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Turbo failures due Subaru design flaw.

The car is very fun to drive with very smooth shifting and precise steering. The major drawback to this car is turbo failure due to oil deprivation. There was a flaw in the design of this vehicle because a banjo bolt within the oil feed to the turbo would get clogged no matter what you do. This flaw was also in the wrx where as Subaru did a recall to remove the banjo bolt but did not do this with the legacy. I am now on my fourth turbo due this design flaw and had to take my vehicle to a third party garage who properly removed the banjo bolt. Even when I had asked my local Subaru dealership who previously removed my turbo to remove the banjo bolt that would have saved me on turbos they refused to do so. As a result I will never buy another Subaru.

- Winston M

Reliable but annoying to own

It's reliable and I have had almost no major issues with it. I commute 40-80 miles a day for work and it gets me there every time. However, there are an abundance of little issues that always appear to pop up that cause me much frustration. I'm constantly having to replace my brakes, changing my oil, changing my headlights. The heat shield constantly comes loose causing an irritating rattle. Though my car is relatively reliable, the small things have added up to the point where I wouldn't buy another Subaru after this.

- John B

Great car, reliable, heated seats, moon roof/sun roof.

I love my Subaru legacy gt. It has great acceleration since it has a turbo. It is very reliable. We have not have to do much work to it besides general maintenance, the radiator went out once. It is all wheel drive so it goes great in the snow. I found that Subarus are my favorite kind of car. Our Subaru is very pretty. I love the design, it has a moon/sunroof, heated seats, heater mirrors, radio sounds good.

- Heather S

The brakes need more power and the steering requires more turning.

In my vehicle, compared to all the other vehicles I have driven, the brakes need much more power for it to start receiving the input and the steering requires a lot more turning considering how big the steering wheel is. I do appreciate how fast the vehicle can go since I can get to more places faster. Although I don't mind the steering I feel as though the brakes could use a bit more work.

- Winnie L

Subaru Legacy, still going.

The air conditioning does not work, probably just needs to be recharged. There are some issues with the power steering, when certain stress is put on it, a high pitched screeching noise can be heard. The alternator went bad within the first year of ownership, when the car was 10 years old. Otherwise still working well.

- Alex A

Subaru legacy most comfortable.

I love the color blue that my vehicle is. It is very comfortable. It has black leather seats that are heated. Drives and handles amazing no water the weather. Very reliable vehicle. Only thing that keeps not working is the cruise control. Perfect vehicle for long road trips or just to go into town.

- Chanel R

Over 215k miles & no issues only standard changes such as tires, brakes & oil.

I have no issues with my car. 215, 000 Miles and only money I've put into it is new tires, brakes and oil changes which are standard among any car. Very reliable in snow. I plan on buying another Subaru when I get a new car because I am very satisfied with my current vehicle.

- Jenna P

Great car for those who love reliability and adventure.

Super reliable, great in all weather. We call it the adventure mobile. We love the extra space in the back. She runs great and she's a great car. Its super comfortable, has heated seats which are great. I will always want a Subaru for our lifestyle. I love them!

- Lillian B

It's a good sound car and maintained is been low.

I absolutely love the sunroof & the interior of the whole car. Nice & cozy for a small family. I don't really care for the size, enough for two car seats an a diaper bag in the backseat. Never had any problems with it and kept in great shape, awesome vehicle.

- Kathleen B

It is a great vehicle for the long term. You can easily buy a Subaru and it will last you 10 years.

It's a great Subaru Legacy Outback. It has 208,000 miles on it, yet still runs like a champ, save a few minor issues. It is an absolute beast in the snow. I have never been worried about getting stuck. I just wish it had a little bit more power to it though.


It's pretty roomy inside, there's enough space for three carseats in the back, and lots of cargo space.

It's big enough to hold me, my husband, two car seats, and enough cargo space for a stroller, our bags, etc. It's a really reliable car. It's older, so I've had to put some work and money into it recently, so I don't really like that.

- Sadie g

It rides smoothly and the gas mileage is great.

I like that it is all-wheel drive, it comes in very handy in the winter. But the gas mileage is low. And the car is old, and needs more maintenance now. I like the sporty look of the car, and its reliability.

- Judy H

Service department at dealer is top notch, trustworthy, and very professional.

I love that it starts and stops every time. Has great gas mileage. Looks good and is very durable. Living in the mountains, the all wheel drive and predictive transmission works very well.

- Erik G

It is a 2005 model, and was bought used, so be gentle with it.

I like that it gets decent gas mileage, it is not a terribly ugly car, and it has cloth seats. I do not like the fact that the engine seems to struggle sometimes, more than it should.

- Michelle Y

That my car is super reliable and I am not selling it even if I get a new car.

I love everything about my vehicle. Not too small, not too big, lots of pep. AWD. Comfy inside. All the electronics are simple. I can even change parts myself. Very reliable.

- Mary Ellen K

This Subaru is a little wagon, very roomy and easy to get in & out of.

Three automobiles in my household and I prefer to drive the oldest one, it has AWD and very reliable transportation through the winter months here in Michigan. Love it!

- Linda L

I get 28 miles per gallon. And it's all wheel drive

The car pretty dependable for the most part. Gets great gas mileage and its all wheel drive. Only problem is the check engine light keeps popping on.

- Kevin C

That even though it is over ten years old, it still runs like a champ

The car is reliable in all types of weather, especially in the snow. The gas mileage is very good and I like the heated seats and the 6 cd player

- Sue R

It will be with you for a long time, and keep you safe.

I like how well it stops. I like heated seats. I like how long the brand of vehicle lasts. I wish the seats were a little wider.

- Catt W

It will last them a very long time.

I like the car a lot, it drives smooth and can handle very well. It also has a lot of miles on it and it still runs very good.

- Stephanie P

I like my vehicle the most because it is dependable.

Great vehicle for highway miles. Comfortable. Plenty of room. Gas mileage is not the best in town. Easy to drive in town.

- Montana P

It rides great, is very responsive, comfortable and looks great.

Has 143, 900 and had an engine rebuild. Runs great now. Worried something else will break and I cannot afford to fix it.

- Michael C

It is a comfortable ride despite the size, and is good car for around the town

I really like the style of the legacy, user friendly etc. What I don't like about it is that it's quite small inside.

- Sharon M

The reliability and service is the best there is in the business.

Best car I've ever owned. Minimal maintenance with 250,000 miles. Subaru's service department is the best I've had.

- Eric G

I think that the most important feature about my car is it is ease of upgrade.

Good mpg, comfortable, efficient. Do not like that the make consistently has issues with oil leaks. Love the AWD.

- Destiny K

It's dependable and will last for a long time with few problems.

I think Subaru is the best. I'm on my 3rd one. I will continue to own them.

- Carol W

I love the all wheel drive. It is great in the wintertime. You can drive it way past 200,000 miles. I do wish it was a little bigger and more roomier inside.

How great it drives in bad weather, and how safe of a car it is.

- Fawn S

i feel very safe in this car and that is the most important thing for me about this car

drives fantastic good gas mileage comfortable interior design

- Danielle D

it gets me where i want to go

not sure like that it runs and gets me where i need to go

- Rob B

I like that it is reliable and is safe and has four wheel drive. I wish it had better gas mileage and was larger

It's a good car because it's been well taken care of.

- Denise R