. I wish it was a timing chain so I would not need to replace it.

- James N

Reliability. My Subaru has never left me down.

It has always been very reliable. When something needs to be fixed I have it taken care of right away. I drive standard shift so it serves me very well in bad weather. Performance is excellent and miles to the gallon have always served me well. I have had it for 18 yrs. And it is still reliable.

- Carole B

Small but reliable good performance and mileage. Good car for single life.

My vehicle is small and low to the ground. It only has two doors. Storage space is small. It is good on gas and mileage. It is easy to keep up with auto repairs and upkeep. It is easy to clean both on the outside and inside. Performance wise it is good for both long and short trips.

- Mercedes C

Subaru car what is needed to live.

This vehicle is amazing its small which is alright but it has great gas on it or it just gets great mileage almost about 40 miles per hour. It's white and its very comfortable. It's just a plain car some call it a bucket but I couldn't be happier with it.

- Cat L

Subaru Outback awesome vehicle!

I Love my Subaru Outback Legacy. I like the all wheel drive! We had to recently replace the engine, but we like the car so much! We ended buying another one for our daughter and got two other people to buy Subaru's too

- Angela P

It has a roomy cargo area that holds all my needs for personal and professional.

I like the roomy cargo area. I play in a band and all my instruments fit in the back. I like the APV aspect especially when it snows or ices in my area. I don't like that it isn't as fuel efficient as a regular car.

- Mark S

Not always the greatest. Great on gas mileage.

Lightweight so it's not very good in rain or snow. Losses traction. Drive nice and smooth. Comfortable seats. Low to the ground so that could be either a good thing or not. For me back would rather slide out.

- Sharon R



- Gary0 K

This car drives with ease as well as reliability.

As an older model, I do not like that the radio is 18 years old, and shows... I do like that it is easy to drive..

- Molly H

My car is small but mighty.

I like that it is sturdy and reliable. It is great in the snow. It gets good gas mileage. It is very roomy.

- Debra L

I feel safe in it it runs great can be pretty fast if pushed

I have a 2000 Subaru legacy gt awd gold leather seats leaky sunroof needs a muffler not for sale though

- sean b

It is practically maintenance free. Highly reliable.

Easy to drive, low to the ground, reliable, small, no bells and whistles, which I prefer. No complaints.

- Susanna L

My Subaru Legacy is extremely dependable, it starts first time.

I that all wheel drive, gets good gas mileage, has plenty of room and it is very dependable

- Fred F

All wheel drive means better traction in all weather conditions, without chains or studs.

I like the all-wheel drive, large storage area and decent gas mileage.

- Marc R