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Our Subaru is the perfect family car, for comfort, size, gas mileage, and style.

We have had no problems with our Subaru. It is a 5 speed manual, runs amazingly, it is perfect for my husband, myself and our dog to go get groceries, to the beach, disc golfing, and a very nice ride for long distances. It’s a very comfortable ride, the seats wrap around and fit very nice around your back. We bought it used with 144, 000 miles on it, and it is been an amazing car for our family. We live in Michigan and get a lot of snow and drifts all winter long, the AWD feature is perfect for the elements we get in this state.

- Megan P

The winter package is great for areas that get bad winters.

I really love my car. It handles great in bad weather. It is one of the winter additions and has seat warmers, side mirror defrosters. It has pretty good gas mileage. My other Subaru I have is a complete lemon so I appreciate this one. We wanted a Subaru because of the great reviews. Now that I have a Subaru that is great, I can definitely agree with the great reviews.

- Jennifer E

Reliable, durable, wagon like car that's comfortable and easy.

I really like my Subaru legacy. It's a nice commuter car for me but still have enough space to help haul all my art supplies and equipment to classes or events. I put a new stereo in mine and I love it. I love the comfort of my car, the seats a pretty nice and they are like fabric not leather. It's a reliable car it's great for my schedule and is great for traveling

- Hokulealani B

I love my Subaru, it is a great car that has served me well and lasted.

My Subaru has lasted forever. If you perform scheduled maintenance it is very helpful. The only major surprise repair was head gasket replacement, which was expensive, but the car runs perfect now. I love the amount of space in the vehicle and it is perfect for road trips with my dog. The one thing I do not like is how low it sits to the ground.

- A H

The Subaru legacy is a reliable dependable car with no real issues.

The Subaru legacy is has no technically problems, acceleration is slow, extremely reliable, not all that comfortable, and has no special features to speak of. The Subaru legacy is a dependable car that I trust to operate when I need it. I also trust it to be a safe means of transportation.

- J C

My vehicle, Subaru legacy 2002.

My car is old but in good condition. It is all wheel drive, which is helpful in the snow. It runs well and does not have many problems even though it is old. . I use it for a lot of highway driving and also local. By keeping it well maintained, I am able to keep my vehicle in good shape.

- Yo K

I love the all wheel drive! I feel safe as far as crashes go. All in all it's a very good car & a safe one

I like that you can drive in ice & snow and not spin a tire. I like the way it handles in cruise control near the continental divide. I do like the Outback better because you can get in & out of it easier & it's easier on your back to get a wheelchair out. This is our 4th Subaru

- Carleen T

Subaru and why I drive an old car.

Very sturdy and safe. Gives very few. Problems. Not the greatest performance but still reliable. Does not have great speed handling or gas mileage but almost always cranks and rarely breaks down. Feels very safe. Seems hipster but not as much as an old Volvo or Volkswagen.

- Andy P

It has great get up and go with nice safety features!

My car is good on gas better than the pick up I had. I love the power windows cruise control stereo system. It has good safety features airbags alarm system. The only thing I wish it was an SUV style with the hatchback!

- Cindy P

It is very reliable and a great car for outdoor activities!

My vehicle is very reliable and I never worry that it will break down. It has the cold weather package, which is good for living in the mountains during the winter. My only dislike would be the radio is very outdated.

- Joseph T

It's a wonderful car and I wish they still made that particular make and model

It's a great car but it's got over 200,000 miles on it and it's starting to break down. It's still a great car though and it gets me where I need to go for the most part. I can't take long trips in it anymore though

- Elysabeth K

The one most important thing others should know about my car is that It's an extremely safe car. It's great in the snow, rain, and of course summer. It is an older model so certain parts are hard to find for it though but it's well worth what I've paid for it.

I dislike that I have recently started having to buy new parts for my car. The stereo was outdated I needed to replace it. It's hard to find places that have replacement keys for my car.

- Abby V

It is a great family car. Plenty of space and really safe.

There is nothing that I do not like about my Subaru. It is the best car I have owned in the 7 years I have drove. The only thing I can think of that I dislike is the color.

- Damian S

The most important thing is that it is durable and trustworthy in the winter.

It is perfect for winter back roads. Also, you can drive on off roads because it is higher off the ground. My main complaint would be that it is old and outdated.

- Moriah P

Great efficiency in a fun car!

I like the gas mileage it gets and the size of the vehicle. It is fun to driver and I like the style. It allows us to have space in the back for luggage.

- Missy D

drives great We use for work and pleasure every day

drives great in all kinds of weather Had to fix wheel bearings and transmission and get new tires checking oil, battery, etc for winter

- robin d

Subaru's hold their value and have one of the best safety ratings.

I really like my Subaru. It is great on gas and very easy to drive. Even though it is a small vehicle, it is very roomy on the inside.

- Stephanie L

Subaru Legacy - still driving. A silver Subaru, 16 years old and still got some kick to it.

High 90 gas consumption, radio needs to be changed out. Car was recently serviced by a mechanic - changed thermometer and water pump

- Audra S

This has been the best car I have ever had. I recommend it to anyone.

This is a very reliable car. Good for way over 300,000 miles as long as you take care of it very good. Wonderful in gas also.

- Alicia W

People think Priuses only give you great mileage but they are also a great drive.

My air condition is broke. I like the automatic locks. And the back hatch comes in very much. I wish I had an alarm.

- Amy H

It sounds like a truck and is grey! I have to get its oil changed.

What I do not like about my car is that its old. It is not something I wanted. I like it because it gets be around!

- Alexis E

Reliable wagon with no problems at all

Plenty of space for passengers and cargo in the very spacious hatchback trunk. Fun to drive. Extremely reliable.

- Ryan T

Its reliable, gets you where you need to go.

The car has lasted me a long time, haven't had to put too much work into it. Looking to upgrade soon though.

- Shane L

Keep up on maintenance. It needs many oil changes and has an unusual transmission.

Love the steering, handling, overall control. Very good pick up. Too small to fit whole family.

- Jessica B

Very reliable and good maintenance wise. Great gas mileage and nice on the eyes.

Very good on gas comfortable sitting and still plenty of space for extras.

- Connie K

I mostly enjoy the safety features because I always feel comfortable when I travel. I also liked the features that came with it like a sun took and leather seats.

It is really reliable for safety and great for comfort.

- Shannon H

It is spacious and rides well. It has great gas mileage.

It is large. It is powerful. It is easy to drive. A

- Eric M