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The symmetrical all-wheel drive is amazing!

My wife and I decided to go with Subaru because of it is unparalleled reliability. We bought a 2013 legacy with 30, 000 miles. The car has a 6 speed transmission for the driver who likes to remain in control but the car has no emergency brake! All it has is a push button parking brake that can only be applied a stop. It is electric so of you loose battery you will not be releasing the break! I feel this is Subaru's worst car on the market. It just doesn't make sense. to top it all off we ended up with the generation know as an oil consuming engine. Subaru offered an extended warranty which is basically them admitting to fault but declaring they will do nothing to right their wrong. Next time we will do our research and possibly end up back into another Subaru.

- Jordan B

The Subaru legacy is a smooth ride that gets great highway gas mileage.

My legacy runs very smoothly. It is easy to maneuver into tight spaces, such as parallel parking. It is a low maintenance vehicle and gets good highway gas mileage. Easily fits up to five passengers and luggage. Two car seats fit comfortably into the back seat. There is adequate leg room in the backseat as well. The only problem is there is a blind spot when you go to turn. You cannot see because of the window trim.

- Zoe W

It is a perfect family car but feels like a sports car.

I love that it has symmetrical all wheel drive and even though I have a low sport version I have never had a problem getting around in any weather, even snow storms. It is fast and powerful and smooth to drive. I love that it does not have a crazy computer system inside, meaning it is easy to use and change settings, etc. It looks good and feels good!! Also despite feeling like a smaller car, it is VERY spacious!

- M M

Subaru legacy! Amazing family car.

Super reliable, great on gas mileage. It performs great with increasing speed and great break reaction. Lots of space into the trunk for a smaller vehicle, and great floor spacing up front in you are very tall. Has USB/iPod/aux and FM radio and also nice seat warmers for up front. Car heats up fast and cools down quite fast as well. A great recommendation for families.

- Audrey M

Reliable sedan - love it!

The ride is very smooth, and the car is clearly sturdier and heavier than my last one (a Pontiac vibe). The four wheel drive gives better control on the road, but the tires have to all be replaced at the same time (a problematic expense). The vehicle is very reliable, and I can comfortably sit in the back and the driver's seat (and I am 5' 10").

- Pam A

Automatic start and heated seating.

I drive a 2013 Subaru legacy! It handles any weather condition with ease! Most reliable brand I have ever owned! Leather seats are comfortable and the heated feature is great for cold weather or when you have a sore back! Automatic start is convenient in keeping the vehicle cool or warm in changing weather conditions!

- Stephanie J

The safety in the subaru's as well as AWD all the time- gas mileage isn't as good as other cars not in AWD.

I love my subaru legacy. It is durable and the AWD is amazing. I don't ever get stuck or slide in snow. It is spacious in the back seat and there is plenty of room for a growing family. The only thing I wish I would have done is gotten a sunroof, but other than that, I have nothing bad to say about Subaru's!

- Shaena C

A Subaru is a wonderful car to drive.

The car rides very smooth and gets excellent gas mileage. I haven't had any major problems with it other than normal maintenance and any recalls made by Subaru were handled quickly and easily. It is a wonderful car to drive and very reliable. I like knowing that Subarus are one of the safest cars on the market.

- Jessica B

Standard sedan adaptive to any roadway.

It is noisy in the cab when going over bumps and rough ground. It is really good on gas and has had no mechanical issues in almost a year of ownership. It does great on various types of road and is great for off roading with the all wheel drive. It does have some issues with the air conditioning making noise.

- Teresa C

Love my 2013 Subaru Legacy.

Best sedan I have ever owned. Great ride for a smaller car - smooth and very quiet. Highway pickup is amazing. Seats are very comfortable, heated seat in the winter is the bomb. Gas mileage - 27-30 mpg with combined highway and town driving. Large trunk, rear seat folds down so you can transport longer items.

- Deb S

Legacy Subaru is great in the snow.

I like my Subaru. My last Subaru was 1996 Impreza. I had it for 17 years. It was a standard. This car is both, a standard and automatic. I like that it goes from drive to overdrive or 5 gear on the interstate. It goes well in snow. I do not like how expensive tires are for it. Overall, Subarus are great cars.

- Kelly R

Love my 2013 Legacy Subaru.

I love my 2013 Subaru Legacy (2. 5i limited). It drives like a dream, multiple driver seat adjustment options are wonderful. The biggest con is excessive motor oil consumption. My oil light comes on much more than it should considering I get oil changes at recommended intervals.

- Anni T

The Subaru legacy is both great for a single person or family.

This car has been great. Comfortable and mostly reliable. My only complaint is that I needed a new transmission at 90, 000 miles which is uncommon for Subaru�s. They are supposed to last much longer. As much as I love the car, I do not feel it was worth $27, 000 new.

- Victoria C

Gas efficiency and Lots of space for all. Perfect sedan vehicle

I really like my car because it is the perfect size for a sedan vehicle. It has plenty of space for the back passengers and front passengers. Gas wise it is very convenient as I drive far to work every single day. There is nothing I would change about my vehicle.

- Sandy S

Great car, good size, good drive.

I love my car. It is large enough to take kids in but also not huge. When I have more than one kid I will probably trade in for a larger vehicle but for now my legacy has been amazing. Drives great, I feel super safe, never had any issues, great car overall.

- Karl I

The Legacy is one of the most reliable cars you could own.

In my opinion, there are very few cars that are more reliable than a Subaru. I can drive my car in extreme weather situations, and not have a single problem. The legacy is a comfortable, easily maintainable, no-nonsense car that is suitable for any driver.

- Sydney S

The car is very safe and handles well.

I like the head/leg room and the gas mileage. I also like the heated seats and integrated Bluetooth. I would like a more powerful engine. I dislike the manner in which the headlights are replaced. They are really hard to get to and super expensive.

- Matt F

Voted as one of the top safest cars and was highly recommended by mechanics I spoke to in the area.

I really like that it's a smaller car but can still fit three car seats in the backseat. It does really well with gas mileage and hasn't ever had to be repaired. I like that it is safe and has four wheel drive without having to drive an suv.

- Destiny M

It may look small on the outside, but it has a lot of room on the inside.

Small, dark bluish-grey car. Some of the features are outdated but it suits my needs. Some of the mechanic components are starting to get worn down and I'm having to take it into the shop more often, but the majority fixes are minor.

- Jason W

Expensive on gas mileage.

I like how comfortable and stylish the car is. It is in good condition for a second-owner vehicle, but some buttons or features do not work. The gas mileage is not as good as my previous vehicle which also does not sit well with me.

- Devon M

Lifelong Subaru owner passes on the legacy to kids

The Legacy is the 4th Subaru that I've owned. I have come to expect the cars to be dependable, efficiently designed and safe. When it came time to buy cars for my kids, I bought them Subarus for those same reasons.

- Vince M

Great but needs some oil work.

Really great car. Love almost everything about it. Has had a couple recalls on things like windshield wipers and air bags. Uses more oil than other cars. Usually have to add oil before oil change is due.

- Donne G

It has many safety features making it a great car for those who worry when driving

My vehicle is very safe so it makes me feel better when i drive it. It gets really good gas mileage so I can pay less for gas. I don't like that i have to constantly reconnect my phone to Bluetooth

- Allison P

It is small but has a great engine.

The all-wheel drive is impeccable. The sound system is unlike any other I have had and the quality of it is amazing. Only complaint I have is that it does not have the turbo it said it came with.

- Philip D

The vehicle is falling apart. It is no good anymore with a lot of damages.

The car no longer has air conditioning which is really hard during the hot summer days. Both of the charging ports are going bad. Which means Charging up your phone for long trips takes forever.

- Alishea B

It feels much bigger than it looks from the outside.

A 4 door sedan that is extremely comfortable and large enough to fit two car seats in the back seat. It's amazing in all types of weather, including snow since it's all wheel drive.

- Julie L

It is the most reliable car you will ever have.

I love how reliable my car is. It will always start when I need it to. It is also comfortable and and drives well. I do wish the cabin noise was a little quieter when driving.

- Jordan K

Great car for long drives and harsh winters

The car is very comfortable for long drives. The adjustable lumbar support is useful. This car has excellent acceleration and is reliable through harsh winters.

- Julianna S

everyone should know just how safe and long lasting subarus are

safety features are the absolute best!!!! beeps if i exit my lane. watches for any obstacles that may be in front of me. even brakes to avoid accidents

- jay b

It is all wheel drive which is great for traveling.

I like the gas mileage, seat warmers, sunroof, handle of the car and the overall look. I do not like how dim the headlights are compared to other cars.

- Bianca M

Very reliable vehicle that runs great in all seasons.

Reliable but expensive to repair and parts in general are expensive and watch out for rust spots and get them repaired quickly or it will continue.

- Rachel S

It does handle very well in winter conditions.

Even in a limited model, very few features are available or modern. Battery needs to be replaced within a year, maintenance is more expensive.

- Kate A

Great safety features, airbags, all-wheel drive, perfect for changing seasons.

My Subaru legacy is awesome! Excellent gas mileage, comfortable, and stylish. Safety features, all-wheel drive and all the bells and whistles.

- Suzanne L

The price is worth it for the reliability and the resale value.

It's comfortable driving on the highways, and okay on side streets. Plenty of power with the 6-cylinder engine but still gets close to 30 MPG.

- Brandon S

The safety features are the absolute best thing ever

Love the safety features it has. Been told they last forever. I've only owned for a short time but so far I would not purchase anything else

- Jackie P

It is super a reliable vehicle!.

Dislike: not made of good quality. Not impressed with engine. Seats are not comfortable. Like: reliable for travel for the most part.

- Karrie C

The Subaru legacy is a great family car.

The car is spacious for our family. Comfortable on long trips. Gets great gas mileage. There is nothing that I dislike about the car.

- Kelsey H

It's safe for all kinds of weather because it has all wheel drive.

It's very comfortable and stylish looking. I also know Subaru's are safe and very reliable. It also has conveniences like bluetooth.

- Christina H

It is a reliable vehicle that gets great gas mileage.

I love the safety features, the power of the vehicle, the look, the comfort, and the drive. There really isn't anything I dislike.

- Rayna M

The all wheel drive and safety features are well worth it

It is great. Fully loaded, the safety features are the best. The all wheel drive is amazing. Only issue is it gets terrible MPG

- not g

Safety bc its got curtain side airbags, plus x2 front air bags and most have Eye Sight there best collision ratings

Subaru is solid, last forever, my last 1 was 25 yrs old, 5 star crash rating, multiple air bags, All about Crash test ratings

- michelle W

It is stylish, luxurious and an eye catcher.

My car is safe, stylish, great gas mileage. My only complain is that it is black and shows up all the pollen in my driveway.

- Suzanne L

The most important thing about my car is the comfort that it provides.

My car is an excellent vehicle that is spacious and very economical. It is great on gas and the features are excellent.

- mark h

Handles great in snow rain or mud.

Drives good in any weather. Comfortable to drive all day long. Repairs are reasonable. Good visibility. Easy to drive.

- Roxanne M

It's a four wheel drive Sedan!

I like that it is a 4 wheel drive sedan. It gets good gas mileage. The quality of the vehicle is very good.

- Michael O

Good mileage but does have small gas tank.

It is easy to drive. It is comfortable to drive/ride in. It does well in bad weather. It is a attractive car.

- Ingrid G

Reliable. Never left me stranded anywhere. Meaning, didn't have much car troubles besides having to fix my AC

I love my car. If i had to make any adjustments it would be to burn less gas. Other than that i am satisfied


Make sure you have the transmission checked before your warranty runs out.

I liked that it had great pickup, but, after 78k miles the transmission went and they would not replace it.

- Ann M

Great handling of the four wheel drive.

Quality of build is not good. Material used not good quality getting destroyed by normal wear and tear.

- Thomas R

Safest Car I've Ever Driven

It is an extremely safe car which makes me feel great while driving it. The gas mileage is impeccable!

- Alli P

Good gas mileage, handles great in snowy weather, heated seats are a plus.

I like how the car handles in the snow. It is very good on gas. I don't like how hard it is to steer.

- Megan S

They have a tendency to burn oil but otherwise it is a good reliable car with good gas mileage

My biggest complaint about the vehicle is that it is relatively new and already it burns oil.

- Thomas H

the feel of the ride, having AWD

I love the feel of the ride, having AWD, and the extra options, bluetooth, heated seats, etc

- cori L

The distances it drives, and durable.

I love my SUBIE. It Runs great its at 105800 miles. That why I like it. I don't dislike it.

- jhon L

Reliable car, worth buying. Good for everyday travel.

Car runs smoothly. No mechanical issues with engine or Subaru parts. Only wear and tear.

- Bob E

that it is safe and gets good gas mileage

I love the safety features and it is very dependable. i don't have any complaints

- Tara J

Safety, can trust that a crash you will not get as injured as in another car.

Like: AWD, safety, fuel efficiency, looks nice, built to last. Nothing disliked.

- Linda k

I love my Legacy. The only problem that I seem to be having with it is it seems to burn oil very fast. It's happened to me twice now where I've taken a long car trip with the car and I've had to pull over and buy oil because the low oil light comes on.

The car has great gas mileage and it's not hard to connect to it with bluetooth.

- Emily G

Expensive to repair, especially cabin filters and headlights

Enjoy driving vehicle. Repairs are expensive. Would like more safety features.

- ste l

the all wheel drive. it is great in the snow

Subaru has all wheel drive. I love this. It handle very well in snow.

- Randy S

How satisfied we are with every aspect of it. Ir has not had any issues or problems with it in4 1/2 years'

Comfort; performance; gas mileage; style; capacity; gas mileage

- kevin m

I've had very few problems with my car and the things I did was a recall and fixed right away. It runs awesome in the winter in the snow.

My Subaru is one of the best cars I've ever owned in my life.

- Tina S

AWD and focus on safety for the driver

Safety and reliability is what i like most about the car.

- chris l

it runs well in all weather built nicely, all wheel drive in any weather

just a little noise in engine otherwise i love it

- elliot r