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Subaru has problems, but safe and reliable

My Subaru legacy is pretty reliable have had for almost 3 years barely had to do any repairs except normal wear and tear. Starts every time no leaks, really clean on the underside. The heated seats has made it a comfortable experience since I live where there is snow. The all wheel drive has been a phenomenal addition as well when it comes to snowy situations. The only problems I have going for it right now is after an oil change 3,000 miles afterwards the oil will begin to disappear. It takes a while for it to all disappear, but there is something wrong in the engine. Also I had brakes done not too long ago and one of my rotors is warped it has been difficult to deal with but a bit of costly repair since the brakes have to be done in pairs and everything must be done at the same time since it's all wheel drive. Overall without the problems has been great car loads of space, been great with reliability, and makes me feel safe.

- Melissa A

Spacious, comfortable, and reliable.

The 2011 Subaru Legacy is the perfect A to B car. It is highly reliable, has wonderful handing, sensitive brakes, and is not bad on gas for an all wheel drive. It is not a sporty vehicle, the acceleration is kind of slow. But she handles all weather conditions (rain, sleet, snow, etc. ) With ease. I have driven this car from Rhode island to jersey and back to ma on a single tank of gas. The best part of this vehicle I would have to say is the comfort. The climate control is maintains comfortable temperatures. The driver and passenger seat have heated seats which are perfect for those snow winter days. There's plenty of space for passengers to sit comfortably, even in the back seat. Moderate trunk space.

- Brittany R

My trusty Subaru makes me happy

This is my 3rd Subaru, I find them very reliable, and a good value for the money. I have a 6 cylinder engine which has great pick up, and I trust it when I step on the gas pedal. So far, my 7 year old car is reliable and performs well. The seats are comfortable, and ergonomic. There is enough room in the back seat. The gps is easy to use, but is not real-time so it doesn't give traffic updates. It still looks modern and the body shape is very upscale, and doesn't look cheap. My one negative comment with Subarus in general are the windshield wipers, I never find them to really clean the windows after a while, so they need to be replaced in a timely manner.

- Janice B

Excellent, Highly reliable vehicle

I bought my used 2011 Subaru Legacy a little over 4 years ago. In the 4 years that I have had it, I have put on over 125,000 miles on in and have had very little trouble with it. Other than keeping up with regular maintenance (oil change, tire rotations, new tires, brakes) I have only had 2 issues with this vehicle. One being a recall ( air bag), which is not a big deal at all to deal with and the other is the exhaust. Due to where this car was located before I bought it, the exhaust was rusted and needed to be repaired. Other than that, I have had no issues with this car and have loved how reliable it is as well as how it handle the snowy conditions.

- Erica N

A comfortable and practical vehicle!

My subaru has been very reliable as I have been diligent with regular oil changes and maintenance. . It is responsive and easy to drive. The transmission is special in that it transitions from one gear to the next without an obvious change. I cannot remember the name of that feature but was explained, at purchase, that this is unique to subaru vehicles. The blind spot while changing lanes is a little difficult to get used to. I do not feel as safe about this as I have with other vehicles. I like that the seats are heated. I like that is still has a CD player.

- Jane E

Family car. Second hand car that was kept in good condition.

We we've had the car about a year and no major problems. The is used for uber driving and it is been on a couple of trips around Wv and to al. It is a great little care. My family and I just love this car. It is girt on gas and the oil is good. When we got the car at a used car dealership we took it to the sub. Dealership for a check and was told that we got a girl little car. So it just goes to show that if you take of your car it will last.

- Tina R

Built to last; built for peace of mind.

My car is reliable, comfortable, sleek and performs well in all weathers. It is a Subaru-so safety and dependability is part of what you get when you buy one. I feel safe driving it and it handles well-it’s sturdy, responsive, and stable. I have had minimal repairs in the 7 years of ownerships and over 100, 000 miles driven. As long as you keep up with basic maintenance, my car will last.

- Kristina K

Subaru, the car designed for adventure seekers and mountain dwellers!

Living in a region where the roads quality is not the best, the weather can change in a instant, snow and ice on steep inclines are common, my vehicle performs great against all these challenges. I have driven my car through unplowed and icy streets with ease, there has never been a moment where I had to second guess whether or not I should drive due to road conditions.

- Jen T

Great family car. Can go anywhere in the snow!!

Love my legacy! I am not a very confident driver in the snow but it is not an issue since I started driving my Subaru! I also like all the safety features especially since we bought our son home from the hospital. The latch system really helps make sure all the different car seats are buckled in correctly. I doubt I will buy anything other than a Subaru from now on.

- Danielle H

Quality and dependability!

I love my Subaru legacy. Subaru's are absolutely the most dependable car you can buy. This is my second Subaru legacy. I never had a problem with my first one so I bought a second. The car runs beautiful and performs like a race car! With routine maintenance the car lasts forever. If you want a quality vehicle buy a Subaru, you will not be disappointed.

- Ann M

All around great machine.

Subaru in general is a great make. Take care of it and it will take care of you. My legacy is smooth and has some pick up and go on demand. One hundred and forty seven miles on it already and you would never guess that driving it. Also I am a tall man and there is PLENTY of head and leg room and the seats are very comfortable. Great machine.

- Chris S

2011 Subaru Legacy GT Unassuming Sports Car

I love that my car has symmetrical AWD and is turbo charged to give me the power I desire. The interior is sporty and comfortable with all the bells and whistles like premium audio, navigation, and heated seats. The seating is surprisingly roomy with plenty of space for passengers and child car seats. Wouldn't trade this car for anything.

- Aaron B

Subaru legacy 2011 review.

My car works really well with high mileage, so if you drive a lot I recommend this type of vehicle. It does need some regular maintenance from time to time. You will need a transmission drain and fill, not a flush because that can cause damage. You must go to a car shop that uses synthetic oil for the drain and fill and not regular.

- Jamie S

Overall Subaru's are a lifetime car. Minimal maintenance keeps them running well.

I like the overall fuel efficiency and ease of maintenance of my car. I like that it is small but is fairly roomy inside with good storage space. I do not like the cabin noise from wind and the engine, although it is not as noticeable with the radio on most of the time, just a little louder than I am used to.

- Mary N

Best car around for traveling, everyday driving and a family.

I have had this car for 7 years and have had no problems at all with it, very low maintenance, great gas mileage and safe. I drive it both on the highway and local roads, just now after 7 years put a new battery in it. I have two dogs that both fit comfortably in the backseat and makes for a great travel car.

- Lauren R

One of the most important things that others should know about Subaru Legacy is that the car brand and model performs incredibly well and easily through all kinds of weather and over time.

I like that my Subaru is incredibly dependable. I also very much appreciate that my Subaru had all wheel drive and can handle all kinds of weather beautifully and easily. In addition, I really like and appreciate that my Subaru keeps It's resale value over the years because of how well the brand performs.

- Maggie H

Subaru legacy is very reliable

The vehicle is very reliable and comfortable. I haven't had any problems with it in the 4 years that I have had it. There is lots of room and has great storage. The car has great features and good gas mileage. I plan on keeping this car for a long time and I would definitely recommend this car to others.

- Taylor B

Subaru legacy 2011 is a great vehicle.

Very reliable car with little to know issues. Has been through an accident and survived, gets great gas mileage, and has very smooth driving. Brakes tend to run a little hot but that's the only issue we have ever had with ours. Very lightweight car so it can go really fast and brakes quickly.

- Courtney N

People should know that the it is a reliable car that will not let you down!

I love my Subaru legacy. I know I can always count on it to get me around. In the two years that I have owned it, I have only had to take it into get regular oil changes. Although the car is low to the ground, the legacy does not feel like it. There’s plenty of room for people of all sizes.

- Susan B

Easy maintenance, reliable vehicle. Good family car.

Our legacy has been extremely reliable and easy to maintain. It is a solid option for a small family looking for a good value, good mpg, that has ample room for a family of four. The trunk holds most of our gear, and the back seat has plenty of room for car seats. A good family starter car.

- Brian M

Great car for all weather.

The headlight has a malfunction which caused them not to be bright and the bulbs burn out very quickly. Other than that it is a great car. Handles extremely well in the snow. I would recommend this car to a new driver. Easy to handle and safe. I would consider purchasing this car again.

- Shannon H

Comfortable, reliable Subaru

The car itself it's nice, comfortable. It has heated seats. Only problem is that it tends to burn oil quickly, to where we need to add a quart of oil every few days. This problem escalated this year, before we needed to add oil every few weeks . Other than that, very reliable vehicle.

- Jill K

My vehicle has a great design and is very functional.

Tires continually run out of air, but it is very reliable and performs well in harsh weather conditions. The seats and layout of the car is very comfortable and it has all of the features that I need in a car. This car will last a really long time and it also does really well on gas.

- liv F

Spectacular all wheel drive sedan for any driver in any location.

Purchased this vehicle as a result of low cost and top safety ratings. Comfortable drive and ride. Easy to drive. Large, spacious cabin. Large, spacious trunk. Good for small family. No mechanical problems to date with up to date maintenance. Performs well in bad weather conditions.

- Katie R

Smooth riding Subaru Legacy

I love my Subaru. It drives and rides smoothly. It handles curves well. It accelerates quickly, but smoothly. The only problem I have is an issue with the torque converter. Even though I bought it used, Subaru of America has been great so far in helping me correct the issue.

- Angela O

My car is amazing. I would never own another brand of car.

I love my car. I have owned three other Subaru's. They are amazing in the snow. They are very reliable, they have great gas mileage and driving it is a dream. I have never had any problems with my car. I have over a hundred thousand miles on it and it is still wonderful to drive.

- Cathy R

Reliable, smooth riding, easy maintenance.

Subaru is a reliable company. It's easy maintenance, smooth driving, great on gas mileage. I drive it far distances when traveling the country its smooth, great on gas mileage, low insurance, high safety ratings, has enough room for a comfortable ride, great warranty options.

- Megan G

Comfortable roomy and reliable.

Love my Subaru legacy. It is safe. If taken care of can go for many miles. It's all wheel drive. It has lots of room. It's a great family or single car with lots of leg and car seat room. Car parts are not expensive. In conclusion it reliable and comfortable. Great car.

- Nat S

Subaru Legacy 2011 thoughts

The car is very nice driving and I get good MPG. I have had small issues with the brakes, otherwise car has taken care of me. I have never had to have the car towed or any major repairs. There have been a couple recalls that have been taken care of without any problems.

- Nat S

Subaru-car of your dreams!

It is a very well made vehicle. I have had it for 8 years and it is never given me any trouble. I keep up with regular maintenance and it runs great. The gas mileage I get is incredible. The car is like a tank while driving in the snow. It is an excellent car!

- Sabrina S

Roomy and great in the snow.

This car handles very well in the snow. The only negative is the clearance underneath the car. It has great acceleration for a 4 cylinder vehicle. The gas mileage is wonderful! Surprisingly, there is quite a bit of room in the passenger area and the trunk.

- Jason P

The car is a pretty navy blue with tinted windows.

My first Subaru and it is just ok. Had about $3k worth of transmission issues six months after purchasing the car used. Here I thought there were suppose to cheap cars to own. I also have had four recalls to deal with. The hood of the car seems very cheap too.

- Bryan H

Amazingly reliable and safe vehicle.

Extremely reliable, I have only kept up on regular maintenance and it drives like a champ. It also does amazing in any type of bad weather, especially snow! The gas mileage is great, the tank holds just over 16 gallons. I can get about 500 miles on one tank.

- Kayla R

The Subaru has All wheel drive and is great for New England winters.

I loved it when I first got it but my family has grown and we'll be looking for a larger vehicle soon. I like Subaru's generally because they are AWD and handle great in the winters. The headlights seem to burn out quickly and are very difficult to replace.

- Amber W

It is a very nice all around car.

The car is very reliable, you can easily put two hundred miles on it. Gas mileage is so-so. The car is very steady and feels very safe, it has a sleek look and a moderate speed. It also has paddle shifters which is a great addition.

- Carter B

It has been the most reliable, dependable car I've ever owned.

I love the all-wheel drive since I live on a dead-end hill. It gets me up the hill in the winter without any trouble. The only issue I've had has been the headlights but Subaru extended the warranty on them.

- Sharon B

It is a nice car and I love it.

I like the smooth drive and AWD in this car. The car is very roomy and comfortable for the driver and all passengers. I dislike the material of the seats which easily stain from water and are hard to remove.

- Emily L




Safety ratings is very high

I love that my vehicle is all wheel drive. I feel confident and safe driving in winter weather such as snow. I dislike that it has synthetic oil and I get charged more for s oil change.

- Monica O

It is good on gas mileage compared to other cars.

I love the smoothness of the drive. I hate how low it is to the ground this is my first sedan. It is awesome on gas mileage. It is also all wheel drive which is fantastic in the snow.

- Kaitlyn M

My car has all-wheel drive. Great for climbing hills.

I like that it has all-wheel drive. It does a good job accelerating quickly. I don't like that it feels bulky when handling. I previously owned a Honda which felt as light as air.

- Leah I

A car that gets you where you need to go no matter the weather.

A legacy is a great car for people who love having cars but want a more reliable vehicle for the winter. The all wheel drive is one of my favorite features about the car.

- Dylan K

heated seats is my best option in this car, winters are cold and this helps takes awhile for the car to get more in the mornings.

i just don't like it poor mileage, could never get bluetooth to work, i think it was wrecked and don't know when i bought it used from a dealer that goes to auctions.

- michelle R

It has efficient fuel mileage.

It has all wheel drive which is great for winter weather and I also like the CD/aux/radio system. It is great for listening to music and podcasts while driving.

- Stephanie P

Very reliable car. Subaru does a great job building this car.

The legacy is an awesome car. Very few problems with the mechanical part of the car. I already have 120k miles and keep up with the maintenance and few issues.

- John L

My truck drives really good.

The seat is not comfortable even though it has lumbar support. Love the safety features and speed of engine. Rarely anything wrong, just normal wear and tare.

- Corinne W

Safe, great in snow and comfortable to drive. Good gas mileage.

Love my Subaru. No maintenance issue, comfortable and of course super safety ratings. Works great in snow, all wheel drive. Spacious interior. Looks good.

- Barb O

The most important thing is that the car is all wheel drive

I love that it is all wheel drive. I like the moon roof. I do not like that you cannot set the Nav system if you are a passenger while the car is driving

- Becca c

It is important for others to know that my car is a very safe car and has all wheel drive.

I really like that my vehicle has all wheel drive. I also really like that my vehicle comes in a unique color. I don't dislike anything about my vehicle.

- Ioanna K

Great car that is reliable.

This car has been amazing. I didn't like Subarus until I drove one. It handles well, has great gas mileage, and has great reliability. Subaru for life!!

- Michael H

The car is very comfortable and roomy, inside and in the trunk.

I love the way the car drives. It is very comfortable and roomy. I wish the air conditioner worked better without having to crank it all the way up.

- Elaine B

The one most important thing about my car is the dependability.

I love my car because of the nice driving, the ability to drive in the snow, and the accessories that came with it. I dislike nothing about my car.

- Lisa C

It is safe, especially in snow. I live in upstate NY and it is important to have a car that is good in the snow. However, I like that it is also fuel efficient.

I like that it is AWD. I like that it is a sedan and it good on gas. I dislike that I have an older model without modern features (bluetooth etc).

- Sarah S

This is a wonderful car that will last a long time.

It is comfortable, reliable, and it rides nicely. I have no complaints except I wish the clock were bigger and placed where it can be seen.

- amy a

It is very good value for money.

Love the handling, well-made, comfortable, reliable. The only thing I wish was that it was easier to see the nav screen when it is sunny.

- Pamela T

That it has AWD and handles well in snow.

It has never needed any major repairs - just the regular maintenance. The AWD is great and the principal reason that I bought it.

- Dan F

It is very reliable in snow.

I like the all wheel drive. Gas mileage is very efficient. Roomy interior lends itself to added passengers and their comfort.

- Artie D

Legacy is sporty but practical

Legacy has been great. It has been reliable. I have had no problems with it. It handles well and is comfortable to ride in

- Lori A

Others should know my car is great on gas.

I like that it's all wheel drive. I like that it's great on gas. I like that it's a Subaru and they seem to last forever.

- Sarah C

It is has a lot of safety features.

No complaints. . Runs well. Gets good gas mileage. Has room enough for the whole family. . Has a large trunk as well. .

- Leigh B

They are dependable and safe to drive.

We do not have any problems. This is why we bought a Subaru. There dependability and safety features are what sold us.

- Kim H

It has a great systematic all wheel drive system. Does excellent in the snow.

It is the 3.6l Legacy. It has plenty of power and I love the All wheel drive. I will only buy Subaru moving forward.

- Nathan L

It is easy on gas and it is a comfortable ride on long distance trips.

My car is easy on gas extremely comfortable with heated seats and plenty of leg room and room for the grand babies.

- Dawn C

Even though it is older it has low miles.

It is reliable and sturdy. Has no Bluetooth or sun roof which I would like. But gets pretty good gas mileage.

- Jan H

It is a great vehicle for families.

I like the all wheel drive. It gets good mileage and has not had any major problems. No complaints at all.

- Ruth S

Everything about it is terrific. It is very satisfying.

Love the all wheel drive, made driving in the snow this past winter a breeze. Great vehicle for the money.

- Kristin B

That is has high safety ratings.

I love the safety features of my Subaru. I also love that it gets good gas mileage. I have no complaints.

- Jennifer R

How to run it gas effectively.

I m not a fan of it in generalist has many flaws and defects needs need brakes and a whole lot more work.

- Matthew M

It's a very smooth drive, it has a good sound system, and lots of nice features.

I like my car a lot. We bought it about a week ago. It's very comfortable and I really enjoy driving it.

- Grace M

Drives nicely, handles bad weather well, nice wide windshield.

Good car, drives smoothly, good traction in bad weather. A little smaller than I currently need though.

- Bryan J

Everything about this car is awesome, i recommend it to anyone looking for a car.

It has everything that would ever want, it has speed, visibility, and good speakers, and a good radio.

- Joseph H

It is a very reliable car.

It is reliable and handles really well. It gets good gas mileage. My kids and I fit in it comfortably.

- Carolyn J

Why Subaru's are such a great purchase

It is an excellent vehicle, outstanding safety and tops mechanically very sound. Very good gas mileage

- William S

It is dependable and doesn't require a lot of care

It is dependable and it will get me from point A to point B regardless of the weather and the terrain

- Herman L

It is a safe vehicle despite how loud it is right now.

I love how safe it is, but I hate that I bought it used and it already has over 100,000 miles on it.

- Jenna S

It has all wheel drive. It is a very dependable car.

like the all wheel drive. Good dependable car. Gets me where I want to go in all kinds of weather.


It is dependable during any season.

I love how it is reliable and has all wheel drive. I don't like that it is too low to the ground.

- Bonnie K

Still driving after 252,000 miles.

I love my vehicle because it has 4 wheel drive. My car has a security system. My car has airbags.

- Elaine A

It is great for the winter and if you are an outdoors person

I like the gas mileage and the all wheel drive. I do not like that the repairs are costly.

- Dylan K

Safe and secure. It makes me feels safe and that I do not have to worry.

I like the speed. The windows fog up a lot which is bad. It is low to the ground.

- liz c

it works really well, and hardly ever needs anything

It is an amazing car. I love it. It hardly ever needs maintenance.

- kyle M

It is an all wheel drive vehicle which is perfect to have in all weather conditions.

I love the look of it, the AWD component, and the interior.

- Melissa C

Subaru's last along time.

I like my car. It is the best car. It's AWD. And it's safe.

- Debi S

It's safe It's good in the snow

Very good in snow feel safe in it lots of trunk room

- Ryan L