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My 2009 Subaru Legacy drives amazing and is great on gas.

I love my Subaru Legacy. The car drives so well. It is very easy to handle when driving and I can hardly hear when the car is driving. The car gets very good gas mileage especially when I am driving 30 minutes to and from work each day. Each week, I only have to fill my car up once and I get over 300 miles on a tank of gas. The car is very reliable and handles very well in bad weather. Because the car has all wheel drive, the car handles very well in bad weather, including rain and snow, and on bad backroads. My car comes with leather seats, seat warmers, and a very large trunk for storage. The only downside to my car would probably be that I wish my car came with Bluetooth connection. Otherwise, I would not change anything about my car. My Legacy has definitely made me a Subaru lover!

- Breanna W

The Subaru legacy is car that can be driven for many years.

Subaru legacy is a great commuter car. Some of the features of my car include AWD, sunroof, and a great stereo system. My Subaru legacy has power seats and a large trunk space with fold down back seats. The things that I do not like, the gas mileage could be better and the space inside the Subaru legacy is quite small. It is comfortable for a short, small person but anyone over 5'10" will be inches from the top of the car. It is not a family car as we have outgrown it quickly. It is the type of car you can pass on to your child after years of owning. The reliability of a Subaru legacy is unmatchable and they tend to run for a very long time. But when something does go wrong repairs can be quite costly.

- Heidi S

Great used car, tiny family car.

Small on the interior, issues with several recalls, do not like how small the glove box is, fuel economy is great, leather seats clean up well, love the heated seats, I wish the car had more leg room in the back, also I wish the car had more cup holders, 4 cup holders is not enough for a family car. The vents on the dash could be improved by being circular and easier to point in different directions, I have had problems with the electrical system which I think is another recall I need fixed. The dash lights will flicker and sometimes go off completely. The car burns out headlight bulbs quickly for some reason.

- Rebecca S

We love our car! It is comfortable, fuel efficient, safe, and reliable!

Our car gets great gas mileage and is extremely comfortable (both as a driver and passenger). We make at least two trips to pa every year and even those long trips are surprisingly comfortable. Recently, the only inconvenience we experienced was when our check engine light came on, our cruise control wasn't available. In our household, this car is the most popular daily driver, and we've even elected to use just that car for the day because we both love it so much.

- Jennifer H

You don't feel like you are slipping over the road when It's wet and snowy.

The Subaru legacy is easy to drive and great in the rain and snow. There is maintenance that is an added expense when you reach 100, 000 miles, but the car runs great and will make it to 100k and more. The driver's seat is power operated. The car can fit 5 adults comfortably. The trunk is large and provides more enough storage for 5 women to go to the beach for a long weekend. The exterior is easy to maintain, even with infrequent washes.

- Rachel R

Four wheel drive makes it reliable in any weather condition.

I love my car. It runs great. Never any issues. I only wish there was more trunk space and back seat space. My baby's stroller takes up the entire trunk. Her car seat is in the back seat passenger side. To fit it, the front passenger seat has to be pushed all the way up, which makes it uncomfortable for the passenger. But other than that, it's a great car.

- Frankie V

my car has the smoothest ride and it is easily handled.

the problems is the items going bad around 100,000 miles. Usually, parts do start but it's right after each other and now I have a 3, 500 car repair bill and still need to get more work done.I do love the smooth ride and how great it handles. It is perfect in the snow and I can get everywhere safe. I plan to buy a newer version of this car when I get money.

- christina B

The antenna is a wire on the windshield.

The spark plugs needed to be replaced. The manifold also had to be worked on. The air-conditioning unit needs work. The brake pads needed to be replaced. The window wipers replaced. The seats are very comfortable. The radio antenna is giving out. Probably going to have to be replaced soon also the air-conditioning unit needs to be replaced.

- Tammy C

I love my 2009 Subaru legacy 25i special edition sedan!

The 2009 Subaru legacy 25i limited edition sedan is the best car I've ever driven hands down! The all wheel drive makes the mountain and windy roads where I live a breeze to drive down not to mention the gas mileage is really good. There is no Bluetooth compatibility but compared to the other features its no problem!

- Salina B

Sound System - I like the bass it offers and the max volume is just loud enough

Frequently have to replace brakes and refill oil, it 'eats' the oil quickly. It drives really well, and is good for snow. The sound system is really nice and I love music so that's something I frequently use. I know it's an older model but wish it accept multiple CDs at one time so that you could rotate.

- Christine J

Subaru Legacy and its problems.

The vehicle starts to breakdown around 100,000 miles. The interior of the vehicle ends up falling apart the most. You have to worry about the window trim coming apart, trunk interior carpentry falls off, cup holders come out. As the outside goes, headlights and tail lights constantly burn out.

- Tyler N

The car is average everyday driving car.

The performance is fine. The vehicle is 10 years old and is a base model. The car gets 25 miles per gallon on the highway. It does have all power features and a sunroof. The car does handle very well in the snow being an AWD vehicle. I feel that the tires wear unevenly which could be an issue.

- Steven D

It has seat warmers that are custom to low or high heat.

My car is very reliable, the shocks are not great, I have not had any issues with maintenance. It is very comfortable for me and my kids. I like the speed of the car and that is runs fast if needed. The look is appealing. It has seat warmers and an automatic start. It has automatic windows.

- Lauren W

Reliable 4-door with heated seats and great gas mileage.

The heated seats are great and I wouldn't get a car without them ever again. Does not do great in cold temps, but usually heats up eventually. Performs well and the all wheel drive is perfect for snow and ice. I love the gas mileage because I spend less money on gas than I used to.

- Sara V

Understated Yet Reliable: How the 2009 Legacy gets you where you need to go

I like my car because it is comfortable, easy to drive, and reliable. The winter package allows me to drive in a warm vehicle. The all season tires allow for good grip on icy roads. I enjoy the design of my vehicle because it is distinctive, yet does not draw too much attention.

- Frank R

Best vehicle ever! Buy a Subaru.

My Subaru is a get up and go car. Decent gas mileage. I have had it for 4 years and have had no problems until recently the coolant was leaking into the head gaskets. Apparently that is a common problem with Subarus. They will run forever. I hope to keep mine as long as I can.

- Ashley F

Good on gas low maintenance good sports car and hope family car.

Low profile tire causes a lot of flats during potholes, airbag problem.Recall. Other than that it is good on gas accelerate fast nice easy car good on gas low maintenance cheap to maintain easy to take care of nice looking model. Good as sports car or family car good on miles.

- Eric M

it�s so dependable the four wheel drive will never let you down

It's good if you live in the city. All around good car. Fast when it needs to be also for those who like to have fun on the open road. It's grey and does what most car can. Has ton of electronically functioned that I'm sure many of us love to utilize on the day to day basis

- Ted L

Subaru is the best!! ... Great on gas ...

No problems to report... This Subaru model is the best car I have owned. It is a 2009 and it runs like new. This car is great on gas.. $20 takes you a long way. My car has 147,000 miles on it and it cranks smoothly..no tremble. I highly recommend a Subaru vehicle.

- Melissa S

Good economy with this car.

My car is a good value. It gets good mileage. It handles well in all weather including the snow and ice of winter. My only complaint is that every time we have snow the doors all freeze shut. . Even though I am retired I only buy gas once a month. In the market.

- Paul G

White beauty legacy Subaru 2009.

Great car! Does not have a lot of fancy add -ons but it is great! It has been very reliable. Has great speakers and rides very smooth. Fits 5 very comfortable. Good for a starter car. This gets great gas mileage. Will be buying a new year once I can afford it.

- Kirsten F

Subarus have the highest safety rating and can save your life in the event of a tragic accident.

The reason I chose a Subaru is the high safety rating. With all wheel drive, I feel confident driving in any weather condition. The gas mileage is above average for other mid size cars and it truly is a comfortable drive for road trips. No complaints here!

- Elizabeth F

140000 miles and still running like brand new

Car is all wheel drive therefore is extremely reliable in rain and snow. Great gas mileage especially on the highway. Very comfortable ride and handles well. Sporty yet good enough to be a family car. Over 140000 miles and still running like a champ

- Nancy S

Happy car owner: I'm a proud owner of the dependable Subaru Legacy and will continue to buy from this brand.

The vehicle does great in rough weather like snow, ice, and rain. I enjoy having all wheel drive. There have been a few hiccups over the years with rattling noises or killing the engine. However, they have never broken my budget at the mechanic.

- abby h

It is a very sporty car and grips the road - great for windy roads.

I like the way the tires grip the road and the control it has. I'm also partial to the all wheel drive. I do not like the maintenance on the vehicle. It does not seem to hold up as well as I thought it would. The spark plugs have a bad design.

- Teresa G

It is a very useful car to have in the Utah weather.

I like the way that it handles in the snow. It has really great torque for when you are going up a hill. It has had an issue where all the dash lights will not go away but the car works. The power steering fluid is constantly running out.

- Patricia C

2009 Subaru Legacy with great gas mileage and a smooth drive.

The ride is very smooth. The car only has one problem and that is the left rear wheel bearing goes out even with high quality parts. It goes out every year and a half but it is easy to fix at home. The gas mileage is great as well.

- Alyssa C

2009 Subaru Legacy Review

I love my Subaru Legacy, it has a good long lasting gas tank, and awesome speakers. The only thing I have a slight problem with is that the hand brake is a button not a handle, which is a bit confusing. But still, it's a great car.

- Jessica I

The most important thing is that it handles great in the snow.

My car isn't very fast which isn't necessarily that important but would be more enjoyable to drive if it were faster. I love the all wheel drive, being in the Northeast and the rough winters we get, it comes in handy very often.

- Nick O

Good and reliable but costly when it needs repairs

I love my Subaru! The only drawbacks... terrible gas milage , the cost of repairs are extremely high. I'm almost at 100,000 miles and I would say I've only put $2,000 into it over the last almost 10 years.

- Angi I

It has been the most reliable vehicle I have owned.

My legacy is smooth riding. I love the large trunk space. I have had it for almost 7 years and haven't had any major issues with it. It's a 2008 but that option wasn't in your yearea list.

- Tiffani B

Make sure you get the right tires!! The wrong tires messed it up.

It was my husband's car that I 'adopted' after marriage. It works like a charm for him, but it's a total lemon for me. I've always had Fords and Chevys, and would not get another Subaru.

- Amanda K

The Subaru Legacy is just an OK vehicle; at least my model which is the 2009. It will get you from point A to point B but it is not particularly flashy or comfortable. The interior is made out of cheap plastics and materials. The engine is not powerful and it does seem to always have some sort of light on even though it doesn't have that many miles. It does have 4 Wheel Drive which is a plus.

Subaru Legacy: It will get you from point A to point B but you will not be exhilarated by the journey. It is just an average car all the way around except it does have four wheel drive.

- Karim O

It is safe, reliable, valuable and from a reputable company, Subaru

My Subaru Legacy is an all wheel drive vehicle that is very safe. It is comfortable to drive, accelerates well, has good gas mileage, etc. I would recommend a Subaru to anyone!

- Laura K

It does not have a lot of pick up.

I love the size and extra room for traveling. I love that I feel safe in this car. I do no like the fact that I do not have Bluetooth to listen to music and make phone calls.

- Julia S

Love my subaru. Sunroof and all

I love my car. Only thing I wish it had was heated seats. But I have a sunroof and it does heat up pretty quick in the winter so you don't freeze

- Sam W

Subarus are great cars, last a long time, low maintenance, fun to drive.

We love our Subaru. It handles great in snow and ice, very comfortable to drive, the all wheel drive gives us security. All around great car!!

- Barbara R

It has all wheel drive which is great with the snow.

I love that it has all wheel drive. I also love the power windows and seats and the sunroof. I don't like that it doesn't have heated seats.

- Chelsea S

Good value for the price with plenty of room.

I love and hate the all wheel drive. Love it because its nice in the winter but hate it because if one wheel needs replacing, they all do.

- Amy O

I take care f my car so it runs great

I like the 4 wheel drive and how the cars are built to last. Cars are great in snow and regular weather conditions.these cars last years

- Karen B

It is reliable and offers a pretty smooth riding experience.

I like that it seems to be pretty reliable. I haven't had any major issues. There is nothing I can think of that I don't dislike.

- keith D

That it is very comfortable to drive. And it has more storage than you might expect

I love the size and the way it drives. It is big enough for my family but not too big. I love that it gets good gas mileage.

- Anna W

My cars is very comfortable and handles the road well.

It's very comfortable and offers a smooth ride. The only downside is that it's a bit older and lacks the latest technology.

- J P

A very dependable car with great styling.

I love it because it is dependable. Comfortable. Great in the snow and rain. It fits me well. Not too big or too small.

- Vicki B

Great car, despite tire pressure problems.

Tires leak air, through multiple auto technicians and mechanics have found no problems with tires or valves over 3 years.

- Audra N

The fact that I'm spite of being a European vehicle, maintenance availability has always been there for me.

I have a 2008 Legacy -not 2009- very impressed with the make - will definitely by another Same make -Excellent Auto !

- Robert H

That it is great. I love it all the time.

It is a 4 liter car with great handling. I've had few issues with the car itself. It is a great car. Would recommend.

- Jared Pace M

Doesn't do well on wet roads

It has some rear end damage and I believe there is a electrical problem but overall it's a good, dependable vehicle.

- Michael Q

The most important fact about my Subaru is its reliability.

I like my Subaru. Especially, its reliability. It is comfortable. My car is one of my favorite possessions.

- R H

All wheel drive all the time and it still gets great gas mileage

Very reliable, the heat system could be more powerful, the electronics in the dashboard could be improved

- Pete C

Reliable and low maintenance

My car is very reliable. easy to drive. it has all wheel drive. Miles per gallon is good. It looks nice.

- Candy M

reliable on the road. it gets me where I want to go despite the weather conditions

Very reliable. 4 wheel drive is great. Safety rating is very good. Not real good on mileage.

- Scott O

It's all wheel drive and extremely safe in the snow.

I like that it has all wheel drive. I feel very safe in it. It doesn't run as smooth anymore.

- Lauren L

It's reliable, four wheel drive, and handles very well.

It's a blue subaru legacy that I've driven for close to a decade now. It's very reliable.

- daniel p

It's a decent car that can do the job

I like the smaller size of the car. I dislike how old the technology is in it

- Austin B

It's a dependable car and it is great in the snow.

It is dependable and runs great. It's older but I haven't needed to fix it

- Kay M

It's great in the snow, easy on gas, reliable over many years

I've had it for 11 years and 210k miles. It's like an old companion.

- Sarah S

It has been an excellent vehicle for me. I have had no problems and it gets me where I want to go. I really need more space to haul certain items.

It has been serviced at the manufacturers recommended intervals.

- Robert S

awesome awd,fun to drive,good gas mileage

it has a fer problems, i love my car, it drives great, has ac,

- Heidi H

It's very reliable and easy to drive. I am happy with it and have no problems with it

No complaints to speak of as far as I can remember

- Oliver C